Sunday, 29 July 2012

That Opening Ceremony: An alternative

Well, that Opening Ceremony has certainly drawn some stick, hasn't it?

“Jaw droppingly, heart breakingly, eye wateringly humiliating for the poor Brits.” 

And then there was this backward-looking, narrow-minded piece of  HATE spewed by Forbes: "There was no dignified memorializing of the greatness, uniqueness, and courage of Britain’s past. Just writhing self-abasement before the shibboleth of socialized medicine and political correctness".

My goodness.  Well, here's my take. The ceremony failed because it was too backward-looking. It simply did not have enough of the vibrancy deriving from a greater emphasis on the New Britons.  Ok, we did see representations of African coal miners in 19th century Yorkshire, and some dusky maidens frolicking around the medieval May-pole. But that my friends was tokenism, blacks playing the part of Britons, not their own rich and vibrant cultures.

With that in mind I propose the following alternative ceremony.

Opening scene: Medieval music by way of the harp, lute and dulcimer echoes softly through the stadium as pale-skilled blue-eyed girls, comely maidens one and all, circle the Maypole to the sound of innocent laughter. The audience gasp as this idyll is suddenly replaced by loud hip hop, er, music, courtesy of Mr. Dizzee Rascal while a double-decker bus careers into the stadium.

It grinds to a halt in a cloud of dust, whereupon a group of magnificently muscled  African New Britons emerges. Without a hitch they make a bee line for the comely maidens who flee in terror. However they're easily caught by the New Britons who immediately proceed to rape and rob them. The commentator notes approvingly how the scene faithfully represents the authentic culture of modern Britain.

Again the stadium is shaken, this time by a giant explosion of dry ice. As it clears the dim outline of a Social Welfare Office emerges.  At which point the New Britons, pausing only to pick up the maiden's remaining valuables, make a bee line for the building. To thunderous applause they re-emerge within seconds, brandishing their brand new welfare cheques.

But now the mood darkens. Sombre music replaces the hip hop. The audience falls silent. Then a sympathetic murmur begins as a small African boy, bearing a placard behind his back, emerges out of the shadows.  He walks diffidently towards the gathered New Britons.  And then, in a moment of almost unbearable poignancy, he reveals the sign.  It says, simply, 'DAD'.

The poor little mite is looking for his father. Sobbing can be heard from many in the audience. Then the lad gets near enough to enable the New Britons to read the placard. This immediately occasions a frantic stampede as they flee in all directions  

Now I ask you, would this not be better than what we've seen?  Is it not forward-looking and so much more authentic than all this Industrial Revolution stuff?  And that's not all. I have ideas for an honour killing re-enaction, a bomb going off in the Tube (think how exciting that would be) and a fond look back by the last White Man living in Pekham.

And I offer it to the world for free.


Bemused stare said...

It was a bit like watching a game in the Euro world cup. Found myself wondering what country those individuals are from.

Anonymous said...

I think the apocalyptic punk songs on the playlist were apt like God Save the Queen - "there's no future and England's dreamin", London Calling - "London is drowning and I live by the river", Going Underground - "the braying sheep on my tv screen" and of course I Predict A Riot in tribute to rioters last year.

Anonymous said...

The "dad" picture killed me. Great Savant!!

Anonymous said...

That vile racist Morrissey and his band the Smiths were notably absent in the Opening Ceremony although Enoch Powell fan Eric Clapton's song You Look Wonderful Tonight" was used for the scene where the pretty light skinned mulatto got off with the black kid at the disco. "A Message to You Rudy" indeed! London is black now and as the saying goes once you go black you never go back.

Anonymous said...

used to say in chicago the most confusing day in the public projects was fathers day,John old rtd copper.

The truth will out said...

Excellent stuff Savant!

A far more accurate depiction of the state of the nation, however may I suggest a curtained box up high and almost hidden in the background with the anti-Christ judan cackling throughout orchestrating the whole affair.

we could then have Doreen Lawrence held aloft on an impossibly high pedestal marched up to a throne by the few remaining white subordinates left in the country before officially inaugurating her as Queen of all the whiteys.

Any white people left from the rest of Europe could then proceed to humbly walk before her to an altar and offer up keys to their homes and bank details before ultimately committing mass suicide to make room for her relatives.

Thanks again for your piece, the first laugh I've had about this costly (in more ways than one) affair and a truly fitting tribute to a dying country/continent/civilisation.

Anonymous said...

Could of had a couple of hundred mosquerats praying in the street for real authenticity

Paris Claims

CrystalClear said...

Savant, your version of the ceremony is spot on! I watched in confusion during the music scene as the token multicultural leading girl and boy gazed into each others eyes - my only thought was 'but they're African...'


Outstanding sir!

Essex boy said...

Top class! Ruptured my sphincter at it.!

Anonymous said...

They can read?

Bemused stare said...

In other news, I see that lovely diversity is really starting to bear fruit your side Sav.

You Irish folks don't even have to travel to New York to get attacked by pavement apes anymore.

Anonymous said...

The first 2 questions that always come to my mind is :"In what neighbourhood does the creator of this show (Danny Boyle) live? What school do his own children attend?"

It turns out that he does indeed live in East London, so he is not entirely a hypocrite like, say Gordon Brown or Billy Bragg (holder of the Erich Honecker award for hypocrisy), but his three children are all grown up and presumably out of school. Would be useful to know what school they attended, though.

Anonymous said...

Anyone got links to a good detailed deconstruction of this "ceremony"?

Anonymous said...

Now, here is a piece of mischief.

"Sir Steve Redgrave has been written to by rowing's governing body, FISA, after he criticised the presence of Niger rower Hamadou Djibo Issaka at the Games.
Djibo Issaka, 35, has been compared to Equatorial Guinea swimmer Eric 'The Eel' Moussambani after he finished Saturday's single scull heat and yesterday's repechage more than a minute behind his nearest rival."

Read more:

I think there was a typo there:)

By all accounts, the ridiculous African was cheered on by the brainwashed Proles for being a sport!

I would draw the attention of the readers of Savant's blog to something that may not be apparent. In those sports where Europeans have an advantage, due to greater cardio vascular capacity and strength such as swimming, cycling, rowing, weightlifting (heavyweight) and so on, the attention of the meejah is somewhat subdued but when it comes to activities in which negroes have an advantage - basically, running and jumping, all the bells and whistles are blown with the 100m dash being claimed as the "ultimate event". Really?

What a curious thing that the sport that Negroes are good at should somehow, be pushed as more important - one might think that there was something fishy going on.



How did the jews conquor Palestine?

'nuff said

Jeremy said...

Schaublin, what's depressing to me about that report was the mindless facile, drivel in the comments. Totally and utterly missing the point. Along the lines of 'at least the guy tried' etc. God how stupid can people be?

And have no doubt whatsoever, it's this stupidity and air-headedness that those destyroying us are counting on.

Wolfhound said...

Heh heh, bravo savant.

Some more music suggestions:

The Kinks - Living on a thin line

The Smiths - Panic

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea about the African New Britons and the comely white maidens. But I object to the phrase "rape and rob". Males of African origin have an extremely vigorous and vibrant method of mating with the female that may be confused by ignorant racists with rape. As regards "rob" an intelligent man such as youself should know black people are entitled to reparitions after centuries of enslavement by the white man. Otherwise your ideas for the opening ceremony are excellent. I think it could be developed into a broadway musical and maybe even a blockbuster film. I think for added authenicity the sex scenes between the maidens and New Britons should be unsimulated with extra graphic close ups. All done in a tasteful artistic way and in no way pornographic of course.

Lionel Goldberg

Anonymous said...

Lionel, you and I must get together. We can make a good few shekels on this.

Moshe Rubin

MB said...

Excellent, Savant. It's easy to see why the MSM is falling apart. They don't dare employ talent like you.

With such extreme difference in ability, how can we possibly lose?

Ah, yes. Numbers. The American 'Civil War'. WWII. 'Civil Rights'.

Anonymous said...

Switzerland Olympic footballer expelled for alleged Twitter racism...and this is breaking news on sky and front page of the guardian online.Who gives a toss about kikes raping Syria for instance .Fook i just hope Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or some other dickheads will come and sort this planet out ;-)

a swedish friend of this blog said...

I second what MB says. You're a great talent Savant but far too hot for the MSM. I just hope he's right when he says we can't lose???

Shaunantijihad said...

You forgot the white skinned gymnast who would gracefully backflip across the stadium floor, and into an auction area, whereupon new variant bearded "Britons" would bid for her. The scene gathers pace as she is forced into a burkha by her new owner whilst she is violently raped. It culminates in her simulating giving birth to a mud coloured new variant Briton, accompanied by howls of approval from Communist Party representatives Cameron and Milliband.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else seen the White 'Abbo' called Hooper..what a mug

Glen said...

For fuck sake. This guy's supposed to be an ABBO?

Must be something in it for him pretending that.

Anonymous said...

Why is Kirsty Coventry still swiming for Zimbabwe?Look what Mugabe did to the whites.I d'ont understand this woman.

Anonymous said...

When the Olympics are over,it's nice to know that all the third worlders in the East End of London,will have some where to chill.That's what,white taxpayers are for,innit.

00:43 said...

I liked the bit at the end when the flame came together, but the music and thing with the mobile phone and the texts was really bad. The QUenn jumping out of the plane was rubbish too. She looked really grumpy when she was opening the Games, did anyone else notice that?

To be honest I've little interest in the Olympics. Since the Soviet Union broke up it's just not the same.

What really struck me though was how obviously pro-Black the whole ceremony. And also watching the teams walk by showed just how rare whites actually are.

It's all a nasty blend of corporate big spending and ideological agenda-Fascism, really. And what's with pros playing in some of the games, like Andy Murray in tennis the other day? I thought the Olypmics was for amateurs.

That said I'll still be wishing the Irish team well and will always cheer on the white boxer against the black.

Canuck said...

00.43. It was more anti-White than pro-black. Everywhere possible Whites were downgraded. Even the sports at which we excel seem to be sidelined in favor of normally less popular ones.

00:43 said...

This is really horrific.

If blacks were the only race life wouldn't be worth living.

wavy gravy said...

00.43. I think this is one of the guys I saw at the Cern Laboratory, announcing the Higgs boson. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

WIndy City Irish Pollack said:

Hello Savant, everybody -

Can't say I've watched one nano-second of the Olympics. And it saddens me: I really love England, and enjoyed the time I was stationed there immensely. The last time I was in the UK or Ireland was in 1999. I shudder to think what's become of them since. That's why I decided to opt out of viewing any of this, for the sake of my own intestinal fortitude.

But keep in mind that the winter games are the white man's preserve. I always watch the winter games.

Keep up the great work, Savant!


Windy City Irish Pollack

Anonymous said...

Interesting factoid Ireland has won more Olympic medals than India...

Gem Junior said...

Usually I cannot help laughing at Savant but this is just so sad, it makes me think white people are done for. Niggers and third worlders Who would have thought they could take down the one species that invented everything good in life and shared it with them? But of course I forgot to take into account the most sniveling, slithering, ratlike, foul and rotten God forsaken, denizens of eternal hellfire Jew kikes who do nothing but ruin anything GOOD


I just saw a few hours of this anti white crap from stem to stern.

Good looking out on the pro black event coverage. I never thought about that before, but of course the little lambs at the network don't have any agenda.

They're just a persecuted minority.

Reading about the jew run soviet gulags makes nazis in movies look kind.

They're dying to get our guns asap to start the real fun. Gestappo are in some subways now, and expanding to bus and train, next movie theaters and malls.

Europeans are the only ones that can see it here. Americans are totally clueless, save a handful.

Please pray for us.

More mainstream people talk about civil war all the time, which I pray we can avoid.

We'll never vote our way out of this jew run mess, however.

Anonymous said...

Sav, anyone, please post good vid link to opening ceremony...haven't seen it yet...then again, do I want to???


Uncle Nasty said...

Christ, Savant. Tell me that this is a mistake ... and that this is not Ireland ...

If it is, then you fellows will have to do some serious house-cleaning. Come back, Michael Collins ... all is forgiven.


Anonymous said...

Gem, I was about to rush to inform you that the blacks and mussies are only symptoms of our ptoblem. But then you moved on to identify the real culprits.

Shaunantijihad said...

Just be glad we don't live in the Communist China! The Chinese orthodoxy police arrested a young man for simply tweeting that he thought a chinese athlete had let his family down by just missing out on a medal! Phew! At least we don't live in a police state!

Krokodil said...

Savant, as much as your version has merit (and I must confess I never saw the opening ceremony, except team South Africa with, whaaahaaahaaa!, Castor Semenya holding the flag), I feel a brief addendum could also be provided.

Apparently, the only noble quality one should have in Britain is that of tolerance. Therefore, maybe a scene like this could be added:

Cue White Zimbabwean farmer, having been dispossessed of his land by Black thugs, turns up destitute at immigration in Britain asking for asylum. "What! Rapacious, racist, colonials like yourself are not what modern Britain requires ... oh, your great grandparents are from these Isles, you say? Even more reason for you to push off!"

With that the White Zim farmer fades away, along with a battered Union Jack, and - poof - a mad mullah type appears out of the mist demanding asylum for himself and his extended family of about 500 (who can all be seen in the background).

"OK, so let me get this straight. You want free housing , benefits, are not prepared to work, and plan to set up a website dedicated to celebrating the death of British soldiers overseas. Come right on in, sir! You and your like are the kind of vibrant, multicultural, enrichment that modern "Cool" Brittania both wants and requires."

Scene ends with a huge backdrop of people of all races and religions singing some or other indeterminable rubbish, so as not to offend anyone, and all draped in the EU flag.

Such a scene as above would be a great advert for how tolerant modern Britain has become, whilst also displaying that the only area where tolerance does not exist is towards racism. And, of course, the MSM has constantly been telling us about how racist the Whites in Africa are so, well, it surely must be!

Anonymous said...

For a true interpretation of the anti white opening ceremony, please read some the following,"satanic symbolism in the uk olympic ceremony", hope you are enlightend to what these evil shits really have in store for us Whites.

white rose said...

I don't buy into this symbolism stuff. Why would they want to display this symbolism? Where/what does it get them? At a minimum it risks exposure.

I think this kind of thing only gives ammunition to those liberals who dismiss all of us as conspiracy kooks.

Gem Junior said...

White rose, I know it seems crazy and i'm not really sure about it. But I won't dismiss it because nobody would have ever believed that this shit could be happening either. I don't rule out anything. As for giving anyone ammunition, who gives a flying fuck at this point. I'm only worrying about making sure i have my own ammo plenty of it for these motherfukers....

Dame Edith said...

Well said Gem J.

Mind you I'm with white rose on the symbol thing. Why would they bother?

SAVANT said...

UN 10.19. It is of course true. But not one of the national dailies mentioned it. Even the Herald, in another article, referred to a 'gang' going around swinging a bottle on a string and smashing up people's faces. No mention of any pigmentary distinctive features of said gang.

Vercingetorix said...

Have re-read The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, first time since school.

The similarities to the decline of the West today are simply just extraordinary. Item after item, it seems like someone is following a script.

Methinks someone surely is following a Script.

Anonymous said...

'Reacting' by definition, means to be late. Whatever obvious is the language, symbols or acts directed against people or any honest elite left. Everybody now understand that any action that isn't extremely violent is becoming useless. There is no intermediary action left like in 'political opposition or activism'.
For example, here are 3 hearings from the post bailout period who would have flabergasted any american president pre-68. When listening to the answers given to the hearing, Theodore Roosevelt would have probably stay silent and just used his pistol to shoot the vilains. At this point there is nothing else to do.

Killer question from a US representant to a Kohn practicing Usury: "who decide what we should know about our own money?", at 3minute:

Another killer question: who decides how much to spent anyway?

Here the killer question is at 3:20: " if you (the Inspector General) are not responsible to investigate (where went $9 trillions), who is?"

I checked on wikipedia, however blatantly incompetent Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman looks, nothing happened to her. Bernanke is still in bussiness. etc. They co-opt each other so obviously, steal money openly (except for Madoff, who should have stayed silent about his crime), insult the Constitution without any attempt to conceal anything. Rep. Alan Grayson, Ron Paul and many others, including the wall street movments, might have protested vehemently, they can't do nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

i am the sidhe, i do not know how a great people like the Irish, with their huge ancient heritage, who were persecuted to fuck, yet who went out to build roads ,houses ,engineering fetes, and civilsed countries, like america, canada, australia etc. they are/were a great Race, from a tiny Ireland. the nigger festation, etc. can be made sense of by clicking on"satanic symbolism

Anonymous said...

Your version is inaccurate.

Those white girls would never run from Black men.

they would run into their arms

white "men" cannot satisy white girls due to their small members so white girls NEED Black cock

Anonymous said...

Why do you post this shit Savant?

I see enough coal burners myself. Don't need to read about 'em.

Anonymous said...

@Dame Edith, symbolism is in everything ,why would they not bother?

Anonymous said...

@UN 10:19 and Savant 19:20 there's a someone on called Karlito who thinks the attack was faked! He also can't believe that the man could describe his attackers as African since blacks come from many places not just Africa! And even if the attack happened , the man deserved it because only a racist would describe a black attacker as African!

Anonymous said...

@02:02 you sound like Obamaisahalfcaste, a troll that frequents youtube. Funny how the rape figures of black on white rape figures are so high. In the Nicola Furlong case the suspect black American Richard Hinds was seen putting a white girl on a wheelchair. Not much consent there, was there?

Anonymous said...

@15.44 where do you see coal burners? I rarely see them here in Ireland and the ones that I do see are usually East European or lower class.

Corkonian said...

@20.16. I'm not the anon you refer to but i can assure you i see many in Cork. North Main St. any day you see them.

Anonymous said...

@Corkonian 22.08 I bet they're still the minority and most couples are white (not unless there's more blacks in the area) and more than likely many of the coal burners are Polish, skangers or travellers. Most of the coal burners I see have sad faces.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why would they bother?


Anonymous said...

The Zimbabew scene could be improved if an 80 year old white woman was kicked out to make way For Nkoshi Mkoshi who entered the country as a nurse immediately signing up with a talent agency and being granted a place in reality TV show Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

However, I'm sure that I saw a black farm worker appear in a sequence that suggested medieval England. That must be one black too far? And a black Engineer with Brunel!

Damn you Boyle! Makosi Musambasi wouldhave been a natural to play Isambard Kingdom Brunel! She is a lesbian afterall!

Damn Heterosexist European White Man!

Anonymous said...

This dude is correct

Beijing's opening ceremony did not suck because it was 100% diverse.

You won't get the truth from the mainstream media!

Anonymous said...

Mohammed Nohammed Quhommed Farziz Abdul 100 metres brick run with broken window vault while pissed on alcohol even though the koran forbids it.

Prize 42" Television

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

However, I'm sure that I saw a black farm worker appear in a sequence that suggested medieval England. That must be one black too far? And a black Engineer with Brunel!

Damn you Boyle! Makosi Musambasi wouldhave been a natural to play Isambard Kingdom Brunel! She is a lesbian afterall!

I am particularly fond of US period movies set in the late forties, early fifties. Hollywoodland is a good one ... storyline based on the guy who first played Superman in the flicks, and regarding his untimely and suspicous demise.

Another great one is Lonely Hearts (2006) based on the lonely hearts murders, and of course my alltime favourite L.A. Confidential, in which the no account nogs are dismissed as exactly that ... nigger fog.

However ... Hollywood (Thank you, Kikey) has now released a fictional account of the "Hat Squad" ... the team of L.A. based cops who tried to prevent the intrusion (into L.A.) of the East Coast mob.

A story pretty well told in "Mulholland Falls (Favorite scene: Nick Nolte beating seven shades of shit out of three Feds with a Louisville Slugger).

The new kike-bait piece-of-crap offering however, has a token nigger as a member of the squad. Utterly laughable, as the 40's-50's vintage LAPD had a rep for unusual racism against nogs that was notorious ... even in the Forties.

(Racism in California? Oh, Golden days.)

I don't recall the actual name of this travesty, but you'll see it hyped to death -- as always. A sort of Red Tails for the third quarter of 2012.

I won't be seeing it ... but I'll consider downloading it and burning free copies for my worst enemies.

Does that make sense?


Jerry said...

Makes perfect sense, UN.

Dont know whether you read black web sites at all, but many of the 'readers' have bought fully into the Red Tails story. That blacks almost single-handedly won WW2!!

Anonymous said...

Now now UN. As an advertising guy you should consider the message.

Who were the people picking on the community and walking off with their goods?

Think of JP's story. That was the reputation black people had.

So who were the real racists?