Thursday, 8 November 2012

And the real reason is?

Maybe it's because, basking in the warm glow of Celtic's superlative win over Barcelona last night, the ensuing endorphins still flooding my brain........but I feel outraged at the jailing of a Rangers supporter. Normally this would be a cause for joy (it would not actually, if you need to know) but the circumstances of this case make it nothing short of outrageous.

Connor McGhie, 19, never in trouble with the police before, got three months for religiously aggravated breach of the peace at a game at Inverness. The sheriff who jailed him said: “The extent of the hatred he showed took my breath away.”  And what specifically took his breath away?  He said rude things about the Pope and called Celtic “Fenian b******s”.

Oh my god!  I'm sure every Celtic fan, on hearing this, would have swooned, got a right fit of the vapours. In actual fact I have never - ever - come across a Celtic fan, and I know hundreds, who'd be offended at such 'insults'.  Far less would it induce them to commit retaliatory violence.  In fact the trading of insults has been part and parcel of these games, and in truth I've seen fans laugh at the often very humorous nature of opposing chants.

So why the ferocity of the sentence?  Well obviously it's part and parcel of the whole PC and multicultural agenda, the kind of thing I've been talking about here and in many other similar posts. But I wonder is there a bit more to it. Is it just one more attack on the much-despised white working class Brit?  When you see that raddled pox-ridden ex-whore Madonna and middle class icons such as Stephen Fry and Ian Hislop say similar things there are only insider smiles. Were any of them to get three months jail the air would be blue with the outrage of the chattering classes. There'd be an explosion of marches, stirring editorials from the 'respectable' MSM outlets and a rapid capitulation from the authorities.

No, the doughty white British working class, the essence of arguable the world's most successful military ever, must be emasculation and further marginalised.  You see, they'd be a threat to The Project......the one that plans to socially re-engineer the White race out of existence.  They must be cowed into submission. We'll put manners on 'em.  Connor McGhie, and that 17 year old Celtic fan arrested in a dawn raid some time ago for singing some forbidden song will have learned their lesson. As will their contemporaries.

Am I being paranoid?  Maybe, but I don't think so.


Elaine said...

If you change just one letter in each of his names Connor McGhie becomes Conor McGee - a typical tague/Fenian one.

Sad really that people so close can be infected with such hatred.

Anonymous said...

He could have went on and killed someone and been out in a year. If you're going to commit crime, make it count. Take out a nignog. It isn't like he was in America where a pot seed puts you in prison for life for F's sake.

Anonymous said...

If you change a few mote letters you get Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod and he could smite off the judge's head with his broadsword and then kind of dance with swirling white spirits for a minute whilst all the surrounding electrical items exploded.

Anonymous said...

You're not being paranoid , and if we're what they fear the most we must be a credible threat to The Project or we could be if when we get ourselves organised.

It is "us" after all that protects The Project while serving in the Army , police etc.

rebel said...

It's self-evident, to me at least, that you're not being paranoid.

Just consider of a jig or a raghead had done this there would be nothing. Just nothing.

Anonymous said...

Some where on youboob there's a clip of a paki singing 'the sash' double racist basturd.
But as I have said before,the line in the sand is drawn. Until they close us down on the net, don't dare say anythng in public.

Anonymous said...

Some cunt of a reporter on the Telegraph called for the extermination of the white race ( through inter breeding) because some fans were chanting "we're all agreed, our coons are better than your coons" at a London derby.If I remember he was jewish and I found the link on this site ( I think)
Paris Claims

Rob said...

The purpose of convictions like this is to confuse things for people who say - correctly - that the hate laws are anti-White.

Anonymous said...

I think Elaine you may be missing Savants point.Or maybe I'm missing yours.

Anyway,whatever about the complexities of his name,I think all Irish and Scottish posters here will agree that the unfortunate Connor definitely has a right Protestant head on him.

No doubt about it.

I volunteer now to be called a Fenian bastard and not be offended.

Altogether now(to the tune of Sloop John B)"The famines over,why don't you go home?"


Wolfhound said...

One of the last remaining bastions of the White working class man in Europe is on the terraces, this has to be attacked relentlessly and the PC message has to be drilled in at any cost!!

Read this and pinch yourself:

Anonymous said...

why else do you think they have inprisoned tommy robinson leader of the edl. on trumped up charges

thanks villa 58

Anonymous said...

ive spoke to abdul about this on a demo for the edl
i told him i am a catholic

he said sorry its just a song we gee ourselves up with
no offence meant .and shook my hand

thanks villa 58

RegThe Hedge said...

If you want to organise a protest outside the prison I will travel to Scotland.Even if it is just you and I, I will still go. Just let me know.

Robert in Arabia said...

SAVANT said...

@Reg. My problem is, I come from a long line of cowards(: In any event I think that a movement to that effect has already started.

Anonymous said...

This will be of NO interest to the the resident HasbaRAT, but enlightened readers here should be aware that we also have a "working class" Canadian Blogger who has been charged with a "hate" crime for pointing fingers at the usual suspects.

A brief synopsis... HERE

Anonymous said...

The anti-White elites hate working class Whites and probably always have.

I think Rob has it right.

kulak said...

Savant -- Americans listened to you!

Turnout was down.

AnalogMan said...

re: "ex-whore Madonna". No such thing as a reformed whore. If she's an ex-whore it must be by superannuation.

kulak said...

Anybody else see the surge of lefty "friends" on amren? How we can turn this thing around, but we've just got to oppose global warming, support gay marriage, yada yada...

Reminds me of somebody. Just not as foul-mouthed.

I say anybody who CONDITIONALLY opposes GENOCIDE is evil.

Based on the crap coming out of the GOP establishment today and suck-poop goyim like Hannity, what happens now in the United States is this:

Short term: Democrats take back the house in 2014.

Longer term: Non-whites increase in number until they no longer need white liberals.

NOBODY is going to NEED them. Wherever they end up, it will be at others' sufferance.

The successors to Pelosi, Reid, et. al. are all going to meet the same fate as Bob Dornan.

Uncle Nasty said...

Ignore the muslims, the niggers and all this gay shit. Here is the very core of the problem.

Scroll down the article and read just how the hosenoses keep the sabbath ... and everything else they lay their grubby hands on.

News from the Jews - 2012 Election

Before highlighting some news items from the Jewish press regarding last night’s election, I would like to say that I actually did go out and vote, although I realize voting is a meaningless task “all Good, Patriotic Americans” must complete to prove they are "engaged in the democratic process” and “making their voice heard.”

The elections and the entire election industry – the debates, the political ads, the speeches, the rallies, the media hype, etc. – are merely show put on for public consumption. None of the candidates and media “experts” talk about anything of substance, like the millions of lives and entire nations we’ve destroyed in the wars for Israel we’re fighting, the complete destruction of the rule of law and basic principles of Western jurisprudence, the on-going Wall Street bailout and elite financial criminality, the billions of dollars sent to Israel every year, the fact that a private central bank usuriously loans money to the government, private businesses, and individuals, and a whole host of other important issues.

No, the elections and the election industry are a big fraud, a major distraction, and I recognize that.

Seriously, it's a good article. Read about just a few of the yids running the show, and the author's comment:-

'Not too bad for a “tiny, insignificant minority” comprising less than 5% of the American population, eh?'


Gem Junior said...

Is it me or is the whole thing getting sicker and sicker every day? I know I'm really depressed since the election. but honestly it looks to me like everything is becoming more and more blatant the past months I just have one tiny hope: that others are waking up - I don't mean us who already keyed in but the average person is sort of starting to notice that whitey is being dogged way out of proportion to his contributions to this world. The whole thing is insane. How long will it take until people are rioting in the streets? It can happen overnight. I hope we can catch some of what the Greeks have. Pride in who we are, and strength to fight back.

This kid McGhie is a jerk but the reaction to him is just insane. The hatespeech laws are just used fokr a token white here and there (never gainst an enricher) but they are directed at destroying whitey. This has to be stopped - it's gaining such acceptance that bovine whites are even picking up on it. Now the question is what they will do about it.

onthefence said...

I'm a Fenian bastard and I'm o.k.
I'll take it on the chin because that's my way,
Orangeman, Fenian we're all the same,
We're white working class and that's our game.
Divided we are nothing, united we are made,
For our real enemy is the PC brigade!

Good morning world! I made that one up...

Ironic in a way because by calling for the whitey to unite and quit spatting we are asking the same as the authorities, we all want then to quit fighting. But I'd imagine most here think a little healthy competition is a good thing... good training for the bigger stuff ahead. They were happy to let us scrap each othermwhen they knew it'd be useful in the trenches. Now they don't need us so much because they have the tech. to do it without us.

Droney bastards.

Corkonian said...

onthefence, you're ontheball. THEY don't need cannon fodder any more. The opportunities to cull the numbers by way of internecine wars have plummeted. Must be silenced some other way. As Savant says, the rumbunctious white working class could spoil The Project.

Anonymous said...

kulak - White turnout was down anyway. Many black precincts got 120% turnout I believe.

Anonymous said...

Savant, i'd like to share this new song with your readers. I hope that's ok.

kulak said...


Real Americans are white people. Everybody else is an honorary American.

Anonymous said...

The look on Camerons face when he was ambushed on ITV.Then he starts talking about a"gay witch hunt".The British elite despise the White working class,they've been buggering them for years.

calaban said...

'An England Scorned' great song. Should be the new national anthem.

joe public said...

What was this about Cameron's ITV ambush?

Anonymous said...

Want to know what these cnuts who are against us are really like?
If you are of a delicate disposition DO NOT VIEW IT.

The truth will out said...

"joe public said...
What was this about Cameron's ITV ambush?"

Sadly no weapons, just a sheet of paper.

Anonymous said...

this kid has got my vote,tell him to come to cHICAGO AND run in the next mayoral primary and just keep telling it like it is and hes a shoe in,but on the other hand he may be sucked into the Irish American PC and be caught a month later dowm at the morgue screwing a victim of a train wreck,beleive me it has happened.John old rtd chicago copper.

kulak said...

That Charity of Honor

Stirring piece from CWNY.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Bandanza said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heraclitus said...

Bobby. Of course it's a form of jewish control. And IMHO it's the most effective of all. It's broken down Christian society like no other product of the Frankfurt School. It's disastrous consequences will be felt for generations to come.

Uncle Nasty said...

For our American cousins. This is how it happened nearly a century ago ...

Try to avoid it now ... over the next four years.

Russia 1917-1918: A Key to the Riddle of An Age of Conflict

Ivor Benson

While all are agreed that the overthrow of the Russian Empire in 1917 was one of the most important happenings in recorded history, honest attempts to find out exactly what did happen, how it was planned and carried out, have always been attended by difficulty and danger. In the Soviet Union the propagation of any opinions and ideas not approved by the state was for many years a punishable offense, incurring even the death penalty. And in the West methods of persuasion, pressure and intimidation have been used consistently to sustain the fiction that all that happened in Russia was the overthrow of a harsh Tsarist tyranny by Russia's long-suffering masses.

There was a Russian revolution with Bolshevik involvement; but that does not make it a Bolshevik revolution, as shall be explained. Indeed, there is as yet no word in any languages which represents exactly the complex meaning of what happened; so we are compelled to use expressions like "Russian revolution" and "Bolshevik revolution" in this article until the long-concealed full meaning can be unfolded.

The article, BTW is over 22 years old.


Anonymous said...

The Pig Eyed US government does the same, example: Jena, LA,a few years back - you may recall - half a dozen or so Niggers beat the tripes out of a White boy (other sissy White boys probably ran away), Niggers are arrested by local authorities, Communist, Niggers,Liberals raise a ballyhoo about "racism", David Bowie sends thousands of dollars to the assaulting Niggers (one post a pic of himself on Facebook with hundred dollar bills sticking out of his mouth), Niggers converge and demonstrate, lop faced Jewess Amy Goodman decries racism on "Democracy Now". A couple of White boys attach a noose to the front of their pick up truck and buzz around town to thumb their nose at the Reds/Niggers, US Justice Department promptly files charges against the White boys for alleged "cybil rites" violation, White Nationalist attorney offers to defend but the timorous families of the White boys decline for fear the attorney is a "rasis". Niggers get reduced charges and mild punishment for their assault. White Nationalist attorney is assassinated/murdered several months later at his home by Niggers recently recently released from State prison. Rumor has it that Mossad helped arrange.

Uncle Nasty said...

The real reason? Let's start with this:-

Then we'll look at this this:

Then let's look at this, from a relatively mainstream commentator who usually scoffs at "Conspiracy Theories" ...

Then I think we can say that we have what I like to call the UNUFCT -- "Uncle Nasty's Unified Field Conspiracy Theory" ... named in (dis)honour of that other fraudulent yid, Uncle Albert.

The essense of the theory is this.

The ones with the money, the media and the connections make sure that only the corrupt and the corruptible reach what we ordinary mortals would call positions of influence.

I must be improving ... I didn't use the word "jews" once.

Oops, sorry. Blew it.

Anyway, these are the sock-puppets that we call presidents, judges, MPs, senators and prime ministers who, in turn, select and appoint only those who are as corrupt as themselves, thereby removing threat of exposure from below.

The net result is that everyone, in what is perceived to be positions of power, has nice big handles -- by which they can be, and are, thoroughly manipulated and controlled ... by the ones with the money, the media and the connections.

Why are the handles racism and paedophilia?

We'll discuss that later.


Anonymous said...


You have to laugh at Arsenal fans making hissing sounds when playing Tottenham as Arsenal have more jewish fans than Tottenham do.

you also have to laugh when it is done to Ajax and they get offended because Ajax wrote out of their history as US international because he suffered from the dreaded Bar Mitvah disease and they handed a list of Jewish members to the Germans in WWII without even being asked to!

Oh vey! The shuffering! Shhesh ish terriblesh!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous joe public said...

What was this about Cameron's ITV ambush?

He was handed a lsit of supposed Tory pedophiles in North Wales and the name of a former treasurer was on view which was stupid because this guy was not a jungle bunny at the time but maybe now has jumped on the PC bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

I must complain about the dreadful racism and sexism of this case.

A black woman goes off on a rant on a London bus and there is no mention of her getting a trial whereas twitter guy from Wales facebook guy get speedily sent to trial and convicted!

This is a disgraceful treating of black women as been lesser than White men.

For shame!

To that sicko Harriet Harmen at Parliament.

Heraclitus said...

UN, too true about where the real power lies. In the Dutroux case, despite absolutely massive public outrage bordering on national insurrection, the investigation of the powerful figures was closed off and obstructed at every turn. There would have been no difficulty in determining who exactly was making the calls, but it was never done.

Why paedophilia? I'm of the view that when your wealth and power makes all the world's pleasures readily available to you then you must go a little closer to the edge - and beyond - to get that extra thrill.

Anonymous said...

No prison for you!

The guy who did this to Neil Lennon got nothing, the creatures from the time that evolution forgot got nothing for attacking Rhea Page, legal secretary got 12 weeks for mouthing off, Welsh student got 8 weeks for twitter, Luis Suarez gets banned for 8 games for laughing at a rival player's pathetic attempts to wind him up, John Terry misses Chelsea's game against Manchester United because Rio Ferdinand's younger just as stupid brother who plays for Queens Park Rangers is just as stupid as Rio and this guy gets whatever he got.

The law is an ass. And not a cute Heidi Klum one either!

justme said...

The law is an ass.

Indeed it is. The disparity in sentencing is so gross that no credibility attaches to it.

Anonymous said...

he will soon be judged under sharia law

Anonymous said...

Incompetent woman at the centre of the Rotherham abuse farce, whoever would have thought that nice asian muslime dudes should not be allowed to take ?"inmates"? for drives in cars, was also the woman behind the cover up in Bradford.

The groomers turn out to be damn near 100% asian muslimes as makes no difference but for some reason the much respected broadcaster the BBC has not noticed.

I suppose they are busy uncovering Jimmy Savile's showbiz pals.