Monday, 2 July 2012

Racist dog bites manhood

It will come as no surprise to you that I don’t buy into the many virtues attributed to cultural enrichers by the guardians of our moral ecosystem.  With the exception of one: Vibrant. This is defined as  “pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity, vigorous, lively”.  Now anyone of you who’s seen a Nigerian sprinting to the Welfare Office, Muslims attacking a Christian procession, or gypsies fleeing the scene of a robbery will acknowledge that such enrichers are indeed ‘vibrant’, as defined above.

And so it was with Kristoff Alauya. This splendid chap, a ‘refugee’ from Nigeria, has hardly let up since he first came to Ireland in 2003.  No sooner had he landed in Ireland then he set off on a non-stop spree of rape, sexual assault, robbery, murder and necrophilia.  I don’t know where he got the time to pick up his welfare cheques, he was such a busy boy.
Here’s a report from the Sunday Worst which richly describes Kristoff,  presumably pulsing and throbbing with energy and activity, in a vigorous, lively way, on his form with a mud shark who invited him back to her house: “The young mum was stabbed, strangled and raped in her home by Alauya in the Belfast suburb of Suffolk in November 2006 after she invited him back after meeting him in a Belfast night spot.”  
What girls will do for a length of radiator hose.
The then 23-year-old sicko went on to have sex with her lifeless body as she lay, blood-soaked, on the kitchen floor. He then stole items of property before coolly hailing a cab and making his way to a nearby all-night garage where he purchased a burger to eat. The killer, who stands at over 6'5", is wanted in connection with a series of rapes in the Republic. Despite getting a 22-year prison sentence, Alauya made jail boasts that he would be free soon.”

Yeah, just say dat be racis’ and all will be forgiven.

But there’s a happy ending. While in jail he displayed more vibrancy by kicking a German Shepherd patrol dog in the head.  The dog, with his own commendable brand of vibrancy, proceeded to bite off part of the enricher’s dick. Oh happy days.  The enricher, howling like a banshee, has been whipped off to hospital in agony. The dog is undergoing tests for blood poisoning.

Thanks to the commentators who brought this incident to my attention. I missed it because  apparently the only MSM exposure of this happy event has been on the Worst.  Good gate keeping, Thought Police.


Martinus said...

He fell victim to an inherently racist society, don't you know. None of this is really his fault, white society forced him into it and by reporting openly and widely on this 'unfortunate happening' you would just be perpetuating the negative stereotypes, which in turn reinforces the racist society's belief system which caused this 'unhappiness'.

Unfortunately, as yet, we have not been able to teach animals and pets not to differentiate between races, and that all and everything is equal in all and everything, although some need special allowances like our new-irish brother. The animal, instead of doing the right thing and allowing a frustrated and downtrodden 'person of colour' to express his vibrancy in his own unique and radiant way, has unfortunately resorted to a racist, violent, possibly nazi-inspired attack; he is after all a GERMAN shepard *spit*.

Dan said...

Are 6 ft 5 nigerians so common in Ireland that he couldn't be found by the cops within a few minutes?

Anonymous said...

This was a disgraceful attack by a Nazi German Shepherd dog on a man just because he was black. Kristoff Alauya is a hard working new Irishman, loving husband and adoring father to beautiful Irish children. Kristoff was horribly maimed in a vile senseless racist attack by a cruel evil fascist dog. We must yell at top of voices and say "Never Again" and tell the racists what we think of them.

Rosanna Flynn

Residents Against Racism

Anonymous said...

German Shepherds:

The great white hope.

F McCool said...

Are 6 ft 5 nigerians so common in Ireland that he couldn't be found by the cops within a few minutes?

Dan, they're all too f*cking common.

Anonymous said...

Since UN rules on asylum were broken in allowing this Nigerian into the country in the first place (asylum must be claimed at the closest 'safe' country through which the refugee passes), then surely the victims and their relatives have a case against the Government as this man should never have been here in the first place?

I've always employed this kind of logic when thinking about specifically Muslim immigration. Since it's possible to know the beliefs and practices of a Muslim by studying the Qur'an and hadiths, then surely if the Government allows in someone who believes in the murder, enslavement and rape of non-Muslims as per the teachings of Islam then the Government shares responsibility for their crimes. After all, if someone stood at customs and said "by the way, I believe that all non-Muslims should be subjugated, killed, enslaved or forcibly converted to Islam", then that person would not be allowed in, I assume.
We know what they believe because we know what a person must believe in order to qualify to be a Muslim, so surely Muslims should not be let in at all, and if they are and go on to brutalise the indigenous population, then surely the Government or at least the civil servants involved should have to take some form of loss.

I'm in favour of punishing the individuals involved in letting them in. For example, if my girlfriend was raped by a Muslim then I would feel justified in hanging whichever border officer was involved in allowing them entry or whichever government minister made it possible.

Prove me wrong, someone.

Frank said...

You jest, but that's not too far off the mark from what Rosanna Flynn would actually say. For her and her ilk her gender is heavily trumped by Turld World status in the Victimhood Steeplechase.

Dan said...

I met a delightfully racist Irish young lady in Mayfair the other week. She has a flat in the East End. Roisin. Ah, more English than the English these days.

There's hope.

Ian said...

It seems he only bit off the foreskin,thereby preparing our dusky friend for converting to Islam as so many of them do in jail. Methinks the dog bit off less than he could chew

Gem Junior said...

This dog should be honored forever and held up o future generations of White people (if there are any...) as a hero. I believe he should be stuffed (as in taxidermy, not the other way)and put into a museum. For Whites Only. After all, there are museums dedicated to Jews Only on ever corner in the western world. We should be allowed to have one.

Now about this filthy piece of charcoal having his dick bit off - that is just divine. How appropriate. I hope that enough is cut off, permanently, and no stupid surgeon has sewn it back on. Because this uncivilzed nigger is using it as a weapon. Just look at those cold, dead, shark eyes. There is nothing behind those eyes except savagery, and a reptilian brain capable of the most basic functions, and absolutely no high order thought or reasoning. He is, for all intents and purposes, of even lower IQ than some animals.

When Whites will actually get off their asses to do something about this is beyond me, unknown to me, completely beyond my ken. I have absolutely no knowledge of what is stopping a huge number of Whites to march up to every government office in the world, demanding changes and roundups with immediate deportation. To their countries. This scumbag is NOT "Irish". Some things still have meaning. Just because the newspaper editors and owners are fucking INSANE does not mean the "common folk" (that is the cannon fodder, goyim, cattle, sheep and whatever else they call us) believe this degrading LIE. NOT IRISH, NEVER WILL BE.

Anonymous said...

I want a statue of that dog in my backyard. I love him.

Rob said...

Any chance that those responsible for not deporting this monster will face any kind of punishment?

Anonymous said...

Organize the Kennel Club to get more dogs like this one in the prisons:
The 28-year-old who is suspected of carrying out sex attacks n the Republic, kicked a 'tough as nails' attack dog in the head and then tried to throttle it before the dog bit his penis. The barking mad lag then tried to assault his handler in Northern Ireland's Maghaberry Prison and is now facing the prospect of charges for his unprovoked attack on both.

He's also facing an excruciating recovery and last night Alauya was recovering from heavy blood loss and needed over 40 stiches on his arms, stomach and penis.


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here, on the other side of the Atlantic, scratching my head in complete bewilderment over why you Irish are actively importing Africans.


My confusion is turning into frustration. What could even POSSIBLY be a benefit????????????

rjp said...

The only good nigger is a dead nigger.

At least this one can't (hopefully) rape anymore.

Bubba22 said...

Damn, I guess that dog will now qualify for dental care and tooth cleaning. Poor canine....

Anonymous said...

At last some good news on your blog

Anonymous said...

Where can I send the dog a thank you card?!?

katana said...

In further news the heroic German Shepherd, Fritz, is being treated prophylactically for bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A and E, typhoid fever, malaria, yellow fever, meningococcal meningitis, Lassa fever, leptospirosis, shistosomiasis and rabies. For our gentle readers wondering about STDs an expert stated that human, canine and feline STD's are species specific and can normally only be spread to the same species. But given the prevalence of inter species sexual practices in Nigeria (an open minded society) Fritz will be tested for specific Nigerian STDs that have been known to spread between species.
Fritz will also receive ongoing counseling for this traumatizing encounter. His handler has commented that Fritz now refuses to touch his once favorite food, ‘black sausage’.

Anonymous said...

What a splendid dog.Is he okay?Is there some way we could send him a few choice steaks as a reward?On a another note-for f^&ck's sake-why would any woman bring a stranger home with her,let alone a bloody nigerian.Stop trying to prove to yourselves you are not racist-be racist,you will live longer.Remember Nicola Furlong.Get some sense women,and you men too-avoid blacks like the plague-especially groups of them.

Shaunantijihad said...

It's a dog eat dick world. Animal bites animal. What's to see? But thanks for telling me, put a smile on my jaded old face.

However, the scum who deliberately let loose these Negroes amongst us are as guilty as someone who lets loose an infectious disease. As for the woman, she got what she wanted. She was well enriched, innit?

Shaunantijihad said...

Heads up, the thought police have thrown Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group in prison:

Anonymous said...

Dog Bites Vegetable

Dogs are carnivores so the biting of a vegetable would be news.

Anonymous said...

He should serve his sentance at Shatter's house. In his wife's/daughters bedroom.
The dog should be given a large dose of anti biotics, and then given Shatter's job.
Paris Claims

B Boru said...

anon 00.43. That's an interesting point. After all, just about everyone here has claimed against the government for something or other.

F McCool said...

Just look at those cold, dead, shark eyes. There is nothing behind those eyes except savagery, and a reptilian brain capable of the most basic functions, and absolutely no high order thought or reasoning. He is, for all intents and purposes, of even lower IQ than some animals.

Gem Junior, brilliantly put. I used often think the same thing looking at pictures of black perps, but you put it much better than me. They are a different species.

Anonymous said...

This is a barbaric case of institutional racism. Kristoff Alauya was a hard working New Irish taxi driver found guilty of a crime he didn't commit. This savage racist attack by an Irish Alsatian dog makes me ashamed to be Irish. I will burn the Irish tricolour on stage tonight to show solidarity with my black brother Kristoff and my disgust at the constipated anally retentive hideously white Irish. The cruelly maimed innocent Kristoff rots
in jail. Tonight thank God it's him instead of you.

In the Name of Love


Corkonian said...

Several of you have wondered how/why these people got into Ireland. Women got in by arriving 7 months pregnant and claiming asylum. Under the law then once the niglet arrived he was an Irish citizen. Then for 'family unification' reasons the mother was also allowed stay.

Men, like the enricher in this post, got some local mudshark up the spout and then also claimed famility unification rights.

Of course only white countries took the terms of the various Conventions they signed seriously. All others simply put the run on the enrichers once they came within sight of their shores.

Anonymous said...

The wounded woman looks up through his one dying eye
Says "Wha'd you bring him in here for ? He ain't the guy !"
This is the story of the Hurricane
The man the prison dog came to maim
He could have been the champion of the world

Robert Zimmermann

Anonymous said...

Politicians show how evil they are by unleashing such monsters on the public then sitting back and watching from afar the Armageddon unfold.

Rob said...

It's probably not the first mouth his dick's been in since he came here, but Alsatians are less welcoming than Irish coal-burners. Must be that dogs don't spend four hours a day watching Blacks being depicted as mild-mannered intellectuals on TV.

Paddy West said...

@ Anon 3 July 2012 03:05 --

The reason for this unwanted enrichment is, ultimately, Amurrikan pressure. The Amurrikan govmint has bent, accomodated and kowtowed to Judentum in every way since Theodore Roosevelt's time, is now largley STAFFED by Juden and other aliens brought in by the Juden as allies, and has today become the foremost force for white genocide and degradation on the planet. Amurrika's military, cultural (if you can call Judaeo-Amurrikan swill "culture" at all) and financial domination is what put the present regimes in power in Europe.

This is not the work of ordinary Amurrikans, who are too debilitated from living on bad food and negrified "education," and exhausted from working three menial jobs to make ends meet, but rather the Levantine parasite that has fastened itself to Amurrika's brain stem.

In addition, there is no denying that Amurrika's non-Jewish elites have made a devil's bargain with the parasite and have decided to "merge" with it, siding with the alien against the vast masses of white Amurrikans of supposed "lower" class. For these decadent county-club whites, the Third World hordes are deserving of limitless largesse, compassion and understanding, while "lower class" white Amurikans are worthy only of contempt and scorn. All of this is why Amurrika is so much further ahead in converting itself into a Third World sewer than even the most decadent of European countries.

If any European country moved DECISIVELY to shut off Third World colonization, Amurrika and its yiddish media would go absolutely berserk and scream for war. "Patriotic" Amurrikans in trailer parks all over the heartland would volunteer to "serve their country," and enthusiastically go off to bomb and kill what they have been indoctrinated to view as "Euro-Trash."

When Amurrika is no longer able to financially (and, ultimately, militarily) terrorize Europe, then European peoples can act -- despite their governments -- to save themselves.

This, oddly enough, might mean the salvation of whitey in Amurrika too.

Anonymous said...

The Nigerian psychopath, who raped and killed pretty-mum-of-mum Grace Moore - the mother of former Miss Northern Ireland Lori Moore - was set upon by a prison patrol dog after the sick thug kicked out at the Alsatian

mum-of-mum what the hell does that mean?

Not the Lori Moore of the New York slimes

Read it and weep.

The number of coalburners in the backward North is something else.

Anonymous said...

african carribeanean Society of northern Ireland

Once upon a time a voluntary group had one of these join them.
The staff fawned over this exotic creature because they were morons.
Stuff went missing.
The staff tried to figure out hoiw it happened.
The exotic creature moved elsewhere.
Stuff stopped disappearing.
The staff were delighted with this development but could not figure out how it had happened.
Then again I doubt you could.

Anonymous said...

how come we never see these niggers in Croatia or Serbia??? because these guys dont play the nigger game and shut them down 1st time around,if they do arrive at all they are told they are not welcome in the country and dont expect any frebbies from the govt or pvt,institutions,nigger you fucked up your own country dont fuck with mine or we will kill you,,short and sweet,

Corkonian said...

anon 15.36. Very similar thing happened with my rugby club in Co. Cork. Never ever a problem with stuff being stolen from the dressing room. Could leave your wallet lying around the place for days. Then two Nigerian 'youths' joined.

Soon stuff started to go missing. No accusations but new security measures had to be applied. Giving great inconvenience to all.

Amamzing thing is that everybody was - is - afraid to openly make the connection.

We're truly fucked.

Gem Junior said...

I'm sorry for these coalburners because I believe that they are being deliberately brainwashed by the 4 hours a day depictions of blacks who act like whites. Those who've grown up around them know that is not the case. If these girls were my age, grew up in the 70s and 80s when bussing started, we were horrified at watching them lay waste to perfectly good neighborhoods and their penchant for unprovoked violence was legendary. The Idiot Box is the reason for this coalburning - because let's face it, it isn't "natural" so most girls wouldn't be doing it unless they felt some compulsion to be seen with a black or some sense of civic duty to show their lack of racism. Well girls, this is it. Now aren't you glad you took a stand against racism and those ugly people who claim blacks are dangerous? Aren't you the smart ones - never getting married to a decent Irish boy, never experience the joy of holding your own baby(s), never living your life?
The people responsible for this are satanic, I'm convinced. Not the rubber stampers, the people making the decisions. No good will come of it, only evil as we watch our race disappear and our young women murdered and raped.

Robert the Biker said...

This will I fear continue to happen until we openly put bounty on the nigger shit. In or out of prison coon, you may still be breathing today but you are dead.

Rob said...

The number of coalburners in the backward North is something else

White people in the North are the same as everywhere else - unfortunately.

Olda said...

The reason we do not have blacks so much here in "eastern" Europe is mainly I think because, they do not speak the language and mainly because they will not entitle to free welfare like they get in western European countries.

But the same unguided view of blacks in the west is pretty much here too!! Blacks shown to be smart+clever+attractive to females.

Anonymous said...


Is watching a rubber stamp or a decision?

eah said...

Someone should have offered the dog fries with that.

An update for all admirers of England:

Arrest over 'racist tweet' at footballer Danny Simpson

By now there's probably a crack task force to tackle the huge problem of offensive tweeting. Or is it twittering? It must be called 'Operation Tweetent'. Or something like that.

Lottery winner Edward Putman admits benefit fraud

The highlights: A man who won nearly £5m on the lottery has admitted fraudulently claiming about £13,000 in benefits...The court heard how Putman, who was convicted of rape in 1993, began receiving income support in 2000 on the basis of his being incapacitated by anxiety issues.

Who doesn't have "anxiety issues"? Maybe in the UK only convicted rapists can get money for it.

Good night.

Fiachra O' Blodbaoith said...

No chance that that dog could be induced to bite all the other big powerful dogs around the place,pass it on, I suppose?


It really is great to read this blog and get a European perspective.

I went to museums here in LA this weekend. They were full of filthy degenerate jew art. I never understood what hitler meant, but he was right. European art of Christian images was shunted off to dark corners, while some kike faggots photos of naked men and supermodels was enormous.

Funny, but I had to wonder if anyone around me noticed most all the artists were jews with fake names. I never learned that little fact in college!

I see lots of beautiful white women here with black men that are either gay or apparently just a friend. That's how it looks to my eyes, although the negro runnin' game on white females is all too common.

Anonymous said...

"shark eyes". Absolutely brilliant, Gem Junior.

awakened said...

Dodger Fan. There's nothing at all surprising in this once you become 'awakened'. It's quite simply another thrust in the attack on the fundamental nature of our society. It's been an incredible success. In fact there are times when i almost cringe before the audacity of those who, a miniscule minority, set out to get us to destroy ourselves on their behalf.

How could they have done it? How could Whites have been so easily duped? It truly is mind-blowing. And all in plain sight once one knew what to look for.


awakened-its funny, but until I became aware, I could hardly tell a jewish name. Now I see all the galleries were endowed by kikes, so naturally their brethren are featured. 'modern' aka jew art was predominant.

Covington touched on self hating whites in his last broadcast.

Has anyone heard the discussion and reading of the international jew on the white network? I read it a short while ago, but it really helped me focus by listening to the show.

The more I learn of them, the more I realize why jews are the most hated of all races.

I must have seen half a dozen squad cars at lax, and a bomb dog, without even trying.

The expansion of the poice state is frightening, yet nobody even gets it.

There are no terrorists, those cops are to keep whites in line.

Anonymous said...

How could Whites have been so easily duped? Michael King Phakeh D. assured us that black people wanted to live as whites did.
He lied!
He lied!

nemesis said...

Dodger fan and Awakened. I think most of us have been down the same road. Don't be overly hard on unawakened Whites. I was one until a few years ago, and so were both of you, so far as I can tell. Even the omniscient Savant was extolling the unparallelled virtues of Jews throughout the first few years of this blog!!

It all seems so obvious now but only with the benefit of hindsight. But I still ask myself how I failed to see it all those years.

So just let's all get the message out to the best of our abilities.

In conclusion I'd just add that, IMHO not all Jews are our enemies and out to do us down. Unfortunately, too many of them are.

Anonymous said...

@PaddyWest 15:27 You give America far too much credit and blame. True, its culture has permeated the West, but Western Europe, more than any region on earth, has clamored for cultural diversity and political correctness since
WW2. For example, I hold the countries western Europe much more accountable for the boycotting and eventual collapse of South Africa than any others.

Anonymous said...

nemesis- oh I hear you, I didn't figure it out till middle age. I'm careful not to insult anybody who's still in the matrix.

Speaking for myself, I was brainwashed to think there was no white culture, to carry guilt for our sins, etcetera and I was educated before multiculti was as overpowering.

I pity anyone 'educated' in todays schools.

As a sheep myself, I hold little faith that anyone will ' do something ' to save us. We have to do our part, and that means accepting risk to our wealth. perish the thought!

as far as the Jewish question, there are no simple answers. not all of them are 'against' us, but they're all out for each other. how many do you hear speaking out against their kind? a handful.

no, not all of them are against us, just all the ones that count.

Anonymous said...

@PaddyWest July 3 15.27: Modern Europe is as much to blame as anything. Europe has been on a major guilt trip since Hitler's excesses of WW2. Accordingly, they've bent over backwards to be accepting and multi-cultural.

Bubba22 said...

That dog is guilty of a race crime...any Arian who attacks a coon is a racial hater... The dog needs counseling and mouthwash....
Lorena Bobbit had a similar issue years ago when she dismembered her sleeping lover and threw the boys hardware out of the car window at 60 mph (100 kph for the boys across the pond). The phallus struck the windscreen of an elderly couple. The wife of an elderly couple commented 'Earl, did you see the dick on that bug?'

Anonymous said...

What a sorry lot we've become. I'm in the U.S. and I just want to scream to Europe "please don't make the mistakes we have made"!! All the glorified gangsta rap and degenerate behavior seems to incubate here. The fake cool and civilized persona is packaged and sent overseas. Knowing what I know, I don't see how people fall for it, but I realize the untouchable powers that be have been at this for awhile.

I'm always keeping an eye out for places to relocate to, since the U.S. is no longer the country I grew up in. Nearly all of my family came from Ireland, so it's frustrating as hell to hear of this crap unfolding there. To hear of this sort of thing happening near Belfast.....I don't think it was that long ago that people were getting whacked left and right during the troubles. Part of me thinks there would be no tolerance for this sort of invasion. I don't recall the PIRA being fond of the Brits on their soil - do they or their latest incarnation not care?

Paddy West - you've got that right. Ammurika is corrupt as hell, and most folks are just led by the nose. A failed economy may unfortunately be the right medicine,

Olda - I hope and pray Eastern Europe can stay away from this cultural suicide.

Kinda feeling like the last Roman

Anonymous said...

one good thing came out of the nigger apperance in the north is that the prods and tags now have a new enemy that they are joining against,

Boris O'Caine said...

Absolute mystery---why has the Nigerian Embassy not opened its doors of a morning to find a bucket containing this Kristoff guys severed head with a note attached saying "here's your boy back......."
that's all I ask.

Kevin R. said...

Nice one bubba!!

Frank said...

You feel like the last Roman?

I live in Leicester and I feel like the last white man!

Anonymous said...

Misleading title "Racist dog bites manhood" as I read the story and I read about a niggerhood being bitten.

For shame!

To the sicko at Wannabe Mainstream Media idiotstadt.

Uberdude said...

Over a decade ago now a girl with some level of intellectual disability wasused ton travelling to Dublin regularly for some species of treatment.While able to do this on her own, she nonetheless really lacked all the streetwise knowhow to avoid trouble---in effect she was more or less defenceless.And sure enough she went missing, abducted. The media became a howling mob, the Irish Times in the lead, in a frenzy of exultation in the belief that a group of priests were responsible.
Then suddenly the truth came out; she had been kidnapped, imprisoned and gang-raped over several days, until the perps tired of it, whereupon she was turfed out into the street not having a clue where she was, until found wandering around in distress. The whole issue vanished from the media then, not a word anywhere, as though it had never been. Not priests after all---a bunch of Africans. The Irish media, like their counterparts everywhere else, are aiding and abetting some of the foulest crimes taking place today.

Uberdude said...

Over a decade ago now a girl with some level of intellectual disability wasused ton travelling to Dublin regularly for some species of treatment.While able to do this on her own, she nonetheless really lacked all the streetwise knowhow to avoid trouble---in effect she was more or less defenceless.And sure enough she went missing, abducted. The media became a howling mob, the Irish Times in the lead, in a frenzy of exultation in the belief that a group of priests were responsible.
Then suddenly the truth came out; she had been kidnapped, imprisoned and gang-raped over several days, until the perps tired of it, whereupon she was turfed out into the street not having a clue where she was, until found wandering around in distress. The whole issue vanished from the media then, not a word anywhere, as though it had never been. Not priests after all---a bunch of Africans. The Irish media, like their counterparts everywhere else, are aiding and abetting some of the foulest crimes taking place today.

Anonymous said...

Here in Costa Rica, they would have probably have let the dog kill him:
Nicaraguans are incensed by the November death of Natividad Canda Mairena, a Nicaraguan living in Costa Rica. A suspected burglar, Canda was mauled by a Rottweiler guard dog for 1 1/2 hours while bystanders watched. The attack prompted a barrage of jokes in Costa Rica, including a cartoon showing a pack of Rottweilers defending Costa Rica's northern border.

CR is an easy-going liberal democratic country. But it lacks an ACLU/YKW.

Paddy West said...

Anon @ 4 July 2012 02:57

Anon @ 4 July 2012 03:27

I agree with your points to a "point," and certainly do not let West European traitors off the hook. These types would have been totally marginalized and probably irrelevant if not for the Second World War and the subsequent domination of the western part of the continent by a propositional, "diverse," money-fixated, anti-intellectual and pop-culture driven power in near total thrall to the Jew -- Amurrika.

The pro-third world, anti-European program pursued by the governments and institutions of the most decadent West European countries in the last 50 years is the DIRECT result of the "empowerment" (to use a lib-tard expression) of these elements by their Amurrikan "liberators" in 1945.

In fact, if it had not been for Amurrika, it's possible there would have been no reason for the US to "liberate" Western Europe at all, because there may not have been a World War II, at least in the form that actually occurred. Franklin D. Roosevelt was deeply involved in pushing Europe toward a general war, pouring fuel on the fires of the real problems that existed in central and eastern Europe, and conspiring with war-at-any-price politicians in Britain like Churchill. He was busy at this as early as 1937.

When the Germans captured the archives of the Polish Foreign Ministry in Warsaw in 1939, they found years-worth of documentation (letters, cables and such) urging the Poles toward CONFRONTATION with Germany instead of compromise. The French were particularly hectored, bribed and bamboozled by FDR as they hesitated to declare war in 1939 over Poland -- remember the slogan "Mourir pour Dantzig" that summed up the mood among the poilus? FDR cared neither for the Poles or the French.

Roosevelt was certainly no friend of Britain either -- by 1942 the Empire was in TOTAL HOCK to the Amurrikans, thanks to Churchill, the destroyer and bankrupter of the British Empire.

The US liberators and their British SUBORDINATES planned as early as 1942 to use Germany as the laboratory for the social engineering of a future "democratic" Europe.

They deliberately bombed German CULTURAL sites while often ignoring nearby arms factories, in a CONSCIOUS effort to wipe out the heritage of the past. They poured their armies into prostrate Europe, including Amurrika's Negro and Mexican rear area troops, with the result that in 1945-46, women in many European countries (not just Germany) were selling themselves to Jews and Blacks for a chocolate bar. And they brought their nigger and Jew music with them, while lording it over the European MEN, both the defeated and the "liberated."

Read the book "What to do with Germany" by the Amurrikan Jew Lawyer Louis Nizer, which came out abound 1944. This was actually the program for the post-war occupation policy that has in the main been followed. In it is laid forth the whole Jew Frankfurt School program for "reeducating" the "Krauts" by 1) denationalizing them and bringing foreigners into Germany to live, 2) training the Germans to focus on Jew-defined "morality" and 3) breaking up their family structures. All the people in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam etc., who were cheering their gum-chewing "liberators" in 1944-45 did not know it, but the Nizer program was intended for THEM too.

Amurrika has spread the pathology of its "proposition" (i.e., the severing of all cultural, ancestral and tribal ties and values in exchange for material gain) and, unfortunately, it has found fertile ground to replicate itself in some parts of Europe, where it is mixed with a Marxist tendency that declares European soil the common property of all the races of the world.

Let's hope the coming crash and end of Wall Street brings the ORGANIC nations of Europe back to their senses.

Anonymous said...

What a laugh your late "Troubles" were. Carving each other up to keep Ulster Bri'ish or Irish, all the while the scumbags at the top were planning your demise, inward through colonial occupation and outward by selling the new plantation to the EU. What was it all for? You'll be up to your tits in Africans and Pakis now, there'll be nothing left to preserve. Maybe the IRA and the UDA can get together and actually do something that helps their peoples. They fought like dogs to prevent being politically ruled by each other, but roll over and expose their throats to those turning them over to third-worlders for cultural and physical genocide.


Thank you for that post, paddywest, I'll look for that book.

I saw the most disgusting jew movie this weekend, 21 jumpstreet, and remembered why I don't watch tv or go to the movies anymore.

Can anyone tell me why the US still occupies via bases, germany? besides the obvious 'thats what the jews want', I dont get it in the larger picture unless its the hub for UN projection of power over europe or something.

Anonymous said...

Fascism is the only thing that will save Europe !

Martinus said...

@ Anon 4 July 2012 19:49, Fascism will save no one. Look around you, most European countries are pretty fascist anyway with the UK taking the cake. What we need is a Right revolution and to have benevolent nationalist, libertarian dictators (a bit anachronistic I know) put into place who support their and ONLY their own people. But first the revolution. This 'democracy' abomination has run its course and caused untold problems. After that, involuntary repatriation and for the spawn left behind, sterilisation.

awakened said...

Paddy West. Absolutely fascinating. I'm actually finding this whole process fascinating. I've been 'awakened' by this blog and I learn more every day. (There are other good sites as well, e.g. Occidental Observer).

I know now that, as I think kulak says, we're living in the Matrix. Everything we've been told is lies. We're being manipulated like puppets.

I'm also slowly coming to realize that Germany was/is central to this. The abuse and remaking of that wonderful people is deeply sinister.

Keep up the pressure!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the programme with Nora Cannotstringasentencetogether Owen with the Scissor Sisters' mother?

Her fella was violent towards here but she wouldn't leave him because ...?

He was also a big boldy for saying he was a Somali refugee when in fact he was a Kenyan but we have previously established that Johnyafrican never ever ever lies on asylum.

So anyways one night he wa sbeating her and her daughters who were out of their heads on ectasys murdered him and she had no idea waht happened despite contacting her son in prison to shop the sisters or something. So the trial happened and the african was revealed to be a lying bastrad of a woman beater on the word of the YTs which led to the Imigrant Council of Ireland protesting that this was just character assination on behalf of the first worlders that is they did in the way that the media did their job.

Anyways as she is good at removing blackheads she trained as a hairdresser what with her being an expert in scissoring.

Paddy West said...

@ LA DODGERFAN 4 July 2012 19:29

Yes, Germany is still occupied. I think they have been designated to be beasts of burden and a financial bludgeon of Judeo-Amurrikan plutocracy to be held over the rest of Europe, at least until they are rendered extinct (as the Talmudists gloatingly predict). Then there's the old formula about NATO -- it's purpose was/is "to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans DOWN."

Here's what a former German intelligence chief has said along those lines:

Germany’s sovereignty restricted by US and allies, insider’s book claims
07 November, 2009, 09:31

The former head of the West German Military Intelligence has issued a book revealing secret details of a 1949 US-German treaty, alleging America and its allies have been deliberately suppressing the nation’s sovereignty.

Twenty years after the Berlin Wall fell and the most painful wounds have healed, there seems to be no more uncomfortable truths left for Germans.

Yet some still manage to come up with hot potatoes – and the biggest these days is from the former head of the intelligence service in West Germany.

In Gerd-Helmut Komossa’s book “The German Card”, he claims Germany has, until now, been controlled by the United States and its allies, and was even viewed as a possible target.

“At a NATO meeting, I realized that a possible plan was for the alliance to hit the largest dam in West Germany with a nuclear bomb. If strikes had taken place, a great number of civilians would have died,” Gerd-Helmut Komossa says in his “The German Card” book.

The retired General details a secret pact he alleges was signed in 1949 between Germany and the US, and which will be in force for another 90 years.

Komossa says the secret agreement means that all political parties in Germany are supervised by a special Washington-based body, that the country’s army takes part in all NATO missions at first demand and that all German gold reserves are stored in New York.

Full article:

Other info HERE:

Anonymous said...

Martinus, Fascism would save Europe. You know nothing about the political ideology of Fascism, what Britain, the US and the rest of the so called West are experiencing is Jewish Marxist Bank-Corporatism - a peculiar blend of Bolshevism and a dedication to the destruction of the Aryan peoples - the neophytes and Jew stooges scream "Fascist" when the reality is Jewish Bolshevism.


Thank you very much, paddy west!

That sounds very believable. I have a guess who might be behind it all.

They're cruel beyond measure.

katana said...

Paddy West said...
July 2012 16:48

Read the book "What to do with Germany" by the Amurrikan Jew Lawyer Louis Nizer, which came out abound 1944. This was actually the program for the post-war occupation policy that has in the main been followed. In it is laid forth the whole Jew Frankfurt School program for "reeducating" the "Krauts" by 1) denationalizing them and bringing foreigners into Germany to live, 2) training the Germans to focus on Jew-defined "morality" and 3) breaking up their family structures. All the people in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam etc., who were cheering their gum-chewing "liberators" in 1944-45 did not know it, but the Nizer program was intended for THEM too.


Thanks for that interesting comment Paddy West.

That book 'What to do with Germany' is available here:

Anonymous said...

This ad shows that inside OBESE black people is someone thin white and desirable trying to get out

Anonymous said...

@23.33 if the Scissor Sisters had a good lawyer they could have got off. They had a strong case for self defence. The Kenyan Somali attempted to rape them. I know they were prostitutes but even they have standards. The Kenyan Somali had previously raped a Chinese Downes Syndrome girl (and made her pregnant). But then it's racist to reject a black man and that's worse than rape.

Anonymous said...

One of the most striking things about the picture of Kristoff Alauya is how ugly he is. It can't be true that this creature has reproduced with Irish women and polluted the Irish gene pool.

Anonymous said...

How could they have done it? How could Whites have been so easily duped? It truly is mind-blowing.

They did it the ONLY way they could.

They did it the ONLY way that would could work with us.

They did it with a MORAL critique.

Based on the lie of equality.

They didn't get the upper hand and THEN set about destroying us.

Getting the upper hand this way and destroying us are the SAME THING.

Anonymous said...

Here is a Chris Rock quote that is a little more on topic.

“If you're black, you got to look at America a little bit different. You got to look at America like the uncle who paid for you to go to college, but who molested you.”
― Chris Rock

Oh really?

In Pennsylvania, African-Americans are 10.8 percent of the population, but are responsible for 66.3 percent of homicide, 40 percent of rape, 62 percent of robbery, 45 percent of aggravated assault, and 26 percent of burglary.
In Florida (Where Trayvon Martin got wasted), African-Americans are 16 percent of the population, but are responsible for 54 percent of homicide, 39 percent of rape, 56 percent of robbery, 43 percent of aggravated assault, and 38 percent of burglary
In Arkansas, African-Americans are 15.4 percent of the population, but are responsible for 59 percent of homicide, 24 percent of rape, 62 percent of robbery, 42 percent of aggravated assault, and 32 percent of burglary.
In Oklahoma, African-Americans are 7.4 percent of the population, but are responsible for 45.3 percent of homicide, 17.7 percent of rape, 51.7 percent of robbery, 25.5 percent of aggravated assault, and 26.6 percent of burglary
In Rhode Island, African-Americans are 5.7 percent of the population, but are responsible for 67 percent of homicide, 24 percent of rape, 42 percent of robbery, 28 percent of aggravated assault, and 24 percent of burglary.
See the rest here and consider who is "molesting" who in America:

Color of Crime | Occidental Dissent

Seneca said...

anon 19.54. This is the kernel of the problem. They recognized the inherent weakness of a Christian people...the elevation of a higher moral purpose. And as you say, the god of 'equality' was the chosen medium. With this they destroyed us. I hope for them what replaces us is an improvement. Somehow I doubt it.

Charles Martel said...

Live in USA and I'm disgusted and horrified that the things that have infested and infected America are a plague in Europe also. I blame us, especially Hollywood and our MSM for exporting this sickness, which unfortunately, is taken as gospel by the young and ignorant of other countries. Good Lord, what are we to do? It's a war out there people---and we seem to be losing. Stay strong Serbia and Croatia. I hope others will follow your example.

Anonymous said...

Oh really?

Yes, really.

A good case can be made that the "talented tenth" comes at the expense of the remaining nine tenths.

Nixon instituted affirmative action as a cynical ploy.

It robs blacks of the their natural revolutionary leaders, giving them a stake in the system.

Malcolm X wanted NOTHING from whites.

Anonymous said...


The lesson to be learned is that OUR critique must ALSO be moral, if we are to save our people.

IQ is neither here nor there.

Our issue is white survival.

Our righteous indignation is against white genocide.

Anonymous said...

As a Swede living in Ireland coming from a nation that is torn to pieces by non-european immigrants, where North African men are responsible for most attacks on women (and men):
That dog is a hero!
I do however feel bad for the dog for having a black man's penis in his mouth :(
Women of North Europe should learn that nothing good comes from socializing with these "humans".

Anonymous said...

@Martel. Don't take it too hard on behalf of America. This thing is much broader. The people doing it are all over the world and have been doing the same thing for centuries, if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

Boondocks Wingmen kicked the ass off George "Creator of JAW-JAW BINKS" Lucas's Red Tails and was also possibly closer to the truth as well.

Available on youtube.

Anonymous said...

The chimpwith the AK47 video. Real or viral markeing for "Planet of the Apes"? The remake that sucked not the original.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Simpson.

Smart but also dumb as a bag of rocks.

She loves jazz because the black man who plays it is cool.

Same thing hapens in NI though also the ability to source

Charles Martel said...

Get your drift, Anon. I'll be checking this site much more often to see what's going on outside the USA. Has certainly been an awakening. Was aware of England, not Ireland.

Anonymous said...

4 July 14:10

What was that girl's name?

Anonymous said...

The dog be racist

but the good news be that dog racism can be cured

Uberdude said...

Anon, at this late stage I have no way of remembering the poor girls name, but I remember the frisson that went through Dublin when the truth seeped out. Regrettably, a frisson was all it remained. Personally, I would regard any male who would take sexual advantage of a female who is too intellectually challenged to be able to fend for herself as someone who should be stoned to death publicly, or by way of variety made to die by a thousand cuts.

commmonwealth contrarian said...

Typical, as Steve Sailers often points out the media is constantly covering man bites dog stories, but when it finally gets around to covering a dog bites man story, the dog conviniently happens to be racist.

Anonymous said...

This seems like a story that is sadly becoming more and more common as the blacks just dont seem to care about society or laws. They feel, presumably, entitled to do whatever they want to do. Unfortunately, this usually involves crimes and violence.
The part of the story that made mme want to comment was where you said(ironically)"Yeah, just say dat be racis’ and all will be forgiven".
Sadly blacks love to use the race card and say 'that be raciss' to make white people back down. Evidently being called racist, whether true or not, is the worst thing possible. And sadly, it actually does make most whites back down and ignore the problem.
You know what though, saying a black man is a violent criminal after he goes on a spree of crime and raping white women is not racist, It is a fact. Has our society really become so scared of blacks that we back down for fear of being called 'racist'?
Oh, and you're probably aware that this article is shielded by google with a screen that warns you that 'the following page has been flagged as inappropriate and offensive by some google users'(something like that) and then you have to click on that screen to continue.
I see nothing offensive about the truth and nothing inappropriate about this article. Just another sad thing about people I guess. Sadly, it was likely not a black person who reported this article, but more likely, it was a white-guilt ridden liberal who feels he must protect the black man from being revealed as the monster he is.

Anonymous said...

(See above 6 7 2012)

What was Miss Serena doing in prison that annoyed the dog?