Wednesday, 4 April 2012

"If I had a father he'd look like Obama"


Anonymous said...

Savant, I am amazed at the passivity of YT. That dumbarse phrase of Obama's could have been used against him a thousand times a day.

Every time some nog did something dumb, illegal or deadly, the real right could have waved it in his stupid khaki face.

"Hey Buddy, see what your son did, today?"

Newsreader: "Another son of the president was apprehended, today ..."

Spokesman: "The suspect, described as 'closely resembling the president' ..."

Why is no one using this to tear him a fourth arsehole*?

Chairman Zero and his pasty-faced punchline-writers handed the American genuine right (both of them) a golden hammer to beat him with.

Why are they not using it?


*Yes, I can count. The second one's his wife and the third is on the front of his head ... euphemistically called his face.


Anonymous said...

This is weird:-

Guess the name of the community-spirited man who came to the defense of a black man when the NAACP wouldn’t

This is from the blog The Jawa Report, which got it from the Daily Caller, which has the complete story.
April 03, 2012
Guess Who?

In December 2010, the son of a local police officer sucker punched a homeless black man outside a bar. The white attacker strutted away from the downed man, obviously proud of his cowardly achievement. Police arrived at the scene and declined to arrest him, despite the fact the unprovoked attack was captured on video.

Over the course of the next several weeks, the community expressed outrage but few stepped up to do anything to demand justice for the homeless man, Sherman Ware. The black community was indifferent. The NAACP ignored the incident. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were nowhere to be found.

But one man was so determined to obtain justice for Sherman, he did what few others were willing to do. He stepped up and went door-to-door in black communities handing out fliers about the incident. He posted the fliers, put them on cars in parking lots, waited outside churches to give them to parishioners. He worked tirelessly exposing this injustice.

In January, his efforts finally paid off. In part, thanks to public pressure after the video was posted on Youtube, Justin Collison, a man with a violent history, was charged with sucker punching Sherman Ware.

In case you haven’t guessed, the man who worked so hard to bring justice for a homeless black man when the NAACP and other civil rights leaders looked the other way is named below the fold.

The man was George Zimmerman.

These noble efforts by Zimmerman to help a stranger get deserved justice were related by a family member who is now in hiding due to death threats. The family member sent this letter to the Sanford Chapter of the NAACP, which has continued to perpetuate the smear that George Zimmerman is a racist who killed Trayvon Martin for being black.

If this is for real, it is living proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

If we are to change anything at all, the first thing we address is the MSM.

Read the books.


Anonymous said...

Further to my last post, the key to everything, everything is the MSM.

Control or nullify that and you have won. by any means possible.

Read the books.


Anonymous said...

Years from now.When i'm collecting my pension at the post office,maybe thats the last thing i see in this world."Hand over the money old man or i'll bust a cap in ur ass".

Anonymous said...

I just watched a video on Austers VFR.It showed some white man in the states getting beaten and stripped by a mob of street apes.We now have thousands of these primates in Ireland.The future looks grim.

Anonymous said...

i still say if i had another son i would want him to look like Heinrich Himmler,

Tyrone JHB, South Africa said...

Allways enjoy your comments. Pithy and funny.

The BOOKS..thanks to your urging, downloaded, and read them.

WOW, HAC is brilliant. Way better writer than, say Tom Clancy. And the story, of a White resistance to BRA- really inspiring. I like the way he includes SA in the novels. Yeah, it IS going to be another Zimbabwe, really soon. Already, the AA laws (for the black majority)are crippling the country. The communist ANC continually spouts anti-white rhetoric. They have become the stereotype of an oppressive post-'liberation' majority black governmunt. Including RAMPANT corruption by the ANC-connected.

As you recommed, I started with 'A Distant Thunder'. But as you said you really can read anyone of the 5 novels first. ADT is a good choice though. His latest, Freedom's Sons, also engrossing.

Funny how the kaffirs want to allways migrate to White European countries...from their own 'unopressed' post-colonial 'paradises' Fucking hypocrites.

Keep on fighting.

Shaunantijihad said...

A picture paints a thousands words.

A face that launched a thousand shits.

Or something like that.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Tyrone. Can you tell us what the average white South African believes about the future? We see so much on the MSM about whites enthusiastically supporting the Rainbow Nation.

potgieter said...

Tyrone. You identified a major problem with any kind of white homeland. Kaffirs will always follow us. Complaining bitterly all the way about the bad way we treat them.

Anonymous said...


rebel said...

THAT is so very very true baby.

Tyrone JHB, South Africa said...


Well, of course the MSM are going to show the fucking traitors to the White race.

It's strange, it's more the older Whites who are more pro the NEW SOUTH AFRICA. In my experience, it's the younger guys who simply can't stand the coons. Because it has impacted us much more severly, esp AA-which is getting much more draconian in penalties for companies who don't comply. And we see first hand the reduced services...but higher taxation.

In my case, I was about 24 in 1994 (when the first one-man-one vote elections happened) and I wasn't brought up in staunch apartheid rhetoric at all - a rather typical English South African middle class family. experiences and obsvervations of blacks since then changed my mind completely on the black race. I've seen suburbs I've lived get dragged down to African level. Litter, noise, filth and yes danger.

The older generation doesn't have to work with them..they're retired or almost retired. They live in nice little security enclaves (townhouse complex typically) and only real contact they have with blacks are the maid/garden boy and shop assistants.

Whereas if you don't live in an upmarket suburb/security estate, you see a completely different picture.

And the police...oh God! Almost entirely black now and so fucking incompetent and useless. You go into a police station and just lose hope with the illiterateness and stupidity...and from blacks wearing Sgt's chevrons.

And it IS getting worse. This WILL be yet another failed black state in the next 10 years.

You come to realise that the average black is simply not capable of running/being productive in, a successful, non corrupt democratic state.

I never thought I would ever say this, but Apartheid was a good idea.

Tyrone JHB, South Africa said...


It's ironic really - we don't want to live in a majority black environment...but the Erecti want to live with us.

Also a problem here in SA, is government services (Police, Defense Forces, municipalities, etc)have become overwhelming black. This is an even further deterrent for a White to even consider becoming a Policeman,Fireman, let alone a soldier. Who in their right mind would want to be constantly surrounded by blacks in their workplace...even without the anti-White promotion situation.

Certainly not me. Loud, noisy, smelly and incompetent with an inferiority complex that they try to hide by thank you!

So, the goverment structures become even MORE black (and more useless).

AnalogMan said...

UN: I have wondered the same thing. Why is it not being ridden to death? Many people have pointed out that humour, or more specifically ridicule, is like kryptonite to leftists - they've used it so effectively against us, but they can't take it. This is a gift.

Just finished re-reading The Brigade. What a beautiful fantasy. Everybody, read them all.

Anonymous said...


Next Friday – April 13 – MTV will put on a music concert entitled Titanic Sounds on the slipways where the ill-fated liner first slid into the water.

This actually makes complete sense.

California Nationalist said...

If I had a President, he would not look like Obama.

SAVANT said...

Tyrone. I've come to the view, over many years, that apartheid or Jim Crow laws are the only way you can maintain a vestige of civilisation where you have a large black proportion of the population. They're unfair in that they're unequal, but a normal democratic polity and legal framework just will not work with them.

Martinus said...

@Savant, the Apartheid that was, was never tenable. What were we to expect, using the blacks as cheap-labour and showing them the so-called 'good-life' with all its mod-cons and civilised trappings etc and then expecting them to be content with their shacks and lack of sanitation (not our fault, they destroyed what we did build them and ruined every opportunity we gave them but nevertheless). This may sound a bit like a libby argument, but the reality of the situation is, an oligarchy with a burgeoning underclass is never something that can exist for very long and that is what approximately 40 years of apartheid gave us. The original ideal of separate development was one that the old broederbonder's envisaged, this system fell to the wayside shortly after Verwoerd. The only tenable, long term solution is this ideal, what people in Orania call selfwerksaamheid, pretty much self-sustaining communities/countries without external or internal negative influences coming from different ethnicities, religious groupings etc. Homogeneity is the key and the solution. Switzerland (more to a point, the swiss) has/have it pretty much right excepting of course those cities that have been polluted by swathes of 3rd worlders. These macro-countries with their centralised governments are what cause most of our problems, smaller federal or cantonal governments are easily fought but when power is removed from reach, then they (whoever that may be) gets to do what they want. Preaching to the choir, but my point is, Apartheid (or at least the old apartheid I described) is not the way to deal with the non-white issue, because then we all just end up looking after them, which I personally don't want to do. The solution is for them to be left alone and for us to make sure that 'we' are left alone. The way I deal with it is by ignoring them, wherever I may be.

Anonymous said...

Time to forget Marxist concepts of "equality".

SAVANT said...

Martinus. actually I agree with you in that the 'old' apartheid had within itself the seeds of its own destruction in that it relied to much on nannies, maids, gardiners etc. The only hope was to try real separation from a position of strength. That is, force blacks into their own bantustans and have rigid border controls.

Strength is important because once you can't enforce separation you're doomed. That's why I don't see a future for Orania. If it becomes a major success, and if the rest of SA continues its decline, you'll see blacks starting to flood in. Oranians wont be able to stop them. Useless against the might of the SA police and army, no matter how useless and debased they've become under black rule.

Anonymous said...

A major problem for the Irish is that the country is so small.I like living in a city(Dublin).I dont fancy moving to Connemara.I'm too old to emigrate to oz.There's no national front to vote for.Have'nt got the money to move to Dublin 4.What shall I do Sav?

Anonymous said...

Strength is important because once you can't enforce separation you're doomed.

There are some small all-Jewish communities in the U.S.

Why don't they get swamped?

They can't force anybody out, officially or formally.

But they might not be so... accommodating and helpful.

That's strength, but not state strength.

To the extent they do not or cannot master each other without state force, whites need a strong state.

If you don't have state power, can't manage without force, and can't simply beat the n-words, then what might a people need to survive?

Honor killings.

Anonymous said...


The picture you posted here is Ze from the realistic Brazilian movie about black favela violence called "Cidade De Deus". I hated the movie, and remarked at the time that the child-on-child extreme violence was only considered acceptable by most people/mainstream media because it was nigchild-on-nigchild violence: had it featured white children offing each other, there'd have been massive outrage.


another exile said...

Another great nationalist blog here:

Well worth looking at!

Anonymous said...

@anon 21.07. Your options are indeed limited but I can only suggest spreading the sedition within your own peer group. If enough people speak out it'll make more people courageous. Small seeds etc.

Anonymous said...

Check out the irate Irishman ... obviously an American site, and publishes excellent examples of general negritude ...

I highly recommend you bookmarking the site.


Oh, and a happy Easter, while I'm at it.


Bemused stare said...

Savant, I seem to remember posting a link to this story when it first appeared.

Needless to say I am absolutely shocked that it now seems to be nothing to do with nasty white haters after all.

AnalogMan said...

Tyrone, I'm one of those older South Africans. I'm not in a great position to judge, because I long ago lost all interest in what happens in this shitty country. I don't read newspapers, magazines, or web sites, have no radio or TV. But my impression is the opposite of yours. It seems to me the young people have been brainwashed.

I see White men walking around with kaffermeide. White women with coloured kids. Not huge numbers of them, but it's jarring to me; when I grew up, that would have been social suicide, the ultimate degradation. And, of course, everything falling to pieces, as you said. I once said to a young colleague, "This is not the way it's supposed to be. It wasn't always like this".

He replied, "This is all I've ever known. To me, this is normal".

One other thing. Apartheid was not a 40-year flash in the pan. The whole point of Apartheid was separation of the races into racial homelands. It probably never had a chance, particularly as the actual Babuntu homelands were only 13% of the country. But de facto segregation was always the default. Babuntus never had a vote. Coloureds theoretically had a vote in the Cape Colony, but it was a qualified franchise and few actually had it. This arrangement was formalised in the South Africa Act in 1910. Don't blame the Nationalists.

Clonagh said...

While blacks and Asians are being given given priority in recruitment, and are being fast tracked up the promotion ladder, white officers are being hounded and intimidated out of the police force in London on trumped up charges of racism......

The Metropolitan Police is currently controlled by leftist cultural marxists, within a few years it will be run and largely staffed, by Muslims and blacks. Though by then there will probably be few whites left in the capital.

A clear warning to the Irish who are rapidly being Africanised.

potgieter said...

Sadly I'm inclined to agree with AnalogMan.

Young white South Africans have been thoroughly indoctrinated and will not or cannot see what's being done to them.

Strange because they're the ones suffering most.

Anonymous said...

Under Jim Crow laws if you went into a department store in Birmingham Alabama that black clerk was the creme de la creme and a usedul member of scoiety.

Under afirmative Action dat guy axes stoopid kwestions.Y?

Anonymous said...

Got a need for a picture of a race baiting president?

The Obamanation was mollycoddle and allowed to get away with any sort of bad behaviot such as hiding records and guess waht?

He behaves appalingly as president. Who would have guessed this?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:47

Because he's

Iggin' on 'is iPhone
Chillin' out wit TyQuone
Tryin' 2 make da play...
Jigging wit his niggers all day!

JP (a.k.a. "Kwaw-duh")

Anonymous said...

Naturally athletic fat people figting

Unfortunately I do not understandthe language. Is it Somalian?

rebel said...

Jesus Christ, listen to the 'cameraman' on that chimpout in Fla. Is it a human language it's speaking???

Anonymous said...

Exasperated sigh.

You spelt his name wrong. It is Dohbama.

Anonymous said...

Mylo's Destroy Rock N Roll is a sample of a preacher saying
Cyndi Lauper Destroy
Easton Destroy
Paul Mccartney Destroy

and I bet you guessed that the chick is black.

It is the Destroy that gives this fact away.

Anonymous said...


If you haven't already, you need to check out this guy:


Fuckin' superb!


Anonymous said...

Dat pictur b racis'nsheeit! He b holdin d gun white man stylee whereass every1 nos Soetero wud hold it gnagsta' stylee!

Plez mak reparations to Qwetrevious Malivious Deterious LaVaughan Robinson Soetero Obama at bank of Lagos, Nigeria, MOTHER AFRIKA.

Dem rims dont pay 4 demselves!

Anonymous said...

Blacks are why we can't have nice things here in the states.

Dr. Wassell said...

They go on about Mother Afrioa so much. Why don't they fuck off back there then?

Anonymous said...

Dr Wassell YT stole their ability to run fly-fly machines!

Baloo said...

You have a special talent for this sort of thing. I've linked to it here.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is the Irish are voting for their own demise just as is Europe, shatter and his accomplices are flooding our nations with 3rd worlders they know what they are doing it is planned to and is destroying our white nations, when are the Irish going to re-grow some backbone and do something about it?