Tuesday, 10 July 2012

An observation on the history of anti-Semitism

Over the last few weeks I've been doing major research into the history of anti-Semitism.  What a fascinating journey.  If some of you wondered how comments were being moderated at 5 this morning.....well, I just couldn't stop going from one lead to the next. I've learned what everyone from Bismark to Woodrow Wilson to Voltaire to Churchill, to JFK, to Tacitus (and a host of other Roman historians) had to say.  Even the views of Mohammed himself!  And of course the massive resources of Jewish-produced material.

Totally fascinating.  Not very impressively on my part, I found myself oscillating from philo-Semitism to anti-Semitism depending on the material.

I'll just make one observation at this point and it's on something that absolutely jumped out at me. It's this. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, did I encounter any acceptance on the part of Jewish sources that Jewish behaviour might have contributed in any meaningful sense to the problems they encountered. (And folks, they did encounter endless problems, no arguing with that). But in every case it appears that the Christians, Muslims, Nazis.......Stalin when he turned on them, in every case the opposition was irrational, based on falsehoods and caricatures and hence totally unjustified.  Essentially anti-Semitism has been, and continues to be, driven by Christian antipathy towards those guilty of deicide, and/or envy at Jewish accomplishments.

Let there be no doubt that those two factors were powerful motivators throughout history.  But come on...there has never been a dispute in the history of man where one side was totally right, the other totally wrong.

Now I discern a larger - much larger - problem with this.  You see, if you believe that your behaviour is perfectly reasonable and acceptable, if you're impervious to the real impact on and the perceptions of others, well, it seems to me you're heading for a fall at some point. I believe that in fact there are many signs of this at present.

My bones tell me that this is not going to end well. (More anon).


Tony in VA said...

I know plenty of Jews here in DC and my experience backs up your research. I have not 'argued' as such with them, but it's sure plain to see that they don't see that Jews behave differently to anyone else. They see no reason at all for anyone to object to what they do.

Krokodil said...

I come from an evangelical Christian background - a view I still subscribe to - but my views of the Jews, or on the Jews, has changed over the course of time.

Unfortunately, the Evangelical church did (and possibly still does) propagate a view of the Jews as endless victims, blameless in themselves for all the troubles that have attended their way.

I no longer accept that opinion. I haven't become anti-joo, but consider the wider issue to be more broad and complex than merely "anti-semitic" racism, as if the latter term has much meaning anyway.

There is no question that many of the commentators on this blog have subscribed to a view that "the only good jew is a dead jew" (not in so many words, but obvious in my opinion), but I reject that crap.

Specifically, though, your central premise of the Joos not accepting responsibility for any of their actions I think is spot on. They have been victims, it is true, but often for a reason, whether they accept it or not.

Calculus said...

I asked once a non-muslim Indu what he thought about jews. I didn't expect he knew what was a jew, not more that I expected he knew about a Cherokee or a Pict. I was surprised, his immediate answer left no doubt:
"nothing good".
So, what did they do to India?

Anonymous said...

The frog and the scorpion sums up the situation with Jewry.

"The Scorpion and the Frog is a fable about a scorpion asking a frog to carry him across a river. The frog is afraid of being stung during the trip, but the scorpion argues that if it stung the frog, the frog would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and begins carrying the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion points out that this is its nature. The fable is used to illustrate the position that the behaviour of some creatures is irrepressible, no matter how they are treated and no matter what the consequences."

The overall effect of Jewry on a host society is to corrupt, debase and confuse. Given the circumstances where they gain direct power - The Russian Revolution for example, mass murder of the host people ensues.

You should not hate the scorpion - because "it is in his nature" similarly, with jews - they are genetically hardwired for this kind of behaviour. The most important thing to grasp however, is that they cannot do harm without the complicity of at least some of the host nation.

My own philosophy regarding the problem (The lord Buddha and Henry David Thoreau are among those who have influenced my thinking) is that having recognised an unwholesome thing, I avoid it.

Some examples are:

Usury - Usurers cannot flourish if you do not borrow from them.

Voting - Sham democracies cannot claim legitimacy if no-one votes.

Circuses - watching the television - voluntary brainwashing!

The answer is not to "throw the Jew down the well" - the answer is to be better people ourselves and to turn away from activities which are harmful to us and give power to those who:

Want to use us as slaves (usury).

Are entertained by watching us debase ourselves.

Seek to mongrelise us into a perfect dumbed down slave force.


Anonymous said...

even a philistine like u boy, must ken, Iam the Way And THE Truth and The Light, as Gods Irish people, We do not harken to the Death of A Great RACE, please leave the Savages Alone

Uncle Nasty said...

If you want to see a perfect example of the sheer smugness displayed by the average RSP, look no further than this little vampire:

"Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we [Jews] are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multi-cultural mode,and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive."

Barbara Lerner Specter


katana said...

Savant, I think you’re being far too generous and ‘fair minded’ about THEM. In my research they are, taken as a whole, a criminal conspiracy with one of their strategies being to never, ever, admit to doing anything wrong. Even if caught red handed, covered in blood, a butchers knife in hand and their trussed up lifeless victim in front of them, they would cry out, using all their famous chutzpah, how they were the real victim. And that they need to be compensated!

We’re dealing with a cunning, cruel and amoral ‘people’ here, taking us to a dark place, all the while telling us ‘sweet lies’ about tolerance, equality and the brotherhood of man. White man wake the f*ck up!

katana said...

BTW, I recommend readers take a listen to Carolyn Yeager’s recent podcast over at: The White Network.

She always has lots of interesting things to say in a very straight to the point manner. Talk about calling a spade a spade! Good stuff!


“The Holocaust” cult uglifies our world and other complaints

Carolyn Yeager points to examples of the Holocaust Cult spreading it’s tentacles more deeply into our everyday world. Everything associated with “The Holocaust” is ugly, just as Bolshevik architecture was. An example is the Warsaw Uprising Monument at right, with the new Museum of the History of Polish Jews being erected in the backgound. It’s like they outdo themselves to see how depressingly ugly they can make it.

Other topics covered:

How many survivors are still alive?
“Jews Out” board game;
The American Jew who admitted “The Holocaust” is a lie;
The homosexual agenda follows the same pattern as the Jewish agenda;
Where is the money going? A look at Mark Weber and the IHR.

Robert in Arabia said...

Henry Kissinger on the Jews

AS was often the case, Kissinger's attitude towards his Jewishness was reflected in his humor, much of it directed at the pressure on him from "my co-religionists" to forgive any Israeli sin.
At the height of his fury at Jerusalem for violating the October 1973 cease-fire and surrounding Egypt's Third Army, Kissinger grumbled at one WSAG meeting, "If it were not for the accident of my birth, I would be anti-Semitic."
In other moments of exasperation, he would note that "any people that has been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong"

Walter Isaacson, Kissinger: a Biography (Simon & Schuster, Inc., New York, and Faber & Faber Ltd, London1992) page 561

Iron Felix said...

Savant, you get the occasional exception. By this I mean---and does anyone know his name,svp?---that prescient rabbi in '20s Germany who advised his flock "You are digging your own graves in this country".
Your case here gains traction if one ponders this; so long as Jewish led bolshevism was triumphant in Russia, busy as it was in the mass slaughter of christian white people there, the whole movement was regarded worldwide as "Progressive" in its nature. Howsoever when Uncle Joe got into his stride and began to sock it to the jewish bolsheviks in spades, somehow the whole thing came over time to be regarded as "Reactionary". In a phrase "Progressive" (Good) means they are getting their own way; "Reactionary" (Bad) means a stop has been put to their gallop.As a footnote Savant you might see what you can find about one Oscar Levy, translator of Nietzsche.


I was reflecting on this very point after listening to the Intl. Jew study hour with carolyn Yeager. I think they or dr david duke hypothesized jews *really* dont think they have a double standard or that their behavior is at fault. I always thoughf they knew and simply lied, but I'm not sure their self centetedness allows them that realization.

If you're the chosen and can do no wrong, entitled to rule the world, then of course those damn Christians are at fault for not laying down to die fast enough or capitulate and worship jews openly.

We're jealous of their success and uniqueness and status, because all their actions are justified by their god.

Sounds about right.

Heraclitus said...

Krokodil, my sentiments exactly, if it's any consolation to you.

Digby said...

katana, they may be a criminal conspiracy, but only at the highest level, and then aided and abetted by many shabbos goys. I know several Jews who, for a fact, do not behave in a criminal or conspiratorial way and, again for a fact, are not even aware of the kinds of things people on this blog have become aware of over the last few years.

Anonymous said...

@Shaublin, a masterful perspective and prognosis.

If only, if only.

Iron Felix said...

As with tango (horizontal or otherwise)it ever and always in all things takes two. Nowhere does humanity divide neatly into normal (Good) sheep and neurotic, psychotic (Evil) goats.Neither does it divide into saintly Jews and satanic Aryans.

No Skraelings said...

Savant I think you just described the personality of a sociopath! A must-read book on the REAL history of these people is "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin" by Dietrich Eckart.

I really like Schaublin's post. If we simply refuse to be the slave race they are trying to force us to be, honor our ancestors, and have self-reliant and "aware" families by any means necessary then our kin may be free from these people one day.

I hate to say it but Ahmadinejad was correct when he said that the Trinity of Christianity makes it pagan rather than monotheistic. Christian holidays are heathen after all! The only problem is that Saul (aka St Paul) tricked the Gentiles (heathen) by eliminating the sacred female role of fertility / maternal love and the sacred male role of provider and defender of our families and kin. This makes Christianity a sterile androgynous universalist ideology. And therefore a dead-end for any people that actually try to follow Saul's commandments. Take back your sacred roles from the Bolshevist state! I don't believe in universal right and wrong but more than anything I want northern Europeans to survive and thrive!

Oh, and always remember that other people regard you as a Pinche Gabacho, Peckerwood, Goyim, Infidel Kaffir despite what they say to your face. Check out this multiculti wedding in the Maldives!


Anonymous said...

Read " The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit - and it's impact on world history"
By E Michael Jones.

Over 1000 pages of serious stuff - hard going - but full of facts which show 2000 years of cancerous growth.

jocomo said...

'Neither does it divide into saintly Jews and satanic Aryans.'
True, Felix. and neither does it divide into saintly aryans and satanic Jews, as many on this blog seem to think.

Shaunantijihad said...

If you believe non-Jews are two legged cattle destined to serve Jews then why would it ever enter your head what the feelings or thoughts of the goyim amounts to? How can cattle have any justification in anything?

Can a bull who kills a farmer claim any "rights" of self-preservation? No. And to the followers of the Talmud, neither can we.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Christians do believe in the "turn the other cheek" phrase but they think it refers to their posterior.

I have read that the words, racist,anti-Semite, and antisemitism were coined by Jews, and it was jews that stuck the word Judea in front of the description of the US as a Christian nation. The US is only 2 percent jewish but you wouldn't know that if you looked at the so-called Supreme Court of the US or the US government or the US banking system. Plus all these jews give their allegiance to Israel but few of them do military service for Israel.
To be such a small population they thrive. Whereas we Whites are told, mostly by jews, that we headed for the dustbin of history. And so it goes.

Wolfhound said...

Although its not to be taken as gospel, I was watching something on the discovery channel about the capacity we all have for 'evil'. They just repeated the Stanley experiment from the 60's where people are encouraged to dole out electric shocks to another person, anyway I digress. The presenter was khazarwood 'actor' jewboy eli roth. He had his brain examined/scanned to determine if he was a psychopath. The results were interesting as his brain reacted in the manner of a sociopath in response to People considered 'not of the group or tribe'. A genetic trait might explain their behaviour towards the despised goyim and if its hardwired into your genetic code, no amount of good will is going to change that. The scorpion and the frog posted earlier is a good analogy.

SAVANT said...

Hi jocomo, glad to hear from you. You may not be everyone's favourite but I'm always happy to see your input.

TBone said...

'but few of them do military service for Israel'


and even fewer do military service for the USA!

Anonymous said...

"The answer is not to 'throw the Jew down the well' - the answer is to be better people ourselves"

Because whatever we do, we simply CANNOT have our own society. We must, MUST permit them among us.

And Nancy Reagan said "Just say no."

It sounds fine until you go through the checkout line at the grocery store with your young children and discover they can read the magazine covers. The corruption, the stink of the Jew matrix, is everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Nowhere does humanity divide neatly into normal (Good) sheep and neurotic, psychotic (Evil) goats.

Nature does however divide into mine and yours.

Anonymous said...

The US is only 2 percent jewish but you wouldn't know that if you looked at the so-called Supreme Court of the US or the US government or the US banking system.

That claimed percentage has remained constant for decades.

Let us grant its truth.

Consider the implications in light of two more statistics:

It is also true that the US population has grown by much.

It is also true that the white share of the US population has dropped by much.

Whites in the US once outnumbered Jews some 40-1.

That ratio is much less now.


Its OK to criticize Bush. its ok to criticize whites, Christianity, god, the government, but if you say anything merely questioning jewish behavior you're a nazi-who-wants-to-kill-6 million-jews.

Anyone who says 'theyre not all like that' , really?!? its just their religious doctrine and they've been doing this for thousands of years as the worlds most cohesive group and been kicked out of 109 nations, but since you go to a jewish deli and get smiled at that's all irrelevant?

Yes, they rely on those 'not like that ' to provide cover for the rest. Did you even know organized crime like the russian mafia is jewish? myers lansky, moe greene, the purple gang, other american gangsters are jews?

the ones 'not like that ' who marry a shiksa leave the rest of the tribe stronger as the genetics of the less jew centric are weeded out.

No, they're not 'all like that', just the ones that count, like the jewish families that control the banks that run the central bank in every nation on earth save maybe 5.

That's just an accident though, and has nothing to do with what history, the bible, and common sense would tell you.

Don't be a semite between the ears. Wake up before its too late, and at least know who it is that's destroying us. We all deserve that much.

Anonymous said...

The Jews are the anti-Christ

Oh that there is no doubt

Martinus said...

The problem with the Jews is summed up quite easily, they are far too clever for their own good. There is no point in us denying this, the Jews are quite probably the most intellectually gifted ethnic group on this planet add to this their absolute phenomenal unity and you have a rather dangerous mix, for others that is. Jews stick together like snot and a baby blanket and they do their utmost to help each other, oftentimes at the expense of others.

I don't really believe in the "international jewish conspiracy". I think they concern themselves more with the promotion of their own interests than the destruction of the interests of others. The issue that arises and causes problems, is the element of insatiable greed which seems to permeate the Jewish psyche.

Doing anything for money, very often means that you will do terrible things. If the Jews believe that multiculturalism will serve their interest of making more shekels, then guess what, they will do their utmost to encourage and promote it, with their influence, that means Hollywood and she-devils like Barbara Specter. Also, they receive absolutely no resistance to multiculturalism, on the contrary, you have more whites promoting things like Affirmative action, race quotas, unfettered immigration, political correctness and raucous uninhibited miscegenation than anyone else.

The moment it becomes dangerous, financially or physically, for Jews to promote these ideas, they will stop dead in their tracks. Remember, they have a victim complex, and any show of resistance will have them running for the hills.

That said, in all fairness, I believe the Israelis to be a completely different kettle of fish to the stereotypical hypochondriac western Jew. Those that I know are hard as nails, determined and mostly wonderful people who protect their homeland from the savages from the South and the sand-kaffirs from the East. I watched a documentary a while ago where some filthy Danish liberal swore at Israeli soldiers, told them they were interlopers oppressing the poor Palestinians and immigrant blacks. The leader of this pack (was South African I believe, by his accent) hit him in the face with the butt of his gun and threw him in the back of the Eland, off to prison. I couldn't stop laughing!

Peter A. said...

Shaublin is of course correct. But, as other comments said, it's a lot easier said than done. The Tribe have succeeded in making just about everything non-white to be COOOOOOOL. Hard to compete.

Anonymous said...

There's much to admire about the jew. They work hard, are intelligent, family oriented, and very thrifty. Not one thin dime escapes their wallet for charity to anyone other than a jew,unless it serves another purpose.

The media, which brought us the Huns, Krauts, and Jap propaganda to hate during ww2, has made any critiquer of them an 'anti semite' racist. I have yet to find a book full of this rabid hate they claim, except for their filthy talmud which says jews killed christ, resurrected him and tortured him, and he's in hell boiling in excrement.

Read the international jew or follow the study of it on the white network. its a free download. Ford hired detectives to investigate everything. Get over your jew fear and take the plunge. Its normal to be afraid of them, but we must overcome it.

nemesis said...

@wolfhound...what would be really fascinating would be to see this experiment oerformed on a wide sample of Roth's tribe and then compare it to a control group of Whites. To my mind there would be no doubt whatsoever of huge differences.

potgieter said...

Martinus, yes, "they concern themselves more with the promotion of their own interests than the destruction of the interests of others."

Probably so. But the difficulty is, pursuing theor own interests often if not always puts them into conflict with the interests of others, Guess who wins?

Their insatiable greed you refer to is, IMHO, the thing that will bring about their downfall. It has time and again in the past and can easily do so again.

And yes, that Israeli major was from South Africa. Did you know that he was cashiered from the army?

Anonymous said...

Interesting points, Martinus. In my experience, pampered Western Jews are very different in mentality from the front-line, no-nonsense sabras of Israel. Just like the sappy, gay Dutch of Amsterdam differ from the front-line, no-nonsense Afrikaaners in Namibia and SA...


Anonymous said...

@ Peter A. The Tribe have succeeded in making just about everything non-white to be COOOOOOOL. Hard to compete.
That is what they would like to achieve – but they are up against Nature and Nature always wins in the end.

@Martinus. Ashkenazi Jews do seem on average to have a higher overall combined IQ than Europeans BUT their spatial abilities are inferior – it is their language abilities that skew the stats.
Unfortunately, those very abilities in language are the most useful element in deception and sophistry!

The ascendance of Jewish power since WW2 (which they won) is built on the control of the money supply (Federal Reserve) and the virtual monopoly of the MSM and Hollywood. The relentless anti-White propaganda (count the “holocoust” films that are made each year) spewing out of Hollywood hardly needs mentioning or the disgraceful bias in the MSM but I urge any reader who is not familiar with the mechanism of privately owned central banks issuing money as debt to look at The Money Masters website.

The Internet has thrown a huge spanner into the MSM propaganda machine and The central bank Ponzi scheme is now nearing the endgame The West as we know it is going to go through the greatest changes since the fall of Rome.

Prepare accordingly.


Madame X said...

Just for the record--As a USA citizen I own everyone of them, therefore I'll say anything I please at anytime to any 'Israeli' schumck. I foot the bill for little shittystan and I relish pointing that out to them.. Without Uncle Sugar, they would be a glass parking lot already..

P.S. Payback is biatch..and it's coming..

Uncle Nasty said...

This has turned into a lively thread ... therefore I feel this is almost redundant.

Almost ...


Nice to see you again, Jocomo. We were getting worried.


eleos said...

Schaublin, you're 100% correct about the Internet. And that's why THEY are trying so very hard to control it. They've had a huge amount of success already, you know.

Take this site: It's been ostracized by Google/Blogger, killing traffic. Many others have been taken down altogether (e.g.SAS) while the vilest porn sites remain untouched.

Wikipedia is nothing but jewish propaganda, while Youtube is similarly controlled. It goes both broader and deeper than these examples.

However, there remains a wild west out there that God willing can never be fully neutralized.

Mary said...

It's so wonderful to see how many people are discovering The White Network!

I wholeheartedly second this:
@Shaublin, a masterful perspective and prognosis.

And I want to share this :

.... since some of you may find it useful when some complete flaming IDIOT tries to deny jewish influence in Hollyweird.

Anonymous said...

They've been thrown out of 109 countries? or 109 times evicted. If everybody hates you for 2000 years you're doing something wrong. Also, they'll never, ever, get it. Of course a few do, but if they've been making the same mistake since the beginning of civilization, I'll make a wild ass guess they'll continue to do so.

As we all know, this is that they push too far.

The scary part? Their ace in the hole, Israel, has chemical and biological weapons and nukes and submarines to deliver them. They can literally bully the planet should things ever get too hot for them.

Maybe WW3 will be against them instead of in their interests for a change. God help us all.

Kevin R. said...

UN. For me the most interesting thing about that link is the comments. Again, as IS says, there's no hint at all of anything out of the way. Why would anyone be upset at what we do? Just happy coincidence that we control the whole thing.

Anonymous said...


Nothing to do with Jews, but these "people" really are chimps.

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

I work in hollywood. Its a laugh to say they don't run it. They control every, and I mean every, aspecr of it.

great white said...

Paris Claims. Watched that video. I ask everyone to listen 'post slap'. The sounds are, most definitely, made by monkeys, not humans.

euroserf said...

some of you may find it useful when some complete flaming IDIOT tries to deny jewish influence in Hollyweird.

Like Alex Jones, who said Arabs ran the place!!!!

john said...

Amen to Mr Katana and LA DodgerFan.
There MAY, and I emphasize may, be a minute minority of jews that 'arent like that' , but I doubt it. Its how they are wired. The Bible tells us this, not only in Jesus and John the Baptist's scathing condemnation of them, but even in the description of them in babylonia and 'the assyrian' who took over the Egyptian government and precipitated our exodus from that land. [yes, OUR, not jews] The Bible tells us that they are a 'rod of chastisement' against God's people [us] when we reject Him and go 'a whoring' after others. Read it for yourself.
And even if one won't believe the Word, empirical evidence is overwhelming. As has been said, theyve been thrown out of every country in which theyve been allowed to gain a parasitic foothold on their hosts.
We can indeed learn from them. If We should be half as cohesive as they are as a people, should be looking out for ourselves half as much as they do or We should be half as ruthless when dealing with foreigners as they, the jew will be eradicated from OUR societies again.

Martinus said...

@ Potgieter, they only win because of the unity that they have that allows them to be a unparalleled success. If they start a business, they know it will succeed because all of their fellow Jews will support it, look at what we (Afrikaners) accomplished in South Africa in the early 1900's when we went on a 'unity' trip, everything was Volkeie (the nations own) this and that, from Naspers to Volkskas bank, we kept the money in the community and managed to build multinational companies that are still thriving today.

Re the soldier, he was dismissed? I'm surprised, the Israeli army is not known for taking crap from these filthy libbies.

Anonymous said...

If you could only recommend one book on this subject what would it be?

The truth will out said...

I used to believe that is was only the staunch rabid Zionists that were to blame.
However, a few years later on balance I simply had to reconsider.
Take the mantras thrown around at anyone who suggests that there may be some slight over-representation of a certain tribe in any area or facet of our life.
"Anti-Semite" - that accusation (or Satanic mantra if you prefer) can lose you your job and everything you've ever worked for.

There can be no way in the world my 'innocent' Jewish friends were unaware of this clearly perverse disproportionate number involved in the printing press, viewpoints opposed to this are snuffed out before they've had the chance to present their ideas, let alone find a printing house willing to accept such ideas.

The way they've perverted and corrupted the courts, how can any Jewish solicitor be unaware of their majority hold over this sphere?
Then the government, social services and civil rights, schools et cetera.

Consider that people in the public eye get a global witch hunt and lose their careers for even suggesting these facts, there was that Rick Sanchez recently in Amerikka, who was ostracised and lost his job.
He had to come crawling and lick the boots of his masters publicly while denying the truth of his words to get back in the fold.

If I were a Jew, I wouldn't have only suddenly realised just this, it's been all too apparent for years before I was born.

So surely 'innocent' Jews that cry anti-semite at any recognition of some Zionist skulduggery are complicit.
Yes that also marks out a whole lot of white people, this is what makes our battle all the more harder.

In truth for every jew-wise soul among us there are 100 completely opposed to that line of thought, it's their conditioning and brainwash.

So it's essentially up to our powerful elites (not of Jewish extraction) to make the call, only most of them are in on the deal for this global governance.

Where does that leave us, unless some powerful folk in our respective military services decide to call shenanigans on this and enact martial law on our behalf, we're fucked.
That's just about the only way we can ever survive, is to get the military on our side, otherwise we'll be the bad guys on the news getting killed like that Waco situation, the anti-Goy media smearing our names as they've done to all their enemies.

BTW excellent find by Mary
I suggest saving the page to your hard drive in case this gets taken down, it even has my second line of defence detailing the professional organisations setup to solely pretend the Jews have no influence on any sphere anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Easy-The International Jew! It's a short read, Ford's detectives investigated everything, and you can listen to podcasts discussing the chapters on the white network.

I've read a lot of books on the subject, and they're hardly the hate filled tirades the media had portrayed. Unfortunately for the chosen, they're full of facts and evidence that can't be refuted, so that's why they have to scream hysterically that they're anti semetic because you're getting too close to the truth about them.

I believed their stupid lies that the bible was all myth and contradictory until I read more about them and fuck no, all the stories about what deceivers and sons of the devil these jews are became obvious.

It's plenty close to truth, and they sure as fuck think they're gods chosen and follow their gods sickening laws. It's just the cattle on two legs, as we're called(love that! whoever said it)that are to have no religion that might interfere in our servitude.

prf1 said...

The amazing thing about The International Jew was that it was published nearly 100 years ago but it's as accurate today as it was then.

It was in that book that Ford described The Protocols of ...Zion as being like a blueprint, they've been followed so carefully.

katana said...

Anonymous said...
If you could only recommend one book on this subject what would it be?

12 July 2012 19:19

Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish Question
by David Duke

An impressive, measured book that greatly aided my own awakening to the war that is being waged on us by jews and their collaborators.

One commentator in an Amazon book review:
Everyone must read this book July 27, 2006
By John
Great book.
"...In the Autumn of 2000, Levinsky and others filed a formal complaint to
the Russian Prosecutor General and asked for the book to be classified
as anti-Semitic and thus illegal. After a year of close examination
(they painstakingly verified all 669 of the documentations), the
Russian Government shocked the Jewish community by officially
declaring that the book is not anti-Semitic. Jewish members of the
Duma then introduced new legislation aimed at outlawing 'Jewish
Supremacism', but it failed by a few votes...."

Anonymous said...

Heh yeah that's what I like about TIJ, it basically sums up the protocols and proves the veracity of the plan, regardless of provenance.

Its no accident everything written there has been enacted over 100 years.

I've never heard anyone doubt TIJ after reading it. Contempt prior to investigation is easy, educating yourself to the truth is hard. Knowledge is pain.

Anonymous said...

You can download The International Jew here for free: http://www.google.ie/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CE4QFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.radioislam.org%2Fford%2FTheInternationalJew.pdf&ei=0lT_T5H8PI-EhQfbxfCDBQ&usg=AFQjCNG3oI_NdL4NzsdssRRMM-aFB6gdOg

Anonymous said...

Eleos, you are right about the growing control on the Internet. youtube especially, seems to have a lot of commissars working 24/7 to delete "off message" stuff.

This short clip of a pack of negroes in France assaulting passing girls who would not give them their phone numbers usually lasts a few hours before it is taken down - but the clip has been copied and posted on sites that are, for the moment, out of reach of censorship.

Interestingly, the "person" filming it was presumably proud of it and uploaded it to youtube!

This clip is only 14 seconds long. What happens in it is not unusual.


Any European watching this should note that these violent animals did not invade our countries - they were deliberately brought here to use as a weapon against us.


Anonymous said...

anon 22:30

Can it be bought anywhere in Dublin? Don't want to order it online.

Anonymous said...

The comments to that timesofisrael blog are pretty strong. This stuff is going mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Funny you mention about David Duke's book(he does great podcasts by the way, and it's a free download-check his website for info-I listened to it all).

I also thought he was a lunatic frothing at the mouth about jews. In the year or so I've been listening I think he's just kinda a nerd with decent verbal skills thats got human foibles like anybody.

I wish I could remember where I was reading about some guy running down the footnote sources for 'nazi gas chambers'. Invariably they went to more obscure jew scholars with difficult to find books, that when located, either didn't say what was claimed or were just 'eyewitness' (read:self serving lies) reports from jews. I think it was some holocaust truth website.

I never realized how "christian" I was until I got to know jews.

Basically they're to treat each other like humans(the only humans-when they read the bible 'man'=jews only)and to soulless cattle(goyim)basically the opposite of the 10 commandments apply.

I'm not even kidding, to them it's fine to lie, cheat, steal, rape, covet your neighbors wife, sex with children under age 4, commit crimes. In fact, it's a sin *not* to do these things when given the opportunity.

That's why they only want us to know about the dredle and hanukah and dancing jews and they don't make their bible, the Talmud, easily available in english.

It's a sin equal to killing all jews to tell a christian what's in the talmud or let him read it.

The more you know the more you know.

Anonymous said...

Can it (International Jew)be bought anywhere in Dublin? Don't want to order it online.

I very much doubt it. In fact I'm certain that you cannot. That's why I recommended the link above. With all the others they force you to register and give all kinds of personal data. Suspicious, in my view.

The link I gave you just download it as a pdf and then print it out, or read in on-screen.

pino said...

I notice that the blogs for Mike Smith and John Friend have been both taken down. So much for diversity of opinion.

Anonymous said...

anon 2230 here-i'm in the US and bought it on amazon, so I'm sure I've been added to some NSA or FBI lists as a result. I really liked the hardcopy though so I could highlight. Its a great texrbook on the issue.

I'm sure you can get it through Gutenberg. org or filesharing or above and read it on a kindle or computer and save $12 in the process.

id loan you my copy but you're a bit too far to stop by ;-)

Uncle Nasty said...

The thing I find most heartening is that US Media and world media pretty much equal jewmedia.

.... and jewmedia is in trouble. Listen to this clip of Hillary Clinton buried in a column on oil fracking in Arizona ...

Go to:-


Scroll (quite a way) to :-


July 12, 2012 at 12:04 pm

... the US government, via the mainstream media, is losing their “information war” with the American public.

As alternative media becomes more prevalent, the propaganda must be taken up a notch in order to keep the masses onboard with the agendas of the US government.’
This fits exactly with Catherine Austen Fitts take on things.

Watch the vid and see that gazillions of buck do not necessarily mean success in the bullshit game ...

You may have to hunt .... it's the most important part of the post, so, of course, it's quite well buried.


Anonymous said...

Amazingly you can buy TIJ from Amazon. And very cheaply. What's going on here. Haven't the Thought Police got wind of this?

euroserf said...

Joyous news about the MSM. Winderful to hear this bitch acknowledging it. And this doesn't even include the net.

katana said...

Digby said...
katana, they may be a criminal conspiracy, but only at the highest level, and then aided and abetted by many shabbos goys. I know several Jews who, for a fact, do not behave in a criminal or conspiratorial way and, again for a fact, are not even aware of the kinds of things people on this blog have become aware of over the last few years.

11 July 2012 10:41

Agree that most jews aren't involved directly and perhaps not even indirectly. But distinguishing between good and bad jews is a distraction from recognizing that as a whole they are intent on destroying us, therefore making them our enemies as a whole, even if particular individuals are not.

Whether one wants to call what the jews are doing a criminal conspiracy, or 'jewish community service', matters not. They do what they do.

From my research (merely being willing to read non-mainstream sanctioned material), I've concluded that jews are the 'brains' behind our eventual destruction if we allow present trends to continue. Their 'brawn' is provided by the massive army of brainwashed Whites who have been convinced through non-stop jewish media to hate themselves and to welcome their own dispossession and destruction.

It's all about ideas, and the jew dominated media and 'education camps', aka, schools and universities, are the source that nearly all Whites get their ideas from. Whites all drink from the same jewish poisoned 'information and idea' well.

It's taken jews some time but finally they have blacks and other aliens 'installed' throughout White cities, towns and villages worldwide. Why? To destroy. To rub our noses in the consequences: the petty to major crime, the vicious assaults, rapes, murders and the never ending expense of supporting parasites.

Blacks and other aliens are just one of many jewish weapons. First they poison our minds, our bodies, then our everyday lives and societies.

What to do? Some thoughts.

* Be willing to learn and change your mind.
* Study our enemies, the jews, and their collaborators.
* Study ourselves. Know our weak and strong points.
* Reclaim your manliness. White males have had their balls cut off through jewish led ideologies.
* Get the word out. Talk to people. Talking about the jewish caused problems will help refine your understanding and keep it grounded. Take tiny steps, then small steps, then small 'big' steps, and so on.
* Do something each day that aids White survival and resurgence, however small.
* Learn and act, act and learn. Don't wait until you know it all. You will never, ever, know it it all.
* Know that the enemy jews and their collaborators are a tiny, tiny minority that control us through their Orwellian lies.

* Make war in our hearts, minds and bodies, for this is going to be a long, long battle.

Please add to and refine the list.

Anonymous said...

It's a sin equal to killing all jews to tell a christian what's in the talmud or let him read it.

And now you get the other half of the joke in every Hollywood script with a line like: "I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you."

Dr. Wassell said...

katana = a superb commentary. You've nailed it on the button. Jews have set up the architecture by poisoning our minds, the blacks and the Muslims are just the shock troops. Doesn't matter 'cos we've been programmed to believe they're great and are 'enriching' us.

Remember, always look for the man behind the curtain.

Peter A. said...

If we took nothing else from katana's great analysis and suggestions, it is to talk among people you know, even if they initially are hostile. Do it in small doses. Cite FACTS. If enough people do this we can win.

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed the commentary!

I never made the connection about 'if I told you id have to kill you' being an inside jew joke, but sounds about right.

If there's an alternative to the Northwestern Front, I'm all ears. They have great podacasts, FWIW. Northwestfront.org
Its a group to encourage whites to resettle the NW of the US where its still white.

The bankers are rapidly creating a full control grid. There's no political will to stop the takeover/Bolshevism revolution so little reasob to expect a counter revolution.

The leaders are all in on it; those that weren't with the program like Trafficant got jailed.

The NW is the only answer.

"educating" people didn't work for henry ford, why should it work for me? god bless him for his work.

Canuck said...

The big fundamental weakness with the NW idea is that blacks and chicanos will follow the productive whites. They know they can't survive without us. How would we keep them out? Ok, if independence had been achieved you could, but in the interim, while the NW was being built up, the blacks and hispanics will flood in. Hey! It's happening now! Oregon? Washington??

Anonymous said...

Katana, an excellent post.

To your list, I would add:

Self-reliance – suitable for your own circumstances. Each new skill learned improves you - not only in practical terms but it also strengthens your spirit.

Money. Participation in the banking system is a constant drain from you to the central banks. This may not be apparent without some basic research (which I also think is a necessity) but the less exposure one has to banks the better.

People with savings should consider very carefully how they choose to store their wealth. Every fiat currency in history has failed and the writing is on the wall for the current system.

I have spent a lot of time talking with elderly Russians whose Rouble savings became virtually worthless in a short period of time so I have a good understanding of “normalcy bias” when it comes to people’s faith in currency. Don’t let it happen to you!

I will not give advice to others about how best to preserve purchasing power but - “If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it”


Uncle Nasty said...

Canuck said...

The big fundamental weakness with the NW idea is that blacks and chicanos will follow the productive whites. They know they can't survive without us. How would we keep them out?

I don't see the problem, here. Start doing what the MSM and the hebrews have been accusing us of doing since time immemorial.

Behave like racists.

If you see a brown or black face appear in your neighborhood, suggest to them politely (at first) that the climate may be healthier elsewhere.

If they are reluctant to believe you ... demonstrate it. Third-worlders benefit from practical examples ... believe me, I know.

They are far quicker, in fact, to grasp the realities of life, than the average liberal.

I think it's race memory.



What's your plan, Canuck? 'sit and fight', figuratively speaking? How has that been working?

United we stand, divided we fall.

There's no other answer than unifying for mutual assistance.

It sucks to move, but we have to be together. Jews live together, every other race has it's areas, we need one too.

Who knows what kind of arrangements could be made.

Like Covington says, nobody wants to go first. I understand, I sure don't!

When I get settled, you have an open invitation to stay at my place and check it out. That doesn't mean much now, but I hope to make good on it!

Anonymous said...

Canuck raises a valid point, but I think UN has the solution (read his most recent comment). His approach is possible when the NW is populated by like-minded Whites.

But be ready to have the ACLU, the $PLC and the DoJ in like a ton of bricks to oppose every attempt.

Just sayin'

Calculus said...

Yesterday, while reading an article about 'Ted' the new movie with Mark Wahlberg, I learned that there is a scene in the movie where a jewish kid is being beaten by a bunch of christian kids who want to celebrate 'Jesus birthday'.

And that is supposed to be a funny movie for children. OK, where were the good jews to opposed this? Mark Wahlberg is out, he might not be jewish, but his consultant seriously is. Wahlberg follows the money. McFarlane, the author of American dad, wrote, directed and produced the movie. Why did he do that? pitiful.

true grid said...

Why did he do that?

Simple. Career and money. That's how they have us by the balls. Either fall in with their objectives or go find another occupation.

brian boru said...

I certainly hope it doesn't end well for the jew.

Iron Felix said...

LA DODGER, let me put it another way---we hang together or by christ we will hang seperately!

Anonymous said...

trugrid said:Simple. Career and money. That's how they have us by the balls. Either fall in with their objectives or go find another occupation.

exactly. McFarlane is a semite between the ears.

His TV shows are filth.

Mel Gibson the pariah is the only guy to successfully get a pro christian movie distributed. Look at the box office it did. Did you see *any* similar movies come out, like most successfull movies breed? Nope, not a one.

The US is in enemy hands.

Uncle Nasty said...

brian boru said...

I certainly hope it doesn't end well for the jew.

It won't. For such so-called bright people, they are very slow learners. Sadly it appears as though we are too ...

A history of the hebes, from our side:


... and theirs


Jews as commies ... or commies as jews. Your choice.



Scouser said...

Uncle Nasty, the Muslims take this as a given fact and it influences their attitude to the Israel/Pal;estine conflict. I.e. that jews will always and ever over-reach themselves until the point at which they get blown out of it. They seem surprised that westerners don't realise this.

Anonymous said...

Great links UN!

Filed away for future reference!


I agree, Iron Felix! If we're together, we might have options. By myself, or with just a few comrades, I can do nothing, all legally and lawfully of course.

Some people,myself included, *finally* realized the government's been hijacked by a foreigner power. That power has been hauling ass to put up a counter-revolutionary police grid to protect their theft.

It's so obvious now. Like when they fled Egypt with the nation's treasure, they've shipped off our factories and production to China prior to smashing us apart. They'll be back to pick at our carcass after we've imploded, whatever method is most profitable.

People born outside the US(maybe not europe, I don't talk to many)seem to understand the jew and the nature better than us. The kool aid isn't as strong for them I guess.

rebel said...

The US of A has indeed been hijacked by a foreign power. And it's all totally in plane sight! How can it be that ordinary people can't see the number of 'dual citizens' with first loyalties to another country are running ours? As I say, it's all in plane sight. Yet hardly nobody sees it?


It's so obvious to me now, but I didn't have a *clue* for 39 years! Never once did I hear the word 'jew' uttered once in a school unless it was in reference to their suffering in the holohoax.

We've been conned. If you ask me.

Anonymous said...

true grid said...

Why did he do that?

Simple. Career and money. That's how they have us by the balls. Either fall in with their objectives or go find another occupation.

14 July 2012 18:00

-Late comment but there's a few commentators here who work in hollywood/movies
and I wanted to ask them....

Is it well known among actresses that getting with a black or having/adopting a black baby will enhance their careers ?

It certainly seems that way.