Friday, 14 December 2012

Missing In Action?

This development has disturbed me for some time.  You see this blog had for a considerable time three very active commentators, Franz (Germany), Zngr (Finland) and Viking (Sweden).  I used to have regular contact with them be email as well as via the blog. This contact kept me updated on events in their countries and gave me a perspective I obviously would not get via the MSM.

Then over a relatively short period of time all of them disappeared from the blog.  That's bad enough but they disappeared from their email addresses as well.  Messages just pinged back. Their accounts were taken down.  I am amazed and worried by this.  I just know, from my contacts with them, that they would not pack up and leave without a word of explanation.  And it wasn't as if we, or the blog readers in general had any major falling out with them.

It's deeply suspicious, is it not?  Had they been arrested by the Thought Police in their own countries surely they'd still have been able to communicate with me and/or the blog.  Or is there something more sinister in place?


Anonymous said...

There could be many reasons for this.Got married,started a new job,illness,had a child,got bored with blogging.

Rob said...

I've wondered about that too. Did Franz not make one comment a couple of months after he left, then vanish again - or was it just someone using the same name?

SAVANT said...

Did Franz not make one comment a couple of months after he left, then vanish again - or was it just someone using the same name?

No. I'm 99% certain that it was a different Franz.

SAVANT said...

Got married,started a new job,illness,had a child,got bored with blogging.

Very unlikely. They were very active and then in each case they ended suddently. It wasn't a tapering off. Also their email accounts were deactivated simultaneously.

However I'd be relived if this were the explanation.

Anonymous said...

The culprits for their disappearances:

1. Jews.

2. Zionists.

3. Zionist lickspittles.

4. Zionist boll weevils.

5. Shape-shifting lizards.

Pick one. Whichever one you pick it is the undisputed truth and shall be accepted without question.

Uberdude said...

...a wee bit sinister, that, savant........

Gem Junior said...

Savant I have to admit that is fucking creepy as hell. Same time too. Were they told to not get in contact? Cuz seems they knew enough to take the warning seriously.
Nastiest Uncle, you really sicken me. You can scoff all you like cos as a jew you are in a protected class who are always right, not to be questioned, and never allowed to be accused. So you should shut the fuck up. You've been in total denial of jew monkeyshines and written it all off as a joke or fantasy of conspiracy boobs that jews have networked their way to the top of everything. And the only one who can deny that is a total jew.
So of course you aren't worried.
Savant, I hope that your worries (now our worries LOL) are unfounded and that there've just been major coincidences. Oh, BTW everybody, have a Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy Joyous Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus. Jesus Christ.

john said...

Probably not a good thing... or, they just got tired of nastiestuncle trying to torpedo the whole thing.

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

It gets very exhausting, going constantly against the Zeitgeist, and sometimes people just see blogging and commenting as futile.

Robert in Arabia said...

The thought police are very active in the three countries you mentioned. America intercepts and stores all electronic comminications. They can transmit files to thought police in any country at any time.

Anonymous said...

I had a website about 5 years ago that was censored. My views were civil but the content dealt with current events.
Also, many websites that I regularly viewed just disappeared,completely. I am not naive about any of these occurences.
I wonder if other websites are left untouched so that the visitors too these websites can be catalogued in a database.

Keiser said...

I'll be sure to keep an eye out on other blogs of similar interest for their handles, admittedly it is a bit strange.

Saying that excuse the following facetiousness it may be in bad taste,
nastiestuncle are sure it's not you that has them tied up Josef Fritzl style in your basement. That would be in keeping with you being a Jew :-) lolz

2Cypher said...

People can stop blogging for all sorts of reasons. I've taken a layoff from my own blog for a few months due to other stresses but want to get back started. One of the problems with political blogs is you are preaching to the converted, which is great but you are trying to influence others too. 99% of visitors on my blog agree that blacks (as I've tended to write more about this than Jews) are a massive problem globally, and that God-only-knows what anyone was thinking trying to mix these other primates into White societies.

waterboy said...

Did they all go at the same time or different times?

2Cypher said...

And now I have got back started along exactly that line!:

Anonymous said...

@Keiser 23:13

"Saying that excuse the following facetiousness it may be in bad taste,
nastiestuncle are sure it's not you that has them tied up Josef Fritzl style in your basement."

I like your idea about Josef Fritzl. That guy is my hero. The king of lulz. Instead of *not* keeping his daughters in the basement for surprise buttsecks, he kept them in his basement for surprise buttsecks. lul.

"That would be in keeping with you being a Jew :-) lolz"

Josef Fritzl wasn't a Jew though. The six-pointed mirror/ picture frame is sold in many places to everyone. A member of my family has one in her bathroom and she isn't Jewish.
Speaking of which, I just looked down and saw an anteater so looks like I'm not Jewish too. So put your erection away, nigger.


Maybe these guys were all the same person.
Maybe it was an intelligence operation which was cancelled.
Maybe it was a coincidence.
Maybe Anne Frank did it. Were the emails written in biro?

tommy said...

"They can transmit files to thought police in any country at any time."

That right?

Well, to paraphrase the monobrowed shitkike beadyeyedkiketwat, that is Sarah Silverman:

I hope we did kill sixmilliyan.

I'd do it again! And again. Until they keep their dirty distance!
Much as it happened originally.
Which was never.

Filthy lying bastards.

AnalogMan said...

I found this blog in the days when Franz was a regular poster, but never read the other two. I'm certain that he didn't just lose interest and walk away. He was very active, and not just here; he had a Youtube channel that also went silent at the same time.

I suspected he had died suddenly. It happens. But three times? As the Jmes Bond movie said, "Once is happenstance; twice is coincidence; but three times is enemy action."

Franz said...

Just to clarify -- I am the OTHER Franz.

(I mean I commented here after I heard of you at VDARE, but never got back again after I was accused of being a Phony Franz only because I was the later one. I only found out about Franz One when I went through your backfile. Sorry for any confusion, I'm the Great Lakes USA Franz not the German one. Never was here when he was. But I've used my name for years. Only once here, but Kev Boyle a few times, Kenny's, Aangirfan... I don't know. Anyway no intent to be deceptive.)

Back on point: I ran into the problem myself in the late 90s when we used egroups instead of blogs. I had one at Onelist for a time, then another before Yahoo gathered them all up. I moderated an anti-global economy list and nearly everyone of us had strange bug problems and crashes from nowhere. This was around the Battle of Seattle days. And you remember how the anti-global economy organizers turned up FIRST on the no-fly lists after 911, right?

Near as I can guess is this: They want One World, one way or another. No matter how you express yourself in OTHER matters when you threaten THAT, the shitcycle begins.

The Canucks on my list got hit far worse than I. They were anti-WTO bigtime. I never figured out what happened to 'em and they were right across the water from me in Ontario.

Peter A. said...

I suspected he had died suddenly. It happens. But three times?

No way Franz died three times Analog!

From FR said...

It can be , and surely , lost of internet connection , technical pb with computer ( computer kaputt ), I remember Franz , that I didn't appreciated very much , though , saying he had financial pbs ... their or his ( Maybe 3 persons in one ? ) ISP blocking their traffic ( we have unofficial laws for that in Europe ) .

SAVANT said...

Great Lakes Franz. No problem buddy, I didn't even realise that someone had accused you of being the 'false Franz'.

Always welcome on this forum and hope you don't disappear like the 'real one'!!

And yes, from deriding the idea for many years I have now also come to the inescapable conclusion that there really is a Plan for a Globalist NWO.

Anonymous said...

I have carried out a micro survey (broadly based) and have come up with the following description which mostly perfectly and economically describes the foreign turd.
slimy plank!
It is my opinion that we are well into the end game , your views will be noted as will mine I am sure they have this sight well watched and monitored.
I have given this some thought and have decided that they will use human
pre-programmed drones to commit terrible atrocities in the name of patriots.
Think of their numbers in the advertising /mass media , plus the probable
help from the crooked thinkers in the medical/psycho field!
They have the tools and will use them.

massel tov said...

if one communicates withe a known "rigt-wing" pro-white dissident openly most eu countries
-for shure germany- will stifle that. quietly - with tools established to internet communications long ago.
if you (irish savant) and your informants (franz, viking, etc.) are not widely known or very wealthy you can't do anything....
that's the bitter truth, i assume.

Anonymous said...

Well the JQ, and NWO walk hand in hand. Really can't have one without the other.

AnalogMan said...

Peter A: Touche!

prepper said...

dofornow. Like Savant I would have laughed at the idea of human pre-programmed drones doing some of the dirty work. Not anymore. Take the most recent school shooting. The shooter had mental problems and was being seen by a psychiatrist. We know what happened during the Cold War when doctors and psychiatrists drugged guinea pigs to do their bidding.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, it does make one wonder...

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether you guys are into games or not,but check this trailer to an upcoming game, Watch Dogs.Great trailer,cool,stylish and so true (racissssst as well LOL)

Uncle Nasty said...

Check this out ...

Scroll to The blueprint for media coverage

by Whaleoil on December 16, 2012

I copped a lot of flack yesterday because for some reason you should stop what you normally do when a psychopathic, dysfunctional twat goes on rampage and cry a river of tears for people you don’t know.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is terrible what has gone on in China and in the US, but really having a journalist/biographer tweet abuse at you like sanctimonious cocks when their own paper is plastering the news all over their front page is just a bit beyond the pale.

But what is really interesting in the accompanying video in which we see:- "From a few years ago, Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe takes on the media’s reaction to mass killings ..."

See what a behavioral psychologist tells us what the Media always do in instances like this -- as opposed to what they should NOT do ...

Also check this out. I am not crazy about Roger Ebert, but here, he smacks the nail right on its pointy little head ...


phaedon said...

UN, that point about the media is spot on IMHO. These disturbed psychopaths would not, it seems to me, coomit such atrocities were they to get no attention and endless analysis of their motives.

Then again we can hardly expect the media to just ignore them?

Uncle Nasty said...

Here is an interesting scenario: The bad news is that surveillance by the PTB grows in leaps and bounds.

The good news is that most (if not all of them) do not have have the faintest clue of what to do with the information that they already gather.

Senate panel: DHS fusion centers produce ‘predominantly useless information’ and ‘a bunch of crap’

By Madison Ruppert

Editor of End the Lie

A newly released report from the Senate’s bipartisan Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations reveals that the claims of Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of the behemoth Department of Homeland Security (DHS), surrounding the United States’ so-called fusion centers are nothing short of outright lies.

This is far from surprising to me since in September of last year a report from the Homeland Security Policy Institute revealed the fact that information received from fusion centers “often lacks value.”

Fusion centers are also involved in rolling out nationwide biometrics systems as well as centralized biometrics databases coordinated by the federal government.

In the past, Napolitano has claimed that fusion centers are “one of the centerpieces of our counterterrorism strategy,” while reality paints a completely different picture.

The Senate panel, which combed over 80,000 fusion center documents, determined that they could not “identify a contribution such fusion center reporting made to disrupt an active terrorist plot.”

More at -

This gets even interestinger when one considers the notion (put forward by Covington in "The Books") that the downfall of the current US govt. will be brought about by the sheer ineptitude of its ever-increasing army of affirmative action employees.

An interesting example is America's DMVs (Department of Motor Vehicles) which is pretty much completely nigger-run, and by definition, a shambles ... even to the point of parody.

not to mention the US Post Office:-

... and this is from two years ago. Hands up all those (both of you) who think that things have improved.

It may well be that by the time, all governments have achieved total control, that they will (through sheer endemic ineptitude) be able to do sweet F.A. with it.

A cheering thought.


prepper said...

A particularly cheering thought would be that of the US Postal 'Service' going bust. It's 90% staffed by useless AA coons. Only time they show some initiative is when it comes to stealing from the mail.

Can it in fact go bankrupt?

Anonymous said...

So, NU has at least one non-Jewish member of his family...

Uncle Nasty said...

Told ya ...

Dem Lawmaker: Obama Must 'Exploit' School Shooting To Get Gun Control

by John Nolte
15 Dec 2012, 6:52 AM PDT

Dem. Rep. Jerrold Nadler is at least being honest about how he, and no doubt many Leftists, would like to feast off an unthinkable tragedy and exploit it in order to pursue a nonsensical agenda that would ensure only bad guys have guns. Last night on "The Ed Show," Nadler openly called for President Obama to "exploit" the murder of 20 children, “I think we will be there if the president exploits it, and otherwise we’ll go on to the next.”

In his statement to the country yesterday, while he wasn't specific about what action he intended to take, President Obama did make clear that action would be forthcoming. Obama also hinted that this action would be politically divisive when he warned that "meaningful action" would need to be taken "regardless of the politics."

As we all know this is a "never let a crisis go to waste" president and party. And what we now have is Nadler, a powerful Democrat, already eager to "exploit" raw emotions and the massacre of children in order to push an issue Democrats have considered politically untouchable since Al Gore lost his home state of Tennessee, and along with it, the White House, during his 2000 presidential bid.

Liberals, like jews, like cancer, like rust, never sleep.


Heathen Bastard said...

Regarding Savant's last comment about a Globalist NWO agenda, there is so much B.S. circling the drain that it is difficult to sort out fact from fiction. Forget about lizards and UFO's. I highly recommend this excellent presentation from a bonafide History scholar before it gets removed like Franz I:

Note: The final 20 minutes or so of the video is full of religious rhetoric, so feel free to stop watching at that point if you are not interested in that. The initial history lesson is invaluable!

Additionally, look up the wikipedia definition for "shill" to better decipher the truth about the last 100 years of history and where we are headed with the next false flag operation that will usher in Martial law.

gala said...

Heathen...great link. Good point too about all the ;izard stuff. I wonder is this put about just so as to make all other exposure seem ridiculous?

Anonymous said...

No surprise that they jumped on that massacre. Plays right into their hands.

Anonymous said...

re the other fraz
is this why ' ' got zaped ?

Anonymous said...


Worth a look ... had a few remnants..

ps being paranoid i think 9/11
was just too much.

Anonymous said...

Franzs' You Tube channel Kanal von Die ClownUnion has not been active for two months and only very intermittently before that for some time.

I don't know if Franz or some associates are responsible for the newest posts.

Initially the channel was doing very well-30 to 40,000 hits.Then the posts ceased for some time and,I suppose people lost interest or simply forgot about it.


kulak said...

This gets even interestinger when one considers the notion (put forward by Covington in "The Books") that the downfall of the current US govt. will be brought about by the sheer ineptitude of its ever-increasing army of affirmative action employees.

That's what I've always said UN. Darkie can't maintain a police state.

Doesn't matter if they put a camera on every corner. Half will be actively broken by darkie, the other half will fail be maintained by darkie.

kulak said...

UN, that point about the media is spot on IMHO. These disturbed psychopaths would not, it seems to me, coomit such atrocities were they to get no attention and endless analysis of their motives.

So what would happen if black criminality got more press?

More black crime, to which whites might react.

The whole ballgame is whites, and keeping us in line until we're dead.

kulak said...

@Savant, RE: Franz, et. al.

The three main possibilities are tired, spooked, or caught.

This is one reason I've never sent you an email.

Anonymous said...

Adam Lanza

How did the Missing In Action MSM not be able to find a picture of Adam Lanza from Adam LAnza's facebook page?

Wat a pile of bozos "work" in there.

Shaunantijihad said...

Franz, if you have shuffled off this mortal coil, then goodnight my white brother. Bless you all my German brothers and sisters, thanks you for your incalculable contribution to white civilisation. You are a beautiful facet of our race.

Dave C said...

Some of the German commentary here

would suggest that Franz has passed on and someone else was maintaining his channel for a while albeit not as well.

Anonymous said...

It was great to see Bradley Wiggins win the BBC sports personality of the year.Remember how the Olympics became the Mo and Jess show,with the achievements of the white athletes pushed to one side.

SAVANT said...

Dave C. Thanks for that. Sad news indeed. Funny, I always got the impression that he was pretty young, late thirties or so...

I echo the other sentiments Franz. Thanks for your input and may your work help in some to to opening your much abused countrymen's eyes.

I wonder about Zngr though. He was really active and then stopped almost over night.....

Anonymous said...

Scary stuff Savant. The way things are going here in the States, American bloggers may soon also be disappeared for not towing the official line. I sure hope they turn up again unharmed.

Wolfhound said...

@ Dave C

Good find.

My basic German tells me the commentators are just as confused and in the dark as anyone here.

The video mentions that despite the loss of contact someone was able to assure others that 'alles gut geht' with the clown, better known as Franz by us.

My guess is he got exhausted of talking about the same stuff day in day out or he got collared or even threatened by the law.

If he is truly dedicated, he will probably return one day after he decides to end his hiatus.

Uncle Nasty said...

kulak said...

That's what I've always said UN. Darkie can't maintain a police state.

Doesn't matter if they put a camera on every corner. Half will be actively broken by darkie, the other half will fail be maintained by darkie.

Come to South Africa and the proportions change radically ... 90% stolen in the first three days .... subsequently for sale at intersections and flea markets. The balance broken or just plain unserviceable within a week.


Uncle Nasty said...

Here is someone who gets it ...

I didn’t vote this year; with two nearly identical empty suits vying for the position of Head Puppet, I didn’t see the point. To the adults of my parents’ generation, announcing that you’re not going to participate in the farce that is democracy is akin to storming into Mass on Sunday morning violently hungover and pissing in the holy water font.

“Your grandparents fought and died for your right to vote!”

“If you don’t vote, you have NO right to complain!”

“The reason this country is going down the tubes is because you young people don’t care about anything!”

Old people have many strange beliefs, chief among them that a once-yearly ritual of filling out circles with a No. 2 pencil gives them any power over our government. “But we can choose our leaders! Of course we have power!”

But do you?

Every now and then I would run into some lummox who was convinced, in their bones, that Durmokkassee was the straight goods and that, somehow, their stupid pencil mark was worth the furry little crack of a rat's arse.

For them, I used to play an old playing-card sleight-of-hand trick which involved laying down sixteen cards in four rows of four (If I was really adventurous -- six rows of six ... very impressive)

The essence was:- you got a victim to choose -- not a card but a column of cards, which you picked and re-laid out and got them to pick the column again which identified the card. Long story short, you then arranged the cards face-down in clumps of four (or five or six) and told the willing victim to chose clumps, then pairs, then a single card --- but never touching the cards -- until the last card which you would flip over to reveal -- Ta Daaaah!! ... their chosen card. I am sure a lot of you know this trick.

I was a wow at parties. The upshot was they thought they were choosing the cards.

But they wuzzent.

That silly card trick got me more converts than you can imagine ... and it made the point.

Smoke, mirrors and bullshit. That's Dermokkassee.


Uncle Nasty said...

As far as our friends (Franz, Sngr et al) are concerned, I would not be too quick to write them off.

Creating and maintaining a blog is a stressful, difficult -- and expensive undertaking, in terms of time lost that perhaps, could be better used in preserving family, personal life and prosperity.

This can reduce even the strongest and most dedicated among us to tears. I am sure that Savant, himself feels those dark moments when it all seems too much ... Reg, sadly is an example.

I hope that this is the case, and, conversely, I fear the worst. Look at Edgar Steele and Bill White. Denizens of the Gulag.

... on the other hand, look at Mike Smith. He gets shut down ... and bounces back up again -- and again -- and again.

Just remember those two little words -- leaderless resistance. They'll keep you going.

Read the books.


Anonymous said...

Universities work like this.

1). Progressive cause identified.
2). Progressive cause gets funding.
3). Progressive cause employs lots of people.
4). Progressive cause wins battle.
5). Lots of progressives like cushy well-paid employment.
6). Gender studies = easy subject BUT has few students.
7). So, progressives have lots of time to sit on committees cutting physics and increasing gender studies. Also they can deny funding to people they don't like.
8). Some of what progressives originally argued for MAY have been worthwhile, but now they need to justify their existence.
9). So, progressives become more and more irrational.
10). New cause identified and the cycle repeats itself, but most of the progressives carry on fighting the old battles.

In England, the Progressives have actually formed their own self-help organisation called Common Purpose. Its declared aim is to ensure that only other like-minded people get employment. I do not know why they have not been sacked for corruption.

All academics claim to hate admin, but it's not true. Some of them love it, because they can appear busy without having to try too hard. Gender Studies-types love to fill in forms and organise committees.

Stolen from Steve's as to how Universities do not work.

Franz said...

@ mr.a --

I know nothing of Youtube or that person, which might be yet (tiresome) another Franz. I am on dialup and vids are worthless to me.

I enjoy Savant's posts especially because I absolutely AM and anti-globalist and "multi-cult" or "anti-racism" or whatever it will be called tomorrow seems one of the globalist sore points; Savant smacks that point nicely. I embrace anyone who does as at least a valuable ally.

The only place I ever commented at sufficiently enough to be a "regular" was when Paul Craig Roberts briefly had a comment section on his site.

Paul Craig Roberts is a Reagan-Era wonk who worked at the Treasury Department. In his dotage he's turned to dissent. Much of his stuff still makes He's the sort of anti-globalist I am. Non-conspiracy for the most part, but getting nervous.

Anonymous said...

Zngr seems to be active in finnish forum.

lat white in Peckham said...

The Turkish mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has written a piece in favour of black immigration in today's The Telegraph, and is getting a good kicking in the comments thread. Well worth reading.

Are whites waking up at last?

James Lord said...

Inspiring stuff, Uncle Nasty!

SAVANT said...

@White in Peckham.....remains there such a beast? I thought the last one left was Delboy.

Yes, the reader comments are reassuring, especially the one about getting a pro-white ENGLISH writer on the DT staff.

Anonymous said...

The shooter had mental problems and was being seen by a psychiatrist. We know what happened during the Cold War when doctors and psychiatrists drugged guinea pigs to do their bidding.

Klebold and Harris were on Seroxat many other mass shooters were on Prozac.


Wolfhound said...

Seems to me these shootings need several ingredients to form the perfect storm as it were.

A major factor has to be the ME ME ME! mentality of almost everyone in the West currently, especially in the States.

I want recognition at any cost, I want my opinion to be heard, I want everything and hurry up with it.

Another might be the disconnection so many young White men feel in a virtually alien society providing only pockets of comfort in which we feel a sense of belonging.

Those quack psychiatrists with their expensive snake oil treatments messing with your brain chemistry can't help either.

I don't think anyone has all the answers, it wasn't the first and will not be the last time this happens.

Wolfhound said...

Small bit of positive news:

Zenit St Petersburg fans petition club to sack black players and demand all-white heterosexual team.

Their supporters club is called "Landscrona" which also happens to be a Swedish club if I'm not mistaken. I've only recently learned about White Russia and it's Viking roots, an interesting bit of history.

I'm sure McGeady is still welcome.

SAVANT said...

Splendid news Wolfhound. Sounds horrible in one sense to say that but this development shows that some semblence of White awareness remains. Pity Zenith are so crap after all the money they spent. Maybe if they implement racial hygene they will?

Anonymous said...

With Irelands demographics rapidly changing,how will the Irish defend themselves against the Trayvons.White flight?Where to,Donegal.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of football.Fabrice whats his name,made an appearance at the bbc sports awards.Ok,so he nearly died on the pitch,but its time to move on.

Uncle Nasty said...

On to the recent so-called "Lone Nut" Shooter in Connecticut.

By The way I googled "Lone Nut" and got 45 000 hits. "Lone Gunman" did a little better ... 294 000 hits.

Seriously? Fifty years next year, since Kennedy got popped and all we get is 294 000 hits?

"Gaga" gets 87,100,000 results and "bieber" gets 112,000,000 results.

Someone's doing a little scrub and polish, here ... a daub of whitewash, there ...


In which we are told that the Khaki Khoon weeps great bitter tears for the astoundingly white schoolkids that were massacred.

Others are asking difficult questions, however.

... It was revealed over the weekend that there was an 'evacuation drill' taking place on the day of the killings. It is also clear that the police arrested and handcuffed two individuals at the scene, one of whom they chased through the woods before capture. The police were no doubt told to release these suspects by 'higher-ups'. They will have been told they were at the school (dressed in their camo(u)flage kit, as police tapes reveal) as part of the scheduled drill.

A contemporaneous drill is the clearest possible marker of a false-flag event. A drill is part of the false-flag template, as Webster Tarpley explained years ago re 9/11, Gladio, 7/7 and the rest.

It allows the perpetrators to get in place with their weapons/explosives and it also gives them an excuse for being in the place of blood sacrifice if they get caught by police. It lets them off the hook.

Another element of the false-flag attack is the 'patsy'. Should we also be weeping for the mentally defective, now-vilified 20-year-old boy who was also found dead in the school last Friday?

Strange how these evacuation drills, military exercises, extraneous official personnel, keep popping up ... and so conveniently, too.

Am I becoming cynical beyond my years?



Uncle Nasty said...

I've been looking for this for a few days, now -- and actually posted it, but it seems to have ended up in the Great File Thirteen In The Sky

In Which, Cameron Slater, blogger and newly appointed editor of one of NZ's oldest rags, give us a few bits of info that seem to have slipped by the MSM -- who when one thinks of it, could not find their own arseholes with both hands and a map.

The role of anti-depressants in mass killings

by Whaleoil on December 17, 2012

Since the latest mass murder in Connecticut many have called for the banning of many differing types of weapons. Some ever bizarrely are calling for the banning of some video games.

While it is easy to blame guns for the actions of people, no one is really looking at what sets off these nutters in order for them to commit these heinous crimes.

Long time readers will know of my battles with depression, and they will also know my position with regards to anti-depressants. I consider them to be a poor choice for combatting the debilitating effects of depression. Sure there are those out there that gain great benefit form them but the evidence is mounting that the drugs are not a one size fits all and that there are serious consequences for prescribing the wrong medication to someone they are ill-suited to.

Now we come to the correlation of anti-depressants and mass killings:

On this 12-year anniversary of the shooting rampage at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, let us not forget the real lesson of Columbine: psychiatric drugs induce violence.

Shooter Eric Harris was taking the antidepressant Luvox at the time he and Dylan Klebold opened fire at Columbine High School, killing 12 students and a teacher and wounding 26 others before killing themselves. At least one public report exists of a friend of Klebold who witnessed Klebold taking the antidepressants Paxil and Zoloft and urged him to come off them. Officially, Klebold’s medical records remain sealed.

Luvox, Paxil and Zoloft are in a class of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Among the international regulatory agencies issuing warnings on these antidepressants, the FDA issued a Public Health Advisory in 2004 warning that “anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, hostility, impulsivity, akathisia [severe restlessness], hypomania [abnormal excitement] and mania [psychosis characterized by exalted feelings, delusions of grandeur and overproduction of ideas] have been reported in adult and pediatric patients being treated with antidepressants.” (For further information on international studies and warnings about antidepressants, go to CCHR International’s psychiatric drug side effects search engine.)

Strangely enough, every one of the shootin' loonies was on -- you guessed it -- antidepressants

Slater blogs as "Whale Oil Beef Hooked ..."

Say it fast


Anonymous said...

Point 223 is that the Bushmaster, which is not an assault rifle, was in the Andrew Wilkes- of his car so was not involved in his shooting the children.

Most scientists accept glowbull warming and as 66 of 67 shooters were on SSRIs doesn't that show that SSRIs are more involved in mass sootings than glowbull warming is real?

Anonymous said...

Obama's sons busy in Florida

How can the press overlook his sons's actions?
Surely they can see the resemblance with Trayvon in the gold teef?

Sadly their actions take away from his Bipedal Earth dweller of the year.

Californian said...

Sometimes a technical glitch will cause a blogger to cease. For example, posting messages may require a certain version of Java or whatever. Sometimes, a website may also require a logon procedure which is difficult to access.

Not saying any of this is what happened with these fellows, only that it can happen.