Thursday, 6 December 2012

One bright light in a tale of horror

No need to remind Irish readers that yesterday's budget was a horror story. From the neediest to the greediest the hardship came thick and fast. €10 million from this, €5 million from that, extra tax on this bringing in €40 million, from that €15 million.  It seems everyone and everything was hit.

Apart from Money For Lodging to Third World Crooks' Swiss Bank Accounts Foreign Aid.  Yes, we'll shell out over €600 million again this year.  All of it borrowed.  The cuts to childrens' allowances, home help carers, medical entitlements could have been avoided had we cut out Foreign Aid.

But it's the Great Untouchable.  As it seems to be in the UK as well.

Listen as our two Finance Ministers get shredded by the public on radio this morning. Watch our government politicians skulk home for the weekend, terrified of meeting their constituents, sure in  the knowledge that at least half will lose their precious seats at the next election due to this and similar budgets. They know that most of the really unpalatable cuts could have been avoided had FA been abandoned. They know that the Ugandan 'Government' has only recently been exposed as having stolen €4 million of Irish aid money.

Yet they'll troop into the lobbies and vote the budget through.


These people's only real concern, like that of most politicians it must be said, is the ongoing retention of their own seats. They know that up to half of them will lose that seat at the next election.

So why do they do it?  Would it not be a simple thing for them to say 'Ireland has been more than generous over many years - we're the fifth highest per capita donors world-wide - and we'd love to continue. But we cannot continue to borrow money to send to other countries while our own people suffer'.  Then vote against the budget. If enough of them did this, or even threatened to do it, the FA budget would be slashed to pieces.

But they don't and they won't.  Why?  It's so illogical that you'd have to wonder whether there really is some NWO type up there wielding some major threat over them.

I really have come to the belief that this is a possibility.


Anonymous said...

If we do not vote for foreign aid Uganda will send over their Su 27 war planes which we have nothing comparable to.

Anonymous said...

I reckon you might be right there, it just doesen't make sense it's not logical for instance in the UK to make £5.6 billion in cuts whilst keeping the Foreign Aid budget of £12.6Billion, which is more than the entire police buget.
People are losing their jobs and homes and we are still committed to this Foreign Aid that lets face it mostly ends up in the pockets of Dictators and their private bank accounts, i reckon it's one big shill scam, borrow the money the ordinary person pays for the loan, the shills get ze interest and the peoples taxes that pay for the Foreign Aid is then dished out to certain countries that kick back in the form of contracts for these shills buddies companies or straight into their many offshore accounts, untraceable and undocumented, when labour were in power they spent untold billions in aid to some African country and had no accounts and in fact no projects to show for it, they are at it believe me Foreign Aid is a scam.

James Lord said...

Anon 21.20 and the post itself. I too am coming around to the belief that there has to be some major scam going on. Don't know if it's kickbacks or what but you'd hardly get all the lowly MP's to vote for it if it were just a financial scam, would you?

Dave C said...

Baffles me too. I'd wonder if it might not be ending up in the Swiss bank accounts of people closer to home.

Kevin R. said...

It seems we're all baffled. I just do not get it. These spineless weasels of politicians would normally sell anything and anyone down the river to protect their own interests.

I doubt if it ends up in their Swiss Bank account. You won't get all of them to do it and anyway, this is Ireland. Everyone would know about it within days if they did.

It's very very odd.

Anonymous said...

I e-mailed my local TD about this.His reply was the usual bollox.We have a duty to help others,the famine,blah blah blah.Their are no patriots in the Daíl Sav.None of them have spoken out about immigration,asylum,foreign aid.To do so,would mean the end of their careers and fat pensions.We need a new political party like the national front,BNP or Golden Dawn.I believe this new party would have huge support.

Iron Felix said...

OK everyone; go back about 150 years or so, to Ireland back then. All over the place you had these lackeys and their local thugs. Their job was---and they were merciless about it---to bleed the people for every last bronze centime they could get. When the barrel-bottom had been scraped, and there was nothing left, the wretched people were flung out on the roadside, regardless of weather or indeed any other consideration, and their hovels were then destroyed. It is thought that some 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 died from disease, starvation, exposure, and brutal treatment. The people carrying out these exactions---and the evictions, and moreover the lads running the coffin ships and much else besides---were all Irish. They were all brutish, vicious, sadistic.Their job was to get every last dime out of the people and pass it on to folk living abroad. These guys were Landlords Agents.
Now fast forward to today; what the fuck has changed? Everything is the same, differing only in degree. The people are being driven into beggary, despair, emigration, suicide as the new Landlords agents and their thugs bleed them white on behalf of their bosses overseas.
Plus ca-change, folks.

Keiser said...

Hey everyone
First time post.
Have a look at this, one for Shatter watch I think Savant.

He is "looking forward to..." !!!
To say I am worried is a grievous understatement.
I used to watch (still do) David Duke's ( videos about Zionists and their thalmudic games with Immigration systems, banking, and the liberial, PC, MSM whites should miscegenate messages and thought thank God we don't have that here. I cried a little inside when I read the above story and saw the immigration figures created under Shatter.

We need to act now. Write to your TDs find out more about this legislation. We need to organise against this before Ireland suffers the same fate as once beautiful Sweden!

Anonymous said...

My take on this is that:

#1 It is the ultimate in political correctness, pure and immaculate, so intrinsically good that even to argue with it is absolute heresy.

#2 The only acceptable possible argument is regarding it's effectiveness, a technical point at best. Certainly not whether it's a good thing or not nor whether we can afford it. For the purist, as long as we have even just the minimum basics of life ourselves, then we must give aid, without cavil.

#3 The media and chattering classes are 100% for it. Irish Aid actively pay for media trips to Africa under one of the special funds. A number of respected media figures are in direct receipt of IA money, such as Marion Finunacane and Tracy Piggott.

#4 It is a purely middle class concern and there are very many good jobs to be had in this industry.

#5 The is a very effective lobby by NGOs spearheaded by Dochas, who in turn are substantially funded by the people that they are lobbying! (Irish Aid)

#6 Great efforts are made to ensure that the average citizen are kept in the dark about the amounts of money being spent. However, bogus "polls" which ask inaccurate and misleading questions are then touted as showing overwhelming public support for aid.'ll have to dig and dig to find the actual question asked which will invariably be of the type "do you think its a good idea to help stop children starving in Africa" not of the type "do you think your family should contribute €500 this and every year to fund Ireland official aid budget"

#7 Schools and universities are 100% for aid and they influence the young who are generally more idealistic (bless 'em). The schools are targeted by IA's "development education" funds - million are spent on this one sided propaganda.

#8 All churches (protestant & catholic) are 100% for it and they receive specially earmarked funds from IA. Churches still hold a lot of sway in middle Ireland.

#9 Irish Aid themselves are a powerful lobby who directly influence the political system through paid junkets to politicians to see how "aid" works on the ground.

#10 The IMF/world Bank and the European Commission are two of the largest players in the aid industry worldwide. So, if you were expecting them to cry halt in Ireland's case,'d be very much mistaken!


Anonymous said...

If we go back and look at the aid to India scandal, it was stated by the minister concerned that the aid was being given to sweeten a deal for the Indians to buy British planes. In the end of course it did not work and the Indians bought French planes.

David Cameron wants Britain to be an "aid superpower" in which aid is used as a kind of marketing spend to get our name out there.

Total and utter bullshit of course. It would be nice to see someone swing for giving away so much money at the same time that we are cutting our armed forces to the bone.

Anonymous said...

Of all the manifesto promises made by Call me Dave's BluLab, foreign aid seems to be the only one he has kept. Each winter OAPs visit the charity shops to buy hard backed books for fuel to keep themselves alive, cancer patients die early due to lack of medication, and yet our multi millionaire political leaders spunk money away to coon despots.
And people still vote for them!
Paris Claims

slavestar said...

Well, in my own humble opinion I feel the Zionist are intentionally bankrupting all the (previously) White countries so they have a pretext to install a one world Communist Government.
You will know it's finally on it's way in when the the U.S. finally succeeds in disarming it's White population.

gala said...

Iron Felix, a very good point. There always were Irish to do the bidding of our external rulers.

SAVANT said...

Masurian, that's the best explanation I've had yet. It most likely is a combination of all those things.

PS, are you from the Masurian Lakes district?

B Boru said...

Yeah, I'd more or less be with Masurian here. I'd say the politicians know that were they to attack foreign aid they'd be torn to shreds by all the vested interests and their shills in the MSM.

Belfast Kevin said...

How much foreign aid has Ireland RECEIVED over the recent years? I know the US was sending tens of millions for "peace and reconciliation" bullshite just a couple years ago (2009). Perhaps since Ireland is just half a generation removed from basically being a third world country, Irish politicians are happy to give away pennies to pathetic Africans in order to keep the dollar flood gates open into Irish coffers from richer nations.

Dave C said...

Anon 00:00

We need a new political party like the national front,BNP or Golden Dawn.I believe this new party would have huge support.

That we don't have such a party is even more baffling. Sending 100's of millions of borrowed money down the swannee in so called foreign aid while cutting care givers allowances at home would be a perfect issue for an Irish Golden Dawn.

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said...

Felix, the ferrous one, is right. Put it another way; Ireland is a kapo society. It is a fact not often appreciated that the concentration camps, the enforced ghettos, and so on, though nominally German were actually run by the inmates themselves. Certain prisoners, for small reward, would ruthlessly enforce the enemy's will, ensure his writ ran---right down to leading prisoners into the gas chambers, then slipping out at the last moment to be kept for the same task next time.Whereas in the camps case the pressure to collaborate was visible and enormous, there is no external pressure at all in the Irish case. We, you see, carry our camp commandant around with us, fully interiorised, everywhere we go.
A whole nation living on the same basis---to draw another analogy---as the inmates in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest; always grumbling about their lot and knifing in the back anyone who tries to lead them to better things.
An extraordinary situation, and one not yet touched upon anywhere in the hagiography.

Corkonian said...

@Belfast Kevin. The money to support the Peace Process amounted to a couple of hundred millionover the years. Useful and grateful and all that but what Ireland sends out to 3rd World shitholes would cover it in a month.

And by the way, it's not only 3rd World shitholes we give it. I'll have you know - Belfats Kevin - that we're also giving tens of millions to support infrastructure projects up there in Norn Ireland!


Anonymous said...

Ireland spends 20 billion a year on welfare.20% of welfare recipients are immigrants.Which means 4 billion a year goes to the enrichers.Now,add in the cost of asylum centres,health care,extra teachers,housing foreign criminals,diversity programs,etc and it becomes obvious that we Irish are being well and truly shafted.The Multicultural utopia we were promised has turned in to a nightmare.As the demographics of the country continue to change,I'm afraid its only going to get worse.

Belfast Kevin said...

@ Corkonian Sure the peace hustlings were small potatoes compared to the 40 billion euros of foreign aid you have received from the EU since 1973. Sure you guys then took some of that welfare check and in turn cut your own (smaller of course) welfare checks for some backwards African countries. But with the future uncertain, your politicians certainly don't want to seem "out of touch" to the rich countries by kicking their African dictator's funds to the curb.

Anonymous said...

Department of Taoiseach(01)619 4000 Email . Rang them this morning about Foreign aid being ring fenced.Told them it was a disgrace.Let the fuckers know how you feel.Time for action.

Corkonian said...

Belfast Kevin. If you want to talk about aid, without what you lot get from HM Treasury, and have been getting since 1920, you'd have the same standard of living as Albania!

dxdiag said...

Same madness in France...
If in spite of our money issue my husband was willing to give money to my neighbor children I would certainly wonder : why ? why ? why ? is he cheating on me or what ?
But, no, of course it will only demonstrate that he is a kind of saint isn't it ?

ps: Sorry for my bad English, I can read quite well (enough to enjoy your blog ) but to write is a different kettle of fish

Anonymous said...

It never stops

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Let's accept that F.A. is a good thing. Over the last twenty years trillions of pounds/dollars has been given to Africa. How are things now different from twenty years ago? Nothing has changed. Zero bang for the buck. All the projects that the MSM pushes are loose change. If you can't afford children don't f*ck! Simple solution and would save billions. If every African had been paid $10,000 to have a vasectomy or tubes tided the problem would now be over. Instead of just giving money let's see what we are getting for OUR suffering.

Rob said...

Here's the idea: Western countries send foreign aid they can ill afford to finance the population explosion in Africa, just so as it'll have surplus people to dump on us in perpetuity. Of course there's a plan behind it, and it's to destroy our race.

Anonymous said...

Write to your T.D.s, but use the following, it's very hard to refute!

Perhaps the best argument against our levels of foreign aid is that per capita we pay more. We pay in Ireland 0.52% of our Gross National Income GNI compared to Germany's (0.39%). We also much more than France (0.50), Italy (0.15), Spain (0.43), Greece (0.17), Portugal (0.29), all the central and eastern European member states, the USA (0.21), Japan, (0.20). More than all except the Nordic+ Countries.

Don't believe me...check it out here: (All figures 2010)

The argument that should be used when contacting T.D.s is that we should certainly pay no more than Germany, and until our economic crisis is over we should only pay at a similar level to Italy, Greece and Portugal. Moving to Germany's level of 0.39% of GNI would mean that we would pay €169m less per annum. Think how many good things could be done in this country with that kind of money...

Happy writing!

Masurian (of the lakes)

Anonymous said...

@dxdiag-Can we borrow Marine le Pen?.In return,you can have Kenny,Gilmore and baldy Noonan.

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago,a group of Irish people went to Africa to build houses for the boons.While the Irish were toiling away under the hot African sun,the boons were stretched out without a care in the world.It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

As Detroilet approaches bankruptcy and a (white) taxpayer bailout, I encourage all Savant readers to Google "Detroit City Council," and send a letter to its 100% black city council, as I just did:

"Dear Mr. Kwame Kenyatta,

I am a graduate student doing a project on urban America. In my research, I have learned the stark truth that, contrary to poltical correctness, the success of a city is highly dependent on its racial make-up. Specifically, I have determined that every urban center with a majority black population has basically resulted in abysmal failure. Your city, in particular, has proven that a majority-black population/leadership is seemingly incapable of sustaining Western Civilization in terms of prosperity and civil order. Detroit, which has been under black control for decades, has proven that blacks are seemingly incapable of providing for their common welfare, let alone maintaining the infrastructure they inherited from white predecessors. With Detroit's demise, it becomes quite evident what monolithic black control brings. Now, as Detroit's bankruptcy becomes imminent, the white taxpayer, again, is forced to bear the cost of propping up another failed black community.

Your disgusted perpetual taxpaying rescuer, Joseph Hinton"

Keiser said...

Masurian I will be writing that and more (after a responsible albeit brief fact check)

Something that is somewhat off topic but contributing greatly to my malaise is that I have been reading the back catalog of this blog and others and the Emma West case/incident greatly concerns me. We all know it. This woman had her child taken off of her. Our very own Rosa Parks moment if Rosa Parks had being stripped (for however long) of what was probably the important thing in the world to her. Sickening. Only there was no civil rights movement ready to flare up. The British Mental Health Act and Equality Acts did however go into overdrive.

Now I'm not a bible thumper and I believe Sean O' Casey when he wrote "I think we ought to have as great a regard for religion as we can, so as to keep it out of as many things as possible"

However, (and having blithely mentioned fact checking earlier) something from Wikipedia the Pseudo Fact by Consensus Encyclopedia

"The curse of Cain and the mark of Cain are phrases that originated from Genesis 4 where God declared that Cain, the firstborn son of Adam and Eve, be cursed for murdering his brother. A mark was put upon him to warn others that killing Cain [or his descendants] would provoke the vengeance of God, that if someone did something to harm Cain, the damage would come back sevenfold. Some interpretations view this as a physical mark [of course it is!]"

Emma West at this stage may very well agree with the above.

Keiser said...

Please humour me with this one:

As a follow on from my last comment and sorry for regaling you with bible stories (and no I don't take them literally, metaphorically... perhaps) but upon a bit of further reading I found that Cain's descendents would be avenged not just sevenfold like Cain but seventy and sevenfold [Gen 4:24] (now that's more like it, after all reparations beez gud)

From Wiki (God help me)
"Seth was born after the slaying of Abel by Cain, and Eve believed God had appointed him as a replacement for Abel"

"Seth [is] the ancestor of Noah"

"Sethians are so called for their veneration of the Biblcal Seth, who is depicted in their myths of creation as a divine incarnation; consequently, the offspring or 'posterity' of Seth are held to comprise a superior elect within human society."

So this line of people, "Seth's line" is the decent, boat building, wood working, engineering and natural disaster emergency planning line of people. Hmmm, I wonder what people on Earth are Seth's biblical line supposed to represent.

Moral of the story "damage would come back sevenfold", actually "seventy and sevenfold" so be careful who you beez raycissst with.

Shocking, I know, that I'm reverting to superstition but I'm at a lose to account for things any other way. Believe me I've tried.

Just some musings...thank you for indulging me.

Shaunantijihad said...

Don't forget the hidden "foreign aid". They also bring the 3rd world to the West and give them "aid" but call it social security once they alight upon our shores to grace us with Pakistani and Somalian diversity.

Totting up the total hidden UK "aid" (unemployment benefit, housing, health, education, inbreeding etc etc) for all the Muslims (85% have never worked) and Negroes (50% of whom have never worked, and a large portion of the rest have AA placement 'jobs'), I would not be surprised to find that half of our income tax exists solely to pay for the colonists.

Take that to the feckin polls.

So, when do we form an Independent's Alliance?

Corkonian said...

Another things noticeable here is the unquestioned sense of entitlement from so many. RTE interviewed this unmarried mother with two kids. There was much wailing along the lines of 'how can we survive on €300 a week'. Accompanied by much sympathetic clucking from the reporter.

There was not the remotest reference to the fact that this lady made a lifestyle choice and expects the rest of us to pay for it. Simple as that. No question of her providing in any way for herself. That's someone else's job.

Cassius said...

Keiser, actually I find your musings very thought-provoking. Not sure I can join the dots - probably you can't either - but it sure makes me think.

Uberdude said...

Corkonian, was there not some bloke in Wicklow, Bill something, way back thirty years ago, who drew endless MSM/RTE ridicule when he posed a simple question. Said he, "look, if all these young unmarried mothers want to opt for that way of life, fine; let them. All I am asking is, why are you sending me the bills?"
Bears out what you say, methinks.

Rob said...

Liberals forget that the Third World doesn't have a static population like their own countries - one of the many manifestations of their narrow and blinkered view of life.

Africa is on a decades-long breeding spree with no end in sight, doubling its population every 25 years or so. They'll always produce more Africans at a rate that'll frustrate any efforts to help them.

Even from a purely humanitarian point of view, foreign aid not linked to population control is senseless. It's like trying to put out a house fire when the owner is throwing on a gallon of petrol for every gallon of water you're putting on it.

Of course aid linked to population control would be futile too, as the Africans would only cook the books and come up with bogus census figures to keep the money rolling in.

Jeremy said...

@dxdiag, your English is fine. Much better than my French!

Sorry about your country. Paris is no longer a French city, just like London is no longer a British one.

joe public said...

Masurian. I agree with the others. Your explanation makes absolute sense. In terms of explaining the madness, that is.

Anonymous said...

Was in the airport during the week and there seems to be more blacks and foreigners generally working there than even on my last visit.
We urgently need an Irish Golden Dawn political and social movement to drive these blacks out of Ireland and to bring to justice the Irish operators of this forced colonisation.
Democracy in Ireland is now racial totalitarianism .Perhaps justice in a new Ireland would consist of summary executions for these Irish racial dictators and for stripping their families of citizenship and all social rights including welfare ,education and health. Now I could n't possibly endorse such a course of action,could I?

Anonymous said...

Why give them aid? They take what they want.

Paris Claims

Robert in Arabia said...

Blackmail is the best explanation.

dxdiag said...

@jeremy : thank you for your condolences and sorry for your loss ;)

The only good news is that we all share the same problems : it is not an national issue and we should create a sort of white defence league ( I dare to say a kind of "oumma" like the muslims).
It's obvious that we, white people from so different countries have most in commun than we will ever share with our "news citizens" (our "good-for-france" as we call them)
Our difficulties, our questionement are the same. We endlessly debate on ours blogs to try to explain why our governments betray us, why so much jews want to endlessly increase the pool of migrants (even if those very migrants hate the jews ) why so many white people don't understand in what danger they are putting their own children.

Anonymous said...

There was much wailing along the lines of 'how can we survive on €300 a week'. Accompanied by much sympathetic clucking from the reporter.

The BBC version was if Osborne cut off her £500 a week childcare allowance costs how could she afford to work at Tesco for £250?

As Bill asked why send me the bill?

Anonymous said...

Negroes (50% of whom have never worked,)

Prison jobs are hard to get prison places are easy for them.

eah said...

Paris is no longer a French city,...

Absolutely massive numbers of Blacks in Paris these days. Rather shocking to see, really. Total idiocy.

Can we borrow Marine le Pen?

Her niece Marion Maréchal Le Pen is a member of the National Assembly, and appears to be a young woman of real courage and uncommon common sense. Here you can see a video of her speaking, with some translation.

A foto of Marion Maréchal Le Pen.

...just like London is no longer a British one.

John Cleese recently said as much too. I was a bit surprised when the expected tsumani of outrage really never materialized. Perhaps in part because most people know it's true. To illustrate to people I used the following joke: 'When someone asks me if I've ever been to England, I say no, but I've been to London several times'.

Keiser said...

Thanks Cassius, appreciate it.
The reason I mention this is, well pick any post on this blog (thanks Savant by the way) and look at the issues presented I have tried to apply logic and reason to explain them; the constant gibs me dat, the perverse double standards, the media bias, the foreign aid (yes! on topic) the annihilation of anyone that speaks out (Emma West for example), the crime, the dysfunction, the "it beez whiteez fault", logic doesn't work and I am a scientist (chemical engineer) by trade (I work in a different field now though). I understand logical reasoning. So down the rabbit hole we go. We may connect the dots yet.

Have a read of the chapter cited, Genesis 4, just for interests sake (no I'm not trying to convert anyone) think of it as a hypothetical. Proceeding on the assumption the the bible is somehow representative of the peoples of Earth and holds some kind of sempiternal, metaphorical truth (big assumptions I know) I've noticed a few parts of Genesis 4 which may be of interest:

1. Cain killed his brother because he was pissed. Cain is in fact the poster child and archetype for fratricide.
Now I'm no expert in tribal warfare but where on Earth is killing you brother 'cause your pissed the "ordre du jour".

2. God cursed Cain and marked him with an easily recognisable mark

Whatever could that mark be, it would have to be easily recognised, hmmm

3. The curse consisted of him being a "vagabond" and "fugitive" on the Earth and the ground "not yielding its strength to him" no matter how hard he works it.

Sound like any place on Earth we know of?

4. Cain being a natural whinger said that would be too much to bear and people would kill him on sight so, and here's the kicker, God said he would make it impossible for anyone to do that and that any damage would be returned sevenfold

Oh, it gets better...

5. In Gen 4:23 and 4:24 Cain's decendant "Lamech" the little s"*t bragged to his wives about being able to get away with killing someone for injuring him and, get this, another just for "disaspeking" him (Gen 4:23 "slain to my hurt"). Bet mainstream biblical media didn't report that Lamech was of the "posterity of Cain" either.

Genesis 4:23
King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
And Lamech said unto his wives, Adah and Zillah, Hear my voice; ye wives of Lamech, hearken unto my speech: for I have slain a man to my wounding, and a young man to my hurt.
Genesis 4:24
"If Cain is avenged seven times, then Lamech seventy-seven times."

The first biblical incidence of "dats racist!" in f"£king Genesis of all places!

So while all this is going on Adam and Eve eager to recover from the whole Cain and Abel debacle go on to have "Seth".

Genesis 4:25
And Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son and called his name Seth, for she said, “God has appointed for me another offspring instead of Abel, for Cain killed him.”


Keiser said...

Appointed by God no less.
Who's family line goes on apparently to Noah and these people do such things as flood planning, maritime engineering, wildlife conservation, carpentry and enjoying rainbows. Sound like anyone one we know.

Bit of a departure from "I busteeed a cap in hiz ass for disaspeking me, lik mah great, great, gran deddy don wasteeeed hiz brutha far beenin mo' ballin' in da eyez of da Lawd dan heem.

So in closing Mark of Cain is pretty noticeable.

This is the only way I can explain the madness. PC Liberalism and Cultural Marxism is a part of a mentioned concession by God in the curse of Cain.

My advice. Sure talk amongst ourselves, ignore and avoid the aforementioned "posterity of Cain" but don't get your hands dirty by overt attack or it may be your ass it comes back on, the damage is returned "seventy-seven fold" after all. There may very well be biblical precedent for "Dat beez raycisst now lock him or her up!". Like I said Emma West may be in agreement at this stage along with countless others.

Your benevolent Kaiser,

rebel said...

Looked at the video from Fox. TNB of course.

But note all the presenters were niggers as well? WTF?

Fox supposed to be 'conservative'??

Wolfhound said...

I'm a stats guy myself, let me share some with you all:

Africa, total pop: 1,070,096,000
Annual growth median: 2.31% OR 24,779,000 people
Estimated DOUBLING of the current population: 30 years

Asia, total pop: 4,227,067,000
Annual growth median: 1.02% OR 43,528,000 people
Estimated DOUBLING of the current population: 68 years

Europe, total pop: 740,021,000
Annual growth median: 0.12% OR 897.000 people
Estimated DOUBLING of the current population: 586 years

So to sum that up, Africa gains the population of Ireland roughly every 2 months, while Asia does it every five weeks, give or take.

Why the fuck are we being forced to participate in this snowballing, suicidal merry go round. This is orchestrated genocide through the back door!

The future is looking incredibly grim if we don't put a stop to this charade.

Keiser said...

Might I suggest a site, maybe even for the "blog role".

I'm sure many of you know it already but it is entertaining and explores the tour de force of miscegenation promotion, weaponisation of non-whites against whites and general White hating that is mainstream media in the USA. Three cheers for the guys with the curly bangs and funky hats who hate us that much.

Unfortunately have gone a bit quiet lately but this is of some local Irish interest.

Does anyone knows who is responsible for this little piece of indoctrination flith? Is it "homegrown"? If you know let us know. I would love to make their acquaintance. I don't and I'm not advocating violence but as another blogger, Uncle Nasty, said "Everyone needs a hobby, make these people yours"


igl55 said...

Robert in Arabia. Blackmail maybe. But on whom and by whom exactly? Like, how does it work with your average gobshite TD/MP?

Kevin R. said...

I've seen this Irish 'educational' cartoon before. A total scandal. However I've not been able to establish where it was shown or evemn if.

Uncle Nasty said...

Off-topic, I know. Sorry, Savant, but I would extend an early Christmas present to all who have their ears reamed out by endless liberal white-guilt merchants.

Go here:-

... and stop feeling fucking guilty. A quote:-

Robert G. Davis in his book Holy War and Human Bondage estimates that a total of 2 million white slaves were taken to Muslim lands. That alone suffices compared to White Americans’ perpetual penance over a half million Blacks sold into slavery in their country. But the estimate is assuredly vastly too low and not bold enough, for the pervasive ignorance of Eastern European history.

Slaving raids by Turks and Tatars (who used a lasso to capture people and horses alike) were so institutionalized that there was a special word for the process of kuffar enslavement: yasyr [from Arabic for “prisoner,”assir]. The word is still in the standard Russian, Ukrainian and Polish vocabularies.

In one instance alone, the Tatar-Turkish raid on the Polish province of Podolia in 1575, 50,000 Poles were taken into yasyr, in addition to the tens of thousands who were mass-murdered in most cruel fashion. The raid was so horrific, with such clear intent of genocidal jihad, that Poland’s greatest Renaissance poet, Jan Kochanowski, wrote a long poem about it.

In 1672, Jan Sobieski, then a mere general with few troops under his command and his nation disintegrating under an assault by armies of 200,000 Turks, Tatars and Cossacks, led his 3,000 horse soldiers on a nine-day hound-and-pursue raid of six Tatar columns carrying off Polish captives to the slave markets in Istanbul and elsewhere — to a fate worse than death. The Tatar units were dispersed over hundreds of kilometers and each was larger than Sobieski’s force. Yet the future Savior of the West scored improbable victories in all these encounters and freed about 45,000 Christian slaves.

Leelee's great-great-great-grandwhatever.
There is something about that girl that I find incredibly attractive ...


Brandon said...

They vote that way because they are taking orders from someone else or a power entity behind the scenes who holds more power over them than the voters. It's called blackmail, bribery and good old lust for power and it's perpetuation.

Uncle Nasty said...

Mike Smith is back up, by the way.


Keiser said...

Yeah we may never find out who authored the offending animated f£$k Christmas and genocide your people piece but I know who signed the check, Shalom Gentlemen.

It does however remind me of a joke... Warning potentially offensive language follows, oh no run for the hills...

A Nigger, a Caribbean Coon, a Slope and a Curry Nigger walk into an Irish school...

Oh wait the joke's on me.

Hmmm maybe I'm not helping

Uncle Nasty said...

Never forget, we must work on the principle that we elect no one. Anyone who still thinks that we, the electorate, have influence, has simply not been paying attention.

The creatures that are put into (so-called) positions of power -- invariably, way above their ability -- are nothing more than flak-catchers who are chosen for their corruption or corruptibility.

As long as they toe the party line all is well.

If they step one inch out of line, the lapdog media are unleashed on them and ... Poof. There goes the power, the privilege, the houses in the country, the chauffeured limos, the receptions.

All gone.

They become one of us ... one of us ... one of us.

The very thought of losing all that is enough to cause them to curry their frilly underwear.

Churchill was a rabid anti-semite in the twenties. But, when the late thirties rolled around and he and his worthless family were staring financial ruin in the face, the Czech and Polish yids threw him a lifeline.

Work for us ... start a war against Germany and we'll keep you in expensive brandy, handmade silk underwear (no kidding) and red-headed hookers 'till the end of your days -- or until your dick falls off. Whichever comes first.

We all know how that turned out.

Over to you, hasbarats.


Robert in Arabia said...

The only two people on death row in Texas and Florida who George Bush 2 and his brother Jeb Bush, then governors or Texas and Florida saved from execution were 2 serial killers. Google O'Toole and Lucas and Bush. Ponder this.BTW, google has been scrubbed. There used to be dozens of hits on this. Now there are three. Ask yourself why Bill Clinton is the only Rhodes Scholar who left without a degree. Find out what Tony Blair's nickname was at university. Check out what health club B.H.O. was a member of in Chicago. Check out which homosexual pimp was given an official pass to G.Bush 2's White House. I do not know how many children disappear in Ireland, but the number in America is legion. How many VIP's inBelgium covered up the child killer Dutroux. Ask why?

Shaunantijihad said...

Off Topic, but Belgium has elected two Muslims who openly support enforcing Sharia.

"Ahrouch has admitted he's taking a gradual approach, saying it may take decades to enforce Sharia. But he said the process has now begun."

Although Belgium is now 25% Muslim (!), in 2010, Muslim babies were the majority of births. And of course, Belgium is the capital of Europe.

We had better start doing something, and fast.

Shaunantijihad said...

A general question. Some of you already know we have an online counteracting Jew lies on the net.

But does anyone know which, if any, search engines exist that do not have the gatekeepers in charge?


Rob said...

UN 03.35

That sums up the situation pretty well. Nowadays, the whole corporate/media/academic network is part of this racket. Just look at the massive amounts of cash retired politicians get for putting people to sleep with their worthless speeches. The individual organisation paying the money may not have received any preferential treatment from the shill when he was in office - they're just part of the corrupt network and they have to pay their dues.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Extraordinary occurence last night on tv. Some fellow guesting on the show hosted by Brendan O'Connor said "if we cut to half our total foreign aid outgoings over the next four years the amount saved will dig us right out of the financial hole we are in". True, of course, any healthy five year old could see it; what was extraordinary was that he was not instantly savaged..........

SAVANT said...

Eamonn. Truly amazing indeed. Could you give us some more detail on the reaction?

Anonymous said...

This cartoon was mentioned here a few weeks ago Keiser.

I asked my school-going grandchildren if they had ever seen it.None had.

As for Irish people going to SA to build houses for the Kaffirs,well it encapsulates everything that I despise about my own people.

A few years ago a cousin of mine,an electrician and a very good one,had just been made unemployed when he decided to take up the Irishmans burden in SA.

His wife,a Latvian,naturally objected but he was adamant that he go,such was his insufferable self-righteousness.

To make things even worse,just before he flew to SA he was offered a job!.He turned it down on the grounds that it was his duty to go.

On his return,the rest of us decided it was our duty to support his wife when she kicked him out of the house and denied him as much access to their children as she possibly could.

Truly it is a mental illness.


Iron Felix said...

Wolfhound--earlier---rolled out some pretty hair-raising statistics about Africa's population explosion and its implications for Europe. However, there will be another factor at play (dammit, I nearly said nigger in the woodpile.....!); China.
They are not like us, these gamboge lads. Not for one moment will they put up with the sort of shit we take every day of the week from our enrichers. When China encounters a new historic phenomenon it reacts in only one of two ways---if the thing is digestible it will be ingested, absorbed, sinified; if not, it will be annihilated. Black Africans are indigestible. China wishes in the longer run to settle 300,000,000 people in Black Africa---need we go into detail here? The Chinese specific against dyspepsia once up and running will see a vast tidal wave of Africans fleeing for their lives to the only place left---Europe. When this comes to pass it will truly be good night Vienna and no error.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Last night; fellow called Gerald Kane(?)some sort of hotshot lawyer. Asked for his thoughts, this was one of them, elaborated to some length. Yet, no detectable reaction from the audience, no dissent from the host, this Cork guy. Show was called Saturday Night Live, RTE1.

Anonymous said...

There was an article in yesterdays evening Herald about the respite carers grant and how we could pay for it,an extra 10c on booze etc.I e-mailed the journalist who wrote the piece and told her if we cut the foreign aid budget we could pay for respite grant.Still waiting for reply.

SAVANT said...

Eamonn, I know Gerry Keane well, at least I did. In fact he stayed in my house! Very interesting that he should say that because he usually has an unerring sense of the public mood.


SAVANT said...

I've written before about the Irish housebuilding project in South Africa here:

Anonymous said...

There's an interesting new nationalist party currently being formed in the UK which will have it's launch tomorrow (Monday 10th Dec)

Patria could be the one to succeed where many others have failed:

Anonymous said...

I will be more optomistic when the Gerald Keane's of Ireland declare the illegal African population (especially nigerians) should be deported and those illegally given citizenship by the Zionist Shatter(driven by his racial hatred of Irish people) are stripped of that citizenship.
When Gerald Keane and his bretheren are calling for the arrest ,trial and execution of traitors such as Shatter and co then we will truly be making progress.

Keiser said...

I'm new to this blog but not the issues it presents and am still playing a bit of catch up but this could be a cause for a glimmer of hope...

Observe one RTE fluff piece on poor black plight in Ireland.

Now the best bit is during the interview when Dobson challenges Salome Mbugwe and said that maybe communities have a right to be concerned about changes in their community and way of life. Mbugwe, if that is her real name, after spewing minutes of PC nonsense is stunned to the point of hyperventilation. Her expression is of shock and nervousness and she takes two short sharp breaths in quick succession. She is well aware that her position is ludicrous but quickly recovers by not answering his question and returning to the party line of "they will have to be educated to the benefits of multiculti because anything else is thought crime". What gives me hope is that she was jarred when challenged. Deep down she knew that what she preached is lies and that it won't stand up to scrutiny.

Point out the contradiction

Challenge the lie

and put the Mbugwes of the world back on the defensive but be Socratic about it. As I mentioned previously direct attacks are met with "dat's raycist" and then no form of logic works. "Dat's Raycist" is the perfect Orwellian "crimestop". Simply pointing out the contradictions like the intellectual titan Dobson did may be the way forward. Wasn't that the strategy that worked in the Soviet Union?

I leave you with one youtube commenter's view on the above clip that sums it up:

"The Irish had no qualms about blowing up Brits, and we're the same colour as you. Have they run out of semtex?"

Anonymous said...

Talking of the bible. I don't remember where I read this and can't find any trace of it now. Anyway. The theory was this. The chosen tribe of God were exiled from Israel. The tribe were loved by God above all others. This tribe were were great warriors for one reason. They were predominantly left handed. It does make sense that when fighting them the opposition would not be prepared for this oddity. The emblem for the tribe was a black raven. The theory showed how 'mercenaries' with the flag of the raven had worked their way from the middle east into central Europe. If you look at European history the black raven does seem to have played a part in many conflicts. Long story short. Central Europeans were the real chosen people. If you like, the real Jews, the true chosen of God. Perhaps this is why we must be eliminated? Any body else heard of this?

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks to eah for the link. What a great vid. This young lady is certainly easy on the eye! And intelligent. How I wish we had the same in England. Read the transcript of her speech and see how the apologists just can't help being in denial.

Anonymous said...

@Sav-Have you been following the Toyosi Shittbey trial this week?We learned that the two Irish lads were kicked and punched to the ground by the negro gang.That one of the negros was due in court in relation to stolen credit cards and phones.I remember when this incident happened the deceased was portrayed as a paragon of virtue,a talented footballer,etc.If Barry is found not guilty,will there be trouble in Dublin 15?

Anonymous said...

'Never forget, we must work on the principle that we elect no one. Anyone who still thinks that we, the electorate, have influence, has simply not been paying attention.'
The conclusion is that politics is not the answer but the problem. The answer is violent revolution?

Anonymous said...

And here's a report on the Ohio cultural enrichers who helped keep Ovomit in office:

Anonymous said...!!!!!!
Please noooooooooooo. Not another bunch of wannabees who nobody has ever heard of splitting Nationalists into an even wider divide.

J Bull said...

anon 18.47. That link doesn't work.

fsludge said...

Keiser, what's a 'slope'?

SAVANT said...

Yes, I have been following the Toyosi Shittbey case. A Trayvon replica. Black thug comes a cropper and immediately gets sanctified. It emerges in due course that he was in fact a thug who brought it on himself.

What I mean of course is that it does NOT emerge, except in the most oblique fashion.

Uncle Nasty said...

Are my rants regarding possibly, probably paedo politicians (the PPPP) who dare not let go of the tiller, founded in complete fantasy?

I guess not.

Scroll down to:-

EU ‘ACCIDENT’: Monti resigns, enter Berlusconi ... and an electoral free-for-all

Beppe Grillo ... surprise winner in Sicily

Silvio Berlusconi’s PDL Party having withdrawn its support for Italy’s Goldman Sachs technocracy, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti resigned last night. Berlusconi – who is appealing against a tax evasion conviction, and faces under-age sex charges – had announced his decision to return to frontline politics earlier last week.

EU politicians are a delightful lot, aren’t they? They tend to produce plenty of what Brussels calls ‘mistakes’ – that is, eccentricity, criminality and personal popularity sabotaging The Great Project of a Berlin-dominated superstate. The media in Italy late last night were stressing that Sex Beast Silvio wanted a return to power mainly to get his tax conviction quashed, restore protectionism to his business interests, and then get the bunga-bunga charges dropped. But whatever his motives (and they will almost certainly be base) this is a major spanner in the mysterious works of Angela Merkel and Herman van Rompuy.

First and foremost, it is bound to spook the markets. With no Monti managing the soap opera, they will expect a degree of chaos.

Second, there is the very real likelihood that Berlusconi’s peculiar brand of nationalism will become more extreme: sources overnight were suggesting that the PDL Party will call for the reintroduction of the lira, perhaps even for an official default, as a direct alternative to Monti’s fanatical eurozone support known in ClubMed as ‘extend and pretend’.

Berlusconi will not be alone in running on a ‘get out’ ticket: Beppe Grillo heads the Five Star Movement, an anti-EU, anti-corruption and Eurosceptic party. Signor Grillo is a comedian, actor, fecund blogger, and all-round Italian activist. But he is no joke: his Party won last week’s Sicilian local elections, and a Slog source in Italy described other politicians as being “terrified of what he might achieve in a General Election”.

Two of my favourite slogans.

1. Unintended Consequenses.

2. They may be smart, but ...


Uncle Nasty said...

J Bull ... try this ... for what it's worth.

I am inclined to agree with annonny of 18:47 (above) though.

I really prefer the thought of leaderless resistance ... or a movement that starts off with a bang. No words, just action like Greece's Golden Dawn -- for now.

I'd like to re-examine Golden Dawn's track record in a year's time.

... or two.


igl55 said...

Robert, could you give us more specific links about 'Bliar', Clinton etc.? Not easy to check out. As you say, google probably scrubbed them.

Uncle Nasty said...

igl 55

You may find this fellow interesting. Among others he rips Tony Blair a new arsehole ... and judging from Blair's activities in public toilets back in the eighties, he probably needed a re-sleeve** by then.

A quote:-

In 1983 at Bow St Magistrates Court a certain Charles Lynton was fined £50 for attempted soliciting in city toilets, the police notes were to disappear later along with several prior verbal warnings, Charles Lynton was at university well known as 'Miranda' a promisc(u)ous cross dresser who played a guitar badly, Charles Lynton (are) Tony Blairs middle names, and it was Lord Levy who funded and greased Tony Blair through the hoop into the Prime Ministers office for one reason, the Iraq war.

Peter Mandelson and Cherie Blair hated each other, Mandelson as top Rothschild apparatchik for Brita(i)n was rumoured to boss and bully Blair, but after a row with the French the newspapers were tipped off anonymously that Frederic Mitterrand was paying young boys for sex, but a small security firm phone tapping for a newspaper, claimed the tip came from Mandelsons people.

Charmers, all of them ... one has to agree.


PS. **I realise the term "re-sleeve" may not have much currency, these days, but anyone who has re-built an old car knows exactly what I mean.

PPS. You'll notice that no-one dares to prosecute the above blogger for what he says ... despite Britains draconiam libel laws.

I like him.

Keiser said...

"Slope" is a unpleasant somewhat archaic epitet for Asian (one of the girls in that pitiful animation seemed to be of Asian extraction)

What harm only I have many Japanese friends even dated a Japanese girl once (no black friends strangely enough)... just felt like indulging in some humor


Also, Re: earlier posting. Amazingly I do realise "check" should have been spelt "cheque".

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Look, if there is any kind of adverse reaction to that lawyer fellows idea that we halve our foreign aid for a while, expect the usual rapid row-back and flurry of apologies and general self-abnegation; you have seen it before many times.

Wolfhound said...

@ Iron Felix

You bring up some chilling food for thought.

Hand me one of those nails for the coffin.

Something else sprang to mind, the figures I had showing Europe actually increasing in population is most likely due to the huge wave of immigration we are and will be experiencing.

Would be very interested to find some actual stats on the White indigenous population in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Jurors should find the Irishman not guilty in the Toyosi Shittbey case regardless of the evidence.
The law no longer exists for the benefit of Irish people .It is a tool of oppression the Zionist Nazi Shatter and his colleagues operate against innocent Irish people.
From now on all juries should find Irish people innocent and all nigerians guilty irrespective of the evidence.
Civil disobedience is the first step in revolution.

Anonymous said...

The conclusion is that politics is not the answer but the problem. The answer is violent revolution?

The revolution precedes any violence.

The revolution begins at home, not in a capitol.

The revolution does not need a capitol.

Violence happens when a revolution is opposed.

But make no mistake. White survival IS revolutionary.

Opposing Islam is not revolutionary.

Opposing Zionism is not revolutionary.

Opposing immigration is not revolutionary.

There are anti-whites who oppose these.

Only white survival is revolutionary.

White survival can only be revolutionary.

Anonymous said...

Do they know its Christmas time?

Thanks to the UK taxpayers Shani'Qua will not have to do without parties nor will her chilluns be presentless!

What a marvellous time for the first world!