Tuesday, 12 June 2012

East Europeans as WN saviours? Caution urged

In the Balkans the Macedonians are the butt of a joke which goes ‘Albania is to the West of Macedonia’.  Doesn’t appear exactly side-splitting at first glance, does it?  But you see in Eastern Europe they see the West, especially the North West, as embodying all that is progressive, civilised, advanced, truly democratic, desirable.  No shame if for example Germany is immediately to the West of you. But when that corrupt and  backward relic of Muslim occupation is to your left, so to speak, well, then you’re the pits.

Why do I mention this?  Because many of our readers in recent posts have expressed hope in the East Europeans as the last bastion of White National consciousness. This is based, I imagine, on those countries’ reputation for not messing about and from the almost complete visual absence of black and Muslim cultural enrichers among them. Now I don’t want, a la Kipling, to bring all your hopes to nought. But I urge caution. One simple explanation for the lack of diversity lies in the fact that none of the Eastern countries are rich enough to provide the welfare demanded by your typical enricher.  Then of course there is the language issue.

But back to the beginning of this piece. You see Eastern Europeans desperately want to be like their wealthy, sophisticated and progressive counterparts in the West.  And therein lies the problem.  Because they’re subjected to exactly the same relentless barrage of PC propaganda that we are. Blacks are soooooooo cool. They’re all clever, have top jobs, stay calm and in control while whites scamper around in a panic. They see blacks put on a pedestal, never seeming to attract unfavourable comment in the media…  Why, they must be wonderful people.  And if we get some of them and treat them like they do in the West……..Well, we’d be progressive and sophisticated too.

I'm not saying that this syndrome dominates there, but it is quite strong, especially among wealthier and ‘sophisticated’ people. Several cities in the overall region have appointed black mayors. See how advanced we are!  If you want to get a flavour of what happens there, read this post, which tells the terrible story of Simon Mol.

There is hope in the East, mainly because they’re not sitting on the demographic time bomb that we are.  But caution is urged.


Rob said...

I think your analysis is about right, Savant. The Eastern European countries are just twenty years or so behind us in terms of brainwashing on race, that's all. For various reasons, much of the media and entertainment propaganda coming out of the West in the last few decades passed them by. But if you want to see how fast taboos can be enforced, just watch any TV programme (especially comedy) made more than ten years ago and do a count of all the things in it that you wouldn't get away with broadcasting nowadays.

Thor said...

Correct analysis Savant. The one possible advantage is that the easterners may be able to see what a disaster immigration has been for us. That is of course if they are ALLOWED to see it.

tsnamm said...

I concur with the other comments so far; as well as your assessment Savant. I think the lack of a "social safely net" is probably the most important. As soon as they realize they get a free lunch...house, etc. they will come running. I'm pretty sure the cultural contamination is already in full swing. A friend of mine was living in Poland a few years ago, and told me they were importing American niggers to play basketball in Poland...they were treated like kings, and the local chicks were wild about them...and this was in the little backwater of Katowice...I'm sure the cultural shock troops have done their softening up, and its just a matter of money..Eastern Europeans are not immune...as UN points out so often, it's the media that needs to be fixed 1st if we are to change anything...with education next, followed by the ballot box...otherwise its the streets...

Anonymous said...

Interesting and thought-provoking. I have, on occasion, fantasized about moving "cold" to Estonia or some such, and although it would be a nightmare for me, my children are still young enough to learn the language and customs. But then... do I want to completely abandon my Anglo-
American heritage? Tough, tough choice.

The Norman said...

Even if the eastern nations never catch the multi-culti bug, it's all besides the point, because the idea that all the European peoples are the same is a fallacy to begin with. The different people of Europe are not interchangeable. If we filled Italy with Germans, Italy would cease to be Italy. Its character would be changed irrecoverably. This is because personality traits, just like intelligence, are heritable. Just as the Germans are not the French or the Greeks, Slavs are not western Europeans.

If the UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany, France, Scandinavia, and the rest of western Europe succumb to the invasion of Muslims and Africans, what consolation could there be in knowing that Russia, the Ukraine and other Slavic nations survived? They are not the same people. Europeans may be more like each other than we are to the primitives in Africa, but Russians cannot replace the French. Or the British. Or the Germans. The loss of these great nations and peoples will be a monumental travesty that can never be reversed. It's probably already too late.

kulak said...

All I know is my first great love was a Bulgarian chick. She was beautiful.

Though she said she wasn't. She said she just knew how to make men think she was beautiful.

Got my best poetry out of that one.

Years later I found out she grew up into a childless anti-white. Kinda spoils the memory, but brings me to a serious point:

By their birth rates they are worse off.

Russia's is so low... if we escape genocide, we're probably headed for a Dark Age.

If we escape genocide.

Our task remains the same, wherever we are, or wherever we may move.

White survival.

And nobody's going to do it for us. It can't be outsourced, not even to other whites, not Russia, not our slavic cousins.

They have their own problems.

We first have to help ourselves.

Then we can help each other.

Anonymous said...

LA Dodgers fan here

Thank you fellas for this insight. We just don't get the european perspective here. For us, as you well know, european=white, like us. What country your ancestors are from are all mixed up so we hardly identify with it at all.

I'd known a few poles and they seemed jew aware, so I'd held out hope for the east.

Thanks for filling me in. Of course they've been poisoned like we have.

Nobody will save us. We have to save ourselves.

I read in a novel where the Russians helped arm a faction that was trying to break away from the US Gubmint. Iraq or Libya might have, Iran or Argentina possibly, but it looks like the Russkies are the last man standing that could do it.

No wonder the only time Jesus got angry in the bible was with the jews. God damn money changers.

johan said...

The Norman is right. It'd be great if whites were to survive in Eastern Europe but what about the West? Let's acknowledge this...the modern world was made by white men from Western Europe. I'd be more than happy for our cousins in the east but they're not us. And I might add that of course there are huge differences between us in the west as well.

Robert in Arabia said...

Dreaming the Iron Dream

RegThe Hedge said...

An insane question I know, but, what is everybody here doing to stop our enemies? When you are awakened you don't just huddle together and whisper about how bad things are. Nobody else is going to help. It has to be the people who are awakened. At the very very least giving money to people who are actually putting their arses on the line is a start.

brian boru said...

I visited St Petersburg a few years ago and it was a memorable experience. Almost as soon as I arrived I was pickpocketed by a gang from the Caucasus. Those types are responsible for most of the crime. My Russian friends told me that I was lucky that I hadn't been aware because if I had struggled (it was on a bus) they could have stabbed me with a sharpened bicycle spoke and left me dead. Other than that unpleasant experience I liked the city. It was a strange experience to spend several days in a major white city and not see a single nigger. I don't doubt that they are there, it's just that I didn't see them.
Also, while there I went to the cinema. The Russians have thier own film industry. Obviously, it is nothing like Kiketown in LA, but it is sophisticated. The film was called 'Turkish Gambit', about the war between Russia and the Ottomans in the 1870s. Although it had no subtitles I enjoyed it. The acting was very good and the special effects up to western standards and there wasn't a single nigger in the whole film.
Russian nationalists are far more aggressive towards non-whites than anyone in the west. Of course they don't have the whole power of the state protecting the invaders like in western nations. Naturally, the jew is unhappy with the slow pace of race mixing in the former Soviet Union and is working day and night to rectify the situation. It didn't take them long to solve Ireland's unacceptably white situation did it? Forty years ago the sight of an Irish girl walking down the streets of Irish towns and villages arm in arm with a piece of athropoid filth, pushing a pram with some half breed monstrosity in it would have been unthinkable. Look at the situation now. All without a single instance of resistance from Irish men.

Iron Felix said...

Somewhere about 1945---perhaps as Doenitz signed the instrument of unconditional surrender, who can isolate the exact point?---the back of something was broken. The something was white self-worth. In the years following, it has been downhill all the way. The cutting edge in the creation of all great things in this weary old world, from the first archaic Greeks stepping into the Hopper-esque sunlight of Attica down to our post-war era, has been the creative, active, cerebral, muscular white male. He is and ever has been the sine qua non; break HIM, you will have broken everything. You doubt me? Look around you.

Anonymous said...

There is of course no Eastern European solidarity ,only ancient hatreds.

That giant banner at last nights game?.


They meant that Poland,Ukraine etc etc were once Russian and will be again.

They would rather have a go at each other than fight the external threat.Just like their brethern in the West.


Mary said...

Forty years ago the sight of an Irish girl walking down the streets of Irish towns and villages arm in arm with a piece of athropoid filth, pushing a pram with some half breed monstrosity in it would have been unthinkable. Look at the situation now. All without a single instance of resistance from Irish men

I saw this very scene at Dublin airport yesterday. A lovely blond and blue eyed girl with the ugliest half breed baby,which looked nothing like her, and then her coal black boyfriend coming behind.

Made me feel ill.

Anonymous said...

I had a very interesting experience this evening. A friend of mine gave me a ripped version of "John Carter" ... based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Princess of Mars".

I thought to myself: Ho hum ... another Hollyweird yid-centric heap of steaming political correctness.


Some very very interesting metaphors were put forward, and without another word, I invite anyone else who has seen the movie to have a stab at what metaphors and unspoken messages they got from the film.

A hint.

There was a concerted campaign to destroy the film at the box office ... Oh, and another thing; not a nigger to be seen.

That alone was worth the price of the admission.

Seriously ... tell me.


euroserf said...

mr. a. I was wondering what that giant sign meant. You sure that's what it meant? Don't forget they were playing in Poland, not Ukraine.

euroserf said...

@Brian boru. Well, this is why I'm totally pessimistic. You see the same thing happen in every western country and there's been virtually no meaningful response. A bit of rioting in some part sof England that was quickly put down, the rioters demonised. As you say, it all happened in less than two generations, a staggerly short time for such a demographic realignment.

Anonymous said...

LA Dodgers Fan How bad is the situation in Dodgerland?

California added 10 000 000 of a population but only 150 000 additional taxpayers such that Chavez Ravine has been turned into Chav's Ravine by adding too many Chavezs or so I heard.

SAVANT said...

UN. I've been trying to get the deal on John Carter. It's obviously been a major failure at the box office but what relevance has it to the issues that exercise us on this blog?

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

UN. I've been trying to get the deal on John Carter. It's obviously been a major failure at the box office but what relevance has it to the issues that exercise us on this blog?

Please forgive me, Savant, for being very coy about the film, but I would like to get other commenter's comments before saying anything further.

One part of me says I am reading far too much significance into the plot, but, another part ...


tsnamm said...

Hey Savant...actually Carter isn't such a flop...in fact with worldwide screenings it will make money...the main issue here in the US was the horrible promotion done by Disney...nobody had any idea what the movie was about at all many thought it was some sword and sorcery flick...since they left off the "on Mars" part...only ERB fans really had any idea what it was about...the reviews of the actual movie have all been good, and like I said with the overseas take, as well as the DVD and pay per view revenue, its expected to make a tidy profit. Most of the criticism was about its performance at the box office, hardly a valid of the movie itself. The fact the movie was so expensive to produce makes the half assed promotion even more questionable...

Derek said...

Haven't seen that John Carter movie yet but from what I recall hearing when it was released Carter is a former Confederate. Perhaps that's it?

kulak said...


The bad guys in JC can be interpreted as the Jews. Pay close attention to what the bad guys say.

But I agree it's not directly related.

@UN. I'm afraid I have to correct you. I saw one nog. Some kind of high priestess at the marriage ceremony. She stood out because the rest of the film was nog-free as you say.

Wifey agreed her inclusion looked stupid.


I work on one person at a time. Otherwise I stick to my family.


As you say, it all happened in less than two generations

And that's how fast OUR victory will come, when it comes.

In the meantime...

... save who you can, and undermine the system of white genocide however you can.

Rhein said...

This is a very good interview by Robert Stark with Igor Artemov about nationalism in Russia.


kulak said...

Hmm. Thinking about that marriage again...

The evil marriage that should not take place between the royalty of two peoples is planned by space Jews and presided over by a nog.

Makes sense to me.

OTOH, it was a marriage imposed by duty to pater and people rather than being in love, so maybe not good.

Other messages:

Lust for power gives the Jew an in.

Oh, and they're enemies not just of whites, but of EVERYBODY.

Marry a girl who kicks ass.

(Mine's a brown belt.)

Calculus said...

What about the lack of a true native european spriritual guidance, and spiritual leaders within European populations?
In the US, christianity has become so judeo-compatible that from a practical point of view, it IS judaism. Proof of that is when you hear 'christian' preachers always quoting the old book and systematically ignoring the (too embarassing) new testament. White people in the US think of themselves as proud christians (i.e, the bible belters), what a joke! they don't even know that they have been converted back to Judaism.
But anyway, Old or New, the middle east testaments do not carry and protect the most basic native european core value: its genetic heritage. So I have a couple of questions.

1)How come Eastern Europeans feels so strongly catholic?
2)How come celtic folks (Ireland, Scotland, Britany and some US descendants of Irish migrants) insist so much on celtic identity, music, folklore, celtic language and COMPLETELY ignore their spiritual roots. Instead they insist heavily that they are Catholic, that is, they worship middle eastern concepts?
3) which brings to the next question: how come native europeans were so easily converted to christianity while native ameridians still hang on their original beliefs and jews, even when forced to convert, still retained secretely their native religion?
4) and finally: I know that druidism has acquired an official status in England. I don't want to argue here about how loyal it is to its original concepts, obvioulsy there are so many things that are best not said to avoid a frontal confrontation with the system, but where are the efforts to reach white folks ? I mean in a credible and articulate way, not by some nutcrack guru whose real interests are mostly into banging your underage girl a la Jeff Warren. Sorry to say that about white nationalism, but it is too often about white trash. I remind this article about John Matthiew the infiltrator of a WN group. The article correctly depicts the group as composed of beer barrels retards, with a picture of a stupid who shoot himself in the foot, probably thinking drinkin' lotsa Bud' (Budweiser or Budwieser?) is more patriotic than the made in Merhico's Corona. All this shows the same thing again: no spiritual leadership.

...Or else, instead of looking backward we should take a step forward and re-invent ourself with some sort of modern atheist agnostic paganism where Nature, Cosmos and Ancestry are central.

Paddy West said...

@ Iron Felix 13 June 2012 10:08 --

Spot on, sir. The obvious objective of the nation-destroyers has been to create a new "Western culture" in which:

1) The males are emasculated / sissified,

2) The women are whores, sluts and or gold-diggers,

3) The children are drugged, jaded robots of consumption who are taught to identify with the enrichers invading our territory and debasing our culture, rather than with their own parents, ancestors and nation.

This last and most insidious aspect of Judea's plan for us has historically been accomplished via the marketing concepts of "hipness," "coolness," and other types of Amerikan materialist, CONFORMIST "youth oriented" ideology.

These meaningless concepts are intended to prolong adolescence and the attendant "rebellion" that supposedly characterizes this stage of development in the mass mind. This rebellion is then directed by the parasite against OUR own nations and our OWN traditions, and not the occupying foreign parasite himself, who insidiously inculcates his leaden, lifeless brand of pseudo-individuality into the pliable minds of these little robots.

Amerika has played a huge role in the spreading of this spiritual disease among Whites worldwide. Its inner amorphousness, combined with its military and economic dominance, has made it the perfect vehicle for the spread of the "culture" of primitive jungle music, junk food, negroid enthronement, prolonged adolescence, endless debt, virtual reality, sexual debauchery, nihilism, "substance" abuse, betrayal of our ancestors and, last but not least, studied stupidity.

Amerika's fall to the Jews has been a complete and unmitigated disaster for the West, the Occident, die Abendländer or whatever we choose to call our collective West European, Germano-Roman-Celtic body politic. (It has also been a disaster for Amerika itself, but that is another story).

It's good that, socially, culturally, economically (and soon militarily?), Great Russia is resisting this pathology, but that is due primarily to ONE man -- Putin -- and his primary concern is naturally for his OWN country. Expecting other Whites to pick up the pieces for us or somehow "save us" is futile, feminine, magical thinking. Russia can certainly HELP, because it is in its interest to do so, but we must do the primary work ourselves.

As the Irish Savant states, Western Europe can be saved only by West Europeans. The first and most important stage of that resurgence is an INNER, spiritual one, and it must involve the breaking of all links with the construct (created by Hollywood and the Frankfurt School Hebrews) called the "inner Amerikan," an obese cultural MULATTO in perpetual state of ennui, who is concerned only with his fake "individualism" and hedonism, and NOT with the great impersonal goal of assuring the CONTINUITY and GREATNESS of his own tribe or nation. Why should such a goal be considered praiseworthy when pursued by the circumcised, inbred descendants of marauding, Levantine, Bronze Age desert nomads, but not us?

The best elements in Amerika too can (and should) break with the Hebrew construct of the "inner Amerikan." It's the only way to begin the centuries-long process of establishing an organic Amerikan NATION with a high culture of its own. I too am a natural born Amerikan, but unlike many in this benighted, Hebrew-dominated country, I have never allowed the platitudes of the state religion, and those who have HIJACKED it, to stop me from THINKING.

Anonymous said...

LA Dodgers Fan here-

They use the stadium during military exercises as a staging area to haul civilians off to concentration "FEMA" camps for reeducation or their 'safety'.

I wish I were kidding but the documents have all been leaked.

Do you all have these big military exercises where they fly around in helos and practice rounding people up? we sure do. They've done it in LA, Chicago, and a few more I can't remember. It's scary as hell.

tokyo paddy said...

Savant, I echo what that guy above said. PLEASE refer back to your other 'gems'. By the way, wasn't that Mol some POS?

Anonymous said...

which brings to the next question: how come native europeans were so easily converted to christianity while native ameridians still hang on their original beliefs and jews, even when forced to convert, still retained secretely their native religion?

I wot that I hung on the wind-tossed tree

All of nights nine,

Wounded by the spear
, bespoken to Odin,

Bespoken myself to myself,

-- Odin

Krokodil said...

@mr a 11:24

Your comment is correct about zero solidarity between the nations of Eastern Europe, even though they are mostly Slavs.

Certainly there are major frictions between Poles and Ukrainians on the one hand, and Russians on the other and, of course, within the pro-Western and pro-Russian factions within the Ukraine itself. Plus the natural fears of the Baltic states about Russia as well.

Same goes for the Orientals. There is no common love or identity amongst the Chinese, Koreans and Japs. They all seem to have a natural dislike or disregard for each other.

Same goes for Africa. Despite terms like "Black conciousness", Black Nationalism" etc., there is no real pan-African identity, but strongly entrenched tribalism.

Even among the Arabs, a pan-Arab solidarity is hardly the case.

Everywhere in the World, people might speak in terms of ethnic or racial conciousness, but down on the ground we are far more tribal than that. That ethnic identity exists, is obviously true, but nationalism tends to be ... well, for a nation.

Even a country like Britain, which has soldiered on well enough for centuries (how much further is questionable), is a fake construct at it's most basic, and actually consists of the English, Scottish, Welsh and, formerly, Irish nations. (There is still NI, of course, but let's not get into all that).

Even White America is surely more about being an American (in the historical sense that the USA is a White country), than just being White. And the same does apply, I'm sure, to Aus, NZ, (White) SA etc.

There certainly is a solidarity of concern (though generally not of expression) amongst most White citizens regarding what is happening to the West, for the simple reason that it's only happening to the West, but nationalism is much narrower and singular - and I think that's true of just about everywhere in the World.

It is true to say that a nation will consist of people with the same or very similar ethnicity and, by and large, with the same cultural mores, religious beliefs and world view.

And probably that's why we feel we're half the time on drugs, here in the West, because the natural order of things have been turned upside down with concepts of multiculturalism, ethnic and religious mixing etc. been shoved down our throats constantly - and on top of that being told to like it.

Even the EU, a union of White countries, is considered highly suspect by a hefty chunk of the peoples in those countries, and I suspect, by most people on this blog.

I believe, therefore, that there certainly exists racial identity, or racial conciousness, but that racial nationalism doesn't really exist. The latter concept is far more parochial.

Anonymous said...

Windy City Irish Pollack said:

@ Calculus: I'll attempt to shed some light on your questions.

1) Only some Eastern Europeans are Catholic (e.g., Poles, Czechs, Slovaks and Lithuanians). Most others are Orthodox Christians, and some - namely the Estonians - are traditionally Lutheran, of all things. The strong identification with Catholicism, as witnessed most vividly amongst the Polish, is evidence of a strong national religious impulse and faith, and it didn't hurt that the Poles' religion was under assault by the Soviets for forty years.

2) This is a tricky one. The Irish certainly have always had a strong Catholic identity, but I can't speak for the other Celts, given that most of them became Protestantized after the Reformation. There is an attendant strong identification with Celtic culture and mythos, most probably because these notions were under assault from the English for centuries.

3) I wouldn't go so far as to say the conversion of the European peoples to Christianity was easy. If you give any credence whatsoever to hagiography - i.e., 'saint's lives' - a fair number of miracles and spiritual victories over the pagan hierarchy were required before the chieftains and their people would convert.

4) This issue is simply one of belief. Most modern-day attempts to revive paganism are merely fatuous nonsense peddled by crackpots. Paganism, like much of the New Age movement, has been somewhat successful in that it makes very little in the way of moral demands of its adherents; thus, it's a very attractive 'religion', allowing you to pursue hedonism in a guilt-free cosmos.

I've commented on this blog many times, and I'm always fascinated by Savant's and his commenters' postings. But I feel that Ireland, devoid of Catholicism, will cease to be Irish. The identification goes back too far, to Palladius and Patrick; the symbolism is too intensive; the literature, music and all other cultural products too intertwined. I know that Savant, doubtless among many others, has been upset by the recent revelations of child abuse by priests, and I am among those most dismayed by such a horrific turn of events. However, I keep in mind that we are - all of us - sinful and, therefore, very fallible. These miscreants will get their just desserts, I have no fear. The Catholic Church in Ireland will undergo a much-needed reform and, God willing, all will be well.

I could never renounce my Catholic faith. For me, as I stated before, it would be tantamount to renouncing my Irish heritage.

Let me know what you think, and all the best to you.


Windy City Irish Pollack

Hector G. said...

@Reg. Can't talk for others but I do know that I have made some difference in my immediate circle. Not necessarily converts, but many people I know can now see for example how blacks are (mis)portrayed in the MSM. They can see the programming going on. Also many others have had their suspicions about Alan Shatter raised and now look carefully at his actions.

Not exactly revolutionary, I agree, but if all of us did the same it would soon spread to quite a number. Also bear in mind that the 'converts' I made probably are spreading the word, at least to some degree.

Corkonian said...

Calculus: You raise some fascinating questions and issues. My response would be:

1) Don't know
2)Don't know
3) Don't know either
4) Don't know

Hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Historicly speaking, what is the track record of 'enriched' countries , or have they never existed?

The US has only been 'blessed' with the browns for 30 or 40 years, and of course blacks and jews have been scourges forever.

Has it happened before, a host nation conquered through enrichment? israel aside, of course.

Has this diversity ever been reversed?

Its difficult to even say, but unrest, possibly civil war, is unfortunately an all too distinct possibility here.

The public, and government, have been gearing up.

Wether it will be stage managed by jews to dispose of the constitution finally is a question.

la dodger fan

SAVANT said...

@Windy City Irish Pollack. That's a great comment. Just referring to the Catholic bit.....I'm obviously strongly anti-Catholic but more correctly I'm anti-clerical. I grew up in an Ireland where such was the only logical and honourable response.

But I do take on board what you say about Irishness and Catholicism. We might actually need some of this to take back what we were. I've actually posted on this subject very early in this blog beginning jere.

Seneca said...

Calculus and LA Dodger. You may have noticed that rapid increased usage of the term Judeo-Christian. Boy, that's a neat trick! Seducing the goyim into thinking we're one and the same. This is often used in the context of differentiating from Islam. There may be something to the theory that Christianity has been deliberately subverted from within.

Krokodil said...

@Windy City Irish Pollack

A very good comment, especially this bit: Paganism, like much of the New Age movement, has been somewhat successful in that it makes very little in the way of moral demands of its adherents; thus, it's a very attractive 'religion', allowing you to pursue hedonism in a guilt-free cosmos.

Which is probably why lots of celebs are into it, and for the reason you explain.

I'm not Catholic myself, but I think what you say is quite sound.

The West has embraced moral relativism, as opposed to traditionally held moral absolutes, and this only in the last couple of generations, in much the same time frame as the decadence and crisis of National Identity has embraced Western countries.

Might their be a link?

Anonymous said...

LA Dodger here :

absolutely right! making a one way relationship to get more stupid goy to support then. oh how they must laugh! we have interfaith jewish/Christian services occasionally also.

I know the jew via Rothschild 'manage' the Catholic church 's money. makes it more understandable why they'd be in favor of jew world government.

what church do I go to for a jesus loving jew and race realist?

I know little about Catholicism, but I like the doctrine I'm aware of.

locally they have huge aids ribbons on steeples and gay show tune sing along nights I shit you not.

not my scene.

Calculus said...

@ Corkonian, I bet you were the noisy bad kid at the back of the class but I get your point.

Anyway, I am going to answer Windy Cindy.
Christianity wants to save our souls, that's OK but sometimes we also need to save our bodies (including our genes) and on there, christian beliefs are not helpfull. I don't know if Orthodox christianity is better than Catholicism for that, but the body-mind connection is something native religions like asians, amerindian and native europeans coonsider as serious matters. Note that Christianity is almost completely opposed to all aspects of evolutionary darwinism while native amerindian, european and asian religions never oppose Nature, even when Nature is 'cruel'.
So, when people with strong connections to their, for example, celtic roots, feel necessary to preserve all about their celtic heritage EXCEPT their genes, it's a nonsense. Catholicism completely disregards the body and the genes and it's an insult to Nature, so at best, Catholicism is erroneous or incomplete. Beside, remember all the trouble for the Church to accept the concept of biological evolution, when Evolution is basically embedded in all other natural religions. Personnaly I am looking for something more holistic, and even atheism does a better job than christianism to explain the connections between mind, matter, karma and cosmos.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Savant -

Roger all that - I hear you re. the anti-clerical business.

One other thing I might have added above re. Eastern folks' jealously guarding their religious identity: the Poles, among many others, were threatened numerous times over the centuries with total annihilation (the Mongols, the Ottomans), to the extent that no trace of their culture, language or faith would exist today had they not been ultimately victorious. (Google the amazing tale of Jan Sobieski and his winged Hussars defending the gates of Vienna against the Mohammedan hordes). These people arguably saved Western civilization from destruction at least once during the last five hundred years... The Soviets' pathetic attempt to destroy them was merely the latest in a long line.

I apologize for the colossal temerity I must exude in telling all and sundry on this blog what I feel constitutes proper Irishness... But I'm a proud half-Irishman and a devout Catholic. I really do believe every tenet of the faith, even if I sometimes want to smack a given bishop upside his miter... The Irish Church in the latter 20th century has been cursed with far too many wicked bishops.

And I truly believe you're right - some unblemished pebble of Catholicism must remain in order to reclaim Irish identity. Even if you're only a cultural Catholic, it's a start as far as I'm concerned.

And so, whatever you Irish decide will be fine with me; I will support you unreservedly with every fiber of my being. Just suffer me my Catholicism, that's all I ask...

Keep up the outstanding work, Savant. I've recommended your blog to everyone I know.

All the best and cordially,

Windy City Irish Pollack

Calculus said...

Regarding the question 'how come native europeans gave up so easily there religion to christianity', we can speculate.

First, native europeans felt druidism, odinism and derivatives sucked, because it didn't make any sense. Let's see: "well, our god makes thunder which doesn't make sense, but THEIR god walks on water, which makes more sense...?" nope, unlikely. Especially since they were faithfull enough to carry huge rocks over long distances, which shows their commitment among other things.
Second, conversion was violently enforced by christian missionaries? not likely either, since St patrick was only himself, he had no way to visit every irish family to test their new faith.
Conclusion: It's obvious my dear Watson, European natives actually NEVER converted.
They just let the crazy fool talk his funny stories of a far away country of camels and palm trees and romans. That was the equivalent of the time of the TV. Who doesn't like to be entertained? The natives just thought the missionary was anyway harmless and started to participate in his funny celebrations. Few might have objected, the equivalent of today's 'naysayers' and 'right wing conspiracy theorists', like Savant. But 20 centuries later, We now know the christian priest message was not harmless. If these first europeans had forecasted their own disparition through massive racial mixing and immigration, via the papal infailable blessing, they probably would have looked at St Patrick a different way and listen to the naysayers. But they just didn't know at the time, so that was not THEIR mistake. The real mistake would be OURS not to recognize it.

Anonymous said...

Reg the Hedge. I agree with you 100%. Now here's the rub. How? This question has been asked before. The only access we have to each other is via Mr. Savant and other Nationalist bloggers. Politically we have a few minority parties. Arrange a demo and automatically you will have antifa groups causing problems. The MSM will vilify us.
I think we are all waiting for a catylist that will set Europe alight or a recognised politician to have the balls to stand up and tell the truth. The former seems more likely than the latter.
Perhaps Mr. Savant could start a thread where we could post ideas. You never know we might just start something!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of the John Carter film. Had a look on IMDB, the cast appear to be all white. How the hell did that happen?

Anonymous said...

Savant says ''I'm obviously strongly anti-Catholic''. I agree with you whole heartedly. Having said that, the Pope did say that Islam was a bent on taking over the world (I might be para-phrasing a little). He soon had to withdraw the remark. Both Protestant and Catholic churches have done and said nothing to counter the demonic Islamists. They, like the majority of whites, seem intent on their own destruction. If they had made a stand, I for one, would have supported them. Their form of God bothering is better than the alternative.
Hereby stands the problem with Nationalism. All groups seem intent on their brand of Nationalism being the answer. Nobody wants to give an inch. All bothered by the minutia and not seeing the big picture. We don't need an oppostion, we are doing the job very well on our own. United we stand a chance, divided we will definitly fall.


Anonymous said...

I throw this in your direction for a laugh.


Obviously Greece, in the eyes of theses arseholes, anyway, is about to stage a putsch, burn down the Reichstag, annex Czechoslovakia, and ... Oh, good heavens, the first of September draws nigh, so I guess they'll invade Poland.

Rise of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party leads to spate of immigrant attacks in Greece

The rise of Greece's far-Right Golden Dawn party has led to a spate of vicious attacks against immigrants that it is feared will only increase after a new election is held on Sunday.

(Nikolaos Michaloliakos, leader of the extreme right-wing Golden Dawn party, speaks to supporters during a pre-election rally at the northern port city of Thessaloniki Greece Photo: AP)

By Alex Spillius, Athens

7:56PM BST 13 Jun 2012

The neo-Nazi group has been blamed for numerous violent incidents since the May 6 vote, when it stunned the whole of Europe by winning 6.97 per cent of the vote and 20 seats in parliament amid deep anxiety about recession, unemployment and high levels of illegal immigration.

Polling data seen by the Daily Telegraph shows that Golden Dawn is on course to perform just as well or even better in the new election, which was called after the first failed to produce a government.

Immigrants groups have said that attacks in Athens have risen in recent weeks, backing up an increase in anecdotal reporting, and fear that once established in parliament the party's black t-shirted vigilantes will feel further emboldened in their campaign of intimidation.

Reza Gholami, the head of association for Afghan immigrants, said: "There are daily beatings. Most incidents are not known because immigrants do not notify authorities. They are afraid for their lives or don't have legal papers or lack the funds to pay the cost of a law suit."
There have been accusations of police bias after it emerged that 50 percent of Athens police officers voted for Golden Dawn. Suspected perpetrators are often arrested but not charged.

In the latest reported attack, a 28-year-old illegal Egyptian immigrant was beaten by men armed with clubs and iron bars as he slept on his roof to escape a summer heat wave.

He was left with a double fracture of the jaw, a broken nose, and needed substantial stitching on his head.

"If they had got in I don't know where we would be now," said Abu Habid Saad, the victim's cousin, who has been in Greece for 15 years.
"They were swearing and shouting 'come out so we can teach you a lesson'. One had a Golden Dawn t-shirt," he said.

I refer you to the emotion and out-and-out bullshit of this article.

"There are daily beatings. Most incidents are not known because immigrants do not notify authorities."

Loosely translated, that line means (to me anyway) "I've pulled that story right out of my arse ..."

These journalists -- if one may digify them with that appellation -- are a joke.

Media really delenda est.


Corkonian said...

Calculus says I was the noisy kid at the back of the class. Boy, are you right there, Calculus. That was me, me MEEEE!

Heraclitus said...

Some very thought-provoking input here from Calculus, krokodil, WC Polack, Paddy West and others.

Reading what they wrote gave rise to a somewhat heretical thought. Namely, do the NWO people have some validity to their arguments?

Because we've seen evidence here of the deep-rooted animosities between European peoples, animosity capable of breaking out into horrific war again under the 'right' circumstances.

So by making the males 'sissies', promoting feminism and women to positions of power, diluting ethnic purity via mass immigration and promotion of miscegenation, are they not hugely reducing the risks of such future horrors?

kulak said...

I think Calculus is right, and that whites had never entirely converted. There's a parallel though between Odin and Christ. Odin strung himself up on a tree, wounded by a spear, and sacrificed himself to himself.

Christians say Christianity helped the rise of the white man. Maybe so. Viewed as a meme with its own self-interest, it had every incentive to do so. Now it has broken out of its European prison via the white man's magic and has much less use for us. CambriaWillNotYield calls us the Christ-bearers. Job done.



Anonymous said...

Looks like there is a speed-up of the Irish agenda. Check this out ...


A magazine purporting to advance the Northwest irish lifestyle and lo and behold ... a negroid on the cover.

I remember reading a sci-fi story as a teen in which the protagonist was bombarded with advertising messages ... from the very subtle to the "If you don't buy this, we'll kill your dog" variety. In the end, the protag discovered that he was 6 inches tall and a had been bred (with his wife, kids, neighbors) to exist in a sealed table top environment and be used as an accelerated market research experimental group.

Everyone's memories were wiped at night upon falling asleep, but things went wrong ...

When I see the blatant agenda -- not to mention the obvious acceleration thereof -- I have to assume the end-game approaches or we are seeing signs of desperation.

My money's on the latter. Things unravel too fast for our masters ... and they're sweating.

Greece is slipping from their hands ... the next will be a dead heat between Spain, France and Italy -- and the PTB battle to get their ducks in a row ...

Ooooh ... it's going to be epic.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty much what Spike Milligan once said ... the worst catholic since Ghengiz Khan.

I was almost raised a methodist, but it didn't take (Sorry, Ma).

However ... and this is a big however, churches and religions have a huge hold on humanity. I am the first to admit this ... even in this secular day and age.

So ... if any white man's church said "Join up with me and we shall jihad every nigger, raghead and RSP back to their shitty little origins ... that's a promise."

I'll be there ... even if I'm required to Morris-dance on their broken bodies every solstice, with a bone through my fucking nose. I am sort of a one-issue voter as far as that's concerned.

I'm sick of pussyfooting.


Anonymous said...


Yes I'm pretty sure what that meant.

A divided Poland was ruled by Russia for a couple of centuries.The Russians regarded the Poles as a branch of Greater Russia and Polish as a mere dialect of Russian.

Other parts of Poland were owned by Germany and even Austria-Hungary.

One could argue that the Poles had more cultural and political freedom under Communism than the Tsars.

Anyway Russian Imperialism was curiously similar to islam in that respect.One Tsar said;

"Once a land becomes Russian it remains Russian forever".

So yes,thats what that banner meant.


Anonymous said...


epub version Princess of Mars written by EDGAR Rice Burroughs


Plain text version

The film with Traci Lords is an all right watch when it is pouring rain non stop.

Fugitive Hunt? sometimes on late 320+ movie channels only 5 guys in it. Chasing a prisoner on a desert planet no budget all script it works.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here,anyone Irish,ever heard of a publication named;

No,me neither until yesterday.

I am in dispute with the Revenue Commissioners over a not inconsiderable amount of money which the bastards owe me.Fed up of dealing with them on the phone and online,yesterday I presented myself in person at the appropriate office.

So while waiting to be called,I picked up the above MAGAZINE.(it is capitalized on the cover)Anyway this is a very expensively printed publication,top quality paper etc.
No cover price so clearly it is distributed free to Civil service offices offices at taxpayers expense.

All irritating enough.But on the cover I saw the list of contents and one was 'Engineering Review:Driving Economic Revival'.

Engineering being my trade,I had look inside.

The article itself was bland and badly written.Fluff.

The accompanying photograph,however, was something else.

Obviously a posed photo using models,it showed a classroom or lecture room.There were 5 pretty white girls.Beside two of the girls were sitting niggers.There were no white males in the photograph.

We are all used to the promotion of White female/nigger but this took things to a new level.Mechanical,Civil,Chemical,Electrical,Genetic,whatever the branch,most Engineers are male.Mechanical probably 90% male.

Worldwide the percentage of black Engineers?.One in 100,000?.One in a million?.I don't know.

But in Ireland we have clearly solved that which has eluded The USA and other Western countries.

We have closed the Achievement Gap!.

p.s.The fuckers are giving me my money back.


Anonymous said...

UN, you've converted me. Onward Christian soldiers!

Anonymous said...

The much maligned Michelle Bachmann

You can hear why she was maligned in that video. GM goes bust by being badly run, and that is not an euphanism for hiring too many Obamassons, and is rewarded for being badly run.

Sack the management and let competent managers takeover.

Anonymous said...

mr. a. - no surprise there. I'm familiar with that magazine as a friend gets it. No expense spared and of course the sickening message of miscegenation is reinforced at every opporunity. But the photo is a particular disgrace. I wonder do any other readers notice the programming?

Anonymous said...

Windy City Irish Pollack said:

@ Krokodil: Yes, there's definitely a link as you've rightly observed. Almost every facet of latter 20th century/early 21st century popular culture is replete with relativism or cultural Marxism. Hence, the enthusiastic aptitude for hedonism, an 'easy yoke', among the liberal-minded proles, urban hipsters and the sexually deviant 'celebrities' and intellectuals. New Age paganism is very attractive to these miscreants.

@ Calculus: I think you overstate the tension between science and Catholic belief, which is a relatively common straw man among the cognoscenti these days (I'm in no way implying you are among that repellent number). The Church is responsible for scholasticism, the great universities, and the patronage of some of Europe's finest scientists. But it's when scientific inquiry, forsaking the guide of proper scientific method, begins to attack religious belief - something entirely outside the purview of science - that the Church gets a bit testy. Take evolution, or Darwinism, for example; the Church states that there is no conflict between evolutionary theories and the revealed biblical story of creation, provided that two caveats are maintained: evolution must be understood as a theory, until such time that the scientific method can illustrate that concrete evidence exists which proves it scientifically beyond all doubt; and secondly, should one hold evolution to be true, that at no point did man's soul evolve. The soul is impervious to the laws of nature.

Many of today's crankiest and most skeptical scientists, such as Richard Dawkins, try to use evolution as a disproof of religious truth, and they succeed in convincing me that they are as great believers in the religion of Darwinism as I am in the truths of Catholicism. This is what the Church objects to most vehemently, and why the Church also has had concerns about cremation. For centuries, atheists sought cremation as a means of denying God's ability to resurrect the body. Provided one's reasons are other than this, cremation poses little problem for the Church.

I think these are very sensible views.

I also don't see the disconnect between the soul and the body as you seem to see it. Granted, much of modern-day Christian discourse seems to be littered with PC nostrums, but that's the failing of certain men, not the faith itself. I think a good reading of the early Church fathers, as well as most of the Church councils, will disabuse anyone of thinking the Catholic faith is a PC crazed assassin marching us to our doom as Europeans/caucasians. And the uptick in assaults against the faith by the PC/cultural Marxist crowd will only embolden the Church to show her true colors.

Anyway, that's my two cents. You've given me a lot to think about, and I really appreciate your comments.

All the best to you, Krokodil and all other posters,

Windy City Irish Pollack

AnalogMan said...

UN: That was Tunnel Under the World by Frederick Pohl. The entire town is a miniature robotic recreation of a town that was destroyed in an industrial accident, with the robots programmed with the memories of the victims.

If you still like SF, I have a couple of gigabytes of PDFs downloaded from a Usenet archive, lots of the good old stuff and some of the newer crap. If you're interested, I can send a DVD to my family in Auckland and you could pick it up anonymously.

@ Anon 13:34 The film with Traci Lords is an all right watch when it is pouring rain non stop.

Traci Lords? Wasn't she a porn star?

Anonymous said...

Pre school fight!

I guess Barack's babymommas found out who the class's babydaddy was?

Anonymous said...

Yes we have no bananas!

How are Barack Husbein Soetero Shabazz Osama's babymommas gonna feed his chilluns?

Anonymous said...

Yes Traci Lords was but then she moved into B movie sci-fi most of which are well worth checking out for example roughly the same backstory as Waterworld without the confusing bits and Kevin Costner.

Anonymous said...

AnalogMan said...

UN: That was Tunnel Under the World by Frederick Pohl. The entire town is a miniature robotic recreation of a town that was destroyed in an industrial accident, with the robots programmed with the memories of the victims.

If you still like SF, I have a couple of gigabytes of PDFs downloaded from a Usenet archive, lots of the good old stuff and some of the newer crap. If you're interested, I can send a DVD to my family in Auckland and you could pick it up anonymously.

Thank you for your generous offer, Analogman, which I gratefully accept. We'll have to sort out details

I always wondered at the provenance of your alias, and now have to assume that you were a keen reader of Analog Sci-Fi magazine ... as well as all the other pulps.

Ah, golden days. Bring back the ACE double novel.


Anonymous said...

Does G A N G spell Obamassonsanddaughters in British UK?

Gang initiation victim makes us ask is it related to the jungle-bunnies not subject to whiteman laws that we see too often?

Henry IX said...

Note the comments on that gang initiation thing. Not one mentioned the fact that ALMOST ALL such gangs are 'people of colour'.

Anonymous said...

I saw where the chick who had the pub which was in the family for 50 years taken off her was accompanied by her partner Irazkava Kzzqwtty. Who he/she, we cannot make gender observations to please the Irish Times,? O ne f the Kzzqwttys from Ballyhooleen the well known Kings of Munster?

AnalogMan said...

UN: Close, but not quite. My handle comes from the Damon Knight novel, The Analog Men (also published under the title Hell's Pavement). Unfortunately not included in the collection, although one of its predecessor forms is there.

The novel postulates a new technique in psychotherapy. The analogue is an induced delusion, which takes a form tailored to the patient. When he is tempted to indulge in some proscribed behaviour (paedophilia, alcoholism, crime) his mother/a policeman/schoolteacher/other feared authority figure is on the spot to prevent him from following through. The inventor fears that it could be misused by the government to establish a political tyranny. That's not exactly how it works out.

In first chapter, the inventor persuades a journalist to help him publicise the danger. Then it turns out the journalist isn't real - he's just an analogue designed to neutralise the protagonist. I wondered whether web sites such as this were a real movement, or just an analogue to distract us from real effective activism.

I've found since that there is another AnalogMan on the web. It appears it's some kind of pop culture reference, a guitar brand or something. So I'm thinking of changing it.

Anyway, you can email me at myvuisboek at gmail and we can set up something.

AnalogMan said...

Damn, I think my comment got eaten. Took too long to type, I think. Apologies if this is a duplicate.

UN: Close, but not quite. My handle comes from the title of the Damon Knight novel "The Analog Men", also published in the UK, I think, under the title "Hell's Pavement". Unfortunately not included in the collection, although one of its predecessor forms is there.

The novel postulates a new technique in psychotherapy. The analogue is an induced delusion, which is tailored to the patient. It takes the form of a feared authority figure - his mother, a policeman, a schoolteacher - who appears whenever he is contemplating some proscribed behaviour, and prevents him from following through. Thus paedophiles, homicidal maniacs, kleptomaniacs can be controlled, though not cured, and can live normal lives in all other respects.

The inventor fears that the government intends to use the technology to establish a tyranny. Imagine if your personal bogeyman appeared every time you thought about questioning the holocaust. So he contacts a journalist and persuades him to publicise the danger. Only, it turns out that the journalist isn't real - he's an analogue. I wondered whether sites like this one are a real movement, or just an analogue to distract us from effective resistance. Hence the name.

I've found since that there is another AnalogMan on the web. Apparently it's some kind of a pop cultural reference - a guitar brand or something - so I'm thinking of changing it.

Anyway, you can email me at myvuisboek at gmail.com, and we can set something up.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Sarah Jessica Parker great at Trooping the Color today?

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, I know, but pretty vital, I think.

Can anyone confirm the veracity of this?


White Slavery: The Irish Slaves That Time Forgot

By John Martin

May 28, 2012 "Information Clearing House" -- They came as slaves; vast human cargo transported on tall British ships bound for the Americas. They were shipped by the hundreds of thousands and included men, women, and even the youngest of children.

Whenever they rebelled or even disobeyed an order, they were punished in the harshest ways. Slave owners would hang their human property by their hands and set their hands or feet on fire as one form of punishment. They were burned alive and had their heads placed on pikes in the marketplace as a warning to other captives.

We don’t really need to go through all of the gory details, do we? After all, we know all too well the atrocities of the African slave trade. But, are we talking about African slavery?

King James II and Charles I led a continued effort to enslave the Irish. Britain’s famed Oliver Cromwell furthered this practice of dehumanizing one’s next door neighbor.

The Irish slave trade began when James II sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World. His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English settlers in the West Indies. By the mid 1600s, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves.

Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white.

From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves. Ireland’s population fell from about 1,500,000 to 600,000 in one single decade. Families were ripped apart as the British did not allow Irish dads to take their wives and children with them across the Atlantic. This led to a helpless population of homeless women and children. Britain’s solution was to auction them off as well.

If this is for real, then the Poms are even viler hypocrites than I imagined ... and I have a fairly vivid imagination.