Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Incog Man taken down

Incog might not have been everyone's cup of tea but he was certainly hard-hitting and humorous. I disagreed with him to the extent that he saw Jews and only Jews as the cause of our problems, and that all Jews were 100% guilty. We've argued this issue up hill and down dale on this site. But either way it's a significant indicator of the challenges Whites face.

Hope to see you again soon Incog.  If you want to publicise a resurrection I'm here to help.


The truth will out said...

It works from my end.
I noticed that my friend's ISP TalkTalk have blocked his site and similar I can presume a number of the usual zio-biased suspects also.

Try again through a free proxy server whenever these sites go down.


Anonymous said...

He's still up, shit head.

justme said...

No, I get site unavailable message.


Kenneth said...

http://incogman.net/ still works for me here in the UK.

If I remember correctly, he once had a wordpress site, which got taken down ages ago (for some reason), although some other sites still try to link to it.

Are you sure you're trying the correct URL?

Ian said...

It's working for me too, Savant. Try installing Opera browser or using Anonymouse
Also there is Hidemyass
You can go to downforeveryoneorjustme to check if a site is really down. For myself I can't see Chimpout except through Opera or Hidemyass

Ian said...

@ Anonymous 25 December 2012 21:29
There is no call for that kind of language.

From FR said...

I can access ( 30 secs ago ) his website without any pb .

Bobby Bandanza said...

All Jews are guilty in my honest opinion in feeding the seed to breed multiculturalism. I would have to agree with Incogman on those issues.

Anonymous said...

I can access it via UPC (Ireland).

Anonymous said...

Wrong O Capitan! The kikes over there in Muslim infested Ireland are screwing with you bigtime.
Incogman is still alive and well here in Zionist Occupied America.
The Cog-man does not despise all Jews as you seem to think. He is a big supporter of the reformed and improved former Jew Brother Nathaniel Kapner of realjewsnews.com/. He doesn't have a problem with all Jews. After all what's not to like about Benjamin Freedman and Bobby Fischer's contributions to the cause of the preservation of humanity against the onslaught of the Satanic Jewden Swine majority?

Sprogger Jones said...

He's still up & running strong here in Jewmerica Boss.

And he doesn't truly despise all Jews. He only exposes the dirty perfidious Kike Jews who are mostly Khazar or Ashkenazi fake convert Jews of Turk Mongol ancestry.

He is also a big supporter of the improved/converted Jew Brother Nathaniel Kapner.

You do alright for a former commie, but sometimes you revert back to your old ways in making errors such as this. That's OK though. Next to Incogman's site yours is a very close second on my favorites list. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

If your cannot get the site stop using a Nigerian modem.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Philip Emeagawli Ph. D

Father of the Internet.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
He's still up, shit head.

25 December 2012 21:29"

Not for everyone, scumfucker.

Anonymous said...

Still alive and well as far as I can tell.

SAVANT said...

Thanks for all the help guys.

Actually I think I know what happened. I'm spending XMas with my son in Scotland and it coincided with that. Local ISP must have blocked it as I still can't get through with Opera or via Anonymous.

What's with this guy anon 21.29 and all the 'shithead' business?

Anonymous said...

What's with this guy anon 21.29 and all the 'shithead' business?

Glitter Tampax not working in the Christmas period?

Uncle Nasty said...

If you do not mind me introducing a thread, Savant, this is further to the international push to disarm those civilians who still exercise the right to own and bear firearms.


A newspaper in New York has received a wave of criticism from its readers after publishing the names and addresses of all of the individuals with handgun or pistol permits in its coverage area.

Hundreds of residents in New York’s Westchester and Rockland counties were surprised to find their names and addresses listed on a map posted by The Journal News on Sunday. Users can click any dot on the map to see which of their neighbors has a permit for a gun.

The map sparked more than 500 comments from readers within a day of its appearance on the website, many of them voicing outrage at the paper’s decision to make the information public.

“This is CRAZY!! why in the world would you post every licensed gun owner information?? What do you hope to accomplish by doing this. This is the type of thing you do for sex offenders not law abiding gun owners. What next? should i hang a flag outside my house that says I own a gun? I am canceling my subscription with your paper today!!!” said commenter Curtis Maenza.

“How about a map of the editorial staff and publishers of Gannett and Journal News with names and addresses of their families…,” wrote commenter George Thompson.

All of the names and addresses were compiled through public records. The paper also requested the information from Putnam County, which is still compiling the records for publication, according to The Journal News’ website.

Notice the two comments in bold, above (my emphases) in which the populace is waking up to the role media are playing to serve their masters.

Notice the sauce-for-the-goose second comment.

I may as well say it out loud. It has come to the point where we must seriously consider kneecapping the moguls (and the minions) of the press. They are not physically brave. The myth of the "crusader for truth" is fast being exposed as just that ... a myth.

Once again ... read the books. They are fast evolving from fiction -- to instruction manuals.


rambaloosa said...

Once again ... read the books. They are fast evolving from fiction -- to instruction manuals.

UN, yes. Amazing but true. The stream speeds up.

Anonymous said...

18 seconds into that actors against guns is Sarah Silverman who said that she would gladly kill Jesus if she got the chance. What would be the weapon of choice of anti-gun Sarah?

Anonymous said...

Faecesbook which left up a hate site to Neil Lennon for ages have kicked off a whole pile of people who they have never had a problem with them before.

What was that about?

Anonymous said...

I am unable to access incogman.net unless I go through a proxy server. So, it looks like at the very least my cable provider (comcast)is trying to prevent access..until now, I had no idea that was possible! Holy shit!

Peter A. said...

Anon 15.15. Same here and I'm in Preston now so again maybe my local ISP has put the boot in.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Silverman would use a hammer and nails to kill Jesus again probably.