Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I might 'come out'

No, I'm not a closet fag or carpet muncher. I'm talking about revealing my true identity.

I say this after another vile airline travel experience. On the Cork to Heathrow flight I was enraged to see this attractive blonde woman with at least four half-caste children. And yes, they were right beside me, make that all over me, on the flight. Totally out of control, running up and down the aisle, climbing over other passengers while being drooled over by the flight staff. The interesting thing was that the 'father'/sperm donor took a seat far away from all the mayhem, leaving the mother to handle it all on her own. Wonder he was there at all.

Then to the ghastly Heathrow, run by those from the Indian sub-continent for those from the Indian sub-continent. Endless 'security' queues, manned as often as not by bearded fanatics straight out of Tora Bora. And of course while the rest of us strip off and get groped, the people under the burkas (men or women, who knows?) get airily waved through. Mustn't upset their sensibilities.

Flight to Bulgaria was mercifully non diverse, as is Sofia, but fact is, travel has become a complete pain in the ass. Now if I don't travel I essentially don't work. and that's where the thought of retirement comes in. I'm financially secure to why not pack it in? Lady Savant strongly supports this position. Now should I do that I needn't worry about secrecy any more. Then again, the way things are going, maybe I do need to worry aboout it. Because the west is becoming a police state where Thought Crime is now top of the law's agenda.

Needs further thought..........


Shaunantijihad said...

Don't do it. Look what happened to Solzhenitsyn. Seriously. It could be coming again.

Why give your enemies, real or imagined, a weapon to spear you with? Or your family.

It has happened before: http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=665

A return to Constitution and racial sanity may have ended with Enoch. It may require a Hitler to save it. Actually, it may require sterilisation for everyone under an IQ of 80 or higher to save Western civilisation itself. Liberals have no goddamn clue what will be required to undue what they have wrought. A white nation can carry it's white undertow - 10% of the population under IQ 80 - but we cannot carry the 90% Negro undertow, or even the 50% mestizo undertow. And the fecundity of the Moslem Arab/Negro/Dravidian 3rd worlders! Oh my God! Are we all to celebrate becoming an Islamic Zimbabwe?

Liberal. NewSpeak for premeditated retard.

Anonymous said...

Early(?)retirement is an attractive prospect Savant,but,from personal experience,it does take a period of time to adapt to the change.

Also Lady Savant may not be so enthusiastic when she has you hanging around the house all day,making suggestions and criticizing her methods of doing things.And you will.You will

As I say,it takes time.

As for revealing your identity?.



James Lord said...

Don't do it Savant. As you point out, and also Shaun, you don't know what's coming down the road.

And secondly, what have you to gain?

Anonymous said...

You and lady Savant should take a nice holiday.Canary islands is nice this time of year.Recharge your batteries.The Soviet union came to an end,so will this current nightmare.Bide your time.

RegThe Hedge said...

Sorry off topic.
Would you believe there is a clothing store for white nationalists. In the fatherland of all places, but you can buy on line.

I am commited to boycotting any and all goods who tow the multicultural line and I'm always looking for ways to give the white genocidists the middle finger. I'll be wearing Thor Steinar from now on.

nemesis said...

If you're financially secure why not devote your time and considerable talents towards saving the white race? Set up a second bl;og, post more frequently.

But I agree with the others. Don't out yourself. We just don't know how this is all going to go down. Black Hawk helicopters over Chicago today.

RegThe Hedge said...

I would hold off a bit and see what happens. I see things starting to move and when it kicks off the authorities and filthy liberal facists will be looking for something solid to hit. Why give them a target. I think you should come out. Just not yet.

Anonymous said...

Dont do it. It will only break your sanity, and your economy. Keep it this way. No need.

RegThe Hedge said...

Ever considered politics?

Mary said...

I would love to see you 'come out' as we NEED a man like you in Ireland for other men to follow/model themselves after.
Politically, this place is feminized beyond belief and the example of a courageous and honest man stepping out would be invaluable imo.
Still, I live on this insanely liberal Island too---so I know the kind of abuse you would be facing.

Think long and hard friend....it's your life we are talking about here.

No matter what you decide: you ROCK.

kulak said...

I'd love to satisfy my curiosity about you Savant, but my advice is just don't -- unless you plan to lead, i.e. be a movement leader.

Anonymous said...

remember the time that insecure uppity migger model NIOMI CAMPBELL had a shit fit on the plane at Heathrow and spit on a copper and caused headaches for the humans on the plane, the nigger really came out on the black bitch, some white guy tried to take her picture. not sure why, maybe to hang on a shit house wall and she went off on the misguided lad. can take them out of the jungle but not the jungle out of them. if you want to see the nigger chimpouts try to see Hard Core Pawn series, a Jewish guy running a pawn shop in Detroit, ever see a pawn shop that had 8 bouncers all armed. worth the watch, John old rtd. chicago copper.

Clogheen said...

I'd love to know about you too Sav, but like kulak and the others I'd say hurl cool for the moment, as we say in Waterford. Things are changing very fast.

SAVANT said...

Guys...........thanks a million for all the input and advice. All those comments within an hour or two. Thanks again.

Yes, I'll hold tough for the moment.

Anonymous said...

am considering a vacation to Spain and Portugal this summer. anything we should know about mudmen gypsy behavior in these areas, is it safe, do they like yanks,is it CHEAP??????? any info you can give greatly appreciatted.

Anonymous said...

yes Black hawks over chicago today in the area that we observed 63rd st, east of Midway airport,

Anonymous said...

O/T-I'm currently reading a book about another famous Corkman,Jack Doyle.What a character.On the issue of you "coming out",don't do it Sav.I'm spreading the word about your blog.Always remember Sav"Nothing lasts forever".-your friend,TC Dublin

Bemused stare said...

Hold back fornow, Sav. As others have said, unless you're going for a leadership position, there is no point in giving them a tangible target.

Anonymous said...

Penny Laurie your secret identity is safe with me!

beppo said...

Don't do it: you have more to do with the time and energy you would be wasting in dealing with the inevitable flak that would come.

Anonymous said...

That must have been horrible, having all those halflings crawling all over you. I'd have demanded a different seat. If I'd known who the father was, I'd have them move him next to his kids so I could get some peace and quiet.

00:43 said...

I'd stay stumm for now Savant, the enigma thing makes you all the more fascinating. I go through my life wodering if I've actually met you. Once I thought I did, the guy in question is a computer science guy in a Cork higher education intstitution. For some reason I felt like approaching him and furtively asking "Are you the Irish Savant?" Now I reckon he's not you because he doesn't travel as much as yourself.

As for retirement, why not? As long as you have a few hobbies to keep you occupied. As another poster asked, what about politics? We could do with a leader.

Anonymous said...


You have said too many controversial things about a certain minority. Your life would be made troublesome. Why bother?

Eustace Mullins said...

Mr. Savant:

The upside would have to be pretty grand, considering the unlimited potential for downside.

You know, here in the land of the free, our no fly list has no appeal process or list of how you get on it. we can be murdered legally by the gubmint, and detained indefinitely without cause or admitting they have us.

You know who else could do this? The soviet union, when captured by jewish bolsheviks, and when they killed some 60 million christians.

Democide-death by government-is responsible for more deaths than any other cause in the last 100 years.

They already know who you are anyway, but why go public and make it easy for them?

The net will be censored sooner than later anyhow, there's not much time left for websites such as this.

Criticizing the jew is as ruinous now as it was 100 years ago when Henry Ford wrote 'the international jew'.

Be careful, my friend. Our race needs you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings about mulatto children. I also admit that when I see a mudshark with light-skinned, kinky-haired offspring, I become disgusted and just have to give the trashcan mother a look of pure disgust.
An American Reader

Anonymous said...

Do not leave these green fields to turn black and brown, boyo

tsnamm said...

Savant I agree with everyone else...don't,,,even though I believe if "they" REALLY wanted to find out who you are, they would...Besides no sense in putting yourself out there where any other PC asshole could figure out all sorts of other things about you...your ideas are what matter most not the name associated with them right now...keep your sanity and piece of mind and stay this way...Cheers

Anonymous said...

Stay incognito. I had a .com censored and have seen many dis-appear here in Southern Kalifornia (sub-mexican territory).

You will definately be attacked in many ways.

You are lucky to be financially comfortable so take a vacation.

James McGrath said...


Don't come out, not yet. The struggle has only begun, perhaps when things are hotter you can. But be careful.

I have also noticed the Irish coal burners on flights from Cork to London, it infuriates me, and everyone seems so fine with the destruction of our race.

Bulgaria you say. Sounds good! Maybe I'll join you!

john said...

Don't. The probability of you 'having an accident' or at minimum being financially ruined by audits and bogus lawsuits is very high. We need you right where you are right now. Keep it up and Bless you.

Anonymous said...

A traffic warden was forced out of his job after exposing that illegal immigrants were issuing parking tickets on the streets of London, a tribunal has heard.

Michael Onumajuru, 49, claimed that his boss at NSL - which operates parking enforcement for Camden Council - was at the centre of a racket in which Nigerian migrants used fake passports to gain work.

But when he challenged his managers he was transferred to a different base and then dismissed after almost three years on the job.

Anonymous says No it is not a good idea

The majority of traffic wardens in part of London came from a Nigerian tribe noted for their arrogance and nobody sought to ask where were the locals?Were they trafficwardening in Nigeria?

Anonymous said...

If you do it right, you could be the Irish Enoch Powell. Run for office, Savant. Somebody needs to do it.

The truth is, all of us need to come out. We don't live under gulag conditions yet. We need to make sure that doesn't ever happen.

Best wishes from a still hiding hypocrite,


Anonymous said...

Please forgive the late comment, Savant ... life intrudes, etc.

All I can say is ... Do not come out.

You underestimate the childish, womanish spite that the left is capable of. You can bet that you, like all of us, are a target -- simply waiting to be illuminated.
Keep your peace or you will be targeted. your blog has as much -- if not more -- influence as Whittle and Shepherd ever had.
Our writings, admittedly are not as elegant as, say, Shepherd and Whittle ...


But this is what awaits, nonetheless ...


You make the tribe grind their teeth.
They don't like that.

At a guess, I would say the the next (and hopefully final) pogrom will occur before the late teens. Make sure you're here to see it as a free man.


Jeremy said...

Thripshaw makes an interesting point. Maybe we should ALL come out. And together. They can't take all of us out.

Or can they?

My advice: Hold your privacy for the moment at least.

Anonymous said...

An example of what we are reduced to. Here we have the opinions of a Russian woman of the last century.

Read ... and realise how little things have changed from then to now.


Advice from my grandmother

April 17, 2012 — 35 Comments
Alexander Mikhaylov

There is a lot of talk about ‘the talk’ in the media, in all shapes and colors. And it got me thinking. See, I never got any talk from my parents, but after reading several articles on the recent John Derbyshire affair, I suddenly recalled some things my grandmother had taught me when I was very young—so young in fact that I don’t even remember being told this or that for the first time. For example, that I should never talk to a stranger.

My grandmother was born well before the Russian Revolution, and as an adult, she managed to survive the major historical upheavals such as the WWI, the change of the regime, the collectivization, the siege of Leningrad, the Red terror, the Stalinist terror before and after the war, the Cold War period, and the rest of the Soviet reality, until her death at the venerable age of 90. I still remember her as a good old grandma but, being a kid, I could hardly appreciated the considerable survival skills that kept her and her family alive, out of prison as well as could be expected all through the troubled years of modern Russian history. Although she was poisonously contemptuous towards all things Soviet (her favorite nickname for V. I. Lenin was “the Antichrist”), she had realistic attitudes through her entire life. What she tried to instill in me also, ever since I was three years old, was certain norms of behavior that, as I realize now, were the basic rules of survival. How well they served me later in life! Obviously, those rules were survival strategies in an age of anarchy, wars, a totalitarian regime and finally multiculturalism with its abundance of crime, dirt and diseases. So here it is — some advice from my grandmother. And since her wisdom was simple and commonsensical, I didn’t even need Bill Ayers’ help in writing it.

Who would’ve thought her advice would be so painfully applicable in contemporary multicultural, PC-vigilant US of America?

Please read on. This old chick knew her stuff.

Uncle Nasty

Robert in Arabia said...


“War is ugly, but to be dominated is uglier.”- Ayatollah Khomeni

Stay anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Stay put, you helped my awakening and there are more to come, keep up the good work.

Eustace Mullins said...

I just read this in a pamphlet called 45 questions about jes from 1939

Kinda describes everything occuring today.


We find the foul egg which later hatched into Communism described in the correspondence between Karl Marx and Baruch Levy: "The Jewish people as a whole will be its own messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, by the annihilation of monarchy which has always been the support of individualism, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new world order, the Children of Israel, who are scattered over the world, will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition; and this will more particularly be the case if they succeed in getting the working masses under their control. The governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will, through the victory of the proletariat, fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the State. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which it is said, that when the Messianic time has come, the Jews will have the property of the whole world in their hands."

Essex boy said...

I'm against the prevailing trend here and more with Thripshaw. How long can we all keep hiding. Why the fuck shud we all keep hiding? Unless we come out and fight we'll continue to be fucked over.

Eustace Mullins said...

Uncle Nasty-

that article is phenomenal. I'm reposting it everyplace.

sweet tooth said...

Customer: "I'll have three chocolate eclairs, two jam doughnuts, and a racist cake, please"


Anonymous said...

Go for it Savant. If you can afford it then take early retirement.

Sounds like your working life at the moment is like the hero in the dystopian, multi-culti nightmare novel: MISTER

Anonymous said...

@Eustace Mullin. Yes, and this was written in 1939. Note the distinction he makes between Orthodox and secular jews.

Linde said...

Needs further thought, Savant.

How does Lady Savant feel about identity disclosure?

Of course, the ziobots in the gov't know who you are and the Joogles have given your blog an 'offensive content' notice. To be sure. And to hell with them, to be sure.

Doesn't mean their behema couldn't give you and Lady Savant some problems.

Anonymous said...

In the UK the News of the World was shut down to try to save Rebekah Brooks.

Piers Morgan who published photos that he knew were false, who traded shares on insider knowledge, who got stories by listening in on phone calls and by accessing vociemail was eventually sacked from The Mirror and sent to Atlanta to appear on CNN programmes.

One of the guys involved in the Ahascragh priest scandal resigned in disgrace and is now at CNN.

Johan Hari MLKed adn jaysonblaired at lot (All?) his columns and he was put on full paid gardening leave before being eventually let go to be replaced by, erm, John Hari mark 2.

FFS look at the all-women shortlists that profuced Jack Dromey as a MP and the guardian, The Mirror, and The Observer attacked tthis blatant nepotism with the editorial " ".

mischling said...

My own view is that Savant will be tolerated until such time as his blog really goes big-time. Hardly likely to do that given that Joogle directs all traffic away from it and 'respectable' outlets won't publish links (or take them down once the protests arrive).

Still, if you do come out you'll get a lot of nasty phone calls and such.

eh said...

I think your ... savantesque mystique would be diminished if you 'came out'.

I'll relate an experience I had in 2010: I flew into Dallas -- deep in the heart of Texas, as they say -- several times from Europe (Heathrow, which is as bad as you say, but then is the whole of London any different?). And each time the plane was half full of Indians. Including the weird, smelly type just off the Punjab. Either returning 'home', or going to visit their kids in Dallas (NSN is in Dallas, among other tech companies, and they employ a lot of Indians). It was disgusting. Practically no corner of America is to be spared apparently.


So what's up with this Breivik show trial?

Breivik quizzed on extremist ties

Doing what he did ought to be considered prima facie evidence of insanity. Yet he was recently ruled sane ... why? In order to have this show trial? In order to use him and what he did to tar anyone who thinks mass immigration of muslims is not a good idea as an 'extremist' and potential mass murderer?

SAVANT said...

@kulak and eh. Well, maybe I could reveal myself in a gradual and tantalising way, like the dance of the seven veils. A flash of thigh here, a seductive shadow profile there, all leading to a breathtaking climax as I'm revealed in all my full glory.

Just a thought...........

Dave C said...

We all need to come out Sav. We all need to come out and inspire many, many others to join us before even the internet is closed to us. It will be an exhilarating ride.

Anonymous said...


To old to give a fuck!

euroserf said...

Those who need to know probably know who you are anyway. The Internet holds few secrets, especially if you use Blogger or WP.

The main issue for you would be local or professional, unless you don't care any more about your professional contacts post retirement.

wogsouttamytown said...

Sav,i`ve read your blog for a while now and love it.Exposing yourself will be dangerous and I strongly urge you not to. Keep up the great work ,Dai,CAERPHILLY.

Anonymous said...


Re: "Advice from my grandmother" Posted 18 April 2012 05:29

Any chance you could post the original link to that story?

FWIW, none of your Tiny URL links work for me. (Reside in the jewsa)

Anonymous said...


Regarding "coming out", I'd stay in the shadows for a bit. No telling what the lefty, antifa, types are capable of doing on the public side, while the tribe and their followers are busy behind the curtain trying to make your life a living hell.

Hector G. said...

Savant, far and away the biggest risk imho comes from the muzzies. Over the years you've really put the boot in with them and as you've pointed out so often, Ireland is swarming with them now.

I'm surprised nobody else mentioned this threat.

Be very very careful.

Rhein said...

As much as i would love to finally see you in all your glory Savant i have to agree with everyone else, you have very little to gain and potentially much to lose.

Don't underestimate how hysterical and violent some members of the left and immigrants can be, and if they know what you look like well...

As long as you keep up your blog it's enough for me. But i would really love to hear an interview with you at the voice of reason. Carolyn Yeager or Robert Stark would make a good interview.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Rhein and to all the rest of you as well. Your advice has been almost uniformly against my 'coming out' and I'm taking your advice. At least for the foreseeable future.

Thanks again. I really do appreciate it.

Gem Junior said...

As much as I agree with your reasons I don't think it is time just yet for you to come out. We are all waiting, and biding our time, and it is not yet. The people are stirring and sticking their heads out of the ground but still putting them back in. Once you come out Savant, you can't go back so just hold on a wee bit for the sake of Lady Savant and the Savant Jr.'s safeties, and honestly, I think there WILL come that beautiful moment, that unmistakable meeting of the eyes, nodding in unison, and eventual war cry composed of millions of whites waking up and forming committees, painting banners, and Lord only knows what else. So please I beg of you, just hold on a little longer. Your time, all our times will, HAVE TO, come.

S. Thompson said...

Hypothetically speaking, making a political move would not be a good idea. Irish people seem to cherish the notion of human rights so any right-wing movement will never gain traction in this country. Our potential saviours will likely emerge from another European country. We elected the utterly worthless Mary Robinson as president for goodness sake. A truly evil human being but her ascent to power is more a refection on the Irish people who supported her.

I would like to hear you do an interview on the Voice Of Reason show. I've noticed some anonymous bloggers have done this. Make absolutely sure you cannot be detected if you are considering this. Otherwise, forget about it. If ousted, people you think have become 'aware' will quickly dissociate themselves from you. They will only support you when their backs are against the wall. For this, economic Armageddon (or something similar) will be required. I recently read a book about the hardship experienced during the little ice age in Europe. Would they have reacted with glee to someone proclaiming the 'benefits' of 3rd world immigration?

Anonymous said...

Savant ; this would be tantamount to giving your home adrees and telephone # after you won the muliti million lottery, you would have ppl you havent seen and years calling you as we used to call them in chicago ego star fuckers, and dont forget the threats from the mudsharks and muzzies,think again brother, John old rtd chicago copper,

Denise said...

Savant - you are finanacially able to speak out - but CrimeThink is MUCH MUCH further advanced in Western Europe, than it is here in the USA.

My online name is a bit of a pseudonym - but BARELY. Any-one who wanted to track my real identity, would not have a difficult time doing so. I also post under my real name, on various sites, and I've called various US ZOG agecies, under my real name, and made all kinds of statements about what I think of them.

So far, no jackbooted thugs have shown up. That could change - The entire Negro Worship thing is falling apart pretty fast, and cornered animals get NASTY.

Here's the quandary - you don't want to get tossed into jail, or worse - cause you a BRILLIANT - and oyu want to stick arond for the Fall of Multi Culti lunacy. Falling, it is....ytou don't want to be especially persecuted either. It's no fun. I've known folks that have been persecuted - ZOG attempts examples - and it's no fun at all.But conditions are very differnet in the USA, tthan they are in European Nations.

We still have a LOT of land. There are millions more people, and even the most moronic DWL's are beginning to snap out of it. The USA is THE msot heavily armed Nation on earth - and for every weapons cache that's discovered, and seized - there are TONS more. The USA is getting more lawless by the minute. EVERY-ONE is waiting for RaHoWa to really kick off. Evewn the DWL hypocrite class.

A lot of issues will be settled, as ZOG has fabulous waeponry, and techie goodies - but there are a LOT more of every-one else, and a susbtantial number of ZOG's Myrmidion thugs will turn on ZOG.

I want to be around for the party, once thigs really get rockin'...

Talk to folks who ARE "out", n the UK, and ask them about life in a day to day basis. Sooner or later we all will have to come out - but we want to use our resources wisely. You could always emmigrate to the USA. You can join in Te Party, on the Front Lines. It'll be loads of fun!

We all will have to speak out eventually, though. Do we believe our beliefs, or not?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Re: "Advice from my grandmother" Posted 18 April 2012 05:29

Any chance you could post the original link to that story?

FWIW, none of your Tiny URL links work for me. (Reside in the jewsa)

Try this ... or simply Google the Occidental Observer.


Good luck.


kulak said...

I wish I could retire Savant. My job just took me to a place where I saw these two things in the same day:

1) Men in black Israeli Defense Systems t-shirts.

2) Morons in red SPLC t-shirts.

My job took me to LA.

Anonymous said...

fwiw Ruger alone was backordered 1 million firearms when it stopped taking orders.

At least 1.5 million firearms were sold in the US in December alone.

I probably bought a dozen in the last year myself.

Enough for me and my friends :)

to use in a legal and lawful way.

Anonymous said...



Not unless you are willing to form and take leadership of a new political party, and sacrifice your life/freedom a la Mandela or Hitler or Trotsky for the cause. I've enjoyed your blog for years. The missing factor for the world's whites is LEADERSHIP. Can you supply it? Are you cussed and bloodyminded enough to see it through? Can you not do more good "raising awareness" as the anonymous blog author?


SAVANT said...

Jp "Can you not do more good "raising awareness" as the anonymous blog author?"

Answer: No. I come from a long line of cowards. Seriously, I just don't have the, I dont know, energy or what, to take on such a task.

Dave C said...

Perhaps Savant you could employ your writing skills to pen a new Irish Proclamation in the style of the original?

SAVANT said...

kulak - my retirement will be comfortable ASSUMING that the thieves who run our political and banking systems don't get their paws on my pension funds and savings, or dilute them via hyperinflation. That's a real risk.

Regarding LA, well you're seeing America's future.

SAVANT said...

@Dave C. Nice thought!

I'll spend some time thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

kulak - my retirement will be comfortable ASSUMING that the thieves who run our political and banking systems don't get their paws on my pension funds and savings, or dilute them via hyperinflation. That's a real risk.

Savant ... a word of warning. The Greek Govt, just a few weeks ago plundered the Greek health system.
Another word of warning is that govt's plunder pension systems and retirement plans with impunity ... they are often the only genuine source of liquid wealth left.


Derek said...

Honestly would stay anonymous if I were in your shoes. There is no shortage of gobshites wanting to scream about the evil racists. They might even print about you in one of the tabloids.

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

Jp "Can you not do more good "raising awareness" as the anonymous blog author?"

Answer: No. I come from a long line of cowards. Seriously, I just don't have the, I dont know, energy or what, to take on such a task.

No, no, no. Resistance is not standing on top of a smoldering barricade. Adopt the way of the rat and the termite.
Yes, it's all very bold -- and theatrical -- to be to be the bearer of the tattered standard with a sword between your teeth
... his smile was crooked, but his teeth were straight ... and all that happy horseshit.

But remember, you can white-ant the system to a standstill -- and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

Do you know what a gob full of chewed chewing gum will do to a row of parking meters? Nothing ... and I mean nothing dissolves chewing gum.
Or a handful of ball bearings will do to a few bank windows ... the nice big expensive windows?
Or what a pint of brake fluid will do to the mayoral limo paint job?

This will be the war of the roach, and oh, fuck, I am looking forward to it.


Seriously ... do a Yahoo or google search for just two phrases: getting revenge ... getting even -- I get 141 million hits.
A good deal is childish crap, but some of it -- You'd be amazed.

California Nationalist said...

In the present climate I'd advise against it.

For what it's worth.

Far more effective, IMO, to live as a (one-man) 'sleeper cell' to be activated when the right chance presents itself.

And it will, soon.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Advice from my grandmother" Posted 18 April 2012 05:29

Any chance you could post the original link to that story?

FWIW, none of your Tiny URL links work for me. (Reside in the jewsa)

Try this ... or simply Google the Occidental Observer.


Good luck.


18 April 2012 21:04


Found the story - Thanks -

Croesus said...

UN. Your advice about the pension and health funds is apposite. It's been dopne in other countries, most recently Argentina. They just took the money and replaced it with useless government bonds.

Anonymous said...

From AmRen:


Five Far Right Activists Linked to North West Infidels and English Defence League Arrested over Internet Race Hate

Manchester Evening News, April 19, 2012

Five men were arrested today by anti-terror police on suspicion of inciting racial hatred on the internet.

All five are believed to be associated with the North West Infidels, a splinter group with links to the far-right English Defence League.

More than 100 of the group’s members protested in Rochdale earlier this year.

In a separate incident, members also climbed onto the roof of Bury Town Hall and staged a four-hour protest.

Raids at addresses were carried out early this morning by the North East Counter-Terrorism Unit.

All five men, who have not been named, were arrested on suspicion of offences under the Public Order Act, publishing or distributing written material which may stir up racial hatred.

It is understood that investigations are focusing on messages posted on social networking site Facebook.

Two houses are also being searched.

A 43-year-old man from North Tyneside, Northumbria, a 46-year-old man from County Durham, an 18-year-old man from Birkenhead, Merseyside, a 21-year-old man from Barnsley, South Yorkshire and a 56-year-old man from Holloway, London, were all arrested.

In a statement, a spokesman for the North East Counter-Terrorism Unit, said: “All five men have been arrested on suspicion of offences under the Public Order Act, publishing or distributing written material which may stir up racial hatred. They have been taken to local police stations for interviewing.

“Searches have now begun at the addresses, together with searches at an address in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire and in Leeds, West Yorkshire.”

Computers and mobile phones are believed to have been seized in the raids. The group says they ‘demonstrate against immigration, EU membership and multiculturalism’.

Original Article: http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/s/1491772_five-far-right-activists-linked-to-north-west-infidels-and-english-defence-league-arrested-over-internet-race-hate

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Anonymous said...

I'm with all those that say don't come out. My dad was a.b special and he and his friends were targets. We feld the country because of it...... I would NEVA revile myself. I'm doing my bit towards bringing peace to my home. But I won't revile wat or who I am. One person, can hide under the radar better, achieve more and keep family safe. It's not cowardly its smart, wats the point in a dead hero. Nothing else will get done.... All the best my friend.......

Anonymous said...

Don't do it. God forbid you ever have to defend yourself and Lady Savant against one of these savages and you kill him you'll be sent to prison.

Dave C said...

I don't know. Everyone hiding in their burrows whilst the earthmovers are ripping up the field. Come out and make a stand or be buried without a squeak. That is the choice folks.

Anonymous said...

Dave C said...

I don't know. Everyone hiding in their burrows whilst the earthmovers are ripping up the field. Come out and make a stand or be buried without a squeak. That is the choice folks.

Very true, Dave, but one the other hand it's kind of embarrassing to run into the street, sword in hand, and shout "Follow me, men ..."

-- and realise that you are the only person there.

Fight the war of the roach ... read the books.