Sunday, 15 July 2012

Is Mitt Romney stupid?

No, this is not a rhetorical or leading question. I always assumed he was in fact highly intelligent.  You may not like what he did at Bain but I’m pretty familiar with it, looking at it from a narrow company perspective, he did a superb job in difficult circumstances. But a number of recent actions on his part make me seriously reconsider. 
First, he goes out of his way to goad Russia and declare that country to be America’s greatest threat.  Is this guy for real?  Russia is but a rump USSR (remember Mitt – it collapsed in ruins?) and is busy trying to keep its own very messy house in order. Its armed forces are but a shadow of what they were and with the demise of Communism Russia has no ideological fight with the West anymore.  Why do some American politicians always need a threat?  Silly question of course. So maybe Mitt was just picking a convenient bogey to meet that particular requirement.

But the stupidest thing imaginable has been his pandering and grovelling to the black ‘community’.  He’s repeated all the old bromides, blamed ‘society’ for all the ills of the black ‘communities’, things like low test scores, crime, unemployment, single parenthood.  He talked how black America has ‘suffered’.  And he wants to do something about it!  Why it looks as if Condi Rice might be his VP selection, even though she’s an avowed Obama fan.

Does he not realise that no matter what he does he won’t get more than a miniscule fraction of the black vote? Surely he must know this? And by his pandering he’s turning off large numbers of white Americans who are shit sick of being on the receiving – and paying – end of the whole racist shakedown for decades. They see, one after another, their neighbourhoods revert to jungle status as blacks are flooded into them via Section 8, AA and EBT purchasing power.

They’re tired of fleeing, time after time, further and further out, to escape the black tide. They're sick of seeing their taxes going to pay for the very things making their lives a misery.  There’s a huge constituency out there.  Even in MSM outlets that allow (heavily edited) comments you’ll see that ordinary Whites are seeing through the crap they’ve been sold and are ready to revolt. Romney would have this constituency sown up were he to make some sensible statements about race.  Sure, he’d be branded a cook and a Nazi by most of the MSM, but as I said earlier, readers are increasingly seeing through the lies. These people would flock to his cause.  I have no doubt about it.

Now look at the numbers. Whites outnumber blacks by about four to one, and of those who vote, probably more. We know that only a miniscule proportion of blacks will ever vote against Obama, probably in the region of 250,000.  Even a very conservative estimate of what we might call race realist Whites must put their numbers at five to ten million. Yet Romney goes after the 250k and pisses off the millions of White realists.  Why would he do that?  Maybe he thinks that such Whites will not vote for Obama, no matter what Romney does or says.  And he’s undoubtedly correct.  But the question is, how many of them will not bother to vote for Romney either, giving his pandering, and just say a plague on both of their houses?
I believe it’s a great risk. I'm putting myself mentally in that position, and personally I believe that I'd not bother voting were the choice to lie between Obama and a Romney who would sustain the anti-White environment that now prevails. Not to mention his grovelling to the Neocons and the Israelis (but, as Mark Twain said, I repeat myself).

Is he stupid?  Or has he a deeper and more cunning plan that I can’t figure out?


blueboy said...

There's a view out there that says if Romney can stop about 20% of black people voting for Obama in key states it will have a major impact on the outcome.

Uncle Nasty said...

George Wallace said it best, Savant:-

George Wallace (1919-1998) ran for U.S. president in 1968 on the third party American Independent Party ticket. Asked in 1968 about the Democrats and Republicans, Wallace answered: “There’s not one dime’s worth of difference in the two parties. If you put all of the Republican leaders in a good cotton-picking sack with the Democrats, shake ‘em up and let the first one drop out, you’d stick ‘im right back in ‘cause there’s no difference.” Wallace had used the “not a dime’s worth of difference” line as early as May 1967.

The American public seem to have difficulty in grasping that old saw; "A difference that makes no difference is no difference."


Anonymous said...

@ Savant. I am rather surprised that you are allocating neural network time to this charade. It is irrelevant who wins the vote to be Head Boy when the Board of Governors make the decisions.


Bemused stare said...

What I think is stupid, is believing that Mittens here will make any difference. I really have no idea why they bother upholding this illusion.

You could have put a dog in the white house for the last couple of decades and it would have made zero difference.

SAVANT said...

Schaublin and UN: Of course you are both 100% correct. The 'victorious' sock puppet will be just that, a puppet.

However, presumably Romney wants to win. In fact his desperation to win I find disturbing. So why would he do such incredibly foolish things? Unless, as I said, he has a much deeper and more cunning game in hand.....

Anonymous said...

"branded a cook and a Nazi" Is that Gordon Ramsey? Irreverance over.
I think you are spot on. (Gold star for being teachers pet please). But the political situation in the U.S. is exactly the same as every currently white country? Isn't it what is being said on just about every new topic? Where is the politician that has the bollocks to stand up and be counted? Why is it that the parties that do say they are Nationalist get so little support? Why is it that I complain and write comments on blogs, Yahoo etc. and do eff all else?
I did suggest that, if possible, we could have a sort of "call to arms" section on this blog where we could post ideas. Perhaps, someone, somewhere might just have that one great idea that could be built on? I forgot, why is it that Nationalists seem so intent on destroying Nationalism by stabbing each other in the back?
I do, sincerely, exclude Savant from the backstabbing. Sensible comments and well written articles. This is the only blog that it is a pleasure to visit. I do hope Mr. Savant doesn't reveal his true identity. It would be like finding out that there is no Father Christmas. (Hope I haven't spoilt Xmas for anyone).

Anonymous said...


Whatever Romney does, there are so many ABO voters out there (Anyone But Obama) that it doesn't matter if he goes to the NAACP conference, etc. In fact, getting booed there did him good as it showed whites what a bunch of stoopid niggers they are...Obama didn't even bother going to that conference, and with black youth unemployment at a whopping 40% can you imagine the wailin' anna whinin' if it were Prez McCain in da White House, yo? Obama didn't win by that much in '08 - and you can bet that a lot if not most of the whites who gullibly voted for him then based on $$$ media blitzkrieg are now confirmed ABOs.
Romney is raising about 25% more funds than Obama - what does that tell you?
It's gonna be a close one, though.


Patrick Cleburne said...

Good question, Savant. Here's my answer:

A polite formulation would be: Follow the Money.




I think there's a lot of angles being worked by him that make sense in the big picture, somehow.

Anybody read White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell? Despite the unfortunate name, this book is up there with The International Jew and None Dare Call it a Conspiracy for explaining what seems so confusing in our government.

Specifically, in this chapter, how our leaders have made so many 'mistakes' in foreign policy.

I thought I was through with any new revelations, but the rabbit hole is very very deep. Wow.

Anonymous said...

It's about time politicians that claim to be right of centre realised the simple truth that ethnic minorities will vote for the party they perceive to be most generous on welfare, and softest on crime and immigration.

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

I thought that the NAACP thing was very clever. Whether or not that was intentional is another issue.

He has shown himself open to the coloured vote, which means it's more difficult for undecided whites to consider him racist. But they booed him, which means that (1) he's - whisper it - closer to the whites and (2) they rejected him, so it's not his fault that he'll lose the black vote.

White people would *love* to vote one of their own into office. But they don't want to lose face with other white people, which is the fear about being called racist. Who cares what a bunch of coloured people think? The real fear is that other whites will ostracise him.

So it wouldn't be that bad a strategy, but I'm not seeing evidence that there *is* a strategy.

SAVANT said...

anon 2.52. Thanks. And yes, I think some kind of an Action Plan is called for. I think what I'll do is propose one myself in a future post and let others weigh in with suggestions, out of which we might crystallise a practical way forward.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Patrick. Very good post over on VDare and your explanation is certainly plausible.

Mind you, maybe another 4 years of Obummer might be just enough to tip over the White waverers for good.....

tokyo paddy said...

Ok, I get a sense from the comments here and the VDare piece that it might be part of a more cunning plan. But one thing should be remembered. Self-abasement before the gods of equality and diversity will not win over the 'liberal' pundocracy. Just like in the USSR, a self-abasing confession was used as ammunition to damn the penitent.

Personally I go along with what I think IS is driving at. That Romney should come straight out and give the message that AA, mass immigration and all ther other nostrums have been tried and failed and that he wants to cut them back. Pretty much the approach he adopted with Obamacare.

For sure he'd be rent by the MSMA. But as IS says, White people are beginning to see through that. They make up by far the biggest segment of voters and if he gets their vote - note, in the secrecy of the ballot box - he'll win.

Simple as that.

Anonymous said...


You seem to be naively believe Romney isn't just a cog in the machine. Unfortunately that's exactly what he is.

The anti-White agenda will continue regardless of who is elected because that's what the REAL masters dictate. Romney will dance to their tune, even if he does have genuine convictions, because he is dependent upon their donations and the media, which is in their hands.

Anonymous said...

As (or perhaps because I'm) a Welshman and a race realist, I don't really understand why people are so desperate for Obama to lose the next election.

Seriously. The shit is going to hit the fan soon, and I would imagine it would be better to have Obama at the helm, taking the rap for it, than a white man.

Anonymous said...

Dodger fan, I wonder should the 'rabbit hole' you refer to actually be 'rabbi hole'???

AnalogMan said...

Off-hand, I'm sure he's not stupid. Many leftists are objectively not stupid; they score high on IQ tests, work in demanding professions and so on. But they are demonstrably not sane.

Romney is a true believer. I don't trust him. If there's a grand strategy there, it's not one that will be good for White people.

Anonymous said...

I would think that Romney is neither especially stupid nor especially cunning. He lacks moral integrity and the Enemy OWNS all traitors. Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-white.

Anonymous said...

Another thought. Could Romney possibly be related to the Bush's? They both have Mexican relations. Maybe the Mormon thing is a cover.

barncat said...

Romney a true believer?????

A true believer in Romney. He'll do anything to achieve power. His flip-flops are the stuff of legend.

kulak said...

Romney is an anti-white scumbag, just like his daddy.

Romney got more cheers than boos from the NAACP, and a standing O.

Romney says school choice is the great civil rights issue of our time.

Romney wants to give vouchers to niggers and put my children in danger.

That's not something these "Chamber of Commerce" traitors ever have to worry about.

No voucher is going to "bridge the gap" to the schools they send THEIR kids to.

Romney is not stupid.

Romney is anti-white.

Steven said...

I was happy to see Patrick Cleburne of Vdare giving your article an even wider audience than you already have. People need to read this piece, because you touched on very serious problems. I know that Mitt is not stupid, but like McCain, who may have even THROWN the last election, the GOP Presumptive Nominee doesn't appear to be on the level. As a White Christian you are at the BOTTOM of the rung in the USSA. Of course the average white person is too busy with "entertainment" and so forth to realize what is being done to him/her.

Anonymous said...

We need a candidate who will call a spade a spade instead of pandering them.
But that aint gonna happen.
I hope the incumbent wins and he holds the fort as the system implodes.It will hardly last another term.
Then a Ron Paul or someone angrier whose policies are aggressively pro white comes in and clears out 40 years of anti white prejudice.

eah said...

I know that Mitt is not stupid,...

Do you think he's not politically correct in the conventional sense?

Political correctness makes you stupid.

Anonymous said...

Are school vouchers a way to enrich private schools people send white kids to escape blacks? god that's a sickening thought.

RegThe Hedge said...

What if Romney thinks blacks are ready to dump Obongo. After all, Obongo has opened the floodgates to beaners and other turd worlders. The influx of the shit skins affect blacks the most. Blacks don't have to have IQs of 100 to see their jobs go to beaners. 80 is enough to figure that out.

kulak said...


If Romney thinks that, then he is indeed stupid.

You're assuming the underclass wants to work.

The trouble with dependency is dependency.

The food stamp bureaucrats are currently working on destroying "mountain pride" to get hillbilly resistors on the dole.

Blacks had some of that pride imposed on them by the white man -- and their own talented tenth. That was during Jim Crow, before welfare, before "civil rights" and before the dispossession of whites by force that is disingenuously referred to as "desegregation."

Blacks who can see it and act on it have been bought out by the anti-white system (which also happens to be anti-black, in its effects on them.)

We can thank Nixon, who started affirmative action.

LBJ deprived blacks of what will and self-control they had.

Nixon deprived them of leaders.

Possible exception: Louis Farrakhan.

Anonymous said...

There is a chance there will be no election. BHO has just signed Executive Order 13617 (25/6) declaring the USA in a State of Emergency. Apparently due to the proliferation of enriched uraniuf originating in Russia. A slew of EO's allowing commandeering of anything in the us were also signed recently.

BHO can cancel the election with just a signature.

Anonymous said...

O.T.savant,please tell all your readers across the pond and our locals to please,if they value the lives of their loved ones and their seleves to not think of coming to Chicago for a holiday,the situation has completely gone by the boards and is totally out of control here with the nigs randomily attacking any and all white people on the streets along with a homicide rate amongst themselvels that now surpasses Detroit,the jewish mayor if you can call him that talks on tv and at boon infested gatherings of soco economic problems and a irish american drunk named McCarthy who states the probles of the gangs stated with the arrival of the Pilgrims and the attitudes of the police on the street,the police blogs here are full of cop comments of how they are going to lock up every pilgrim they see on the street, and God help the 6th grader going to a Thankgiving class play this november cause his ass will be toast if hes wearing a Pilgrim outfit,etc, etc,btw, we just learned that our esteemed mayors father was a Israeli bomb thrower who set bombs off on crowded buses in Palistine kiling 20 brit soldiers and policemen,any way a word to the wise,boycott Chicago or your life will be in danger,as ever,John old rtd chicago copper,

SAVANT said...

John, thanks for the advice. One thing that saddens me is that the Irish over there seem to be at the forefront of every misguided initiative. This McCarthy guy is just one of them. Having done his mischief in, was it Cleveland?, he now pollutes Chicago. These types know whats going on, of course, but have learned to play the game and talk in Newspeak.

katana said...

Posted by SAVANT at 22:20 on 15-Jul-2012

Is he stupid? Or has he a deeper and more cunning plan that I can’t figure out?


He requires sufficient and ambitious brains enough to follow a script supplied to him by his handlers, I'd say. Anything else might be a liability if it leads to him not licking the hands and feet that feed him without fulsome enthusiasm.

Is the script cunning? Undoubtedly, just as Obummer's script writers are, since the writers all have the same paymasters, that is, our 'friendly', cunning, arch manipulators, the jews. Untold history of deceiving the goy, behind the curtain.

I've come to see, like some here, that this election stuff is a charade. The jews control the media, among other things, so they control the message and therefore the end result.

The vast majority of White voters are totally in the grip of the jewish 'Pied Piper' media control system. They follow it into the dark mountains singing the multi-culti 'death to racism' songs, while sipping on the kosher Kool-aid.

As a reminder, the jews are the ones who perpetrated the mass slaughter of tens of millions of Russians and others in the 'Russian', aka, jewish Revolution; the engineering of the Second World War, again with the slaughter of tens of millions. Then followed by the Holohoax, the scam of centuries. Moving on, we've been 'treated' to another jew directed scam called 911. Organizing elections of Presidents is like wringing the necks of chickens, for them.

What's to be done?

Self awareness and self education to avoid the slaughterhouse. Learn what happened to those Russians, those Germans, and the Arabs now.

Only a small number need to become fully awake to become effective.

Paddy West said...

Romney is a wholly-owned goy front-man of the Israel-first Zionist neocons. His top foreign policy advisor is Israeli dual-citizen and AIPAC bigwig Dan Senor. Of his top 22 advisors, 15 are Bush administration retreads.

Romney has also stated that Russia is the number one "threat" to Amerika, which reflects 1) the zionist-globalist agenda of subverting Russia in the name of "democracy" to open it to bankster plunder, and 2) the atavistic hatred that world Jewry (Romney's true constituency) harbors for the traditional, Orthodox Holy Russia.

Romney and Obama are symptoms of the fundamental rot at the heart of Amerika, and Amerikan "elections" are merely staged competitions between left-wing Zionists on one hand, and "right wing" Likudnik Zionists on the other. Since both factions support open borders for Amerika, viewing Romney as a "white" alternative to Obama is laughable in the extreme.

Anonymous said...

US politics is subsidised by Zionists with the money that the US sends to Israel each Year. These people are so dumb is not even funny anymore.


Wolfhound said...

The whole process is now anathema to the white Americans with their head screwed on right, the traitors will continue to volounteer enabling their own demise. You're choosing between a candidate who wants to milk White America dry and a candidate who wants to starts more Jew wars in the ME. They're both in the pocket of the same backroom players and both eager to show their anti-white credentials.

I'm interested in hearing if Savant still believes the political process can be turned to our advantage by creating a political party built around White interests/rights, political/social/economic conservatism etc. or if the whole process has to be scrapped to make way for a more dramatic and possibly violent series of secessions or rebellions.

Atleast Americans still have the right to bear arms for the moment (something THEY will look to crack down on) and by extension a glimmer of hope to preserve white self-determination.

Anonymous said...

McCARTHY WAS A COP IN NYC and then went to Newark new jersey at cheif of police,only thing he has going for him was that he was the real police,but will say he did a great job in chicago during NATO summit.

nemesis said...

katana, Paddy West and others. Goes without saying that both sides of any so-called Presidential 'Election' have been well and truly acclimatized by those who determine our destiny.

Ya know, I used to think that seeing jews on both sides of every election or dispute meant that they were divided, just like goys.

How silly of me. All they're doing is ensuring that whichever side wins they hold onto power.

SAVANT said...

Wolfhound, you ask "I'm interested in hearing if Savant still believes the political process can be turned to our advantage by creating a political party built around White interests/rights, political/social/economic conservatism etc. or if the whole process has to be scrapped to make way for a more dramatic and possibly violent series of secessions or rebellions."

It's a big big question and I can only provide a modest response. The ideal solution would have the Repubs turned into an implicit party for Whites, just as the Dems are an implicit party for minorities. Needless to say this would call for a root and branch clean-out of the current sellouts.

Any 'White' 3rd party would find it very difficult to attract funding and would be shredded by the MSM. And unless you go the secession route it will all come down to money. That's why I say a reconstituted GOP is the least bad/least unlikley option as wealthy White donors might contribute to a 'respectable' party.

And again, that's why I always say 'worse is better'. Your average flag-waving Joe Sixpack won't move from his TV screen and will keep swallowing the KoolAid until he gets hit really hard. Like what would happen should the $ lose its reserve currency status.

So a bleak outlook overall......


The time is near, gents.

The jew will never allow a true white party not controlled by them. David Duke was the closest we had and that was 20 years ago.

Our own country in the Northwest is our singular , dim hope.

Without some kind of organized folk, how can we resist going to the FEMA reeducation camps which are waiting for thought criminals like us?

Childish critiques like 'they wont let us' or 'muds will follow' aside, who has a better plan? I'm all ears, because for us living in the north american union(formerly the USA), there is no better idea that I'm aware of.

My line in the sand is I'm not going to a camp. I hope ypu guys know what yours is.

Anonymous said...

Guess there's no hope, since Ron Paul also is "controlled" by JOOOOOOOOOS like Peter Schiff and his buddy Rockwell lauds JOOOOOO Murray Rothbard. Fuck's sake! Israel gave Gaza to the Arabs, and if it weren't for the threat of war would probably split into two countries, leftie-gay rights Israel and Bible-settler Israel. Anti-semiite posters on this blog need to at least VISIT Israel, or even live there (as I did), then realize that the JOOOOOOOOOOS are the most schismatic folk on earth, any unity among them is only imposed by necessity, e.g. Arab war threat, Nazi takeover of Europe, Cossacks, etc.
PC brainwashing crap is fucking up the Western Diaspora AND Israeli Jews as much as it is Whites.


rebel said...

My line in the sand is that they're not taking my guns, no matter what. The rest I'll think about.


JP, your jewishness is showing.
Cries of heretic, then insults from a superior to inferior, betrays your semitism, wether you're a jew by blood or not.

Your methods are easy to spot.

Anything to guide and control the discourse as jews always do.

I don't care to 'debate' with a lying devil, anymore than you care for Christ.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

jp said
"PC brainwashing crap is fucking up the Western Diaspora AND Israeli Jews as much as it is Whites"

Bwahahaha! yes, luckily we have hundreds of white schools and white churches and whites only societies thar pull strings for white interests and white world congresses and billions off white foreign aid an all white nation and whites control the supply of money via central banks in every great nation and whites run all television film radio music and print and whites have dozens of white only newspapers and culturally everything is pro white and...well you get the point.

obviously whites and jews are equally affected because we have equal resources LOL

Wolfhound said...


Thanks for the response, I've just been wondering lately how well the Golden Dawn party model could be used elsewhere in Europe.

You're probably right about the US, even the most staunch tea party people would wince at the thought of a national socialist model.

Enjoying your blog.

Anonymous said...

Savant, have you seen this study?

Remember, immigrants are only in our countries because they do work we don't want to do... What a crock of shit!

"57 percent of households headed by an immigrant (legal and illegal)
with children (under 18) used at least one welfare program"

"A large share of the welfare used by immigrant households with children is received on behalf of their U.S.-
born children, who are American citizens. But even households with children comprised entirely of immigrants
(no U.S.-born children) still had a welfare use rate of 56 percent in 2009."

Gem Junior said...

LA Dodger Fan: If that camp stuff happens, there will be plenty of people like us (PLU) in there. I'm sure we can all get together and form some sort of gang or coalition to work on getting out or whatever it is. Who in the hell knows what's going to happen in this crazy country? I'm sure it is nothing good. Every passing day I despair ever more looking for a White American Savior - no place on the horizon. Only a fantasy of a Marlboro Man, Clint Eastwood type riding on a white horse to Capitol Hill to slay all the traitors and Beltway Scum from the bottom to the top.....

AmericanGoy said...

You are assuming that Romney, as an American politician, is in it for American interests and/or American people.

There are two parties in America: one is for the Section 8 housing crowd, and the other is for the billionaire McMansion crowd.

As a middle class White dude, I will start voting once the "White Caucus" is formed in Congress, based on the "black caucus" currently existing.

(that means I will never vote, unless locally)

Anonymous said...

American Goy. I feel the same way. Funny thing is, as an American living in the UK for the past year I can see things more plainly than before. The duality you propose is spot on. And it's fairly easily done as they can deprive us of alternative candidates simply by depriving them of money. Another problem with our f*ckedup system.

Esther said...

JP has attracted the usual torrent of abuse just because he says that not all Jews are in the 'enemy camp'.

Thing is, he's correct.

I ought to know.

beppo said...

@ Esther:
Of course JP is right in this.
Why do so many Jewish people marry out otherwise?
Check out the case of Moses Kamin for an example of PC brainwashed Jewish couple murdered by adopted minority son. Only fifteen years old but trained in martial arts - choked them to death.
And people question why victim had to shoot St. Trayvon, who was in fact just three weeks short of his eighteenth birthday.
Case kept out of the spotlight as much as possible, but Google it anyway.

Paddy West said...

JP & Esther...

JOOOOOOS? I believe this a non-word created by professional IDF internet-trolls to discredit those who notice and discuss the effects of Jewish influence on societies and nations that are NOT YOURS. It's the old routine of "Who, us?" when you're caught with your hands in our cookie jar. To this disingenous question, we reply "Yes, YOU."

Listen to Manny Friedman, one of your landsmen:

"We Jews are a funny breed. We love to brag about every Jewish actor.... We brag about Jewish authors, Jewish politicians, Jewish directors. Every time someone mentions any movie or book or piece of art, we inevitably say something like, 'Did you know that he was Jewish?' That’s just how we roll.

"But the funny part is when any anti-Semite or anti-Israel person starts to spout stuff like, 'The Jews control the media!' and 'The Jews control Washington!'... suddenly we’re up in arms. We create huge campaigns to take these people down. We do what we can to put them out of work. We publish articles. We’ve created entire organizations that exist just to tell everyone that the Jews don’t control nothin’. No, we don’t control the media, we don’t have any more sway in DC than anyone else. No, no, no, we swear: We’re just like everybody else!

"Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. We do control the media. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene.

"And let’s not forget AIPAC, every anti-Semite’s favorite punching bag. We’re talking an organization that’s practically the equivalent of the Elders of Zion. I’ll never forget when I was involved in Israeli advocacy in college and being at one of the many AIPAC conventions. A man literally stood in front of us and told us that their whole goal was to only work with top-50 school graduate students because they would eventually be the people making changes in the government... these guys are literally talking about infiltrating the government. Intense."

Please forgive us Goyim if we are less than distressed by Israelis who are poisoned by the very corruption your landsmen inflict on our world.

Run along now little Esther. Before you go though, tell us what's in that particular book of the old testament that bears your name.

Anonymous said...


Tell it to Edgar J. Steele.

Anonymous said...

If a jew tells the truth, its to set himself up to tell a bigger lie later.

Jews know damn well their own get infected by their PC crap, just like they marry goys and leave the fold.

Gueas what? that leaves the orthodox more representative in the jewish community, rids them of their 'leaser brethren ' and lets jews say 'see? we're not all like that!'

Your facile lies and half truths aren't needed here, juden. Its amazing how your sickening hebrew attitude is obvious just through an internet post. Go bless someone else with your wisdom, Chosen.

Anonymous said...

L.A. DODGER FAN, et al...

Intellectual debate and facts are needed, instead of pointless name-calling. As Savant pointed out in an earlier post, Jews are on all sides of the question. They are naturally schismatic and divided, they do not fall into line for people like Bin Laden and Jesse Jackson, as do the nigs and Arabs. Questions about Jewish complicity in, and predilection for, communism etc. should not be off-limits but nor should the failings of Whites ourselves. Europe is dominated by Germany, NOT the Jews - and how is that working out right now? Pretty good - for the Germans (whom I admire greatly, btw).
I'm starting to get sick of this blog as it veers towards the most infantile manifestations of lockstep anti-Semitism, rather than constructive debate and free thought(I don't see Jared Taylor on here). I'm not blaming Savant, but too many lowbrows are infesting the discourse.


Jeremy said...

JP and others. I dont have strong views on the Jewish connection, that is, I'm not sure what the truth is. But I agree with you that we should avoid ad hominem attacks as far as possible. All my instincts tell me that not all Jews are hostile to us, but maybe enough of them are as makes no difference.

I don't know.

But let's discuss as reasonable people.

Anonymous said...

Nice, JP, and typical of your kind! you come on here with your 'jooooooo' nonsense, then accuse us of childish namecalling LOL

You've been effectively rebutted, but have nothing to say except stop picking on me lol

Typical. When confronted with facts, shift the debate to cries of persecution, since you can't refute the truth.

I'll bite, however.

Yes, we get it, jews hate each other too and fight, especially in Israel.

Yes, 'theyre not all like that', except genetically, well, yes they are.

You may believe a race that's outlasted all others , thousands of years old, been kicked out of 119 countries for subversion,
isn't up to more of the same, but I don't.


Anonymous said...

Strangers, gates, nuff said.

Anonymous said...

"race that's outlasted all others"...

Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Chinese are all still with us last time I checked.
Now, just supposing y'all were right, and there really was this big JOOOOO-ish plot to control the world...I see no positive suggestions on here, no strategy or tactics, nothing except mindless projectile-vomiting. Just like all those grumbling Londoners cowering in their hobbit-holes while the niggers rampaged through their city.
Jesus said "First remove the beam from thine own eye," and that sounds like the best advice - that way we may see clearly going forward.


katana said...

Anonymous said...
L.A. DODGER FAN, et al...

> Intellectual debate and facts are needed, instead of pointless name-calling.

You’re complaining about name-calling while doing it yourself (see for example your two last sentences in your comment).

>As Savant pointed out in an earlier post, Jews are on all sides of the question. They are naturally schismatic and divided, they do not fall into line for people like Bin Laden and Jesse Jackson, as do the nigs and Arabs.

Isn't there some saying along the lines of, 'with two jews you'll end with three opinions'? However argumentative and divided jews may appear to be, the fact is, jews, have been, and are the ones actively and predominately destroying White societies. Behind every subversive movement there always seems to be jews controlling the levers. And one of their strategies is to get in control of both sides of any issue. These jews will be publicly opposed in policy but privately both working on 'What's good for the jews.'

> Questions about Jewish complicity in, and predilection for, communism etc. should not be off-limits but nor should the failings of Whites ourselves.

Why should any questions about the jews be off-limits? The jews are the number one suspect in so many crimes against White people. Any and all questions should be asked.
White failing, of course, need to be also asked. Number one, our susceptibility and gullibility to jewish deception. Why are we continually allowing them to con us?

> Europe is dominated by Germany, NOT the Jews - and how is that working out right now?

Germany dominates in matters of industrial strength and financial strength because of their hard work and discipline. BUT, Europe is dominated by jewish directed policies and 'ideas', in matters of immigration, multiculturalism, etc. These are the things that will destroy Europe.

>Pretty good - for the Germans (whom I admire greatly, btw).

I also have great admiration for the Germans.
That admiration, now since I’ve becomes jew-wise, extends back to the Nazi era, when Germans understood and took action against jewish evil scheming. I now understand why they wanted to rid Germany of the jews. The jews are now doing to the whole White world, what they did to Germany.

> I'm starting to get sick of this blog as it veers towards the most infantile manifestations of lockstep anti-Semitism, rather than constructive debate and free thought(I don't see Jared Taylor on here). I'm not blaming Savant, but too many lowbrows are infesting the discourse.
18 July 2012 20:48

I think you're just getting sick of valid criticism of the jews. If you want more ‘high brow’ stuff try The Occidental Observer at:

James Lord said...

katana, not for the first time, a brilliant post. You are an extremely gifted individual with a keen insight into these matters. Please continue to contribute as I find your input most enlightening.

By the way, as I said before, I don't have terribly strong opinions on this issue, but, like so many else on this blog, 'the more I know the more I know'!

katana said...

James Lord said...
katana, not for the first time, a brilliant post. You are an extremely gifted individual with a keen insight into these matters. Please continue to contribute as I find your input most enlightening.

By the way, as I said before, I don't have terribly strong opinions on this issue, but, like so many else on this blog, 'the more I know the more I know'!

20 July 2012 10:13

Thanks James Lord for your appreciative words.

As you continue with your education on the jews you will inevitably form strong opinions, as the evidence of jewish criminality becomes overwhelming. If you are at a fish market and you don't smell fish then there's something wrong, not with the fish, but with you.

The major roadblock, actually a series of roadblocks, lies within oneself, that is, do you really want to know the ugly truth about jews? Do you? Most people do not, since they sense it will be 'disruptive' to their worldview and life.

Unfortunately at this late stage, I think it is essential for survival for all Whites and non Whites to become jew-wise, whether they like it or not. The best investment of your time is to become, proudly, that.

Anonymous said...

As posted elsewhere he also has a dork looking talent with the addition of a hat.