Thursday, 4 October 2012

The frog and the scorpion?

Everyone on this blog will be fully familiar with what Kevin MacDonald refers to as the "group evolutionary strategy" of the Jews.  The manifestations of this strategy, mass immigration to White lands, undermining of Christian cultural institutions, the fostering of White guilt, the undermining of our mores, to name but a few, have been spectacularly successful. The strategy has, in my opinion, been easily the most telling factor in reducing Whites to our now increasingly marginalised and degraded status.

What I don't understand though, looking at it from a group evolutionary perspective, is why they keep rubbing our noses in it with trivial slights that add nothing to their overall objective.  Here I'm talking about the equivalent of petty apartheid as applied in South Africa. Christmas has now become almost a swear word, and Christmas trees increasingly rare. Yet a giant Hanukka lamp stands outside the White House at Christmas. Sandra Fluke enlists in a Catholic University, and then  sues them to pay for her contraceptive pills. That's poking your finger in the eye. Closer to home our friend Alan Shatter created a little bit of history by banning, for the first time ever, the use of the Irish Army at a Catholic ceremony.........while refurbishing the Department of Justice to look like a Holocaust memorial.  In England the politicians pushing the banishment of the crucifix are Jewish.

I could go on and on, and you all have your own examples to add.  But in fact this is what I'm driving at. The evolutionary strategy might be working fine but it seems poor evolutionary tactics to keep shoving your victims' faces in it.  Especially when you're in a small minority and relying on the majority's inability to recognise what's being done to them. Trivial but blatant attacks on what most of us hold dear are exactly the kind of things that prod a sleeping and stupefied peasantry into dim awareness, and from that into explosive action. Look at history.  Some of the greatest and most vicious of conflicts have been sparked  by relatively trivial provocations. Albeit with simmering resentments underneath, waiting to be sparked off.

Now conditions at present, and more so in the immediate future, are particularly fraught. Or opportune, depending on your outlook. Without doubt there's an inchoate slow-burning rage building up among the White working and middle classes all over Europe and the USA.  This could be set off by some relatively trivial but nonetheless provocative action. And we know what happens "When The Saxon Began To Hate".  Everyone else gets crushed.

So why then do Jews continue to prod the sleeping tiger?  Maybe they feel, and they could well be correct, that Whites have become so stupefied, misguided, degraded and guilt-ridden that we're beyond reacting in any co-ordinated way. But what if they're wrong? That would bring the whole edifice crumbling down, including raising hitherto forbidden questions about, for example, the Holocaust or 9/11. And god knows where that in turn would lead.

So again, why do they do it?  I'm minded of Aesop's fable of the frog and the scorpion .  


Anonymous said...

Judaism may be characterised as Ritual Self Abuse.

They have become blind to the consequences of of doing it in public as a celebration of their "success". People begin to notice and convulse, particularly when forced by law to watch but not speak.

The sadism of Inglorious Bastards says it all.

awakened said...

Absolutely brilliant post Savant.

Wonderful insight. Especially in relation to Aesops Fable. That is right on the button.

Anonymous said...

Boston College wasn't it where a distinguished professor decided he could not work with a crucifix in the room so he wanted them all removed across campus.

Fckin intolerant bastard.

Nativist said...

I fear the stupefaction of which you speak has taken effect in a way similar to that of arsenic slowly intro-
duced into the diet of a victim by a poisoner posing as a doctor.

Will the Saxons limbs be too weak and uncoordinated
when the spark which should inflame the hatred that heals appears?

Anonymous said...

“in the shaming of the enemy , to make them blush , wipe that smug from their faces , Yes to humiliate them they way they enjoy using HollowWood to taunt the truth seekers”

blueboy said...

That Boston College incident is replicated very hour, every day in every State of the Union.

johan said...

Look, if you do not understand this about the jew you understand nothing. The jew will keep pushing and pushing and pushing, never satisfied, always more. If he can get away with insulting and degrading those around him he'll do it. Will not really be thinking of the long term impact. He will keep taking until he is forecefully stopped. That is why I see an unfortunate ending to all this, at some time in the future.

Anonymous said...

That Boston College incident is replicated very hour, every day in every State of the Union.

But it never makes the MSM. I wonder why!

Porter said...

I doubt the jews view their petty predations as a poke in our eye anymore than would a feudal lord see his edicts as a slight to the serfs. They are arranging their countries in the manner they see fit.

To them, Christian symbols and institutions represent the true effrontery. And they won't suffer it forever.

Cassius said...

Porter, I agree with you. But as Savant suggests, this is a risky process. Is it not inviting White / Christian opposition? Does their agenda not depend on deception and operating behind the scenes? Do these actions not INVITE opposition and questioning?

Unless they have deemed us to have been totally subdued and demoralized by now.

Sadly, they might be correct in this assumption.

Anonymous said...

I did mention the frog and the scorpion analogy a month or so ago on your blog - you seem to have absorbed it!

The post was this:

The frog and the scorpion sums up the situation with Jewry.

The Scorpion and the Frog is a fable about a scorpion asking a frog to carry him across a river. The frog is afraid of being stung during the trip, but the scorpion argues that if it stung the frog, the frog would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and begins carrying the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion points out that this is its nature. The fable is used to illustrate the position that the behaviour of some creatures is irrepressible, no matter how they are treated and no matter what the consequences.

The overall effect of Jewry on a host society is to corrupt, debase and confuse. Given the circumstances where they gain direct power - The Russian Revolution for example, mass murder of the host people ensues.

You should not hate the scorpion - because "it is in his nature" similarly, with jews - they are genetically hardwired for this kind of behaviour. The most important thing to grasp however, is that they cannot do harm without the complicity of at least some of the host nation.

My own philosophy regarding the problem (The Lord Buddha and Henry David Thoreau are among those who have influenced my thinking) is that having recognised an unwholesome thing, I avoid it.

Anyway, I think the Lernaean Hydra may be a more apposite when dealing with Jewry - I am sure that someone will point out that the weakness of the Hydra was that it was invulnerable only if it retained at least one head!


Porter said...

Cassius I think you have capably answered your questions. Jewish deception will end when we stop believing or they stop caring. We see flashes of the latter in the behavior Savant catalogues.

For better or worse, the Age of Collegial Genocide is ending. Unless we recapture (or replace) our governments, a firmer phase of program enforcement will follow. I do not think it will be pleasant.

Anonymous said...

There is a God.....
and he is watching.

Uncle Nasty said...

Once again, Savant, it's nail on the head time.

It is in my nature ...

All that needs to be said.


INCOG MAN said...

Irish Savant:

Mind if I run this on my site? I'll put in a link back here.

Shaunantijihad said...

I don't know. Why do Negroes (and Muslims) swarm to white or white ruled countries like Rhodesia and South Africa to benefit from white governance, only to murder the golden goose and re-create the conditions from which their forbears originally escaped?

As the man, or scorpion, says, it must be in their nature.

Uncle Nasty said...

This may seem off topic, but ...

I keep asking Reg about his opinion on financial things .... and, it would appear, keep getting it wrong (me ... not Reg)

Any comment on this ...?

The Golden Jackass makes the SHOCKING claim that perhaps 60,000 tons of allocated, segregated gold have been improperly used by the cartel to settle Asian margin calls!
He states that we will see $5,000/oz gold not from quantitative easing or the public entering the bull market, but from the cartel banks replacing what they improperly used in their leveraged games from allocated gold accounts!

Willie also informed The Doc that it appears that Morgan Stanley was used by the cartel to prevent a collapse in treasury bonds in 2010, and believes that Morgan Stanley was set up at the time by cartel banks as the next major financial firm to fail. He states that there are no buyers for treasury bonds, and that the only demand for treasuries are interest rate swaps creating false, artificial demand, and that these IR swaps were what caused the 10 year rally & ‘flight to safety’ in 2010.

Someone once said (regarding money) ... If you don't actually hold it in your hand -- it's not yours.

Looks like the old Grannies who keep their savings in a sock in the mattress are not all that wrong, after all.


Uncle Nasty said...

Go here ... check out the three videos ...

Two and three are exceptional.


Kevin Rafferty said...

Slightly O/T, but get this from Rabbi Joffe, writing in Haaretz. "But the poll data is clear: The American people do not want their government to attack Iran, or even to offer support for an Israeli attack. No matter who is elected, the next President will need to carefully build a case with the public and Congress for American military involvement."

Makes my fucken blood boil, that does. Must work hard to get America involved in another war for Israel. Ok, the people don't want it, the military don't want it. Still, we'll 'carefully build a case'. And if that doesn't work? Well, a pity, but we'll have to pull off another false flag like 9/11.

Will Americans ever learn?

SAVANT said...

@Incog, you're more than welcome buddy.

euroserf said...

I was virtually unaware of Jews up to a few years ago. But the more I look at the whole thing the more fascinating it becomes and the more obvious it is that they're programmed to act a certain way. I've studied my own firm (a large multinational with heavy Jewish ownership) and it becomes totally clear. Like Mr. Savant I'm gobsmacked that the penny never dropped before now.

Julian said...

Not sure it's an anti-white or anti-Christian thing. All Jews that I know tend to be iconoclastic. Not least to the high and mighty Jewish institutions.

Anonymous said...

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It is in the scorpions nature.

Robert in Arabia said...

Yesterday, a US appellate court upheld the language enabling indefinite detention of American citizens without due process.

As a person of both faith and logic, I have, and have had, reasoned, peaceful disagreements with many past administrations, as well as the current administration.

But the way in which the language of the NDAA is so loosely constructed, any rational, fact-supported statement I might make, which in no way advocates any violence, can now be construed as "giving aid and comfort to the enemy" (du jour).

Logic can now be punished in this country with indefinite detention, and without due process.

Anonymous said...

Jews hate the crucifix, or cross, just as much as Vampires do, because as Vampires will burst into flames at the mere sight of a cross, so will jews.

onthefence said...


What do you mean by this?

'while refurbishing the Department of Justice to look like a Holocaust memorial.'

And do you have any links to the following claim?

'In England the politicians pushing the banishment of crucifix's are Jewish '

Where you are seeing Jews 'attacking' us, I see Jews being what many of them have always been, Liberal and secular. They push secularism, as do a pretty hefty amount of liberal Christians and atheists because they think Church and state should be separated.

I personally agree with separation of church and state and the abolition of any religion in public life. However I do recognize the deep connections our lands have with Christianity and that should be recognized and respected. Of course there are Jews with a deep antipathy towards Christianity, particularly Catholicism... but I reckon most Jews wouldn't want to live in a country ruled by Rabbinic law either.

See what I'm getting at? For most it's not about 'rubbing our noses' it's simply about a desire to live in a nation ruled by secular, liberal reason rather than any religion.

Anonymous said...

"So why then do Jews continue to prod the sleeping Tiger?"

Because, unless I'm badly mistaken, this is what they have always done. Their smug arrogance and hostility to the host population eventually brings them down.

Jews are no more invincible than any other racial or ethnic group. Rest assured, their day is coming.

Their day is coming.

Wolfhound said...

The fable fits the situation to a tee, I've often brought it up myself to others when the "why?" questions arise.

A small example I came across not too long ago:

Israeli architects were employed by the Shah of Iran when relations were better to design and construct the Iran Air HQ and were presumably treated well.

So what do they do to show their professionalism and gratitude for the opportunity? They incorporate a massive star of david on the roof to be seen from the air.

According to the article this was replicated on the roof of a building in Teheran’s Revolution Square.

Whether it's genetic or cultural, jews view noble characteristics as weakness and ruthlessly exploit them. Generosity, politeness, 'fair play', and even the rule of law are completely off the table with jews. They are masters of the 'fuck you buddy' attitude even to the detriment of others or themselves.

Old Jewish saying:

You scratch my back, and I'll sneer about what a moron you are for expecting reciprocation...then I'll sue you for emotional distress and GBH and have a jew judge settle the case in my favor. Then I'll use some of that money to buy the house you were forced to sell after the settlement and burn it to the ground for an insurance settlement...while you're watching.

Wolfhound said...

On a sidenote for any Dubliners out there, I noticed not too long ago that there is a large star of david on the side of the old Bewley's hotel in Ballsbridge, next to the RDS.

I go to their site and read this:

" Its original features are striking and give it a unique charm. Bewley’s Hotel Ballsbridge once stood as a Masonic School but now stands as one of the best hotels in Ballsbridge."

Draw your own conclusions!

katana said...

Savant wrote:
Thursday, 4 October 2012
The frog and the scorpion?

What I don't understand though, looking at it from a group evolutionary perspective, is why they keep rubbing our noses in it with trivial slights that add nothing to their overall objective. Here I'm talking about the equivalent of petty apartheid as applied in South Africa. Christmas has now become almost a swear word, and Christmas trees increasingly rare. Yet a giant Hanukka lamp stands outside the White House at Christmas. Sara Silverman enlists in a Catholic University, and then sues them to pay for her contraceptive pills. That's poking your finger in the eye. Closer to home our friend Alan Shatter created a little bit of history by banning, for the first time ever, the use of the Irish Army at a Catholic ceremony.........while refurbishing the Department of Justice to look like a Holocaust memorial. In England the politicians pushing the banishment of the crucifix are Jewish.


Savant, you are thinking too much like a reasonable person, like an honorable victor.

We are dealing with psychopaths, sadists who want to grind us down into total submission.

That is why we need to resist now and continue until these types of people are destroyed!

Anonymous said...

They're the *only* cohesive group from 2,000 years ago still standing. What's that mean? the gene pool is shallow and small. One of the things in the bible that bears obvious truth is the depiction of the jews. God was always mad at them,the only time Jesus lost his temper was with the moneychangers in the temple, they stole everything that wasn't nailed down, lied and betrayed everyone and everything,, worshipped false idols, you name it.

They never change.

Here's the really scary part. The Talmud says to hide all their hatred for the goy until they're in control, and they're getting very, very bold in revealing their true nature.

I think they want a confrontation with the people so they can fully clamp down on the US similar to the soviet revolution.

Its not like we're far off anyway.

awakened said...

I don't think it's to generate a reaction. This kind of thing is more spontaneous. My view? I think they're just over-confident. And as IS says, maybe they're justified.

Gem Junior said...

Let them keep pushing. They always do, then there's massive anger and an expulsion. It's never too late. Like one other poster said: Their day is coming, their fucking time will soon be up -- and despite everything they own. All things can be stormed by angry mobs of whick their will be plenty. I'm sorry for the ones who have never participated and know nothing more than anyone else but history has shown, over and over, that their fatal error is not knowing when or how to reign themselves in. The results this time will be worse than ever. Every last one will probably be sent to israel for good. Those motherfuckers should stay there permanently.

PreatorianXVI said...

Over confidence has always been their down fall, generally that has been limited to individual countries where they got kicked out.

With the advances in technology they are now able to do this on a global scale, thus the repercussions will be on a global scale.

109 Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD250

Talmudic/zionist Jews have wreaked havoc on the real Jews for centuries. The following list show just how many countries these scumbags have gotten 'their own people' kicked out of. These are a few of the areas in which Jews have been expelled, noted as the areas they are known as today and followed by the year of the expulsion(s):

Africa (1147, 1790)
Arabia (624)
Austria (1298)
Babylon (586BC)
Bavaria (1551)
Belgium (1370)
Czechoslovokia (1745)
Denmark (not allowed in until the 17th century)
Egypt (1571BC, 38BC, 3BC, 66)
England (not allowed in until the 12th century, expelled in 1290)
France (561, 1182, 1242, 1306,1394,1540, 1682)
Germany (1012, 1096, 1146, 1298, 1510, 1614, 1935-revoked citizenship)
Hungary (1360, 1582, 1717)
Italy (1492, 1540, 1550, 1846)
Iraq (not allowed to emigrate to until 2003)
Lebanon (Jews not allowed entrance)
Palestine (70, 324)
Lithuania (1495)
Netherlands (1444)
Norway (1814)
Poland (1453, 1772-Pale of Settlement)
Portugal (1498)
Prussia (1510)
Rome (315,379)
Russia (1772-Pale of Settlement, 1881)
Saxony (1349)
Slovakia (1380, 1744)
Spain (612, 694, 1391, 1492-1968, officially)
Sweden (until 1782)
Switzerland (1939)
Syria (Jews not allowed entrance)

Talmudic Jews aka zionists move into countries with the sole intention of imploding their economies. Their talmud overflows with laws that call for the destruction and exploitation of 'the goyim' aka non-Jews and non-zionist Jews. These cowards who hide behind the low level, Torah abiding Jews, have been defaming the majority of 'their people' on down through the centuries. It's not blind "antisemetism" that has led to the historical persecution of the Jews. It is the talmud and those sick faggot fucks who follow it.

Elaine said...

Praetorian. Yes, it is true that the non-Talmudic Jews, at least the ones I know, have no knowledge of the awful things the Talmudists get up to. But they will be drawn into the maelstrom, if and when it comes. That's the unfortunate thing.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken,there was a pogrom in Limerick,many years ago.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Ah yes, the Limerick Pogrom. The notorious Limerick Pogrom.

How many were killed again? 6 million? No, silly, that was, er, different pogroms.

How many then? Well, eh, none actually.

None? You're kidding me, right?

No. Limerick's Jewish community grew very rapidly and initially there were very good relations with the locals. But gradually complaints grew against the Jewish community for 'usury' and the 'selling of faulty goods'.

Hard to imagine Jews doing that, I know.

The extent of the pogrom? Stones and mud thrown at some Jews, and a peaceful commercial boycott until they ended their 'predatory practices'.

And that's about it. Yet this event has gone down in the annals of infamy, and Limerick, as if it didn't have enough image problems, continues to suffer the stigma as the only city in Ireland to have a pogrom against the Jews.

Pains me as a Corkman to admit it, but Stab City has got the raw end of the stick here.

The Roman said...

Non-talmudic jews? specifically the tiny minority that studied the old testament rejecting the Talmud? Do they even exist in any number? Jews hated them wildly.

Reform judaism, as is common here in the US, are zionists. They don't reject the teaching of the talmud so much as reject all its laws and pointless man made rituals, such as walking a certain distance from a toilet to escape bathroom demons, for instance.

They still worship themselves as the chosen people and that all others are slaves to the jew. They cover for Talmudists and Israel and cheat and lie and hate like they always have.

Some don't, some marry shiksas, some jews are my good friends. They're often half jews or the end of the line for judaism in that branch of the family tree, judaism being based on your mother's ethnicity.

Jews use them as cover to say 'see? we're not all like that! ' knowing full well orthodox (real jews) have huge families, making jewry stronger and more radical than ever.

Reform jews are similar to Unitarians. They're watered down jew. You could stand up in a synagogue and declare there is no God and this life is it, or that you'll be re-incarnated 100 times, and nobody will care.

They're still jews, they just don't want the hassle of the rituals. They're still zionists, worship money and themselves, believe in their chosen superiority, etc.

They're just as guilty as the rest. Find a jew that will denounce judaism without a gun to his head, and I'll show you a good jew. All the rest cover for their brethren, and are just as guilty.

@@2d said...

The answer to the question 'why do they keep on doing it?' 2 reasons:

The bully will always carry on making life a misery for the victim until the victim fights back.

And Jews in the media have managed to marginalize almost any debate about ethnicity or race. So there has been little serious path to fight back either.

And also, they genuinely see themselves as victims and their survival in the balance if they don't carry on attacking us.

Jews have a distorted sense of their place in the world. They see their role as 'educating' and 'enlightening' people into accepting them, usually by proxy.

The media, as it is, needs to be removed. The media is the enemy.

No Skraelings said...

@ Kevin Rafferty

"Slightly O/T, but get this from Rabbi Joffe, writing in Haaretz. "But the poll data is clear: The American people do not want their government to attack Iran, or even to offer support for an Israeli attack. No matter who is elected, the next President will need to carefully build a case with the public and Congress for American military involvement."

Makes my f*&^%n blood boil, that does."

Q -Do you know what the Jews' national anthem is?

A - 'Onward Christian soldier'

Anonymous said...

You guys overanalyze too much.

Why do Jews keep pushing and behave arrogantly?

Simple: because they are on a winning streak and that's what typical winners do. Expect them to keep pushing as long as they winning.

kulak said...

So why then do Jews continue to prod the sleeping tiger?

I used to wonder a lot about this Savant. You'll either eventually lose interest too, or get mired in it.

The study of Zen is not Zen.

The second-best answer, IMO, after "who gives a shit?" is:

Diaspora Judaism is defined by contrast with and opposition to the host nation. In the absence of Orthodox ritual discipline, the more they succeed in degrading us, the more degrading they must become lest they lose themselves and assimilate. Those who wish to maintain a Jewish identity must ultimately become strict Orthodox or nihilist.

The Jewish guy who told me he'd only marry a Jew?

He ended up marrying Chinese, and had kids by her. Which I think is just great. His kids will never be mistaken for white, like I mistook him.

Clogheen said...

So that's the story of the Limerick Pogrom. I've heard about it a lot, even though it's more than 100 years ago. I always assumed it had been something like the St. Bartholemew's Day Massacre.

You live and learn.

Shaunantijihad said...

Savant, I know this is quite shameless on my part, but may I ask that more people interact a little with John Hardon's blog? He often has great info, but I seem to be the only one making an occasional comment.

Uncle Nasty said...

Now, tell me this is not alarming ...

So What Is Iran’s Best Option Now That Sanctions [Have] Collapsed The Iranian Economy.

Posted on October 5, 2012

Iran is a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, whose most prominent members of are Russia and China. The Syrians and Hezbollah are Iran’s most important regional allies as they are the ones who will definitely pull the trigger if push comes to shove. Iran will have to consult with their allies both in the SCO and in the region who actually border Israel. to develop a proper response to the unreasonable sanctions America has used to cripple their economy.

The greatest threat to Iran is the economic blockade. The Iranians do not have a nuclear weapons program. Israel, Obama, Hillary, Cameron and Hollande know that. The American dollar is near death’s door. All that props it up is the Petrodollar trade scheme where the Saudis, Qatar, Bahrain and others sell oil in dollars and invest those Federal Reserve Notes in US Treasury bonds which are approaching zero value. Michael Hudson explained his book Super Imperialism in person to the generals in the Pentagon. He told them that they were paying for their wars by printing dollars forcing people overseas to pay for their subjugation and occupation.

How true are the preceding statements? I don't know, but if there is an ounce of truth in them, I would be concerned.

The author states elsewhere in the article that:-

China and Russia are theoretically opposed to this Dollar Imperialism but both of those nations have very strong ties to the Rothschild network so their help is doubtful. China could make NATO pull their navies out of the Persian Gulf and even immediately end their sanctions against Iran.


As soon as America is bankrupt, it will be of no use to the Israeli Empire. The people of the Mideast will then be free to deal with Israel. A more likely scenario: If I were Iran, I would announce that I will in three days time begin mining the Persian Gulf at the Straits of Hormuz.

I think things are getting serious. I think that even the yids are waking up to the possibility that they have bitten off more than they can chew ...


Anonymous said...

Something occurred to me after reading your cri de coeur post the other day, Savant. It's not a new or unique thought, but it came to me in terms I can understand.

Jews have no shame, whereas shame is a powerful weapon against Whites.

Jews shamelessly self-promote. They shamelessly promote filth, inferiority, vulgarity, and all manner of things which reduce the intellect. They expect young white people to adopt this mentality of shamelessly promoting junk culture, and when white people feel shame over their actions, Jews shame them for feeling so.

I wonder if this is why many of the jobs we have available are so grinding and feel enslaving. Most of it involves selling products or ideas that are bullsh*t, and white people sense the dishonor in such an act, but are shamed by the jew into performing the job for the sake of whatever: children, the economy, a better world, whatever platitudes they can use to make a white person feel like a disgrace for turning away.

It's not that whites need to lose their sense of shame, for certainly it is sometimes warranted and it creates a certain sense of social cohesion. But, recognizing when we are being shamed needlessly by Jews who fall back on Holocaust/Israel/centuries of persecution! is critical to overcoming jewish influence.


Heraclitus said...

Cranberry, the foisting of a blame culture onto whites is a central part of the plan to destroy us. Coming from a Christian tradition we're easily susceptable to it. Unfortunately.

There has to be a balance. One can have a strong ethical sense, of which shame is one component, but at the same time have a vigorous sense of self-worth as appropriate.

Sadly, whites have lost the latter characteristic.

Anonymous said...

A slight shift in Holland,small but valuable nonetheless.

The multicultural experiment is to be abandoned.These are not merely fine words but are to be enshrined in law.

"The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural model,and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people"

So said a government source.


Anonymous said...

Shatter has described the Irish as morally bankrupt for not throwing themselves on the German war machine to save the jew.
Irish jews did not take offence to his statement so its safe to assume they agree with shatter.
The forced colonisation of Ireland by shatter is payback by him and his fellow jews.
How many Irish jews enlisted in WW2 to fight the nazis? or did the majority,if not all of them hide out here behind the 'morally bankrupt'Irish.?

What of shatters' own family?.There is no record anywhere of any of his parents or other relations enlisting in the British forces in WW2.
Could it be this jew was spawned by someone morally corrupt or does that judgement only apply to non jews.?

Anonymous said...

'I hit him in the face - I couldn't help it. I was shaking him, kicking him, scratching his face, pushing and shoving him like I was a lunatic.' If those words were said by a man after he found out his wife was cheating his career would be over - but hey she has a GBH conviction so I expect nothing less from her

- eblue, London, United Kingdom, 6/10/2012 11:34

Wahey Man! Sheryl Tweedy-Cole admits hitting a darkie but the press deem it acceptable

Lucky it was not Anton Ferdinand she admitted hitting. That would be wrong.

The truth will out said...

The trouble historically with the juwes is that they keep pushing so hard that they themselves end up falling into the same hole intended for us.

Really enjoying the blog and comments here.


6 October 2012 14:47"
Expertly assessed.
As you state they hold us up to impossible standards to which they themselves believe are exempt from.
Shatter is banking on us Goy to not notice these quirks, however so rapid is the decline in Ireland and so tightly woven is the spirit that you're not quite on the same page as those in the US or UK.
Such comments would pass without a murmour in the US or UK but in Ireland I'm hoping the general public are a little more canny to the tricks they so freely display.

In contrast to Anon's of 05:57

They see the end goal in sight alright their bravado is unparalleled, however they are not quite over the finishing line yet nor have they won.
In fact they haven't won outright ever before as their narcissism and chutzpah forever betray them, just as before when they got caught and kicked out 109 times in the past 2 millennia since they had Jesus killed.

Us honkeys may be gullible but dumb we are not, we have empathy and goodness in our hearts, till our trust has been broken and their luck pushed too far, then we fight back.
Historically we always fight back against tyranny.

Lupus said...

Has Ms. Tweedy-Cole set a precedent? I do hope so ;-)

Anonymous said...

Muslims trying to ban Christmas!? I'll let you draw your own conclusions...

Anonymous said...

Jews and Muslims ban Christmas trees! You may remember a time when Christians and white could proudly have Christmas trees in OUR public buildings, but no more!

Banned in America:

Banned in UK:

Banned in Ireland:

When will people wake up and realise what’s happing?!

The truth will out said...

Good call

Here's a similar article however I suspect Columbo would have just one more question for Judge... Cohen

Hector G. said...

@truth...but in Ireland I'm hoping the general public are a little more canny to the tricks they so freely display.

God love you for your innocence. The Irish are almost totally oblivious to Shatter's tricks. The very occasional comment on a blog, and that's about it.

SAVANT said...

@Shaun. Yes, I strongly approve Hardon's blog and encourage our readers to check it out and comment on it.

Kenneth said...

Anonymous said...
A slight shift in Holland,small but valuable nonetheless.

The multicultural experiment is to be abandoned.These are not merely fine words but are to be enshrined in law.

"The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural model,and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people"

So said a government source.


6 October 2012 13:59


I would need to see more details, but my immediate thought is not to take too much encouragement from this. The Western elites are committed to multiracialism, and the only debates they tend to allow on the subject are phoney debates about how to make multiracialism "work".

When you hear establishment politicians say that "multiculturalism has failed" (and there have been a few who have said so), all it usually means is they want to see the Third World invaders assimilating with their hosts rather than forming ghettos. In other words, all it usually means is that they want to see the mongrelization of Europeans go faster

Shem said...

Here's an SF Chronicle article explaining the jewish kaparot ceremony of swinging chickens around their heads, transferring their sins, and slaughtering them. They do this the day before yom kippur, the day of atonement.

Does this sound in any way related to the god of the bible teachings, or like some pagan ritual orthodox (real) jews, descendants of the pharisees, continue to practice?

Lots of photos. You have to see it to believe it.

Shem said...

Here's an article that discusses a pagan , whoops I mean jewish harvest festival, that also mentions more pagan-jewish holidays celebrated in the light of the full moon with prayer and dancing.

It must be one of those secret oral laws Moses only gave to the jews, because they're the apple of God's eye.

AnalogMan said...

Anon @14:47 said: How many Irish jews enlisted in WW2 to fight the nazis?

That rang a bell with me. I read (part of) a book last year called Between Silk and Cyanide, a war memoire of a Jewish codemaker called Leo Marks.

Some of you may recall a book (also a movie) called 84 Charing Cross Road, which was a compilation of correspondence between a New York woman and a charming olde-worlde English bookseller. Leo Marks was the son of that bookseller.

In his book he described how he joined the British army as a codemaker, in order to avoid conscription into a fighting unit. He describes, indulgently and affectionately, how his Jewish relatives and friends avoided conscription by faking medical conditions. He describes the unethical, immoral and downright illegal business practices of his father and his Jewish colleagues. Believe me, those tales were appalling.

I couldn't finish the book. With all his descriptions of cowardice, dishonesty, ruthlessness and cunning, he still obviously considered himself a hero, and his Jewish friends and family, well, they were a bit naughty, but what a lovable bunch of rascals.

It's true; they have no shame.

Anonymous said...

Mary Robinson's Foundation for awareness of self and climate gets €180 000 from government in a grant.

Aren't we lcuky she is from the Mayo Ballina and not the one from half savahe savage land where natives behave fully savage!

B Boru said...

jesus Christ, that bitch gets €180k and they won't pay for home helps for the ill and dying.

James Lord said...

Kenneth, I agree. These slimeball politicians are just saying that so as to send the peasants back to sleep. The proof will be when they
really start limiting immigration and sending back those not entitled to be in the west.

Note that Cameron promised a major cull of immmigration numbers but they're coming in as fast as they ever did.

Anonymous said...


I read a book a few years ago about crime in London during the war.(there was a lot of it)

I can't recall the name of the book but do remember being struck by the number of obviously jewish names involved in various illegal swindles and scams.


Anonymous said...

I have first hand knowledge, that,
most benefit agencies have dedicated teams who travel the regions dishing out the docs required,so as non persons can tap into the social security system.
They do not exist otherwise.

onthefence said...

@ Savant,

I can only deduce from the fact that you didn't answer my fairly straightforward questions that either;

1. You can't.
2. You don't want to as I'm not in 100% agreement with your new found discovery on the extent of Jewish influence.
3. You're pretty darn busy, which is fair enough...but I don't really think this is the case.
4. You can't be bothered. Also fair enough but unlike you.


SAVANT said...

@onthefence. There's a fifth explanation.

5. Can't be bothered 'cos he knows Onthefence can't be bothered doing a simple google search to find the links for himself which would have taken all of two minutes

Anyway, here are a couple:

Naturally enough they don't mention Ms. Featherstone's ethnicity but I'm sure you can find out what it is now that I've shown you how.

The truth will out said...

I relink this for your onthefence, seeing as you're obviously having issues using a search engine.

Christmas tree banned from courthouse lobby

I don't know if any of you have seen the following article before, just look at the comments.

Europe's Jews: The Irish War On Israel

onthefence said...

Thanks for that Savant. I admit that I didn't do the search. Im serious when I say I didn't know how easy it was to discover the link to that article. Which is certainly an interesting one.

The Featherstone search wasn't as easy. Maybe you don't want to provide links but I had thought that there would've been a case for doing so rather than requiring readers to trawl to find them themselves. But sure, in future I'll do my own searches.

I didn't mean to sound bitchy. I really did think you were exaggerating, and for that I apologise.

However the thrust of my comment remains unchanged. I still believe in taking them on for what they say and do rather than what race/religion they are.

Anonymous said...

'Whoever wants to make a man healthy must remove the cause which led to his sickness. Entire peoples too can become ill and die if help fail to come. That the peoples of the Ancient World perished from the jewish poison is confirmed by the course of their history. ..whoever carries the truth of jewish behavior in world history to the people helps to solve the highest, greatest, and most difficult problem which has been dealt to humanity by fate.

The Jew As Criminal

An unbelievable work from 1937 translated from German. They really spelled it out without pulling punches or softening the truth. When you've been raised on lies the truth is very refreshing.

Anonymous said...

My bad that link was a different book.

Its 99 cents on kindle.

"Its nature is contrary to Nature, its ethnic consciousness is anti-ethnic, its nationalism is internationalist and its politics is crime.
Highlighted by 3 Kindle users
Money is for the Jew only a means to an end, the end goal is, for him, always the conquest of power,
Highlighted by 3 Kindle users
the Jew is the true Anti-Man, the ruined member of a sub-racial mixture.
Highlighted by 3 Kindle users

Gem Junior said...

I can't understand how people persist in ignoring what these motherfuckers are up to. These jews are definitely of their father the devil. I might have been ignorant of this stuff but I was always somewhat jew-aware. As I write t his a TV commercial comes on for the movie about Abe Lincoln. It's all about one thing: saving the negroes and nothing else. Played by jew daniel day lewis and produced by jew spielberg. More white guilt, white shame as our countries are swallowed up by brown hordes and we become more and more extinct. I hope their machinations are uncovered in time.
Is there any hope?

kulak said...

Does this sound in any way related to the god of the bible teachings, or like some pagan ritual orthodox (real) jews, descendants of the pharisees, continue to practice?

I look at it this way Shem.

My children aren't likely to marry into a family of chicken-swingers.

kulak said...

In his book he described how he joined the British army as a codemaker, in order to avoid conscription into a fighting unit.

A young Russian Jew receives a conscription notice and becomes very worried. He goes to tell his Rabbi and ask his advice.

"You should report as ordered. You have nothing to worry about," said the Rabbi.

"What!? I don't understand, how can you say that?"

"Either you will be assigned to a combat unit or you will not. If you are not assigned to a combat unit, you have nothing to worry about.

"If you are assigned to a combat unit, either you will see combat or will not. If you don't see combat you have nothing to worry about.

"If you do have to fight, either you will die or you will not. If you do not you have nothing to worry about.

"If you do die, either you will go to heaven or you will go to hell. If you go to heaven you have nothing to worry about.

"If you go to hell, then either they take bribes or they do not. And of course they always take bribes."

johan said...

My children aren't likely to marry into a family of chicken-swingers.

Point is, kulak, they wouldn't want you to. They don't want goyim seed debasing their own. And these people have lots and lots of children of their own. Ask any Israeli who's paying for their upkeep.

Shem said...

lol at chicken swingers! I'm going to have to remember that one.

I'm not worried about anybody that uses the name kulak, you know exactly what they are.

I would bet survivors of the holodomor and other real atrocities have little difficulty making the connection between the jew and satan.

In the US at least, we're so indoctrinated, we even believe the US is a judeo-Christian nation! as if any Judaism and Christianity can co-exist lol!

Eimear said...

That chicken-swinging thing lead me into further research. There really does seem to be a lot of pagan-style practice among those orthodox types.

Anonymous said...

@ Gem Junior

You mean he passed up "Amisted 2 John Quinze's Return To Africa" which would tell the story of the guy who was freed by a US Court where he was going to be a slave and is freed to return to africa to become a slave trader like many blacks were to make this?

Will he include race realist, who led how many slave states during the war which was not about slavery, saying that he would not free one slave if it meant saving the United states?

Corkonian said...

Analogman. A story like that is worth 1000 learned articles. Because it shows the mindset in a unique and true way. What I found interesting and most instructive in what you wrote is that he didn't appear to see anything wrong with the despicable behaviour.

Then Shatter berates the Irish for not going off to fight for Europe's jews.

kulak said...

Point is, kulak, they wouldn't want you to. They don't want goyim seed debasing their own.

Ahhhh. Yes. Hmm. I see it now.

I should feel... insulted?


Seriously, who wants a Jew in the foxhole with them? You'd have to keep on eye on the front, one eye on the Jew.

I don't mind at all exempting them from military service.

It's full equal rights and access to everything else in my country to which I object.

Gem Junior said...

usually when someone persists in NOT seeing what's obvious, it is because they don't want to see it. "A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still". Don't try and convince someone who is intent on enjoying the koolaid-induced haze...

Uncle Nasty said...

Thanks for the link to Hardon's Blog. I stole this historical quote from it.
Solid gold.

But it remained for the Jews, with their unqualified capacity for falsehood, and their fighting comrades, the Marxists, to impute responsibility for the downfall precisely to the man who alone had shown a superhuman will and energy in his effort to prevent the catastrophe which he had foreseen and to save the nation from that hour of complete overthrow and shame.
By placing responsibility for the loss of the world war on the shoulders of Ludendorff they took away the weapon of moral right from the only adversary dangerous enough to be likely to succeed in bringing the betrayers of the Fatherland to Justice.

All this was inspired by the principle - which is quite true in itself - that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.

Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.

From time immemorial; however, the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited. Is not their very existence founded on one great lie, namely, that they are a religious community, whereas in reality they are a race? And what a race! One of the greatest thinkers that mankind has produced has branded the Jews for all time with a statement which is profoundly and exactly true. He (Schopenhauer) called the Jew "The Great Master of Lies".Those who do not realize the truth of that statement, or do not wish to believe it, will never be able to lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail.

- Adolf Hitler, quote from Mein Kampf (page 184-185)


mischling said...

I strongly strongly recommend anyone still 'on the fence' to read Mein Kampf. Thye way it has been portrayed is a complete and grotesque distortion. It is not at all a wild-eyed rant and calling for mass killing of jews. Not at all! Reasonable and well argued. I defy anyone to deny this.

Anonymous said...

oh totally! Mein Kampf is a real dud if you're looking for excitement, but a great book. Its inspiring.

I choke up even thinking we destroyed the only earthly savior we'll ever know.

Anonymous said...

" the only earthly savior we'll ever know. " ..again more defeatism..get a grip and grow a pair. Talk like this doesn't help. We're an amazing race, we haven't started fighting this round yet.

The power of hope and it's opposite despair shouldn't be underestimated. If we who can see think like this how are we going to inspire others to take a stand?


Maid Marion said...

rob, I totally agree that we Whites can achieve anything. If we can be activated, The problem is we're lost in the Matrix and don't even know it. If only we could wake up as a people.

Anonymous said...

A Scorpion speaks about his theoretical sons

Girl you knows its true
Ohh ohh ooh!

Anonymous said...

Someone stole my picture and replaced it with another

I finally found the Michelle Obama wide load photo to go where it belongs and it gets posted in the wrong place.

I suspect that one of Obama's many many law avoiding sons stole it off me so that when I went to post it it was gone.

Some people's innate hatred of the law cannot be changed!

Remember Michelle Obama wide load and Obama's sons are thieves.

Anonymous said...

This Is What A Zionist Looks Like

Strange how a few Labour councillors, many of whom resembled the Rochdale groomers not mentioned in the press, have been caught at the same thing that the BBC wet their knickers over when it is a clergyman but they do not notice when it is an iman, labour party councillors or their own staff doing it.

They must be able to hide it better right?


Henry IX said...

BBC = Bolshevik Brainwashing Corporation

beppo said...

@ Savant:
Not that it matters but, as a pedantic point, it was Sandra Fluke not equally loathsome Sarah
The Golden Jackass is interesting and persuasive for sure, but when he starts talking about a prison under the Caribbean with 500 prisoners I, for one, am gone.

SAVANT said...

beppo, thanks you, you are correct. Post duly amended.

Anonymous said...

In 1940 the World jewish population was 15 200 000 and after the war when they were bravely fighting against the Nazis to liberate the concentration camps where 6 000 000 were killed there were 15 600 000!

As someone said "In all of German-occupied Europe , there were 2.4 million Jews. After the war, 3.8 million Jews applied for Holocaust reparations. Tragically, the remaining 6 million were lost.“

Anonymous said...

Well, I took the use of Sarah Silverman's image/persona as a dig at how YKW attempts to use white/christian/liberal guilt against us...any American who has followed the issue knows it was not a comedian but an actual, deluded, liberal woman who advocated that the citizens of America pay for her slutventures so as not to impede upon her [eventual?] noble employment as an advocate for the citizens who subsidized her fucking for mental health/blowing off steam/finding the right guy.

I thought you were acting tongue in cheek with that reference, SAvant. Sorry I took it wrong.


beppo said...

@ Cranberry:

No need to feel guilty about the Sarah Silverman business - Sandra Fluke is Jewish herself.

Anonymous said...

Fluck V. Silverman

One of them is meant to be a comedienne.

(I think it is the one with the Eli Weasel tatoo.)

Uncle Nasty said...

Nice one, Savant ... you got published on Incogman.

Front page, mind you.


The truth will out said...

I too congratulate you, the Incog article put you on JewwatchUSA twitter feed, which possibly in no small part contributed to your new-found infamy by way of the 2nd tier of jewish monkey business in controlling the net.

This time pretending sites like this carry malicious software to scare of unwitting Goys and gals from the truth.

Something similar happened to
I had warnings from my ESET security (one of the more reliable AV programs - I wrote a complaint to them)yesterday of there being viruses embedded on that website, they don't.

Jews know all about monkey business

Seeing as I'm all loaded up with links please take a moment to browse the following, very good Christian propaganda site, with some truly inspiring videos and articles.

You may be familiar with their video that hits the nail on the head How Whites Took Over America, that has probably been removed from youtube more times than any, considering it's cleverly written and doesn't do anything more then demonstrate the Marxist agenda and cognitive dissonance produced by the juwes, yet it doesn't in any way identify the jew, yet it is forever getting removed.

This website is 100% nastiest hasbarat unfriendly, it names the Devil, repeatedly and never misses the mark.

Wake up White people, a war is being waged upon us and our lands, were being colonised and invaded without a single shot fired in defence as the Goyim are held in a perpetual fug of confusion by jewish brainwashing propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Aesop fable moderen. The sheboon receives an uppercut

I believe that this will generate the interest of epic Epic Beard Man proportions and that fresh from playing the black chick who steals Epic Beard Man's groceries and boasting about it on youtube Whoopi Goldberg will play the woman who suffers in a white man's world!

Anonymous said...

I am a Jew. 90% of Jews do not care about Merry Christmas, Chritsmas trees, Christsmas celebrations or Christian anything. Most Jews are against an open border in the US. It was an Irish Catholic Catholic that opened the border. Ted Kennedy. You confuse so called Jewish leaders in the Northeast with Jews. Most Jews do not have "leaders" - they are free men, not sheep. Jews are intelligent, this is a fact, and they are ambitious. So they will rise- but your blaming them for everything smacks of nothing more than envy. Get over it. You acknowledge some ethnic groups have higher IQ than others. You have no problem recognizing that - well then, recognize it about Jews and thank them for the polio vaccine. That did not come from Ireland.

SAVANT said...

@anon 19.56. I agree with you that many, if not most Jewish people do not behave like what we might call their leaders. I know that from my own friends and acquaintences.(Although many on this blog won't agree with me on this). Unfortunately I don't see too many objecting to those policies either In fact they're as rare as hen's teeth.

Just about every Jewish public figure, in just about every white country, is pushing the mass immigration agenda or else is conspicuously silent.

I don't know how long you've been reading this blog but I can remind that Alan Shatter has given Irish citizenship to approximately 28,000 sundry Africans, Arabs, Afghans etc. since he took office 15 months ago. Prior to that it had been running at between 100 and 200 annually.

You mention Ted Kennedy w/r/t the 1965 Act but the pivotal role of Sen Jacob Javitts seems to have slipped your mind. Both had their own ethnic objectives in mind, but in the case of Javits the objective was much more indirect and subtle.

Check out who's been pushing mass non-white immigration policies on white lands generally and it will be an eye-opener. It was for me.

Anonymous said...

To Savant: thank you for a rational and polite reply. I agree with you, most, but not all, Jewish "leaders" are liberal on immigration but this is not my experience with "ordinary" Jews in the United States who are relatively disinterested in the subject, but absolutely not in favor of open immigration. Ireland has virtually no Jews - and is being overrun with third world immigrants. You reference Shatter in thus regard but certainly he is representative of the ideas of his party. Like his party, Shatter is no friend of Israel as you must know. Like many Jews, he rose to the top of his profession. And that is my point: were Ireland truly conservative on these matters, no doubt, some Jew by virtue of his intelligence and drive would find himself at the top of a party representative of that trend. McDonald, it seems to me, is guilty of the same thing he accuses Jews of: creation of a body of thought which is unprovable, closed, and upon which one can theorize cleverly and endlessly. Sociology is not science, it is mental gymnastics.

Anonymous said...

One further comment: why am I as a Jew responsible for what Jacob Javits voted on? Seriously, that part of your argument escapes me. Do the Irish have to disavow and protest Ted Kennedy? Because I think Ted Kennedy did more damage to the United States than any single Senator in my lifetime. When Jacob Javits voted, he did not do so representing Jews or even claiming to: he represented his district. Your conflation again of dead Jews and some Jews, and yes you cherry pick, with all Jews is strange, but if you do, please give me "credit" for the polio vaccine, Google, Facebook, and Einstein etc. I don't ask for that credit, but why should I take the debit?

SAVANT said...

@anon. First I DO give Jews full credit for their intelligence, drive and monumental accomplishments. All the Jews I know are super-intelligent with incredible drive (I know this drives some of my readers crazy, but it's simply a fact). So no argument there.

However, Jews have built what I call the architecture for white/western destruction by way of such initiatives as the Frankfurt School. And ok, of course not every Jewish person can be saddled with guilt for that. But as I've said, everywhere that Jews hold strong power they use it to further these ends. When that happens a lot of people get tired trying to effect a distinction between 'good' and 'bad' Jews.

My position on the whole Jewish/gentile issue is contained in the following post which has nearly 300 comments. A long post but I think it's worth the read.

PS..........And tell me, WHERE did you get the idea that Mr. Shatter, our Minister for Population Replacement, is not a good friend of Israel?

Anonymous said...

Dear Savant,

Jews themselves have an expression for the phenomenon you note: "Trotsky makes the Revolution but It is the Bronsteins that suffer." In one sentence, this says it all. You are correct on Shatter: I am familiar with the stance of Irish poltical parties(anti-Israel) but not individuals. But again the reason for the anti-Israeli position of the Irish chattering classes in my view is due to their fetishizing of the third world including the Palestinians. It is this which leads them to accepting third world immigrants, not Shatter. It would seem that Ireland had many such immigrants before Shatter as well (wikipedia I admit). Finally, third world immigration into the West, by weakening the West, threatens Jews. You understand this and most Jews understand this perfectly as well. Their "leaders" do not. But most Jews are too busy in their own fields to care.

SAVANT said...

@anon 18.22. The Trotsky/Bronstein quote has a lot of truth but it's also somewhat self-serving and self-exculpating.

Yes, the Irish chattering classes are against Israel for the reasons you adduce.

True again that immigration was rampant before Shatter became Minister. But just look at what he's done since then!

Is massive muslim immigration to Christian lands 'bad for the Jews' as it were? Depends on whom they see as the greater threat. European Christians have traditionally been their bete noir - understandably if not fully justifiably - whereas Jews will always be able to outwit and control Muslims. Albeit having to contend with occasional individualistic violence.

Anonymous said...

Dear Savant,

I do not wish to take up all of your time but I am enjoying the conversation.

To answer: Anything that weakens the West, is bad for the Jews, because the Jews have prospered in the West like no other people and like no other time in their history. The importation of massive amounts of Muslims into the West leads to direct assaults on Jews (see Malmo) and even worse, leads to a weakening of the liberal democratic order, and this is a disaster for the Jews. Muslims are not juvenile delinquents, they are colonizers bringing with them a new order, one very unfriendly to Jews. Their drain on public finances does not help the middle and upper classes either. I can assure you (despite you readers' beliefs) Jews, being high income earners, pay high the highest taxes. I do. Those Jews who support open immigration policies - usually those in "public service" - were those individuals who could not make it in business, finance, medicine, law, science. These were not high achievers by Jewish standards and yet, I am supposed to pay attention to them? I don't any more than you do.

The question the Irish and Europeans should be asking themselves is not about the Jews. It is why do they fetishize people who are so less civilized than they are, have no respect for them and actually are openly hostile to them? I travel to Europe often for business and this aspect of current European culture is incomprehensible to me. Europe got rid of it's Jews and replaced them with this?

Anonymous said...

Europe got rid of it's Jews and replaced them with this?

If there are some many holocaust survivors who did Hitler kill?

SAVANT said... problem, I too am enjoying the exchange.

I too would have thought - it was my life-long position - that a stable West would be ideal for Jews and that mass immigration, especially of Muslims would be bad. I guess most 'ordinary' Jews see it that way but it seems to me that every Jewish politician, judge, journalist, TV personality, academic, Hollywood director all take a different view.

As to why we fetishize people who are so less civilized than they are I suggest checking out Levi-Strauss, Boaz, Gould, plus the various academics and media people I mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

Dear Savant

To continue: There is no question that leftist Jewish intellectuals have been, like any other leftist, a destructive force within Western civilization. I would say that these are normally not persons who identify themselves as Jews, but if Jews will claim "credit" for all the contributions of great Jews to Western civilization (something you seem perfectly willing to do), then we must own up to this. Although I cannot prove this, any more than McDonald can prove his theories, I believe this kind of leftist thought is a temporary phenomenon, a product of its time and one whose time has past. Europe, as you might have noticed, in the last century, did not produce a stable political order, either from the right or left. It did produce very strange political theories all of which were counter-productive and destructive to civilization. This is not the time or place to debate this but I would put the Jewish left squarely in this context. A product of its time. Jews are a vigorous people - they tend to be good at what they do in whatever they do. The State of Israel, which is the demographic future of the Jews, certainly understands, far better than any Western nation, the threat of third world immigration and it is doing more about it, than any other Western nation.

I would disagree with you as an American observer, as to the reasons for the European fetishizing of the third world. Although I cannot prove it, I would put it down, at least in part, to anti-Americanism. Putting on a pedestal those persons thought to have been treated badly by the United States. This kind of infantile anti-Americanism permeates European (Gentile) thought.

SAVANT said...

anon, ultimately what it comes down to, bottom line, is that you believe there's a large constituency of Jews which does not support or engage in the undermining of White/Christian entities. Whereas in my case, while I'd just love to believe it, I just don't see any evidence of it.

Anonymous said...

Savant, last post:

Do you want a list of all the Jewush medical discoveries since 1850 which have done more than anything to extend lifespans in the Western world? What kind of people would do this to an enemy? The list is very long.

But let us say you are right and I am wrong, and no such large constituency, as you define it, exists.
If you truly believe the above, what is your prescription? Many people on this board rant about Jews but don't say what they want exactly. For the relatively few Jews in Ireland - if you had your way - what to do? Mr. Shatter is only one, so after him I mean.

In any event the future of the Jews is Israel. With a birthrate of three per Jewish woman compared to one in the West, there will soon be virtually no Jews in the West and very many Jews in Israel. At current rates- in two or three generations, there will be more Jews under 25 in Israel than Germans under 25. Jews in Israel very shortly will pass Greeks and Hungarians in this category. Those countries are in a demographic deat spiral, like Italy and Spain, Demographics are everything and Jewish life the West is dying out. I think this is sad, you may not, but what we think will not matter. The 1000 year history of Jews in the West is coming to an end. Israel, vigorous, colonizing, not apologizing to the likes of the EU for building a fence, is the future.

SAVANT said...

No question about the colossal achievements of the Jews. There are deniers of course but they only make themselves look silly.

But.............what about a balance sheet? For every Jewish scientist, doctor and for all the other wonderful contributors to humanity, what about the horrors unleashed by Marx and his, initially at least, largely Jewish disciples? Kaganovich's deliberate policy of starvation in Ukraine, millions died horribly, the massacre of the Czar and his family...all the assassins were Jewish. And the subsequent disastrous impact of Communism on Russia and Eastern Europe?

Or the catastrophic impact that feminism has had on the family and wider social structures? Largely a Jewish construction. As of course was the Frankfurt School, which set up the architecture for White destruction.

I couldgo on, anonny, but I suspect it's not a profitable avenue for you!

Anonymous said...


Kaganovich? Is that the worst/best you can do? - then what about Stalin, the former Christian seminary student?

I don't blame anyone for wanting to stop third world colonization their country. If I were in Ireland though, I would not be blaming Jews, I would be writing my MP, organizing, demanding, doing something.

By the way I just read this: The number of Nigerian immigrants into Ireland peaked in 2006 for example well before Shatter. I don't think you can blame the situation on Shatter at all - I would say again, blame it on the antiAmericanism of your intellectuals - they worship that which they think America has treated badly Utterly worship it. That is why some Americans are smirking at your problems now. You asked for it, you got it. You recreated America, only you will see you will do no "better".

Finally, really, the Western nations are not having children. That is not the fault of the Jews. In the West the Jews also do not have children. They also will die out -in the West. And that is the cause of this malaise. Had the Western nations had children, they would have no need for this absurd immigration at all.

Anonymous said...

Dennis MacShame blames his need to steal money from Parliament because his daughter dies in the year the European Championship were in Portugal George W was campaigning against John Kerry to get a second term.

Why did he not blame the holocaust which affected him through his family's sufferinks just like Mila Kunis.

Lazy bastard.

pdf1 said...

I just posted a comment linking to this post on The Jewish Forward. Wonder if they'll print it?

occasional said...

More eye-poking. Santa Monica judge, granddaughter of a slave, bans Nativity displays, even though they've been held for over 50 years. Santa Monica's attorney, Barry A. ROSENBAUM, said the city is "very pleased" with the ruling. I fucking bet he is.

sharonski said...

It seems like Jewish activist are feeling more confident that they need not worry no more about hiding their agenda.

Or maybe, some of the Jewish activist may not be happy with what their Jewish brethren have done to America and are trying to help White Americans open their eyes and see whats happening.

Anonymous said...


Completely forgot this fable, read to my children when they were small.

That COMPLETELY describes the AshkeNAZI character, to a 'T.'

- Fr. John+

Anonymous said...