Friday, 6 July 2012

More black mollycoddling?

I watch with mounting dismay the seemingly inexorable progress of Serena Williams at Wimbledon, as this amazon blows away one winsome European blonde after another. I'm conscious of nothing  other than her gigantic arse (visible from outer space, surely?) swathed in garishly-hued under-garments as she flails about the court with all the grace of a hippo on roller skates.

But there's another thing I've noticed: She's getting away with murder when it comes to foot faults. No question about it, and this at least partially explains her thunderbolt serves of 120 mph - a speed no other 'lady' can touch - and which in reality is carrying her through the whole tournament.

Now why should this be?  Well, some of you might remember her spectacular chimpout at the US Open a few years back, which lead to court officials fleeing in terror.  The occasion that time was also the call of a foot fault. So is this the Religion Of Peace scenario again?  Namely, piss us off and we won't be responsible for the ensuing violence. Net result, appeasement at any cost.

Or is it yet another example of avoiding the racis' tag?  After all, Croat Ivo Karlovic was foot-faulted no fewer than eleven times in his match against Murray.

Let's just say I have my suspicions.


Bemused stare said...

Simple case of the groid must be held up at all costs. Give it ten years and Wimbledon will work like the US school system, groid will be given the first game in the tournament just for showing up.

Iron Felix said...

Now Savant, I fear you err a trifle in the matter of Ms. Williams. Many so-called Black Americans have considerable amounts of White blood in their ancestry and background, which is very much a mixed blessing. If you mix the races the result can go either way. Thus can an evil but stupid Black crossed with an intelligent gentle-natured White have the unfortunate outcome of delivering into our sore-troubled world a vicious "black" now gifted with a fair degree of intelligence, surely the sort of lethal cocktail we increasingly see these days. Now when all is said and done the Williams girls, like Halle Berry, are actually quite easy on the eye, handsome enough in one case, genuinely beautiful in the other. What NOBODY will say is that this is of course traceable to their White ancestry, not the Black. Your observations would, in all fairness, apply more to the alarming great bag of blood and shit in the infantile yellow romper suit with which you have illustrated this piece.

Anonymous said...

Nail on d head bro!

great white said...

Felix, someone accused you of talking bolocks in an earlier comment. Now you say the Williams Monsters are 'quite easy on the eye'.

Tell me you're joking, please.

Rastus said...

Yeah, and "handsome enough in one case, genuinely beautiful in the other"

Felx, he take a da piss.

Calculus said...

Separation of women and men in sport competition is based on the assumption that there is a natural physical difference between the sexes that would favor the men, i.e., men are stronger and that is supposed to give them an unfair advantage since no training of any sort can erase the difference. Any advantage that is acquired by birth or drug is considered 'unfair' within the moral framework of sportmanship.
So, for fairness, men and women don't boxe together, don't run together, don't play tennis together.
But if sports are not sex-mixed, they are racially-mixed, because it is assumed that the innate difference between men and women of any race is larger that between men of different races.
It is not true.
The truth is that the establishment refuse to admit the racial differences between human racial group can be as big as the difference between human sexes. So if we seggregate woman from men, we should on the same base seggregate africans from others at least in some sports.
Otherwise we shouldn't seggregate the sexes in sports and drug enhancements should be viewed as fair practices to erase innate unfair advantages.

Martinus said...

@Felix, I'm not going to flame you, but being in Hollywood and having the sort of cash Halle Berry has available has turned her into what can be described as pleasant looking. Take my word for it, having seen her in her earliest movies, by eye I can tell you what surgeries she has had; Rhinoplasty to reduce the ethnic nostrils and tip. Brow reduction/supraorbital arch contouring to bring her eyebrows down and remove the heavy brow seen in black Africans and Aborigines, she has also had genioplasty to reduce the previously pointy and large chin. What she has done to her body/chest/breasts, I don't know, but her face has definitely changed through surgery. She may also have had cheek/zygoma augmentation and I know that she has had almost all of the moles removed from her face and her skin is definitely a few shades lighter than it was in her earliest movies. Yes, she has a great deal of white ancestry, but that did not prevent the black African genes from expressing themselves. So many 'black' american actors get surgery to make themselves 'whiter' looking, Michael Jackson was by far not the only one. Old halle berry

And further to the point of making allowances for Serena Williams, it wouldn't be the first time that the politics of the day caused referees to look the other way or adjust the rules, even the nazi's did it in the 1936 Olympics.

Anonymous said...

a great 4th of july in chicago.5 killed, 21 wounded. oh happy day at this rate there will be no niggers left in chicago by year 2340.john old rtd chicago copper.

Bemused stare said...

Rastus said...

Yeah, and "handsome enough in one case, genuinely beautiful in the other"

Felx, he take a da piss.

Da piss, da shit and then some.

Arc welding without protection is easy on the eye by comparison.

Iron Felix said...

Felix, he no joke, he no take-a da piss; Felix he say that it ill-behoves an Aryan to vent mindless invective at people on account of their skin colour. This puts us at redneck, trailer-park-trash level. I simply commend to you all that a more considered view, a more erudite view if you will, might be in order in our deliberations. Is there a problem with that, I ask rhetorically?

Gonville said...

Felix, nobody on this blog as far as I know objects to anyone's color. The objection to blacks is that they are different and inferior to Whites and that they behave in very bad ways, again compared to Whites. We object to the preferential treatment they get, e.g. Serena Williams and we don't want anything to do with them or even have them in our countries.

Anonymous said...

Felix would hit it.


If someone said "It's not their color, it's their culture" you should recognize it as sounding like it's adding something.

But it's not.

Because what culture is it?

Black culture.

I AM objecting to their color.

I do not want to SEE them AMONG US.

Among other things, they're ugly.

But Felix would hit it.

Anonymous said...

"...all the grace of a hippo on roller skates." Good one. I'm going to plagiarize it.

Anonymous said...

Why do THEY say "Black is beautiful"?

'Cause THEY know they's ugly.

Anonymous said...

I would have to go with Choice #2, since being labeled a racis' is now as heinous a charge as pedophilia, necrophilia, or cannibalism.

Iron Felix said...

Of course they are, Gonville.All the tribes of the world can easily enough be arranged into a hierarchy, with the magnificent Germanic/Northwest Europeans at the top, the greatest creative people the world has ever known, whilst right at the bottom we have sub-Saharan Africans, an exhausted evolutionary early effort by Mother Nature which, I am sure, would have become extinct had White people not intervened through the adventure we call colonialism. Nor would this be due to their colour---it would have been the same if they were purple or puce or indeed white of skin. We all know this; I just think we might be polite about it.

tokyo paddy said...

Martinus. You spoiled my day, but also made it to an extent. You see I think Halle Berry is gorgeous, but I now find out she's a kind of a Blade Rinner creation. But it's good to know that she's not that oxymoron, a gorgeous black.

Jeremy said...

Same situation with umpires, line judges and ball boys/girls. These people are about 50% non-white at Wimbledon even though tennis is almost a 100% white sport.

The umpire in today's Murray-Tsonga made tow over-ride decisions, with both subsequently proven to be wrong.

The price of diversity.

Anonymous said...

I draw the attention of the learned members of this forum to the following review of the book "Pathological Altruism". The review answers many questions regarding the seemingly baffling suicidal behaviour exhibited by many Europeans towards invading foreigners.

The Frankfurt School's efforts at debasing the European people would not be possible without their exploitation of this once vital hardwired behaviour.

I do not know the answer but knowing the problem is a start.


Anonymous said...

I draw the attention of the learned members of this forum to the following review of the book "Pathological Altruism". The review answers many questions regarding the seemingly baffling suicidal behaviour exhibited by many Europeans towards invading foreigners.

The Frankfurt School's efforts at debasing the European people would not be possible without their exploitation of this once vital hardwired behaviour.

I do not know the answer but knowing the problem is a start.


Anonymous said...

hopeandchange has many of the letters needed to spell ope n change

John W said...

Just read the review of "Pathological Altruism". seems that they managed to write a whole book on this subject without identifying the 'White' dimension.

Ah well...

Anonymous said...

I ran into Halle Berre once. She's not spectacular. Also the first thing black actresses do, and they're mostly halfrican american, is get their nose fixed. Obvious examples are m. jackson and sister.

To be fair many white actresses do too.

eah said...


Thanks for that suggestion. The book does look interesting. I especially note this passage from Jared Taylor's review:

As a long-time student of the most common and dangerous of all pathological altruisms—the willingness of whites to give up their homelands to non-whites—I was hoping at least one of the 48 contributions would mention this problem. None does, ...

Of course its omission is no big surprise.

And last but not least, I find Serena Williams to be absolutely repulsive, both physically and as a personality. And I tend to believe anyone who says they don't is a politically correct liar.

I remember listening some years ago when commentators on the BBC weekend sports program (on SW or here in Europe on FM in some locales), when discussing the upcoming Wimbledon tennis, starting expressing mild fear that there would be another Venus v Serena final (ugh). Since my own view of that happening goes more in the direction of disgust/revulsion, I texted them to suggest the sisters should be seeded to avoid that. They actually responded to my text on the air, saying it was not right to 'muck' with the seedings. Which was absurd, since at the time (not sure about now?) Wimbledon was (in)famous for 'mucking' with the men's seedings to favor players who did better on grass or hard surfaces over clay-courters.

Stupid Brits.

Iron Felix said...

Pathological altruism; good title. One of the downstream consequences of the baneful and pervasive influence of the group known informally as the Frankfurt School, I imagine. In a lucid moment Churchill said that the German High Command injected (with their sealed train)the bacillus of bolshevism into the body politic of Russia; yet here in the West we ingested the same toxin in its sophisticated form, via Marcuse, Horkheimer and the boys. As early as the twenties one Ayn Rand created just such a character, one Elsworth Toohey in "The Fountainhead", whose watchword was " We take the very machine which a man is---and set it to work against him" and our interminable give-and-appease behavior towards the contemporary black bacillus exemplifies this.(Of course, I am talking more bollocks here...........)

AnalogMan said...

Gonville said...

Felix, nobody on this blog as far as I know objects to anyone's color.

As Sam Goldwyn is reputed to have said, "include me out". Felix was explicitly commenting on the aesthetic qualities of some female blacks. Skin colour is relevant, even decisive. Black skin is ugly. Anybody who has black skin is ugly. And that includes Halle Berry.

Henry IX said...

Iron Felix, you're on the button again mate with this " We take the very machine which a man is---and set it to work against him"

That's what's killing Whites, and THEY know it.

Iron Felix said...

May I just enlarge a little upon this? We take the very machine which White people are---ethical, fair-minded, generous-hearted---and turn those very attributes into the means of their destruction. This may sharpen the meaning here (or of course it could just be a load of bollocks....................)

Uncle Nasty said...

Hi Folks. This may be off-topic (that's me all over) but I regard this as a must-must-must-read.

Andreas Breivik's closing statement

A wonderful article by Andrew Hamilton appeared today at Counter-Currents about Norwegian revolutionary nationalist Anders Behring Breivik, 33. Hamilton let us know that among Norwegians, the date July 22 is like September 11 in the US, that “literally everyone knows what it means.”

Recording and broadcasting of both, opening and closing statements by Breivik (April 16, 2012 & June 22, 2012) in Oslo District Court in Norway was prohibited. Reporters had to take manual notes.

It seems that Breivik’s courtroom statements have not been published by any major media outlet in any European language outside Norway. I would recommend future revolutionaries to study closely both statements and think seriously of what a trouble trio can do once it hits the fan.

Forgive me, but I cannot take tennis playing apes seriously ... especially the Williams brothers.

Notice Hamilton's interesting reference to a "trouble trio"


Uncle Nasty said...

and another ...

A few quotes:-


Good points, Otto. I can see Uncle Wolf’s problem. Imagine trying to tell 1940′s White America that in 50 years their country would be controlled by jew banking and media, overrun by third world scum, race-mixing with niggers, jew-led foreign wars that never end, Whites-only hate crimes, unheard of taxation, debt, usery, black power, mex power and faggot power!

They never would have believed it!


Yes, you are absolutely right and it’s also the reason why the senior citizens who did grow up in that 1950′s All White America still cling so strongly to the idea of Hitler as Demon. They never needed Hitler to be anything else but evil because they were protected and satisfied in their All White World, but for those of us who did grow up in later decades, either 1980′s or 1990′s see very clearly the minority-oriented Communist Jew chaos that Hitler was trying to prevent long before any of us were even born.

Let the truth be told: America really lost WWII because they fought on the side of those who would one day enslave them.

Jeremy said...

I've always believed the wrong side lost WW2. Well that's not quite correct. I have gradually come to realise over many years that the wrong side lost.

And I say that as a proud Englishman. We should have taken Hitler's offer in 1940, easily justified on the basis that the USSR invaded Poland as well, and let events take their course.

Anonymous said...

My father who fought all through WWII said that he wished that we had lost. He believed that we had been "mislead"
The P.A. link is well worth reading and those who haven't should make the effort. It answers a lot of questions.
I would also offer another white trait but without proof, just a feeling. We are exceptionally good at fighting wars. Another reason for our extinction.


Anonymous said...

i think you could well be right on your theory"appeasement at any cost".
Sad news now folks a couple are critical and lost their 2 year old son killed by an apparent suicide polish driver, they were on holiday in Devon from Ireland so let's hope they make it through and our condolences for their loss.

Anonymous said...

The Third War Against Germany

Anonymous said...

Regarding blacks in sports.

If one were to go by the lamestream corporate media in the States, it is no wonder Tiger Woods did so well in golf all those years.

He was the only person mentioned when they reported on a golf tournament, you would not even hear but a peep about the other players.

So the question has to be - how hard is it to win a tournament when you were the only player?

Anonymous said...

Jeez if it weren't for that setup pearl harbor id like to think Americans would have stayed the hell out of a war that wasn't ours. Kinda like 9/11 and our never ending wars and non existant anti war movement with a jew I mean black in office.

Our tolerance, broad mindedness, sense of fairness and compassion, has always been used against us by man's eternal enemy.

If only whites had kept the jew out and not been so stupid as to take their bribes.

Taking their money is a deal with the devil.

The more truth I learn about him, the more I like Hitler and throw out a bit more of my brainwashed preconceived ideas.

Jews sold out Germany in ww1, declared war on it in the 30s , ruled and stole everything during the weimar republic, and hitler took back the country and threw the traitors in work camps, like we did the japanese, the Russians/jews did before and after the war, and France and america did to germans after the war.

The difference is jews got much better treatment than the germans ever did.

Israel owes Germany reparations, but with nukes there's no chance of getting a dime from them.

Sometimes I envy my friends that believe the lies and are still in the matrix.

Corkonian said...

'Sometimes I envy my friends that believe the lies and are still in the matrix. '

Me too.

My wife and kids say to leave sleeping dogs lie. They're comfortable in their so-called knowledge and misguided views and don't want to be troubled with this awful other stuff.

Meanwhile I'm driven to distraction and the more I find out the worse I get.

Anonymous said...


beppo said...

I see that rumours are sweeping through cyberspace that the person of colour heading this post was, for many years, your lover/inamorata Savant.

A statement or, better still, honest confession on this matter would go a long way towards clearing the air.


That ww3 article was amazing, as is the rest of that site.

I'm finishing mein kampf right now and...well honestly I've got too much info right now and need to retreat to nature while I process it all.

Just when I think things can't get any worse...knowledge is pain

SAVANT said...

Beppo ....I've been rumbled. How the hell did they find out??

Heraclitus said...

@Dodger Fan. Don't know if you can read German, but you should also check out the official Red Cross reports on the concentration camps. Deaths are numbered in hundreds, not millions. There's been an edifice of lies that's so brazen that it is literally impossible to comprehend. 'The bigger the lie......'

Anonymous said...

I watch some of the match. As I watch Williams the character "The Hulk" kept running through my mind.

Anonymous said...

Anon and Corkonian. I feel the same. Problem is you can't unlearn something. It does make you wonder why some people haven't fallen for the brainwashing. I keep hoping the excrement is going to strike the air circulator sooner rather than later. Mainly because I want to say to all the sheeple that think I'm mad "Well I did warn you". I feel like we are modern day Casandras.


Anonymous said...

But da girl in da picture be so purty.....

Shaunantijihad said...

I have learned to always read Uncle Nasty's referred links. Breivik's closing statement is masterful:

Anonymous said...

Sickened me the way they were fawning over her after she won.


Jeez loweez UN and shaunantijihad...if Breivik is crazy, then I guess I am too, because what he had to say made a *whole* lot of sense.

A state within a state for anti-immigrationists and national socialists? Now *that* I can get behind!

I just read the 'roots of political correctness' and learned more about the frankfurt school. Stomach churning but very important. I need to learn more about them.

I'm finishing mein kampf and mourning the loss of Hitler's Germany. What could have been instead of this nightmare.

Setanta said...

The other thing about Hitler's Germany was that, given the strength and resilience of the German people, it would have become more liberal and democratic, if I can use these terms, as time went by after Hitler's death.

Anonymous said...

We may all feel like modern day Cassandras,Lemmyhead,but remember, Cassandra was proven to be correct in her prophecies.


Anonymous said...

I recently stumbled across this instructional video aimed at Irish children. Small wonder why Ireland is going down the shitter.

Anonymous said...

@Iron Felix: I beg to differ. People who have Negro blood are automatically consigned by American society to black culture. They are black, culturally, ethnically, and socially. If you want to take it back to the 1950's, the American military rule for determining race was: anyone with as 1/16th or more black blood was Negro.

Anonymous said...

Dodgers fan. We have already had what you asked for. I'm surprised that you overlooked it. I think in the US it was known as the Deep South. I, for one would be prepared to move there if we could have our own bit of our Paradise. The problem would be that after ten years the blacks would want it back because of its success.

Anonymous said...

Mr A. That is my exact point. Casandra was not believed but was always right.

Iron Felix said...

Anon, you may have misconstrued me. What I am getting at is that a couple of centuries of infusion of white blood into the original African slave population has brought about a noticeable improvement in that group as compared to the original African stock. This can be a serious danger as the superior white strain may well add strength and a measure of intellect to the resultant crossbreeds.Regardless of how they are or were classified it is observable that your American black is, on average, a notch or two up the scale from his African ancestor, and a little less hard on the eye with it, howbeit that he is nowhere near to white standards.

Uberdude said...

Felix and others make interesting points, re this mixing of races, ie, mischlings and mestizos---how many Irish people are aware that the Irish themselves are not totally a white race, but rather are, successively, a mix of Celtic, Norman and English blood with the autochthonous aborigines? Certainly the Irish do not seem to think or act in ways consistent with white people, nor ever have.

Anonymous said...

Incorrect uberdude. It's bad enough seeing the liberals spout that shite without reading it here.

The people of the British Isles are largely similar genetically, to each other and to the original inhabitants.
The Vikings/Normans/Angles/etc had less effect on the stock than was once believed.

Uncle Nasty said...

Uberdude said...

... the Irish themselves are not totally a white race, but rather are, successively, a mix of Celtic, Norman and English blood with the autochthonous aborigines?"

Hell, Uberdude, that sure fits my criterion for whiteness.
Any whiter and they'll be transparent as tropical Guppies.

God knows, some of the red-headed Celts and Gaels, with their pearly skin are damn near translucent already.


BTW, saw "Brave" last Sunday ... quite sweet and no token niggers ... though I'm sure the Disneyids fought tooth and nail for a few.

Uberdude said...

Anon, what you say re genetic similarities may be the case---but as to the English in contrast to the Irish, a millenium of performance by each would strongly suggest otherwise.

Uberdude said...

A few of you guys, I suspect, are apt to judge people by their skin colour; dear oh dearie me, surely we racists should not be doing that!!!

Thor said...

'Hell, Uberdude, that sure fits my criterion for whiteness.
Any whiter and they'll be transparent as tropical Guppies.

UN, as always you say it best. I was just thinking the same thing reading it. The Irish are indeed a mixture of peoples, but all lilly white.

Don't know what uberdude was thinking here, nor indeed do I understand what he's referring to in his post of 08.17.


Uberdude said...

In my post of 08.17 what I was referring to should be clear to even a child.In the last millenium two islands of similar size started out on a more or less level footing.Since then one has remained a sour bog of crime, poverty, ignorance, disease,and regularly occurring disasters, showing nothing worth looking at apart from what may have been created by the Norman or English ruling class. The other island went on to become a global master ,creator of possibly the largest empire ever, bequeathing to the world a refined concept of governance, an enlightened notion of constitutionality and the rule of law, an astounding history of military prowess, a tremendous literature, an impressive art and architecture, a cohesive social order.......are these contrasting accomplishments to be attributed to the self same kind of people? I do not think so.

Heraclitus said...

uberdude: an interesting comment and one that we should not reject out of hand even if you are a troll. The genetic map does not lie, so what other possible explanations are there?

Well, up to about 1000 AD ireland would have probably been ahead of 'the mainland' in terms of civilisational advancement (writing, astronomy, missionaries etc.) After that we became 'colonised'.

Britain's greatness coincided with its conversion to Protestantism, either by coincidence or not. This set them against the 'native Irish' who obviiously retained Catholicism. This in turn incurred all sorts of draconian legislation and commercial isolation of the 'Irish'.

The 'apotheosis' of this was of course the Great Famine, which devastated the whole country, but most damagingly the national psyche, and arguably resulted in the best of what was left emigrating.

The Catholic Church was also, in my opinion, right up to recent times, an enormously regressive influence, driving the best brains to the clergy and discouraging innovation and commercialism.

Moving forward to today, Ireland, despite all its economic problems, still has a slightly higher per capita GDP than Britain. When the Irish went abroad their accomplishments were vastly out of line with their small numbers in a whole range of arenas.

So that's my tuppenceworth!

Uberdude said...

Heraclitus, dear chap, thank you.I have described a situation which has endured for a millenium; you in turn have succinctly described how that situation came about and has persisted. (Troll? Geezer who, caught out in daylight, turns to stone.......?)

Croesus said...

uberdude, the position of Ireland is loosely similar to that of Armenia. Surrounded by much larger neighbours and subsumed into different empires. Or to Norway, controlled by both sweden and Denmark at different times and viewed then as country bumkins. Norway now tops the Human Development Index. And by the way, Ireland has consistently ranked higher than the UK on same index.

Uncle Nasty said...

While we speak of fellow travellers, It appears that that sack of rancid hyaena semen -- Tony O'Reilly -- is having to sell his newspaper holdings in South Africa.

(original from Mike Smith)

By Mike Smith
12th of July 2012

I just couldn’t suppress a wry smile when I read that Independent Newspapers & Media in South Africa was up for sale.

INM confirms papers may be sold

INM international and its South African arm that includes 14 English newspapers amongst others “The Argus”, “The Cape Times”, etc obviously belongs to the Irish billionaire Tony O’Reilly, the former British & Irish Lions Rugby player and former CEO of Heinz baked beans.

O’Reilly is a personal friend of terrorist and mass murderer Nelson Mandela. In 1993 Nelson Mandela spent Christmas at Tony O’Reilly’s holiday house in Lyford Cay, a gated private community in Nassau in the Bahamas. Shortly afterwards O’Reilly bought the Argus Group of newspapers in South Africa that was formerly owned by the Oppenheimer family and their Anglo American Corporation. Through the Apartheid Years the Argus group had the monopoly on English news in South Africa and was vehemently critical of the Apartheid government.

O'Reilly buys 31% of South African newspaper group
The rise of a modern media empire – with a little help from Nelson

O’Reilly also bought 60% of Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe in 1992 after he invited and entertained fellow Jesuit initiate, dictator and mass murderer Robert Mugabe at his mansion in Kilcullen, County Kildare, in the eastern part of Ireland where they had mass together in O’Reilly’s private chapel. They are big buddies.

Just remember for a moment what Mugabe’s Zanu-PF guerrillas did in the Vumba Mountains in June 1978. Mugabe’s “freedom fighters” murdered nine British missionaries and four children, one of them a month old. The women were raped, and one child carried the imprint of a boot on its shattered head.

If I recall correctly, O'Reilly has shares in a few NZ newspapers as well ... which are also going down the gurgler.

There was also an ongoing rumour that O'Reilly wanted (ultimately) a gold mine of his very own, and spent years angling for one ... all in vain.

I once rode up the lift at the JHB "STAR" HQ with his snotbag son (I think named Gavin O'Reilly?) who actually demanded I leave the lift (as all STAR personnel were required to do when his highness entered). I told him to go fuck himself.

It was only later that I was told of his identity ... and his proclivities. I should clarify that I never worked there, and was just dropping off some artwork.


Uberdude said...

Croesus, Ireland is NOT surrounded by much larger neighbours; Norway, Sweden and Denmark are all much of a muchness. Look; there was a little matra running around years ago, thus; "Ah, now; England brought Ireland to its knees" this by way of extenuation. My case here is that, whilst certainly true in a literal sense, we entirely miss the greater truth that it was UP to its knees that England brought Ireland.............

Kevin Rafferty said...

UN, O'Reilly was a good operator, in the business sense, but as so often happens the 2nd generation blew it. Seems that all of the group is in trouble and in Ireland, where it dominates the print medium, the share price has collapsed and the O'Reilly representatives ousted.

Kevin R. said...

That's a great story about Gavin asking you to leave the lift. What an asshole! He was described by Dermot Desmond, a hugely successful Irish businessman, as 'totally useless'.

Yet the Indo hacks never failed to praise him to the heavens, wonderful guy, brilliant, lovable. He's now out on his ear and will be lucky to hold onto his severance package.

Uncle Nasty said...

Back on topic .... you're going to love this.

It appears that the first 'groid is not so much a FLOTUS, as sort of a FleabagOTUS. I'll let Covington tell the story ... as only he can;


I know everyone is going to think I am making this up, and since I can't go into detail on my source for this information without getting someone in very, very bad trouble, I'm just going to have to accept that. But this is the goods, guys. This is straight up.

Michelle Obama has fleas. No kidding. Her "condition" is generally known throughout her campaign team and has caused problems with cleanup in hotel suites, in TV studios after appearances, and on buses and planes. Apparently she doesn't just have fleas, she has a lot of fleas, to the point where it's noticeable, as in they hop off onto white table cloths at campaign dinners, etc.

BO's Jewish spinmeisters are going batshit trying to keep this from public knowledge, and of course the subservient, Obama-worshipping media are playing along. No one dares to speak to her about it because Hussein himself has placed her off limits, but part of her alleged "image softening" recently reported in the New York Times is supposed to be a diplomatic attempt to get her to bathe more frequently and use a medicated flea soap like vets use.

Just thought you assholes would like to know what you're letting into the White House.

While we're back on the original topic (of the brothers Williams), I should imagine that if anyone were to drop the pants of Serena and his little bro' Venus, that they would be rewarded(?) with a most unexpected sight. If not actual testicles, then some pretty neat blanket sutures

Is it just me, or is there something not quite kosher about those two nogs ... rather like that other african running prodigy of a few years ago?

The Transsexual Transylvanian Transvaaler? No?


Setanta said...

Personally I always wondered whether the 'sisters' were transgender. Young woman simply do not have shoulder muscles like they do. They don't even come close. But checking this would bring the gods of racism down on us, just as in the case of Caster(ated).

Anonymous said...

Its always interesting,if futile,to speculate on 'what ifs?'.How would Ireland have developed,if at all,without the Norman invasion for example.

But less discussed is the 'what if' had the Norman conquest of England not occurred?.What if Harold had not had to fight two major battles in two weeks?.What if William actually had been killed at Hastings?.

Certainly there was remarkably little animosity between Saxon England and Celtic(as opposed to Danish)Ireland.Except for the odd slave raid,cultural and trade contacts were,for the time,amicable.Particularly in the religious sphere.

The Irish displayed little of the atavistic loathing and revulsion towards the Saxons which the Welsh and Cornish and Cumbrians felt.

But the Normans changed everything.Forgotten is the near genocide perpetrated on Saxon England by the Normans,the destruction of the Saxon nobility,the virtual enslavement of the remnant population.

The Normans were maniacal in their single mindedness to conquer and subdue.England,Sicily and Ireland in turn and loathed by the natives of all three.

How different the ensuing millennium would have been is,as I've said,futile to speculate on.But it would have been very,very different.


Iron Felix said...

Anon., if the Vikings hadn't gone to Ireland, nor the Normans either, nor above all the English---if all these were subtracted out of Irish history---Ireland today would be a rancid bog of disease, ignorance and starvation, where the natives were living in holes in the ground and where they would be gnawing with rotten stumps on raw rat when not actually devouring their young. Some fellow called Uberdude, above, caught it nicely when he said that England brought Ireland to its knees, yes but UPWARDS to its knees.Without these "invasions" and so-called conquests the Irish would have by now dwindled to extinction. Sorry, Paddy, but it is true and all the outrage in the world won't change it.

Corkonian said...

Iron Felix, I suggest you read the previous comment by mr. a. which will help clarify your confused mind.

Hector G. said...

'Ireland today would be a rancid bog of disease, ignorance and starvation, where the natives were living in holes in the ground and where they would be gnawing with rotten stumps on raw rat when not actually devouring their young'

Felix, could you provide even a shred of evidence to back this up? Or is it silly of me to even ask?

Anonymous said...

Felix,and I say this in the most patronizing way which I possibly can,you are young.That's obvious;your previous mistakes in historical accuracy make this clear.You are either young or stupid and you are not stupid.And,I repeat,neither are you George Dangerfield.No matter.

It is impossible for any non American English speaking male(and female,sorry Gemjunior)to take seriously,anyone who uses the word 'dude'either in everyday speech or as an alias or part of an alias.'Uberdude'.For fucks sake!

Now all I did was to suggest an alternative history-entertaining but futile as I said.Entertaining nonetheless.

At the time of the Norman invasion,England(except for those parts that were not),was a unified State-the only one in Europe at the time.The most controlled State,as well as unique.Coinage,law etc,but in other ways,no more advanced than Ireland.England had some exquisite churches;Ireland had its round towers.

By the way,both English and Irish Latin speaking Clerics who travelled to France and Italy,were appalled at the degenerate Latin spoken wherever they travelled.Language evolution was a primitive science,clearly enough.

So no,even back then the Irish did not live in holes in the ground.(Look up Crannogs).They most certainly did live in holes in the ground centuries later,after being evicted by their landlords.

And the English workers around Ironbridge lived in caves dug into the hillsides.

Or maybe they were Irish too.I don't think so though;I tend to check my facts.


Uberdude said...

OK fellows; dream on. No point in my going further; none so blind, etc.

Croesus said...

Uberdude. It's not a case of none so blind. You are quite simply wrong, as mr.a. pointed out, in what you said.

To give you but two examples. The Book of Kells, dating from about 750 AD, is an acknowedged masterpiece for the time, and Newgrange, older than the pyramids, demonstrated highly sophisticated astronomical knowledge.

I'm not sure what your objective is. But whatever, do try to get your facts straight.

Fiachra O' Blodbaoith said...

I think uberdude was speaking of the last millenium, not the preceding one. All the comments in response seem to have been along the lines of "what was done to us". Well, only losers talk like that; winners talk of what they did. Therein lies the differance.
If, in Athens today, you look up at the Acropolis you see what symbolises the very cradle of our entire civilisation; now look around you at street level. Do you seriously believe that these christianised Levantines inhabiting Athens today, milling about in the streets, are cut from the same cloth as Plato, Socrates, Thucydides, etc., matter a damn if they have names like Aristotle or not? A great culture, swamped out by lowlifes. Athens, Rome, South Africa, now Europe and the US.

Educated Edsel said...

Pater inspecting the great oriel window we had restored recently---I think he is pleased with it---said that he had noticed this argument on IS's site. He said that folk often have a limited historical perspective, mentioned the Celtic (sic) remains at Newgrange. Sure its a remarkable (time)piece of work, but he said was it not built by unknown people about two thousand years before there ever was any such thing as Celts. We live, he went on to say, in an immense ruin,we are far older, as Solon of Alexandria said, than we think. Likewise, are we to imagine that the pyramids were built by the exact same type of scruff knocking around Egypt today? Hardly. Quoth he, there are peoples coming and going down the ages, as nature always tries to improve the basic model, discarding the failures. And always we, the best examples extant, thwart nature's efforts by the primary sin of miscegenation.
Now, said he, they are going to make miscegenation compulsory; you will see this sooner than you think.

heuristic said...

Edse, your pater is correct. But that's the point. Uberdude and others clain that the original Irish, call them what you will, would more or less still be living in caves were it not for English intervention. Newgrange etc. show that not to be true.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Dammit, I have been following this, and I want to state the blazingly obvious. There are really only two sorts around; master and slave. The English for centuries have been a master race, an imperial people accustomed to hegemony; the Irish have over the same timespan been slaves, i.e. the navvies and shoeshine boys, the skivvies and whores, the footsoldiers or at best the sergeants and stores clerks of empire. The same mentality obtains unchanging today, and it will not change any time soon, all the flags and dails and chest thumping notwithstanding. Evidence? Look around you!

Clogheen said...

Eamonn, all too true, I'm afraid. That's why we swing between at people's throat or their feet.

Anonymous said...

Certainly the Irish do not seem to think or act in ways consistent with white people, nor ever have.

Do not confuse first world Ireland with centurially challenged British Ireland.

Anonymous said...

That is most unfair on the excellent dancer Serena Williams.

She injured her foot some time ago and rather than laze around as sports journalists do she got up off her fat arse (And does that need some shifting as Oprah can tell you!) and came back as a 30 year old serving faster than ever and served more aces at Wimbledon than any other player even the emn who played more sets!

This jsu shows the marvellous work ethic of the black athlete.

SAVANT said...

'This jsu shows the marvellous work ethic of the black athlete.'

Or the work ethic of her pharmacist.

Anonymous said...


Anti-Doping officials came to collect a sample for dope testing from Serena and she locked herself in her panic room and wanted the cops to remove the officials who were only doing their job.

She did not give a sample.

Normally not giving a sample is an offence but not to the Pee-ples* Champion as she is too concerned about tennis has a stereo id problem and as such is not too concerned about #1s as there is a more compelling problem to be dealt with.

Can you figure out what the stereo id problem is?

* Though if she had been taken to a swimming pool might her African heritage kicked in?

SAVANT said...

Wow, I hadn't learned that about Mr. Serena. So she ducked a drugs test? Well, if it had been a white player you can be sure they'd be out on their ass by now.

Must follow this up. Thanks for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

Hope Powell’s golden dream was left in tatters by a clinical Canadian victory - and to add insult to injury it was orchestrated by Hope Powell dared to dream of gold.

It's not over, it's not over, it's not over,
It's not over, it's not over, it's not over, you and I know
We all live in the space age, you give me roid rage,

I cannot think why Serena Williams missed a few months with the same medical condition as what caused a steroid using pro-wrestler to have to leave his chosen sport.

Maybe a Mirror journalist will find out?

Anonymous said...

A Bulgarian chick who is now a 20 something Kazazhstani was banned for 2 years as a teenager for having a lot more testosterone than normal teenage chicks have.

Anonymous said...

But mollycoddling pays off for the WTA.
Serena was severely injured in Munich and had to get 6 stitches in the sole of her foot and between 5 and 7 elsewhere and another 6 somewhere else but despite stitches needed to be kept dry she was off to Belguim to play the next day where she was able to move her fat arse all around the court no bother.
Racial superior athlete Jon Entine salutes you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Vey! The Bar Mitvahed player tested positive but found that there was a flaw in the handling so a lowly employee was sacked and the handling of samples changed which led to the question -
If Melky were Jewish would the MLB commish, who is Jewish, and also the media that is owned by Jewish moguls, let Melky off the hook like they did for Braun?

karen said...

The Olympics are so corrupt it beggars belief. If you're a 'minority' you can duck every drug test you need, and TPTB will ensure that you can compete. But have a BOYFRIEND who doesn't meet the PC criteria and you're on the way home.


Anonymous said...

But have a BOYFRIEND who doesn't meet the PC criteria and you're on the way home.

A Greek athlete was sent home for a twitter "attack" on Africans.

A Kenyan 3000M steeplechaser was to be interviewed on her return for a knife attack on a real life African as distinct from the non harmed Africans of the Greek athlete's joke.

Anonymous said...

"July 7, 2010: Williams cuts both of her feet on broken glass at an unnamed restaurant in Munich Germany. The cuts require "18 stitches: six inside the cut on her right foot and six on top of that foot, and six stitches on the bottom of her left foot."

July 8, 2010: Williams goes to Belgium to play an exhibition match against Kim Cljisters."

How do you play a match with six stitches on bottom of foot?

And then this:

"August-September 2011: Plays US Open, loses in final. Does not play another tournament in 2011.

October 26, 2011: Williams retreats to panic room and calls 911 when ITF doping control officer arrives for 6am out-of-competition test. No public comment made by Williams about the incident. ITF anti-doping statistics indicate that zero out-of-competition samples were collected from Williams in 2010 and 2011. No explanation given by ITF or Williams on why no sample was collected during panic room incident."

Hmmmm . . .

Anonymous said...

The following players were listed with an Out-of-Competition test for which there was a zero in each testing column (urine, blood, EPO):

8. Williams, Serena 16/06/2009
9. Williams, Venus 16/06/2009

When asked about the triple zero entries the ITF responded:

The results you are referring to were missions that resulted, for whatever reason, in no sample being collected.

Now that David Walsh has collected the head of Lance Armstrong he can go after the Williams brothers as to ignore them would be racist wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Serena Williams is being touted as the only interesting US Open story on Sports Illustrated just like Lance Armstrong was the only interesting story in the Tour de France. Then the next story was the drug bans for former Yankees Bartolo Colon and Melky Cabrera but unfortunately they forgot to mention Roidger Clemens in a story nest to Serena Williams who was not serene in her dealing with match officials.
That is not her style.

Anonymous said...

The funniest thing of kissing Serena's arse isn't the Barbra Streisand thing where people have to tell her that she is beautiful but that with her having the fastest women's serve she could take on male opponents with ease even though she lost 6 - 1 the last time she tried that against a player ranked 203 in the world but that it is the taller thinner one Venus who has the fastest women's serve ever recorded.

Not being able to tell a tall thin black woman apart from a not as tall one with a ginormous arse is plain racist and the sports press should stop it.

Stop it now.

Anonymous said...

Previous to the 2012 test, Serena's last out-of-competition test was May 16, 2009 (ITF test). For Venus, it was 2008 Q4 (USADA test).

Anonymous said...

10 year old Serena Williams and her sister


Serana Williams the little sister is bigger and more muscular than big sister!

Wonder what she does the 100m in?

Anonymous said...

Serena will rule again. Bravo my sister easy win for­ you

Bravo is what you say to a chap so I see this as a Freudian slip as a woman is involved.

Anonymous said...

Previous to the 2012 test, Serena's last out-of-competition test was May 16, 2009 (ITF test). For Venus, it was 2008 Q4 (USADA test).

Federer has done more than 4 tests in that time.

Anonymous said...

$27+ million a year A Rod who is hitting .143 against Detroit and is 115 Home Runs behind Barry Bonds hit 400 foot home runs as a teenager because he had the natural athleticism of Bonds, Rodriguez (Texas), McGwire, Williams (Serena and possibly the other one as well) and Armstrong.

Anonymous said...

Serena Williams: "Stringent enough is putting it mildly. People show up at my house at five in the morning trying to test me. You never know when they come.M
Yeah, I get tested a lot. I don't know about the other players, but for me it's a pretty intense system, and I know a lot of the players feel the same way."

But you do know the time because you aranged the time you do not go skulking off into your panic room hiding.
Testing has been anything but "intense" for Serena. She was not tested out-of-competition by the ITF or the USADA in either 2010 and 2011. The ITF tested her between 1-3 times in-competition in 2011 and 7+ times in-competition in 2010.

Also, I'd note that Serena says people are "trying to test" her. How often do they succeed?>

DC writes

"Also, I'd note that Serena says people are "trying to test" her. How often do they succeed? "
For a stringent system that abolishes doping testing attempts or threats are completely sufficient. The horrendous possibility of being tested deeply moves any athlete in a way that they're incapable of a reasonable observation concerning the real risk of being caught.

So as DC says if she does not fear being tested or the consequences then .... .

Let us just say that the Festina scandal brought scrutiny to cycling and showed that drugs would not be tolerated and then Lance Armstrong won his five in a row.

SAVANT said...

anon 12.25. I have connections with a person in the WTA and she says that it's well known Serena was taking drugs at the beginning of this year. And yes, she has gone missing many a time when testing was due. As Lance Armstrong showed, if you can manage the testing schedule you can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Serena Willimas who won a truth telling contest in a town two towns over is telling porkie pies?

Another point someone made was that they test the losers on the early round so they only test losers who will be real losers if they test positive.

Look at how Bonds stats improve with age like a good wine as his chemist friend and personal trainer could tell you.

Radael Palmero did not improve as much with age because he did not do as much listening to his che mist friend.

Tennis, which lets you blow off two tests per year (or more should you require it1), has the fragrant odour of a vintage Serena sample left in the sunlight for six months. That is if they could find a sample.

Anonymous said...

Lady Gaga sings Born this way

Serena's serve is all natural and getting more natural the older she gets.

Skinny white bird calls for more testing

SAVANT said...

No, honestly, I was born like this," she says, in a laidback drawl. "To this day I don't lift weights and I never have. I probably never will."

Probably true. Those steroids save her the bother.

Anonymous said...

In that article there is a reference made to Miss Serena being able to take on male players and being able to beat them.

What happened when she and sis took on a guy rated 200 in the world?

Anonymous said...

5' 8" Serena Williams

Everyone in sports is annoyed with Lance Armstrong for pulling the wool (willingly) over their sports journalist eyes so I have included a picture of the 5' 8" Serena Williams who ran the 100 yard dash in 11 seconds to bring back your love of sports.

I have connections with a person in the WTA and she says that it's well known Serena was taking drugs at the beginning of this year.

Cough Munich cough 6 stitches which seem to have cough never cough been rremoved because cough they cough were never given.

Was her blood clots steroid induced like various wrestlers who used steroids got?

Anonymous said...

When told that men's No. 1 Novak Djokovic said he hadn't received a blood test in six months, Navratilova said: "He shouldn't be slipping through the cracks that much.''

Read More:

Serena and Venus did not get tested in 24 months whereas a man can be expected to be tested 4 times in that time.

It would almost lead you to think their chemists were not as good as Armstrong's!

Anonymous said...

PED user Alex Rodriguez winters in Florida where the guy investigated in the Operation Puerto blood doping has his blooddoping business - I mean rejuvenation centre.

The guy what also did PEDs with Lance Armstrong wintered in Florida.

The gal who used PEDS wintered in Florida.

Meljy Cabrera who was caught with urine in his PED sample winters in Florida.

Bartolo Colon who was suspended for PED use wintered in Florida.

Serena Williams winters in Florida. But obviously in a differetn part where it is warmer and sunnier to go with her personality.

SAVANT said...

To my mind there's no doubt she feasts on steroids and such substances. Check out the attempts to test her via surprise visits.

Anonymous said...

U cracka muthafucka how de fuk am i meant to fit ma mathafuckin dik in a YT test tube? I iz blak.

Serena explaining why it was impossible for her to provide a sample.

Anonymous said...

I heard that "Miss" Serena is so athletic thaT SHE TAKES STEROIDS IN HER STEROIDS!

Anonymous said...

Now the drugs just work

When Serena and Venus are off them they are feminized back into being large black wimmin or sowetopomuses.

Anonymous said...

There is very little white blood in the Williams sisters. Jane Goodall would have a field day, if she were truly allowed to study them as specimens which they are. The freakouts are in bad form, but I really must admit that you'd have to first blame my countryman, (of Irish descent) ol' Johnny Mac for making that kind of thing acceptable. It was inexcusable then as it is now. I always admired players like Sampras who for the most part kept their cool. Tennis is a great sport for cool heads, for self control...I'm rambling, what was my point? Yes, well you can't ban the Williams sisters now, unless it turns out they're taking testosterone. But it isn't fair, and it isn't pretty.