Friday, 6 April 2012

The tribulations of Louis

Louis Jacob writes for the Sunday Independent, and he’s worried. Not about Polish-Irish cross migration. You see he regularly used his column to propogate the joys of Poles working in Ireland and vice-versa. I might point out here that he, er, neglected mention that he ran a commercial agency that, well, facilitated Poles working in Ireland and vice-versa. An oversight, I'm sure.

Anyway as I say, He’s worried by ‘the explosive growth in European anti-Semitism revealed by a recent survey’. This shocking report revealed pluralities in several countries which believed that Jews were ‘greedy, pushy and avaricious’. Now Louis this is like a plurality believing that the Irish drink too much, that the Dutch tend to be tightwads, that Greeks and Armenians are compulsively clannish, that blacks are…….. Well, let’s not go there. Big Brother might be listening.

Louis it’s just a stereotype. And not a particularly unflattering one. The same survey apparently also identified the perception of Jews as being highly intelligent. Stereotypes are crude caricatures and should never be used to prejudge individuals within a group. But they don’t come about by accident. They arise by a process of osmosis, usually over a very long period of time.

But that’s not the point of this post. My point is that today even the mildest manifestation of negativity towards Jews gets immediately transformed into anti-Semitism, and by extension the reemergence of naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews. It’s neat trick. It’s been working for a long time.

Will it continue to work? And if so for how long?


Ann on a mouse said...

Check out the storm caused by the Poem written by German writer Gunter Grass. Finally a German public figure has expressed an opinion that there's something not quite right about Germanys assuaging its war guilt by supplying a criminal, ethno-supremacist state with Nuclear subs.

He admits he's near the end of his literary life so has nothing to lose.

As for Loius, he'd probably be better off getting used to the fact that more and more people are beginning to see certain 'negative traits' in certain quarters amongst his tribe. It's not like they haven't earned it or anything.

Anonymous said...

Wait - libtards are idiots?

eh said...

Big Brother might be listening.

As long as you don't 'tweet' it you're safe Savant.


Millionaire's daughter faces jail after conviction for driving looters on late-night crime spree at height of London riots

Took only headline notice of this case before; always thought it seemed a bit weird, but then weirder things have happened, so...

In reading the article:

Throughout the trial, Johnson claimed she had been terrified into driving convicted robber and ‘bad boy’ Emmanuel Okubote, 20, and his friends, with talk of guns and knives.

Uh-huh. OK, it's somewhat less weird now.

Her parents Robert and Lindsay, who have sat in court each day, refused to comment but her father, a 56-year-old company director, said he would consider an appeal.

What's to say? They must be so proud.

GM said...

Watch Grass' literary reputation retrospectively plummet after this poem.

Anonymous said...

I gave up buying the Sunday independent several years ago.My budgie has to clean up his own shit now.I'm off now to do the stations of the cross.I'm dressing up as a Roman soldier(ha ha).

Anonymous said...

For as long as the Molock welfare/warfare state exists. So not so long.

katana said...

Savant wrote:

But that’s not the point of this post. My point is that today even the mildest manifestation of negativity towards Jews gets immediately transformed into anti-Semitism, and by extension the reemergence of naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews. It’s neat trick. It’s been working for a long time.

Will it continue to work? And if so for how long?


The message is seeping out, that the jews are humanity's number one enemy. Their chief target, for now, is Whites.

Crying out 'anti-semitism' leverages the holohoax storyline that is pumped out through their constant non-stop propaganda that makes up our media. It triggers a Pavlovian response among us to stop them dead even thinking about jews being our enemy.

A neat trick, as you say.

How long will it work, you ask? Only until 'thinking' people become aware. Your efforts are part of that awakening.

Anonymous said...

LJ would be more productive persuading his fellow tribesman Alan Shatter the minister for colonisation and resettlement of islamists and nigerian savages to stop giving them residency.
If anti semitism rises in Ireland it can be put down to Shatters open door to islamists.
He reminds me of the darkie in Blazing saddles who threatens to blow the blackmans head off( his own head) if he does nt get his way.

Anonymous said...

O/T There seems to be a witch hunt going on right now in the metropolitan police force in London.Gotta weed out those evil,racist white cops.When you think of all the shit those London cops have to put up with from"da yoofs" on a daily basis.Putting your life on the line everyday to police Europes crime capital.Madness.

Anonymous said...

found that the Polish here in Chicago are hard workers, strong as horses and will show up on time when there is a job to be done, Mexican kids for the most part are hustlers also and will take just about any job, the favorite chest nut here is and its true, you wont get a American to do that job.if you talk to older Americans about these new comers and their work ethic they will say Hey them guys are hungry they dont pay taxes, they sed their money out of the country blah blah blah, you 1st have to understand that Americans in the last 25 years have become highly jealous of anyone who is more successfull then them and it kills them to see a guy come from the old country and 3 yrs later open a profitable business and sin of sin buy a apt. and my work mates used to raise the gall of the local yankees after work in the tavern by telling them that the polish guys just scored a big contract with the city to rebuild municipal buildings etc, we would sit back and listen to the shit fly. lol. best wishes . John old rtd chicago copper.

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:39

A LA Cop tells of how all the newbies are not aware of what blacks really gte up to.

Wandering around the ghetto "cures" them of their "tolerance".

Anonymous said...

Whiterabbits new youtube video.

Anonymous said...

Seen this several times. Had not realized it was from Johnny White Rabbit.

Anonymous said...

One of the "waycist" cops is a black WPC. Want to bet a reason for her to stay on will be found?

Anonymous said...

Oliver J. Flanagan (r.i.p.)was right !

Anonymous said...

just when you think the mud people could sink no lower this just a unnamed ny state penitenary they have a unit for guys with terminal AIDS so they put a guy in charge of them on the overnite shift who is a convict. see where this is going,the guy is suppose to get them water, make sure they take a walk to the john etc.the day nurses docs came in and found all the patients 3 i beleive all on the floor, now heres the kicker covict boy the watcher is in snuggy chair fast asleep and all the patients are bleeding from rectum and anus filled with shaving cream, yep thats right folks, convict watcher porked them all in the butt knowing they all were infected with AIDS,ONLY HOPE HERE IS THAT HE GOT THE GIFT THAT keeps giving,

dave said...

That story about the jail.

All I can say, WOW! Less than animals.

Anonymous said...

LA Dodger fan here

There are more museums worldwide to the holocaust than any other event or group in history. There are dozens of them.

Gotta prop up that lie! It's their ticket to do anything they want to the palestinians.

"anti semetic is a trick"

Information is passing too freely on the net. It's the like the gutenburg press, bypassing the elites that control the methods of distribution so I can read things they don't desire me to.

Things like the truth about the jewish question.

The free 'net will be censored very soon, I fear.

Download david duke's audio book, it'll teach you more about the jew than you ever imagined. Fascinating.

SAVANT said...

Dodger's fan. What you say is totally true bro. It's their get out of jail card - literally. And again, the internet is the achilles heel. So, as you say, watch out for massive censorship measures. In fact they're taking place already.

M said...

That will continue with islamic immigration.