Friday, 1 June 2012

Culturally enriched dining experiences

 If you ever challenge a DWL to adumbrate the benefits of multi-culturalism you’ll usually leave them floundering for something to say…..before it finally dawns on them.  ‘Ah yes, food, that’s it.  Think of the rich variety of lip-smacking goodness the enrichers bring to our tables. Food that has evolved through a complex interaction of environmental, political, and cultural trends.” 

“Yes, that’s it.”

Well here are a few examples of what they have in mind. (Thanks to the commentators to this blog for the valuable links).  In Sweden an associate professor, originally from Iran, and now back there, found out his wife was having an affair.  His solution?  To cut off her lips and eat them. As one does. My informants tell me she’s speechless. For interest, google this story. You’ll find that almost all the MSM outlets neglect to mention the origins of the perp.

Then  there’s  Alexander Kinyua, 21, who told police he had stabbed and dismembered 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie before eating his heart and parts of brain.  As one does. Interestingly,  Kinyua's brother told police he found hands and human head in bins above brother's washing machine. Which raises the question as to whether there was a second victim.  If you get my drift. 

And what about Rudy Eugene, seen here on the left, victim, complete with face, beside him. Rudy's idea of a tasty main course was the face of a homeless drifter on a Miami cycle way. Rudy dined well.  Cops described the face-eating attack ‘one of the goriest  dining experiences crimes we've ever seen.’  However, his mom defended him as “a good kid”  and said he doesn’t deserve to be remembered as a “zombie.” “He gave me a nice card on Mother’s Day”  she told CBS Miami.  No, she didn't add that hardy perennial  'and he was beginning to turn his life around'.

So yes, I’m forced to admit that these were indeed culinary experiences that had evolved through a complex interaction of environmental, political, and cultural trends.” 

And that reminds me.  It’s almost lunchtime.  Must be off!


Bemused stare said...

Given that my idea of heaven is a nice eisbein, I am astounded when some dimbulb goes on about how lovely it is to eat cat, rat, English schoolgirl etc, as prepared by something that just wiped its arse with it's paw after taking a shit in the alley.

Anonymous said...

You can (unwisely) take the coon out of africa, but you cannot take the african out of the coon.

Paris Claims

Robert the Biker said...

Now now Savant, we mustn't be racist after all; everyone knows that the culture of these mindless murderous niggers and sand coons is every bit the equal of our own.
innit blood, knomsayin?

Anonymous said...

The lips on that first nig would make one hell of a meal. Perhaps we have the solution to third world hunger here.

Shaunantijihad said...

It's a goddam multicultural, diversity bonanza! Note the Swedish "authorities", the Castrati, are not prosecuting the face munching professor, as it was a matter of "honour". He still spends part of his time in Sweden. Anyway, he is one of the good ones, and I'm sure he is also "turning his life around". Ah, no, it is his Islamic right to eat his wife's face, apparently. Still, he won't be able to sell her for a whole goat, now, that cheeky, enriching professor! Let's hope he will come to the British isles and give us the lip-smacking recipe!

Ah the joy of it all!

Anyway, never mind that silly diversity blip called cannibalism, a real crime took place in bonnie Scotland - A HATE CRIME!!!!!!!

But don't worry your cotton socks dearies, it may mildly concern you that niggers and Muslim professors are munching on your vital organs, but at least the RACISTS are being banged up.

And to show their level of priorities, the Scottie police put almost 50 officers on the job and duly raided the premises of the racist evil doers.

Can you believe it in this day and age of diverse face munching and brain dips, that people thought they could insult Jews on Facebook and get away with it?

Oy vey! Send them to the Gulags!

Anonymous said...

This story is as disturbing as the one of that fat black sow caught shop lifting in Georgia who pepper-sprayed store employees when caught... These kinds of stories of Negro criminal behavior are just ammunition to support the premise that blacks can't control and govern themselves.

Gem Junior said...

LOL Bemused Stare: Ahem, was it something that just wiped it's arse with it's LEFT paw? Har har har tee hee hee!
I'd say yes, it probably was.. and then washed it in a puddle.

Martinus said...

Slightly off track, but still regarding the protos and their only slightly more evolved DWL supporters; I feel this story needs to be shared, as used to the barbarity and murder that I am, the following infuriated and saddened me greatly.

In South African news a 5 month old Afrikaner baby and his white day mother of 66 were savagely stabbed and murdered in their homes in the town of Delmas. This horrific deed got a minor headline with the story revolving around the white protesters who, shock horror, burnt the boon flag in front of the courthouse. It was in the news this morning, and 5 hours later, the article was archived. The protesters said it was a hate crime, but the OPPOSITION, whites by the way who will sell their soul, mother and children for black votes, said that this idea is RACIST and there is no indication of such a motive whatsoever. Oh, did I mention that the family of the victims said nothing was taken, while the newspaper reports that some baubles and trinkets were; when there is no motive, manufacture one. Then, later on today, same News24 website has an article about 6 whites found with illegal weapons then they, the media, proceed to draw a conclusion that these whites are possibly involved in a 'hate-crime' where a black was murdered in another town, they proceed to conclude that it was a revenge attack for Terre'blanche's murder. As they say, why let the truth, facts, logic or for fuck sakes even reality get in the way of a good story. These are whites (Afrikaners) who own the media empire Naspers) that is so actively not only engineering our downfall further, but kicked us in the balls repeatedly while we're down. If I had less of a conscience, I would pay out some sweet retribution, starting with these traitorous whites.

Anonymous said...

Mike Smith's political commentary blog asks the question, "are blacks cannibals"..the answer seems apparently clear.

Gary Paul, South AFrica said...

Martinus. One of the most dispiriting things about 'developments' in SA is the way so many whites debase themselves by selling their souls to the devil.

katana said...

Savant, black barbarity reached new heights for me when I read this:

INTO THE CANNIBAL’S POT Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa
By lana Mercer
The daughter of a leading anti-apartheid activist blows the lid off the new South Africa

"Particularly brutal was the period spanning the early 1820s known as theMfecane, “the Crushing.” Up to two million natives died “in a decade that depopulated what is today the Orange Free State.” 103 This death-toll was partly, but not entirely, the fault of Shaka, who destroyed the clan structure in Natal—the Zulu paramount chief was a monster of psychopathic proportions who once sated his scientific curiosity by dissecting seven hundred pregnant women."


This book is quite interesting but must be read with the knowledge that it was written by a jew, so, in other words, I'm happy to report that no jews were harmed, endangered, or blamed in the writing of it.

In fact, no jewish blame for what is happening in New South Africa. It (the disaster unfolding in SA) is all happening for reasons that only cast the jews as victims (I think we have heard this song before).

As a jew she should be aware of the jewish stranglehold on politics, finance, media, and its role in brainwashing Whites to hate themselves, pointing their bony finger at the 'evil' Republic of South Africa (RSA) and Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe), and in destroying these White controlled countries. Not a squeak about that.

BTW, I haven't checked to see how factual her claims about Shaka are. Maybe his anatomical interests were confined to dead pregnant women, only? Yikes, anyway.

Anonymous said...

The cannibal from Florida happens to be of Haitian descent.
Haitian's are the worst in terms of niggers followed by Somalis.

Haitians are not even black, in person, they are purple. They have flooded south Florida since the 80's.

Corkonian said...

Haitians are not even black, in person, they are purple. They have flooded south Florida since the 80's.

Tell me about it. We visited Floida in the nineties and went to see Belle Glade. Name sounded lovely and located just beside that huge lake.

Holy shit! What a fucking jungle. Like Haiti. That's when I found out that it WAS Haiti! All the denizens were from that hell hole.

How the hell did the USA allow them in?

Anonymous said...

How the hell did the USA allow them in?

The same system that allows the niggers on your island.

The Irish have much to look foward to. We in the states have been around these apes since birth.

LOL and the Europeans used to be discusted by our racist views.

SAVANT said...

katana. Very true. I've always made the point that the scale of white 'bad things' was the obverse of white achievement. That is, our superiority in achievement, good or bad. The corollary of course is that blacks, had they our capabilities and technologies, would have been abundantly worse. Having said that old Shaka seems to have given it a good go.

In fact I've written about that subject on the following post. Scroll down to the piece on Africa.

Anonymous said...

Do you realise just how much trouble we can cause ... and how much fun we can have, writing into the local press -- any local press -- and condemning the hebes for racism.

Israel denies African migrants' rights, says US

Israeli protesters demonstrated against racism after raced related violence in Tel Aviv

Related Stories
Fears for Africans held in Sinai
Migrants fear Israeli border plan
Israel starts Egypt border fence

The US state department has criticised Israel's treatment of thousands of African asylum seekers who it says are being denied basic social services.

The US annual report on human rights says that many are refused refugee status, so cannot access health care.

It is estimated that up to 60,000 migrants, most from Sudan and Eritrea, have entered Israel in recent years.

The report also criticises Israeli government officials for referring to migrants negatively as "infiltrators".

It cites statistics from the UNHCR which show Israel approved just one of the 4,603 new asylum applications it received last year.

The data also shows that more than 6,000 previous cases are still pending.

The US state department notes that Israel has ended the practice of immediately returning asylum seekers who had arrived through Egypt.

In 2010 Israel approved the construction of a barrier along its border with Egypt to try to stop migrants entering the country. Once complete it will run for 250km (155 miles) and include an electric fence and surveillance technology.

But it shows concern over regulations that allow the authorities to reject applications without appeal, and that there is no independent appeal process.

The report acknowledges that once recognised refugees are allowed to work and access social services, but non-governmental organisations are campaigning for greater access to health care, particularly for victims of abuse.

Some right-wing politicians have been criticised for stoking up hatred with speeches comparing "infiltrators" to cancer and calling for migrants to be expelled.

Think of any reeking little shitweasel left-wing publication, now write in to them and condemn israel for this obvious racism.

Bombard your MSM with condemnatory crap about these racist yid bastards. How dare they??!!

Don't use the word "yid" though. The editors may catch on. above all, don't make open comparisons between the "Don't do what we do -- do what we say" antics of israel and any other country.

Allow the readers to draw their own conclusions.

We should be able to get weeks out of this before they catch on.

The wonderful thing about lefties is that they come equipped with large, highly visible and easily-pressed buttons.

And, by fuck, do I enjoy pressing those buttons.


katana said...

Savant wrote:
In fact I've written about that subject on the following post. Scroll down to the piece on Africa.


Good post and also many interesting comments. Certainly, you can see clearly why that were referred to as 'savages'.

BTW, a factual error in your post.

You wrote:
While some 8,000,000 Africans were sold into America during the period of slave trade, it has been estimated that at least 40,000,000 more were killed in the wars and raids or died on the voyage.

Perhaps you meant the 'AmericaS', meaning North and South America. The total number of blacks sent to to the USA was about 400,000 from what I looked at a couple of years ago. They then multiplied so that by the end of the American civil war (1865) there were about 4,000,000 blacks (such a blessing!).

Jewpedia, aka Wikipedia, currently puts the number at 12 million sent to mostly South America and of those 645,000 sent to the USA.

Also, apparently the vast majority of the slave ships were owned and run by jews, so you can imagine the conditions. This is probably where their got their holocaust stories from! Jews have wheeled and dealed in slaves since antiquity.

For those readers skeptical about these negative view on jews, please educate yourselves. The first lesson is that 2 + 2 does not equal 5, despite all that you have been taught and learnt by the jewish stranglehold on politics, finance, media, and so on.

Clogheen said...

UN. I already did this with the Irish Independent. They didn't publish it!

Fiachra O' Blodbaoith said...

an angle on the slave trade; 1) slaves were sold to traders by their own chiefs, 2)there was a very big trade to south and central America, where by and large they were treated far worse than ever they were in the C.S.A. (the Confederated States of America) 3)for centuries there was a trade in black slaves to China, but exclusively in pre-castrated males (did you think that the mandarinate would, even for an instant, countenance any risk whatsoever of the Han gene pool being polluted?)4)the unlamented Soviet Union ran for decades based in large measure on a slave regime of singular brutality, resulting in the deaths of millions of unfortunates. 5) slavery continues to this day around the world.
Against all this we hear to the exclusion of all else an insistent tympani, a perpetual drumbeat blaming America---white protestant America---as the sole authors of this ancient blight, to the total exculpation of all others. Why? Just consider the two adjectives here used, what more do you need.

George said...

Savant, to me the quality of reporting of these incidents is what appalls one. By failing to mention what wines were served one can only conclude the journalists involved are sorely lacking in the descriptive arts.

Anonymous said...

katana: wow! very powerful post! I've lost friends even discussing the jewish question with them, so I now tread that subject very carefully.

People will cling to 2+2 equals 5 viciously, I"ve found!

How dare anybody question the official narrative.

SAVANT said...

katana - fair point. The 8 million was a figure for the total transatlantic slave trade. Correction duly made!

Anonymous said...

O/T RTE news reported a measles outbreak in west Cork.It seems 49 children have contracted the virus.Back in 2000,there was a similar outbreak in an area of Dublin with a large immigrant population.The strain in Ireland is the genotype D2 which is identified with southern Africa.Avoid any sneezing/coughing niggers in Cork Sav.

Anonymous said...

Shaka reputedly had a very small penis!

However he was a pretty good war leader,albeit against other protos (love that Martinus)who knew nothing about real warfare.

Can anyone confirm that Shaka did indeed have a tiny one?.


Bemused stare said...

Mr A, I never saw it so, no clue on the size. I have however always had a good laugh at the dimwits that are head over heels in love with the great military mastermind of our history. They gush in awe at how one fine day inbetween making picaninies, he suddenly thought up the ideas of the short sword and flanking maneuver. And all this only a few thousand years after we did. Astounding.

David said...

I went to see Prometheus tonight, although I was hesitant because I was aware of the role of Irdis Elba as the Captain of a muti-billion spaceship staffed by Whites and one or two Asians, he is btw the reason I decided to boycott Thor, a Scandinavian God who was black!! I decided to go and see it for the spectacle anyway. OK its Sci fi so reason sometimes gets put on hold, towards the end of the first third of the film Charlize Theron, who is the ships uber hard as nails owner as opposed to its captain, walks in on Elba who is drinking alcohol in his rugged individualistic way that blacks are renown for and after an exchange of perhaps five or six sentences she invites him back to her quarters to service her. Everything after that was much more believable, mutating DNA, aliens bursting from chest... blab blab. Charlize Theron is a beautiful white woman the product of millennia and millennia of hard evolution and yet in one idiotic crude, and it is a crude exchange with a black man she agrees to sleep with him, after that I could not really enjoy what was left of the film, I was reminded that in the days of Shakespeare, actors were synonymous with prostitution, hence the selling out of her own people to the race mixing agenda, how could a people like the Boer, who stood with their backs to the sea , next stop Antarctica, and face a violent hostile contingent ..alone , yet somehow recreate Europe , where everybody benefited, how could any of this be created if white South African females would instantly drop their pants at the nearest suggestion of copulation with an Ape. But it struck me prostitute as she well may be, our friends who control the media must really be desperate if this is the best they can come up with. Crude on so many levels, hopefully others will see it too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Savant, i'm sorry for being off topic but i think you may find the following article interesting:

The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves

Henry IX said...

David, I saw that as well. Before I even saw the room incident and its grisly follow up I said to 'er indoors that Elba will be shagging Charlize in no time at all. But, bloody hell, I expected some bit of a seduction.

It's all par for the course. Indoctrinate white women to breed with inferior black stock and thereby make us easy pickings for the Tribe.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Chaka or Shaka. He was a mommie's boy utterly dominated by his mother Nandi.
Now, there was a fucking psychopath, and she passed it onto her children.

Here is a fragment of the writings of Fynn who explored Southern Africa during the reign of Shaka ....

Under Chaka's rule, as witnessed by Fynn, a movement of a royal finger, just perceptible to his attendants, sufficed to indicate that a man was to be taken away and executed. On the first day of Fynn's arrival at court, ten men were carried off to death, and he soon learnt that executions occurred daily. On one occasion Fynn witnessed the dispatch of sixty boys under the age of twelve years before Chaka had breakfasted. The ordinary method of execution in Zululand was a sudden twisting of the neck, but in one case a man accused of witchcraft was suspended from a tree by his feet and burnt to death by a fire lit below him. Sometimes people were killed by driving a stick into the body through the anus and leaving them to die. On one occasion between four and five hundred women were massacred because they were believed to have knowledge of witchcraft. In some cases very trivial offences resulted in death. One of Chaka's concubines was executed for taking a pinch of snuff from his snuff-box. A group of cowherd boys was put to death for having sucked the nipples of cattle.

It was the rule in Zululand that no one might eat from any crop until the king had partaken of the first-fruits of the year at a special ceremony. If anyone transgressed, every member of his kraal was executed. At the ceremony the king was accustomed to have many people executed for no other reason than to show his power and cause him to be feared.

Many besides the king could order executions. Nandi, his mother, had no compunction about having men and women put to death in her presence, sometimes by torture. Every village chief was permitted to kill any of his people. Any person accused by one of the izinyanga was immediately executed; their decisions were final. Fynn witnessed this on several occasions. Adultery was punished by death for both parties, and even the suspicion of adultery would authorize a husband to kill his wife.

The most terrible event of Chaka's reign that was actually witnessed by Fynn followed the illness and death of Nandi. Universal mourning was immediately ordered. The chiefs and people began to assemble in a crowd estimated at eight thousand. To eat or drink was forbidden; weeping was compulsory. Lamentations continued all night.

Those who could not force tears from their eyes – those who were found near the river panting for water – were beaten to death by others who were mad with excitement. Toward the afternoon I calculated that not fewer than 7,000 people had fallen in this frightful indiscriminate massacre.... Whilst masses were thus employing themselves, Shaka and his chiefs, the latter surrounding him, were tumbling and throwing themselves about, each trying to excel in their demonstrations of grief by alternate fits of howling.

From John R. Baker: Race, Oxford University Press, 1974; Athens, Ga, Foundation for Human Understanding, 1981, pp. 385-390

Actually, I thnk Africa needs someone like Shaka ... to thin out the troublemakers back to 1830 levels.


Anonymous said...

Hollywood is a jewish institution. Actors and actresses still are prostitutes, some more willingly than others.

It can be formal or informal, but is routine either way.

Its a jewish system through and through.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Savant, for the link to your mirror site which linked to Dalrymple's site which linked to here:-

The Barbarians at the Gates of Paris

Theodore Dalrymple

Everyone knows la douce France: the France of wonderful food and wine, beautiful landscapes, splendid châteaux and cathedrals. More tourists (60 million a year) visit France than any country in the world by far. Indeed, the Germans have a saying, not altogether reassuring for the French: “to live as God in France.” Half a million Britons have bought second homes there; many of them bore their friends back home with how they order these things better in France.

But there is another growing, and much less reassuring, side to France. I go to Paris about four times a year and thus have a sense of the evolving preoccupations of the French middle classes. A few years ago it was schools: the much vaunted French educational system was falling apart; illiteracy was rising; children were leaving school as ignorant as they entered, and much worse-behaved. For the last couple of years, though, it has been crime: l’insécurité, les violences urbaines, les incivilités. Everyone has a tale to tell, and no dinner party is complete without a horrifying story. Every crime, one senses, means a vote for Le Pen or whoever replaces him.

I first saw l’insécurité for myself about eight months ago. It was just off the Boulevard Saint-Germain, in a neighborhood where a tolerably spacious apartment would cost $1 million. Three youths—Rumanians—were attempting quite openly to break into a parking meter with large screwdrivers to steal the coins. It was four o’clock in the afternoon; the sidewalks were crowded, and the nearby cafés were full. The youths behaved as if they were simply pursuing a normal and legitimate activity, with nothing to fear.

Read the fate of France's cités ... soon to be the fate of all. Once you have read it, however, stop and think about it.

The creatures occupying the Parisian ghettoes have actually done what Covington recommends we do.

They have created a no-go area where the unwanted opposition simply do not tread. What allows them to do this with impunity?

The left and the MSM, and our own inertia.

Once again, read the books. It can be done. The niggers in France, Malmo, Oslo, etc., etc., etc. have proven it.

Use their own tactics against them.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Prometheus, I will not bother to see it. As far as I am concerned, Ridley Scott jumped the shark with "Gladiator".

Everything he has done since then is rubbish. He has finally discovered the side his bread is buttered on

... and I like Science fiction. Or liked it, anyway, when it was still written by men and not pansies.


Martinus said...

@David & HenryIX, I certainly don't know Charlize T personally, but if any of her interviews is anything to go by, well, quite frankly, bitch be dumb. And I'm not talking mildly simple like Corky from Life goes On, we're talking full-blown, nothing-but-air-between-the-ears, Tracy Jordan stupid. I'll give an example, in 2008 when Obamanation took over, Ms Theron said, "I've only voted twice in my life, once for Mandela and once for Obama, ...blah...awesomeness of boons...get a black baby...". I would like to point out, in April 1994, Ms. Theron was living in NY training at the Joffrey Ballet School, and no, South Africans were not allowed to vote at the Embassy back then. So, either she is lying, or she is not telling the truth. There are endless other examples, more recently, "I grew up under Apartheid and if gays can't get married, that feels like marriage Apartheid to me." Other gems include "My dog helps me with my baby, I wouldn't be able o do it without him (on her newly purchased proto)" and the memorable praising of Castro in 2005 and condemnation of American in comparison. Media24 did a piece on the best Charlize quotes a while back.

The point I'm making is that someone like her needs little 'indoctrination' mainly because she is so programmable. I think her character from Arrested Development, is not far from the truth. What saddens me is that this woman has such an illustrious Afrikaner heritage, one of her ancestors was Danie Theron, a great Boer hero from the war.

David said...

Yes, Henry IX a bit of later reflection about the film, as Ridley Scott is English, maybe (hopefully) he is not completely under the power of the Hollywood moguls, the "seduction" scene was quite early on in the film, I wonder if Scott felt he had to get rid that particular baggage asap before he could continue with the story, a small redeeming feature of the film is the scientists attachment to Christianly that surprising is treated respectfully.

Anonymous said...

Oh ... the humanity.

Go here to watch joos trashing the streets and nogs whining.

Bit of a reversal on the old theme, no?

One part is absolutely hilarious ... an old RSP tell us the Americans shoot wetbacks who intrude ... why can't israel do the same?

That's what happens to your brain when you watch "The Magnificent Seven" too often. Oh, it is to laugh.

Suck it up, Ishmael.


johan said...

UN, we can only use the 'nigger's tactics' if we descend to their level of living. That's the problem. Most white people are respectable and hard working and that's incompatible with a no-go ghettoe.

David said...

Prometheus and Hollywood aside then, please check out Valhalla Rising a fairly low budget Danish film shot in Scotland for a true spiritual white journey that shows what white men should be and the spiritual journey in life they need to undertake, the film is both disrespectful to Christianity as they the barbarians cannot understand why the Christians feel a need to both kill and eat their God but yet respectful because the film ends with a Christian exemplar of self sacrifice, btw not one enricher in the film.

katana said...

Thanks UN for that re Shaka.

Just think, there's a little to a lot of Shaka in many of the enrichers blessing White countries.

Regarding Theodore Dalrymple, (aka Anthony (A.M.) Daniels) I've read many of his articles and his book Our Culture, What's Left of It.

From Jewpedia (Wikipedia):

In his writing, Daniels frequently argues that the liberal and progressive views prevalent within Western intellectual circles minimise the responsibility of individuals for their own actions and undermine traditional mores, contributing to the formation within rich countries of an underclass afflicted by endemic violence, criminality, sexually transmitted diseases, welfare dependency, and drug abuse. Much of Dalrymple's writing is based on his experience of working with criminals and the mentally ill.

His father was a Communist businessman of Russian ancestry, while his Jewish mother was born in Germany and came to England as a refugee from the Nazi regime.[5]

His work as a doctor took him to Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia), Tanzania, South Africa and the Gilbert Islands. He returned to the United Kingdom in 1990, where he worked in London and Birmingham.


So he is at least half jewish (mother's side) and he writes perceptively about the White underclass in particular. What's the problem, one may ask? He never, ever, talks about jewish responsibility for the White underclass pathology he so well describes. Since I've become jew-wise this sort of thing is unforgivable in someone who must know the score. It's like working in a brewery and not knowing what causes alcoholism.

He seems typical of the many jewish writers (hidden with non-jewish names or not) whose views range across the whole left, right, up or down spectrum. They make a living chronicling the faults and evils of Whites without ever pointing out the behind the scenes manipulators, the jews.

Jews, despite being a tiny percent of world population, have taken control of Western media, politics, finance, and so on. Why? To destroy and then dominate Whites society at the very least. If you doubt this, then start your mental engines and start learning about jews. Fear is the key.

B Boru said...

katana. Never knew that Dalrymple was Jewish. (If his mother is Jewish then he is). He's agreat writer and observer. Don't be too hard on his not emphasising the jewish element of responsibility. He's helping the cause as it is.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bemused and UncleN.

Shaka was clearly a psychopath,or maybe just typical of his kind.

And not even a useful psychopath like Vlad Tepes who,for all his faults,at least knew how to deal with the Turks.


Anonymous said...

johan said...

UN, we can only use the 'nigger's tactics' if we descend to their level of living. That's the problem. Most white people are respectable and hard working and that's incompatible with a no-go ghettoe.

Johan, I think there is a misunderstanding about to happen here. What I am saying is that the nogs have reduced a raft of the arrondissemonts in Paris, Marseilles, etc. to no-go areas.

We can do exactly the same ... but exclude the scum. Not necessarily ghettoes.

Read the part in the original book "Wiseguys" (the inspiration for the film "Goodfellas") where Harry Hill describes the nigger who was so dumb (even by boog standards) that he did not notice that he was the only nigger in New York's Little Italy ... and therefore stood out like a cockroach on a wedding cake as he stalked an Italian girl.

This dumfuck bunny snatched the girl's purse -- blissfully unaware that everyone, everyone had been watching him from moment one.

He was grabbed by about twenty italians, hustled up five flights and launched so hard into space he struck the building on the other side of the road.

He was made a good nigger. This is what must be done. We must reintroduce terror into the everyday life of the nog.

Read the books.


Anonymous said...

Fiachra O' Blodbaoith your numbering is wrong. You forgot (2) Slavery was introduced to the Colonies by an African Anthony Johnson. John Casor was his slave. That puts all the other points out by 1.

I blame Alex Haley and his dreadful book (which he MLKed from a real writer) and TV program Roots
for this fact and point (1) not to be known as they showed YT in the kings field getting slaves Planet of the Apes style whereas YT was not allowed inland to do so. They could only have slaves that the kings or chiefs were willing to sell.

Hollywood sucks. Boycott its dreadful bilge.

Christina Applegate played Kelly Bundy because she is an actress and that is what actresses do.

Charlize Theron IS Kelly Bundy.

brian boru said...

Throughout history niggers have been known as cannibals. When the first Europeans explored darkest Africa they found the practice was widespread. Indeed, in parts of the Congo it was the preferred source of nutrition. Slaves were bought and sold specifically as livestock for food. The Maori, numerous Pacific Islanders, 'native Americans' and the Australian Abbos also favoured 'long pig'. Only brainwashed idiots can view the nigger as a fellow human to be assimilated into civilised society.The more of these two-legged cockroaches enter our societies the worse conditions will get. This is an unvarying law and the primary reason that the kike has imposed it on us. The situation will not change until white men decide that it must. It will not be long now before Ireland is enriched with an instance of this culinary preference. No doubt Shatter will crow with delight when he hears about it.

Hector G. said...

Am I imagining it or are there fewer enrichers around Dublin??

Anonymous said...

This is from Unamusement Park. Yes, I know he's a jew. He's my kind of jew.

Lock & Load, or: Yeah, We Basically Want a Race War

oscar the grinch provided the inspiration.

“what they want is a quite deliberate double standard where blacks are allowed the racial consciousness whites are denied”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Stop complaining about a double standard, and see the truth.
For the left, there is no “double standard”; there is a single standard, universally applied, and it is this:

Fuck you, whitey. No matter what the facts are, no matter what the circumstances are, just fuck you, whitey. Die, white man.

That is the core of their belief. They are not your loyal opposition, with whom you can argue in good faith. They are your deadly ENEMIES, who want you exterminated from the face of the earth. And they don’t care about any abstract principles; their only true principle is to exterminate YOU. They are more than happy to pretend that there are outside standards or principles of fair play, because so long as you believe that, they have the advantage.

Remember: whenever a leftist/liberal/anti-racist opens his mouth, all he is really saying is: Die, white man. Fuck off and DIE.

I agree wholeheartedly. Treat the liberal the way he would treat you. There is no room for civility or civilised discourse.

There are, of course, those who will say:- "But, but, but -- that makes you no better than him ..."

So what?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of that abysmal load of pig poo-poo "Roots", this is clipped from the wankipedia version of the story:-


The miniseries was directed by Marvin J. Chomsky, John Erman, David Greene and Gilbert Moses. It was produced by Stan Margulies. David L. Wolper was executive producer.

Ahh ... dem jooz again -- every one of them.

For sheer brass-balled cynicism, you have to hand it to the yids. Only they could enslave a whole race and then, three centuries later, make a heap of loot telling fake-guilt stories about it ...

Swear to God, these people would murder their Grossmuttis and then sell the ashes to egg-timer manufacturors.

I am quite surprised some enterprising RSP isn't selling "Genuine Canned Auschwitz Ashes" on the internet.
You know ... rather like moon-rock.

Heeeeyyy ....


Anonymous said...

Please go here:-

and read:-

The future is for the bloodthirsty, not for the alt-righters

It does not see lambs and unicorns gambolling in the fields, and neither do I.


Anonymous said...

Pot ... Meet kettle.

Send Human Rights Activists To Prison Camps

Posted on June 2, 2012 by Hunter Wallace


H/T Walter Russell Mead

I know there are White Nationalists who browse this website who hate Israel for the behavior of the Diaspora, but I continue to be impressed by the growing militancy of the Israeli Right, which is engaged in a struggle for racial and cultural self preservation within Israel with the Jewish Left:

Kadima MK: Send human rights activists to prison camps

“If given the opportunity, some Israeli human rights groups “would be the first to put haredim and settlers on buses and transfer them,” Knesset Member Yulia Shamalov Berkovich said Tuesday during a heated House Committee debate of on the influx of foreign migrants into the country.

“Those hypocrites,” the Kadima member said of human rights activists who are aiding foreign migrants, “I would imprison them all for incitement and for pitting Jews against Jews.” . . .

“All human rights activists should be imprisoned and transported to camps we are building,” she said, referring to detention facilities Israel is constructing in which African infiltrators will be held. . .

During a recent demonstration in south Tel Aviv against the government’s handling of the infiltration phenomenon, Regev described Sudanese migrants in Israel as a “cancer.”

Shamalov Berkovich later told Ynet, “I toured south Tel Aviv and witnessed the deplorable conditions in which the infiltrators live. It pains me a lot, and I ask – how did we reach a situation whereby in the Jewish State of Israel people (foreign migrants) are living like animals?” . . .

According to Shamalov Berkovich, the human rights groups are forcing Israelis to “illegally employ infiltrators,” adding that they are “compromising the security of the state and its citizens and should be locked up.”

They're right, you know. You can't make this shit up. You don't have to.

I can almost -- almost -- feel sympathy for these boys.


euroserf said...

The future is for the bloodthirsty, not for the alt-righters

Whatever about this point I agree with the main one, that the reason Whites have not reacted up to now is because things have been too comfortable. Wait till the dollar crashes.

katana said...

3 June 2012 12:15
 B Boru said...
katana. Never knew that Dalrymple was Jewish. (If his mother is Jewish then he is). He's agreat writer and observer. Don't be too hard on his not emphasising the jewish element of responsibility. He's helping the cause as it is. was Jewish. (If his mother is Jewish then he is). He's agreat writer and observer. Don't be too hard on his not emphasising the jewish element of responsibility. He's helping the cause as it is.


I also liked his writing and until recently also didn't know that he's jewish. 

But now that I've become aware that jews are out to destroy our societies his writing under a non jewish name and his obliviousness  to the role jewish ideas have in that are red flags of ill intent. 

One of the tactics that jews use is to control all sides of the argument.  That way they can influence the direction and outcome. 

I may be wrong about him here, but I remain suspicious.  

SAVANT said...

katana - I'm a bit more with B Boru on this. I don't agree in automatically enclosing into the Enemy Camp everyone who disagrees with some aspects of what most of us here believe. Similarly with Dalrymple. Ok, maybe he doesn't highlight the Jewsih contribution to our problems but he's still pushing the right message.

Anonymous said...

I see brian boru agrees with my Star Trek observation that if Humans, Klingons, Vulcans and Romulans can successfully mate then they are the same species. There never was a Ferengi sub-human hybrid as those guys love earning money so never would breed with the human cockroache.

dave said...

But was Star Trek true? I have my doubts.

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

katana - I'm a bit more with B Boru on this. I don't agree in automatically enclosing into the Enemy Camp everyone who disagrees with some aspects of what most of us here believe. Similarly with Dalrymple. Ok, maybe he doesn't highlight the Jewsih contribution to our problems but he's still pushing the right message.

Sigh. So as long as he pushes his jew agenda just a little bit and is funny then he's almost one of ours?

where the rubber meets the road just whose side do you think he's on?

jews are a cancer and only by excluding them can we be cured and safe from their malevolent, insidious agenda.

they can't be trusted. not the good ones. not even a little bit. thousands of years of history prove this.

just my 2 cents. fuck jewamusementpark.

SAVANT said...

anon 14.58. You take the position that all Jews feel the same on the issues that bother us. Well that quite simply isn't so. The "tyres hitting the road" is a pretty fluid concept. It just could be that some Jews are deeply unhappy with the impact of what their co-ethnics have done and would throw their lot in with Whites any day, notwithstanding their reservations about us.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, some are more ethnic than others.

Jewmusement park may be the most sincere guy ever. based on jewish history of thousands of.years of subversion of every kind and loyalty only to judaism, my argument is whites can't afford to trust any of them, even a little.

Doing so led us to where we are today.

Our humanity is a weakness they ruthlessly exploit.

Just my opinion, take it for what its worth, but those slippery conniving eels, the potential bad outweighs the potential good, if you ask me.

We can't make social policy based on individuals. unamusement may be great, but that doesn't invalidate the fact that most of his type are against us.

We can't afford the luxury of finding the 'good ones'.

Just my opinion, I don't know if I'm right or wrong but that's where I stand FWIW

Thank you as always for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

dave the joke is that Hollyweirdliberals wrote this as hey man different planets can come together and live in universal harmony so why can't the Earth man. They might just so long as there are no human locust hybrids around.

katana said...

SAVANT said...
katana - I'm a bit more with B Boru on this. I don't agree in automatically enclosing into the Enemy Camp everyone who disagrees with some aspects of what most of us here believe. Similarly with Dalrymple. Ok, maybe he doesn't highlight the Jewsih contribution to our problems but he's still pushing the right message.
4 June 2012 12:39

I don't see him pushing the 'right message' since he doesn't identify or 'highlight' the root problem, that is, the 'jewish contribution'!

If he was an honest broker in all this, then he, as a social commentator and a jew, would know and therefore explain the crucial role of jews in the destruction of White society.

Third world immigration into White societies is caused and champoined by jews and he should say so, but he doesn't. He's seems just content to talk about and lament the symptoms.

Kind of, 'let's play a violin while White socities burn'.

Look, when we've finally legalised cannibalism, I'm sure our Mr Dalrymple will be still earnestly telling us about the problems of the White underclass, and how tasteless they are.

Cue, 'Suspicious Minds' by 'The King'.

Anonymous said...

I am very much inclined to agree with Savant, here.

I am basically a trusting person, but literal decades of living under one yoke or the other, have polished my bullshit detectors to an almost butterfly-like sensitivity.

As I have mentioned once or twice before, I have a few very, very excellent jewish friends, but could no more invite them into a Covington world than they could invite me to passover.

They know as well as I that oil and water do not mix ... never have, never will -- regardless of how much nigger detergent one pours into the blend.

Them's the breaks.


Anonymous said...

First thought upon seeing this:- "Oh, you bunch of racist fucks ..."

Oh, Wait.

We're talking about israel here. They can't be racists.

Israel Enacts Law Allowing Authorities to Detain Illegal Migrants for up to 3 Years

Dana Weiler-Polak, Haaretz, June 3, 2012

A law granting Israeli authorities the power to detain illegal migrants for up to three years came into effect on Sunday, in the wake of widening public controversy over the influx of African migrants who cross into Israel along its border with Egypt.

The law makes illegal migrants and asylum seekers liable to jail, without trial or deportation, if caught staying in Israel for long periods. In addition, anyone helping migrants or providing them with shelter could face prison sentences of between five and 15 years.

The law amended the Prevention of Infiltration Law of 1954, passed to prevent the entry of Palestinians as part of emergency legislation. The law is expanded to address migrant workers or asylum seekers who enter Israel without posing a threat to Israel’s security.

According to the law, migrant workers already here could be jailed for the most minor offense such as spraying graffiti or stealing a bicycle – infractions for which they would not have been detained before.

So far, all migrants who have been caught by the Israel Defense Forces on the Israel-Egypt border have been transferred to the Saharonim detention facility which holds 2,000 spaces.

The facility is currently being expanded to 5,400. The Interior Ministry has reported that they are implementing the amendment and will fill up Saharonim, where they will be held until the ministry “finds other solutions.”

Other solutions, eh? How about the final ones? You guys are supposed to be experts on that.

Maybe you should forward the link to Shatter ... or your local fishwrap. Chances of publishing?


Maybe we should bring back the Samizdat ... photocopies in basements.


Uberdude said...

One of the things that distinguishes White people---often perceived by others as a weakness to be ruthlessly exploited---is our deeply imbued sense of justice, even if we can scarcely define it. It leads us to sense, rightly, that plentifully among Jews and even occasionally among blacks there will be persons of exemplary character. It is a weakness which does us nothing but credit. We could cull the blacks entirely, you see, and with a clear conscience---if only we thought like blacks!

Anonymous said...

Oh vey! Mebbe some nice shiksas could spread their legs to do some mud-sharking so the culture could be enriched?

Anonymous said...

Just deserts at evelyn chad wedding

Just Deserts? Evelyn, Chad’s Wedding Reception Banned From Miami’s Ritziest Hotels

It seems there is no room at Miami’s top hotels for combative “Basketball Wives” (BBW) star Evelyn Lozada and her NFL fiance, Chad Ochocinco. Reportedly, none of the swanky Miami hotels want the pair to hold their wedding at their establishment because of Lozada’s past violent behavior, reports TMZ.

Lozada is the chick by the way.

I guess none of the hotels can find human to serve at the banquet? It being banned like slavery means it is hard to be black in the US.

Some doofus wants reparations for slavery because they were slaves longer than they were free.

Dumbfuck has never heard of Blak Histry Munt when they celebrate John Casor being enslaved by Anthony Johnson the guy who invented slavery which allowed blacks to own slaves just like they did in Mother Africa.

For those who do not get the joke you need the SS for just desserts and y does Ochocinco leave the y out hof his name?

SAVANT said...

Uberdude, you are SOOOOOO correct. The Scandinavians in particular suffer from this. I've seen them robbed blind in Africa and the Arab countries over many years. They think everyone is as honest as they (we) are.

Anonymous said...

By the way Savant,Celtic won the European Cup in 1967,not '66.

Smarten yourself up man!.

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to Mein Kampf books on tape, and one passage I thought was interesting was hitler's description of how the jew lies, in effect. First, he treats you as an idiot. Then, he pretends to be an idiot, or not understand your rebuttal. Then he changes the topic to a point you can both agree on, and somehow wedges it into the prior topic to justify his conclusion.

I probably got that wrong somewhat but you get the drift.

I unfortunately had a business dealing with a jew (pretending to be a gentile) that did precisely the above during a money dispute. Expecting trickery I was prepared for it and stuck to my position.

I'm beginning to think they're possibly not such great liars or debators, once you know what you're in for. No wonder it's so important for them to disguise and hide their true identity and nature.

nemesis said...

I've often wondered about jewish 'smarts' as well. All the Nobel Prozes etc. Must be remembered that more often than not they'll have members of the Tribe marking the cards so to speak.

Anonymous said...

nemesis-I think an argument could be made that their idea of intelligence involves deceit of others.

martin luther noted in the 1500s in the jews and their lies that when a jew farts it causes angels to sing and god to dance(paraphrased). I think its safe to say they've been creating awards and giving them to each other for a very long time.

I know who nobel is, and if obama got a peace prize after being in office a few weeks (before engaging in god knows how many military actions) then I've no doubt how pc aka jewish its nature is.

how many jews does it take to screw in a light bulb?

one to screw in the lightbulb, one to tell people jews invented the lightbulb and one to tell us 6 million jews died in the holohoax.

Anonymous said...

Puttin' my vote in for Unamusement Park. One of the best of the genre.

Anonymous said...

Putting my vote in for Unamusement Park. Great site. I have no problems with the blog owner, who (like Dalyrimple -- I have all his books) --is doing the right work when it needs so badly to be done.

kulak said...

katana, Savant

Here in the U.S. the most visible / acceptable opponents of affirmative action are black men.

That is a fucking embarrassment.

We don't need Jews fighting for us.

It can never substitute for fighting for ourselves.

Jews took up the negro cause, and look what happened to the negro!

Not enclosing in the enemy camp is NOT the same as admitting into OUR camp.

Anybody who disputes that automatically places himself in the enemy camp, IMO.

Jews are enemies but are not the problem.

Here's a list of three forbidden books:

Taking our own side

Towards the White Republic

Into the Cannibal's Pot

Just by the titles, anybody with a brain can tell which were written by whites for whites and which was written by a Jewish "friend" for a white audience.

And that one I have no intention of ever reading.

For one thing, the Mexicans will never let it happen! :)

kulak said...

The creatures occupying the Parisian ghettoes have actually done what Covington recommends we do.

Great point. I said it here before, the muzzies are showing us how it's done.

More power to 'em.

Anonymous said...

The yids are not all that smart.

The only reason they've had the drop on the rest of the world is that they take in a sense of their own superiority and entitlement with their mother's curdled, clotty milk.

Start doing that three thousand years ago, and spend the intervening time single-mindedly polishing your act, and you'd be amazed at what you can achieve.

All you need is some low animal cunning and a cast-iron conviction that the rest of the world is your plaything.

This is how far you can get with a total lack of conscience or decency. We're looking at the results right now in Greece.

The clue to their thinking is in the old Hollyweird adage:- "When you can do a credible job of faking sincerity ... you've got it made."

Needless to say, when it all goes titties-up, you get a chain of events ending up in places like Masada.

I would like to have seen that.


SAVANT said...

UN - you're evil (but I like you, as Dick Emery used to say!).

I don't agree with you, kulak et al that Jews are not exceptionally intelligent. I've had huge exposure to them in a work environment over the last 20 years and I do think they are smarter than the average goy. They also work harder, or so it seems to me, which of course substantiates the impression of cleverness.

Anonymous said...

One who condones evils is just as guilty as the one who perpetrates it. -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., civil-rights leader (1929-1968)

So Obama did not close Gitmo in 12 months like he said he would be because he disproved of the place so why is monkeyboy not in deep monkey doo doo with the anti-gitmo crowd?

Anonymous said...

kulak said...

The creatures occupying the Parisian ghettoes have actually done what Covington recommends we do.

Great point. I said it here before, the muzzies are showing us how it's done.

Exactly. The muslims are taking the place of niggers ... gaining a reputation for being dangerous and unpredictable.

This is a reputation we used to have. We need to get that reputation back again. Think of the behavior of the poms during the Indian Mutiny.

The currymunchers knew deep in their hearts that the reprisals for the Sepoy mutinies and massacres would be horrendous ... and they were, indeed.

I think of the words of Kaiser Wilhelm II during the Boxer Rebellion in China.

On July 27 1900, when Wilhelm II spoke during departure ceremonies for the German contingent to the relief force in China.

"Should you encounter the enemy, he will be defeated! No quarter will be given! Prisoners will not be taken! Whoever falls into your hands is forfeited. Just as a thousand years ago the Huns under their King Attila made a name for themselves, one that even today makes them seem mighty in history and legend, may the name German be affirmed by you in such a way in China that no Chinese will ever again dare to look cross-eyed at a German."

We need a bit more of that.

For "German", read "White Man."
I think it'll happen.


Andreas said...

'For "German", read "White Man."
I think it'll happen.'

God, UN, I hope you're right. And I hope I live long enough to see it. Because what's happening to us now makes me lose the will to live.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive the multiple post, but when hitting "publish" my PC appeared to merely hang with no other evidence of any activity.


kulak said...


kulak et al that Jews are not exceptionally intelligent.

Now don't put words in my mouth! I might start thinking you're jewish.

What I have said before, if not precisely in these terms, is that Jewish accomplishment is boosted by (a) the effects of explicit and implicit networking of Jews -- the latter of which they call "institutional racism" when whites do it, and (b) that this is done in white countries -- everybody is better off in a white country.

Jewphiles accept both (a) and (b) as natural, and so do I.

Where I differ from Jewphiles is in accepting (a) and (b) as unalterable laws of the universe that whites must accept.

Jewish emancipation while among us is not a law of nature, and neither is their presence among us at all.

potgieter said...

I think Wilhelm II also gave short shrift to the Namibian bushmen. He knew the score.

Anonymous said...

LA Dodger fan here

I hear you Andreas. Honestly since becoming jew aware (aka I woke up or left the matrix) things have weighed heavy in my mind.

I think often the stupidest people are happiest(aka nignogs).

Does anyone have a plan other than every man for himself? Except for Covington. Love him or hate him, he's doing something.

I'm sick of enrichers. I have to work, live next to, and socialilze with kikes. They gobble food like prisoners, in case someone didn't know.

I'd rather be poor in the northwest.

SAVANT said...

kulak......last two paragraphs, yes, I agree.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of enrichers. I have to work, live next to, and socialilze with kikes. They gobble food like prisoners, in case someone didn't know.

I'd rather be poor in the northwest.

6 June 2012 19:43

save every penny you can so that you might be able not to need them before they would not need you.

Anonymous said...

Getting back onto topic ... and, for me, this is unusual -- it appears that our face-eating nigger was actually not a bad guy according to his current receptacle -- sorry, girlfriend.

This creature with the unlikely name of Yovonka (I kid you not) sez the the recently made-good porch-monkey:-

"... never showed any signs of violence during their four-month relationship. They often read the Bible and the Koran together, and often watched a religious television programme in the mornings."

Well, this started me smiling. The sperm bucket then continued:-

"He would never leave without it, his Bible, and his Koran was always by his side," Bryant said. Eugene would place the Bible on top of the Koran on the passenger seat of his car, she said.

By this time, I was howling with laughter ...

Bryant last heard from Eugene in a text message the day before the May 26 attack alongside a busy Miami highway, but she declined to elaborate on what the message said. There were no warning signs that anything was wrong with Eugene, Bryant said during a news conference in Miami.

"I felt safe with Rudy," she said. "He was happy, in a good mood."

Well, that finished me off. By this time, my ever-suffering landlady's grand-daughter came in to find out what was so excruciatingly funny.

What do I tell the poor child? The truth?

To paraphrase Jack Nicholson, she couldn't handle the truth. Rather like all the liberals out there.

Read it all here:-


Anonymous said...

Apparently, this week, someone shot up a whole bunch of Canadians, rendering one of them dead.

I wonder how they can tell?

Well anyway, the shooter is on trial and the Canadian (and worldwide) MSM are wetting their little knickers 'cos they've got themselves another white gun-totin' psycho to flay us all with.

Er ... actually, no.

Go here for the image of the skinhead nazi raciss who did the shooting.


This, by the way is a great site ... an absolute gem.

Scroll down a bit further and read the genuine, authentic, published survival stories of the hohocaust victims in their own words.
I haven't laughed so hard since the pigs ate my little sister.

Seriously there are some gems, there, folks. A few examples:-


Electrified conveyor belts and Jewish tasting cabbages:

"One of the methods the Germans use for killing prisoners [at Auschwitz] is an electric conveyor belt on which hundreds of persons can be electrocuted simultaneously [and] then moved on into furnaces. They are burned almost instantly, producing fertilizer for nearby cabbage fields."

Washington (DC) Daily News, Feb. 2, 1945, pp. 2, 35. (United Press dispatch from Moscow).


Maniacal Nazis kill two birds with one stone:

"Prisoners would be forced to climb a tree and others would have to cut it down. The prisoners would fall together with the tree and be killed."

Eugen Kogon, The Theory and Practice of Hell, Berkley Medallion (NY) 1960, p. 99


Jewish zombies:

"An eyewitness stated that the alleged poison gas had a delayed action: it allowed the victims to leave the gas chambers and walk to the mass graves by themselves."

Repts. of the Polish Underground, Archiv der Polnischen Vereinigten Arbeiterpartei, 202/III,v.7,pp.120f.,quoted in: P. Longerich, op. cit.(note 271), p. 438.


Using little kids for target practice:

"Many commandants of concentration camps actually singled out children for particular cruelty. The commandant of the Janowski camp in Lvov, Obersturmfuehrer Wilhaus especially enjoyed this form of sport. He was in the habit of standing on the balcony of the camp office and taking pot-shots at the prisoners working below to amuse his wife and nine-year-old daughter. Sometimes Wilhaus would order someone to throw three- or four-year-old children into the air while he shot at them. His daughter would clap her hands and cry: "Do it again, Papa, do it again." And he would go on shooting." **

Soviet Government Statements on Nazi Atrocities - London, 1946


Never forget, that this shit ... and shit just like it, was called eyewitness evidence -- and taken seriously enough to hang people with.

** I'm surprised Spielberg never managed to fit this last one into his laugh-a-minute holohoax epic "Schwindler's List." I'd pay money to see that.


Anonymous said...

UN, those tales from the crypt so to speak are just hilarious. Never laughed so much. Were they meant to be funny or to be taken seriously?

Anonymous said...

UN 4:58 Mel Brooks would have got his lawyer Melvin Scmichael Finkelstein of Shyster and Shyster to sue Spionkop who would then have to engage Bernard Baruch Levin of Cohen and Katz if he included the last story as Brooks used it in one of his movies.

Anyone else know if any of the other stories appeared in celluloid before they appeared in real life?

How many child abuse cases in Ireland were similarly Sinedoconnored into existence?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

UN, those tales from the crypt so to speak are just hilarious. Never laughed so much. Were they meant to be funny or to be taken seriously?

If you refer to the Holohoax hogshit, it was taken very seriously. Those tales from the crypt as you so delightfully call them are what was regarded as evidence in the greatest show-trial of the west since the Spanish Inquisition.

The Nuremberg trials or circus as they should be called condemned hundreds of german officers and troops to death.

That fly-blown dog excrement is what passed for evidence in Kaptain Kikey's Kangaroo Kourt of 1945-1946.

No business like shoah business.


katana said...

SAVANT said...

UN - you're evil (but I like you, as Dick Emery used to say!).

I don't agree with you, kulak et al that Jews are not exceptionally intelligent. I've had huge exposure to them in a work environment over the last 20 years and I do think they are smarter than the average goy. They also work harder, or so it seems to me, which of course substantiates the impression of cleverness.
6 June 2012 10:15


It's an obvious given that the jews we are doing battle with are much more intelligent than your average goyim (jew word for 'cattle', aka, non jews).
How could they not be, given that they largely control all the 'organs' of White societies, such as media, politics and finance. It has enabled them to get away with 9/11, the holohoax shakedown, etc, without too much of a 'moo' from us 'cattle', so it seems.

There are vastly more numbers of smarter non jews than jews. But the jews work as a team, focused like a laser to dominate us, while us 'cattle' seem content to just look after ourselves as individuals.

Wake the f*ck up! Read the blood curdling history of the jewish takeover of Russia starting in 1917 to find out the consequences of not waking up to jewish domination.

On a lighter note, I agree than UN is 'evil', as his often cruel and often amusing views have a smell of unwelcome truth about them.

Cassius said...

If the truth in history is every written (unlikely, I admit) the Nurenberg trials will be shown to have been one of the ghastliest miscarriages of justice in history.

Anonymous said...

One again ... you can take the nog out of the bush ...


Anonymous said...

What was he on? When Saint Skittles tee heee hee got the munchies tee hee hee he hee hee only got tee hee hee Skittles and Iced tea teee hee hee!

Anonymous said...

YT made them do it!

YT made them do it as this video proves. Truly YT is d debbil!

slavestar said...

Ah, the myriad blessings of Diversity. Life was just so fucking boring (and safe) before all the darkies showed up for dinner!