Friday, 6 April 2012

Shatter Watch: 70,000 pieces of silver

Today is Good Friday, the day Judas Iscariot sold out Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Now we have a latter day Judas who’s selling out ‘his’ country for the inflation-adjusted equivalent of the thirty pieces. I’ll explain. But first let me ask you a question. Which Irish Minister would be likeliest to propose an incentive scheme for encouraging business innovation? Surely the answer would be the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation? Or less likely perhaps, the one responsible for Foreign Affairs and Trade? What about the Minister of State for Small Business, or the Minister of State for Trade and Development, or the Minister of State for Research and Innovation?

Any of these would seem to be perfect matches.

Now who would you see as the Minister least likely to propose such a scheme? Hmmmm…..Well, the one with responsibility for arts and the Irish language would be an obvious one. Or even more bizarre the Minister for Justice and Defense. Stuff and nonsense, you’d say. And you’d be correct…. in a country where politicians work (kind of) for the benefit of their country, not set out actively to destroy it. But we’re talking about Ireland here, and a very special Minister. A minister who’s very aggrieved with Ireland because we only sent tens of thousands of volunteers to fight Hitler. We should have done more. We should be ashamed. We need to do penance. Even after all those years.

The Irish Examiner tells us “Justice Minister Alan Shatter has secured approval for two major immigration initiatives aimed at facilitating migrant entrepreneurs and investors from outside of the European Economic Area. The initiatives are designed to accommodate those who, in return for permission to reside in the state, are prepared to invest here to save or create jobs. The second scheme is called the Start Up Entrepreneur Programme. Under this scheme, any individual from outside the EU, with € 70,000 will be given residency to either set up a business here, or perhaps to buy out an existing Irish owned business.”

Yup, you read that right. For the price of a modest shipment of heroin from Nigeria or a child bride from Pakistan you can enter and settle down in Ireland, availing of all our free educational and health services. Here’s the exact wording. “The Start-up Entrepreneur Programme provides that migrants with a good business idea in the innovation economy and funding of €70k can be given residency in this State for the purposes of developing their business. No initial job creation targets will be set as it is recognised that such businesses can take some time to get off the ground.”

Did you get the last bit? “No initial job creation targets will be set as it is recognised that such businesses can take some time to get off the ground.” Boy, Alan is really making it unattractive, isn't he? And I might add that the requirement to "be of good character", a key criterion of the old Business Permission visa, has been omitted completely from this latest wheeze. Obviously Shatter isn’t too keen on people of good character. The Examiner goes on Minister Shatter concluded the introduction by saying “Immigration systems can assist in job creation and we need to think of migrants not just as workers but as people who can create employment for others”.

Irish Savant adds “and can dilute the native gene pool, undermine existing social structures, further reduce Irish control over the economy and make us fair game for any malevolent power that wishes to control and exploit us”.

Needless to say, the MSM in Ireland have given the initiative a warm and fuzzy welcome. All these dynamic, colourful, vibrant Nigerians and Somalis that will add so much to our cultural and economic future. But not everyone is happy, as blogs such a make clear. Here’s one comment “This practically screams, come here, buy a lease on an corner shop, bring your family and 5 kids, don't worry, we'll educate them for free! (probably costing about 70 grand per annum....)”.

Here’s another. “what that will amount to is leasing a shop or fast food outlet and, as there does not appear to be any restriction on the number of family members who will be granted residence we could (and probably will) end up with large families, none of whom speak English, offering nothing to the Irish economy but at the same time putting a strain on our already crumbling health and educational systems.”

Some people might ask why, if our Government is so anxious to provide opportunities for those with "a good business idea in the innovation economy" why don’t they force the banks to finance ideas of this nature proposed by those already legally resident here? But that would upset the main objective as well as spoiling the opportunities for shyster immigration lawyers (Gallagher Shatter Solicitors anyone??). I can see it all now. 'Certifying' that some family has assets of 70K to invest. Whereupon within two weeks of scurrying through the immigration system ‘certifying’ the money was ripped off by persons unknown and can they now please have a flat and the dole.

And woe betide the unfortunate official who might refuse such a claim. He’ll be immediately pounced on and denounced by the myriad of taxpayer-funded immigration industry quangos and their shills in the MSM.

I referred earlier to the largely negative reaction outside the MSM. That’s good. But only partially so. You see, the overwhelming majority call the idea ‘stupid’. But it’s not stupid at all. Not if you understand the real objective of this business innovation programme from the Minister for Justice and Defense. If you did understand you'd then realise just how clever and insidious it is. He’s doing to Ireland what his co-ethnic Jack Straw did to Britain under the Blair regime. He’s doing to Ireland what his co-ethnics are doing today in Sweden, Germany and countless other white countries.

It's not stupid at all. It's we who are the stupid ones.


Corkonian said...

You're bad for my blood pressure Savant. I'm consumed by hate and fury when I think what's been done to us by this reptile.

Anonymous said...

Shatters final solution.

Anonymous said...

Does Kenny know what the hell is going on. Does he care

Elaine said...

Given this duel loyalty one must question whether someone like him is fit for office. Ireland shouldn't engage a PC politic just to avoid charges of antisemitism.

Anonymous said...

UN I could use your advertising skills could you check your s*******g_t**t hotmail account

Anonymous said...

Savant: Be careful. Shatter has got a number of Jootube accounts closed down. He can do the same to your blog. He's well connected, as you can guess.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of refugees are arriving in Turkey from Syria"Enda,would'nt it be a noble gesture to allow some of those Syrians to take shelter here"."You're right Alan,sort it out at once".

Corkonian said...

Does Kenny know? Probably.

Does he care? Not in the slightest. He's enjoying the gig hugely, travelling around the world, meeting important people. The 'oul economy and all that stuff can look after itself. He'll be out of there after the next election with his big payoff and fat Taoiseach's pension.

Anonymous said...

The granting of residency and citizenship to thousands of illegal immigrants by Shatter is a 21st century version of Lebensraum ,essentially a Nazi policy adapted which will ethnically cleanse Ireland of the indegenous Irish.
It is a racist policy and is a most profound act of evil.
Shatter is a treasonous viper who has dedicated himself to the extermination of the Irish people.

occasional said...

Shatter's an Orthodox Jew
What else d'you exect him to do?

Dave C said...

Lads & Lassies, you can wail and rail all you like but without a political party of our own the Alan Shitters of this world are just laughing at us. We only have ourselves to blame if we're not playing them at their own game.

Anonymous said...

Sav.Living in Ireland,I kind of feel that i'm on the Titanic and all the fucking life boats are gone.I've got that sinking feeling.

eh said...

For 70k you might be able to open a kebab shop, but couldn't do much more. I'm not sure how many Irish jobs there'd be in that, as they usually hire their own, from what I can tell. Who else could stand to be around kebabs all day?

Martinus said...

@Dave C, I couldn't put it better myself. There are a good deal of intelligent, probably personable, Irish people here who could quite easily start or join and 'renovate' an existing party. Any anti-immigration policies can be gently sold (to the public) and aligned with Israel so people such as Shatter would not be able to object (Israel deports these dangerous cultural enrichers en-mass!)

By the way Savant, this is not totally bad news, the bright side is white South Africans, for the sum of R700 000 which, if I understand it correctly, they get to keep once in Ireland, can get EU passports for their families! We're definitely the positive, helping sort of immigrants.

It really is time a political party that took a strong stance on these issues was started in Ireland. The Right is gaining all sorts of momentum all around Europe, why leave Ireland out?

Anonymous said...

Extremely important article from Taki's Mag

Robert in Arabia

Anonymous said...

from outside of the European Economic Area

AKA coons and koranimals.

Paris Claims

brian boru said...

Why wouldn't Shatter spit in our collective faces while he works to destroy us? He has nothing to fear. No Irishman will do to him what should be done. This piece of kike filth and the rest of his vile tribe have never been made to pay for their genocidal crimes so they feel invulnerable. The sub-humans are merely tools that the kike uses to destroy us, and we supinely let him.

B Boru said...

@eh. Shatter doesn't give a shit whether they open a kebab shop or not, or whether they employ anyone. He just wants to flood us with aliens.

Heraclitus said...

Like the Hon. Savant and many others on this site I reluctantly arrived at the conclusion after many years that Jews definitely are a hostile presence among us. Thye may be productive and hard-working, unlike say Africans, but they harbour hostility towards our very essence.

beppo said...

Somehow, I feel pretty certain that, by hook or by crook, it will somehow eventuate that very few,if any, South African whites will be able to qualify for this scheme.

Just a suspicion.

SAVANT said...

Martinus it would indeed be great to see large numbers of SA whites coming here. They're hard working and productive and more to the point know the score re the cultural enrichers.

However, as beppo says here, these are not the kind of people Shitter has in mind for us.

Anonymous said...

Robert Zimmerman the guy who used to sing This is the story of the Hurricane the guy the authorties came to blame because the guy was not the sweet innocent that he said he was and who does not sing This is the story of Twana Braley because whe is a lying POS or This is the story of Rodney King the guy the authorities came to blame because Rodney King was not the sweet innocent that the MSM said he was nor This is the story of Crytal Mangum the gal the authorities found to be a lying POS nor This is the story of Robert Henry Gates the guy the authorities came to because Gates was drunk and acting suspicious in his own neighborhood nor This is the story of Trayvon Martin the guy the authorities played tapes showing the media narrative is complete bullshit nor This is the story of Tyler Perry the guys the authorities had a problem with him turning left out of a right turn only lane and he threw hisself a hissy fit but when Robert Zimmerman was approached by the authorites when he had no identification he just allowed himslef to be taken back to his tour bus where he could be vouched for no Oh Veying this is worse than the holocaust nonsense from him even though as a yid he could play this card for the 6 million it is worth!

Black people just had the right to own slaves removed by Abraham Lincoln in the latter half of the nineteent century but 6 million AND ovens.

Get over it precious!

Martinus said...

@Savant, I am sure that he did not intend us to take advantage of it, but who can stop those that do? White South Africans outnumber the Irish anyway so its possible for us to make a substantial contribution, remembering that many whites from SA have a good portion of Irish genes.

I myself recently got an education related grant (not much and non-governmental, but still) here in Europe aimed at 'ethnic minorities', and I'm pretty white I can tell you. All I did was say what I am and mark the 'other' ethnicity block on a form, people who interviewed me asked me where my parents were from; they are so tightly wound in their PC coils, they were too scared to ask me 'if you're from Africa, then why are you white?'. At a risk of stating the obvious, leftist laws can quite easily be used against their makers, you just need to have the courage of your conviction.

Anonymous said...

Everyone says there is this Race problem which will only be solved by flooding White countries and ONLY White countries with hundreds of millions of non Whites with whom Whites are forced to "assimilate", a.k.a intermarry with.

Suppose I said there was this Race problem which would only be solved by flooding Black countries and ONLY Black countries with hundreds of millions of non Blacks with whom Blacks were forced to "assimilate", a.k.a., intermarry with?

How long would it take anyone to realize I'm not talking about a race problem, I'm talking about the Final Solution to the Black problem? And how long would it take any sane Black man to object to this and what kind of psycho Black man wouldn't object to this?

But if I tell the obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the White race, liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I'm anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist but what they are is anti-White.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Stef said...

When Labour took power in Britain in 1997 Jack Straw (Jewish on maternal side) became Home Secretary and appointed Barbara Roche MP (nee Margolis, a Jewess) to be immigration minister tasked with breaking down the existing barriers to third world immigration. They were aided and abetted in this by, Margaret Hodge MP (nee Oppenheim , a Jewess born in Cairo)

The rest, of course, is history. Britain was completely flooded with millions of Africans and Asians, who took over large parts of many British towns and cities, forcing out white locals in a stunning display of white flight (or ethnic cleansing)

This process of race replacement continues today under the very kosher/neo-con Tory Party, led by David Cameron a man who boasts of having Jewish ancestry and fawns to the huge Jewish lobby. The doors are still very much open and are predicted to become a minority within our lifetime.

Wherever you look in the white Western world this process is ongoing, though different countries are at different stages. Britain is leading the way in to the third world sewer, though, under Shatter, Ireland is rapidly catching up.

Does Ireland have a white nationalist party yet, or any sort of patriotic party which speaks for the white, indigenous people?

Without one you are doomed.

Average Joe said...

Just another Jew out to destroy white gentiles.

beppo said...

It really is hard to believe that this is for real: even the dolts who can't get it up enough to inform themselves on the web about the results of importing large numbers of unsuitable aliens into an advanced culture can see the same every day on the tv.
By excluding Europeans from his plans Shatter rubs our noses in his real intentions. And couldn't care less.
Brain-boggling gall.
But then they always were proud of their CHUTZPAH.

Anonymous said...

70000 euro is a lot of money in the turd world, in order to get it you are neither a very good business person working your butt off, and fair to you, but, you in that case are the type of inspiration your country not Ireland needs, or you are a corrupt/violent scumbag who has leached off already poor communities. If you are the latter well the recent statement or perhaps that should say advertisement in this weeks media that the minister is considering closing over 700 police stations must sound like the gold rush. We have been cursed with the Chinese proverb....interesting times indeed!

F McCool said...

David, 70k isn't a lot for a 3rd world gangster. Then again who proves they have the 70k? As Savant says, they'll get through immigration and have it 'stolen' or lost or something. Then settle down to a life on welfare.

Bemused stare said...

Nicw dream Martinus, at this point , most of our people would battle to raise that after being fucked for 18 years. On top of which, if they tried you will see them being told that humans need not fucking apply.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure Bemused. Martinus makes a good point about the lefties being caught up in their own web of laws.

Anonymous said...

Take a stroll around Dublin city center any day of the week and you will see an assortment of blacks,Roma gypos and various other third world dregs.These people are milking social welfare for all its worth.Trouble is,as their numbers grow with birth rates,immigration and help from our pal Alan,there simply is not enough tax payers to pay for the hungry hordes.Will the Irish accept higher and higher taxes.Sooner or later the system will implode.Then the real fun begins.

Anonymous said...

Sav.Did you see that post by John Derbyshire over at Takimag?Within ten years Irish parents will be giving their kids "the talk".

SAVANT said...

anon 21.39. Remember my mantra "worse is better".

anon 21.58. Yes, read it. Notable that the myriad of attacks on it and him, none address the facts that he adduced. None.

Anonymous said...

Do I need point out that each and every member of the ANC hierarchy (or lowerarchy, if you prefer) could get this loot together in an afternoon?

Robert Mugabe and every nigger despot south of the Sahara would find it behind the sofa cushions.

Why do I think Shatter would be happy to have them?

Shatter, like all of his ilk, is not that smart. None of them ever stop to realise the truly stupendous amount of ill-will they store up.
Which, of course, is why they are so astonished to feel the flat of the Cossack's blade on the side of the head as they run through the snow, clutching their carpetbags.

I have run into ... but, oh, so carefully, a few WN's here.
I cannot tell you my astonishment at how, shall we say, aware they are of Das Ewige Jude.

Either way, I feel that when it really bites -- and you know what I mean by "it" -- things will start off bloody and end in a welter. Sure hope I live to see it.

Read the books.


Anonymous said...

And to give you a wonderful idea of politicians are all about ... watch George Carlin's take on politician-speak.

George Carlin can say some "outrageous" things —— years ago the U.S. Supreme Court found his "seven filthy words" monolgue indecent. But in 1999, when he stopped at the National Press Club in Washington, George Carlin had other words to say.

  GEORGE CARLIN: "I'm not here to advance any political, social or environmental cause. I am, in fact, blessedly agenda-free. I don't want to save the river. I don't want to save the bay. I don't want to save the canyon, the whale, the wetlands, the rain forest, or the flying, spotted dwarf something-or-other. I don't want to save the children, above all [laughter and applause]. Frankly, I don't care about many of those things. Between you and me, those battles were lost a long time ago."

Have a great Easter ... and fuck all you faggots who try to rename it the "Spring break". (or "Autumn Break" or whatever.)


Remember it's the propaganda. If we had five people like Carlin getting the message out, the yids would be a tiny tribe deservingly shivering and starving in some Latvian shtetl.

BTW ... take a look at the face on Carlin's right. He is not amused.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure Bemused. Martinus makes a good point about the lefties being caught up in their own web of laws.

I am afraid that I do not share Your optimism. The left adhere only to the laws that convenience them. Any legislation -- theirs or anyone else's -- that stands in their way is merely steamrollered or ignored.

If they cannot do this, they simply bullshit and blather their way out of trouble ... aided and abetted by the MSM. A perfect example is the South African guy who presented a perfectly credible case to Canada that he was a victim of racial persecution ... and therefore a refugee.

He was steamrollered out of existence. The problem with us is that we basically obey the law, just or unjust, because that is the way we are.

The left, who are essentially third-world in their thinking, see any law as an obstacle to be gotten around -- because that is the way they are.

We will only get anywhere when we treat their law (and their so-called rights) with the same contempt with which they treat ours.

Stop playing the gentlemen's game

Stop being fucking gentlemen. The left are basically niggers. The only thing they understand is pain.
Give them some.

Read the books.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at bankrupt California. Over a decade its population went up by 10 000 000 but only 150 000 of those are tax payers.

It is, as coined here, being detroited.

Anonymous said...

It is a baldrickesque plan to re-unite Ireland.

Some day some one will look at the six counties and say "Gibsmedat! NOW MOFO NOW!" and with the eloquence of the appeal David Cameron's successor somewhere down the line will add it to Newafrica.

Anonymous said...

Tens of thousands of Irish fought for the "Allies", how disappointing. Serve the Devil and get the Devils reward.

Anonymous said...

Ahh a baby nigger..aint it cute, and it likes skittles,

Anonymous said...

@UN. You refer to ' truly stupendous amount of ill-will they store up.'

Well, have to say I don't see it at all. Most people I know, make that virtually everyone I know, are totally oblivious to the machinations of the Tribe. They'd be as likley to blame the wrath of Thor for our misfortunes.

They don't control the media and the overall political agenda for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I got to watch world star hip hop this morning, shows up the nigger for all his worth, but, it has its uses, the main one I think is to see excaltly how these savages fight, here is a typical example
forewarned is forearmed

Anonymous said...

Well I for one believe that The Sun shines out of shatter's arse. Or is it the guardian?

Anonymous said...

Be careful Ireland, land of my mother's ancestors, "they" are already discussing whites here in America, you know those people who built America, fought it's wars, and forged the country through "blood, sweat, and tears" like we whites are already gone, and as if we are of no consequence at all. "They" have already erased our history from schools, erased our presence from many areas of cities, erased us from the White House, Justice Department, and much of the US government is occupied by blacks and foreigners of various sorts.
The future will be just as bleak as we allow it to be. The future is with those who want it strong enough to fight for it.

Anonymous said...

Okay. it may not be Ireland but it is ... relevant.

Guardian Cherkasov story lifts lid on UK Cop-Putin complicity.



Almost exactly a year ago, The Slog revealed – I think for the first time in a UK blog, although I can’t be certain – the existence of three blag-and-recruit commercial and market spies working in a secure Chelsea House. I know the names of these people, and I know the identity of the man who employs them. So too do sports fans both here and in the US. The source of the story remains so frightened of discovery, all my attempts to obtain further details have since failed….although I remain in contact with this person.

Shortly afterwards, I made the acquaintance of a professional anti-cyber consultant who, for the first time, briefed me on just how small-time the Hackgate story was. It might get much bigger, he added, but celeb message hacking was little more than a nice distraction. He in turn introduced me to two others: and as it happens, a close friend I’ve known for twenty years was also at one time heavily involved in this area.

The area I refer to is cyber-spying and agent recruitment in London – both of which are designed to unearth market, commercial, R&D and military secrets. On June 13th last year, I wrote a Slog special based on this research. In that I quoted a source as follows:

‘“There are two reasons why the police are just about the last thing these people need to worry about. First of all, they’re spying on people who are almost certainly breaking the law themselves. So the police don’t get involved. And secondly, the police can be bribed”.

Considering the catastophic results of the Kim Philby/Burgess-McLean/Blunt spy revelations, convincing even the CIA of the basic untrustworthiness of the brit intelligence community ... even their firmest allies would be fools to entrust them with a laundry list -- never mind a state secret.

There is hope for us after all.


john said...

Wow...I thought amerika was bad. Oh, hold it, it is. They dont even need the 70k here...

Anonymous said...

Read the comments. YT's pissed and dem niggas sho don't like it. If the pavement apes get to lippy this year they're going to get a nasty surprise. Here's hoping anyway.

ZOG only needs to fail in one of our nations for it to fail in all of them.

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles checking in.

I think this is applicable:

Africa for Africa
Asia for Asians
Israel for Jews or you're an anti-semite!
America for everybody or you're-a-nazi-that-wants-to-kill-6 million-jews

Carlin's right. This battle was lost before I was born.

America is *full* of great, generous, beautiful whites. Unfortunately, our foreign and domestic policies are 100% dictated by the jew. Please don't judge us by their actions.

we've been asleep for generations, but we're starting to wake up.

J Bull said... Can you reassure me? Are whites really starting to wake up in the US? It seems to me your enemies are getting stronger.

Anonymous said...

The more I read and understand the more I see Hitler was right about the Jews.
The wrong people won that war for sure.

Anonymous said...

That white man in a pick up truck who shot five blacks inTulsa turns out to be an American indian.Where's Jesse ?Where's Sharpton

PreatorianXVI said...

A Synthesis of the Soviet Textbook on Psychopolitics

The strength and power of Psychopolitics cannot be overestimated, particularly when used in a nation decayed by pseudo-intellectualism, where exploitation of the masses combines readily with psychopolitical actions, and particularly where the greed of Capitalistic or Monarchial regimes has already brought about an overwhelming incidence of neurosis which can be employed as the groundwork for psychopolitical action and psychopolitical corps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Savant. Is there any relevance to this?

"People power, Ben Gilroy, Irish government served summons"

I can find nothing on it.


Anonymous said...

John Dewrbyshire has been sacked for revealing thta black people hate everyone including other black people. CNN dismisses Derbyshire on a programme as racist trash without mentioning one word of the article well let Audacious Bodacious Cretinious Detentionius Egregrarious Fatuous Gratuitious-Hatingus Imbecilius Jackassious Kletptomanious Latrinius Moronius Negrious Obnoxious Platypus Qwentranios Sonambulunious Treyvon Uxorious Venomous Xenonius Youcretinious Zenophobius explain that the secret identity of the Maryland Powerball winner has been found and if John Derbyshire wnats his idemntity kept secret he should make reparations to my account at Bank of Lagos, Nigeria, MOTHER AFRIKA!

SAVANT said...

UN. Unfortunately no. This is a worthy gesture, but a futile one.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@UN. You refer to ' truly stupendous amount of ill-will they store up.'

Well, have to say I don't see it at all. Most people I know, make that virtually everyone I know, are totally oblivious to the machinations of the Tribe. They'd be as likley to blame the wrath of Thor for our misfortunes.

They don't control the media and the overall political agenda for nothing.

Very true Annonny. The great unwashed sleepwalk toward the cliff. They have been doing so, since time immemorial, but happily, will continue to do so, long after we're dust.

The world seems to be divided into 90-95% who simply do what they're told -- always have, always will.

The 2% who do the telling, and the three to eight percent whose reflex action to authority is give it the finger.

Remember, the greatest myth ... the biggest lie is that there is such a thing as "public opinion".

There is no public opinion.

There is what the MSM tell everyone to think, and that is your precious public opinion. Whether people think it or not is immaterial ... it is what you are told everyone thinks.
Ignore the great unwashed. Their opinion -- if they have one at all -- is what the PTB tell them to have.

If we were running the show, they'd be thinking what we tell them to think. Trust me on this.
They are sheep. They are fog. They are moving scenery.

And when everything goes titties-up they will be frightened and confused scenery. Getting in the way, as they have always done.


Anonymous said...

While we are celebrating Easter, I'll take this opportunity to jump on the bandwagon ...

Go to:-

... and read some very interesting stuff. Then, pop over to part two and read how the Vatican (with the help of a few tribals) gave us all a quick shot up the bum (not just the choirboys) in 1965 ...

The War on Easter, Part 1
April 6, 2012

Trudie Pert

A teaching that does not come out of Nordic blood and carry Nordic spirit cannot spread itself among Nordic races. Since Christianity had become a successful religion for two thousand years only among Nordic races (not among Jews) and Christian ideas were the greatest culturally creative force in human history, it was simply impossible that Christ, the driving force of Christianity could have been a Jew. (From a 1938 issue of, Der Stürmer, National Socialist Newspaper [1])
The new book, Kosher Jesus “seeks to offer to Jews and Christians the real story of Jesus, a wholly observant, Pharisaic Rabbi who fought Roman paganism and oppression and was killed for it… as Christians and Jews now come together to love and support the majestic and humane Jewish state. “it’s time that Christians rediscover the deep Jewishness and religious Jewish commitment of Jesus, while Jews reexamine a lost son who was murdered by a brutal Roman state who sought Roman culture and rule upon a tiny yet stubborn nation.” (Hasidic Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, on the publication of his new book, February 1, 2012.[2])

As Easter approaches and we look forward to the great Passion music of the week we are resigned to hearing the usual shrill accusations of anti-Semitism by self righteous Jews. The purpose of such accusations is to force us to feel shame for a civilization whose art supposedly resulted in atrocities against the ancestors of the Jewish activists. This Easter, though, something new is in the air. Rabbi Boteach has just come out with a book, Kosher Jesus, in which he defends Jesus as one of the tribe’s own. What could be a Hasidic rabbi’s motivation for writing a positive portrayal of Jesus? After all, Jews found the person of Jesus anathema for thousands of years and have degraded him in the most disgusting fashion since their Babylonian Talmud. That Rabbi Boteach and other highly placed Orthodox Jews now purport to regard Jesus as a welcome racial insider worthy of intense sympathetic study does not portend well.

While I am on this portentous subject, does anyone else notice that Easter egg chocolate tastes completely different to chocolate all year round?

Also I was amazed to read that Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" (much loathed by the tribe) grossed over 600 000 000 bucks. Just imagine all that loot not lining hebrew pockets.

No wonder they hate the shit out of Gibson.


Denise said...

Hey - every-one's trashed dear old Adolf - but he TRIED to warn every-one.

It's not like you haven't been warned about the Tribe for centuries.

Time to re-think the Reich?

Anonymous said...

@J Bull

Los Angeles Dodgers fan here

The United States is lost, if I'm honest. The jew owns us 100%, top to bottom, government, military, financial, and business.

I just woke up in this last year. The Federal Reserve swindle opened the door.

It's a thought crime to even think about jews here, and impossible to speak openly of them.

Race realism is becoming more common, thanks to the 'net. Even liberals in Los Angeles know to fear the blacks.

Rioting opens a lot of eyes LOL

John Wayne said...

The National Review have sacked a Brit writer for warning white kids, on Takis mag,about the dangers they face from negroes....

Anonymous said...

LA Dodgers fan....expat Red Sox fan here. Agree 100% with all you say. I ask if your awakening is an exception or is it becoming more widespread. No question the jews own us lock stock and barrell. Just wonder are people waking up?

Anonymous said...

The Goy Whisperer weaves its sinuous web of lies about the cerebral cortex of your kind.

It will not stop of its own accord. It cannot stop. It hates. Its hatessssss us all with an incandescent passion.

Anonymous said...

The world seems to be divided into 90-95% who simply do what they're told -- always have, always will.

The 2% who do the telling, and the three to eight percent whose reflex action to authority is give it the finger.

This would almost be the anniversary of the Giffords shooting which was last year's cause du jour of liberals because somehow Sarah Palin was responsible for the democrat's website that caused a Democrat cnavsser to shoot the Democrat politician that he canvassed for.

The other story of that was some crowd taunting supporters of other baseball teams that the grand daughter of the former manager of a team or two and general manger elsewhere and the daughter of a LA Dodgers scout was the victim. Somehow this was allowed to pass by the mods and no one else noticed that the poster was an idiot because the grandfather had worked for their team.

Unfortunately an Oakland Raiders fan joined the forumand had to be kicked out along with that member who started the taunting. (And possibly a few others.)

I suppose when you walk behind a garbage truck picking up garbage so that it can be disposed of you get used to picking up (on) garbage so that it can be disposed of?

AnalogMan said...

UN: "The problem with us is that we basically obey the law, just or unjust, because that is the way we are."

I have lately been thinking why this is so. I think a clue may be something I saw in a television programme in England back in 1998. It was called Mindreaders, and basically dealt with autism. It concluded that autism was a spectrum of behaviours, from the extreme of head-banging-on-the -floor, complete inability to communicate, to the normal male brain. The common feature is an inability to read faces, relative to the way women can. Which is why you married men sometimes swear your wives can read your mind.

It then questioned why this gene, which is obviously not favourable, hasn't been bred out. It suggested that it was because it is associated with other characteristics which are advantageous, like abstract reasoning ability. This they deduced from the fact that autism is more common among the children of people in the engineering, computing and math-related occupations.

This was the first time I heard about Asperger's Syndrome, and realised, not so much that I was not like other people, but that other people are not like me! Reading up on the condition, I find that Aspies are clumsy (so that's why I never got any good at playing the guitar, no matter how much I practised); socially inept (check), and excessively rule-bound.

So I arrive at this hypothesis: Is it possible that our compulsion to obey the law, even when it is clearly wrong, is the downside of the genes that enabled us to build civilization? If so, then this suggests that the Savant's mantra of "worse is better" is mistaken. Because we will not revolt, no matter how bad things get.* Do you see? We're not waiting for a reason to fight. We're waiting for permission.

And if that's true, then the only thing that can save us is a leader or leaders. There is going to be no spontaneous uprising. And such a leader is not going to arise democratically. The machinery of democracy is controlled by the opposition.

* Let me qualify that: Unless things get really bad really suddenly. If we are openly attacked, Haiti-style, we'll fight. If there is a world food crisis, possibly starving Whites might object to seeing food being loaded onto ships for transport to Africa. But a gradual descent into Zimbabwe... South African Whites show that we can and will adapt to it without a murmur.

Shaunantijihad said...

Let's hope France has has enough of slaving away to underwrite the Muslim/African colonisation of France. Marine le Pen is truly a great woman:

I just hope they don't all come to Britain if they flee from a le Pen victory. Cameron would surely love it. But then it really would all become just too obvious, wouldn't it? But Cameron, Milliband, Hodge, Straw etc etc can all go to Israel, once the nation is genetically ruined.

These are the gene wars.

Denise said...

To those of you who state you cannot speak openly about Die Jude - yes you can.

Oh - one must chooose on'e venue, and circumstnace with a bit of discretion - but you can speak aobut them.

I do.

Denise said...

The NSM are allegedly patrolling Sanford FL. We can't figure out of they ARe there, or nort - but the comments, in papers are pretty postive.

Anonymous said...

That white man in a pick up truck who shot five blacks inTulsa turns out to be an American indian.

And according to a Facebook entry, niggers killed his dad 2 years ago.

beppo said...

All these comments regarding Shatter and his activities are useful and, for the most part, relevant: but what about Kenny?
We can understand where Shatter is coming from and his wider motivations, but Kenny is where the buck must stop- he is, after all, the Taoiseach/Prime-Minister.
Can he be, at this stage and after such an avalanche of evidence world-wide and accumulating daily, unaware of the catastrophic consequences of these policies?
If he is,how did such an uninformed, dangerously naive fool get into his position?
Maybe the electorate are getting what they deserve: after all they did vote their leaders in. And yet four out of five people with any views on the matter that I speak to are strongly opposed to what is happening; maybe I move in the wrong circles.
Dermot McMurrough has gone down in infamy in Ireland as the traitor who invited the English into the country- any parallels here?

beppo said...

On second thoughts, maybe it is as plain and simple as Corconian suggests in his missive of April 6: Kenny doesn't give a tinker's curse about the long-term effects to his country and his people and their descendants. In either case he has no right to be in his position.

Anonymous said...

Over the coming years which politcal party in Ireland will immigrants gravitate towards?

Anonymous said...

@ex-pat Red Sox fan,

Yes, the waking-up is happening all over. I am a white, Catholic mom of three whose whole education and career life were about hating my whiteness and being tolerant - and then I realized the tolerance was all supposed to be done by me, and I could never expect any for my beliefs or feelings because of my "white privilege." I am homeschooling my kids so they will not be indoctrinated in that hellish ideology, and was pleased to find that there are two other homeschooling families in my parish, with a total of 9 kids between them. It's a start.

The circle of people with whom I can discuss such things is small, but getting slightly larger day by day. Americans are realizing that voting is a sham, the MSM is disingenuous and bumbling (thanks, St. Trayvon), and whites are tired of being blamed for everything bad that happens to people of color. Unemployment and a depressed economy tend to sharpen the senses.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Cranberry. Reassuring. It gives me hope that we can turn around this attack on us. There's no doubt whatsoever that if a sufficient number of us realize what's being done to us we will overcome. No question at all.

So congratulations to you and your circle. Please keep working and spreading the message. I'll be returning to the States in a year or so and I know I will be doing my bit.

As an earlier comment said, ZOG only needs to fail in one of our nations for it to fail in all of them.

Thank you again.

Red Sox

Anonymous said...

and then I realized the tolerance was all supposed to be done by me,
@Cranberry and now you know why The Netherlands failed. And Belguim. And France.

You should read the John Allan Paultos books.

In one of them his teacher insists that 9 is the highest ERA a pitcher could have. The rules for calculating it were different and she was instructing the children so not out of badness but because it was what she learnedand she wanted to teach them.

Teachers today who are into this PC multi cult garbage? You cannot say that about them.

aceshigh said...

AnalogMan. Most interesting post. I too have wondered for some time whether I have a touch of AS as well. And I too find I'm ruled by laws and order. Having said that I'm only waiting for a chance to break out and take the pikes from the loft.

Anonymous said...

Sav.I've heard from reliable sources that crime committed by immigrants in Ireland is becoming a huge problem.It's all being hushed up by our over lords.Where can i get stats on this.It might help in convincing those that "c'ant see" we need to pull up the draw bridge.(source comes from someone who works in an irish prison).

Anonymous said...


LA Dodgers fan here

I figured it out, Cranberry figured it out. 10,000 people attended a UCLA Ron paul rally, they all were aware of the federal reserve scam(what opened my eyes).

More people now are awake or starting to than for generations.

Ron Paul losing states taught me the elections are rigged.

The gubmint is trying to pass a rider on a transportation bill that your passport get revoked if you owe taxes. Internal TSA checkpoints to restrict movement are becoming more common.

Things are getting bad. Please be careful if you decide to come here.

Cranberry is 100% right.

SAVANT said...

@anon 20.07. You're correct. My sources are a senior prison officer (Cork Prison) and several criminal lawyers. The numbers are vastly disproportional as you say. But you realy expect to get official figures somewhere? Did you come down on the last cloud? Can you imagine 'our' Mr. Shitter revealing such a thing?

Anonymous said...

At anon 20.07 have a look at
Deals with rape as an Islamic weapon of war, unfortunately its focus is in the wider European context but you will find statistics to help in an argument.

Anonymous said...

Sav.You're right.How naive of me.

Anonymous said...

Alleged people like Pamela Izzitbekaziizblak come here without one bit of regard for our laws and they are more likely to wind up in prison as they come here without a valid reason with utter contempt for our laws?

You cannit be serious?

kulak said...

Ron Paul losing states taught me the elections are rigged.

Ron Paul losing the last time taught me Ron Paul is a loser.

Ron Paul is allowed to talk about the Fed because (a) you can't have a true World Bank if the Fed is independent -- Paul's a pawn in an international Jew banker skirmish -- and (b) the more time you're talking about the Fed, the less time you're talking about white genocide.

Regardless of whether Ron Paul wins or loses, "we're not racist" (and they're not) Paul supporters lose.

They lose the MOST if he WINS.

They lose that most precious of all a man's resources.

They lose TIME.

true grid said...

anon 21.48. It'd make no difference even if Paul won and even if he was the candidate he claims to be. He'd just be a cypher. The real power will be wielded in the usual way.

whitevanman said...

kulak: Took me a while to figure out your point but it's a good one.

Anonymous said...

Note that Shatter supported this Pamela Izzitbekaziizblak all the way to the bitter end. Another opportunity for racial degradation.

Anonymous said...

While we're on the subject ... it looks as though you have lots more enrichers heading for Europe ...

Brussels bringing Turkey into EU under the radar

Detailed plans to extend the same rights to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Israel

The Slog has obtained sight of an official Brussels Commission document which, while not confidential, has not as far as I can tell been the subject of MSM coverage, or indeed any vote at all among MEPs. Although dated March 30th 2012 as a ‘proposal for a decision’, I can reveal that the decision has been approved and is already going ahead. It is to grant Turkish citizens the same residency and labour rights in Europe as existing EU citizens.

The unelected European Commission has repealed the 1980 Ankara Accord between what was then the EEC and Turkey, and replaced it with a major change to the rights of Turkish citizens in the EU. The proposal was presented to a working group (we know not who) eleven days ago on March 30th, and approved by that same anonymous gathering. It specifically adds that ‘A first package with similar proposals in respect of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Israel was adopted by the Council in October 2010′ and that this too will be updated to bring it into line with the Turkish proposals.

Don't you just love the bit about including fucking Israel? As if they've been left out all these years. Poor little darlings.


Detailed plans to extend the same rights to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Israel

The Slog has obtained sight of an official Brussels Commission document which, while not confidential, has not as far as I can tell been the subject of MSM coverage, or indeed any vote at all among MEPs. Although dated March 30th 2012 as a

SAVANT said...

UN: I'm fucking speechless. The traitorous fucking bastards. I'd say a lot of this is simply, literally buying key officials and pols off with Saudi and Gulf Arab money. Re Israel, well we know where that influnce comes from. They're traitors of the worst kind.

Anonymous said...

Out where the river broke
The bloodwood and the desert oak Holden wrecks and boiling diesels Steam.

The tiome has come (Like unintentionally like D4ed that word like deliberately.)
To say fairs fair
It belongs to them
Lets give it back.

Iron Felix said...

Iron Felix said;
Denise, 9th April, asks, time to rethink the Reich? Well, sound girl, yes of course it is, long gone time so to do. It may require a bit more cerebration than might at first appear, however. It is quite usual to equate nazism and fascism, as though they were more or less interchangeable terms. Fascism, however, is a theory of government, easily enough understood in itself. While not overwhelmingly high on the ethical totem pole it stands well above marxism. (The former seeks a unified societal ethos; the latter sanctifies one group in society with a view to using that group as the cannon-fodder with which society as a whole may be demolished). The Third Reich, in its lineaments, clearly had a fascist ethos to it (as, in a clumsy and inchoate way, did Stalin's Russia, curiously enough) BUT-and its a big but-Nazism was something else again. Fascism could be established in more or less any society sufficiently advanced for it; nazism, however, is quite species-specific. It can only be realised by Germanic people or people of a similar turn of mind. Certainly, one will see from time to time buffoons clowning around with the regalia, but that is all that is; buffoons, poltroons, posturers.
Nazism, what is it? How did it arise? What were the real driving forces within it? What was its historical context (and here we may go back at least as far as the 18th century)? And, do you know what? The question has yet to be even articulated, let alone actually addressed. We may wait a century, a millenium, before someone finally asks, "Who were they? Who were those guys really? What were they really intending to do?".
I beg of you, do not hold your breath on this one.

Anonymous said...

Peter Hain is on Toady FM explaining his anti-apartheidness at the moment.

Jeremy said...

Iron Felix. An easy answer to that. Anyone who raises the subject of the Nazis in anything other than total and unqualified condemnation will be expelled from polite company, if not a lot worse. (cf. David Irving).

Corkonian said...

Peter Hain is on Toady FM explaining his anti-apartheidness at the moment.

I'm sure the interviewer is really putting him through the wringer.


Anonymous said...

"A nation can suffer it's fool's, but cannot survive the traitor"


Read more:

Anonymous said...

LA Dodgers fan here-

funny you mention the Nazis. I was talking to a friend about them the other day. He couldn't grasp anything other than they were 100% evil, the MOST evil people evah!

I said take away the death camp lies and how bad were they? He didn't have any facts, just feelings.

The Juden have programmed us well. Nazis are the *most* evil group ever, because they hated jews! If you question a jews motive you are a nazi that wants to kill 6 million and stuff them in ovens!

Sadly, my grandfathers fought for the wrong side in the war. If only Hitler had won.

The guy was far from perfect, but he had the right idea throwing out the Jews and their laws, and whites are the master race after all, we're just not allowed to say it out loud.

Anonymous said...

We need this at our universities

Sometime last month Jontha axed a great question that YT professor could not answer and now these typical black students discuss how the pyramids were made by the rulers of Kemet.

Kevin said...

The guy was far from perfect, but he had the right idea throwing out the Jews and their laws, and whites are the master race after all, we're just not allowed to say it out loud

Soon we won't even be allowed to think it. I'm serious.

PS: Anon 8.21. That link doesn't work for me.

Anonymous said...

Well Kevin I do believe that these links of TNB disappear because they go down the wrong tubes on the interwoogie.

Anonymous said...

The building of the pyramids in Kemet as explained through interpretive dance

Maybe this link will work? (Whispers for longer?)

dave said...

Wow! That's some freaking chimpout, isn't it?

Notice how at the end nobody seems upset. All part of a normal day's chimping.

Anonymous said...

Chimpin' ain't easy

Worldstarhiphop version

Henry IX said...

Now THAT is what I call a good chimpout!

Anonymous said...

O Riordain likes the natural look

The virtues of young women not wearing make-up were extolled by Aodhan O Riordain, who spoke out against girls and women being "over-commercialised from a young age".

He reminisced about his days in college in the 1990s. "When I went to UCD, no woman I knew ever wore make-up -- and that's what was so wonderful about them," he said

This idiot has the same forename surname combination as that idiot who said he contacted the Gardai because a Fine Gael councillor in Kells objected to being mistreated by africans.

Clogheen said...

It's the same O'Riordan, isn't it??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

That white man in a pick up truck who shot five blacks inTulsa turns out to be an American indian.

And according to a Facebook entry, niggers killed his dad 2 years ago.

And the habitual criminal only got sentenced for 4 years!

Anonymous said...

Mutant Sawarm at sbpdl

The last thing that flew out of the box that Pandora opened was Hope.

My girlfriend was arranging for a temporary office manager, while taking a couple of weeks off to help me recover from surgery. She told the temp agency manager that since she worked in a medical office with a number of high-profile patients, she needed a dependable person who could deal with them tactfully. The person would need to speak English understandably, be punctual, and be efficient and familiar with medical office procedures.

The temp manager, who has never met my girlfriend face to face, replied, " want a white person."

Remember this story when you feel like we're not making any headway.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Mutant. Will do!