Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Guns are lethal

I could never understand the view that ‘guns cause crime’.  My simplistic take was  - until a shocking event today - that criminals use guns to further their evil objectives. The reason for my volte face was quite simple. Strolling through the armoury of Chateau Savant today I noticed that a number of guns were missing. These included a Mauser M98 hunting rifle,  a Smith & Wesson Model 86 (with 6 inch barrel) and an ancient WWI Lee Enfield 303.

I rushed to the window and what I saw made me freeze in my tracks.  The three guns were sprinting  (well, the old .303 was just wheezing along, to be honest) down the driveway towards the public road. I immediately set off in pursuit but by the time I got to the gate all three were blazing away at unwary the cars and pedestrians passing by.  It was only with great difficulty that I managed to subdue them.

I subsequently learned that in some areas of town the guns have all but taken over.  They’re robbing banks, liquor stores and randomly letting rip at totally innocent humans. In fact the police warned that a particularly viscious .38 caliber handgun is chief suspect in a random murder just down the road. They describe the weapon as possibly a Remington or a Colt firearm. There’s clearly a number of disturbed and dangerous guns in circulation. I’ll be on the lookout in future, that’s for sure.
Some smart-asses used to say that blaming guns for murder is like blaming your pencil when you misspell a word. Or blaming cameras, not pedophiles, for child porn.
.Well, let my experience be a warning.


electric eddie said...

Savant, if you are going to tell us that people (guns or not) kill people, not guns, well where will this end? You will have people walking forth in the broad light of day proclaiming that crime is caused by criminals; that alcoholism is caused by alcoholics, theft caused by thieves----I mean, jeehayzuz, people cannot be held to account in this way, unless of course you are a white, male,(if only latently)heterosexual, in which case you are of course to blame for everything.

Martinus said...

The reality is the old adage 'When you outlaw guns, then only the outlaws have guns.' I never understood the logic of legislating against those who don't obey the current laws anyway, its very confusing. One of the absolute worst countries in this regard is the UK. Do any of you know the current laws on self defence? You can literally only use your body to defend yourself, even against weapons; got this information first hand. Nothing stops a knife like a good solid stomach, oh wait, no it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Gun Seller's are accomplices of crime just a spoons make people fat as Wicaelo Whore can confirmin his mockumentalry Boweling for Columbine.

Now sod off back to Limerick and let Corkonian Savant do this blog.

Anonymous said...

A few years back I was at the range doing my civil duty by keeping my shooting and aiming abilities up to the booth next to me was a dark hued "new South African" policewoman attempting to obtain her certification. At 5 meters she repeatedly missed the target, primarily as she was looking east with tightly screwed up eyes, aiming vaguely north at the target. A number of "eish"'s and "hau"'s later,at at the great relief to the rest of us, she was asked to gently put the revolver down and step back from the range, having expended some 18 rounds and having hit my target twice. Hopefully your thieves had the same ability and did not hit anything they aimed at.

Anonymous said...

Hitler,Stalin,Mao,Pol Pot etc were just patsies of our real monsters,oops sorry masters.Fook`em all.Some good vibe here, and yes i know it`s Kraftwerk rip off(autobahn) still a great song enjoy :-)

Iron Felix said...

The campaign in the US to have rigorous gun control should be understood for what is it's real aim; it's purpose is to disarm the law-abiding citizens.I find that the US doesn't even make it into the top twenty on the list of countries with high rates of murder by gunfire, but depend upon it that rate will go through the roof if they bring in strict gun control, because the psychos will have the now-defenseless citizens at their mercy.

Anonymous said...

As I told an American friend, I'll, like, totally suppport "gun control", on certain conditions.

Men commit the vast bulk of violent crime. As do younger people. As do coloured people. And, uh, "urban" people.

I read that something like 70% of the counties in the US have *no* murders in any given year.

Why should the law abiding majority have their rights curtailed because a bunch of young, coloured males living mostly in cities refuse to/are unable to control themselves?

Actually keep guns away from Teh Blax, and you go a huge way to solving the crime problem.

At which point, she started arguing that, well, most blacks are actually law abiding. In which case, they can be trusted with guns, right?

So why "gun control" if the most criminally oriented groups are actually mostly law abiding? And if they're *not* mostly law abiding, why should they be allowed to have guns?

"Gun control" reminds me of the panic over knives you see when people talk about the British and Irish underclasses.

Apparently, carrying knives is dangerous because the knives will rise up and magically kill people. My father and all his contemporaries carried knives as children and teenagers, as did my grandfathers and *their* contemporaries.

Hell, I carry a knife (a penknife, but still). And yet none of us murdered people. And the murder rate was much lower in those days.

Hmm, it's almost like there's something different about the...*cough*..."knives" nowadays.

White Irish Woman.


Missed at 5 meters? woof!

I guess blacks in SA are no better shots than in America!

I rarely, *rarely* see them at a firing range.

I got rid of most of my collection to facilitate my move to the northwest. I just had too many. A good problem to have :-)

The more I read...the more I realize...the white man has been getting spit on and told its raining for a long, long time, without complaint.

My fellow whites really are cattle and can be trusted only to watch television and denounce heretics like myself.

Nobody will do it for us. We have to save ourselves, and in an organized fashion.

We all know the solution but we're just too chickenshit to do it here in the US. Maybe we still have too much to lose, but I'm not sure more than a handful of people can ever be truly motivated, if that.

Still, I have to try. It's my burden, and I owe it to future generations.

As usual, Covington is right.

Jeremy said...

Martinus, the UK laws on self-defense are very restrictive. There was a celebrated court case a few years back about a farmer who shot and killed intruders. He ended up in jail, as you'd expect but there was a massive public outcry. Not sure if there was any subsequent legislative change.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Iron Felix, you normally talk bollocks but boy, you hit the nail on the head here. Of course it's about making law-abiding citizens defenceless before the forces of 'authority'. Up to us now to take care of that.

Anonymous said...

here a story for you

Clogheen said...

Interesting, this link about the road signs in Limerick. But there's one very bad aspect. Poles, like that lovely blue-eyed blonde in the photo and Africans are lumped together. Big mistake. Sends all the wrong signals. We should be uniting with Poles and other Whites, putting up street signs if necessary. But Africans and Muzzies are a totally different kettle of fish. Out with them.

Anonymous said...

The solution to this is simple, allow whites to carry guns concealed, allow whites to own military type firearms, and allow them to shoot and kill attackers where ever they strike. Whites should not have to retreat from danger at a place where they have every right to be. When blacks and Hispanics start getting their heads shot off attacking us, it makes society safer, even for other non-whites.

Bemused stare said...

Clogheen, the idea of lumping the two together is to use the Poles as a cover for flooding with beasts. Same as British labour brings up the poles when "apologising" for over the top immigration having been allowed.

Anonymous said...

Anon above 70% of US counties have no murders in a year because they have no people pre-inclined to go around murdering because it is innate in them.

Anonymous said...

But first the Swiss must be disarmed!.The most heavily armed people in the world;what is happening in this godforsaken country is appalling.

Armed mobs of citizens roaming the mean streets of Basel,Geneva and Zurich,slaughtering each other indiscriminately......oh sorry that's NOT happening there?.Its happening in Chicago and Mogadishu?.

Lets take the guns away from the Swiss anyway.


Rhein said...

Do you really have those guns Savant?

I never pictured you as a gun lover. I wish i could try the Enfield, must be very fun.

store man said...

Alauya is indeed hideous. Irony is, the woman that took him home was very nice looking. But then, she was brainwashed into thinking that black is bootiful.

Anonymous said...

If you get a c&r license, we can still buy mausers and enfields through the mail to our door for around $150 or $200. I've been eyeballing those shorter barrel mausers for a while, or getting a few $80 mosin nagants to bury in the backyard.

Sickening gun control gets worse every year.

I don't know why the elites worry, if they really do. its not like whites will ever use them for anything except reassuring ourselves we're 'free' or have an option to voting for regime change.

Anonymous said...

The murdered woman her daughter is in the Afro-Caribeneean Society of Northern Ireland so she was brainwashed a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

The treaty of Versailles was MEANT to anger Germans.

If you split a country in half, of course it’s going to make people mad.

If you tell a country where it can or cannot move its army (which hinders its ability to defend itself), of course people will get mad.

If you tell a country how many boats, planes, and officers it can produce, yes, it’s going to make people mad.

Combine all these and you have a big middle finger directed at Germany.

So why would the anti-White elites want to make Germans mad? For the reaction.

When looking at the treaty, French Marshall Ferdinand Foch said: “This is not Peace. It is an armistice for 20 years.”

Marshall Foch knew that Germany would not accept this deal, and it would have to wait for its next generation’s coming of age before it could do anything about it.

Believe what you will about the reaction, but it is pretty clear that anti-White elites wanted the reaction so they could get us to this genocidal system today.
The above is commentary by a bugser called Gar5. He aims to point out the method of problem, reaction, solution used by anti-white elites where they create the problem,get a reaction, provide the solution, over and over. The goal to everything from feminism, gun control,to porn, to global warming is just one issue, the global GENOCIDE of White people. Anti-racist is a code word for ANTI-WHITE.

Anonymous said...

Sav, your problem lies in the colour of your hands. Try puttingg a pair of black gloves on and your weapons will feel perfectly at home.

Anonymous said...

Do you Irish know how lucky you are? You lucky people have had Stacy Dooley in Ireland making a documentary for the BBC. If you haven't heard of Stacy I will bring you up to speed. Stacey was the youngest ever entrant to Oxford University at the age of nine. She was Brirtains maths savant. Having gained her degree at the age of eleven she went on to do her Masters. At the young age of fourteen she took up media studies and obtained a second Masters at the age of fifteen.
OR she was a Luton shop girl who by sheer luck got asked to do a "documentary" about sweat shops and child labour in the third world. She cryed a lot and said how terrible it was. After various other projects she has now been thrust upon the Irish. Many OMGs and telling Irish people in desperation not worry she is now on air. Stand by for in depth questioning and an insight to what is really happening in Ireland. She will got to the very root of all your problems and solve them. One thing is certain, at the end she will be telling you that things could be worse. She could be moving there permanantly.
You will find it on BBC i player should you want to watch this sh....

Iron Felix said...

Ah Master Rafferty, bollocks it may be but its an awfully superior class of bollocks, n'est-ce pas? And Anon, a good point there. A landlocked mountain country half the size of Ireland and with one tenth of Ireland's resources requires by law that every adult male citizen keeps in his own home a firearm and a store of ammo; said firearm is no popgun either, but a full throttle sturmgewehr of a type that can make a whole army keep its head down or, come to think of it, clear a "ghetto" in jiff time. Yet the murder by gunfire rate in Switzerland is negligible! We all know why.
But, a sinister development is on the horizon---a homegrown agitation is underway to have Switzerland's military abolished.

SAVANT said...

Rhein, sorry to disappoint you but I have no guns and Chateau Savant has no armoury! Merely a rhetorical flourish. But I did, as a callow youth in our FCA (local army) win a medal for target shooting with the 303 and was also trained to shoot the Bren gun (heavy machine gun).

SAVANT said...

"The murdered woman her daughter is in the Afro-Caribeneean Society of Northern Ireland so she was brainwashed a long time ago."

Interesting information anon, thanks for the update. I guess this is another example of education by murder.

F McCool said...

Thanks for the heads up on Stacey Doolin. Can't fucking wait for her wisdom.

Anonymous said...

So why would the anti-White elites want to make Germans mad? For the reaction.

No Nazis, no Israel.

katana said...

The Art Review Weekly
New York
Jul, 2012

Readers, I will dispense with my scheduled weekly art review and spoil you all with a delightful piece of art sent to me by an old Irish friend. He received it from another friend, or two, well it's a long story but he assures me it's quite kosher.

The artist is known as the Irish Savant. A striking non de plume indeed.
Savant is billed as a technology thought leader, best-selling author, superb musician and gifted sportsman. Modest and widely popular..... Hmm, I thought, but then let's see.

After viewing his work in quite solitude I can resolutely say that besides all his declared gifts he also demonstrates uncommon artistic ability as can be seen by this graphic piece of poster art. Although his apparent modesty prevents him from telling us, telling the world, his savantian ability can't be hidden or denied since it is revealed just in the looking.

This stark image, accompanied by a textual message cries out for some critical deconstruction by yours truly so that the reader may savor its brilliance.

With brutal brushstrokes using a minimalistic palette of just black on yellow he capture the essence of gun crime and its victims. Somewhat abstractly, no doubt to shield the viewer from the full horror, Savant, drawing upon his vast subconscious understanding, depicts a black man, not a mere white man mind you, or even a yellow man (this would have in any case strained even Savant's abilities given the background color) crawling away, in pain, on all fours.

Like a long line of mostly jewish artists Savant understands, even masters, the Zeitgeist, or in more plebeian terms, "the spirit of the age". As I never tire from telling our readers this is the Jewish Age in art and indeed in most other things.

Back to our work of art. The textual title of this is a dramatic 'Gun Free Zone.' This proclamation gets to the heart of the matter. Guns kill, fingers that pull triggers don't, unless you are a Bruce Lee. Which reminds me of a departed uncle who, having survived a gassing during the holocaust by those fiendish German Nazis, ended up in Hong Kong and studied under Mr. Lee himself. He said that his motive was that he would never, ever, suffer the humiliation that he suffered under the Nazis again.

I digressed, once again. Shoot me! Oy vey!

Savant's art goes beyond art and into politics, as it rightly should. Great Jewish artists have made a point of using their artistic talents in the service of greater good. One of their crowning glories has been their contribution to the establishment of Israel. A service to mankind, a beacon of democracy in a sea of Arab hate and despotism.

Part 1/2

katana said...

Part 2/2

Now, regular readers will know my view on the role of art in society. It is to rebuilt society from the foundations up. What conventional society calls 'beauty' is really 'ugly', what they call 'love' is really 'hate', and so on. These hateful thoughts are spread, at root, by the 'family', needless to say. Let's destroy ... Oh my, I'm ranting again!

Mr Savant's textual art continues with this black gem: In case of emergency, call 911, then crawl to the nearest exit. If help is delayed in arriving, kiss your defenseless butt good-bye!

Notice his control of the vernacular, speaking to the everyday man. Precise and concise, not a wasteful word.

But also notice his insertion of a powerful keyword, well in this case, 'keynumber', '911'. This is sheer brilliance in subconsciously igniting a mini holocaust of emotions in the mind of the viewers. 911, is truly an AMERICAN tragedy!
Nineteen Arabs viciously attacked New York, home of many of the Jewish faith by the way, to destroy a symbol of America's greatness, a shinning financial citadel. (BTW, Alex Jones, a relentless pursuer of truth mentioned that if you reverse 'nineteen' as a number you get the first two numbers of 911. Unbelievable! Sinister!)

Now, as regular readers well know, I've left the best for the last. Prepare your poison of choice and enjoy.

We return to the crawling black man. Normally a symbol of strength, nobility and virility, the black here is reduced to servitude. Arguably, this depiction is racist. Racism resulted in the Holocaust as we all know. But Savant transcends this and transports us to a higher plane through a simple visual device. View his graphic image and prepare to to be astounded.

What do you see? Or better asked, what don't you see?

Time up! What you don't see, putting our astute readers aside, is in plain sight. A damning lack of hands or feet! Look again!

This Rawandian lack of body parts is pure genius! Hands and feet lopped off! But why did our artist depict this? Ireland is a progressive country and has thrown out it racist past and embraced multiculturalism with gusto, as all White countries rightly should and must. It is blessed with a multitude of Africans, among them, many surviving victims of the ongoing conflict created by the legacy of European imperialism. Now many of these New Irish citizens are literally handless or footless and in some cases both. And it is also a fact that blacks are disproportionally victims of gun crime. So Savant has melded these double tragedies that blacks endure through no fault of their own, I might add, into this political work of art.

The artist had choices when he titled his masterpiece. He could have tilted it, 'Machete Free Zone', but he wisely didn't.

Irish Savant, bravo!

By Daniel Shitterbergstein

SAVANT said...

Daniel Shitterbergstein is a genius! Thanks Dan!

Jeremy said...

anon 19.57. Great post. Do you have a link to this Gar5 chappie? seems interesting.

brian boru said...

I have read that in National Socialist Germany there was no gun control. Any German citizen could own guns without restriction. It was after Germany was 'liberated' in 1945 that private gun ownership was greatly restricted. The Americans were surprised at the number of guns that were handed in by ordinary Germans when ordered to do so by the occupiers.

Carol said...

It's true, I was afraid of guns, because they would jump and start shooting, if you didn't know what you were doing.

So I went and found out what I was doing. Damn if the thing doesn't go off unless you pull the trigger.

Anonymous said...

Further to Carol's observation is it true that 70%+ of US Counties do not have a murder in them any year because white people never developed the opposable thumbs unlike the superior african-types such that they cannot go around shooting people?

Anonymous said...

In some parts of the U.S-gun control means hitting your target.

Anonymous said...

See this???

Anonymous said...

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