Monday, 9 July 2012

A sign of the times

This tells us so much about today's America - and indeed the West in general.  In case you have difficulty in reading it, the sign on a Houston ‘ethnic restaurant’  says "We will be closed on Friday, September 11, 2009 to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Ali"

Not exactly sensitive to American feelings, is it?  Doesn't reflect how American Muslims are 'so proud to be Americans', does it?  And for good measure the message is repeated underneath in Spanish.

Well, look on the bright side: At least the Spanish version didn't come first.


Gem Junior said...

I'm so disgusted by this pandering and I really have to say that it's US, IT'S WHITES, who are wimpy braindead, brainwashed, assholes. It's not their fault, the muslims and mexicans (ooh, i forgot to capitalize that sooooo disrespectful) it's white people. No Jews either the joos aren't forcing this shit. Whites suck - except the ones like us. Fuck the other pc wimps - they utterly DISGUST me and fill me with rage.

Derek said...

Seems like a misunderstanding.

rebel said...

Too true buddy. And I'll bet that the patrons of this establishment contain a goodly proportion of Whites.

Anonymous said...

Pointless putting anything in Spanish here: no chicanos can read, let alone other spics.


SAVANT said...

Derek, I noticed this when I read the original email I received which, as you say, suggested that the closure was in 'hnour' of one of the hijackers. That's why a specifically omitted any reference to it.

However, the notice itself is genuine.

Henry IX said...

Question I always wanted to ask.... what's the difference between a chicano and a spic?

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Are these the guys who rounded in sanctimonious rage upon us micks all those years ago when de Valera signed the Book of Condolences at the German Legation upon hearing of the death of Adolf Hitler? I might mention that a) Hitler was a political leader elected by due process and b) de Valera was concerned for Dr. Hempel, of the German Legation, a highly cultured polymath and all round gentleman whom de Valera had come to deeply regard and admire, and who was devastated at all the ruin visited upon his country. A time will come when de Valera's action will come to be seen for the humane and profoundly decent gesture which it was. Will the same be true of this raghead?

Corkonian said...

@Eamonn. I agree. Even when I thought (before I awakened') it was the wrong thing to do I was always impressed with De Valera's integrity and bravery in doing that. He could have done like so many others, before and since, and jumped onto the bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Can't be real!?

Good for the camel jockeys I say. After decency and christian civilisation has been utterly destroyed, almost there!, I'll enjoy watching hadji slit the throats of all the godless leftists from my corner in hell.


John Pierre said...

Don't be surprised, everything you need to know about the Religion of Peace is right here, pass it on chaps.

Anonymous said...

A chicano is a Mexican born state-side. A spic is any mestizo, reguardless of birth place.

Uncle Nasty said...

All right, all right.

This is totally off-topic, but i think you'll like it. Take your mind off things for a bit ...


"Bullitt" on steroids ... and makes Steve McQueen look like a wanker.


BTW, how far have we come in just over forty years?

The Ford Fiesta shown here puts out exactly twice the horsepower of either of McQueen's 390 cid Mustangs .... and fifty percent more than the Dodge Chargers that kept running away from the Mustangs.


rambaloosa said...

UN, your a child at heart!

Anonymous said...

That Ken Block stuff is legendary.

I can't help but wonder how these cars would compare to the 'killer' Bs of the 80s(dating myself there).

Good thing about the muslims, there's no confusion about the jewish question! At least I hope not. I'm sure the leaders in the mideast that aren't controlled by zionists will be seeing some non consensual regime change in the near future.

Sequewaying to...who will arm the world's revolutionaries now that libya(who did some business with the IRA I read), and soon Iran and Syria will be out of business?

Historically speaking, who would arm a rebellion in a theoretical western country? *Maybe* Russia, *maybe* China or N. Korea(for cash)? Maybe even Israel, heck, who knows.

Anonymous said...

There's a thing.If,in the morning,Islam was declared to be compulsory in all Western countries,most of us here would adapt quite easily.

Alright,we would have to give up the booze but really we would only have to convert,grow a beard and take another couple of wives(a mixed blessing that one I agree).

Then sit back and watch as the liberals,communists etc are wiped out with the blacks slapped back down to their rightful place.


Anonymous said...

oy vey! UN links to a pro-Israeli site!

No Skraelings said...

I can say with 100% certainty that the ONLY explanation for the free-fall collapse of WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7 towers on Sept 11, 2001 was controlled demolition. Any other explanation defies all laws of physics and thermodynamics. I would encourage everyone to review video of the collapse and notice the squibs and cutter charges that are the hallmarks of explosive demolition. Traces of explosive thermite were found all over Manhattan.

Who was behind the plot? You might ask the "five dancing israelis" or Larry Silverstein.

Uncler Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

"oy vey! UN links to a pro-Israeli site!"

Indeed, Annonny. No one knows better than I, that Theo Spark is a neocon artist supreme. But I work on the principle that even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Besides ... know thine enemy.


Uncle Nasty said...

Annonny says:

Historically speaking, who would arm a rebellion in a theoretical western country? *Maybe* Russia, *maybe* China or N. Korea(for cash)? Maybe even Israel, heck, who knows.

10 July 2012 07:37

If I recall correctly, Venezuela bought a hundred thousand AK74's, received a further 100 000 from another US govt cock-up and have further opened a state-of-the-art factory to produce more.

All this, plus the 200 000 (99 tonnes) that went missing from the US back in 2006. Remember that?

USA 'secret' 200,000 AK47s gone missing vs. Venezuela's legitimate 100,000!

The Pentagon's faux concern over a simple, legitimate purchase of 100,000 Russian-built AK-47 has been blown to the wind in today's revelation by the UK Daily Mirror posing the interesting question .. "Have 200,000 missing AK47s fallen into the hands of Ira terrorists?"

The Mirror's Emily Nash writes that some 200,000 guns the United States sent to Iraqi security forces may have been smuggled to terrorists, it was feared yesterday.

*The 99-tonne cache of AK47s was to have been secretly flown from a US base in Bosnia ... but the four plane-loads of arms have vanished.

Orders for the deal to go ahead were given by the US Department of Defense. But the work was contracted out via "a complex web of private arms traders."

Don't worry folks ... the AK shortage is about as real as the oil shortage. Are all AK's equal? Absolutely not.

Do not touch any made in India.

No kidding ... Indian-made AK's are junk -- and to be avoided like the plague. Any nation that can screw up the manufacture of an AK could fuck up a wet dream. Could that be why the Tata is taking the auto world by storm?


PS:- I should, in fairness, point out that Pakistan makes an excellent MG 42 as well as a top-notch H&K MP5. Some say better than the original in some respects

Gem Junior said...

I just wanted to let you know that I still cannot believe the amount of people who cannot see the plain truth of what you wrote. I think it's because most Americans are so DUMBED that they don't even know the most rudimentary properties of physics, and cannot wrap their heads around the insanity of the official story. It is truly a mockery of this people - make them unable to think and then laugh at them as they believe the most pitiful fairytale. Good God, these so-called Elites are rotten. On 9/11 I remember thinking "WE NEED TO GET THOSE A-RABS!!!" just like everyone else that day, I cheered at the thought of GWB bombing the fuck out of those terrorists! But as the days went by and the steel was quickly loaded onto ships bound for China, I remember thinking how they were destroying a crime scene almost as if they were trying to destroy evidence, justifying it as necessary cos they were looking for people. But I also remember thinking that all the debris would have chunked down in different sizes, instead of perfectly evenly distributed dust molecules that blew out to sea, it would have destroyed far more around the buildings than the neat footprint collapse. That's when I got curious... and the rest is the result of around 10 years of reading about 9/11. I know just about everything about it, which makes it so much harder to wake up other people. They usually tell you you're an insane "conspiracy theorist" (LOL - "Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracies that attempt to shift the blame from the terrorists to someone else" - said by GWB on THE FIRST SPEECH ABOUT 9/11!!!) and so you have to just drop simple hints to them that they CAN see are pure bogus. Presenting someone with a purely scientific, peer-reviewed study by a well-respected Chair of Chemistry and Physics from the Univesity of Copenhagen (Niels Harrit) that completely proves that military grade explosives brought down the WTC does NOTHING for their addled minds. They need to first of all even be interested which so many are NOT and that is the reason this country is in the toilet. Because they don't GIVE a fuck as long as they have their Monday Night Football and their iPods. Disgusting. And so we sit here muttering in disgust because their is so little we can change about a nation of people who hate themselves, have WILLFULLY decided they are to blame for all the non-whites of the worlds lack of initiative or success, and must have a lemmings-like desire to all die. Those of us who don't want to are the "bad apples" the "racists" the "HATERS"!!!! So I guess we better get used to sitting in the stocks or whatever, being pelted with rotten fruit or piles of dogshit, or whatever the plan is for us. Maybe FEMA camp? LOL! Is that a fairytale too? Hmmmm it remains to be seen, and will unfold as God wills it I least we have Savant and His Commenters to make us laugh on the way to whatever Trail of Tears we'll be going down....

Gem Junior said...

John Pierre:
The youtube video on the Religion of Piece(s of Blown Up Bodies)has been removed by youtube..... what a surprise..... how very surprising and unforseen really, how almost - shall I say it? like censorship it would appear? Nooo how silly of me! We live in western nations with free press!! Don't we????

Anonymous said...

Very interesting thank you UN! I'm quite fascinated by the various AKs produced and wasn't even aware India had. I'll curb my gun talk lest I bore others to tears but Venezuela, of course.

Chavez's unfortunate and suspicious cancer makes me wonder if you know who stands to take the reigns after his demise.

SAVANT said...
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SAVANT said...

Gem Junior.......I can understand your frustration, which echoes mine. But bear in mind, as someone on an earlier thread pointed out a few weeks ago, that many of us 'awakened ones' reached our enlightened state having seen through a glass darkly for most of our lives. I know I certainly did. And we'd consider ourselves smart and switched on!

The fact is, most people everywhere and always have gone along with the flow. They believe what they've been indoctrinated to believe and only some major upheaval or cosmic event will get them to change. Think of the Germans in the 1st half of the last century as one example.

Re 9/11, of course it was a conspiracy by elements of the Israeli and US governments and intelligence agencies. This is, should be, the equivalent of discovering that the British in fact attacked Pearl Harbour. But you see PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW. IT'S JUST TOO TERRIBLE A THOUGHT. Intelligent switched-on people that I know simply changed the subject.....said subject beingeasily the most important event of this century to date.

That's why I keep repeating the mantra 'worse is better'. Currently, I can see only an economic armageddon of some kind as capable of jerking the lumpenprolitariat out of their stupor.

Sad, but that's what it'll take.

Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding Gem Junior's and Savant's recent comments, I have to reluctantly concur.
The tall tale told often enough becomes the God's-own shining truth ... and the interesting, nay, fascinating thing is that the seemingly brighter the person is ... the more readily they fall for the doctrinaire viewpoint.

I number among my friends, some pretty sharp cookies ... and one or two who make facebricks appear intimidating -- as well as the leavening majority of inbetweeners. A good representation of the bell-curve, in fact.

The very bright and the rather thick seem to get it; the middle of the curve not so much. Rather the same people, I imagine, who would survive a plane crash in the Alps or the jungle.

The less-sensitive would strip the extra clothes off the deceased, simply because they won't need be needing them. The brighter ones would sigh and say "true enough ..." but middle of the roaders (often idealistic young women) would say:- "I'd rather freeze." and often do.

There is a bright side however. Even if the "enlightened" (if I may call them that) number just five percent of whites (approximately 1.2 billion in all) are aware, and five percent of that amount are pissed off enough to do something ...

Now, halve that amount for children, halve it again for the aged, and again for women**

That's just over three million ... worldwide -- and these are leaders. ... not followers.

Covington's calculations? One thousand dissidents comprising three hundred "Trouble Trios" would take over -- and render ungovernable -- three to five US states.

The IRA tied up Britain for three generations ... all two hundred of them.

And Breivik? You think he acted completely alone and is the only Scandinavian to feel that way?

Your thoughts, of course are welcomed.


**Sorry Ladies, you make excellent torturers ... ask any victim of the Comanche, Apache or the jewish bitches of the KGB -- but combatants you ain't.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last, please note the comments of Breivik's closing speech, here:-

They're ... interesting.


Gem Junior said...

You are so right. I sometimes forget that just a couple or few years ago, I was mouthbreathing and baaaa-ing with the best of them. I guess now that I cracked the surface, I never stop finding out new stuff that simply blows my mind. I'm in the middle of listening to an amazing old Irish priest (not Malachi Martin) whose name I don't know - but he narrated a think on youtube called "build yourself an ark" or "make yourself an ark" or something that is full of such insanely unbelievable information about the marxism, masonry, global economy and how it dovetails with Catholic profacy before Vatican II where offending Jews was not a huge concern like it is now. The Jews ancient talmudic injunction to rule the entire world and it's people is tied up with paganism, Kabbalism, Satanism - pharisee(ism)?, humanism, and the last army of St. Michael that will oppose them (all part of the Fatima prophecy). For some this sounds like a big pile of crap but not to me and many others who strongly believe there is a devil working against God. I know how Catholicism is scoffed at now, but I don't care. I'm finding this guy's stuff amazing to listen to and it came highly recommended.
I guess people will come to when t hey come to - nothing any of us can really do except hope and drop hints wherever we can.

Anonymous said...

Eff Inman Ali and his porcine mother.

Corkonian said...

UN, I think you're optimistic in the extreme to claim that there are 1.2 billion Whites. I'd reckon about half of that, in fact. So-called 'White countries' e.g. Russia or the USA are are both more than 25% non-white.

Having said that I agree with your central position - a really small cohesive force can make a society-changing difference. Think the Bolsheviks, Nazis, IRA.

Can we harness this possibility?

Uncle Nasty said...

I would say England is pretty much ... ripe.

When, not if ... when it comes, it's going to be epic.


PS: I know that white population was on a different thread (I think), so I throw the following discussion to you.

Getting elderly, yes, but what can I do?

Secondly I clarify my feelings on the matter in that I feel that the amount of whites in existence is secondary. What is important is how many whites there are, that will resist.

Henry IX said...

UN, read this article - nothing new there - but I can't see any evidence that 'Britain is ready'. On the contrary. It just gets worse every day. Am I missing something that you noticed?

Uncle Nasty said...

Sorry for the confusion ... when I said Britain was ripe, I did not mean ready to eat.

I meant this far from plummeting to the ground and going splurt ... snot and garbage and stinky smell, everywhere.

Still, I see huge poo-poo ahead because the PTB, being left-wing and almost incontinent in their delight at the collapse, simply cannot see that they are pushing the agenda too hard, too fast.
The accelerating rate of collapse does not alarm them as it would any sane person.
They simply do not possess the imagination to even entertain the notion that the scenario can still go violently wrong.

Once again, a terribly feminine and jewish trait. They cannot resist crowing ... they can't keep their mouths shut.

This is why I feel that the very worst move the Democrats could make in November is to actually win.
Four more years of Democrat misrule? I see a war of secession before 2020.


Uncle Nasty said...

Remember that Godawful load of eighties excrement "Love means never having to say you're sorry"?

It's one of the benefits of being an unrepentant nazi ... like me.

Repentance is for Quitters
By Matt Forney

AltRight's youngest reader and classmates

Repentance: once a means of righting your wrongs before God, now a mechanism for the savages of our post-Christian society to publicly humiliate anyone who goes against the grain.

If you’re a rebel and the masses can’t kill or silence you, their fallback is to try to convert you. Castrate you, lobotomize you, make you as mindless and suppliant as they are.

"The command of the totalitarians was ‘Thou shalt.’ Our command is ‘Thou art.’ No one whom we bring to this place ever stands out against us. Everyone is washed clean…"

George Orwell, 1984

Orwell was right and wrong. He envisioned that our future tyrants would keep us in check with ultraviolence. But just because America doesn’t have any gulags doesn’t mean our treatment of thoughtcriminals is any less like Oceania’s.

Death camps and firing squads are weak sauce compared to the ultimate weapon of mass obedience: social ostracism.

Say something truthful but upsetting to the established order, and you’ll likely lose your job. If you don’t get fired right off the bat, you can bet there’ll be a torch-wielding mob threatening your employer into submission. Criticize your Marxist, feminist, lunatic leftist professors and be threatened with failing grades, never mind academia’s claim to be a place where ideas can be exchanged freely. Espouse red pill ideas in front of your blue pill friends and get kicked out of the club.

In the cult of political correctness, Oprah and Obama are the high priests. Kneel before them, heretics!

Ostracism is more effective than bonfires or bullets both because it sows doubt among the rebel’s followers while simultaneously preying on his desire for social acceptance. A murdered man easily becomes a martyr, more powerful in death than he ever was in life. Men who are jailed or otherwise silenced can inspire loyalty too. But a rebel broken down, seemingly recanting his beliefs, apologizing for what he’s said, brings discord to his movement. Some begin doubting their faith in him, while others might go extremist. Think how Malcolm X was murdered by one of his own supporters for the crime of moderating his beliefs.

Either way, if the rebel recants, the revolution is dead.

Never say "sorry".


PS: Got to love the accompanying photo ...

white rose said...

Ostracism is indeed one of the most powerful deterrents. And this comes down to regaining control of the mass media. It's our first priority. Begin by not paying for any of it. Get your news and opinion from the Web.

Anonymous said...

They'll never voluntarily give an inch in the US. That's why they crush so called 'militias' so vigorously. They know exactly how Israel was created and will not allow us the opportunity willingly.

That's why, legally and lawfully, we have to do it ourselves in the Northwest . They can't stop us from voting with our feet, yet, and its the only vote that counts.

TBone said...

'They can't stop us from voting with our feet'

True. But we can't stop the muds voting with their feet either. and that's our problem. Where we go, they follow.