Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Gleanings (7)

Apparently Eric  “my people” Holder believes there’s been no Affirmative  Action yet.

This merits further study

He’s the toast of the town.

Surely they don’t distrust the banks?


beppo said...

Scroll down the page on which the second item appears and you will see that Michelle Bachmann, former presidential candidate is taking out Swiss citizenship for herself and apparently her children.
Maybe she also smells the ordure arcing gracefully towards the fan.

blueboy said...

Great choice of words beppo (LoL)

In fact lost of people here (US) are taking out foreign citizenship. A lawyer friend tells me that and the opening a foreign bank accounts are growth businesses.

Anonymous said...

Savant,are you familiar with Samantha Power,a Dubliner who is one of Obama's advisers or something or other.

northern athiest said...

It seems that this especially active among the 1%. Understandably, as they have the resources. But they also have inside info that the rest of us do not.

Anonymous said...

Well, foreign bank accounts will still be taxed as the Feds are to enforce new FATCA legislation (look it up). If you hold American citizenship, or even just reside in the US for 183 days per year or more, or hold a green card - even if you live in another country, earn a foreign currency, for a foreign company, and pay foreign taxes...IF YOU EARN MORE THAN $80,000 PER YEAR YOU OWE THE IRS (and even if you earn less, you still have to file a U.S. tax return). America, to my knowledge, is the only country which does this. So Bachmann may move to Switzerland, but she will still have to fork out to Uncle Obam! (She does have pretty eyes, though...)


SAVANT said...

Yeah, I actually met Samantha Power once. She called Hillary a monster - before she became S of S.

One of the main instigators of the bomb Libya adventure. Married to Cass Sunstein. Don't know whether there's a connection between the two.

Anonymous said...

Jaqures Walker was killed during a robbery attempt at Skyview Condominiums last Friday. His death has been ruled a justifiable homicide.

LaTonya Walker says she has not had her questions about her son's death answered by the D.A.'s office or police.

The mother of 13-year-old Jaqures Cortez Walker, who police say was shot and killed while trying to rob someone, is very upset. LaTonya Walker says she's not getting enough information about the case from the DA's office.

LaTonya Walker says she has a lot of unanswered questions about why more charges weren't filed in this case, against either the other teens who were allegedly with her son earlier in the night or against the man who shot and killed him.

She's also upset with local media for showing a photo posted on Facebook of Walker holding up a gun.

Walker says she hasn't heard anything from Birmingham police or the Jefferson County District Attorney's office and says she doesn't believe the version of events she's heard so far that says Jaqures Walker acted alone.

the little thug is dead because he tried to rob someone with a gun. He got what he deserved, it should happen more often!

13 year old shotted because he was trying to carjack someone. Savant heart bleeds for d nue Trayvon

"the question is did they threaten him to do this? Were y'all trying to make him get in a gang?. Mama, you know that boy was in gang... I have known of her and her son for many years. He cut up every where he went. Each and every time he got in trouble, she put her clown suit on and ran to these schools clowning on teachers and administrators. She always felt that her child was the victim then. Instead of getting him the help or serving the discipline he needed most of the time, she came to his defense. I am not proud that this happened at all :( Another child whose soul will not be turned around. I hope other children who think they are interested in becoming career gangsters learn that this could have been their story as well. Parents lets get back to parenting the "old school way" because this new school molding is not working for the future of our kids!!!

Anonymous said...

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT)- The family of slain teen Trayvon Martin wrapped up their tour of Birmingham with a little sight-seeing. After a fellowship breakfast at their hotel, the family visited the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. They had planned a meet-and-greet with 16th Street pastor Reverend Arthur Price, but a baggage mix-up delayed and eventually cancelled the meeting. The family spoke of the warm reception they've received all over the country, but particularly in Birmingham, the heart of the civil rights movement. "It was important for us to visit Birmingham, [because] they did honor Trayvon as an honorary citizen of the city of Birmingham. We felt a debt of gratitude," says his father Tracy Martin.

Martin made citizens of Birmingham Alabama on their race hustling tour

Yo yo yo me nigga Savan cud u ged him made memba Linfield and/or Rangers az dey has crip colas.

(Or is it that other black thug who was shot that Iam thinking of?)

TBone said...

"the little thug is dead because he tried to rob someone with a gun. He got what he deserved, it should happen more often!"

Agreed, and I think it will happen more often. You can see it already in a number of other cases.

Anonymous said...

Why do chimpanzees always frown?

They know in a million years they'll evolve into a nigger!

dave said...

I see that new New Trayvon, the one ventilated in Birmingham, all the comments on the report were totally supportive of the shooter.. Great news. Another Obama sun down.

rightwinggunnut said...

This little fucker who got shot because he thought he could get away with it-armed robbery-on account of being Black (and therefore a victim) well, we aren't going anywhere until this starts to happen on an industrial scale.

Anonymous said...

O/T Sav. Paki kiddie fiddlers abusing young white girls.The cops,media and political class turned a blind eye for years.In a sane world the Brits would run these third world,oily haired bastards out of their land.

Anonymous said...

According to some reports,Jaqare's mama (whatever his name was)said the intended victims should have just driven off when the gun was pulled on them. More people in the States here should start 'packin heat" as they say-then the little apes may think twice about robbing someone.

Anonymous said...

Star Trek was laughed for having different species successfully mate with each other whereas Earthlings think that Humans, Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans must be the same species if they can successfully mate with each other.

How to they then explain how Chimpanzees and Locusts successfully crossed with each other in Africa?

dave said...

'How to they then explain how Chimpanzees and Locusts successfully crossed with each other in Africa?'

Well we see blacks successfully crossing with whites all the time here in England.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but still ...

You'll be ecstatic to know that Hillary Clinton is no longer worried about her looks.

Hillary Clinton: 'I'm not worried about my looks any more'

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, has laughed off gibes about her sense of style, saying she no longer worries about wearing make-up.

The former first lady, 64, was pictured in India, Bangladesh and China during a brief tour last week looking fresh-faced and wearing glasses.

Pundits were quick to highlight her unpolished appearance, saying she looked “tired and withdrawn” and pictures were circulated on various social media websites, under the heading “Hillary au Natural”.

Mrs Clinton, who indicated last November that she intends to wind down her role in American politics, addressed her critics in an interview with CNN on Wednesday, saying: “You know at some point, it’s just not something that deserves a lot of time and attention.

“I feel so relieve to be at the stage I’m at in my life right now … and if others want to worry about it, I let them do the worrying for a change.

“Because you know, if I want to wear my glasses I’m wearing my glasses. If I want to wear my hair back I’m pulling my hair back.”

One of the proudest days of my life was when the sea hag, her dopey husband and her kid visited South Africa in the early nineties (I think) and a local DJ told the joke about Chelsea being such an ugly baby that the Clintons had to tie a pork chop around her neck so that the dog would lick her.

Needless to say the perpetually offended left filled their collective drawers and demanded an apology ... so the DJ then told an even worse one about Bill and the Lewinslut -- and promised to tell one a day till the Clintons fucked back off to the US.

The lefties shut up tighter than a cow's arse in the fly season.

And that, folks, is how you deal with the left. Laugh at them and tell them to fuck off.

They hate that.


Anonymous said...

Racism - a one way street which only white people seem­ to walk down.
From Holla Trolla!, on Thu 10 May 13:10

A black bastard

How do I know he is a black bastard?

One of The Sun's, which deplores racism, called him that!

Some none people are pissed off and not going to take it any more

Anonymous said...

LaTonya's son out of Barack Hussein Shabazz Soetero Obama should not have been shot saysd his mother the intended victims should have driven away.

Fort Worth martyrdumb guy should not have been shot either. It is perfectly acceptable for people to tap on back windows with crowbars to see if the owner was in and the owner should have warned him but if it is perfectly acceptasble to tap on windows with a crowbar why would there need to be a warning?

Besides I think the curtain opening and the sound of a clip being put in a hangun and a round chambered should have been warning enough to a rational human being but obviously this does not work for those wioth an average IQ of 85.

Anonymous said...

Savant, I have had a personal message that perports to have come from you. The heading is a plain ''Hi''. Inside the mail is simply a link saying ''check this out.'' I clicked the link and it comes up on security as a dangerous page. I checked the page on Google and it does't appear to be the sort of thing you would send. I REALLY HOPE THAT THIS IS MY PARANOIA AND THAT YOU HAVE NOT BEEN HACKED. LEMMYHEAD (G)

Anonymous said...

Re:- my last.
After further investigation I found the following information about that link.

Warning: Quarantined. IP/Hostname/Website found involved in various Dangerous/Suspicious activities.

* Attackers who try to spy or remotely control others' computers by means such Microsoft remote terminal, SSH, Telnet or shared desktops.
* Threats for email servers or users: spiders/bots, account hijacking, etc.
* Sites spreading virus, trojans, spyware, etc. or just being used by them to let their authors know that a new computer has been infected.
* Threats for servers: exploits, fake identities/agents, DDoS attackers, etc.
* Threats for mobile systems: virus and trojans spreading, smartphone data-harvesting etc.
* Port scans, which are the first step towards more dangerous actions.
* Malicious P2P sharers or bad peers who spread malware, inject bad traffic or share fake archives.

For security reasons it has been placed in a preventive Quarantine status. Any operation involved with it, is strongly discouraged.

Reason of the Quarantine: Involved on spreading of an huge quantity of UCE/UBE messages. Data obtained from a reliable listing service "

SAVANT said...

Hi Lemmy. Shit. For sure I didn't send it to you. But how would hackers know your email address from hacking my site? I did notice this morning that my PC did an unrequested reboot. I immediately ran a scan but showed up clean.

Anyobe else with this experience please get on to this thread.

SAVANT said...

PS - was this about women making lots of money at home? I've been getting them from all angles.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Savant. I've just sent back the email I was sent. We have corresponded before so the mails that come through to me have a certain name on them. I suspect that your email has been hacked NOT this site. Fuckin hackers should have their balls cut off. I love horse racing and used the Adrian Massey site. He provided ratings completly free. His site was continually hacked so he gave up.

Anonymous said...

I haven't looked at the link just incase I get an infection!


SAVANT said...

Lemmy, didn't know we corresponded by email, so yes, the fuckers could have hacked into that.

Educated Edsel; said...

Savant, I think we got one of those odd emails; Pater said he was surprised and a little suspicious when it came in with your given name, so he believes, on it.
He does hope it isn't something sinister.

Anonymous said...

Hi savant, I have also received the email. Oddly enough the only address in the header was not mine.

Which leads me to believe your email account has been hacked. Not the site. If it is of any use to you, I can send the email back or send you the headers as a text file.


Anonymous said...

I'm sort of glad Edsel got a ''dodgey'' mail. I think it's someone hacked your email and just using it for these link spams. I think changing your password might work? On the plus side you know who Lemmyhead is now. For thosr that think Lemmyhead is somesort of sexual abnprmaltity, it isn't. It's taken from Lemmy in Motorhead. lemmymotorhead seemed a bit long. BTW usless fact. Lemmy is an expert on German WWII aircraft. He also has a pretty decent collection of Nazi memorabillia.

Anonymous said...

yep, I got that email as well. I only used that email address for a few people, so I'm sure it was due to irish savants email gettting hacked.

I've gotten two emails from them this week I guess.

thank god its a disposeable email account

AnalogMan said...

Those email hackers have bots that trawl the internet for email addresses. They then hack into the email accounts and send their scam letters to all the contacts on them. Often it's a sob story about being stuck in a foreign country without passport or money, please help, your friend.

Moral of the story is, never post your email address on the internet - for example in these comment threads. If you want to let someone know how to contact you, post in the format: "name at domain dot domain".

Anonymous said...

Just in time for the weekend, bone up on your history.

TOO Or The Occidental Observer moves into second gear on the real causes of the Russian revolution.

Part one was great ... and I highly recommend it, but Part 2 is where we get down to business.

Myth and the Russian Pogroms, Part 2: Inventing Atrocities

Andrew Joyce

Having grounded ourselves in the history of Russia’s Jewish Question, it is now time for us to turn our attention to the anti-Jewish riots of the 1880s. The following essay will first provide the reader with the standard narrative of these events advanced by Jewish contemporaries and the majority of Jewish historians — a narrative which has overwhelmingly prevailed in the public consciousness. The latter half of the essay will be devoted to dissecting one aspect of the Jewish narrative, and explaining how events really transpired. Other aspects of the Jewish narrative will be examined in later entries in this series. While a work like this can come in for heavy criticism from certain sections of the population who may denounce it as ‘revisionist,’ I can only say that ‘revisionism’ should be at the heart of every historical work. If we blindly accept the stories that are passed down to us, we are liable to fall victim to what amounts to little more than a glorified game of Chinese whispers. And, if we taboo the right of the historian to reinterpret history in light of new research and new discoveries, then we have become far removed from anything resembling true scholarship.

The Jewish Narrative.

In 1881 the ‘Russo-Jewish Committee,’ (RJC) an arm of Britain’s Jewish elite, mass-produced a pamphlet entitled “The Persecution of the Jews in Russia,” and began disseminating it through the press, the churches, and numerous other channels. By 1899, it was embellished and published as a short book, and today digitized copies are freely available online.[1] By the early 20th century, the pamphlet had even spawned a four-page journal called Darkest Russia – A Weekly Record of the Struggle for Freedom, ensuring that the average British citizen did not go long without being reminded of the ‘horrors’ facing Russian Jews.

Read on and see the seeds of the holocaust myth begin to sprout.

No business like shoah business.


Rhein said...

"How to they then explain how Chimpanzees and Locusts successfully crossed with each other in Africa?"


Pics please, this i gotta see. Don't think it's possible though. ^ ^

Anonymous said...

Excellent reading there UncleN.

Please keep us informed when other parts appear.The Oc Ob is an excellent publication which I often forget to visit due to my abominably busy schedule.

Or maybe out of sheer laziness.


Anonymous said...


Any word at all from Franz?


Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting one, Savant.

Scroll down to:-

US to approve $1 bn for Israel's defense system

Updated: 2012-05-08 09:25

WASHINGTON - The US House Appropriations Committee's defense subcommittee is set to approve nearly $1 billion for Israel's missile and rocket defense systems, a member of the subcommittee said on Monday.

US Congressman Steve Rothman, a member of the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, announced in a statement that $947 million has been appropriated toward expanding Israel's defense system of Iron Dome, David's Sling, and Arrow for the coming year.

"This funding level is the highest ever appropriated in a single year for these life-saving programs," said Rothman, stressing that the appropriation shows "how vitally important these systems are for our nation's national security."

Rothman said President Barack Obama and all the members of the subcommittee understand the importance of safeguarding the citizens and troops of the United State and its key ally Israel.

A part of the $947 million is set to be approved Tuesday in a session of the defense subcommittee.

The following comment is from the Northern TruthSeeker himself.

Again, we have the once great United States of America disintegrating right before our very eyes, and these traitors have just handed over another BILLION dollars for a defense system designed to thwart an attack from Iran in a war that they themselves are wanting to launch shortly against Iran and possibly plunge the entire planet into World War III. Talk about hypocrisy....

And has anyone noticed the freudian slip by that criminal US Congressman where he says "how vitally important these systems are for our nation's security"... Which nation was he talking about? Obviously it is not the United States, because he is showing his true colors as a traitor by showing how he has pledged his allegiance to Israel first and foremost!

I have just had an idea. Every time I quote a public statement by a known jew, I am going to write it thus Rothman[jew]

That should clear up a few misconceptions.


Oh, and by the way:-

Tony in VA said...

When Rothman refers to 'our' nation's security, was that a Freudian slip?

SAVANT said...

mr. a. Re Franz .... His account, the one I communicated with him on, is no longer active. I don't like the sound of it...

AnalogMan said...

Rhein: "this i gotta see".

On display at any time in a typical street scene in Hackney and many other places.

Anonymous said...

UN Spitting Image had a sketch where Bill Clinton asked Chelsea Clinton to wear a brown paper bag "as a security device". The liberals wet their knickers in disgust as you cannot tell jokes about them.

Anonymous said...

Hackney? Tottenham

Eeek eek eek ook oook ooks which have been crossed with locusts.

Anonymous said...

Few to admit it, but a lot of parents teach this (Score:5, Insightful)
by Anonymous Coward on Monday April 09, @03:56PM (#39622167)

When I was a kid, I had a liberal stepdad and a conservative dad. I always thought my dad was just a racist who didn't know what he was talking about. At one point we had it out and so I left my lilly-white hometown to to live with my mom and stepdad in what happened to be a predominantly black school district (which my liberal stepdad considered a great opportunity for me to learn a valuable cultural lesson). After I got a harsh lesson in anti-white racism by getting my ass kicked for about the 10th time at said school, I realized that dad may not be so stupid after all and moved back with in him. It was one of those hard lessons in life about the difference between how things *should* be and how they actually *are*. It's not that my dad wanted to teach me to be some racist cross-burner or something, he just wanted to teach me that racism cuts BOTH ways--and that walking into the wrong school/neighborhood/bar with white skin can be just as dangerous as the vice versa. And it's a lot easier to learn that lesson the easy way than the hard way, believe me.

I like to think that maybe things have changed since I was a kid. I'm not sure, as I learned to avoid these situations altogether by keeping my dumb ass out of where I wasn't wanted.

Of course, no one is ever going to say any of that publicly. You're more likely in the modern world to encounter the Loch Ness monster than any truly honest dialogue on race.

And Osama Barack Hussein Shabbazz Soertero proved that with his backing of racist thugs didn't he?

Hector G. said...

anon 16.00. I think most of us got our epiphany on the basis of direct exposure to blacks. I know I was a true believer in their gentle and kind, if simple nature. Until I went to the US. That straightened things out. Came back to Ireland just as we tsrated imporeting them, by the thousand!!

Anonymous said...

Please take from this what you will ...

And ...

Aaaaaand ...

Those are just some of the results of a search for "jews in US government". I don't have the heart to search for:

"jews in UK government"
"jews in French government"
"jews in Australian government"
"jews in German government"

Etc., etc., etc.


Hector said...

UN. Scary stuff. Are they all really jews? When you consider their proprtion of the respective populations it's, well, scary.

Would like to see the number of Gentiles in the Israeli gov.

Thor said...

UN - some of those links aren't very productive. For example the one on the Kennedy School (Harvard) doesn't show what it claims so, unless I'm looking at it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Thor said...

UN - some of those links aren't very productive. For example the one on the Kennedy School (Harvard) doesn't show what it claims so, unless I'm looking at it wrong.

Okay, Thor. I went to the mentioned link, and, yes, it has been deleted.

Did you try clicking on any of the others? I suggest you do.

Hector says:-

Would like to see the number of Gentiles in the Israeli gov.

Take it from me ... you can count them on the fingers of one thumb.


Anonymous said...

Further to my last I did another search ... this time "jews influence in UK government"

This is what came up:-

In Canada:

In Australia (bit of a mixed message, there:

New Zealand

Interesting quote from Ireland (Wikipedia)

Post-war, Jewish groups had great difficulty in getting refugee status for Jewish children, whilst at the same time, a plan to bring over four hundred Catholic Children from the Rhineland encountered no difficulties.[24] The Department of Justice explained in 1948 that:“ It has always been the policy of the Minister for Justice to restrict the admission of Jewish aliens, for the reason that any substantial increase in our Jewish population might give rise to an anti-Semitic problem.**[25] ”

However, de Valera over-ruled the Department of Justice and the one hundred and fifty refugee Jewish children were brought to Ireland in 1948. Earlier, in 1946, one hundred Jewish children from Poland were brought to Clonyn Castle in County Meath[26] by Solomon Schonfeld.[27] In 2000 many of the Cloyne Castle children returned for a reunion. In 1952 he again had to overrule the Department of Justice to admit five Orthodox families who were fleeing the Communists. In 1966, the Dublin Jewish community arranged the planting and dedication of the Éamon de Valera Forest in Israel, near Nazareth, in recognition of his consistent support for Ireland's Jews.[28]

And what reward do you get for that?


Thanks Eamonn. Always knew your heart was in the right place. In your wallet, perhaps?

More will follow.


** Don't you just love that? The man knew that the greatest cause of anti-semitism is ... jews.

Who'da thunk it?

Anonymous said...

Did a search of "gentiles in the israeli government"

Got some really strange stuff here:-

Israeli troops will control Hungarian Gentiles

Israeli Special Ops Forces will help to control Hungarian Gentiles tomorrow (March 15) when Hungary celebrates its national holiday.

Background: Hungary Is Zionist Controlled

Hungary was the birthplace of modern Zionism (Theodor Herzl was born in Budapest in 1860).

During World War II, Gypsies were put into labor camps with Jews, because Gypsies allied with Jewish Bolsheviks against Germany.

After WW II, Jewish Bolsheviks maintained control of Hungary, and encouraged Soviet tanks to crush a popular rebellion in 1956.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, Jewish gangsters took control of Hungary. They remain in control today (unlike Russia).

Hungary’s president, prime minister, and all other government ministers are Zionist Jews. Indeed, 75% of government bureaucrats at all levels are Zionist Jews, as is the minister of police. Many of these people spend as much time in Israel as they do in Hungary.

Jews own all TV, radio, and major newspaper outlets.

The gangsters are utterly corrupt. Before Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany (Zionist Jew) took office, he promised to reduce government waste. Instead, he doubled taxes. In September 2006 he was caught on tape admitting he lied to win the elections.

Under Jewish control, the Hungarian sovereign debt's credit rating has been reduced to BBB+. This makes Hungary the only country in the EU (apart from Jewish-controlled Poland) not to enjoy an A grade score. Foreign investors' trust in the Hungarian economy has declined, since all government economics programs are based on raising taxes, rather than curbing government spending.

Ther's more. Lots more.


Anonymous said...

This post seems to have vanished. I did a search for "jews in the ...

UK Government, and got this

Canadian government:-

Australian government:-

French Goverment

Okay, not all of the links are relevant to the search criteria "jews in the YouNameIt government"
... but look at the influence the fuckers have. So many dozen associations; so many dozen charities, so many dozen influence groups and associations and representatives and pressure groups.

It's like lifting up a rotten log and seeing what scurries out.

Now, more than ever ... read the books.


Olda said...

Obviously the Hungarians had enough of this crowd because they elected Jobbik - the total opposite by a land slide. I neighbour Hungary and am surprised that there are that many jews in the last government. Really I think the information is wrong. Jews are unpopular with Hungary.

Anonymous said...

'You're not so hot now': What gunman told stranger after shooting him 'without mercy' over row in McDonald's queue

Horace Campbell, 32, and Liam Douglas-O'Callaghan, 18, found guilty of murdering Devon Scarlett, 32
Campbell called Douglas-O’Callaghan to bring his 'thing' or gun, retrial hears
Victim was gunned down after agreeing to gunfight but did not bring weapon

Read more: Blacks MacDonalds Gun fire

Would he be a Cork O'Callaghan ot a Clare one?

Anonymous said...

I went back and re-examined this link.

It's a bit old now, But it re-affirms my statement of a few posts back, that the greatest thorn, no, the greatest saw-toothed bayonet in our side, is the jew-controlled MSM.

Covington, once again, has it 100% right. They are the core, they are the key.

If we are to survive, they have to change ... or go. Probably go ... by any means possible.


Anonymous said...

Olda said...

Really I think the information is wrong. Jews are unpopular with Hungary.

They weren't all that popular with Russia either ... but still ruled the place with an iron fist for 90 years. Some say they rule it still.


H. Lone said...

Totally correct about the MSM and the presstitutes. Nothing will be sorted until they are. We're fooling ourselves otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Just found out that the guy who was attacked to avenge Saint Skittles the martyrdumb has died and the racist piece of shit Obama has nothing to say on the matter.

whitevanman said...

anon 13.14. That poor kid is just misunderstood and 'made a mistake'. Could have been Obama's son.

Anonymous said...

Three people were killed Thursday after a chaotic shooting scene that had crowds running for cover in a crime-ridden section of Louisville.

Two men — Tyson Mimms, 24 and Craig Bland Jr., 22 — were killed Thursday afternoon in a shooting that attracted dozens of onlookers anxious for answers in the city's Russell neighborhood, which is dotted with boarded-up houses.

As police investigated and a host of media gathered nearby, shots rang out about four houses down. Makeba Lee, 24, was killed after she was shot by a woman who had gotten into an argument with her about the incident, police said.

That woman was later wounded by police and taken to the hospital, Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad. Jefferson County chief deputy coroner Jo-Ann Farmer identified the three slain people on Thursday night.

Police have not released a motive for the first shooting, which also wounded at least three other people.

Cannot spell TNB without TNB.

Anonymous said...

If ze management needsd anyone to slap the naughty filles derrieres I could do that for them!

Anonymous said...

John Brarnes opens mouth but does not engage brain

They have penned some of the nation’s best-loved books and are revered as greats of the literature world.

But authors such as Nobel Laureate Rudyard Kipling and Agatha Christie have been blamed for making Britain a country of ‘passive racists’.

Former England star John Barnes said favourite tales, including Ten Little Indians, Tarzan of the Apes and Jungle Book, have instilled bigotry into the minds of generations.

So where do dark skinned johnies learn their racism?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely senseless tragedy. Why do such thoroughly good people have to share the planet with scum that cause so much pain? My very deepest condolences. A great loss to us all.

- BrentyLovesJo, Notty, UK, 17/5/2012 10:20

Read more: Taekwondo champion shot dead. Racist president uncoincerned

If Taekwondo was the guy's name the racist Obamasturbator would be claiming him as a son!

Anonymous said...

At least he was not Trayvonning

In a follow up story it is believed that an idiot asked was that one of his many sons?

Anonymous said...

"The [ambulance] just passed a large group of kids assaulting the male with one child on the ground."

Anyone else catch this, did the black mob attack a white male with his child? If so what is their condition now?
This would be explosive if it went viral with interviews of the victim.

Vote for Dana and a Cowboy Hat?

Does this sound as if the cultural enrichers (obsolete farm equipment) were using a child to attack the guy.

So black children have another use rather than just getting a gibsmedatbaby momma free house, free stuff generally.

Anonymous said...

Q. Has any solid evidence emerged after all these months of media frenzy that the story George Zimmerman told the police wasn’t true?
– Steve Sailor *

A. Some Sanford officers were skeptical about certain details of Mr. Zimmerman’s account. For instance, he told the police that Mr. Martin had punched him numerous times, but they questioned whether his injuries were consistent with the number of blows he claimed to have received. They also suspected that some of the threatening and dramatic language that Mr. Zimmerman said Mr. Martin used during the struggle — like “You are going to die tonight” — sounded made up.

Noo Yawk Times no speak ebionics?

Rachelle said...

Given how the NYT shamefully handled the Duke Lacrosse story, it is hardly surprising that they are botching this.

They are striving to tell the story they want to tell rather than the story that exists.

How much longer before that pathetic rag goes bankrupt? I check its stock every now and then in anticipation.

Rachelle speaks for me as well.

Aaron B. said...

If anything about the MSM still surprises me, it's that they can be so very wrong on a story. Any decent liar knows that a key to telling a believable lie is to include some truth in it. But they don't try to slant the story, wrap the truth in a few well-chosen lies, make it lean 60/40 their way. No, they go whole-hog for the big lie, and when someone says, "Oh, come on now," they just pile it higher and thicker.

At this point, it appears that the first guess from the craziest commenter at the most right-wing blog was probably closer to the truth than what the MSM was peddling. Remember the initial story: A white (wrong) man called the police to report a black in the neighborhood (wrong). He was told not to pursue (wrong) and then shot the kid for no particular reason except suspicion and racism (wrong). The shooter had a history of domestic violence (wrong), assaulting the police (wrong), and acting like a one-man posse (wrong). The kid was a good student (wrong) who was just returning home from purchasing candy (looking wronger all the time). The shooter was much larger and stronger than the small, wiry kid so was under no threat from him (wrong).

On the other hand, right-wing blog commenters, basing their guesses on nothing but intuition and their knowledge of how the world works, suggested that: Martin would probably turn out to have had drugs in his system (true), he may have attacked Zimmerman and as a 17-year-old football player up against a pudgy 30-something could have done serious damage to him (true), this probably wasn't the peaceful gated suburb it was portrayed as (true), and so on. Of course, these commenters were accused of being racists themselves for even suggesting such wild possibilities.

At this point, you have to wonder whether anything about the original Narrative will turn out to be true. What's next: jewelry was found on Martin that belonged three doors down? Texts are unearthed that show Martin saying, "I circled around him, I'll get the f----- now"? Maybe we'll find out Martin actually pulled Zimmerman from his truck. Nothing like that would be a surprise now, because the lies were piled so high that you keep expecting to find more underneath.

Aoife Kavanagh was described as a top class journalist in some newspaper and she only made a slight error.

She was completely convinced that she was right and her evidence? Gut feeling!

A complete moronic bimbo.

Will she get a job at CNN?

whitevanman said...

That assumes John Barnes has a brain to engage.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous whitevanman said...

That assumes John Barnes has a brain to engage.

A silly derrièreumption on my part!

John Barnes: What an ass! She reminds me of him!

sharonski said...

Aaron B. In fact I've often thought exactly the same thing. It's as if they're decided that the couch potatoes are so incredibly dumb that they don't even need to insert a leavening of truth or reasonableness. But.... they seem to be getting away with it.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea Clinton sucked at being a news reporter so this is where she headed!

Anonymous said...

Chris Kreider has on his radar a second championship in three months. He's trying to win a Stanley Cup, finally, at long last, after a whole month in the NHL, trying procure a ring to add to the NCAA championship he won at Boston College last month. Hey, we all need hobbies at that age, right? "This isn't easy," he said [Monday] night, sitting in front of his locker, talking in a voice softer than a whisper. ... "This is pro hockey, you know?" No, it isn't easy, even for Kreider, making the kind of immediate impact on a championship-level team we haven't seen around here since another 21-year-old kid named Jeter hit the ground running in the Bronx 16 years ago.

New York Post

This team was pretty good even before Kreider laced them up. The fact that he has fit in seemlessly and contributed on the ice is worthy of mention. Comparing him to Jeter is not.

Yes someone wrote this garbage and the New York Post printed it.

Possibly because it was too much gibbereish for the slimes?

Anonymous said...

Stewart Lee talentless leftist comedian will be in Cork Opera House tomorrow if you are interested in cultural boycottits from Birmingham.

He remembers a slogan If you want a nigger for a neighbour vote Labour.

Saint John's, Bristol , Brixton, London burned in the eighties because |Trayvon Martins were not allowed to use Skittles, iced tea and weed.

A family firm which had operated for over a century was burned because it had not 42" plasma TVs. By imported neighbours.

Henry IX said...

If you want a nigger for a neighbour vote Labour.

Self-evidently the truest slogan that ever was. Pity the 'Conservatives' became just as bad.

Anonymous said...

An-Sofie Dewinter models a burqa as approved by Harriet Harman and a bikini which is not

Highlighting leftist hypocrisy.

An-Sofie Dutch girl


An-Sofie Dewinter

Joannie Rochette

An-Sofie at home

Now if An-Sofie Dutchgirl were in a burqa you would not be able to tell her apart from An-Sofie Dewinter even though they have different hair colours. The same with Joannie Rochette and Anne Van Hoot.

In short Harriet Harman can wear a burqa in support of her constituents (It might even get her of more speeding tickets!) and these fine European fillies can wear bikinis.

If Harriet Harman has a problem with this solution she can f*** off home to Pakistan.

Jeremy said...

That bitch Harman and her pussy-whipped husband have caused more damage top Britain than even the Blair gruesome twosome.

Anonymous said...

Blair and Booth allowed her to do this damage.

Also what annoys me is she got cheaper insurance than her husband just because she was a woman and the fact that he had a clean license and she 9 points was not taken into account.

she got treated less equally than himand did she complain?


She then did a further 6 points of license endorsing stupidity and was she treated less equally than a man would be?


Anonymous said...

I'm singing in my pants
What a glorious feeling singing in my pants
Hiding a complete lack of talent

Keisha Rose Sebert parody which got more views than the original!

Its time you know
This is just a video
I dont drink
Or pee in sinks
Thats just what I want my fans to think
Its all an act
And in fact
Its even in my contract

My favourite was the edgy artist Victoria Beckham pretending to get a piercing because she was an edgy artist and it was only a publicity stunt which unfortunately a lot of impressionable fans copied.

Thats just what I want my fans to think
Its all an act

And that fucking cunt of a Yankees fan Gaga got drunk at a Mets game and the idiots rewarded her by giving her Jerry Seinfeld's box!

Should have just flung her talentess fat arse out for misbehaving.

Anonymous said...

Martha d Jones

Lawyer stabbed by a toy stabbie stabbie by one of Obama's sons.

With my toy stabbie stabbie I make white girl bleed. For Trayvon!

Police say Antowann Davis, 30, walked into the Target on Marsh Lane around 9:15 p.m. Thursday and took a butcher knife out of its packaging in the kitchen department.

Hey! He gotta see dat id wurk liek intented! Nothin' wurs dan tapin' on a windo an u nife no wurk!

Anonymous said...

cadgbd (signed in using yahoo)
Racial motive. It is like an intifada. The blacks have a genocidal agenda. Every single day you will read another story of black savagery.

Whites don't get it. They will refuse understand. They will continue to be preyed upon. As the white population declines America will go down the path of South Africa, with bloody savage racial crimes by blacks against whites.

If the situation were reversed, there would be howls of rage from the race industry, with media hype and threats of revenge. Think about it. If a white man stabbed a black woman in a Target store, there would be a media lynching. Obama, Holder, and Jackson, Race Industry, Inc, have never uttered a single word about the black genocide of whites. They have never even acknowledged the situation. Hint: they are black and they like what is happening, very, very, much.

The question is: how long will this go on? Will whites really be ethnically cleansed or will they wake-up in time? Will white women and academia continue the denial until they are all raped and killed by blacks?

The last few years have seen enormous gains for women, affirmative action, EEO, gay rights, Obama, etc, with a corresponding loss of economic power, and a surge in racial crimes against whites. America is under siege of the black intifada.

Blacks should be given the option to return to Africa where they can be happily free of the whites that they hate so much.

How many such news stories need be told before people wake-up and open their eyes, admit, and realize the TRUTH.


Jackson, Sharpton, Holder, and other black politicians, who have made incendiary racial remarks to incite violence against whites should be held criminally liable for this attack and all the others, and for treason against the people of the USA.

Michael Maier
Laulak Siddique : The better question is: "Why not?" Seems to work for idiots like Spike Lee & Al Sharpton. Apparently incitement to murder isn't against the law any longer.. Oh wait, we're the WRONG COLOR for Eric Holder to NOT prosecute & persecute us! How stupid of me.

White Man's Burden - Kilpling

Take up the White Man's burden--
Send forth the best ye breed--
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives' need;
To wait in heavy harness,
On fluttered folk and wild--
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half-devil and half-child.

Take up the White Man's burden--
In patience to abide,
To veil the threat of terror
And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain
To seek another's profit,
And work another's gain.

Take up the White Man's burden--
The savage wars of peace--
Fill full the mouth of Famine
And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest
The end for others sought,
Watch sloth and heathen Folly
Bring all your hopes to nought.

Take up the White Man's burden--
No tawdry rule of kings,
But toil of serf and sweeper--
The tale of common things.
The ports ye shall not enter,
The roads ye shall not tread,
Go mark them with your living,
And mark them with your dead.

Take up the White Man's burden--
And reap his old reward:
The blame of those ye better,
The hate of those ye guard--
The cry of hosts ye humour
(Ah, slowly!) toward the light:--
"Why brought he us from bondage,
Our loved Egyptian night?"

Take up the White Man's burden--
Ye dare not stoop to less--
Nor call too loud on Freedom
To cloke your weariness;
By all ye cry or whisper,
By all ye leave or do,
The silent, sullen peoples
Shall weigh your gods and you.

Take up the White Man's burden--
Have done with childish days--
The lightly proferred laurel,
The easy, ungrudged praise.
Comes now, to search your manhood
Through all the thankless years
Cold, edged with dear-bought wisdom,
The judgment of your peers!

John Barnes is an idiot

Martel said...

Kesha: That's the contribution of blacks to 'culture'.

Rastus said...

cadgbd - I dnt think they have an agenda. They're just acting out there nature. It's come to enter their thick skull that whites wont do anything, wont fight back and that blacks will get leniently treated by the courts. They're too stupid to have an agenda.

Anonymous said...

Charges of plagiarism against Big Chieftaness Lying Bitch dropped. NY Slimes still won't deal with her false indian declaration as she is a Red

Aurora borealis
The icy sky at night
Paddles cut the water
In a long and hurried flight
From the white man
to the fields of green
And the homeland
we've never seen.

They killed us in our tepee
And they cut our women down
They might have left some babies
Cryin' on the ground
But the firesticks
and the wagons come
And the night falls
on the setting sun.

They massacred the buffalo
Kitty corner from the bank
The taxis run across my feet
And my eyes have turned to blanks
In my little box

at the top of the stairs
With my Indian rug
and a pipe to share.

I wish a was a trapper
I would give thousand pelts
To sleep with Fauxohontas
And find out how she felt
In the mornin'
on the fields of green
In the homeland
we've never seen.

And maybe Marlon Brando
Will be there by the fire
We'll sit and talk of Hollywood
And the good things there for hire
And the Astrodome
and the first tepee
Marlon Brando, Fauxohontas and me
Marlon Brando, Fauxohontas and me

Didn't Brando have fake Indian ancestry as well?

His Oscar® was accepted by a girl called Murphy in Indian garb.

But he was a good guy so no one noticed this indiscretion.

awakened said...

Elizabeth Warren is a 'good person' so the matter gets dropped.

Anonymous said...

EXTRA! EXTRA! Don't read all about it. 7 dead 22 injured in Chicago shootings Owing to racist half caste idiot in White House does not care.

Canuck said...

Goood news to see the coons offing each other in the Windy City. What amazes me is some of the comments that CBS printed.

To wit:

You just all keep on killing each other. I enjoy seeing it, reading about it and commenting about it.

All you are ADOLF is a worthless, good for nothing, NI@@ER plain and simple and that's the horror and shame you must live with for the rest of your life which mercifully for you can not come soon enough I imagine.

All you can do is live with your shame and wish you were NORMAL like us.....

Things are looking up!

Anonymous said...

Swanley and Josie’s July 2010 wedding was one of the highlights of last year’s series. Aged just 16, she was seen walking up the aisle in a giant white dress, surrounded by bridesmaids wearing shocking pink. They had Josie in May last year.

Two months later Swanley, 21, was arrested over a fight at a pal’s wedding. Josie was electronically tagged for three months for her part in a bust-up at a gypsy wedding.

The couple — who also featured in this year’s series — were last seen in public on the red carpet of January’s National TV Awards, where Big Fat Gypsy Weddings was nominated for an award.

Fightin' at weddings it is their culcha innit

Channel 4 viewrs wanted a "real" life soap opera so they got one.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Knox voted one of the sexiest women

MAXIM magazine has sparked outrage after it controversially declared ex-jailbird Amanda Knox one of 2012’s most beautiful women.

Their list will be different to FHM's list which has sex tape girl who worked with Simon Cowell at 1.

They also had Cheryl Cole who worked with Simon Cowell at 1 one time.

He sure knows how to pick them does Simon.

Clogheen said...

Knackers fighting???

You CANNOT be serious.

Anonymous said...

25 shot in under 24 hours in Chicago.

Racist US president reads from autocue " ".

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Do do do and gambling is for fools

What Motorhead song am I thinking of owing to this police sergeant raping a woman at her home?

Anonymous said...

TNB in Haiti

This woman who was glad she was raoed so she could feel blackies anger @YT

Anonymous said...

A mother who allegedly sent her six-year-old to school with a PCP-laced sandwich has been arrested.

The first grader began showing signs of being under the influence of drugs after eating a sandwich provided by mother Tornia Ann Gutierrez, according to officials at Popham Elementary in Del Valle, Texas.

Taking the girl aside, she told a school counsellor she could hear 'banging in her head' and was talking to people who weren't there,' court documents obtained by KTBC report.

Its part of their culture innit?

PCP just being Angel dust for her little angel but big bad Texicans strive to ridicule Mexican culture with their razaist ways.

For shame!

To those sickos at Texas Rangers.

Anonymous said...

Extra!Extra! Liberal white chick gets grief for styling pet african jungle bunny's hair incorrectly

That is from The National Review!

SAVANT said...

anon 11.24. I had to read this a couple of times as I wasn't sure whether it was parody.

Dear God.........

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama is a steely and intelligent glamazon with a doctorate in law and a husband who started out as her flunky. She has a dynamite presence and a killer career - I think we all know who should be running the White House.

Yes it could be a Polly Filla column from Private Eye but that is a genuine beginning to a column by Camilla Long and she is an intelligent journalist as she wears glasses!