Thursday, 19 July 2012

What gives with Alex Jones?

There’s a non-ending campaign focused on ‘exposing’ Alex Jones as a false friend, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Almost all of it’s based around his being a patsy for Jewish interests, leading Whites off onto false trails, away from the real sources of our problems.  Why, there’s even a website set up for this very purpose, Alex Jones Exposed.

What’s the evidence?
It seems that for a start his wife is Jewish. Well if that makes him an enemy I’m taking my ball and going home. A more serious point is that his advertisers - and his lawyer - are all Jewish. I’ll have to take people’s word for that, but if true it certainly seems a bit odd.

 Then it seems he never mentions Jews in a derogatory sense at all. This is extended, in some critics’ minds, to pointing the finger at everyone except Jews. He seemingly (I haven't seen this) cuts off any listener who brings up the J word and uses ‘Nazi’ as a pejorative of choice.

Here’s a more specific allegation “Alex Jones is part of the well-funded Jewish sponsored 9/11 disinformation industry, the objective of which is to discredit all those who don’t believe in the “official” conspiracy theory, not saleable to a large part of the public. Better to fill up the credibility void with a thousand disparate and conflicting voices, than try to defend the indefensible. This tactic has been extremely successful.”

Any or all of this may be true. But I don’t buy it.  Look, time and again he talks about is “the elite”, “the global elites”, “globalists”, “international bankers”, “global conspiracy”, “the NWO” and the like.  He says that every path leads to the House of Rothschild.  Now I ask you, how more explicit do you expect him to be? It doesn’t take a great leap of the imagination to establish a connection here.  And if the listener is too dumb to do so he's probably not worth a damn anyway.

The fact that he doesn’t explicitly mention Jews is, in my opinion, a very practical measure.  If he did he’d immediately be cast into exterior darkness and be labeled a cook and a Nazi.  He’d lose his advertising and become a fringe outlet. Even his radio slot might be closed down. Remember many of the leading White Interest forces take the same approach. American Renaissance and Stuff Black People Don't Like are two that immediately spring to mind. Pat Buchanan treads a very careful line here as well. In fact Jones goes very much closer to identifying the man behind the curtain that do any of them. 

Look, I've heard him go on for two hours berating the “banksters”, the Federal Reserve, the people who move between Wall St. and Government, framing the laws to suit themselves. He even said this Every key person in the Bush administration and now in this next administration just so happen to be the sons and daughters of the founders of Israel and Mossad chiefs and people, and they’re openly not even US citizens, and they openly are at the head of the table in anti-gun operations in the US, and I’m sick of it.”

Again I ask, how much more explicit does he have to get?  He brings on the likes of Ron Paul and Gerald Celente as guests, and many others who rail away at the same things that we do. He predicted early in the summer of 2001 that the feds were going to pull off a major false flag, and then fasten it on their asset Osama. I heard him myself once refer to the “synagogue of devilry.

So on balance is he doing us harm? No, I don’t believe that he is harming us at all. In fact, I think that he gets people thinking about things that the mainstream media simply refuses to deal with.  He’s reached and awakened an audience that dwarfs anything the rest of us can reach. He’s brought many previously hidden issues to the attention of millions of people who otherwise would have been slumped before their TVs, comatose before the mind-rot beamed out at them.

With enemies like Jones, who needs friends?  I think he’s great, the National Enquirer for White Nationalists!


Uncle Nasty said...

I concur wholeheartedly, Savant. The demonization of Jones is very similar to the demonization of Nigel Farage ... the only person to openly mock the EU and its minions as well as show the rocky path the UK treads towards its own financial destruction.

Yet the commentators, even those who should know better, never miss an opportunity to denigrate and disparage him .... mainly because he is far brighter and more articulate than any of them.

They don't like that.


Bemused stare said...

Funny you should mention the Enquirer Sav. I heard some time ago that despite the image, they have had the least number of cases where they have had to issue a retraction on a story even among mainstrean media.

Anonymous said...

oh get real! Everything is put in your way from recognizing it's the JEWS. Anyone who doesnt say its the JEWS is disinfo and distraction(that includes yourself).

Dave C said...

He's right....blaming Jews for everything is plain dumb and just gets you tarred as nazi. In an Irish context with our negligible Jewish population blaming Jews for everything is dumber than dumb.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that I learned a lot from him in the early days. Through some sort of cosmic process I was led to the best and brightest researchers because of him, whether they were guests on his show or one thing led me to another as it does when one is surfing the internet.

Even if he was some government op, I would still be appreciative that I found his site and show or I probably would have never found out some very important things. I feel I would be much worse off being "asleep" no matter how depressing being truly "awake" can be.

There are a lot of people who bash him, and no, he doesn't have all of the answers and doesn't say everything he should, but if people have half of their own brain they can research and figure the things out on their own that he doesn't always mention.

slavestar said...

It is more than a little annoying how he blames stuff in 'the nazis'. I mean, get fuckin; real dude!!

Anonymous said...

I must admit that whenever I've seen his videos I'll always thought he was at it.

I think he is putting on an act in order to make shedloads of money - and why not ?

Anonymous said...

Name the jew or shut up and get out of the way.


He had Eustace Mullins on and mentions his book The Federal Reserve that liberally discusses the jewish power. Mullins also wrote 'the curse of canaan' and 'the biological jew', so he was persecuted by them, of course.

AJ has his foibles like anybody, but this ain't it. Like Savant said, he gets as close to the line as anybody and criticizes Israel. You have to figure out the rest on your own.

He does more than most, and he'd be shuttered in a minute if he didn't avoid naming the tribe.

I'm sure its implicit that ads are contingent on him keeping that arrangement. He said today most of his revenue is from subscriptions, which are just a donation really. I ponied up and was glad to. I never use it.

Anonymous said...

"Now I ask you, how more explicit do you expect him to be?"

That which must be left unsaid, sooner or later becomes unthought.

Heraclitus said...

'Name the jew or shut up and get out of the way.'

Well my friend I bet that made you feel tough and good about yourself. Unfortunately it doesn't do the WN cause much good. As Mr. Savant said in his post, an explicitly anti-Jewish site will get marginalised in no time at all.

Heraclitus said...

I say the same to Robert Wright who says 'Anyone who doesnt say its the JEWS is disinfo and distraction(that includes yourself).'

You need to sit back and ask yourself what best promotes the WN cause. To me someone with a huge audience pointing the finger at the things that are going on, and indirectly identifying the culprits, is better by far than some way-out Jew-hating site with no impact.

And by the way I fully recognise the role Jewish elements are playing in our current travails.

No Skraelings said...

I think you present an excellent case Savant. Much wiser to highlight those aspects of International Jewry that are so detestable (globalism, usury, delusional "chosen one" status, the glorification of perversion, etc) than to simply condemn Jews wholesale. Leave this conclusion to be made by the audience. After all, Jews have relied on "useful idiots" to do their dirty work since time immemorial.

Wolfhound made an excellent point in a prior post that it is high time for Nationalists to elevate our argument. At the very least we can respond to MSM condemnation and the "useful idiots" with a thoughtful response, and the time is ripe. The truth eventually emerges into the light of day and becomes obvious. Hitler himself assured us that the argument for Nationalism would emerge from the flames of globalist Bolshevism as shiny and new as platinum. The 2009 Nobel prize for Economics went to Elinor Ostrom whose objective data on human communities makes a devastating argument in support of Nationalism in general and National Socialism in particular. An absolute must-read is Gregory Clark's brilliant book "A Farewell to Alms".

Gresham's Law is an economic concept that most people are familiar with as the idea that fiat currencies inevitably inflate themselves away against gold. Gresham's Law actually comes from the ancient Greek satire by Aristophanes about the collapse of Athens: "The Frogs". As you can see from the following lines from the play that what Aristophanes was truly lamenting was uncontrolled immigration as the true downfall to the nation-state:

The course our city runs is the same towards men and money.
She has true and worthy sons.
She has fine new gold and ancient silver,
Coins untouched with alloys, gold or silver,
Each well minted, tested each and ringing clear.
Yet we never use them!
Others pass from hand to hand,
Sorry brass just struck last week and branded with a wretched brand.
So with men we know for upright, blameless lives and noble names.
These we spurn for men of brass...

Cassius said...

Absolutely amazing that the concept of Gresham's Law goes back to the time of Aristophanes. And yes, he's also using a metaphor for mass immigration.

Anonymous said...

Savant & Co.

Must see video:

Clyde said...



Only the Aryan develops this super objective liberalism which leads the victims to deny their own best inyerests and fight for the "rights" of human weeds and trash.

All the rest of humanity, untouched by this nordic ability to think and feel idealistically, unselfishly and objectively, goes about its business in the old fashioned way of INSTINCT, with selfish singlemindness for their own welfare."

G. Lincoln Rockwell

kulak said...

Anti-racist is code for anti-white.

saighdur said...

Dodger Fan. That is true. I've been all over the world and really the only people who are committed to abstract altruism are nordic Whites. Others will contribute to their immediate vicinity, often in very impressive ways, but basically don't give a f**k about people in faraway places, or indeed not related to them.

fnn said...

In an Irish context with our negligible Jewish population blaming Jews for everything is dumber than dumb.

Pretending that Ireland is an entity that in some way resembles a sovereign state is even dumber.

Anonymous said...

Why worry about Alex Jones? Keep in mind that whites are facing GENOCIDE. Whites are being mobbed by non-whites in every White country. A newly born white child is considered guilty of things that supposedly happened long ago and far away. If we concentrate on "anti-white is a code word for anti-white, we will know who betrays us, if and when they do.

Wolfhound said...

He's mostly interested in lining his own pockets. We can't blame him for being so contradictory, he's married to a Jew after all.

I don't agree with him on many things and I find his anti-Nazi rants and refusal to name the Jew incredibly frustrating. He's obviously looking to keep the money flowing in and I understand that.

That being said, Savant and no skraelings make a good point that he is pointing in the right direction and at some point the listeners will outgrow AJ while still retaining some of the knowledge he and his guests brought to the table.

That can only be good for Nationalism and race realism.

SAVANT said...

anon 14.02. I don't think that video tells us a lot. Ok, he says that Arabs own Hollywood and stock exchanges. I doubt it but it's not a big deal. You heard him more or less admit at the beginning that 'outing' the jews would be counter-productive. Which is my point really.

I don't know what the explosion at the end is about. Don't know who the 'punk' is or what he's about, but as I said, AJ is the National Enquirer type of operator. This kind of thing is grist to his mill.

The truth will out said...

Alex Jones is the paid 'opposition'.
A distraction, allowed on syndicated networks across the USA.

At every opportunity Jones will tell you that after the war, Hitler's gang snuck away, in Moon bases or in the Antarctic underground bases, the Nazi's own the banks, the news media yadda yadda.

I accept that to call out the jew equals removal off the TV networks, that's why I thought Icke used Reptiles as the description for all the Elites that control.
The Jew was always referred to as the snake/serpent throughout the ages, their mentality certainly marks them out as using the less human portion of their brains, their actions all the way back to Babylon evidently inhuman.

Think of Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine, a truly detailed documentary, omitting that the kids were Jewish one from a family with a clear sense of Jewish supremacism, and their victims purposefully picked out because of their holding the bible etc.
Details, never mentioned even subtlely throughout that documentary.

They tell you everything, yet tell you nothing.
That for me is Alex Jones.

That also is the problem because sometimes he has good information, that gets tainted by his association.
Osama Bin laden videos showing real one denying responsibility for 911, and the fake one later talking all kinds of smack about it.
Every case he brings to public attention identifies a problem, never the source.

Sometimes, my attention has only been grabbed by discovering an old news source that has been persistently removed/under attack by authorities.

If you want a simple rule to follow, only seek out those sources the authorities do all they can to shut down or censor.

"To find out who rules over you, simply determine who you’re not allowed to criticize" - Voltaire

Here's a great link that sums up the whole game, and stages for our awakening.

Love your work Savant, do not falter in your focus for the wicked have enough minions [conscious or unwitting] assisting the work of the Devil

The truth will out said...

The 'punk' he's referring to in the brilliant video provided is the guy Mike Delaney from and ZionCrimeFactory.

Not a punk, by anyone's estimation if anything he's a hero.

He made comprehensive, and exhausting video 911 Missing Links also

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones's comments on the Dark Knight massacre in Colorado are spot-on.

Interested to know your thoughts on the matter as well, Savant.


sharonski said...

So that's the ZionCrimeFactory guY

He's bloody good. Not a good reflection on Jones the way he took him on.

Then again, he's a showman.

Anonymous said...

I stole this comment off Alex Jones own website, sums it up:

"The totality of Alex Jones’ message , not only in this video but all of it he’s put out over the years, can be described up exactly as he originally did that of David Icke – turd in the punch bowl.
Only instead of the reptilian turd in the otherwise wonderful bowl of delicious punch of Icke there is a Zionist turd in AJ’s bowl of otherwise great punch.

The “turd in the punch bowl” by Alex Jones:

…an extended version for those who’ve missed the message in the above video:

…asinine lizards vs. pink elephant of zionism in the room."

barry said...

anon 23.56. Interesting links. I'm always fascinated by David Icke, in that he seems to have some amazing insights and then comes up with the lizard stuff and him being the son of God etc. Don't know what he's at.

Uncle Nasty said...

Almost on-topic .... a Saffa who gets it.

Reserve Bank's Holocaust denier

13 Apr 2012 00:00 - Lisa Steyn

Stephen Goodson has been on the South African Reserve Bank's board from 2003. He holds extremist views on Hitler's Germany and Gaddafi's Libya.
Our Coverage

Legislation passed in 2010 will mean that, in future, activist shareholders of the Reserve Bank will no longer be able to elect directors to its board.

The last of these directors is Stephen Goodson, who was elected a non-executive director in 2003. It was a mini coup, which resulted in business heavyweight Brian Gilbertson being ousted from the board in favour of the little-known investment consultant.

Goodson’s term ends in July. The Reserve Bank said in a statement that Goodson, who has served as a director for nine years, was not eligible for re-election in terms of the King III code on corporate governance because of his length of service.

“Even though members are eligible for re-election, the central bank board has adopted as a guideline the King III principle that non-executive directors should not serve for a period longer than nine years,” the statement said.

Admiration for Hitler’s policies
Goodson, who earned R360 000 last year for his services to the bank, more than R70 000 for each of the five meetings he attended, holds contentious views that include admiring the economic policies pursued by Hitler in Nazi Germany, a belief that international bankers financed and manipulated the war against Hitler because they saw his model of state capitalism as a threat to their usurious ways, and that the Holocaust was a fiction invented to extract vast amounts of compensation from the defeated Germans.

He has argued that similar reasons underpinned the support of the United Nations for the uprising in Libya. Muammar Gaddafi’s usury-free banking system was a threat to global capitalism and had to be destroyed, according to Goodson.

The South African Reserve Bank is one of about eight worldwide that has private shareholders, even though the institutions perform public functions such as the management of monetary policy and the regulation of the banking system.

SAVANT said...

@JP......Been checking AJ on the CO. gun spree. He's hitting the right notes. He sees it as an opportunity for TPTB to get at citizens' guns....

Uncle Nasty said...

barry said...

anon 23.56. Interesting links. I'm always fascinated by David Icke, in that he seems to have some amazing insights and then comes up with the lizard stuff and him being the son of God etc. Don't know what he's at.

Interestingly enough, Sir Isaac Newton, probably one of the most brilliant minds (Post-Renaissance) was a firm believer -- and practitioner -- of the art of alchemy ... the distillation of "Liquors" from all sorts of organic substances (blood, eggs, etc.) in the hope that they would transform base metals into precious ones.

One may laugh at this, but when I was in Europe, I saw a large medallion that had been "half-transformed" from silver to gold. It was silver at the top, gold at the bottom and a progressive alloy of the two metals (electrum) in the middle. No one could explain how it was made. Not with 16th century technology, anyway.

I'll try and find references to it.

Anonymous said...

you clever boys, i ken Icke and savant etc. Only 6 percent of Earths population is white. Our tiny Irelands are being swamped by thick magotts. END OF THE CLEVER RACE.

Anonymous said...

the white race built everything,irish men, in Canada, America, Britain, allover the World, all technolgy, weaponry, Altruism, Charity, we are still only 6 percent and dieing , and still we give our Great Race away to the peadophile worshipping turd. MAY OUR GOD HELP US.

MG said...

I listen to that show all the time and if he were somehow deflecting blame from the Jews or trying to steer people away from the "real" issues, I'd have called him out on it years ago. He is what he is. I've heard him discuss the Jews several times and his general view is that they have some stinkers among their ranks but he refuses to see one race of people as being responsible for all the world's evils. I've even heard him discuss the USS Liberty and speaks of black on white crime and media blackouts, although not enough for my liking. I find him clownish from time to time and he goes off half-cocked and exaggerates quite a bit, but a Jewish, NWO operative? Get real! He's a real person, doing a heck of a good job, if you ask me. I'm a cynical bastard by nature, but I'm not scared to admit that every once in a blue moon a person comes along who is really trying, albeit ham-fistedly at times, to do the right thing. He isn't exactly a rocket scientist, either. Do you honestly think he could have carried out the ruse he is is being accused of for so long and not screw up? I doubt it. And what about his callers? A lot of them are idiots--you'd think they'd get that under control if they were trying to be some sort of propaganda machine. Like I said, he is what he is. I don't agree with everything he says, but I love the dude. We need more of him! And, as far as the system "letting him" do what he does, I honestly think they're scared to make an example of him, although I'm sure some of you clowns are going to say, "that's what he wants you to think!" Whatever. It really never ends, does it?

Uncle Nasty said...

We all know that joooooz are innocent little creatures gambolling like lambs in the fields of the Lord ... just trying to make the world a better place for you and for me ...

Oh, wait. That was Michael Jackson, wasn't it?

Well here we have one with a slightly more -- shall we say -- aggressive attitude towards the goyim.

Scroll to the rabbi's idea of a final solution.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
The Mindset Of The "Chosen Ones": American Rabbi Predicts That "Antisemites" May Soon Be Targets Of The IDF!
For this article, I have enclosed a video that when I found to be one of the most disgusting pieces of trash that I have seen in quite a while.

In this video, courtesy of Youtube user: "iseetheevil", you will see how an American Jewish Rabbi is predicting that all "anti-Semites" may soon be targets for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)!.

*Original video was removed by Youtube on morning of July 18th. New version was sent to me, thanks to a reader, and is as seen above...Please take and copy this video ASAP to your own files, because Youtube may again try to remove it shortly!

Uncle Nasty said...

Off-topic, but nonetheless fascinating ...

Scroll down to:-

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sea Of Lies: The Massacre Of 290 Passengers On Iranian Passenger Airline Flight 655 By The USS Vincennes

Being a student of truthful and real history, and not the crap that the Jewish controlled media and their twisted textbooks try to shove into our brains daily, I am constantly sifting through articles and reports that show the real truth about our past, no matter how brutal and honest those truths will be...

I came across the following PDF report, and after reading it, I knew it belonged in this blog. It comes from a website:, and is entitled: "Sea Of Lies". In this startling and truthful report, that I want to present right here for my own readers to view, you will see the truthful and shocking story of how the USS Vincennes on July 3rd, 1988, shot down and murdered 290 innocent Iranian civilians on Iranian Air flight 655.

... and now they prepare to take out the iranians they missed.

Read the whole report -- it's a fascinating peek into the US military mind; and how wrong they can get it.

Anonymous said...


Yes, the usual suspects like Bloomberg and the Slimes (and Piers Morgan - how the fuck is he not in jail?) are calling for more gun control. I for one would rather see more control of the depravity issuing from Hollywood, and a stricter look at the mind-altering "anti-depressants" et al being prescribed/pushed by doctors. Funny how this kind of incident was unknown even in the Wild West, when everyone and their burro was armed to the teeth.
Most folk I know here are armed, usually with concealed-carry permits. I agree that come restrictions are necessary (e.g. no selling to loonies, criminals, etc.) but self-defense is an important right and most Americans understand that. Most gun killings happen in the ghetto, with illegally-owned guns. Incidents like Aurora are rare, thank God.



Here's what George Lincoln Rockwell said 50? years ago-
"The Jews have made it relatively safe for patriots who agree tacitly to remain in the official Jewish playpen. And the boundaries..consist of avoiding mention of just two things: RACE and JEWS...The poor, scared inmates of this playpen are so terrified of the Jews getting even the least idea they might be thinking about sneaking an inch or two out of the playpen, that they usually seek to assure and reassure the jews of their meek submision by endless attacks on 'racists' and 'nazis'."

Hmmm.....sound familiar?

electric eddie said...

Gunfire in Colorado---tragic, of course, but my God what a critic!!

Cassius said...

Dodger Fan. Another great quote from Rockwell. But I see this in Jone's favour. He knows that he can go only so far outside the playpen, and he also knows that he must profess fealty to our overlords. Hence the frequent references to Nazis etc. Just because he doesn't come out with all guns blazing doesn't make him an enemy of WN. And when WNs attack him we're only shooting ourselves in the foot.

SAVANT said...

@MG. You reflect exactly my own views. Thanks. I hope we're right, but I do think we are.

I appeal to everyone not to succumb to that bugbear of WN, namely, savaging anyone and everyone who doesn't agree totally with yourown view. That's a recipe for failure folks.

Be glad of what AJ is bringing to the table. The net effect of what he's doing is highly positive.

Anonymous said...

Something wrong here, too many approving of Alex Jones nefarious methods.

'His' method is to distract the Goy from the true enemy.

Applaud him all YOU want, leave the rest to recognise him for what he is, a paid servant to the Jew.
A false prophet telling you half truths is still a liar, Jones is an enemy of the truth.

kulak said...

I'll say it again, since so many don't get it.

Anti-racist is code for anti-white.

Some of you will scratch your heads at that and think "Well, what does that have to do with Alex Jones?"


RegThe Hedge said...

I see Alex J as part of a flight of stairs to awakening.

Nobody is going to go from mainstream conservative or liberal to IrateIrishman. There has to be a "White consciousness" light for people who are just starting to realise wrong. Alex Jones is maybe step 3 or 4 in a ten step plan.
I remember myself slowly moving up the stairs. I had a phase where I would visit AJ several times a week. Now I never go to AJs website cause I've passed that stage.
For me AJ is playing his part the same way Savant and others are playing their part.

As to the people castigating AJ... You only win through uniting. Nobody ever wins through dividing. If some guy hasn't got the same opinions as you, look for the opinions that unite you and work from there.


Rockwell has a way with words. He calls folks like jones 'parlor revolutionaries'.

Jones pretends to fight, sneaking up on the little lamb jews, and occasionally getting a shot across the bow.

That's safeish, but no way to win a war. He's a false leader.

That said, he knows it and is conflicted. Were it not for his jew wife he might have really been something.

He's too afraid of losing his money. Mayve if he sent his family away for safety he'd unleash the truth.

Rockwell said the 'conservative' groups have been trying to subvert the world's greatest subversives for 50+ years and it doesn't work. I believe him.

I like Jones, though. He's better than most.

Heraclitus said...

Reg, excellently put. I very much like the analogy of the 10 steps. Very apt.

Tony VA said...

LA Dodger fan. That's about my take as well. Not perfect by any means, conflicted certainly, but still a big help. You take what you can get and he's waking people up at a minimum.

Uncle Nasty said...

RegThe Hedge said...

I see Alex J as part of a flight of stairs to awakening.

Nobody is going to go from mainstream conservative or liberal to IrateIrishman.

Reg does not merely hit the nail on the head, here, he bludgeons it into whimpering submission.

Nobody wakes up one morning and says:- "Enough of this gay liberal shit ... I'm gonna be a racist."

It has taken me more than half my lifetime to arrive at where I am ... and, oh boy, has it sometimes been an uphill battle.

Small steps. Always, small steps.

By the same token, I feel that the conversion process -- turning vacuum-brained lock-step lefties into thinkers, needs the same.

Small steps.

Plant the seed, casually. See if it takes. If not plant another. Oddly enough my present project involves two Germans. One is pretty stubborn, so far, but I have hopes for the other.

She says I think like her grandmother.

She likes her grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting essay:

Cass Sunstein is now a member of the Obama administration...I greatly enjoyed reading this and would be interested to hear the analysis of Savant and others!


SAVANT said...

UN, that's exactly my experience too.

Sometime I wonder how it took me so long. It all seems so obvious now.....

kulak said...

Rockwell said the 'conservative' groups have been trying to subvert the world's greatest subversives for 50+ years and it doesn't work. I believe him.

I agree.

I also think anybody coming to WN by way of Jones is a complete accident.

Mary said...

must see video.

Anonymous said...

Mary -- great vid.

Shatter takes personal responsibility for individual grants of citizenship.