Wednesday, 18 July 2012

This is great news

According to a recent poll Americans' confidence in television news is at a new low by one percentage point, with 21% of adults expressing a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in it. This marks a decline from 27% last year and from 46% when Gallup started tracking confidence in television news in 1993. Liberals and moderates lost so much confidence in television news this year -- 11 and 10 points, respectively -- that their views are now more akin to conservatives' views.

Many of the groups that lost confidence in television news also tended to lose confidence in newspapers, though to a lesser degree.

Excellent!  Let them move over to the alternative sources of the blogosphere. There they can make up their own minds on what's true and what's corporate lies.  As Uncle Nasty and many more of you have pointed out, rescuing people from MSM and Hollywood mind-rot is the first vital step. We should therefore see it as a personal objective to undermine people's trust in those liars at every opportunity.


Fiachra O' Blodbaoith said...

There I was in a midwestern state where they do not give a toss what Californians think of them, this some four years ago. Talking to a stockman about this and that I was heard to say that sometimes one wonders whose side the media is on. Said he "We know goddam well whose side the media is on, make no mistake there".Early, hopeful straw in the wind? Lets hope so.

Wolfhound said...

This can only be good news, here's to hoping the alternative news on the web remains free of interference under the guise of battling 'piracy'.

OT, but keep an eye out for any false flag at the London Olympics to be blamed on Iran..

I saw some footage of that G4S (intentional?) cock up and most of the security looked like gang-signing, posing enrichers without a real clue and zero professionalism. Maybe my overactive imagination is getting the better of me, but the whole situation just stinks:

It wouldn't even require the British government to be in the loop, only the top G4S people need to be in the bag.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a trend, and definitely a good one.

Blogs like your help.

Gem Junior said...

1. O'Bloodbath (pretty good simile!), that is hopeful especially since those are the exact types the media make a special effort to shame, embarrass, and butcher. They hate them so much because t hey have always been the backbone of the nation. I've even shaken my head at them because I always thing they are WILLFULLY ignorant to what's happening, and insistent that we are "the most free country" (LOLOLOLOL) blasting country music with GWB bumper stickers. And meanwhile, they are the most despised. There is more personal freedom in Red China than there is here nowadays.

2. Wolfhound: I swear I will be unruffled and unfazed if that's the story - London attacked by Iran! Iranian pilot's passport found next to the rubble of Big Ben, floating on the Thames, still legible! The photo is of Ahmadinajad's brother Jimbo! Gimme an effin break right.

Anonymous said...

@ Wolfhound. If I were a cynical type, I would think that the week long media focus on the G4S "cock up" is going to be a mighty convenient thing if a false flag were to occur.


Anonymous said...

read the chicago police blogs,second citycop,detective shaved long cock.for the real news thats happening in the town,and mentions names and COLORS,


Definitely good news! FWIW the Finns as I like tp call them control polling as a way to manipulate the public, natch. I don't believe any of it except as a weathervane to show me what their agenda is pushing.

Doesn't mean this is wrong, and I just read that about the manipulation (via bribes or influence ) , no proof or anything.

I can't imagine they don't control the process somehow, though.

Anonymous said...

G4S...anyone had experience with the laughable obese brown goons at the TSA?


a swedish friend of this blog said...

Anyone know whether the big change ion comments in the MSM outlets is due to more tolerance on the part of the moderators or a reflection that people are waking up?

Or a bit of both?

Anonymous said...

@18 July 2012 17:39
With regard to the Olympics the TA was being mobilised in April. The 'shock' at G4S failure is pure theater

James Lord said...

@anon 22.27. Most interesting. Wonder if that news will get widespread attention?

Porter said...

More good news: Today President Obama discussed the epidemic of black-on-white violence, calling it "barbaric." He added that his "thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed and injured." And that his government will "work to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators." He concluded with a solemn pledge to maintain an "unshakable commitment to American's security."

Oh. Sorry, I misread. That unshakable commitment was to Israel.

Shaunantijihad said...

IF the new media lie to you


IF the Jews own the news media

THEN the Jews are lying to you.

It's all there. Mass immigration of Muslims/Africans/Mexicans as a proxy army to destroy the white race. Wherever the Jews rule via their central banks, their are multiple black/Jewish/Muslim etc organisations, magazines, charities etc etc but the moment you try open a "White Policemen's Association" you will go to prison.

It's the Jews. It is the Jews. The Jewish Lists:

Start an ad donation appeal. When there is enough, place an ad for this blog in a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

More good news folks. The British government has agreed to match pound for pound all donations to a Muslim charity. We must be out of the economic crisis if they can afford to do this.

Anonymous said...

Just look at how the media ran with the story that George Bush had faked his National Guard Service, a Dan Rather exclusive. It was 24/7 coverage, papers,magazines,talk shows,pundits et al. It turned out to be a big fraud.
Sheriff Joe Arpiao shows proof that Barry Soetero has faked his birth certificate and draft card and all that is heard is the sound of crickets. Now who do you think controls all media is the US? Jews. They totally own all media in the US. No matter where it's coming from you are getting joonews.

Anonymous said...

With reference to the tram lady
It is my opinion that the probable reason to have the inquisition/trial in the Olympics period . Was to to show to the world that the white British working class, were well and truly under the Bilderberg boot! (It ticked all the boxes).
Since then, much has happened to awaken folk ....... The guy/lady/footballer in the next town has gone to or been threatened with prison for miner abuse.
He/she is thinking ‘it looks as if dare not fart if I’m in earshot to an ethnic’
They are well up to picking up on this and have added another box to tick.
Probably wait for the next ‘kickoff’ or organize one if the rain puts the fuckers off!

PS read up on Christene Keeler .....Profumo -Rackman -Boothby-Kray Bros.

Derek said...

Nice to see people gradually waking up.

Anonymous said...

Where's UN?

Gem Junior said...

Listen you guys -- red alert. There's an ass who loves multiculturalism in Ireland and loves Shatter -- go on to Irish to the Alan Shatter accused of Catholic Prejudice comments! (Jewish Irish Minister Accused of Prejudice Against Catholics) I'm having a big barney with this douchebag posting under "eiriamach" who is totally asskissing and rimjobbing Alan Shatter, Barbara Lerner and attacking me as a racist anti-semite, who wants to introduce the KKK to the site and stir up hatred 'cos I'm all feebleminded, petty and fearmongering.
Don't look for Gemjunior, my handle on their comes up as Deirdre Emm so that's me. Please please please it's hilarious: read the Alan Shatter anti-Catholic section and help me out here with this whoremaster, add some comments to educate him/her, 'cos it's people like this who want to Ireland into Haiti - please guys I need someone to post 'cos this bitch is KILLING ME. Funny stuff, crazy people.

Uncle Nasty said...

I have long believed that jews -- as a notion/race/whatever -- no matter how smart or clever they are perceived to be are a collection of fucking nutters.

Read the following and tell me that this is not the case:-

Leftist Takeover of Diaspora Nearly Dan Friedman

I have often written about the Left co-opting the major American Jewish organizations. Now we see the same thing has taken place in Britain. Personally, I think the battle on both sides of the Atlantic has been lost, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Every Jew understands that the Jewish spiritual and political center of gravity is shifting to Israel where it was destined to be. In turn, the countertrend in Israel is moving in the direction of nationalism and Jewish tradition. That explains the desperation spreading through the ranks of our Jewish elites. (cf. T. Friedman & P. Beinart) Even though they reign here, on the Jewish matters that really count, Israel will have the final say – and they know it.

What to do? The best way to fight the sick turncoats in our midst is to simply turn our backs on them. Since they’re now using your money to help undermine the Jewish State, stop giving it to them. Then quit if you’re a member. Lastly, find Jewish and Israeli institutions that are truly pro-Israel and working to strengthen the Jewish people. Give your time and money directly to them.

Oh, and just one more thing. If you are a Reform Jew and a true Zionist, you have a predicament. It should be clear by now that it’s a contradiction in terms. You need to sever your connection, find another place to daven, pay dues and learn about your connection to G-d, the Jewish people and Israel with a genuine rabbi who believes in all three.

Does this Friedman character seriously expect us to swallow whole the concept that the good, pious and industrious jooooos** (the vast, vast, vast majority, of course) are the unwilling, unknowing victims of their evil twins, the bad, left-leaning, bloodsucking leach Joooos** ... just like we goyim are?

"We're the victims here, you know ..."

Amazing how your perspective changes when it's your own ox being gored.


**Joooos©®™ Jocomo, et al.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last post, here is the link referred to by Friedman:-

God, these people can get so fucking weepy. A short quote:-

Late last year, Davis called on British Jews to criticize Israel and had the chutzpah to censure the Israeli prime minister for lacking the courage "to promote the peace process.” He also employed the terminology of Israel's enemies, predicting an "apartheid state" unless Israel changed its policies.

His most contemptible remark, quoted in the Jewish Chronicle, which will continue haunting him, was the arrogant assertion that “the government of Israel has to recognize that there are actions which impact directly on us as Jews living in the U.K. ... When they do good things, it is good for us; when they do bad things, it is bad for me ... The impact on me is as significant as it is on Jews living in Israel ... I trust them to recognize this."

Davis made these remarks in the U.K., a country in which demonization and delegitimization of Israel is at an all-time high and has now emerged as the global center of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign against Israel.

In any self-respecting Diaspora Jewish community, even a mining tycoon like Davis making such outrageous remarks while holding a mainstream leadership position would have been obliged to withdraw them and apologize or resign.

You will notice that israel is so far above criticism that the writer virtually trembles when he writes of it.

Kim Jong Il would be proud ... and could take a few lessons. Read the whole article ... it's puke-provoking.

... espcially "the U.K., a country in which demonization and delegitimization of Israel is at an all-time high and has now emerged as the global center of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign against Israel."

Give me a fucking break. The yids and the masons own the most valuable piece of real estate in the world -- from where everyone is ruled ... the City of London.

The Square Mile.


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Where's UN?
19 July 2012 22:54

To paraphrase the little girl in "Poltergeist"

"I'm Heeeeeere."

Thank you for asking. Seriously though, I am branching out into a new venture which is taking up a lot of my time ... hence the paucity of posts.


SAVANT said...

UN, Ref a post a few days ago, it totally amazes me how Jews always see themselves as victims. This is just another example.



UN-have you read White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell? Its my new favorite book so I can't shut up about it. Its a free download too.

I can't do it justice, but he describes jews as changing their hat to suit the crowd. This is the poor victim hat for stupid goy, that he's really just like them.

He says jews view others as 10 foot tall 6 year olds with guns. Dangerous, but he must be amiable with them while he gets the upper hand and can get them under his control.

They are the worlds greatest deceivers, I'll givethem that. That's about the only award they haven't publicly given to each other.

I love this archive of nazi propaganda. very enlightening!

Clogheen said...

@Gem Junior. What's sad about that thread on Irish Central is how many have been duped by Shatter. You see he's clever. The Catholic Church is now held in such low esteem that it's a popular target.

Still, he has some neck hasn't he? A Jewish Minister openly having a go at the (nominal) religion of 90% of the country.

SAVANT said...

Gem, I've followed your interaction on Irish Central. Unfortunately I can't log on as I've been banned You know how theyboast about free speech there! I suggest you explain what Specter and Kahane are doing. Not many will look them up. Provide the Youtube links or else one of the links on this site where I have a go at them.

Good on ya!

Gem Junior said...

Dammit! They won't print anything I wrote but they're printing everything the other side writes. So annoying. But thanks for going on - I wrote a great explanation about Shatter and Lerner and DAMN they won't print it. Don't you LOVE how he schooled me on Barbara Jew Spectre's accolades, and Shatter's reputation and how wonderful it is that they promote a multi-ethnic Germany? Wait till I see how they're going to fix up Ireland! So I blocked the site (THEY started sending their nonsense to ME first) because I cannot stand censorship, since the paper published the lib's comment and not mine. I'm so mad 'cos mine was Gold Jerry, Gold. Oh well.
Thanks for coming to my aid anyway. Weren't 99% of the comments horrible, either brainwashed to death PC or utter, total rejection of any tradition, patriarchal family (blamed of course on the church)?

Is this the worst nightmare I've ever been in, we've ever been in? And yet, isn't it purely amazing that such a thing could come about, slowly, but to the point where billions of people have no idea they're being controlled? I want to scream WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE but there isn't anything AT ALL wrong with them - other than misplaced decency - I know it well since I've only climbed aboard this life-raft recently myself. I wonder how this ends, I really do. Thank God for t his site Savant, it keeps me sane so it does, and probably a lot of other people too. And the comments - you guys are the best.

Gem Junior said...

Clogheen, LMFAO at that comment -so well put -

"Still, he has some neck hasn't he? A Jewish Minister openly having a go at the (nominal) religion of 90% of the country."

My GOD, when you put it like that it's like a slap in the face isn't it. Brassneck, no actually a neck of steel - and balls like an elephant. Or elephantiasis rather - balls so huge he can sit on them like a recliner. Bastard. And honestly, no one has ever fucking bothered them at all in Ireland - you'd think if they had ANY DECENCY they might leave that one small place in peace? Nope, no can do. They have to push, and push, until they go tooooo far and raise the dead - not in a good way. Sickening, it's really sickening. Uncle Nasty is correct in questioning their much vaunted intellect - because if they can really believe their behavior is fine, normal, justified, okay, (Whaadd didd eye dooo, oyyy) then they must be stupid as a stump.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Gem. You're doing great work and like me, you're totally flogged out at what's going on here. And yes, I tried to post on that threat and guess what? the fuckers didn't publish it. I reckon several more from this site did the same. But that's good in one sense - they're afraid of the truth.

Ok, I'm scaping the barrel, but it's a small consolation I suppose.

Anonymous said...

The Jews...

Aren't they the nation who in 70 A.D. were fighting a bloody civil war within the walls of Jerusalem, even as the legions of Titus were besieging that city?

Obviously they've learned a lot since those days, as now a bare few hundred thousand of them can control literally billions of "goyim"! (How did the same tactics not work on the Romans or Hellenes? Maybe the "goyim" these days are not what they were, when like Jabba they laughed at "old Jedi mind trick")
But with all that control, they still can't rebuild their old Temple, and have to relinquish Sinai and Gaza to the Arabs...and Jonathan Pollard remains in an American prison, despite Netanyahu's visit...


Shaunantijihad said...

Grrr... evil white people torturing babies again. If it weren't for Murdoch newspapers one might actually think names like Qureshi and Chaudhry were not white!

"Ammaz Qureshi, 33, allegedly instructed Yasmin Chaudhry, to hold baby Huaina and dunk her in a bucket of water while they were talking over Skype"

Heraclitus said...

JP - good point. The old mind tricks didn't work in olden times because there was no political correctness then. People were a lot more 'robust'. My own belief coincides with that common in the Middle East, that Jews will continue, as always, to make the same mistake of pushing the envelope too far.

Anonymous said...

@Gem Junior, that Eiriamach is a typical libtard. He/she/it finds the fact that the commenters are asking why there is no description of the man who split the skull of the Irish girl in the Bronx more offensive than the attack itself, which he doesn't condemn unlike the "bigots" and "racists". The attacker has since been described as "a tall skinny black male".