Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

Even though it’s been a central component of our culture I’ve hated organised Christianity from a very young age.  A major part of the revulsion has been the all-consuming stench of hypocrisy that slimed every level of the organisation. But if you want to encounter an industrial scale example, well, read on.

According to the Irish TimesMichelle Mulherin (FG Mayo) gave the media palpitations during the debate on abortion legislation when she quivered about “fornication” in the course of an ironically impenetrable speech.”  Michelle bemoaned the country’s moral turpitude, it’s proliferation of fornication, and then issued a dire warning. “Fornication leads to births outside of marriage

Wow!  Who could have imagined?

For her troubles this throwback to a bygone age  became the butt of countless jokes, one of which had a photo of her in a nun’s garb.

But the real Michelle , “who holds strong Christian beliefs” is somewhat different to this picture. Because she has had, as ‘a very  close companion’ a Kenyan cultural enricher. Since 1997!   "But The Irish Mail reveals that  in defending her position she neglected to mention her own first-hand knowledge of the impact sex outside marriage can have.  The Irish Mail on Sunday can reveal that the man she is referring to is Mr Kole, a devout born-again Christian educated in Mombasa, Kenya.

“Kole, who ‘holds very strong born-again Christian beliefs’ (just like Michelle) left Kenya in the mid-Eighties and moved to London, where he worked as a part-time photographer for a number of years before travelling to Ireland for a weekend break in 1989. During his short stay here, he met a wealthy French woman and the pair began a relationship. He moved to Ireland to live with her full time.”

Aw, isn’t that nice?  I love a bit of romance.

According to the Mail however “after three years together, the couple decided to go their separate ways and Mr Kole, who was describing himself as an actor at the time” (well fuck me, that was true anyway) “moved to Calary, Co. Wicklow” where the 35 year-old met an 18-year-old south Dublin girl who "would go on to have his child". No surprise there.  But here comes the really amazing bit.  Are you holding on to something solid? Because Kole left the mother and hightailed it when the baby was just 12 months old!  

Can you credit a black father doing that?

Shortly after abandoning the mother and child this devout Christian met another devout Christian. In this case Michelle Mulherrin, who was and is quite a high flyer. She’s a leading lawyer in the West of Ireland, Mayor of Ballina (a good-sized town on Mayo) and a TD (equivalent to a British MP).  Undeterred by his past indiscretions she brought Kone back to Ballina with her and got him a job in a hotel. And he’s been there since.  Now, given that they’re both devout God-fearing Christians we must assume that the relationship is totally platonic.

Yes. An African going without muh dick for 15 years.

Truly a miracle.  Truly the Lord moves in mysterious ways.


Piet said...

See his paws around her waist?

Shaunantijihad said...

Christianity seems to be a multi-racial religion, so it's not good for whites, in my opinion. Although, it must be said, it was good enough for many of the "evil racist" founders of the United States.

Anyway, mass voter fraud has been already proven in the French elections to keep Marine le Pen down:

But if we are going to be religious, here's my prayer:

Oh President Putin! As the last white leader who is not a traitor, will you please invade Europe and establish a League of Caucasian Nations - and yes, we will declare you Emperor as a thank you.

And don't forget the Tribe murdered 6 million Ukrainians and 60 million Russians, perhaps more. They are over here. Come and get 'em. Please.

Anonymous said...

So,not only are Find Gael inviting Africans here,their fucking them as well.

Bemused stare said...

Mudsharks will doom humanity.

Anonymous said...

None of these modern churches are really Christian because they ignore what's in the Bible just as the US Government these days does its damndest to ignore what's in the US Constitution so if you want to bash these idiots how about calling them modern Christians or judeo Christians so we could have a little qualification.

Anonymous said...

Shaunantijihad said...

Christianity seems to be a multi-racial religion, so it's not good for whites, in my opinion. Although, it must be said, it was good enough for many of the "evil racist" founders of the United States.

Shaun, once again, hits le nail on le head.

Adopt their tactics, boil everything down to its simplest terms and ask yourself ... "Is it good for whites?"

If not, eschew it or screw it. Be utterly single-minded.


Denise said...

To Every-one:

The 7th Commandment is not really about cheating on your spouse.

It's about miscegenation. To adulterate" means to destroy a substance by mixing that substance with an incompatible, "unlike" substance.Yes yes yes - don't cheat on your spouse -but more to the point DON'T RACE MIX!!!!

Miscegenation is literally abomination.

Pass that along to the despicable Mud Shark.

F McCool said...

'So,not only are Find Gael inviting Africans here,their fucking them as well'

Yeah, and they're also fucking the rest of us while they're at it.

I'm votingNO in the referendum. Dont know or give a shit what it's about but just want to sock it to these c*nts.

Mary said...

I am sickened Savant ---I have hit the wall. My shame and disgrace is now complete for I am from Mayo as well and these treasonous cows ought to hang from the highest post.


Next time I see Miss Michelle, I will make sure to show my displeasure.

Also: to the good and sane healthy Christians: PLEASE READ CAMBRIA WILL NOT YIELD!!!!

Anonymous said...

Christianity is a thing of clay, a slave owner 200 years ago ? No prob - fully supported in the scriptures (I'm proud to say more forefathers owned some of these untermenschen, hell, they were here and for sale, so why buy one or two), current time: ungodly to be a "racist" and Jesus was a Jew, so you've go to stick your nose up their arses. Nothing to the so called religion and nor for intelligent people.

Glock88 said...

Christianity was invented by Jews specially to destroy the Roman Empire and in general to destroy the White race.--Ben Klassen from Natures Eternal Religion. Required reading for every white person.

Gem Junior said...

OMG, this bitch is an absolute pillar of hypocriscy - talking in one moment about fornication and the next she is out on the town with Leroy. OMG, I am really at a loss for words, and that never happense, trust me. Becoming a lawyer, a mayor, a mudshark, and helping to destroy the country while the two of them are at home on their knees on the prie-dieu, I'm sure.
A black man who left his child? Imagine that - I must say that was unexpected. It's not often you see that. LOL, it is so bred in the bone, so purely genetic that I wish we were offered bets on it. We'd be millionaires. It's as if they look at a child they've fathered and have the exact opposite reaction of a white man to nurture and protect. They need to run from it and look for the next coalburning bitch to stick it too. They are also hung like donkeys (I don't know that from being anywhere near it by choice but was forced to as a nurse not having the choice as in segregation damn!) and it seems that this is closely related to lower orders, and what possessed this NUN when she is presented with it? I wonder if her lips move quickly, muttering the words "Deliver me O Lord, Let this cup pass from me...." - Not likely. This whore went out looking for Muh Dik even though she likes to give the impression she is a nun, she's a slut who is after Tar Rolls and Tootsie Rolls. Disgusting!!!!!!

Gem Junior said...

That is a FANTASTIC idea, let Putin do this, we will really have a leader we can depend on who doesn't give 2 shits about kowtowing to PC-ness! I love this idea, and I would love to have him as my Emperor. He can certainly save stupid Whites from themselves and put stupid libs in the gulags, start up the old gulags! Yippeee

Anonymous said...

It's true....The Commandments are against interracial marriage, else it would be a repeat

Anonymous said...

part time photographer, he was probably doing kiddy porn and got his black ass run out,and i got relatives in Charlestown in Mayo and years back they wondered why the ppl in the usa were so racist as they worked with blacks in england and found them to be staunch fellows, maybe now they got the picture, no pun in tended.

Anonymous said...

Some guy could not join the British Psychiatric Association because he said that he could cure gays but that meant he was not a friend of Moosammee Bamjee who came up with the stupid suggestion of putting the dangerous lithium in drinking water to cure depression.

It is ad if they have one set of rules for one set of complete charlatans and another for another!

white rose said...

Mary - from what you know, were people in Mayo aware of this disgusting relationship? And if so do you think it'll have an impact on her career?

Anonymous said...

Christianity was invented to destroy the Roman Empire? It was actually the Germanic tribes who did that before they converted and went on to dominate the world as was predicted circa 600 BC in Daniel 2:34-35. Daniel 2:41-43 describes the division of Rome and Byzantium and the racemixing that undermined the empire. Real Christianity protected Europe for centuries against eastern invaders. Read about the defence of Malta in 1565 and the kind of men who led it. Many whites who call themselves Christians today are lost for a lack of knowledge as mentioned in Hosea 4:6. When I was a kid I wondered why there were two commandments against cheating on your wife or her cheating with you instead of just one. Now I know that only one of the commandments ( the tenth ) refers to this.

Eimear said...

Bang goes my Theory of the Stork then.

Anonymous said...

Savant check out the letters in the Irish Indo today, you'll love one of em

Mary said...

White Rose:

I do not think this was common knowledge, as I have never heard it, although I admit that although I am from Mayo, I do not live there full time.
I will be down there next week and am going to do some investigating ;) I shall report back to the SAVANT HQ with my findings.

Anonymous said...

Eh, you know the saying:

"Once you go black, you're a single mom."

Anonymous said...

@Shuan I'm seriously considering moving to the East. I'll give you an Amen for your prayer

Finn said...

This is worth reading! White liberal immigrant-lover gets ripped a new one by Telegraph readers after he slags off Marine Le Pen:

The Telegraph

Henry IX said...

Wow, this prick in the DT really got ripped for the article on Le Pen. And rightly so.

Bemused stare said...

Thanks for the link Finn. Nauseating garbage. Nice to see him get told off.

Anonymous said...

O.K... with all this chatter about Mayo? and Ballina?, I thought I'd educate myself as to what these names meant for somebody like myself living across the Atlantic, and having never been to Ireland.

So onward with a quick look at wikipedia to bring myself, and other clueless international readers up to speed.

A lot of ancient Irish history exits there, and seeing just one Black African on the streets of Ballina would spoil the ambiance for me.

In my own "back yard" this story made the news a couple of years ago, describing how a young White Christian couple just had to alleviate those pesky White-guilt feelings and fly down to Haiti to adopt not one, but TWO Black kids.

Where there were none before, now there are two incongruous faces walking around that little Saskatchewan town.

The rapidly diminishing 8% of the world's population who describe themselves as European White people, are moving headlong on this racial suicide mission.

Michelle Mulherin and her indoctrinated ilk, whose white-child bearing potential represent a tiny 2% of the world's 7,000,000,000 people, could help save the White race from extinction, but choose otherwise... much to our collective detriment.

Hector said...

"just one Black African on the streets of Ballina "

If only. Walk down ANY town in Ireland and you'll see dozens of them.

Anonymous said...

You wont see em hardly ever in the villages and countryside. They stick to the towns and cities like glue as in Britain and Scandinavia. Get out into the Irish countryside if you want to holiday here. The west clare coast is unaffected if you want a beach holiday. Remember Trevor Phillips was complaining only a few years ago that the Welsh countryside was too white. If it hadn't happened by then its hardly going to now. I think the Norwegians Swedes and Finns have a chance of salvaging something in the future because of the size, rugged landscape and unfriendly climate of their countries and because of their own adaptability to the outdoors. How are the new norwegians going to maintain those mountain roads and all the other magnificant feats of engineering. They'll stick to the cities. And cities need food which doesn't appear out of thin air.

Call Joe said...

There's more fun starting at the Telegraph as another one of their white-hating marxist shills gets torn apart by the increasingly incensed readers:

Daily Telegraph

00:43 said...

It's kind of funny because I watched this lady on The Saturday Night show where she was coming across as some kind of firebrand for traditional values. She even told people they should stop being afraid of not being PC about things. Great, I thought, maybe she'll condemn immigration next, maybe she's an up an coming new right politician-just what the country needs.

And how wrong I was, all that hope lost. She's shagging a coon the whole time-more fool I.

Amazing how these penniless, semi-educated chancers from beneath the Sahara can get som many sad, funny looking white women.

It'll all end in tears, believe me.

J Bull said...

Amazing how these penniless, semi-educated chancers from beneath the Sahara can get som many sad, funny looking white women

Most of the mud sharks are fat and ignorant. This one is neither, but beauty, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Please check this out ... and read the books.

What to read? (Part 2)
April 23, 2012 | Tom Sunic

Literature: Harold Covington

Let us leave aside the political plausibility or post-historical veracity of Covington’s novels dealing with the war of White independence at the beginning of the 21st century in the Pacific Northwest.
What needs to be singled out in Covington’s prose is his language, his ability to construct both real and surreal plots, and above all his skill to administer a good dose of empathy with his diverse characters.

And indeed there is a whole gallery of diverse characters in his novels — from disfranchised poor Whites from the South who were once victims of positive discrimination and who have now landed in the embattled Northwest, to ritzy and sold-out WASP politicians in DC, vying to be more Jewish than the Jews themselves.
Each of his numerous characters is carefully situated in his own timeframe, each carrying his own clusters of conflicting memories, often haunting him for the rest of his life. Covington, as much as he dissects the mindset of his warring heroes does not just examine their self-proclaimed racial awareness, but focuses instead on their historical consciousness. The reader won’t find characters blaring “White power!” or sporting swastikas, or endlessly debating about the ominous Jews. The frequent monologues by his characters bear witness that their individual memories are seldom sweet. Even in a pristine environment of the Northwest Republic, residents are immersed in their own Shakespearean dilemmas of being vs. not being.
In most cases the racial awareness of Covington’s characters is coupled with their reminiscences of the haunting times of bygone eras. Thus, in his latest novel Freedom’s Sons depicting the nascent Northwest Republic, we come across a man who serves as one of the chiefs of the Northwest secret police. But this man has also a past; he is not just an empty White slate. His grandparents, back in the mid-20th century had fled communist Czechoslovakia and settled in the city of Chicago – only to discover another form of paleo-communist aka liberal insanity.
Their progeny, the future settlers in the Northwest, realized that in the land of the free and the home of the brave, they were not just subjects to the terror of affirmative action, but also victims of serial burglaries and rampant Black crime. Finally, after much procrastination they decided to move to the Northwest, encountering on their way both physical and psychological roadblocks which in many ways reflected the predicaments they had once encountered in communist Europe.

Read more »


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Haitian adoptees, I read sometime ago that these aborigines were a real terror - defecating anyplace in the house, utterly filthy and out of control, like having a pet Chimp running amok in ones home. Hope the idiot young couple adopt a few more, they obviously enjoy pain, but appear to be too stupid to appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

And another brilliant video from, amazingly enough, Trevor Loudon. A kiwi anti-communist who, up until now, never ever stepped on the third rail.

MUST SEE Political Correctness Exposed! Marxism Communism Frankfurt School: End of Freedom

This guy is good. I am going to keep a look out for pyjamas TV from now on.


john said...

Anon 9:44 is correct. Furthermore, just because someone calls themselves Christian no more means that they are than those "new" Irish are actually Irish - no matter what their passport or shitter says. "By their fruits ye shall know them".
The Bible is staunchly against race mixing, as well as separation of US from the other races. read it for yourself...
This woman is about as Christian as i am muslim - however, she is being propagated as such by design. This is to draw the exact reaction[s] as many here, including that of our beloved host, as well as either sicken those of no conviction and/or convince those of nominal Christian faith that such is the norm and or desirable. This is propaganda.
Those here are [correctly] cynical about anything in the MSM ; why wouldn't you be just as wary of anyone purporting to embrace Christianity when they OBVIOUSLY do not? Don't fall into their trap - think about it.

Anonymous said...

LA Dodgers Fan here

In Minnesota they say '20 below keeps the riff raff out', which has a lot of truth to it.

The 'sun people' hate the snow.

Quite frankly I think they're too stupid to figure out how to survive.

I personally will be moving to the northwest, the last white territory of the United States.

I might as well vote with my feet while I still have the chance.

I gotta say, I've seen blacks in a midwestern winter before, and its the funniest thing. I'm cold too, but they're absolutely tortured, and the snow is *white*, just to add insult to injury! ;-)

Anonymous said...

UN I thought Pyjamas was a pro-Zionist site??

Bemused stare said...

I see the Telegraph has a steady stream of dimwits going up to bat against Marie. I have to wonder if they even read the comments they receive.

J Bull said...

And the Telegraph is conservative/right wing.


Anonymous said...

If Germany had won WWII, then interracial marriages and the like would be illegal(race defilement.) Reading this article makes me wish Hitler had played his hand better.

Iron Felix said...

--amid all the eighty or so comments on this item, most of which seem to be wandering off topic or are confined to this judy in Mayo, perhaps you might all concentrate your gaze upon these points.1; our welfare system, as in the rest of Europe, has been largely subverted, inasmuch as it is paid for by White people but now principally benefits immigrants. 2;China's huge population is due to stabilise in the long term, but remains pressing. 3;Black Africa contains just now some 860,000,000 inhabitants, half of whom are still in their mid-teens, and this population is growing explosively. 4; China has its eye upon Black Africa, and its longer term aim will be to move 500,000,000 Chinese there. 5; these will not view Africans with any sort of magnanimity; in fact they have no time whatsoever for the crap we daily endure from Africans. You should anticipate--gulags will be the least of it--the greatest genocide ever. 6; by the time this scenario develops there could be twice as many Africans as now, 1,600,000,000 of them, a bigger population than present-day China. Where will they all go, to escape the Yellow Peril? Anyone interested at all in what our future may hold, insofar as we may have one?

kraken said...

Felix, your 'progression' seems reasonable. I'm quite looking forward to Item 5.

Without doubt Europe is pencilled in as the refuge of choice but if things keep going as they are we might quite literally not be able to absorb this many parasites.

Iron Felix said...

Kraken, old chap---and the rest of you---Europe it is. In little more than a single generation Black Africans will outnumber White Europeans 2 to 1. We have a united message for all these coons; "Come here; indeed come HOME. We have the best freebies in the world and you have dibs on the first, biggest and best of everything in sight." Our despicable liblefties meanwhile are crooning about all that we in the west owe to Africans, thereby engendering a sense of entitlement of epic proportions in them. And we have Shatter almost paying everyone's fare to get here (well, using our monies.......). What we have seen is a mere trickle; what happens when the gamboge lads take over and stampede, at rifle point, the whole vast nightmare spawn in our direction, because believe me that is what is on the agenda.Europe, we included, are faced with extinction and nobody seems to notice. We are on the Titanic and all people can think about is deckchairs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

UN I thought Pyjamas was a pro-Zionist site??

So did I. So, all I can do is invite you to watch the vid and draw your own conclusions.


Heraclitus said...

Felix, sadly I agree with you. As I always says, demographics are destiny. And while I know that demographic trends cannot always be extrapolated accurately, the figures speak for themselves. I seem to remember Mr. Savant calculating some time ago how quickly one prolific family of africans (is that a tautology?) can swamp the population of Iceland.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Felix's comment, let's be blunt. The Chinese don't like us all that much, but they tolerate us because we can make ourselves useful.

As for the nogs, I find it quite feasible that a ruling Chinese administrator in say, Nigeria 2025, finally gets pissed off with having his laundry stolen, says "Enough" ... and starts issuing orders.

One year later and the nigger population of the whole continent will be exceeded by, say, Notting Hill.

My mother always said I was a dreamer.


Anonymous said...

Like rust and cancer, they never sleep.

Big Brother's Next Target: Your Car

By Brian Sussman

Many are quite concerned about Senate Bill 1813, a massive piece of legislation supposedly devoted to transportation issues. Besides including a provision allowing the IRS the power to revoke passports belonging to those who are delinquent with tax debt in excess of $50,000, it appears that the potential law may be used to measure the size of your carbon footprint each time you get behind the wheel. It's all because of a vague provision slipped into bill, which has already passed the U.S. Senate and is likely to be rubber-stamped by the House.

Known as the "Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act," SB 1813 is self-described as "[a]n Act to reauthorize Federal-aid highway and highway safety construction programs, and for other purposes" (emphasis mine).

The legislation would declare it mandatory for all new cars in the U.S. to be fitted with black box-like data recorders beginning in 2015. Known as "Mandatory Event Data Recorders," the devices would be capable of monitoring your speed, driving habits, location, and distance traveled. Removal of the device would be a civil offense.

Such data-collection technology is actually pretty simple. The Progressive auto insurance company currently offers a similar app as a cost-savings feature. Known as "Snapshot," the small device is a no-brainer to install and monitors speed, acceleration, braking habits, and miles driven, to determine the driver's level of risk, which can translate to lower insurance rates.

The text of Senate Bill 1813 never specifically states why such information needs to be collected by the government, but it does indicate that while the measurements would remain the property of the owner of the vehicle, the government would have the authority to retrieve the data in a number of circumstances, including by court order, and pursuant to an investigation or inspection conducted by the secretary of transportation.

Frankly, though, I wouldn't be too concerned. The way the economy's going, US car sales in 2015 will be in the low hundreds, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Narrowback Right-Footer says:

This cow is Mayor of Ballina, in an area of Mayo that was sanctified with the blood of the heroic Irish rebels of 1798. Is this what the "Men of the West" fought and died for? This is a desecration of Ireland and the memory of her fallen patriots that should never be forgiven!

Her "husband" will have the privilege of taking her with him in his luggage when he is sent packing back to his native Mombasa, where they can live next door to "O'bama's" relatives -- until they set fire to her carcass and eat her, at least.

Iron Felix said...

A great ship is ploughing the ocean blue; all is serene, calm ocean, azure wall to wall skies, the lot; onto the bridge comes a slightly anxious midshipman. He has word that their seems to be a significant amount of water down in the bottom of the vessel; what should he do. He gets roared at, stupid boy that he is. Does he not have the sense to fix it---go down there and punch a hole in the ship's bottom to let the water drain out, he is ordered.
We are all on this ship of state and its being officered by people like this----and I cannot see any lifeboats either.

Anonymous said...

Back on the subject of China (sorry, Savant)...

U.S. companies dump billions into China

GM is among the companies investing in Chinese plants to serve the market there rather than export product back to the United States.

By Chris Isidore, senior writer
January 20, 2011: 10:01 AM ET

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- While U.S. businesses are still reluctant to invest in new plants and jobs in the United States, many are pouring money into China. But not for the reasons you'd think.

Rather than "outsourcing" their operations to China's low-cost environment to produce cheap goods for U.S. consumers, multinational corporations are pouring billions into China to meet demand from the rapidly growing Chinese middle class.

Total investments in China by U.S. multinationals were worth $49 billion as of 2009 -- up 66% from two years earlier, according to U.S. Commerce Department figures. And 2010 is shaping up to be another banner year for the Chinese -- U.S. companies poured an additional $6 billion into China in the first three quarters alone.

"American investment in China is still growing," said Nicholas Lardy, a China expert at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. "It's one of their most profitable markets, if not their most profitable market. No one is pulling back."

In 2010 General Motors (GM) sold more cars in China than in the United States for the first time, but did not export any cars from China back to its home market. GM, which closed 13 U.S. plants since its bankruptcy filing in 2009, has opened 15 plants in China in the last 10 years.

Yum Brands (YUM, Fortune 500), owner of fast-food chains like KFC and Pizza Hut, reported $1.2 billion in Chinese sales in its most recent quarter, surpassing its declining U.S. sales for the first time. It added 245 restaurants in China in the first nine months of last year while selling off U.S. locations.

I guess it's one way of avoiding America's draconian tax regime ... relocate to China; factory by factory. No pesky unions, and if you have to pay tax, just find a mandarin to bribe and Sheng's your uncle.

Everyone's a winner.


Interestingly enough, I was offered a job teaching Chinese folk English as a second language. The big drawback? It was in China. You could get lost there. Secondly, the pay was shitty.

Anonymous said...

Me again.

How many people here have heard of the Toronto Hearings?
The first real attempt to find out what happened on September 11 2001?
I sure didn't.

Moving forward after the Toronto Hearings

Posted on September 27, 2011

Dear Friends and Supporters:

Having organized the Toronto Hearings, we on the Steering Committee now find ourselves overwhelmed with email requests. Here are five responses that we hope will clarify where we are at the moment.

1. We thank you for your interest in the Hearings. We will need your support in the coming months if the Hearings are to fulfill their potential.

2. We have always felt there were two main tasks we had to perform. The first was to plan, and successfully carry out, a first rate set of public Hearings exposing the inadequacy of the official narrative of 9/11. This has been accomplished. The second task was to distribute the proceedings, including the statements of expert witnesses and of the moderators and panel, as widely as possible, and to make sure they reach the hands of people who can act effectively on this information. This second task has barely begun.

3. As you know, the proceedings were live webcast. Many people watched them unfold. Others have written us to express concerns over various “glitches” in the webcast. We are writing to reassure you that we do not regard the Hearings as an ephemeral event, and that we planned from the outset to have a good record of them. We therefore hired a professional film crew to record the event. There were at least three video cameras in operation at all times. In addition, the film crew carried out several face-to-face interviews with expert witnesses. All of this is now being made into a DVD that will constitute a complete record of the Hearings. We have been told it will probably not be ready until mid-November or thereabouts. Please check the Toronto Hearings website from time to time for further information. We hope to set up a mechanism whereby people can pre-pay for the DVD.


Smokin' Joe said...

concerning China and the large relocation of American industry to that country, all the things he describes are just the play of market forces, neither more nor less.

kulak said...

"just the play of market forces, neither more nor less."

That's exactly right.

It's the play of men who love money and feel no duty to their people. Men for whom the American state under which they have incorporated is merely a flag of convenience for their worship of Mammon.

The work of cosmopolitan capitalists.

I used to have no idea what the Soviets meant by that.

50 years after the change in immigration laws, giant sucking sounds, and H1B visas, now I know.

I can't say the commies didn't try to warn me.

Anonymous said...

Known as the "Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act," SB 1813 is self-described as "[a]n Act to reauthorize Federal-aid highway and highway safety construction programs, and for other purposes" (emphasis mine).

The legislation would declare it mandatory for all new cars in the U.S. to be fitted with black box-like data recorders beginning in 2015. Known as "Mandatory Event Data Recorders," the devices would be capable of monitoring your speed, driving habits, location, and distance traveled. Removal of the device would be a civil offense.

Much as I feel that to reference one's own posts is in poor taste, I cant resist.

Rename "Mandatory Event Data Recorders," to "Mandatory Event Data Locators and Recorders," and you get a really neat and apposite acronym:


There. Fixed it.


Cassius said...

'cosmopolitan capitalists. I used to have no idea what the Soviets meant by that'

The term was 'rootless cosmopolitans' kulak. But the same people, same behaviour.

Smokin' Joe said...

Guys, look, hold on----market forces are market forces and are no more obedient to our laws than gravity or tides. Remember Horatius' maxim? He said "drive Nature out the front door with a pitchfork, she will come back in through a rear window". You cannot coerce these forces; the thing is to learn to work with them.
Now; "rootless cosmopolitans" was Stalin's shorthand for his planned campaign against them. In plain English what he apparently intended was the annihilation of all the Jews in the Soviet Union. The plan died with him however.

pdf1 said...

'The plan died with him however.'

Poisoned by jewish doctors, it seems.

Uberdude said...

"Cosmopolitan capitalists"; yes it has a ring to it, and I am sure a meaning. But could I draw attention to some of the semantic slippage to which we have been subjected in recent decades. "Working class" for instance; the hagiography says that it describes all those who, not having access to rents or other income sources, must have recourse to the labour of hand, eye, and brain to gain their living. This makes me working class. But how has the term since come to mean all those who have never worked, nor ever will in their lives? In like vein, how did the expression "Deprived" come to be descriptive of a huge leisure class who gain their entire livelihood courtesy of the State; and how did "well-heeled" (sic) and indeed "privileged" come to be the normal label for all those who are taxed into permanent austerity to pay for the "deprived"? It is an axiom that a state which promises to rob Peter to pay Paul will have the loyal and unswerving support of Paul? I ask simply because I would like to know.

kulak said...

You're smokin' Jew pole Joe, but may not know it.

He said "drive Nature out the front door with a pitchfork, she will come back in through a rear window".

Force IS natural.

Humans are a part of nature, and everything we do is a part of nature. INCLUDING the use of force.

As a matter of historical fact, free market geographies are created by FORCE. Some BIGGER government comes along and says to smaller governments: No you don't.

What you MEAN is, but may not know:

Don't fuck with the Jews.

The nature of "the market" -- which is just a set of choices, contingent upon, among other things, state force -- depends on WHO you let participate.

Just like your schools, neighborhoods, etc.

kulak said...


He who preaches free global trade is necessarily, inexorably, for global government.

kulak said...

For Lithuania, $50 million Holocaust compensation a step forward, but Jewish bitterness remains

Already, Pavilionis said, the Lithuanian government is training teachers to educate schoolchildren about the Holocaust.

Remember, no child can be considered properly educated until he has been traumatized by pictures of piles of emaciated corpses.

Lithuania to Open Tender for Shale Gas Concessions

Egypt Cancels the Delivery of Gas to Israel

I only mention this because somebody, somewhere, is paying a whole lot of money for a lot of attention to energy, in particular shale oil and gas, this U.S. election cycle, and not just in the context of the election. And all of a sudden. It sprung up out nowhere the last few weeks.

Bullish market newsletters say that the US was once the world's biggest energy exporter, and it can be again(c).

Nobody would really notice if some found its way to that SLC.


Anonymous said...

This is interesting ... and oddly enough, on topic.
It seems that back in the seventies sub-saharan boogaloos were assumed to have a mean IQ of 80.

As it turns out ... no.

Scroll to:-

University study on IQs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Researchers from the University of Ulster and Ross University in Dominica examined the average IQ in sub-Saharan Africa. The study was published in 2010. The results would explain the perpetual problems that every single sub-Saharan nation has been experiencing since white rule ended.

The two researches found that a previous study in 2009 found the average IQ to be 80. However, the test subject primarily came from the upper class. An average of the general population turned up a score of 68. By western standards, a score of 68 is considered “mildly mentally retarded.” In the United States, the average black IQ is 85. However, Americans blacks have large amounts of white ancestry. Access to better prenatal care and a superior diet may aid American black IQ scores as well. The average IQ of American blacks who have a bachelor’s degree is 95-100. The average IQ for Americans whites is 100, and the average IQ of an American white with a bachelors’ degree is 115-120.

Further on the article points out that even the mean 68 score has been "adjusted".

The actual score is 66. I direct your attention to the line above:
a score of 68 is considered “mildly mentally retarded.”


The following scores illustrate how IQ scores can place people in particular categories:

IQ Score And Corresponding Intelligence Level

Under 70: Very mentally retarded
71-80: Mentally retarded
81-90: Slightly slow to grasp change
91-110: Normal level of intellect
111-120: High Intelligence
121 - 150: Very high intelligence
150+ : Exceptional intelligence
170+: Genius

Hmmm. My thoughts turn inexorably to the endless Hollyweird portrayal of boogs as: scientists, doctors, judges (always a laugh, that one) and other numinous white-coated intellectuals.

I think the best part Samuel Jackson ever took was in "Goodfellas"


Uberdude said...

Speaking of semantic shifts, I forgot to include my favourite. Into Dublin aiurport flies a jetliner. Up front, thirty Somali's, each with a shitload of forged credit cards, each with a comprehensive roadmap on how to milk the social welfare system for all it has, and each with a tribe of relatives back home waiting for the word to swarm over too.Down the back, behold we discern a solitary and slightly apprehensive figure, an African gent, only a white-skinned one; an Afrikaaner. He has all his paperwork in order, he has a job waiting for him, but he remains anxious because he can be turned down on race grounds. He is here because among other things people he knows have been murdered, raped, assaulted; he and his kin have been threatened....Question; who will be deemed "refugees" and who will be denied that status?

Smokin' Joe said...

Kulak---good name by the way---I don't understand you. All I can really glean from you is that---quelle surprise!---you do not know what is meant by the term "market forces".

Cassius said...

@Uberdude. Agreewith your thesis but not the idea that it's 'slippage'. This has all been carefully planned, as in the degradation of the language being a fundamental prerequisite of Cultural Marxism. Once you control the language (that's what PC is all about) you control the narrative and all else flows from that.

Georgia Resident said...

My God! Scum like that shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. If this is the terminal stage of Christianity, or whatever the hell it is Europe follows today, then maybe Islam isn't so bad. The muslim Arabs at least knew the proper attitude to take towards Africans.

"The first Arab scholar known to have commented on the low intelligence of blacks was Al Jahiz (d. 868 AD), who wrote, 'We know that the Zanj [East Africans blacks] are the least intelligent and the least discerning of mankind, and the least capable of understanding the consequences of actions.'"
And "Despite their dimness...they make long speeches".

So there's a precedent for Barack Obama?

kulak said...

@Smokin' Jew pole Joe.

"Market forces" is just what a crook blames his behavior on.

great white said...

kulak, FFS, will you leave off this '@Smokin' Jew pole Joe.'

Joe made a comment, takeit on it's merits. Don't go flaming a guy out as a jew troll just cos you might disagree

kulak said...

@great white

I DID take it on its merits. And I DIDN'T say he's a Jew.

I just said he's smokin' Jew pole (though he might not know it.)

Anonymous said...

Miscegenation is sin's_word

Anonymous said...

Plenty of biblical proof that miscegenation is SIN.
Even segregation is biblical. Diversity multiculturalism is of the devil. There is a reason God or evolution separated the races each to his own part of the world.'s_word

dave said...

miscegenation is SIN whether the bible saysit or not.

Smokin' Joe said...

I am taken a little aback at the vehemence evoked by a single and sensible enough observation of mine; the phrase "market forces" seems for some folk to carry far more freight than I ever imagined.I might also mention that I have no idea what may be meant by the epithet "@smokin' Jew pole Joe". Lastly, Kulak, a criminal may very well justify his behaviour by attributing it to "market forces" but that hardly constitutes an argument, now does it?

sharonski said...

Smokin' Joe, I'm with you man. Can't figure out theflaming at all.

Smokin' Joe said...

Yes, Sharonski, it is odd isn't it? It seems somehow that the simple term "Free Market" has acquired all sorts of negative and undesirable attributes and connotations. However, I notice that everyone who condemns it does so, not in terms of what it is, but in terms of the myriad ways in which it can be abused. Savour this; a while back one of the Ministers in the Irish government said that he would not be in favour of abolishing Stamp Duty as he didn't--get this--want to interfere in the play of the Free Market. What does the inane poltroon think Stamp Duty is, if not precisely such an interference in the Free Market? What avail anything in the face of such idiocy?

Anonymous said...

Smokin' Joe said...

What does the inane poltroon think Stamp Duty is, if not precisely such an interference in the Free Market? What avail anything in the face of such idiocy?

Ah, Joe. It's not idiocy when part of the narrative is to purposefully "misunderstand" or misconstrue the accusation.

I remember pretty much the first time I realised this when I read a Brit newspaper article bemoaning the UK taxpayer avoiding (or evading -- cant remember which) so many billion pounds per annum, and, in the words of the headline "Cheating Honest Taxpayers".

The first thought that jumped into my head was: "Hang on there ... How can they be cheating other taxpayers?" The taxpayers are not the legitimate recipients of all this largesse -- the damn government is.

But, to the terminally unthinking, this is the case. Tell them in large enough headlines that unlicensed gerbil flatulence is costing them money and a big percentage of them will simply agree, nodding wisely all the time.

It's bad enough doing your own thinking, but appalling when you have to do the thinking for a hundred others.

God, people make me tired, sometimes.


kulak said...

Smokin Jew Pole says

It seems somehow that the simple term "Free Market" has acquired all sorts of negative and undesirable attributes and connotations.

Of course it has, for obvious reasons.

The Free Market Cult is just another Jewish cult.

You didn't make an observation Joe, you recited cant.

If China had had a Smokin' Joe and if China had listened to him, the Chinese would still all be smoking opium.

At some point, some libertarians realize that most of the writers they've been reading have been Jews.

The rest are probably hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think it hypocritical of feminists to be worried about rape such as getting their knickers in a twist over the garda rape tape "scandal" in Mayo but have no problems with the leading cause of rape?

(See photo of Mulherin for what that is!)

SAVANT said...

Anon 12.06. Good point. This pathetic 'incident' non-event in Mayo became a cause celebre, yet the mass raping by Africans and Muslims is played down and covered up as cultural differences.

Smokin' Joe said...

Kulak, please; that's quite enough from you now.

Anonymous said...

Trust him--he might be young, but he's a "professional sociologist." So did Harrison Schultz, an organizer of the "Occupy Wall Street" protests, describe himself to Al Sharpton on MSNBC this evening. And he wants Al and us to know that "a lot of the people that are here are in fact anarchists, are in fact revolutionaries. . . . We don't really want to fix [the problems]. It's revolution, not reform."

There are also some amusing factoids about Harrison. When he's not out fomenting revolution, Schultz is an . . . analyst for a marketing firm. Oh yeah, and in his oh-so-bourgeois LinkedIn profile, Harrison wants people to know he worked at Bank of America providing "assistance for several investment bankers." Oh, the horror! Video after the jump.

Read more:
Charlatan interviewed by the ever professional Al Sharpton is in fact an employee of an investment bank the very thing 995ers like Michael Moore dislike

WHAT? Occupy #Wall Street is made up mostly of rich kids richkiddding? Who wud have thunk that?

#Lord mmoves in mysterious ways

Anonymous said...

This is the chick that wants to introduce dress codes into the Dail and she is right. Them bloods like Mick Wallace are bad bastards. Konson whatever the Kenyan dude told her. See Savant cultural ewnrichers are enriching!

Anonymous said...

White chicks who hang around with black dudes are suggested to be mentally ill on the Suds enriching thread. I cannot think why people would think that could you?

Anonymous said...

A job at a convenient.too bad she's a good looking woman.but used goods nontheless