Wednesday, 23 May 2012 need to be be worried.

Bibi (seen below giving the finger to the American taxpayers), he be be worried. And all for no reason. According to the Gruaniad he warned Parliament that "illegal infiltrators flooding the country were threatening the security and identity of the Jewish state. If we don't stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state”

How wrong can someone be?  Does he not realise that the ‘New Israelis’ will add enrichment, vibrancy and colour, while applying their own unique skills and talents in the service of their new country? If he doesn’t believe me why doesn’t he ask Alan Shatter, ‘Israel’s close friend’ at the heart of the Irish Government?  Alan has opened the immigration spigot to such a degree that the masses of unemployed Irish youth heading the other way are getting knocked down in the stampede. And Alan’s first loyalty is to Ireland, he wants only what’s best for this country. That’s why the army of enrichers is flooding in.  I wonder could he be persuaded to give some to Bibi?  Nah, too loyal to Ireland.

And Bibi, your friend and fellow Likud MP Danny Danon suffers from the same misapprehension as you.  He wants to ship off all the refugees to Australia!  He wants to forego all that enrichment, vibrancy and colour. He says – imagine this - “the refugees’ place is not among us, and the initiative to transfer them to Australia is the right and just solution. On the one hand, it treats the refugees and migrants in a humane way. On the other hand, it does not threaten Israel’s future and our goal to maintain a clear and solid Jewish majority”. Danon has asked Australian MP (and dual Israeli citizen) Michael Danby to propose this to the Australian Parliament. Danby “enthusiastically agreed”  Again, we can be absolutely sure that Danby’s first loyalty is to his country and constituents, so he wants all that enrichment for them.

Bibi, I can give you a lot more support for my position. What about Barbara Spectre, or Anneta Kahane, or Jack Straw?  They’re all Jewish too, and all want to flood their respective countries (Sweden, Germany and Britain) with the kind of enrichment that you’re turning your nose up at.

Carpe diem, Bibi boy, carpe diem.  Seize the day!


Anonymous said...

Sounds the statement by Netanyahu sounds so familliar like when a whole lot of countries did not want jews because they threatened Economic freedom.

Bemused stare said...

Sav, I wish this piece could be published in every news media.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but Christ!.

As I type I am watching BBC2.

The programme is Hitler's Children.

I've just learned that two of Goerings grandchildren had themselves sterilized "to cut the line".


mischling said...

when people in America express concern that white people are becoming the minority, jewish zionist groups like the ADL are the first to scream and call such concerns, hateful. Netanyahu has made these comments over and over again and not a peep from those same hypocritical groups. I guess jews have every right to maintain their status in their nations but white christian gentiles do not.

great white said...

The brass neck of these fuckers is beyond belief. They treat the rest of us like total fools. They don't even try to pretend any more that they're royally screwing us over.

But we ARE fools for putting up with it.

Anonymous said...

Israel for the jews.Ireland for the Nigerians,Pakis,Roma,Chinese,Somalians,Congolese and just about any third world monkey that wants to come.

Anonymous said...

They're building the worlds biggest detention centre too.

That sending them to Australia thing is totally insane... How dare they?!

And yes Mr.a... That show about Germans sterilizing themselves is depressing stuff. Goerings daughter sterilized herself and Himmlers married and Israeli jew.
Not that I have sympathy for either men but it seems somehow symbolic of how the German nation as a whole seems committed to 'self- sterilize' due to guilt visited upon it constantly.

Anonymous said...

And now they are rioting to protest the asylum seekers! conjunction with the politicians!

Something in me says 'If only we had the balls to act like that!' but I understand that the Israeli citizen is nowhere near as bombarded with P.C multi cult propaganda as us poor goyish folk.

Anonymous said...

Here we have the ABC News's take on a growing phenomenon.

Now here, we have the Unamusement Park re-edit of the above article ... It's got links! Lotsa Links!!

Please read and read on ...

ABC News: European-American Civil Rights Activism Is on the Rise

May 22nd, 2012 by Unamused

Good news from ABC: “[White Advocacy] Groups Grow as Racial Tipping Point Changes Demographics” (May 18).

I’ve decided to reprint their article here at the ‘Park, edited for honesty — diversified, if you will.

The number of [European-American advocacy groups and White rights activists] has exploded in recent years in reaction to [increasing anti-White discrimination, violence and hatred in America], and new census figures showing the majority of babies born in 2011 were non-white could fuel [this growing majority racial consciousness], [the leading radical anti-White hate group] warned.

“White [advocacy] groups have been having a meltdown since the census bureau predicted that non-Hispanic whites [sic] would lose the majority by 2050,” said Mark Potok, spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which [has accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars exaggerating and fabricating hate crimes against non-Whites while ignoring hate crimes against Whites and slandering White rights activists]. “The demographic change in this country is the single most important driver in the growth of [advocacy] groups over the last few years.”

Read on ...

I have said it once before, and I will say it again. we have to fix the yid-driven media onslaught, before anything else.

By any means possible.

How far do you think Potok's SPLC would get if their only means of communication with the public was begging letters?

Read the books.


Anonymous said...

If one were to believe this weepy little tale, one might actually assume that the West is awakening at last from a three generation snooze.

Would that it was so ...

Although the prejudices against the various groups differ, the study suggests that they are interconnected: that people who denigrate one group are also very likely to target other groups. Prejudices against the different target groups are linked and share a common ideology, one that endangers democracy and leads to violence and conflicts. The problem that democratic countries and well-meaning people now face is how to confront and overcome these prejudices that are so observable.

The overall saddening conclusion of the report, which deals with a number of areas of discrimination, is that group-focused enmity towards immigrants, blacks, Muslims, and Jews is widespread throughout Europe; and that anti-Semitism is an important component of this hostility. The Report defines anti-Semitism as social prejudice directed against Jews simply because they are Jews. Being Jewish is seen as a negative characteristic. Current antisemitism takes many forms: political (the Jews have a world conspiracy); secular (the Jews are usurers); religious (the Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus); racist (Jews through their genetics are not people to be trusted). The report continues with additional detail: Jews have too much influence; Jews try to take advantage of having been victims during the Nazi era; Jews in general do not care about anything or anybody but their own kind.

Two additional troubling points of view were documented: the first is why people do not like Jews when one considers Israel's policy; the second is the belief that Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians.

And on and on and fucking on ... my emphases in bold above.

Don't you think it's interesting that reports like this list all the reasons why one should dislike the tribe and attempt a half-arsed straw man argument -- without any rebuttal.

As though to even think such things should be beyond any enlightened (jew-unaware) thinker.

Quite subtle, that. and with the hard of thinking, I am sure it works, now and then.

It's the old You-Just-Want-To-Be-Adolf-Hitler-And-Kill-six-Million-Of-Us argument that we have all come to know and love.

Destroy the MSM. Read the books.

Damn. I'm becoming almost as tiresome as Cato the Elder.


Wonder what "Gatestone" was ... before it was anglicised. Something ending in "... Stein" perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, I think Covington has it right.

Our *only* hope is to secede from the union in the northwest territory.

No nation as 'enriched' as the US can possibly hold together, especially for 220+ years.

The fucking mexicans can have Azatlan. They have it already.

Russia is a better location than the US, but no chance I can learn that language.

I give credit to the greeks for rioting.

Here only the negro 'riots' and then only to steal.

God save us all.

Jeremy said...

The Federal Gov. will never allow a NW Republic. It's delusional to think they will. Simple as that. They fought a civil war already to do that.

Anonymous said...

Are vyou sure Jack Straw is Jewish?

Paris Claims

Educated Edsel said...

Pater and I, in the orangerie the other morn, were reflecting upon matters re immigration and so forth. Two things had occurred to him, and these he adumbrated to me after Old Bollox the butler had cleared away the breakfast things.Could it be that the man Shatter, in opening up the country to immigrants as he seems to have done, might be indictable for racism? The reason whereof is that Shatters policies seem to favour Black Africans above all else, a prima facie case of bias based on skin colour. Too, there is the appearance in all this of a man acting entirely unilaterally, nay indeed capriciously, that is with little or no mandate from either parliament or people. Ergo, mayhap he might be found to have acted for some considerable time ultra vires, thus furnishing grounds for dismissal from at least one of his ministerial posts. Is it possible that we might see either or both of these tested in law at any time soon, or indeed at all? An intriguing proposition, thought I, and one I deemed worthy of sharing with the large, growing and increasingly influential following garnered by the Savant

Corkonian said...

UN, I was thinking just the same thing as I was reading all the 'irrational' reasons why people don't like jews. Seems like a listing of their most salient characteristics (LoL)

SAVANT said...

"Are vyou sure Jack Straw is Jewish?"


Anonymous said...

Maybe he's angry an enricher slotted his brother....

According to our wise leaders this is no excuse and a small price to pay for utopian diversity.

Come on Benny, get with YOUR programme.

Derek said...
Seemingly demonstrators are in some cases attacking the migrants. Where is the Israeli antifa?

beppo said...


Nothing wrong in sounding like Cato sometimes... Ignorantia Delenda Est.

waterboy said...

It will be really really really interesting to see what happens with all these enrichers in Israel. One sure thing, they wont allow them to stay and breed and live off welfare.

Derek said...

Interesting to see the chickens come home to roost. Supposed to be a large number of Sudanese in Israel. They are constructing a wall to keep them out (which I fully expected the media to keep quite about).

Bemused stare said...

Jeremy said...

The Federal Gov. will never allow a NW Republic. It's delusional to think they will. Simple as that. They fought a civil war already to do that.

24 May 2012 09:17

You think folks will ask for permission? Read the damn books, Orwell wrote the prelude and HAC filled in the blanks at the end.

Calculus said...

Not a word of this in CNN.
Fox? (you would think but Fox doesn't touch to Israel)

For that matter, Israel could disolve all its illegals in white phosphorus, the occidental jewrnalists would immediately find some hoorrible human right issue in China, or better...IRAN.

kulak said...

Could it be that the man Shatter, in opening up the country to immigrants as he seems to have done, might be indictable for racism?


Something in me says 'If only we had the balls to act like that!' but I understand that the Israeli citizen is nowhere near as bombarded with P.C multi cult propaganda as us poor goyish folk.

It is impossible for Jews to be bombarded with PC.

PC is a Jewish religion. It is a religion with an evil god that must be kept at bay by human sacrifice. The name of the evil god is Hitler, and the humans to be sacrificed are white people.

Racism is anything that helps white survival.

(Yeah I know some -- one -- jew wrote a book about "racist, marxist Israel."

He's not our friend.)

Madame X said...

They're gonna send the 'enrichers' to White countries. Count on it..

By the way, does anyone know if those africans are jewish? I understand some actually may be so..

kulak said...

No nation as 'enriched' as the US can possibly hold together, especially for 220+ years.

Consider that South Africa has not collapsed.

Ban fracking.

mischling said...

Madame X asks does anyone know if those africans are jewish?

Several years ago the Israelis allowed in large numbers of black Ethiopian 'Jews'. It won't go down as one of their smartest moves. The people Benjy is talking about here most assuredly are NOT Jewish.

kulak said...

when people in America express concern that white people are becoming the minority, jewish zionist groups like the ADL are the first to scream and call such concerns, hateful. Netanyahu has made these comments over and over again and not a peep from those same hypocritical groups.

It's not hypocrisy.

Racist would be to send the Sudanese BACK to the shithole that is Sudan.

So they'll send them to Australia.

The Sudanese will be very happy about this and will not complain of racism.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy said...

The Federal Gov. will never allow a NW Republic. It's delusional to think they will. Simple as that. They fought a civil war already to do that.

This is stunning.

Why would anybody fight a war for the survival of their race?

Americans should be out fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, sudan, Libya, and soon Iran, for the JEW, not whites!

They're the chosen people and we're just cattle in human form, so it's natural we'd fight their wars, not ours.

Why would anybody think the civil war was important? only the jews wars, you know, all the rest of them, are important!

Anonymous said...

Sav.....SAVVVVVVVVVVVVV. 'Phone an ambulance for me. The hypocrisy has taken my breath away.


Anonymous said...

Himmlers daughter married a Jew? Symbolic of what the Jews did to Germany?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy. Many in the South consider it only half time.

sick-as-hell anemia said...

This link made my blood BOIL:

NYC Mayor Jew Bloomberg - 'They should deliberately force some places that don’t want immigrants to take them, because that’s the only solution for these big hollowed-out cities.'

Clearly the agenda is out in the light of day. The Jewish "Final Solution" to the "Goy Problem".

great white said...

anon 21.02. This made my blood boil as well. The treacherous c*nt. Just like all those mentioned in Savant's post. Flood all western countries with the dregs of the world. People like Bloomberg should, quite literally, be hanging from lamp posts. He knows 100% for sure that the proposed immigrants will add nothing and take a hell of a lot.


Anonymous said...


What's your deal fella? You think 3rd world immigration into Eire started with Shatter?

Give it a fucking rest.

It aint as easily explained as blaming a Jew for everything.

heuristic said...

anon 18.07. Problem is, they think they're fighting for america and defence of freedom and all that nonsense. They don't realize that they're just pawns in a greater game.

Anonymous said...

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

The American south is filled with inbreds. They live in a time warp. They still blame everything on the Union. They go on and on like little babies that need their noses wiped and their pampers changed.
Who cares what the south says. They hate Northern Whites more than Jews and niggers combined.
The south is the sole reason we have niggers. They were too fucking lazy. In the north, White men tended their own livestock and crops.

Magnificent Randolph said...

You will see black chaps in Israel, soldiers as much as anything else. These are Falashas, Ethiopian Jews lifted by the Israeli Air Force a stride orntwo ahead of being massacred---because they are Jews. These guys are the same colour as the 60,000 illegals but that is where it ends. These Falashas are well integrated into Israeli society; the illegals are entirely differant and will rightly be shagged out of the place sooner or later. But---to a White country, not to Africa. Well, more fool that White country then.

kulak said...

@anon 21:43

Was it something I said?

Because I know I didn't say turd world immigration started with Shatter.

Piss off kike.

Anonymous said...

Read "Unintended Consequences" by author John Ross. Although the book is out-of-print, it is available on Amazon and Ebay. It is both a novel and history book and is an excellent read which offers possible solutions to our present "problems" . . .

Anonymous said...

A short quote from the Telegraph article posted above at:-

Paris Claims
24 May 2012 22:33

The Israeli police confirmed they had arrested 17 suspects involved in "a protest against illegal African immigrants". Extra police units were positioned to prevent further violence in the area last night.

Peace Now, an Israeli human rights organisation, is calling for an investigation into whether the speakers at Wednesday night's rally, including Knesset ministers Miri Regev, Danny Danon, Yari Levin and Michael Ben-Ari, are guilty of incitement.

During her address, Ms Regev described illegal immigrants as a "cancer in our society".

Danny Danon, a member of Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party, wrote in a Facebook status later the same evening: "Israel is at war. An enemy state of infiltrators was established in Israel, and its capital is south Tel Aviv."

Hmmm. Would this be the same Danny Danon who wants to ship all of israel's niggers to Oz, by any chance? Moving heavaen and earth to do so, in fact?

Naaah. That would make him a hypocritical sack of shit ... and we all know that joos are not hypocrites.

Are they?

Nice work, Danon. You, like Barbera Lerner Specter, have just proven yourself the enemy ... undoing all the good work of the hasbarats that post here so regularly -- and so desperately.

Please send that Telegraph link to all the WN sites you post to.

I have.


Anonymous said...

Stupid Aussies will take the Wogs - actually the Americans and British might offer to pay for their importation to their benighted "countries".

kulak said...

"These Falashas are well integrated into Israeli society"

Yeah. That's why their Kadima rep said he had a dream that they would one day fill Israel's schools and "not its jails."

Breeed beta Israel, Breed!

Anonymous said...

Magnificent Randolph: “These Falashas are well integrated into Israeli society...”


Savant, I suspect an Hasbara troll (Magnificent Randolph).

Ethiopians (Beta Israel) were not formally recognized as members of the tribe until 1975 and their heritage is still being questioned by some Ashkenazi elders. Note the Ashkenazi’s eugenics policy targeted at Beta Israel with regard to the sterilization of their women (to prevent them breeding); the disposal of Beta Israel donated blood to Israeli hospitals; and the protests in Tel Aviv and Eilat by the Ashkenazi with regard to their “black brothers”.

Re Likud MK Danny Danon is trying to do a deal with an Australian (Jewish) politician to send Africans to Australia.

You can just picture the scene if a British politician had suggested this – Jewish politicians/lawyers in the UK would be up in arms screaming “racism”, “violation of human rights” etc. Strange how there’s a deafening silence from these same Jewish hypocrites when it comes to Israel!

Video: Russia Today – Racist birth control?
Ethiopians outraged over blood disposal: Israel,7340,L-3322247,00.html
Video: Protest to expel Africans from South Tel Aviv and all of Israel - April 6, 2011
South Tel Aviv residents demand African migrants leave area
Eilat locals vow to close city to protest African issue
Ethiopian Israelis marched by the thousands in Jerusalem from the Knesset Parliament to the city’s centre in one of the largest demonstrations for immigrant equality to date.
Video: Ethiopians protest racism in Kiryat Malachi
Video: Israel: racist education policy targets Ethiopians
Meir Sheetrit Israel's Interior Minister: Ethiopians fleecing the state
Israel halts Ethiopian immigration - Fleecing the state
MK Danny Danon (Likud): Ethiopian Murders Becoming ‘Epidemic’

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Anon 22.47.
The deep south were to lazy? Their answer was to import thousands of niggers to do their work? So it takes a thousand niggers to do the work of one white by your argument.
Just what we've been saying all along!

Corkonian said...

Educated Edsel. In a normal world what you suggest might be true. But the Cabinet system means that all such proposals will have been formally brought before them, and, at least in Ireland, ushered through by the nodding head morons who are interested only in getting their own proposals though.

slavestar said...

Great stuff.
Yes, the hypocrisy is overwhelming. They feel it is imperative to maintain the homogeny of a State that is not close to a hundred years old, yet seem determined to bury our countries centuries old in all the uncivilized riff raff from the darkest jungles on the globe. How I loath those Zionist bastards.

Digby said...

The Falashas in Israel are like blacks everywhere: Low paid menial jobs, and a high representation in the crime figures.

Shaunantijihad said...

I wish once, just once, a politician about to retire perhaps, with nothing to lose, would say,

"Why is it not humane to send Eritreans back to Eritrea? Could it possibly be because it is full of fucking Eritreans?"

Shaunantijihad said...

We need to do something positive. It's good for the spirit. How about Savant puts up a donation link which is to be used for putting advertising for this site on the msm, just to shake things up. After all, truth is like Kryptonite to these fuckers.

Racism - improving your race via eugenics. It gets a bad press, but a simple idea to reduce the 10% white undertow (IQ <80), a racist pro-white government could offer couples with a mean IQ >120 financial incentives to have more babies, and the reverse for those with an IQ <80. But, that whole evolution thing will take centuries to improve the race.

Racism mark II - Make your race RELATIVELY more intelligent, not by the slow eugenics of your own race, but by the instant dysgenics of other races! What an idea! Encourage the spread of the Negro gene amongst goyim populations via mass immigration and miscegenation! Instantly sends that race backwards 50,000 years. 15 IQ points or more knocked off in a single generation!

So how to do it, hmmm. That's a difficult one. Oh, I know, these useful idiots of the left will fall for the idea that whites cause all the wars, and so to end all wars and bring in world peace and a bountiful one world government (by Jews) we must make everyone "coffee coloured"!

Naaa! Are you crazy, even whites will never fall for that!

Dr. Wassell said...

Shaunatnijihad - you got it on the button. None of this slow evolutionary competitive stuff. Degrade the competition in a couple of generations. Job done.

Anonymous said...

To Yankee asshole at 24 May 2012 22:47, we knew how to treat Niggers and they damn well behaved. Your forbears set them lose and now our culture is all but gone - on your next vacation may I suggest Detroit ? Walk around, by yourself, take in the fruits of your depredations - make your will out first. Try to make it to the Grand Army of the Republic association building - shuttered, decayed, Niggers shit in it - very appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Actually I miss all the Jewish commentators here. They seem to have disappeared. joelgp, esther, jocomo, herod et al.

Anonymous said...

To the Yankee ignoramus at 24 May 2012 22:47:

I hate to tell you but it was the Northeast elites who helped bring in them thar slaves. Did you know it was mostly Jews who ran the slave ships? Just like the Rothschilds profiting off of every recent western war. They created Israel and they created Hitler via the Treaty of Versailles.

Know your freaking history. Get the truth by avoiding history relayed by the Jews! Propaganda and infiltration are their #1 traits.

Anonymous said...

Everybody on London's LBC 97.3 is Jewish too save the shabbats goy gophers Ferrari, O'Brien, Collins and Abbot. Forgot about the shrieking fags Allen and Dale ... any more possibly?
BBC London is riddled with yiddos an all the place stinks of this Asiatic variant and their pakis/white rabble calling in to whine about racists.

kulak said...

Let them eat Amren.

O.K. Maybe I miss Herod.

(Doesn't everybody?)

Anonymous said...

Aye ,the strawmans dad refused to fight in the war, he was a marxist jew concientious objector done some prison time for it straw by name, straw by nature.

white rose said...

I think the so-called Yankee on 24 May 2012 22:47 is a troll. Don't be duped, people.

kulak said...

The south is the sole reason we have niggers.

Didn't Jared Diamond write a book about that?

nemesis said...

No, Jared Diamond wrote a propaganda piece about it, with the sole objective of brainwashing us innocents.

Anonymous said...

Dont be surprised if shatter offers Ireland as a destination for some of the cultural enrichers if Israel deports them.
Remember his support throughout the years for pamela ,the nigerian scammer? It cost the state 3.75 Million euros in legal costs etc.
Yet ,only weeks after he was appointed minister for justice he deports her.Why?
Nothing had changed in her case ,just that he was now in power.If he really believed in her he could have commuted the deportation order but that would have drawn too much attention on him and he may have lost power.
Better to be in power and execute his policies of racial hatred against the Irish people in secret.
He is a very ,very dangerous man and his actions as minister depict an individual who has a deep seated hatred of Irish people.

beppo said...

Danny Danon certainly knows the
meaning of the old saying To Kill Two Birds With One Stone.

Anonymous said...

Oh vey! One of his maternal great-grandparents was a Jewish German immigrant.

If it isd good enbough for Hitlary l Clinon it is good enough for J the Strawman

Anonymous said...

Off topic? Not really. Don't you just love history?

Jewish Terror Timeline
Persecution or Prosecution? Jewish Tyranny and Anti-Semitism Through the Ages

This is gold ...


Anonymous said...


SAVANT said...

I thought Zion Crime Factory site had been taken down???