Thursday, 3 May 2012

Shatter Watch: A brilliant suggestion

Shaunantijihad, a regular commentator on this blog, has come up with a suggestion so good that I'm publishing it in full here.

"A Solution - at last!

We should help Israel in the best way known to modern politics - we should flood them with Pakistanis and Somalians to "do the work Jews won't do" and to "pay their pensions". Every effort should be made to encourage "vigorous and widespread miscegenation" to overcome irrational and bigoted Jewish racism.

In a gesture of humanity and love we should offer to pay for all our beloved Pakis, Banglas and Africans to be flown out to Israel at the earliest opportunity. (Oh, my, how shall we cope without them?)

Wow! Our generosity could even go even further!

We could send some Britons to become "British Israelis" to take over the government there to ensure the new Israeli enrichers are provided with housing and benefits paid for by hard working Jewish taxpayers and to ensure that Israeli racists who fail to celebrate the enrichment are stomped on hard. We should of course take over the central bank printing of the shekel through a private company owned entirely by British Israelis.

Some of the Jewish cattle might resent this, so we should also print enough shekels for the owners of the bank to buy all the essential media in Israel in order to combat evil Israeli racism, and promote the benefits of diversity. Every advertisement and film should show happy Jewish women with successful black men. More shekels should be printed and given to Affirmative Action black males to make them rich and successful and attractive to Jewish women. The resultant inflation must be carefully implanted in the Jewish mind as a benefit, the “forgiveness of debt” or some such idea.

Jewish men should often be portrayed as bad and stupid people, especially Jewish racists who don’t celebrate African and Pakistani culture and people as being “as Jewish as I am”. Jewish racists who oppose Tel Aviv being flooded with Pakis and Negroes should always be portrayed as right wing Nazis. And at every opportunity they must be compared to Hitler and well known Jewish mass murderers. Every day the television should remind Jews that they murdered 6 million Ukrainians and 60 million Russians.

We must also set up two or three “mainstream parties” and only ever take these seriously in our media, all of which must have the essential consensus of mass immigration. Several “right wing” opposition parties should also be formed that we ourselves control, also paid for by extra shekel printing (it’s so easy when you can just print as much as you need rather than having to work for it!) – I suggest the Israeli National Party, the Israeli Independence Party, the Israeli Freedom Party to start with. MI6 should infiltrate immediately any opposition parties set up by Israeli Nationalists, who are the real threat.

The film “Cohen’s List” should be taught in every school and celebrate the fictional good Jew "Cohen" who helped a few thousand innocent Russian women and children escape from the Jewish gulags and from the evil camp commander "Colonel Menachem Begin" and his torture chambers for the innocent Russian children. Make sure that the hero Cohen marries a Negress from the Congo at the end, and make sure she is a brain surgeon or a President or some other brilliant person.

Naturally, our secret plan to exterminate the Jew by making them all partially sub-Saharan Negroes to decimate their identity and IQ must be kept secret at all times."

Serious? I am deadly serious. And yes, it would be absolutely deadly for any people to allow that to happen to them. Except in this instance, it would actually be justified.


Anonymous said...

Well said mate.

Your "mirror image" of Britain is right on the money (shekels). Pity so few people see what is going on in the UK ( and the rest of the western world )

These guys have infiltrated every aspect of our society.

The Boons are an unfortunate encumbrance, but they are not the actual root cause of the problem. They are simply a means to these guy's bigger agenda and to quote Michael Cane "not many people know that"

Anonymous said...

If we can save our people , this time they do deserve everything they said has ever happened to them actually happening to them.

Anonymous said...

This has happened in the US to a T.

Anonymous said...

If the Israelis don't welcome this all support from Western countries would be withdrawn. They must be taught to celebrate multi-culty society. All Zionist history should be re-written. All those that died to establish the state of Israel should be shown in their true light as murdering Imperialists.The Yom Kippur war was an act of aggression perpertrated by Israeli supremasists. The leaders and armed forces during this war are to be portrayed as ignorant bigots. It's for their own good.
After all, we are only trying to improve their country for the long term benefit.

Calculus said...

Israel is Nothing. The Jews are Everything.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a rich man.But I'll gladly pay the air fare for a Nigerian family to relocate from Dublin to Tel Aviv.

kulak said...

I understand the righteous indignation. I've been there myself. But it's based upon a false expectation of reciprocity that we never should have had in the first place.

Throwing off the jew yoke won't save our people.

Save our people, and the yoke simply won't fit.

Besides, if Israel WERE flooded, where would Israelis go?


O.K. I can see how that's not exactly a European nationalist's problem...

Where's that white unity when Americans need it? :))

Anonymous said...

"Hey Sipho,if you claim asylum in Israel they give you two grand a week and the Israeli chicks love black dick"."I go now YT"."Good luck,and when you get there,tell them Sav sent you".

Gem Junior said...

This is so excellent, I really was amazed even though Shaun has written a lot of great stuff especially on this blog.

But the sad thing is that there is no unity in the average Whites in a country. They're still yoked by the chain of "anti-racism". But the good thing is that the internet is boundless and when I log on here I love to see the zillions of obscure places where some lightbulbhead has logged on to The Irish Savant. That gives a lot of hope to me.

The one scary thing is that these Jews have enough clout to start a propaganda campaign to close down the freedom of the internet and their lapdogs will just obey. That would end our chance to remove their pernicious grip from our necks.

God bless you both Savant and Shaun for trying to stop these satanic monsters from changing God's world and turning it upside down. My husband just came back yesterday from Ireland; he had to take the old man to a funeral. He was disgusted because apparently Ballyhaunis is full of them. I don't know; I just can't get my head around Nigerian "citizens" all over the west of Ireland? Seems wrong, fundamentally wrong, to me. Keep up the good work. All we need is unity.

Rhein said...

Brilliant suggestion except for one detail, jews in our lands need to go live in Israel.

The problem in white lands (and probably beyond) is not zionism or Israel, it's jewry.

Shaunantijihad said...

Thanks, my comment got published at the BR site too. No wait, I deny it all, this so called "protocol" is a forgery by some anti-goyim racists who hate goys and want us to get the blame for 911 or attacking the USS Liberty!

Anonymous said...

"Yes", he responds, "I'm not a racist but...", "Oh, I'm a racist", I said, "and have no qualms about saying it".

Here in North America, I usually announce that "I'm a redneck", if the subject is broached, and, it's a matter usually instigated at my behest due to most White people's pathetic fear of going "there".

Then I pre-empt them by saying, "you can even call me a 'racist', if you can define the meaning of that word".

If hostile to your unpopular opinions, you've just nullified the sting of a major action word cleverly woven into their programmed word arsenal, and by doing so, placed them in an uncomfortable field to defend their own position.


If I may, I might post your composition in my own blog with the juxtaposed video clip of the jewess Barbara Spectre expressing the equally supposed "benefits" of multiculturalism being imposed on European countries.


Anonymous said...

I say Savant,what is with the new font?Rather hard to read.

SAVANT said...

The new font? Well it's part of the new all singing all dancing Blogger. Which, as with almsot all software, is worse than the one it followed. I'll experiment with some others and let me know what you think.

F McCool said...

Ballyhaunis is in the arsehole of nowhere. No offence intended, but, fuck me, what are Nigerians doing THERE?????

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a brilliant piece, Savant!

I, too, know it's an anti-gentile forgery from Russia! ;-)

Anonymous said...

"What are Nigerians doing there".Living off the fat of the land father McCool.

Anonymous said...

Problem with the Jews-taking-over-everything-evolutionarily thesis:


Only among the lefty-hated "settler" Jews in Israel are Jewish birth rates high. In America, UK, etc. they are declining. Jews are buying into the multi-culti, faggot-loving, abortion-murder-committing horseshit as much as Whites.Jews are intermarrying with other races, turning gay and getting v-jobs. Just like Whitey.


Anonymous said...

Another point regarding the Jewish settlers: Whites need to take a leaf out of their book, and start similar White "resettlement" or "recolonization" projects in Detroited areas like Los Angeles, Bradford and - uh - Detroit. We need the mentality of the Trekboers. Verstaan jy?


winston smith said...

In case a reader has the misfortune to be in the US: an Army document got leaked outlining the FEMA reeducation camps and their indoctrinating detainees in an 'appreciation of US policies.'

Stop this planet I'd like to get off.

SAVANT said...

@JP. This is one of the things that often gives me pause for thought w/r/t the Great Jewish Conspiracy. They must know that they themselves have to fall into the same trap. And as your data shows, this is indeed happening.

kulak said...

JP, Savant

Biology term of the day:

Siblicidal parasitic cannibalism.

winston smith said...

The tribe absolutely loses some to their own nonsense.

Sacrificing their 'lesser brethren ' is established tradition as long as its good for Jews.

Their aricles say losing some to intermarriage etc solidifes the rest even more into a unified group.

They're the only cohesive group from 2000 years ago that still exists, not to mention thrives. They know exactly what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

Just a "heads up" for those interested... "Vanishing American" has posted her views on Ireland's immigrant road to hell, the same road where others have gone before.

Irish Savant receives an honourable mention in the comments section.

Read HERE.


Anonymous said...

The Yitts really need the idiot Brits to rule over them.

Anonymous said...

They aren't falling into the same trap. The settlers have like 7+ kids and the Jews I know in real life have like 5 kids.

Those articles are just to make you feel better.

The Jewish birthrate is very, very high.

Mary said...

This basstard Killian Forde is making money off of our genocide. Pure scum.

euroserf said...

anon 4.21. Yes, the jewish families I know have 4 or 5 kids. And they're not orthdox. I also believe by the way that the number of jews in the US is way higher than the stated figure.

Clogheen said...

Killian Forde, from another of the endlkess array of publicly-funded immigration quangos says ireland-is-sleepwalking-itself-into-a-colossal-mess-over-integration.

So what's all this about immigration beeeing an unlimited bounty for all of us. A win-win situation??

Bryan said...

More typical multi culti enrichment in London as Pakistani mob gang-rapes an 11 year old white girl on three separate occasions, including in the toilets at McDonald's....

Daily Mail: Ibraheem Giwa

SAVANT said...

Guys, if any of you have an account with try to get the Shatter link on there.

Karl said...

I think jp is talking horseshit in his usual way to try to absolve jews of the major part of the destruction of white countries.

From the census,the average jewish family in Britain has 4.7 children. They are increasing their numbers while whites are decreasing.

Of course some of them marry out, remain childless etc but the trajectory is strongly upwards.

Meanwhile, their kids aren't exposed to many of the destructive cultural marxist influences. They are brought up to 'get on' and to be ambitious with a sense of superiority. The lokes of Amy Winehouise are in a tiny minority.

The indoctrination of decadence, idleness, 'black-culture' etc is aimed at white children and those doing the aiming are jews and their useful idiots.

nemesis said...

Karl is right. Jews are brought up with a heavy emphasis on ethnicity. Even those who 'marry out' often retain their heritage and bring their children up as jewish or at least jedophiles.

Anonymous said...

bryan 11.18
The gang rapists of the 11 year old white English girl were Africans. There's a photo of the ringleader on that Daily Mail link.

Both blacks and Pakistanis seem to be going out of their way to sexually assault white children. It's like an epidemic in Britain.

Henry IX said...

The ringleader is black, and also a Muslim. The ultimate cultural enricher.

Anonymous said...

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

The vile entity that is the British marxist labour party has just won the loins share of local council seats. I instantly fell into a deep Depression on hearing this result. But all is not what it seems.

Turn out 32%, 68% stayed at home.

And just read the comments on Yahoo news. Talk about a disillusioned electorate, for the very first time joe public is questioning the status quo.

Anonymous said...

can anybody suggest some good jew aware forums or blogs? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Six months for boy who raped girl of 11 sparks outrage over 16-year-old thug's soft sentence for attack in McDonald's toilet

* Series of attacks took place on three separate dates
* Involved up to eight members of the same street gang
* Only two were convicted, but investigations continue
* Ringleader, then aged 13, was jailed for five years
* Judge said attack had 'far reaching effects' on victim
* Thugs beat her up to make sure she kept quiet

Just read that article and an old historic phrase came to mind ... "The Hanging Judge."

This originally applied to judge Jeffreys, but I have a different take on it.

In Covington's books, judges, prosecutors, lawyers ... in fact anyone associated with the farce that so-called justice has become -- are hunted down and lynched en masse.

They would not be missed.


PS. Thinking further on this ... where are the parents of the girl and what do they say? Are they contemplating kneecapping the judge -- and when he's released, the nigger -- with a cordless Black and Decker and a 3/8ths bit?

If not ... why not?

Just asking.

Anonymous said...


Some good news at last!

Youth gangs from the community of Sudanese and Eritrean refugees have in recent weeks been swamping Tel Aviv beaches and stealing bathers' belongings, according to police.

Authorities attribute the thefts to the INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF REFUGEES who have come to the city this year,

Check out the photo (Haaretz): Eritrean and Sudanese refugees. Lol!

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Some of my thoughts this week.1.Why do the British keep voting for Labour? 2.Fine Gael are arrogant,smug pricks.3.How many seats will Golden Dawn win in the Greek elections?4.Why are the Irish media not reporting about all those Chinese canabis factory's the GardaƬ are raiding around the country.

Fiachra O' Blodbaoith said...

As I understand it the Israeli authorities intend to round up all these "refugees" with a view to deporting the lot. They are, it seems, deemed to be incompatible with the norms of Israeli society. (One may contrast this with the benign and accommodating attitude of the same authorities towards their industrious and law-abiding Vietnamese community). Will we see the man Shatter suddenly up on his hind legs fast-tracking the admission to Ireland of the whole 50,000 of these? Perhaps telling us all as he does so that we can do so much better than Israel, to our everlasting credit? Could be; the words for the needed qualities are respectively "chutzpah" and "brass effing neck".

Mayodays said...

Vile barbarism, from both Jews and Muslims, is rampant in Britain (and Ireland no doubt)

The Telegraph

Shaunantijihad said...

I am forced by the article referred to below to add that very subtle suggestions that the genocide of Jewish babies would make the world a less racist, and thus, presumably, a better place. Of course, only an ultra-racist hater would say something as horrible as,

"Jewish babies aged just nine-months-old show signs of racial bias..."

Phew! Even their babies are f***ing racists! subtle subtle... whispering into the ears of the others... a new Zimbabwe is coming to Europe and the Anglosphere. Listen to the propaganda.

Shaunantijihad said...

"Anonymous said...
can anybody suggest some good jew aware forums or blogs? thanks!

5 May 2012 01:01"

Here you go. Note, all the thoughts expressed on these sites are ThoughtCrimes under the Hate Speech laws, irrespective of their veracity or otherwise. The stomping on Freedom of Speech, the ending of Habeas Corpus and Double Jeopardy along with so much more, lead to certain conclusions amongst which are that they are setting up a new Soviet Union via the EU and the USA. Look carefully at the Central Bankers as the key players in all this. The key to their power is the control of fiat currency, in my opinion:

Dr. Wassell said...

"can anybody suggest some good jew aware forums or blogs? thanks!"

Incog Man
Mindweopons from Ragnarok

And the best, Occidental Observer.

Jeremy said...

anon 22.35. Well said. Massive disillkusion is setting in with both parties - more accurately both wings of the same party. But who will step into the breach?

00:4 said...

can anybody suggest some good jew aware forums or blogs? thanks!

There are lots of good sites out there with many relevant and informative links; plenty of info on Zionist World Order out there and all backed up with facts.

As well as those previously suggested by others, may I recommend Bro. Nathanael, of Real Zionist News. He's an interesting character with a lot of theological knowledge to back up his case. He was born a Jew but converted to Russian Orthodoxy and believes that that church is the last true Chrisitian bastion against Zionist world domination. I spent a few hours reading him last night. One of his theses is that the Roman Catholic Church has been infiltrated and corrupted by Jewish elements. Apparently the Rothschilds are the Vatican's bankers. In any case he makes great reading and produces some witty, quirky videos. is sort of an umbrella site of everything the MSM won't want you to know; plenty of Jew info there too.

00:43 said...

can anybody suggest some good jew aware forums or blogs? thanks!

Check out Real Zionist News, it features a Bro. Nathanael, a colourful, fast talking Jew revealer. He was born Jewish but converted to Russian Orthodoxism as an adult. He believes that church is the only uncorrupted-Catholicism being infiltrated by Vatican II-bulwark against the Zionist World Order. He has a lot of respect for Putin. He makes entertaining, informative videos too. is a kind of umbrella site where many good, relevant sites can be sourced.

store man said...

Many people think Bro. Nathaniel is a plant. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

"can anybody suggest some good jew aware forums or blogs? thanks!" asks 01:01 on South Africa's ANC and Mandela longer active but intelligently written source material.


Rhein said...

One of the best, if not the best, site to help dissect the jewish narrative.

Winston Smith said...

Thank you very much gentlemen!

I bookmarked and saved them all. That ought to give me a good place to exchange information! I don't want to sidetrack this blog with my jew talk.

I work in a jew industry and have to see these creatures daily.

I had to listen to some woman tell me about her sweet old jewish mother over dinner the other night.

I just fucking hate what they've done to this world, what they are doing, and I can't even say the word jew to anybody I know in real life because it may as well be a fucking hate crime.

I know allllll to well from studying the Protocols that they hate free speech revealing the truth about them. This net will not exist as it does for long.

Thanks again!

Winston Smith said...

Yikes. That Henry Makow guy really gets it.

I read his article on Ron Paul and his illuminati connections.

It makes my stomach hurt, but it's not unexpected.

He's the loyal opposition, as I suspected after learning more about the tribe and their ways, and researching his campaign contributors.

Robert in Arabia said...

Anonymous said...

I accuse the MSM, Eric My People Holder and Barack Hussein Soetero Obama of being Holocaust deniers.

All around the world whites are the victims of senseless racist black violence, a holocaust if youlike, but it is deliberately ignored.

Heraclitus said...

Winston. A question. Given your working environment, do you believe that 'ordinary' jews know what their co-ethnics are doing to western world, and why they're doing it? Do you sense malice towards the rest of us?

00:43 said...

Hi Savant, that was a double posting at 12:13, so feel free to tidy up. I sneezed and when I looked at the screen again the post was gone so I wrote it again. Cheers Savant and have a nice weekend.

Winston Smith said...

I've worked and socialized with them 20 years.

I could write a book about them.

Maybe not a very good book, though ;-)

My educated guess is that average jews know their co-religionists will advance their agenda, and that it'll benefit them possibly, but not much more than that.

Across the board, they're glib and have that famous higher verbal IQ.

They can be charming and charismatic and fun.

There's a gulf between them and us the size of the grand canyon though.

I'd say 9 out of 10 of them literally wouldn't throw you a rope if you fell down a well unless you paid them.

They have loyalty to their clan and everybody else is an enemy to be beaten.

It's one of those things, I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it time and time again with my own eyes.

They can mimic us, but that's just to fool the stupid goy. They're not like us in the least.

Not coincidentally, every one I've had a financial dealing with has tried to rob me, a little or a lot.

Sorry for the long winded answer :)

johan said...

Winston. In fact I'd have been interested had you gone on a lot longer. Very, very interesting indeed. I've had very little experience, I worked ina hotel in Prague for a while, and I found most of them to be very grasping, always wanting more, things for nothing etc.

Anonymous said...

The Mantra and Mantra thinking cannot be emphasized and repeated enough. IMO it's the only effective weaponry against White genocide.

Anonymous said...

@Winston Smith. My tuppence worth of experience:

All take, no give.

Now there were some exceptions, to be fair. But you always get exceptions.

kulak said...

In church yesterday for a relative's first communion, we saw a dwarf. My small son had a lot to say about his stature.

I thought to myself "Are dwarves white?"

Anonymous said...

Your son is a budding racist. send him to a re-education camp.

sk said...

What's really needed is for White people to see the BIG PICTURE. It's Genocide of the White race. Both jews and White traitors are the problem They are ANTI-White.

Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Anonymous said...


- what is the general feeling of non-jews in your industry to the jewish majority ?

Anonymous said...

anon 18.18. I work in a somewhat similar industry and I can answer your question. You DO NOT talk about it. Unless you're with friends of long standing.

Winston Smith said...

All take no give LOL yeah that about sums it up!

Frequently, financial dealings with them makes Gypsies look honest by comparison. There are *exceptions*, but they're just that, unusual.

I broke my own rule, sold something to a jewish ER doctor recently, and he tried to pull a scam on me for $60!

I knew it for what it was because a guy in a 3rd world country tried something similar on me long ago LOL but the doctor was smooooth.

Anon 19:26 is right in my experience, I've had exactly zero conversations about the tribe with co workers. They're They Who Cannot Be Named. It'd be easier for me to use the n-word than speak about jews. That topic is 100% off limits, except sometimes jews will make a jew joke, fishing to see your reaction. Don't be a dumb goy, don't react, just turn or walk away if they try that on you.

They're natural mimics, actors, and story tellers. It's absolutely vital that we not be savy to their nature, in order for them to be able to continue to deceive us.

If whites *knew* to treat them like gypsies, always wary of theft or deceit, the jig would be up and they'd have to work for a living. So we see nothing but what angels they are on television and print.

Believe it or not, that slender reed, the naiievite of the goyim, is probably their greatest weapon against us.

We seem to lack the generational knowledge of them some other nations, like Poland evidently has.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Spread the word!

Anonymous said...

Winton, thank you a great post, I was until recently also like Heraclitus a jewaphile, Mr Shatter has shown me a reality I would rather not face, I supported Israel’s right to exist and could never understand why Hilter woke one morning and decided for no reason to murder every Jew in Europe. That said I have a few a few Jewish friends, one of which is Israeli, whom I think the threat of 6 Million dead is held against them as well. I think it is important to realise there are good ones there, but, please ,please if you are reading this speak out, before Israel is nothing more than radioactive glass and Europe shrugs and could not care less, because at the moment three futures await our children 1: we become a beleaguered minority, unable to speak or express ourselves while outsiders dictate our social and moral values,2: we become victims of ethnic cleaning and genocide as we become a minority in our country, 3: we feel we have no recourse but to carry out genocide and ethnic cleansing. This is the path many now feel forced upon.

Anonymous said...

Winton, thank you a great post, I was until recently also like Heraclitus a jewaphile, Mr Shatter has shown me a reality I would rather not face, I supported Israel’s right to exist and could never understand why Hilter woke one morning and decided for no reason to murder every Jew in Europe. That said I have a few Jewish friends, one of which is Israeli, whom I think the threat of 6 Million dead is held against them as well. I think it is important to realise there are good ones there, but, please ,please if you are reading this speak out, before Israel is nothing more than radioactive glass and Europe shrugs and could not care less, because at the moment three futures await our children 1: we become a beleaguered minority, unable to speak or express ourselves while outsiders dictate our social and moral values,2: we become victims of ethnic cleaning and genocide as we become a minority in our country, 3: we feel we have no recourse but to carry out genocide and ethnic cleansing. This however is the path many are now forced to take.

euroserf said...

David. I think options 1 and 2 are already happening. Whether it'll ever get to 3 is moot, at least for the moment.

Winston Smith said...

I'm sure there are guys on here much more experienced and more poignant than me, I don't have anything exceptional to say, really.

I have dated jews and been engaged to one, and some have been good friends to me for decades.

I only awoke to the jewish question less than a year ago. Prior to that, I thought they were just a clannish, sensitive religious group.

It took a lot of intense research to get my head around the whole jewish question.

Personally, they own the industry I work in, and I'd be unemployable if I breathed a word publicly.

Has *anybody* that worked in a jewish controlled industry written about it from an insider's perspective and talked about race?

eleos said...

@Winston. I work in a strongly Jewish company (technology). They're open enough in fairness. I've criticised Israel and the neocons and they're very very anxious to defend. But nothing malicious towards me, as far as I can see. Then again, getting promoted in those circumstances. Well, I just don't know. Maybe, maybe not.

Winston Smith said...

elos-I hear ya. Some are even anti Israel.

That said, if I don't follow down the primrose path they have set out for me, I can't fall into a trap.

They're more clever with words than me, and laying in wait for a gentile to say the wrong thing is normal for them in my experience.

One wrong word and I'm an anti semite, and how do you disprove a negative? I wont give them the chance to pull that if I can help it.

Good luck and be careful, I wouldn't wish them on anybody, despite the 'good' ones.

Anonymous said...

eleos 01:40

Criticizing Israel and the neo-cons is acceptable. That's all part of the game. Look at Chomsky.

Pointing out that jews promote non-white immigration into white countries is a big NO NO.

mischling said...

Pointing out that jews promote non-white immigration into white countries is a big NO NO

Too true. I posted a comment on American Thinker which never saw the light of day.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful !!!

john said...

Amen Shaun. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

If you fancy a forum with some unvarnished Jew talk on it see:

I always make sure to post via TOR just incase it's controlled by Jews.

Anonymous said...

From heaven to Hull: Family kicked out of Bermuda after 20 years as UK overseas territory clamps down on immigrants from Britain

Johny Foreigner being kicked out even if offspring born on "The Island"

Significance to Shatter? Other colleagues?

Henry IX said...

That's bloody good about Bermuda. Obviously of course any black Bermudan would be welcomed with open arms in Blighty.

Anonymous said...

"The couple’s dream life came crashing down when Stephen’s place of work burnt to the ground last year."

Anonymous said...

Hi Savant. Just to inform, a second spamming email received by me, but addressed to a third party ... fairly definite proof that your email's been hacked ... not your site.

A suggestion ... don't acknowledge or post this as someone may put two and two together.

The other addressee is -

Hope this is of some help