Sunday, 22 July 2012

Just a thought.....

The Aurora cinema shooting has been jumped on to make yet another case for law-abiding Americans to be deprived of the right to bear arms. 'Guns' have caused this outrage, you see.

But here's another perspective.  Had Colorado not had very restrictive conceal and carry laws it's quite likely that many of the audience would have been packing.  How many shots would the perp have got off before he was gunned down by a law-abiding citizen?

As I say, just a thought. And one you won't see mentioned too much elsewhere.


great white said...

Too true buddy. Once he'd got the first shot off he'd have been taken down.

Martinus said...

And now the Obamanation has taken full advantage of this tragedy and jumped on the bandwagon faster than you can say 'filthy-attention-seeking-media-whore'. Anything, but anything to get a few more votes, especially in a battleground state. Oh how I despise that quasi-porch monkey.

slavestar said...

I whole heartedly agree.

Bemused stare said...

Saw a discussion on the subject on another forum. The libby contention? If others had been carrying, more people would have been shot. Of course we all know that when a legal gun owner is confronted by a situation of a gunman randomly shooting people, he will automatically start randomly shooting at anything that moves.

Proving that you can't get through to the hopelessly stupid.

Richard said...

Even a servile Englishman (with the strictest gun laws in the world)like me can see that it is a basic right to be able to protect yourself. Hang in there, Yanks, don't let the bastards take your guns.

Anonymous said...

Being armed is not just to stop incidents like the Dark Night Shooting.

Being armed is to protect us from corrupt police, corrupt judges, and for the citizenry to be able to make citizens arrests.

Being armed enables the citizens to make citizens arrests as well as a protection against violent crime.

Robert in Arabia said...

This may be a fast an furious false flag operation.

BTW, in a dark theater, how would you shoot the perp and not hit bystanders.

john said...

EXACTLY Mr Savant.

Ian said...

Have a look at this site, Savant. It seems the whole thing may havebeen faked. For one thing, the guy was unemployed yet had $20,000 worth of military hardware which cannot be bought in your local gunshop.


It was a ccw holder that took down the jew that shot that jew Senator and killed the judge. nobody hears about anyone but that fucking kike he shot in the head.

Colorado was a gubmint sponsored event, like most.

Will it get the un treaty passed? likely.

If we lose our guns,they no longer play nice. hello fema camps. can help you escape before its too late!

hoosier said...

If we lose our guns,they no longer play nice. hello fema camps

Yes indeed.

an innocent abroad said...

'BTW, in a dark theater, how would you shoot the perp and not hit bystanders.'

Good question. I suppose that a shooter would make himself visible by standing up, flame/smoke from gun etc. Somebody close to him could take him out with not too much difficulty I imagine.

Artur said...

Chateau Savant :

Slightly OT but with all due respect I have to bring this to your attention, as you are a member of the formerly Great British Empire :

I am watching at this moment on C-Span "Question Time" at the Australian Parliament in Canberra.

They are discussing immigration in general, the Christmas Island disaster in particular.

Against the background of what I notice is an extremely white Aussie Parliament (mid-forties white men in sharp dark blue suits, essentially), every single speaker is talking about the "tragedy" of people dying on the high seas whose only crime was attempting "to find a better life in Australia."

In particular Savant, there is this one speaker, a Michael Keenon, whose histrionics before the Parliament (presided over by that wide-ass PM who showed her true colors when attacked by Abos and saved by her bodyguard a few months back) inspired me to open my laptop and write this :

Savant, this Aussie MP is holding back tears, as he recounts the tragic demise of a young diversity trying to jump from the refugee boat overloaded with non-white (white-created) human surplus, onto Christmas Island, where an isle community of gullible Whites waited to swaddle them in the soft fluffy blanket of the White Modern World.

Savant, this pussy is CRYING, at the microphone, as he describes the invasion of his homeland by non-whites.

With pussies like this in charge, IOW, we have no chance as a civilization Savant.

I didn't even feel like getting on the computer tonight, but when I saw this pussy Keenon crying at the thought of a diversity child dying in an attempt to population-replace Australia, I just had to comment.

Please publish this, and tell your readers about the population replacement program that is continuing apace in Australia as with everywhere in the modern white world, with the Christmas Island "tragedy" being but a footnote.

They talk about conspiracies; the greatest conspiracy in the history of the world is taking place right before our eyes, and yet it would be invisible were it not for internet sites such as yours.

The displacement / disappearance of whites, and the explosion like in a petri dish of non-whites, is the result of a worldwide conspiracy of biblical proportions. This Aussie MP Keenan breaking down before Parliament because his country isn't being reverse-colonized fast enough by non-whites, is but one small exhibit in this inexorable process.

BTW: I just found a youtube of the event in question :


- Arturo

Gem Junior said...

Well, someone could have run up behind him or close to him and shot him in the back of his head, or anywhere in this arms to stop him shooting, without even killing him.
Of course it's perfectly timed to get the children's minds off the UN disarming us treaty. So they can pass it while we aren't looking, the way they do.
I'm sure this moron was a paid patsy. It is so easy to do with th eAmerican public because they are SO amazingly stupid, so retarded, so pathetic. Sick.

Guns are SO dangerous. The way they just indiscriminately start blasting away. You can hardly walk down the street without dodging them. Thank God we can depend on our government to protect us 100% of the time, all the while keeping our best interests in mind.

Artur said...

Chateau Irate :

I'll translate if you need me to :


- Arturo


Just another right wing tea party extremist murdering innocents.

Whoops I meant just another murdering kike like israelis who torture and kill routinely, the pair that did columbine, the guy that shot the kike congresswoman in the head, the guy that shot oswald, the guy that shot archduke ferdinand, and I'm too lazy to list more

brian boru said...

One of the first laws passed by the jews after the Bolshevik coup was the banning of private ownership of guns. They would not have been able to achieve their mass slaughter of the goyim otherwise without provoking effective resistance. Hymie hates the Second Ammendment and has never ceased to try to overturn it. As long as the hated American goyim have guns the jew won't feel completely secure, no matter how many mercenary police and paramilitary goons he has.

Concerned Citizen said...

Reminds me of an incident in South Africa where a man with a 38 revolver chased away men with fully automatic machine guns and hand grenades and lived to tell the tale. Oh yes, how silly of me, the Saint James Church massacre. A great showing of why arming your citizens allows them to protect themselves, even from armed terrorists...

Screw gun control laws, arm up and push back. As they say, criminals will always find their weapon of choice and thus taking guns away from law abiding citizens only serves to embolden criminals.

SAVANT said...

Hi Artur. An interesting but of course depressing link. As you say, the whole plot is rolling out right before our eyes, hiding in plain sight, so to speak.

I'd like to ask this MP just one question: Should everyone who just wants 'a better life' be allowed to immigrate? That's the 'logic' of his position.

What effect would a million new Third World immigrants a year on a population of 22 million? If you don't want a million a year then you have to have something like the Christmas Island solution.

A Greek philosopher said something to the effect that morality without consequences is no morality.

DEXTRA said...

Savant, James Buchanan and David Duke make the same point in this good article on the case:

Anonymous said...

Third Worlders need to be contained in their pens. We bring them to White civilization at our peril. Our current trade situation with China is like a deal with the devil.
(Oh, and the main reason guns are needed these days is protection against KeyShawn, Hernando and the rest of the brown criminal element)


Uncle Nasty said...

Damn. LA DODGER FAN beat me to it ...

Turns out that the looney who did the shooting in the cinema was a hebe.

Well you can watch that one slide off the radar in a week or so ...

Call me paranoid (Okay, you're paranoid) but ever since Oswald, I have wondered if there is not an open connection between selected shrinks and the Effa-Bee-Eye, as in:

Special Agent Levine. How can I help you?

Hey, Jake. It's Izzie. I think I have a live one for you.

Hey Izzie. Can he actually handle a piece?

That's your department, Buddy. I just find them.

Great stuff, Izz. Your check will be in the next post.

Disconnect signal

Crazy? Of course. Paranoid? Absolutely. But ... am I paranoid enough?


Uncle Nasty said...

Here's another interesting one ... straight from Covington.

You'd think the English Defense League would be there to preserve English values ... no?


... and once again, no.

Amazing how the English defense League became the export branch of the US Jewish Defense League.

I wonder when that happened?


Uncle Nasty said...

And this is from a friend ...

The world explained in terms of two cows.


You have 2 cows.
You're forced to give one to your neighbour.


You have 2 cows
The State takes both and gives you some milk.


You have 2 cows.
The State takes both and sells you some milk.


You have 2 cows.
The State takes both, shoots and eats the one, milks the other and then throws the milk away.


You have two cows.
You sell one and buy a bull.
Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows.
You sell them and retire on the income.


You have two cows.
You sell four of them to your publicly listed company, using letters of credit opened by your brother-in-law at the bank, then execute a debt/equity swap with an associated general offer so that you get all eight cows back, with a tax exemption for thirteen cows.
The milk rights of the twenty cows are transferred via an intermediary to a Cayman Island Company secretly owned by the majority shareholder who sells the rights to all thirty-six cows back to your listed company.
The annual report says the company owns forty-eight cows, with an option on twenty more.


You have two cows.
You sell one to China, and force the other at gunpoint to produce the milk of four cows.
Later, you hire a consultant to analyse why the cow has died.


You have two cows.
You go on strike, organize a riot, and block the roads, your cows die of neglect.


You have two cows, but you don't know where they are.
You decide to have lunch.


You have 5,000 cows. None of them belong to you.
You charge the owners for storing them.


You have two cows.
You have 300 people milking them.

You claim that you have full employment and high bovine productivity.
You arrest the newsman who reported the real situation.


You have two cows.
You pray to them.


You have two cows.
Both are mad.


Everyone thinks you have lots of cows.
You tell them that you have none.

Nobody believes you, so they bomb the crap out of you and invade your country.
You still have no cows but at least you are now a Democracy.


You have two cows.
Business seems pretty good.
You close the office and go for a few beers to celebrate.


You have two cows.
The one on the left looks rather attractive. You think she likes you.


You have two cows borrowed from French and German banks.
You eat both of them.
The banks call to collect their milk, but you cannot deliver so you call the IMF.
The IMF loans you two cows.
You eat both of them.
The banks and the IMF call to collect their cows/milk.
You are out getting a haircut


You steal two cows from the few whites remaining.
You eat them.
You steal two more cows.
You eat them.
You steal two more cows.
You eat them.
You steal two more cows.
You eat them.
You steal two more cows.
You eat them.
You steal two more cows.

Repeat until cows are gone.



bwahaha I'm guilty as charged UN! I hauled ass to post that so I could be the first LOL!

Just call me LA"SCOOP" DODGER FAN ;-)

Gem Junior said...

I watched that - it was gross. There are a lot of whites who are unable to figure out what's happening or their bullshit filter is permanently broken. This Australian guy was definitely a wiener though, weepy as a girl. Still, you could see some people were hard pressed not to puke behind him. Very sad. I vote people like him be sent straight to Port-au-Prince to be with those they love, and have their body parts sold for high $$$$ mootie.

The Great Unwashed said...

In the 1970's a Canadian journalist said it best." America has the most armed citizenry in the world. To attack them in a conventional military style would be to have a gun trained on you from every window, in every house, on every street."

Forgive but I cannot remember the journalists name but I took it to memory and quoted him verbatim.

Now Americas corporate censored media is screaming,once again, for the repeal of the second amendment. Hillary Bulldike Clinton has signed the U.N.s small arms trade treaty. And Barak Nancyboy Obama will sign on Agenda 21 by December.

Tobesure there is a price to be paid for living in a gun culture but when the U.S. citizenry is disarmed it will be the end of western civilization.

Baloo said...

Quite right. I'm 70 miles from Aurora, and I'm getting lots of info. Here's my own post on the subject:
And this is also of interest:

Jack Quinn said...

Savant, Colorado has very favorable concealed carry laws for its citizens. The problem occurred in this instance because the movie theater is private property and the owners have the right to prohibit firearms on their premises and that's exactly what they did.

The town where the shootings occurred, Aurora, does not have enforceable legislative power to prohibit a valid holder of a concealed carry permit from entering a private establishment. That power is exclusively reserved by the Colorado State legislature.

Therefore, had the movie theater owners not posted a "NO Firearms" notice on their front door, there may have been many lawfully armed citizens present at that critical time.

Ian said...

@ Artur. A commenter on that video had the right attitude to certain enrichers. He calls them

SAVANT said...

Jack Quinn.....I stand corrected! Thanks. Comes to the same thing in the end though in this instance, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Excellent UncleN!.I loved that.

It reminds me of a joke a Russian aquaintance told me.

A Russian farmer is ploughing a field when he unearths an old lamp.He picks it up ,rubs it clean and suddenly a genie appears.

"I will grant you one wish whatever your heart desires"says the genie.

"Only one?.Not three?"says Andrei.

"Just one"

"Alright"says Andrei,"My neighbour Sergei has two cows.I have two cows. but his cows produce twice as much milk as mine do"

"Ah I see"says the genie "You want me to make your cows produce as much milk as Sergeis'cows."

"No you idiot"says Andrei "I want you to KILL his cows"

Hard to stomach any man crying about anything.But it's particularly difficult to watch an Australian male blubbing.I know times have changed but I still have the stereotypical strong silent Aussie in my mind.


Anonymous said...

Search Bolshevik revolution, Aurora, Port Arthur.

Wolfhound said...

"From my cold dead hands"

I think the average American should live by those words. The moment your guns are outlawed, the constitution will lose its teeth and become yet another piece of toilet roll to be chopped and changed to suit the useless shower of enemies in charge.

I see some here think it's some sort of organised event by elements in the government. I have to say I doubt that very much. The guy is clearly some delusional little loser thinking his life is an ongoing film. If they wanted to push for an agenda, they would've made it much more heinous than this (think armed maniac bursting into a preschool or something similar, god forbid).

Also, this is not rare in the States, a disenfranchised kid totally disconnected from reality going on a rampage. Virginia tech, Columbine, Giffords, the other recent one in Cal. etc etc. (they cant be all shadowy orchestrated events). In fact, it is a damning verdict on the vile trash being put out by Jew Hollywood the last few decades rather than anything to further their agenda.

Isn't it ironic that people queue up to see ultra violent films and are shocked when it leaks in to reality.

False flag is usually much more clear cut, like the recent bus bombing in Bulgaria. Had Mossad written all over it.

My two fiat cents on the matter

Anonymous said...

Hoe the f*ck did the Old Bill get all those coppers there , armed to teeth , in 90 seconds?

Shaunantijihad said...

When criminals run the government, only criminals have guns.

My friend's wife was shot and killed by an illegal alien who escaped to Somalia wearing a burkha. Naturally, the enriched border farce did bo demand to see if the face matched the passport.

The only reason he was pursued and kidnapped by MI6 was because she was a policewoman. The rest of us continue to suffer under the Jewish led onslaught of our homelands by their proxy armies of Negroes and Muslims.

Never give up your arms Yanks. If someone told you the Chinese, Russians, hell, even the Brits had infiltrated your government and judiciary, you would fight to kick them right back out, yes?

But if someone tells you that Jews (who even serve in the Israeli military ffs!) dominate all your politics and judiciary then like Pavlov's dog you slaver with pain in case you are called heretic, I mean, racist ant-semite.

It's the Jews. It is the Jews.

Shaunantijihad said...

So they showed a picture of the kid on the news, totally drugged out of his brain.

My mum, usefully horrified, condemned him, "He's a total druggie, just look at the state of him! Out of his face even in court!"

"Mum", says I, "he's been in custody 3 days already. So who drugged him. Himself, or...?"

John W said...

'It's the Jews. It is the Jews.'

The more I look, the more obvious this seems. In fact, like some other posters here, I just can't figure how it took me so long to reaize it.

Wolfhound said...

OT, did anyone in Ireland hear a peep on this story?

Anonymous said...

My mrs said the same thing Shaun and my reply was exactly the same as yours to your mother.

However the Bulgarian "operation" was clearly the real thing.

John W.I'm probably a lot older than you but it took me until recent years to see the obvious truth.No shame in that.


Ogwambi Rastus O'Flaherty said...

While we're on the subject of God's own personal 'favourites'


Heh John W welcome to the club!

like I've said before, its a miracle any of us figured it out at all. The indoctrination they gave us was so we wouldn't wake up till we were too old to respond, if ever. The internet has screwed that up somewhat.

That said, as an American and gun enthusiast, we will give them up without a peep. Big talk aside, they'll do it slowly enough nobody will actively resist.

Nobody, anywhere, will save us. White Americans will cut off their arm before they'll risk their income or property.

If there's any hope, its with the proles. Disaffected, discontents, misfits and outcasts are the army. Take a look around you fellas, because we're the leaders.

I wish I were wrong.

Corkonian said...

Ogwambi. Brilliant must-watch video. The opening scene was the most powerful: 'The devil's greatest trick was to fool people into believing he doesn't exist'

I think that's the reason so many of us here took so long to wise-up.

whitevanman said...

Wolfhound, nary a word. I read about it on the American media, but nothing here. We can guess why.

Anonymous said...

As has been said,outlaw guns then only outlaws and the government, but then I am repeating myself, will have guns.

Gem Junior said...

wolfhound: your 2 fiat cents LOL love it. I kind of agree with you on the shooter but also the US has a long history of finding patsies who later turn out to be the total polar opposite of the loony lone wolf - like Tim McVeigh, Oswald, Sirhan, so many of the stories that surface later on show them to have been on assignment and then b een lied to and used. If you know what I mean. I can't help believe the US gov is an operation of fruity liberal jooz forever plotting.... this place sucks. Any jackass who gives up their guns deserves what they get. I strongly believe they are counting chickens wayyyyy toooooo early. I think it'll take at least another 100 years of brainwashing or 50 plus constant "reminders" of gun dangers (columbines, aurora movie theaters) to beat down the US citizen into giving up the guns. No matter how brain dead the citizen, even thos who tend to be libby get some backbone when suggestions are made about taking guns. No one will go for that too easily IMO, at least those people I see....

Anonymous said...

Chateau Artist has produced the best (and only one so far?) explanation for the motives.

Including some very interesting comments. For example, Leif commented:

In an earlier age nice-guy James Holmes would have continued his neuroscience degree, graduated and gone on to have a well-paid career. More than likely he could have had his choice of 5-6′s for marriage and children despite his beta male personality.

Fast-forward to 21st century America. Women make up the majority of the workforce and welfare rolls. Young women also make more than young men in nearly every major American city. And no social shaming from stopping women to act on their hypergamous impulses. Beta providers like James Holmes are now completely replaced by feminism and government welfare. They are worthless and expendable.

James Holmes had nothing to live for…no chance at family, children, societal respect, occupational-based social status. Nothing. He probably saw his female classmates go home with the unemployed alphas night after night, before finally realizing wtf was he doing with his life.

The guy went out in a blaze of glory. Literally millions of young American beta males are just one bad day away from doing the same."

It looks a lot like the promised land as described in the Protocols. But Holmes was more than just a Protocol's product. To do what he did, it takes more than despair (he would 'only' have suicided then), it takes Hate.


Mayor Bloomsburg asking for police to strike until we give up guns. laying seige to cities.

Let cities burn till we beg them to send in troops, essentially.

That's war on the citizens.

We're fucked if we turn them on, and fucked if we don't.

Its time to get right with God. Please pray for us in the States. That balloon is getting awfully close to going up, and only the offshore bankers will win.

Daniel said...

Dodger, there is no doubt that this is a carefully orchestrated plan to disarm the law-abiding citizenry and make thme powerless against the tyrants as and when the need arises. Makes it all the more likley that the Aurora shooting was yet another false flag op.

Wolfhound said...

@ Gem Junior.

Yes, but all the examples you give are ideologically driven men, not a young man who just wanted some recognition and attention for once in his life.

It's important to take each event on its own merit. This was NOT some government sponsored killing.

Even if it was, thank god no politician seems to have the stomach to even try to go after guns. IF they do, they know they will be crossing their Rubicon and the America of the founding fathers will be DEAD and every patriotic American will be disenfranchised.

If it ever comes to that point it will be a second civil war and there will be no mistake about it.

Cassius said...

'If it ever comes to that point it will be a second civil war and there will be no mistake about it.

Great! Just what we need. Will be tough for a few years but it'll clear out the Augean stables.

Anonymous said...

non de guerreJuly 27, 2012 5:02 PM

I'm not surprised about Aurora. It is obviously a left-wing police state in miniature. To give a recent example, a black man robbed a bank in Aurora, and the police responded by making every motorist -mainly female and white- at a nearby intersection vacate their cars. Each was handcuffed and forced to stand on the side of the road for 2 hours while the cops inspected their vehicles. They did this despite knowing the race and description of the perp. Rarely has there been such a clear illustration of political correctness merging with tyranny.