Sunday, 10 June 2012

What the hell is going on with Euro 2012?

The European Football Championship is the second biggest tournament in the world.  Maybe even more so than the full World Cup in that the latter, dominated by European teams anyway, has been ‘enriched’ by a swarm of useless Third World squads qualifying only via diversity quotas. Yet there’s been an absolutely staggering emphasis this time, not on football, rather on the terrible threat of racism at Euro 2012. It’s everywhere, all over the MSM, and black footballers are trotted out daily to express their fears of entering the lion’s den.

Even Irish fans were worried by a recent BBC Panorama programme which presented the Poles and Ukrainians as violent xenophobic thugs. Many Irish fans even contacted UEFA to check whether they’d be safe. And what did Panorama base their dire warnings on?  Well, some racist graffiti, fans burning the flag of an opposing Polish club side, some symbols that, if you tried hard enough, could be seen as similar to a swastika, and a section of fans making monkey noises at a black player.

The ‘conservative’ Daily Mail breathlessly reported on their experience in this Heart of Darkness. Travelling  around with a number of locally-based blacks they reported ‘hard looks’ from patrons when the blacks, local girlfriends in tow, entered a bar.  Wow!  Truly frightening.  And apparently some bars took a long time to serve them. And……….?  Well, that’s about it, really.

So…… we’ve had graffiti, club level flag burning (nothing to do with race), ‘hard looks’ in a bar and - imagine this -  fans making rude noises.  Nonetheless this prompted  Sol Campbell, that renowned anthropologist and authority on Slavic culture, (pictured here with the obligatory blonde sperm bucket) to warn that black players and spectators were likely to ‘come back in coffins’.  I kid you not.  In today’s Independent Dion Fanning, as always impeccably tuned in to the zeitgeist, feared that the tournament would be overshadowed by racism’.  Again, I kid you not.

Now this is insanity of the highest order.

Or is it?

It seems to me that such a monstrous campaign of disinformation cannot have arisen by accident.  The nearest equivalents are the prelude to the Iraq war, the Libyan adventure, and what’s going on now with Iran.  I sincerely hope (I really do) that I’m not slipping into “ the Joos are to blame for everything” paranoia.  But, with their control of the MSM, and the extent of the ‘unfinished business’ between them and the natives of Eastern Europe…..well, I just don’t know.

Suffice to say, what’s going on with this whole racism meme is beyond ridiculous. There’s something behind it. Because sure as hell it's not based on the facts.


Rastus said...

Jesus Christ. Do NOT tell me that guy is human. He's a Silverback for sure.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would come to the U.S. and beat down the ghetto rats....

bumper sticker said...

I have this image of hook-nosed, rat-faced demons from the bowels of hell at the BBC putting every White person's words and actions under microscope for the slightest signs of "ideological impurity" much like their equally demonic forefathers in the NKVD used to do.

Bemused stare said...

Sav, the MSM is spinning off into the twilight zone in their desperation. This is a good thing, because the more over the top they get, the more folks can see through their blatant bullshit.

I look forward to the day that one of their pets eeks, "dats raycissss!" and every white person responds with "fuck off shitskin!"

I similarly look forward to a day when whiny "reporters" are at wits end to try their shit because every time they try for one of their sound bites, people chase their sorry ass down the street.

Martinus said...

@Bemused stare, when I lived in the UK, on more than one occasion I quite literally did what you suggest, leaving out the epithet of course. One such time, I was on my way back to Cape Town, going through check-in at Heathrow, two heavy-set protos, a Nigerian bantuboon and bantubitch each with suitcases that looked like medium sized refrigerators were in front of me. When trying to force these 'cases' on the baggage scale, the white attendant (young girl of about 19/20) tried to explain that they were too large and about 100kg together overweight (the bags). And let me tell you the fat bitch started gyrating with rage that no one had told them about things such as baggage limits (apparently aeroplanes in Nigeria are magical and the laws of gravity don't apply), her husband then started screaming about racism and how he was black but still not the right kind of British and at this point I stepped in, told him less than politely where exactly he could put his racism accusations and to get out of the f£$%&ng line. I'm not a large person, and not very threatening, but the fact that all of the other (white) travellers in the queue glared at them quite openly while muttering to each other, they quickly left. People tend to support you when you make a justifiable stand publicly. We all just need to do it more often.

R.P. mc Murphy said...

This racism bollox is becoming tiresome.The British media seem to be the worst offenders.Blacks are nothing but criminal freeloaders.The East Europeans have the right idea.Keep them out.

Anonymous said...

I told you about the nig Dutch man commenting on ITV? Well the Beeb not to be out done got one too.

Anonymous said...

If I was in their shoes I'm sure I could console myself of the racist abuse by looking at my bank statement.

Anonymous said...

Poles and Ukrainians are being whipped into submission by kikes. Unfortunately most White people are too stupid to realize how badly they are being fooked by main sewage media every day of their lives. Had a chat with my mate recently about races and I said that the only people of color on this planet are Whites, you know blue,green,grey,brown eyes ,blond ,red,brown etc hair in opposition to arabs ,blacks and asians (all shades of brown) and he called me racist ,he doesent even realize that facts cant be racist,facts are facts plain and simple.He considers himself open minded,well informed and educated etc.He doesent even mind if his beautiful (blond hair blue eyes) daughter gets married to a cultural enricher from Congo, although im pretty sure that deep inside he hates this idea but years of swallowing vomits from main sewage media have done its job.You had a piece Savant about cultural enricher in Poland Simon Mol,I know the story well,he used racism to talk gorgeous White Polish girls into having unprotected sex(you want to use condom? It means you don’t want my black willy in your pink pussy ergo you are racist!!!) and dozens of girls bought into this PC crap.This scumbag was heavily promoted by the most popular Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza ,owned yes you guessed it right, kikes.You dont have one day whitout an article how racist and anti-semitic Polish people are, a day whitout holohoax oops sorry holocaust is simply not a day it is a nightmare. These rats push this PC agenda in all White countries but in Ratsland aka Israhell they burn refugees camps and just for helping blacks(kikes call them infiltrators lol ) one can get up to 15 years in prison.It is very sad but we are being methodically exterminated .But there is a bright side to it ,when all Whites are gone they will starve to death after they eat each other (who the fook is going to produce food) because the most complicated job a black can do is screwing White sperm buckets( good one Savant lol) in porn movies or driving a taxi.Good luck everyone, although AK-47 rifle would be better than 1000 good luck buckets ;-)

john said...

It aint paranoia Savant, it's recognition of fact.

Anonymous said...

Once you figure out the jew behind the madness, it all makes sense.

until then, I was bewildered how my country (the usa) could be so anti white.

once I realized my nation, and nearly all on earth, had been hijacked by them, the agenda became clear.

these termites have been doing this in the same, insidious way, for thousands of years.

I've spent Christmas day with jews playing with a dredle, I shit you not. ive dated them, see them socially every week, and work with them, so I know allllll about the 'good ones '.

I don't know how many more ways to say it. Knowing a few 'good' blacks at work doesn't mean you're stupid enough to think its safe to live in or visit a black neighborhood, or send kids to black schools.

same with jews. a few 'good' ones doesn't mean they aren't still poisonous.

they provide nothing whites couldn't do for ourselves, but to our own benefit, not theirs.

Anonymous said...

England Vs France will look more like an African nations game.
Paris Claims

Magnificent Randolph said...

Rastus, RASTUS!! For heavens sake, a silverback is a mountain gorilla. As such it is a wild animal, and again as such, like all wild animals it is every moment the very best it can be.How can you equate one of these innocent and noble creatures with an enricher? (Of course, I do know what actually meant...)

Anonymous said...

If I were a cynic I would be inclined to say that they were making up for Manchester but unfortunately I am not so I cannot think why.

Olda said...

anon 19.43. The situation you describe about the media in Poland is very similar in Czech Republic. Here jewish-owned papers tell the same story. We Czeck people we are anti-semite and racist. Well I tell you I learn a lot from this blog. Seeing a trend and a pattern. When you know what to look on you can see what is happening.

Rob said...

All MSM is doing is giving people a realistic idea of the dangers in store if they head to Eastern Europe, just as they warned World Cup fans in 2010 of the homicidal savagery they could experience in South Africa -, wait a minute...

Shaunantijihad said...

It's part of a program that is an inexorable attack on whites, until, like Hispaniola and Rhodesia, Europe and the Anglosphere will be colonised by Negroes and Muslims.

Some Jews see the danger of Muslim colonisation - for them - and speak up, like Melanie Griffiths. But they never mention white rights to our homelands. They are 100% in favour of the gene war against whites. They are false friends.

The central banks are the power behind the media throne in all this. This is where the homeland defence must concentrate. Media. Central bankers.

Brave soldiers must take over the armies of Europe and unite in, I suppose, a League of Caucasian nations.

Anonymous said...

Today is Emma West showtrial day. Perhaps she will be given a stupid sentence and perhaps Coonmare leader of the Britons who wanted Liverpool to appoint John Barnes as manager to make it easier for Aston Villa to escape relegation will point out that is how you run a show trial to the less experienced Eastern Europeans?

Anonymous said...

The first question (among many) that pops into my pointy little head is: Are the Poles and Ukrainians showing evidence of (gasp) ... nationalism?

Is Middle Europe -- Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania -- showing signs of ignoring the race-replacement Kool-Aid that is being poured over them by the gallon?

Are the PTB beginning to panic in that their race-replacement agenda is being overtaken by events, both political and economic, that could derail their plans ... before all is ready?

Are we sniffing the sweet aroma of lefty panic as all is not going according to plan ... or, at least, the timing is going bad?

Could it be that whenever the MSM, speaking for their political masters spring an intense campaign like this on us, that too many people are automatically looking for the little nose behind the curtain?

Don't you just love the smell of desperation in the morning?

Stay tuned for more of this. Lots more. This is just the opening shot in a new propaganda war.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this site:-

Okay, okay, I admit I was led to it.

It is a sterling example of how militant feminism is utterly demented, as well as proof of the fact that it is nothing more than loony-leftism in a different guise. Plough manfully (sorry) through the article -- if you can -- and you will get the impression that militant feminists are bat-shit crazy.

Read the comments, and that impression will be confirmed. If you have nothing better to do, of course.

I merely include it to show that the coming conflict will have to be fought on more than one front.


Gem Junior said...

The Eastern Europeans including Czechs, Poles, Bulgarians, Russions are not emasculated and flaccid from decades of feminized culture (ooh, did I just offend you? oooh, so sorry, ooh, limp wrist) and media brainwashing about how great kneegrows are. Turning reality upside down and trying to play pretend - no, these savage blacks aren't robbing, raping and pillaging, it's your racism causing you to see that! You simply mustn't believe your own eyes, it's politically incorrect. It's all an illusion! Well the illusion is getting turned around now as people seem to be getting some whiff of what's going on. I don't know about real life, but definitely on the blogosphere and regular newspaper comments, whites are getting fed up with all the monkeyshines.

I really do believe our hope comes from Eastern Europe and Russian, where they aren't diseased by P.C. and will still defend themselves - if only whites in America and western Europe could follow them. They have no time for Joo bullshit either it seems, since they're constantly branded "antisemitic" - that's a clue they don't pander to the Jooz. Tired of these Jooz and their little schemes. Racism my ass, it's all coming out in the wash it seems....

kulak said...


Nigger penguins

And of course there was a coverup.

Anonymous said...

Biggest fear among ALL minorities is of white men suddenly looking around at one another - English, German, Russian, Afrikaaner, whatever - and saying "OK, lads, that's enough! Let's get back to the racial solidarity and consciousness of the 1800s - but without fighting each other!"

The subconscious thought IS THERE. Just needs someone prominent to voice it...


Anonymous said...

More like a baboon than a Silverback,the resemblance to a baboon is startling.

Campbell by the way,always pictured with blondes,was strongly rumoured to be homosexual.
Did he not have a nervous breakdown at one point because of this talk?.


Anonymous said...

The most enjoyable part of yesterdays action Spain v Italy-after several mediocre games-was the performance and then replacement of Ballotelli.If he had not been taken of because of his complete ineptitude then he would have been sent off.

Even sweeter then that his replacement,Di Natale,34 years old,finished a beauty as soon as he came on the pitch


Anonymous said...

Once the host nations are eliminated, I expect there will be some racist behaviour. But nothing like the MSM are hoping for.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

If Balotelli was the answer it must have been a really really f***ing stupid question.

Seneca said...

@Shaunantijijah. You mention the primacy of central banks' responsibility. There most definitely is something to that but I'm not sure. You'll be aware that virtually the first thing on the agenda in the Libyan frolic was the establishment of a CB. Even while the fighting was in full flow. Must get my research boots on.

great white said...

kulak, you're thinking about that guy in Chicago who was mu dickin' the bodies in the morgue?

Anonymous said...

Balotelli willl claim his substitution was waysist.

Anonymous said...

Affirmative Action singer actress Rihanna has now turned Affirmative action model as she gets some Irish model to be her "Normal European sized" butt in her new commercial.

Body double may also be used elsewhere.

Keep snorting that coke adland!

Anonymous said...

England training camp disrupted by monkey chanting at the black players.

John Terry has been warned he will be sent home if he does it again.

Olda said...

Gem Junior. Do'nt be too sure. Here in the Czech Republic the PC madness has established itself too but not as bad is in West.

Anonymous said...

Ballotelli tries to put on a football training bib.

fnn said...

Not that I would be surprised, but is
this true?
The BBC has devoted far more time to football racism in the Ukraine than it ever did to the disgusting crimes against children committed by muslims in the north of England. In fact, it devoted more time to reports on the health of a black footballer who collapsed in a match.

Kevin R. said...

anon 13.55. Superb!

Essex boy said...

A lot of people saying how few blacks there have been on what we've seen so far. Just wait till England and France play later! Be like Ruanda v Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

I admire czech polish etc jew awareness. As far as I can tell we have near zero here in usa.

Reading mein kampf I find it interesting that hitler admired christianity and the usa in some respects(he appeared sincere).

Its a mildly anti semetic book at worst, mainly about politics and propaganda.

If only they were jew aware, I wonder if our boys would have been so eager for ww2?

How tricky they are, and gullible we, to get us to fight wars directly against our interests!

If only there were a nazi germany I could escape to. Free from zionist banks it would be the greatest nation on earth.


Bemused stare said...

Well, there's still hope in Buffalo.

slavestar said...

I read that one buck feetsball player said that if anybody threw a banana at him when he's over there he'd kill whoever did it.
Sounds like a challenge to me!!!

bumper sticker said...

If Americans had been jew-aware we would assuredly NOT have entered WW2. Same goes for WW1.

white rose said...

Bemused Stare. Thank you thank you again for that link to Buffalo. watching andlistening really gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

Guys, completly off topic. Emma Wests trial has been postponed.
Badges proclaiming Emma to be right are on sale. See link.

All this is not the reason for this post. How many of you guys think that she is a real babe? If I could find one like Emma I would give up my years of bachelorhood. Perhaps she could become the Nationalist pin-up. Get some pictures of her in a bikini....sorry got to go.


James Lord said...

Emma is a babe, but, but, I think there's a screw loose there. Just a little loose now, but a slight adjustment from a screwdriver would help.

Andreas said...

A joy to watch the crowd at tonight's Ukraine v sweden game. 70,000 white faces, not an enricher in sight. Sadly the pollution is already taking place on the field among the Swedish team.

MM said...

Hey I. Savant,

Do the Muslim Euro players, e.g. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Franck Ribéry, not sing their ostensible national anthems for reasons of principle? Or are they just too lazy to learn the lyrics? Or something else? Have you ever seen a muslim players sing a christian nation's national anthem?

Dave C said...

Once in a lifetime opportunity for some banana to make a big entrance.

SAVANT said...

@MM. Didn't know that Ribery was a Muslim as well. He's also a pedophile/dowmloading child porn, so that figures.

Yes, I've noticed that. Same with Ozil for Germany. He won't play for a team that wears a cross in its badge.

Black players? I guess they can't remember the words.....

Krokodil said...

Some years ago, in the UK, there was a load - well, actually, a mega-load - of protest (in the MSM, naturally) about the Spaniards making racist noises against black English football players.

Now, quoted at that time by some or other UK paper (forget which), the Spanish see British society as PC to the hilt. This was obviously mentioned in said newspaper as a negative comment against the Spaniards.

Well, I don't know which Spanish newspaper said it, but they were of course entirely right - and living in the UK at that time I thought to myself, errm, so how have the Spanish (based on this publication, at any rate), got it wrong?

They weren't wrong, of course, but merely telling it like it is.

Probably the main issue, however, is that the MSM in the UK consider political correctness (a crappily misnamed term, of course) to be a good and positive thing!

Anonymous said...

Must watch Robin van Persie the next time they play.

Anonymous said...

Is Zlatan a muslim? According to his wiki page, he's a Catholic Christian.

No Skraelings said...

The Poles / Slavs have a saying about the Jew: "The Jew cries out in pain as he stabs you from behind"

The Russians have a saying about the Jew: "When you understand the breed, you understand the dog"

The old Norse Vikings wisely predicted that when the hook-nosed snake Jörmungandr or the Jew-snake slithered around the world and grabbed his own tail, the End Times or Ragnarok would begin.

Anonymous said...

Gem Junior Hi mate,nice idea but where the fook did You get it from? Slaves not being brain dead ?Slavs are being forefront for White revolution ?Believe me mate there is no help or hope from eastern European countries for The Whites.Im Polish and I know the history of my homeland very well,we have been fooked by kikes for the last 300 years.The whole story about Solidarity movement in1980 is crap.Lech Walensa was a register SB (secret service) agent who snitched on his mates in Gdansk shipyard (yet he got nobel prize in peace like this war criminal Obongo shithead in USA).Everything was designed and created by kikes.They have us on their plates. Solidarity movement was made by the kikes and they control all of Poland, main sewage media, energy industry, natural resources, land, forests etc it is all in the hands of kikes.The only thing that stops these fooks from sending millions of turd worlders in to Poland is the fact that they want to have a safe haven when the shit hits israhell.All our politicians are on the leash of israhell.So don’t put your hope in Slavs,we are as deeply fooked as the rest of the Whites. AK-47 rifle

Anonymous said...

Ribery converted about 3 years ago and immediately started at under age girls.

Coincidence no doubt.


Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, none of the Spanish players sang their anthem.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

And how much paler France have become since Laurent Blanc took over.And they have a few white players out through injury also.

Of course Domenech was also a convert to Islam,which may have been why he played an almost exclusively black(and crap)team while the coach.

Sweden have had at least one black player for 20 years now.

But how could any Englishman support the team that played yesterday?.I know that Rooney was suspended,Barry,Cahill and a couple of other white players injured,but that was NOT England.

I have never shared the Scottish,Welsh or Irish antipathy in wanting England to fail at football or rugby,but Christ I wanted France to win yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Thta blond has a nice rack why waste them funbags on an unappreciative animal?

yossarian said...

Most of the Spanish players are from Catalonia, hence lack of enthusiasm.

eah said...

Speaking of white vs black players, I still remember fondly the absolute demolition of Nigeria by Denmark in the quarterfinals of the WC in '98.

eah said...

Not that I would be surprised, but is this true?

I would say...yes, clearly. You can check yourself by e.g. searching the site. But for me, the BBC has been absolutely apoplectic about "racism" in football, particularly the European Championships. Story after story. Whereas the odd story about muslim groomings, which have included murder, quickly disappears.

Of course it's not "racism", it's just people saying things.

Again, there is no "racism" in football worth worrying about. I can tell because there are millionaire black players running around down there on the field, most of whom probably make in a year what the average fan would in two lifetimes.

Nation of faggots.

Anonymous said...

Anonny of 12 June 2012 03:57 said:

Believe me mate there is no help or hope from eastern European countries for The Whites.Im Polish and I know the history of my homeland very well,we have been fooked by kikes for the last 300 years.

Interestingly enough, I was reading a bit of Polish history, and it looks as though this is sadly true. Poland has been a hebrew haven for centuries. At one stage the control was so complete that Polish coinage was stamped in hebrew.

It appears that the fooked by kikes has been going on since the crusades and before.

I guess the idea of Poland as a last-ditch bolt-hole for the yids has a lot of credence. Along, of course, with London, Buenos Aires, Portland, New York, Miami, San Francisco, LA and Perth.

Anyone else have any jew-centric havens they'd like to share?

Oh, and off-topic, I know, but New Zealand is currently running a snot-en-trane campaign trying to squeeze money out of the guilt-ridden to subsidize (again) starving nogs ... this time in West Africa -- go here:

,,, and be regaled by the usual heart-tugging images of fly-blown snot-smeared niglets.

Christ, I've never understood the thinking behind that. What makes liberals think that snot-covered shitskins are somehow appealing?
I'm sure that even liberals will give more if the fucking kids don't look like glazed doughnuts. Take them out into the garden and fucking hose them down for Christ's sake.


Anonymous said...

Spanish anthem has no words.
Some were forced on once upon a time but never adopted.
Shame this did not happen with the afreaking morons.

Anonymous said...

Glen Johnson is to defending as Trayvon Martin is to astronauting.

Anonymous said...

Why is that sphinx in Egypt missing its nose? According to an AHW seminar, it was “because racist Europeans chopped it off.” And why did they do that? Because they “wanted to hide the fact that the sphinx had a broad African nose.” In fact, as Dannevig noted, the sphinx’s nose “disappeared some time prior to the year 1500. There is little to indicate that Europeans were the culprits.”

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. According to the lecturers at AHW, “it was Africans who founded the first urban cultures in the world, in Mesopotamia and India (!).” (That parenthetical exclamation point, by the way, is Dannevig’s.) Also, “pre-colonial Africa was a place where the sexes had equal rights and there was no prejudice against homosexuals.” The sexual discrimination and violence against gays in today’s Africa, you see, are entirely the result of European colonial influences. As for the slave trade, AHW dropped down the memory hole the fact that it was Africans who sold their fellow Africans to European traders – no, according to AHW, Europeans alone were responsible for the slave trade. In sum, as Dannevig put it, “Africans stand for everything good and Europeans stand for everything evil. African culture is the world’s most humanist.”

Racists hate irrationally based on race so humanist in this sense means that africans irrationally hate humans isn't that right?


Nick Shaw 124p · 1 day ago
This is so unbelievable!
Oh wait, no it's not.
It's Norway.
Where Zero is considered worthy of a Peace Prize.
Now that I think of it, it's quite predictable

Indioviejo 84p · 22 hours ago
African Studies, Women Studies, Latino Studies is a bunch of delusional crap were self endulging Adolescents go to waste taxpayer money and their parents savings. They slave trade has been Universal. They Mayas, The Aztecs and The Incas had slaves, some were for human sacrifice and some for comsumption. The Romans, The Greeks and the Persians, The Chinese, you name the people and they had slaves. Are Norwegians stupid or are they in an Orwellian Black hole with no possibility of a return to freedom?

Drakken · 10 hours ago
Our Western Civilization and culture ARE vastly superior to anything that crawls out of the 3rd world, self hating, self loathing goofy liberal, appeazers are a blight upon humanity and make things much more bloody than needed to be.

No freedom of speech for Norwegian public sector workers

Annelise is not in danger of being raped in Oslo. She left that cesspit about five years ago to live where there are no worthless enrichers.

Norway wins the 2012 Eurostupid Cup?

Anonymous said...

The DM said yesterday the latest race storm has overshadowed Italy's 1-1 draw with the reigning champions.

Says who? I work in a contact centre with dozens of Italians and Spanish. None of them give two fucks about the chanting. They're just concerned with the results.

Anonymous said...

Cough cough The Daily Mail is a rival paper to The Sun but have never mentioned that a Sun columnist racially abused anothe rplayer.

Cough cough The Daily Mirror is the Sun's chief riival but they have never mentioned a Sun columnist racially abusing an opponent

And saving the best to last read the above and ask yourself why the right-on guardian never had a problem with a Sun columnist racially abusing an opponent.

Could it be that they are shielding something?

Elaine said...

I thought the Sphinx's nose was blown off by Napoleon's cannons?

gallowglass said...

What's this about the racist Sun reporter??

Digby said...

The one good thing about the forthcoming educational collapse in the US is that such useless 'studied', e.g. womens. black, white etc. will become an expensive luxury that few can afford.

Roll on the day!

Anonymous said...

Heard the Russian fans are in trouble for displaying "nationalist" banners. Anyone know what the banners said?


Anonymous said...

England have a Klingon playing in their defence.Now that's what I call diversity.

R.P. mc Murphy said...

I had a bad dream last night.Dublin were playing Cork in the all Ireland final at Croke park and all the players were black.The wife then gave me a kick and said"are you going to fuckin work,or what"

Corkonian said...

'Heard the Russian fans are in trouble for displaying "nationalist" banners. Anyone know what the banners said?'

Don't know what they said but I know that a friend of mine is betting on the number of red and yellow cards tonight.

Anonymous said...

I barely understand a word about this world cup but I like that you're still allowed white players unlike American niggerball which is most of out main sports. hockey and skiing excepted. the phrase 20 below keeps the riff raff out comes tp mind. If you've ever seen a nigger in snow its one of the most pathetic things ever. They're miserable beyond words and too stupid to know how to handle it. cold weather is the only defense we have at this time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for dashing my hopes about Poland. Is Russia the only nation still allowed to be white?

Look around at your fellow commentors. We are the resistance against the jew. nobody will rescue us. we must do it for ourselves.

My whole life I've been taught hitler and nazis were the worst evil mankind ever produced. What a laugh!!

of course if I debated that evil with another American, they'd never talk to me again. only a monster could see germany as acting out of german interest rather than pure 'evil' in ww2.

the kike has thoroughly chained our minds.

Anonymous said...

They are also trying to break nationalism in Russia the J.World Order that is, the conclusion is undeniable that they are trying to breakdown white nations their only competition why else are they flooding us with immigrants and creating this nonsense over mere words they own the media and the judiciary and they are destroying the white race we must fight back.
At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa the media never mentioned the 40,000 murders of white Afrikaans, or Saint Mandela singing "kill the Boer" kill the farmer, nor did FIFA mind that stadiums were named after Comrade Peter Mokaba who also sang "kill the Boer" and who incited violence against white Afrikaans, FIFA and the media turned a blind eye to that, imagine if the Poles had a stadium called Auschwitz would they allow teams to play there, i don't think so, the conclusion to all this is it's the you know whoos that are doing this.

nemesis said...

anon 19.22. This is the crucial point. TPTB have defined the narrative and once that's done the right result comes out every time. So Hitler, the Nazis and their racist policies were the worst evil the world ever saw. Ergo, racist chanting, becuase it links to this, is worse than the murders in SA or the Holodomor in Ukraine, where vastly greater numbers were killed than jews in the Holocaust.

David said...

Good old Alan up to his old tricks again

The Irish Government will pardon 5,000 soldiers branded deserters and blacklisted for fighting for Britain against Nazi Germany

Mr Shatter, who regarded the soldiers as idealists, told the Dail in Dublin that people's understanding of history has matured and that it was time for understanding and forgiveness.

"On behalf of the State, the Government apologises for the manner in which those members of the Defence Forces who left to fight on the Allied side during World War II, 1939 to 1945, were treated after the war by the State," said Mr Shatter.

"The Government recognises the value and importance of their military contribution to the Allied victory and will introduce legislation to grant a pardon and amnesty to those who absented themselves from the Defence Forces without leave or permission to fight on the Allied side."

Yes Alan.. so you desert your country in a time of war, regardless if your country is neutral or not, yet you have taken an Oath to your country to defend it come what may. Oaths for those of you who are unaware caused a civil war in Ireland only 16 years previously.
But then the reality of what this is all about is cementing the proprogandaaaaaaaaaa that the Allieds were always in the right and anyone who fought for them was fighting ONLY to prevent the genocide of six million jews..
because we all knew about it, didnt we?

Surely its time for this snake to make aliyah

Anonymous said...

nemesis: Yes indeed, so we must break their narrative, we must show the hypocrisy of their narrative that when a racist chant is deemed a greater crime and more newsworthy than the rape, assault or killing of a white person.

Anonymous said...

No money FIFA received was subject to tax so FIFA would not see what is not to be seen.

kulak said...


Must see!

Mormon designer interprets Jewish tzedakah box

For his efforts he receives $2500 and a trip to Uganda.

What a bargain!

Anonymous said...

Of course Domenech was also a convert to Islam,which may have been why he played an almost exclusively black(and crap)team while the coach.

They were so crap they made Traps Ireland look as good as Russia.

Anonymous said...

Re the commentator who said
Sweden have had at least one black player for 20 years now.

Back in 2003 when the national football associations were asked by FIFA to select their greatest ever player ( ROI selected Johnny Giles , NI George Best) the Swedes came up with Henrik Larson. I know he averaged about one goal a game for Celtic but so did Robbie Keane. Fish in a barrell and all that. I think the Swedes had one or two John Charles type legends back in the fifties, Nils something or other and they got to a world cup final so maybe Larson's selection was somewhat politically motivated.

dave said...

I think Larsson's selection might have been at least partly PC driven but he was also a superb player. Usual story. His Congolese 'father' married a Swedish woman, got citizenship, and then abandoned them both. Same with Jo Wilfred Tsonga, the tennis player.

Anonymous said...

a racist chant is deemed a greater crime and more newsworthy than the rape, assault or killing of a white person.

Of course a racist chant is a greater crime than a rape of a white woman or an assault or murder of YT. The footballer is as pure as the driven snow whereas we do not know what skeletons were in YTs closet.

Get with The Times. Do not be like Emma West who complained that someone spat next to her son because TB, a communicable disease, is from the distant past. (Until our African superiors brought it back! How generous of them.)

Anonymous said...

I like this ...

To the best of my knowledge and belief, the average American newspaper, even of the so-called better sort, is not only quite as bad as Upton Sinclair says it is, but 10 times worse – 10 times as ignorant, 10 times as unfair and tyrannical, 10 times as complaisant and pusillanimous, and 10 times as devious, hypocritical, disingenuous, deceitful, pharisaical, Pecksniffian, fraudulent, slippery, unscrupulous, perfidious, lewd and dishonest.

-- H.L. Mencken


MM said...

Is Zlatan a muslim? According to his wiki page, he's a Catholic Christian.

Well shame on me then.

Thor said...

Zlatan has a Bosnian father (most likely Muslim) and a Croatian mother (definitely a Catholic). So take your pick. Either way he's a repellent individual and I cannot understand why he's Sweden's captain. Apart from the fact that he's non-Swedish!

Anonymous said...

Shaunantijihad: “Some Jews see the danger of Muslim colonisation - for them - and speak up, like Melanie Griffiths.”

This is just Jews pursuing what’s best for Jews. This Zionist Jew hypocrite (Shaunantijihad, I believe you meant to say Melanie Phillips) wouldn’t be bothered in the least if all of sub-Saharan Africa were to invade Western Europe – it’s just Muslims that this Zionist Jew has a problem with.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Dave David Beckham was voted a better footballer than George Best by Manchester United fans because few to none of them would have seen George Best play.

Iron Felix said...

DAVID!!! Jeezuz H. Christ, I thought I was the only one. Since we have now hoisted a poetasting garden gnome into the Presidency I fully expect Michael D. to pop into the public domain come November, sporting a poppy in honour of the 5,000 soldiers who deserted from the army and the country despite having taken the Oath, and this in time of war, and do please remember that he is ex officio the Army's Commander in Chief. Yet the little fruitcake will see nothing amiss here. You know, theatre of this sort is simply not done any more, not since the Marx Brothers at least.

Anonymous said...

I thought the comment by the ex-Army guy got it right. Understanding yes forgiveness no.

Anonymous said...

I hope you make some use of this youtube clip