Friday, 11 May 2012

My account has been hacked

My account has been hacked.  It's been used to send out a lot of spam or other malware to addressees.  I've now cleaned it up and blocked it off but if you get any messages from me for the next week or so do not open any links that might be included.

The NWO are out to get me!


Anonymous said...

Top o' the morning to you!
Proves you are doing a good job?
Had an e concerning a to good to be true
get rich quick scam.
Also did you mirror back to me my posting about Hawtin plc re my pension?.
If not..... then they have had goog poke around in your computer.
Ps wiki did not cough up the Hawtin bankrupt info .Type of high court shit they keep to the need to know srsholes.

Anonymous said...

Shatter may get Mossad to sort us all out.Keep an eye out for "honeytraps" Sav.

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, but a fresh thread.

Let me hijack it ...

Savant, I am going to ask a strange question of the group.

We all know that the yids pretty much control everything; money, politics, the MSM, blah, blah, blah. We know that they are attempting to murder or breed the white race out of existence (the pigshit vs. vanilla ice cream argument) by flooding us with third world shit-coloured apes and promoting miscegenation (bestiality, more accurately) and murder.

What I would like to know is why they think flooding the west with moslems as well, is going to help them in this endeavour? Moslems hate the yids more than I hate Rice Crispies. A dying moslem would crawl over us to kill themselves a hebe. More and more so, with every passing day.

Are the jews that stoopid, or am I missing an important point here?

Could it be that the RSPs see niggers as inadequate for the appointed task and are now actively promoting hatred between whites and camel-screwers to take our mutual minds off the real enemy? Der Ewige Jude?

The yids are now attempting to make the claim (or seed the suspicion, create the perception, whatever ...) that there are "left-wing joos" as well as "right wing joos", and that they (shock, horror) are appalled at the actions of "left wing joos" who they say are driving anti-schmuckism as well as anti-israelism.

Are the schmucks losing control ... or is that just another yiddish bullshit story? I incline to the latter.

Seriously ... any comments?


SAVANT said...

UN - i've often thought about this myself. It's an important question. My belief is that they feel, both rationally (?) and emotionally, that the Whites are their greatest enemy. Whites have given them a hard time down the centuries (leave aside the blame game for the moment) and Whites have also shown themselves to be formadable adversaries.

By way of contrast the muslims, and especially the blacks, are easily managed unless they achieve a majority. So the deal is that the brown and black hordes will debase the White gene pool while the latter will raise up that of the former. This will provide an easily managed (lower IQ, weak ethnic affiliation) lumpenproletariat which will be productive enough to provide a sweet life for an elite.

Anonymous said...

The man who is at your throat provides the useful function of reducing assimilation.

According to Hetfield, there are no governmental barriers to immigration on paper. Ostensibly, Jews are free to leave if they wish. But it's not a simple decision to leave a homeland. Many of the Jews who remain live comfortable, and reportedly lavish, lives. They don't want to leave...

"I often talk to the community leaders who come here," she explains. "They go right away denouncing everything about Israel and Zionism." As long as they "keep their mouths shut about Israel," they can lead quiet, comfortable lives. Of course, she adds, their denigration of Israel is a show. But it is a crucial and believable one.

For many in the community, the regular denial of a connection to Israel is unimaginable. Especially for those who were not born in Iran, and have never visited, Israel has become a stronger and more palpable homeland.

Iranian Jews in America Oy veh!

No Savant, it is NOT an important question.

hoosier said...

anon 00.04. Sorry, it is very much an important question. Remember we whites are the laboratory rats in this particular experiment. We need to understand why we're being experimented on.

Anonymous said...

My laptop was completely fucked up about three weeks ago when I clicked onto the Irate Irishman link left here.

A message came up and said this user wants to do somthing (parapharsing). An IP address was shown. I declined and my laptop was wiped clean of all programs, just like that.

Winston Smith said...

quote "UN said-The yids are now attempting to make the claim (or seed the suspicion, create the perception, whatever ...) that there are "left-wing joos" as well as "right wing joos", and that they (shock, horror) are appalled at the actions of "left wing joos" who they say are driving anti-schmuckism as well as anti-israelism."

Henry Ford, and many others I'm sure, addressed this issue. Jews like to fight with each other. They love to fight with each other about whats best for the Jews. At the end of the day they're all jews and will stick together against the hated goyim.

I agree with Savant, I think the eeeevil mooslims(that hate us for our freedom-hah!)are just another way to sow discord in white society.

I'm certain they hate them and regard them as animals too, but I think they rightfully fear whites as true threats.

I'm not sure if that was a coherent post or not, but there ya go. heh Just my opinion, I'm no expert.

AnalogMan said...

Savant, you're not listening. You've gone and posted your email address in clear again. You will be netted by a bot again, and your email will be hacked again. There's more than one group doing this.

If you must post your address, replace the '@' by '(at)' or similar, so that it won't be recognised as such.

johan said...

I think jews are beginning to realise that maybe they'd want to turn off the spigot of mulsim immigration, to Europe anyway. They're getting attacked in a lot of places.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Analog - silly me!

Anonymous said...

Honeytraps? If Zipi Livni or whatever her name is asks you to buy her a drink, tell her you need to get your beer goggles on first.

Bemused stare said...

Interestingly, my post in the gleanings thread about the old man being stabbed to death at lunch by an enricher disappeared.

SAVANT said...

No doubt strange things have been happening but I've put a range of measures in pace now so hopefully it's ok.

Mary said...

MY yahoo account was hacked yesterday as well and sent out those annoying "look at this!" emails to my whole address book :(

DOn't think we need to take it personal....I see these things happen fairly frequently.

Eamon Deegan said...

It's not the fucking NWO , it's just middle class wank-stain anti-facsists.

The "powers that be" are not spending thousands of euro per day monitoring you.

They can't even deal with Muslim terrorists eho have vowed to nuke our nations.

Stop being so paranoid and wake up for fuck's sake.

Eamonn Augustine Deegan

Karl said...

It's a bit of a myth that Muslims hate Jews and vice versa. Whenever Muslims have colonised another country eg Spain, the Jews are at their side, advising, bankrolling and directing.

It's the same today in the West. On the street some Muslims slag off Jews but in the corridors of power they are thick as thieves and working together for their own ends.

BTW The 'establishment' whether it be in Ireland, Britain, Germany, the US or any other white Western country don't see militant Muslims as the main threat. They regard the indigenous white population as the enemy, particularly those receptive to ethnic nationalist views.

Seneca said...

Karl. Muslims and jews get on on Muslim-controlled lands because they understand one another. Muslims know the jews' game and they don't mess about if jews tried the tricks the pull on the rest of us. Jews then tend, for that reason, not to pull those tricks. Equally there's no way that Muslims would allow jews to get control of their counties the way we do. There's a symbiosis. Anyway jews will throw their lot in with whoever serves their interests.

eah said...

Happened to me once as well. I just changed my password and that seemed to stop it.

In my case, the hacking was associated with a business trip where I used an unsecured hotel WLAN to access my account. When I checked the log-in record -- which you can do -- I saw a log-in from Spain, although the business trip was to NY.

dave said...

eah - that's interesing. How do you check the log-in record? This could be useful to me.