Friday, 21 December 2012

My mantra vindicated

Remember my mantra 'worse is better'?  Well it's being vindicated in spectacular fashion. Ireland's hitherto unquestionable foreign aid frolic, the one whereby we borrow nearly €700 million annually to lodge in the bank accounts of African despots, is coming under vigorous scrutiny. Ah, nothing like a bit of negative equity to upend our sanctimonious preening. The charity Czars in Poverty Palace are getting worried. They see their six figure salaries and bloated expense accounts coming under unprecedented scrutiny.

It all began really when flambouyant lawyer Gerry Kean, an old buddy of mine, innocently raised a question on TV that has baffled me for years. In this post for example I outlined our politicians' missed opportunity and posed the question. "They scour every item of expenditure to save a million here, a million there. Always with an eye to the political impact (i.e. their careers). Awful, painful, career-ending cuts must be made. But must they? Lying on the table, in all its glory, lies an annualised pot of about €700 million which the pols could redeploy overnight with zero impact on the voting public."

But they do not.  In God's name why not?

Now an awful lot of newly impverished Irish are asking the same question.  Actually make that just about everyone who calls into a radio or TV show or posts on an Internet forum. It's become respectable to talk about it. And that in itself tells us something. That there's probably a lot of pent up feeling in the country that the Thought Police in media, academia and politics had up to now kept stifled.

I tell you this. If after this outcry the pols continue with this madness it will represent for me yet another step in my acceptance of the existence of the NWO. I'm just running out of alternative explanations.

And remember, Worse Is Better


lookaroundu said...

Let's hope the same happens in America as similar news pours in.

Iron Felix said...

With 700,000,000 of our dough earmarked to bankroll irredeemably corrupt Africans with penthouses and whores in Dublin hotels, consider also this; " if you do not pay the Property Tax, we will write ourselves legislation enabling us to walk right in to your bank and seize it directly from your account". Savant, the Irish will knuckle under; for a millenium now they have shown themselves to be the most craven and servile of all peoples anywhere.

Rob said...

Personally, I'd be happy to see them giving away ten times that amount in foreign aid if it were in exchange for Third Worlders staying where they are. The amount is minuscule compared with the cost of letting in hundreds of thousands of asylum fraudsters and other invaders. And the cost of foreign aid is only in money, not race replacement.

SAVANT said...

Rob, that is a fact for sure.

Anonymous said...

This ignorant Negro must be trying to start a small country all by his damn self. (The Republic Of Dumb Negro)
When someone e-mailed this story to me I was hoping that it was a hoax. But sadly, given what I do for a living, I knew that it was most likely true.

So here comes Desmond Hatchett, a Negro with the super sperm who doesn't believe in covering up his johnson when he is...ahem, performing. So this Negro has 21 children with 11 different women and he is 29 years old. That was not a misprint: I SAID 21 CHILDREN WITH 11 DIFFERENT WOMEN AND HE IS 29 YEARS OLD! Now that's bad, but what is even worse is that old Desmond has a minimum wage job. So, as far as paying child support goes, Desmond has a problem.

But it's not all bad with Desmond; he insists that he knows all his kids names and birth dates, and he swears he won't be having anymore.

"I'm done. I'll say I'm done,... I didn't intend to have this many. It just happened." Calling Dr. Mengele.

Desmond, I don't believe you. And how did it "just happen"? I mean come on Desmond, you must have been doing some serious "Macking" to pull all those women, and when you did pull them, you must have convinced them that bare is best. And speaking of women: (To all my feminist friends you can get ready with your comments now) Just what the hell were women numbers eight to eleven thinking when they hooked up with old Desmond? I mean hypothetically speaking; if the boy is 21 and has 15 kids, what kind of future do you think you will have if after a night of fun with old Desmond, you have to pass on the Tampax section in the store for the next few months?

"He had four children in a single year – twice." That boy stayed busy.

"One of the mothers said that she struggled to feed her young son.
'He's a heavy milk drinker and milk is not cheap,' she said. " Calling Doctor Tiller.

This story is tragic and sad on so many levels that I don't know where to start. The lack of self esteem from these women, the flip way that Desmond views fatherhood, twenty one children who will grow up without a father, and eleven mothers who will never have the real support that they need--- financially or otherwise--- for their children. "Some of the Hatchett’s baby mamas only receive $1.98 a month in child support". (Mminimum wage)

$1.98 per month. Desmond, I think it's time to get a second job.

Clogheen said...

Have to agree with you on this Sav. The topic is everywhere. There are still the usual disclaimers 'I'm not against aid AND CERTAINLY NOT RACIST but....'

Still, progress without a doubt.

Mary said...

Ah how I would love to post this wonderful piece to the Foreign Aid forum on, but after a year of glorious posting and radicalizing the conversation re: Ireland's dubious future as a White nation....I have at last been banned, lol.......oh the tears! (not).

However, If anyone gets the chance I hope they could take this over there to share it with our fellows. Believe it or not we have a few friends on those forums, and some who don't yet know they are friends. For as our jewish pal Cass Sunstein showed us, sometimes people just need to be 'nudged' in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the ideology of moving towards a one world government/ new world order, there *are* influential people who hold this view. This is known.
The question is to what extent is it an organised effort. Is it at the one end just a bunch of powerful people who think that a single world government will be good for humanity, or is it at the other end a highly organised effort to have us all enslaved?

In my own investigation of the phenomenon I'm facing the same problem as I did when researching the whole 'Jews did everything' question, and that is I'm coming up against lies which make it difficult to trust any particular source. By lies I mean the usual - quotes which were never uttered and events which never happened.

Why is it so difficult for anyone to write anything about this without the lies slipping in thereby deligitimising the entire article. If only I could find some sources which were able to be honest and not just copy/ paste what they have read elsewhere.

Uncle Nasty said...

Here's something rather bizarre.

I have alway felt that Theo Spark, a real gung-ho neocon let's-kill-us-some-ragheads pro-israel site, that shows (admittedly quite tasteful) nude and semi-nude wimmens to attract the kind of americans who carry their brains within their scroti (scrota?) is nothing more than a shill site.

They're alway playing the "Plucky Little Israel" tune

So, for them to carry an article like this:-

Nebraska Jews Recall Senator Chuck Hagel as “Unfriendly” and “Unmovable” on Israel, “Didn’t Give a Damn About the Jewish Community”

--The Algemeiner, December 21, 2012

Why am I thinking that Hagel is going to be the next Secretary of Defense? Glad you asked.

For one thing, Obama needs a man in that spot who has enough anti-Zionist bile in his gut to restore some “daylight” and spit in Israel’s face.
For another, the “Jewish community,” by virtue of its knee-jerk support for Obama’s reelection, has rendered itself irrelevant and no longer influential.

Obama’s Jewish card is unnecessary and no longer in play. Except, of course, when Obama needs one of his house Judenrats to reassure the Jewish sheep whatever he’s doing to them or to Israel is for their own good. It’s still preferable that the herds go quietly.

... make one wonder if some of the contributors has jumped the plantation, or, far more likely, is merely trying a bit of nigger psychology to drum up support and sympathy for the tribe.

Which do you think it is? My money's on the latter.

I do like the "Judenrats", though. Obviously "hasbarats" would be giving away too much information.


Celtic Morning said...

What happens when Ireland (and UK) are in need of aid in the not too distant future? Will the newly emerging third world rich, who we once exploited/supported rush to help out? And re the spray dick darkie above, I hope all the mothers were black and not white women of the black meat loving nature.

Wolfhound said...

Was this on Kenny?

My father mentioned it to me yesterday and it's the first time I ever heard him grumble about FA.

Times are ah-changing my friend, I like to think you had a small part to play in this.

@ Anon 00.36. These people are physically incapable of thinking beyond the right here and now.

@ Rob. How about we pay under- or unemployed Irish fishermen to ship them all back and fill the boats with valuable natural resources on the return trip for as compensation for all the embezzled FA over the years? Small flock of birds with one stone.

AnalogMan said...

So, if worse is better, are these signs of progress to be deplored?

Shaunantijihad said...

I'm against aid except on one proviso:

Aid for land
So we expand

Otherwise let them survive without living off the work of other races, as we have to.

There still exist charities for the suicidal altruists, or emigration. Think of the diversity they would enjoy.

OT, but some even more unusual evidence of what happened on 911, as if wasn't difficult enough already. Worth a look:

Anonymous said...

Ireland, and indeed the UK, has taken too much of a cue from the U.S. in terms of multi-culturalism and the like. Now it's time to pay the piper.

Anonymous said...

given the choice, I wouldn't give them the steam off my piss.
Paris Claims

CMC said...

Savant, I think you got caught out there accepting a false choice from Rob.

Tony VA said...

UN, there's a massive outpouring of opposition to Hagel over here. Very interesting to see how this pans out.

Rob said...


I don't think it should be a choice - we should neither give them aid nor let them into our countries. But if foreign aid were given on condition that they stay away from us, it wouldn't be a total waste.

Johan said...

Worse is better as the Irish under-16 football team gets blacker:

Uncle Nasty said...

Said it before. I'll say it again.


Get the books. Here's a chunk for free.


Anonymous said...

700 million euro bribe using tax payers monies to get contracts and business for their companies or friends companies.

Anonymous said...

''Now an awful lot of newly impverished Irish are asking the same question,, , Do you mean Paul Doyle who froze to death in Bray, several weeks ago? Cozy and nice houses for everyone, but Irish?You should write a piece about this poor lad.Yeah,He might have been a pikey,but what the hell,He was Irish.Moogombo Botomoogibambo, is not going to freez to death in (his or her) Irish taxpayers paid house.Imagine if Moogombo Botomoogibambo, froze to death in Golden Island in Athlone. It would be a fecking war over it.Shitter would gnaw at it, like a dog on rotten bones.

Uncle Nasty said...

Food for thought ... in 2005 there were 810 accidental drownings in the USA in 0-14 year olds, in the same year there were 305 firearm deaths (both accidental and homicide) in the same age bracket. Source


Uncle Nasty said...

Here we have the aptly titled:-

Penn Jillette and three morons on gun control
by Whaleoil on December 23, 2012

A reader emails:

In relation to your posts on gun control in the USA, thought your readers might be interested in this clip:-


Penn Jillette on a panel talk show with 3 womens. Penn is the voice of logic and reason regarding gun control but is on his own against 3 clucking hens wanting to ban or blame everything but the shooter. I did some googling on one of the points Penn makes – in 2005 there were 810 accidental drownings in the USA in 0-14 year olds, in the same year there were 305 firearm deaths (both accidental and homicide) in the same age bracket. Source

Having watched most of the clip -- I cannot bring myself to sit all the way though it, I realised the BIG problem. It is in 3 parts.

1. Whiney, dumb American bitches

2. Whiney, dumb American bitches who simply shout louder and louder to put their so-called point across.

3. Whiney, dumb American mulatto bitches with a huge sense of their own importance who simply shout louder and louder to put their so-called point across.

I have eaten a half litre of yoghurt that has more brains than all three of these screeching harridans.
First thing we do, even before killing all the lawyers, is take away their vote.
And people ask me why I never married.


Iron Felix said...

To Savant and to all, I would like to wish you from our dwindling stock of same a WHITE CHRISTMAS.

kulak said...

They're alway playing the "Plucky Little Israel" tune

Oh little town of Bethlehem
How straight the missiles fly
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
The silent stealths go by
Yet in thy dark streets shineth
The laser-painted eye
The hopes and fears of all the years
white phosphored here tonight

CMC said...


As the Spartan said, "If."

Not being a Spartan, I'll add: how is your choice not that between capitulation or Danegeld?

Anonymous said...

So here comes Desmond Hatchett, a Negro with the super sperm who doesn't believe in covering up his johnson when he is...ahem, performing. So this Negro has 21 children with 11 different women and he is 29 years old. That was not a misprint: I SAID 21 CHILDREN WITH 11 DIFFERENT WOMEN AND HE IS 29 YEARS OLD!

Remember the hatchet job the mail did on some guy with 14 differetn children from 13 women and that was wrong as he was from Yorkshire.

As Johny african above is doing african stuff he won't make the paper.

Anonymous said...

UGANDA: Aid cuts threaten vital public services

Piet said...

Yeah, let's start the aid flowing again to Uganda.

Anonymous said...

/a>Lesbian Ellen and her libtard chums agrree!

Various talking heads demandaplan so that Chicago won't see 28 of Obama's sons shot on a typical weekend and want illegal guns to seized.

Brava! Libtard scum!

Anonymous said...

Has been and should be never was Spike Lee calls Django Unchained disrectful without even seeing it

Monkeyfucker also tweeted the address of a Florida couple because he thought it was George Zimmerman's.

Anonymous said...

"But if foreign aid were given on condition that they stay away from us, it wouldn't be a total waste".

Ahhh, but it doesn't work that way. Blacks will continue to flock to any White country in the world because they know brainwashed, altruistic White people will immediately slather them with guilt-induced victimology attention immediately upon arrival, and to hell with their own homegrown citizens.

For example, take this Black African named Abdul Turay referred to as a "British journalist" who writes for an Estonian newspaper, and who has recently authored a book curiously titled "Small White Nation".

Why would a Black man move from one White nation (Britain) to an even whiter country (99%) where he stands out like a piece of black coal stuck on a snowman?

I suspect the interloper has Estonian political aspirations much like that Nigerian asylum-seeker who became Ireland's first Black mayor of Portlaoise in County Laois.

Read the evasive answers to questions regarding his book in the above link.

I smell B.S.

Brummie said...

Seizing illegal firearms.

Even for liberals that must be the dumbest of dumb ideas.

Anonymous said...

Rotimi was a train driver in London who needed political asylum as he would be killed if he went back to his village and he sought it in Ireland despite there being no direct flights which meant he was in some other European country before he Izbevhaied himself over here and was granted asylum and buggered off down to Laois where he became mayor and returned to the village he left because he would have been killed if he remained there and as far as I know was not killed there even though he would be killed there if he ever returned and that was the basis for his being granted asylum.

SAVANT said...

Anon 14.08.

I've written about this enricher here;

Anonymous said...

Thug who blinded guy in eye gets a caution

In your review of the year you can include this with the woman who was let off glassing a guy because she was mixed race and sacked from a plumber's course for being mixed race. No not sacked for being mixed race but for being mixed race.

Some guy sent to jail over a tweet about the Bolton Wanderers player but no jail for some other tweets.

Welsh player goes to jail for rape of a drunk woman but same woman was able to consent to the black player.

Having lower standards for jungle bunnies will result in?

A repeat of the Dec 26th stabbings last year on Oxford Street where "shoppers" clashed over who deserved Air Jordan AZ 360s with the Lime Green laces as distinct from those with Lemon Yellow ones more when they were out "shopping" in shops.

Delivering his final Christmas Day sermon from Canterbury Cathedral, Dr Rowan Williams also acknowledged how the vote to refuse women bishops last month had damaged the credibility of the Church.

Has the inability to import humans from Africa and elsewhere been acknowledged to have damaged the credibility of multiculturalism?

Anonymous said...

And what do those heroes of Ireland (the PIRA) do? Sweet fuck all! They sold out a long time ago, so let the fat middle-aged bastards enjoy their bought and paid for retirements, they are a joke. Genuine Irish freedom died in the wake of the Rising, every tricolour waving bolllock face since has been nothing more than an internationalist traitor.

Anonymous said...

Twana Brawley

At least Twana M'Fwana Brawley did not murder anyone unlike that faker Crystal Mangum.

Anonymous said...

Some idiot wrote this on SBPDL

You people are idiots! You are the cause of the drug infested, low employment rates, and high crime rates due to direct r oppression, racism and restriction of opportunity of the black male! Yet Still WE RISE!! White supremacy is a false, planned strategy to remain privelaged due to fear of the Black Males power, strength, intelligence, and beautiful masculinity. Whites are fearful of the dominant Black gene and know that we will force the extinction of their false powers when the playing fields are fair and equal! You all seem to forget Black Wall Street in Tulsa and Rosewood Florida!! We were millionaires and businessmen in our own community that you racists clowns were jealous to and in awe of! So you bombed it and burned it because of the powerful Black male rightfully arose and your fears were proven adequate! We are kings and will thrive if left unoppressed by white racist agendas! We have overcome 400 years of oppression, murder, theft of our intellectual property and great African heritage as Kings and Pharoahs! Still WE RISE and are quickly and firmly Taking our rightful place in this Country that WE built and the world. You are afraid because we are beautiful Black men and your women LOVE US. We are a loving race who made the mistake of trusting you and selling ourselves into the slave trades as enemy tribes instead of uniting and conquering your invasion. You have tried to break us and created self hatred and low esteem in our people for too long with Jim crow , injustice and poverty causing laws and criminal acts against us to go unpunished! It scares racists that it did not work completely as planned and that Still WE RISE! We are undeniably strong, and the most powerful willful and the chosen people of God! The African American Male and Woman are unbreakable and indestructible! We love the people who love us and do not wish evil on whites or anyone. Whites pervey evil for the most part and have acted as the most vile beings on the planet without a doubt! This once false fraudulent democracy is now becoming a true democracy! White privilege is and will become extinct and you will have to succeed or fail on your own merits as we do! No more free land, homestead acts and land runs, killing and robbing the rightful owners and passing massive wealth down that was taken to your sons to keep them over privileged without merit!! You racists idiots are weak, scary and make most Americans sick! The white right is wrong and deep down you know it! That is why you MUST keep the game rigged or you Will Lose!! We are the hardest workers and very skilled. We built and designed D.C. and the beautiful congress buildings! We are the Moors who taught the world chemistry and alchemy! Don't hate us. Appreciate Us! Love is better than hate white people! This country is NEVER going back to the BAD ole days! "

MuayTyson replied

Testify brother why the Whiteman was huddled in caves we built the great pryamids and flew around just using our mental powers!

Am I to assume black devolved from their rich past? It is all Whiteys fault that black people can't run a corner grocery store let alone a town,city or country? Tell you what sport when the average blackman can feed a family and not just breed like an ally cat then you can speak up. As it is right now you are obsolete farm equipment protected like retarded kids by the DWLs. Just pray the White man does not wake up. The Japanese woke up a White giant and for their trouble a whole new technology of death was invented just to kill them. Is that really what you want?

So the question is if Africans flew around Africa by telekinesis how did they become Obosolete Farm Equipment in their own continent without the intervention of the white devils?

Like peeS will explain it in his next film perhaps?

Rastus said...

Brilliant reply from MuayTyson.

Love it.

PS, does this black clown really believe all that shit? Can he?

Anonymous said...

PS, does this black clown really believe all that shit? Can he?

Black Athena

omesHite of Black Athena history.

This stuff gets taught in Universities and the BBC did an uncritical promotion on it.

Wolfhound said...

Look at the reactions of the DT readers to Camerons waffle about a moral obligation to FA:

Anonymous said...

Fosdick, Boozer, among the names of people who works were "reworked" by Dr "Martin Looter" King Ph. D for his books.

Celebrate Marchin' looter King Day by obtaining Air Jordan 180s with a detroit discount.

Despite its finding, the committee said that "no thought should be given to the revocation of Dr. Reverend King's doctoral degree" an action that the panel said would serve no purpose.

U c akademics say detroit dicounting b natrall 4 natrall afleets.

Anonymous said...

Quentin Tarantino is going to make a movie about the black experience in World War II.

Will he do one on the incident in Australia where white troops had to fight black troops who went on a murderous rampage or will it be set in France where Saint Emmitt Till, the Trayvon Martin of his day, father was hanged for raping French Women.

That is an "e" there meaning the word is plural.

Anonymous said...

british goverment is giving palestinian prisoners 500 pound a week in wages
more than most workers in england earn. why

up the villa. nfse

james said...

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