Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I come to the aid of the New York Times

Now why should I come to the assistance of the Slimes? A good question. I suppose that’s just the kind of guy I am. And I guess this kind of thing at least partially explains my enduring popularity.

Anyway, the Slimes is confused. You see they don’t know how this whole Trayvon matter became national news. In an article on April 1st (appropriate that) David Carr plaintively asks how “a single shooting incident in a midsize Florida city…….threatens to divide a country. How did a discrete local event take on the scale of a presidential election, or assassination? The photo, the hoodie, the tweets, the Skittles — all have taken on outsize importance in a supercharged national debate, while perspective and restraint get left by the wayside.”

Many of us have asked ourselves exactly the same question.

Well David, good news. I can help. Because no sooner had Trayvon been perforated by Zimmerman, before he’d even fully ascended to the Great McDonald’s In The Sky, the Slimes, in the person of Charles Blow(hole) was on the case. In The Curious Case of Trayvon Martin Blow informs us that “Zimmerman apparently pursued him anyway, at some point getting out of his car and confronting the boy” before shooting him dead. He also cited an unnamed source having heard a “desperate wail of a child, a gunshot, and then silence.” That source itself now appears to be silent as well.

Could this be what Carr had in mind when he referred to “perspective and restraint getting left by the wayside”?

Anyway David, I can help you some more! You see, if one enters “Trayvon Martin” in the Slimes search engine you get a message, wait for it, saying in effect ‘here are the first 10,000 items meeting that criterion’. Yes, that’s ten thousand items on the Slimes David, with presumably multiple of that awaiting the zealous investigator.

So now, wasn’t that helpful? Look no further. The Slimes has been at the forefront in enabling “a discrete local event take on the scale of a presidential election, or assassination”. But, you cry, why the sudden change? Why are the Slimes in effect washing its grubby paws of its role in the affair? The answer to me seems simple. The whole wheeze is coming apart at the seams like a $40 suit. Evert shred of evidence that has emerged since the event supports Zimmerman’s position. So a little rewriting of history is in order.

Now my assistance extends even further. You see Charles Blowhole, the author of the above piece, is a worried man. Worried sick is he. Why? Because he has two teenage sons who labour under the 'unbearable burden' presented by armed white vigilantes. “That is the burden of black boys in America and the people that love them: running the risk of being descended upon in the dark and caught in the cross-hairs of someone who crosses the line.”

Well Charles, let me assure you. Your sons have more chance of getting killed in a Section 8 housing stampede than getting offed by a white vigilante. Or even a white Hispanic vigilante, come to think of it. The most recent event I can think of occurred in the fifties. So no worry there. However, that’s the good news. Now for the bad. There are about 6,000 murders of blacks youths every year in the US. And Charles - fewer than 5% of these are committed by the whites you seem to fear so much. They’re committed by the bruthas in the ‘hood, Charles.

Now haven't I been a good boy showing those good people where to direct their energies?


blueboy said...

Chek out comments to the Blow piece. 100% supportive of the poor guy!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Savant.

Anonymous said...

I presume Savant,that your quote from this "Charles Blowhole" character is verbatim?. "That is the burden etc..."

How many grammatical and punctuation mistakes can sharp eyed readers spot in this one very brief paragraph?.

A free holiday to The Bahamas for the winner.


kulak said...

You are a cruel and heartless man, Savant.

Keep it up!

SAVANT said...

Yes, mr. a. - I quote verbatim.

You must know that rules of grammer have been waived for people of colour. Even if they write for the Slimes.

eh said...

Technology thought leader, best-selling author, superb musician and gifted sportsman. Modest and widely popular.....

Perhaps you should add 'always willing to be helpful'.

Funniest part of the Blow piece:

...the burden of black boys in America and the people that love them: running the risk of being descended upon in the dark and caught in the cross-hairs of someone...

He left off the part about other young black males being the group a young black should be the most worried about.

Anonymous said...

O/T Sav.This household charge bollox is really getting on my tits.How much are we spending on foreign aid?How much on welfare,housing for the third worlders?Why c'ant my fellow Irish wake the fuck up and see what's going on.Sorry for the bad language,but i'm so angry.

eh said...


In other news, we've reached a new high point in human history:

Miss Universe allows transgender contestant back into competition

Congratulations to us.

Anonymous said...

Booklet for the New Irish to be given out at citizenship ceremonies.
Welcome to Irelands 1068 citizenship ceremony, please take the time to read this booklet it will enlighten you as to the glorious contributions the New Irish have made to Ireland, this by the way is not the booklet that informs you of all the generous benefits you are entitled to, including free housing, health care, schooling and the right to bring your extended family over in short the sum total of all your needs.
Due to ongoing health and safety reasons our Minister of Justice and Defence has had to remain in Israel, however the Minister will be watching on a specially erected large screen that will be shown live in the main square of Tel Aviv, on this the Jewish festival of Yis Rammaul -the day of comtempt.
As New Irish we want you to feel right at home so there s no better way than being aware of the contribution your ethnic group made to modern Ireland. Try these amazing facts:
In 1916 Roma Gypsies gave away copies of “the big issue” free to the Irish Volunteers inside the GPO. This meant the rebels had a lot of reading material and puzzles to do during lulls in the fighting.
A lot of Blacks fought in the GPO including Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Puff Daddy.
Just before he wrote the National Anthem, Tupac Shakur appeared to Padraig “La Cadillac” Pearse in a dream and rapped the whole Anthem the result was “Gibbs me dem 32 county hoes”, while the British were willing to give freedom to all the Irish slaves they threatened to cut our EBT cards if the Anthem went ahead. Amhran na bhFiann was accepted reluctantly.
The war of independence aka The Cracker War, was very similar to the war between East and West coast rappers.
Michael Collins was a convert to Islam whose real name was Mohammad Al-Magrebi , following his time in Londonistan, the British had him assassinated (martyred) because he was attempting to introduce 32 county Sharia law.
Michael Collins was killed in Beal na Blath in Cork this translates as the “handkerchief of the Prophet” in Arabic. He was also killed on the sixth day of Ras el Rasa –“the time of the Prophets sitting down”, luck, coincidence or something else..You decide!
The Troubles in Northern Ireland were started by a racist tweet, when Gerry Adams said Biggie Smalls was too fat to play Bobby Sands in a rap video.
If you are angry that the contribution your particular ethnic group made to modern Ireland is not mentioned we are deeply, deeply, truly, abjectly, profoundly sorry to have hurt your feelings, please inform us of what you think happened and when and we will give you the name of a solicitor with whom you can take a case against the State (at no cost to you of course).
After the ceremony why not take the time to visit the new museum of “The new New Irish Museum” established by Minister of Defence AND Justice Mr Alan Shatter at tax payers’ expense, its located on O Connell Street right beside the Holocaust Museum.
And finally as “we welcome you home” in the words of our Taoiseach Enda Kenny , remember “We do not give away citizenship lightly”
Yeah right Kenny!

Rhein said...

"The great McDonald's in the sky".

LOL, classic Savant. Thanks for all the laughs. Excellent as usual.

Corkonian said...

100% collection of the household charge would yield €150 million. We give €700 in foreign aid.

Makes you feel good, doen't it?

SAVANT said...

Cheers Rhein!

Anonymous said...


Have you ever thought of starting your own blog? I think you have the weaponry to belittle the mentally disturbed, liberally types, who dislike the thoroughly deserved piss-taking they are having to endure more and more as normal people see them for the obsequious drones, they really are.

blueboy said...

Anon/David. What you write is scary and amusing in equal measure, but no more outlandish than the stuff we get in Black History Month here.

Anonymous said...

It became a national story because of one magic word inserted in a police report - white. Unfortunately the shooter turned out to be a squatty little mestizo (I don't think he's even half white). It all started with the virulently racist, nearly universal, practice of putting the massive amounts of Hispanic crime into the white category in order to downplay minority crime. It's all part of the effort to sell genocide to its white victims (they're just like us!), with a particularly nasty side goal of fudging the lopsidedness of racist violence in the U.S. Here is a page from the Texas Department of Public Safety's most wanted list:


If Zimmerman had been named Garcia, and properly listed as brown or Hispanic, this story would have never taken off. It's an example of the worthlessness of modern conservatism that they can't get this pernicious practice ended, and if fact are too afraid or indifferent to even try.

SAVANT said...

David, I echo that. We need more of this kind of writing.

Franz said...

Almost 6.000 youfs killed by youfs? Anually?

Why, the little critters are more active than the mujahedeen in Afghanistan and Al-Quaeda put together!

Does this mean that homeland security will move to Defcon 2 each and every time a NO LIMITS NIGGA leaves his section 8 dwelling?

PS: For those interested: This video shows sensitivity training administered by one Jane Elliott. Which is one way to describe it. Another would be "death camp for brain cells". You decide. But well worth a look:


Rastus said...

'Why, the little critters are more active than the mujahedeen in Afghanistan and Al-Quaeda put together!'

Don't say nothin' Franz. Let 'em at it!

Anonymous said...

The black church burnings during clintons reignn were a classic. Ran for months before someone checked the facts (fewer black churches were burned, those that did the perps were black). It started at the splc, someone pulled an old file off the shelf and it - made them 100 mil.

Anonymous said...

for annonymous: 3 April 2012 15:43

Modern Dublin Ireland is infested with Trayvon Martin "youths"



Anonymous said...

Now you see what Ireland has to look forward to. At some point the Yitts will raise and finance a Negro Ireland Michale aka "Martin" King to subjugate the White inhabitants of the Emerald Isle if they show too much spunk and pass some of those British Orwellian "race crime" laws to incarcerate those Whites who just can't behave.

Krokodil said...

If you don't mind, I would like to make an off-topic comment.

It seems to me that Christianity has been getting a bit of a bashing recently on this blog - not least of which has been an attack upon it for it's Jewish roots, and obvious Jewish early history.

Let me be clear, I am a follower and fan of the greatest Jew (and greatest human being) who ever lived - except, of course, I don't believe he was just a Jew (and human being).

Where has the West gone mainly wrong in my opinion? The abandonment of moral absolutes and it's replacement with moral relativism - the embracement of humanism as a moral code, in other words, and the ditching of Christianity.

As for stuff like the collapse of the Roman Empire etc., the jury remains out, I think, as to what or not caused it, but (assuming a Christian related demise) (a) the Christianity of the time (circa 400AD) was veering away from Biblical Christianity, and (b) maybe God had called time on the (Western) Roman Empire. After all, no empire, before or since, has lasted forever. Why should Rome have been any different?

In any event, for those who are interested (specifically, those who are interested) I would recommend CS Lewis's book, "Mere Christianity" for a simple, reasonable yet intellectual introduction to Christian belief. It is not partisan, and is suitable for Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox or, indeed, other expressions of basic Christianity.

For the record, I'm not Jewish in any way, shape or form. Tightfisted, maybe, buts that just me.

Anonymous said...

After watching 2 mins of that video clip, I can safely conclude that whoever claimed that wogs have an average IQ of 70 has got it wrong. It has to be closer to 50
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Re the 'Modern Dublin Ireland is infested with Trayvon Martin youths' video

Looks just like London – those loud, obnoxious, violent, gang-raping, demented, low IQ (70) , sub-Saharan fucking apes even speak the same nigger babble (MLE) as their “British” counterparts: “It’s da feds innit blood, ya getme bruv.”

Check out the Jew-controlled/funded ‘Common Purpose’ organisation. This organisation of Marxist subversives have penetrated every single British and Irish institution (civil service, county councils, local councils etc). Note: the first image you see when you click on the ‘Common Purpose Ireland’ website is a fucking nigger (Heydi Foster, Director, Exchange House, Dublin).


Check out the ‘Common Purpose Exposed’ website to get the lowdown on these treacherous bastards.


Frank Galton

Kevin said...

Watching that sickening video of all those Trayvons in Ireland, the question I ask is, how is it that, no matter where those creatures live or are born, why do they all 'speak' in the same incomprehensible way?

J Bull said...

Frank Galton. Checked out CP. Amazing and frightening. This is where our fates are decided.

Shaunantijihad said...

OK I managed to upload the video I was talking about in the previous post. This is for you UN!

Copy it quick before the spies of Zion have it deleted.


Anonymous said...

That was very interesting.

Never,ever heard of CP before.


Anonymous said...

The west Dublin suburb of Tyrellstown is ground zero for blacks in the capital.It's a place to avoid.

kulak said...

how is it that, no matter where those creatures live or are born, why do they all 'speak' in the same incomprehensible way?

Because they are a race. Their language centers are different, and probably also their larynxes.

Last time I was in the U.K. I heard a 'British' footballer on the TV speak and I was fascinated by the similarities. The guy had an English accent and was comprehensible, but the English accent in fact, by way of contrast with the speech of real English, accented for me the vocal similarities with U.S. blacks, and I don't mean cusswords or anything like that. It's hard to describe and has to be heard, but I found it quite striking.

Conversely, when I hear an English person speak, I hear the English accent and don't hear what other races might find distinctive about the white man's larynx.

Anonymous said...

Hi Savant

thanks for the vote of confidemce: unfortunately I dont always have access to a computer or the internet. However when I can I tend to pop little salient points into online discussions, the Irish Independent is quite good at present even to drop something on an unrelated subject can sometimes get people talking,the Irish Times as you are well aware censors far too quickly.
Please keep up the good work Savant, your blog is one of the most important here in Ireland at least and probably further afield.
Unfortunately having read some history coupled with what I can see of human nature (are nigs even human?)it will all ultimately end in violence, but if we are prepared we will at least have a fighting chance.
White flight in a post oil-age is nt always a bad thing as long as we control the countryside and the means of food production.
Take Care

kulak said...


As for stuff like the collapse of the Roman Empire etc., the jury remains out, I think, as to what or not caused it, but (assuming a Christian related demise) (a) the Christianity of the time (circa 400AD) was veering away from Biblical Christianity, and (b) maybe God had called time on the (Western) Roman Empire. After all, no empire, before or since, has lasted forever. Why should Rome have been any different?

There are but two causes of the fall of white empires.

Either a more kick-ass white empire, or miscegenation.

Late upper class Roman woman wore blonde wigs because they were no longer blonde and everybody wants to be white. Some of the last emperors were a bit nappy. Modern southern Italians aren't so much the descendants of Romans as they are the descendants of Roman slaves.

History is mostly a series of invasions by white people. Whites conquer, build stuff, and get rich. Then they mix with the natives and the empire falls apart.

Germanized Christianity worked I guess, but only I think because of the logistics barriers to invasion of Europe (which are now gone.) ALL of the white colonial authorities fell for the same "brotherhood of man" crap that is easy from a distance. Portugal made miscegenation official policy. Colonials themselves -- at least when they had women, and weren't primarily men -- saw things more clearly, after they'd suffered a massacre at the hands of the natives (and somtimes it took more than one!)

I think the white man needs religion. But it has to be a religion that makes him fight. It has to be a religion that damns him if he does not fight, that damns him if he dishonors his fathers and his Father, that damns him if he suicides, that damns him if he forsakes his posterity or, out of cowardice, does not sire one.

The "Christian" says I will live in the hereafter because I am redeemed through Jesus. So I should just lay down and die because heaven awaits.

I say I am redeemed because I LIVE.

Clogheen said...

It's sad that Britains newest nationalist party, Britain First, appears to be in meltdown, after one of the head honchos, 'Reverend' James Dowson, revealed that he wants it to be a counter-jihad and anti-abortion Christian crusade, virtually rejecting the race issue and traditional nationalism.
Even the fine British Resistance site is now backpedalling in it's support......


john said...

Thank you Mr Savant for steering those poor bewildered folks at the Jew York Times in the right direction.

@ Mr Krokodil - hold on there bubba! Christianity has NOTHING to do with judaism. PLEASE do a little independent research/thinking. judaism/jews are antiChrist. judaism is talmudic. Jesus was not a jew - His human side came thru the house and lineage of David ; an Israelite. NOWHERE in Scripture is David [or Jesus] referred to as jewish. Even the jews themselves admit they are NOT Biblical Israelites nor Hebrews! [see the jewish almanac 1981 - 'a question of identity] That ruse is just foisted on the dumb goy to underpin their parasitic existence. Period.
Catholicism is not Christianity either. Please, for your own sake, think about this. Read for yourself. Do the ' fruit test' as it applies to false religions such as those listed. read the physical descriptions of Biblical [true Israelite] figures. read the description[s] of the multitude of nations that Abraham would father. Etc. Once you get straight who IS who, and who aint, most of the world events and problems we face will begin to become crystal clear.
[climbing down off the soapbox now...]

Gem Junior said...

It's an absolute crime what they get away with. I looked into Common Purpose but couldn't really find out what it is that they are doing, maybe I haven't been looking in the right places. It seems very superficial and kind of hard to get the gist of what they actually do DO. But I accept that they are up to no fucking good anyway. It always amazes me: Where do these motherfuckers get off thinking they deserve to run the world, to control others? They want power. I've met people like this in life and they've always turned my stomach. I can understand immigration in America because of the argument that we stole it from the Injuns so it isn't ours anyway, and the blacks that ARE there were brought there bby us yeah yeah yeah - so though I don't like it I kind of see how it can be sold to some people. But Ireland? There is no doubt whatsoever that it belongs to the Irish and IS BEING STOLEN. How the fuck people can sit by and watch it be destroyed is incomprehensible, and far more of a crime than destroying America. It is time that Shatter and his people are shown the door. And dond't let it hit your ass on the way out you parasitical jew vampires.

eh said...

OT (but not entirely)

Rather interesting mea culpa from NBC. Note their scandalous -- and no doubt deliberate -- editing/abridgement of the dialogue between Zimmerman and the police operator.

Anonymous said...

Do the Irish elite think that our apes will be different from the specimens you find in London,Detoilet or Haiti.Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a sure sign of ........

Corkonian said...

anon asks Do the Irish elite think that our apes will be different from the specimens you find in London,Detoilet or Haiti?

Problem is, the Irish elite get their info from the MSM and Hollywood. They think the 'apes' are ion fact wonderfully vibrant and culturally enriching. Most Irish people think that.

Anonymous said...

...and IRELAND comes to the aid of Canada.

A bit off-topic, but I'll welcome 10,000 real Irish men and women anytime.

The above linked website could be described as one of Canada's immigration watchdogs containing the usual disaster stories describing our own "enrichment" in this country.

Click "home" for today's articles.

Anonymous said...

And FOX news comes to the aid of NBC ... who have really been caught with their collective dick in the gears.

April fool's day is safely past. I checked.


NBC issues apology for edited Zimmerman 911 call

Published April 03, 2012

NBC News issued an apology Tuesday for the way it handled the broadcasting of the 911 conversation between George Zimmerman and a police dispatcher in the Trayvon Martin case.

Following reports that NBC aired audio of the call was edited in a way that implied Zimmerman was racist, the network launched an internal investigation.

"During our investigation it became evident that there was an error made in the production process that we deeply regret. We will be taking the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future and apologize to our viewers," the network said in a statement cited by The Washington Post.

Zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watch leader, admits shooting and killing Martin one night in February, but he has said the shooting was in self-defense and justified under the state's "Stand Your Ground" law. He also said Martin attacked him, but that and other details of the case remain in question, as authorities continue to investigate whether to charge Zimmerman.

NBC's "Today" show ran the edited audio of Zimmerman's phone call to a police dispatcher, seeming to show Zimmerman saying, "This guy looks like he's up to no good … he looks black."

A transcript of the complete 911 call shows that Zimmerman said, "This guy looks like he's up to no good. Or he's on drugs or something. It's raining and he's just walking around, looking about."

The 911 officer responded saying, "OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?"

"He looks black," Zimmerman said.

The abridged conversation between Zimmerman and the dispatcher that NBC ran on March 27 has been blasted by media watchdog groups as misleading. Critics have said the edited version was made to suggest that Zimmerman targeted Martin because he was black -- an accusation by many that is still under investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Will this give pause to the lefty slugs that pull this kind of stunt?

Will they apologise to Zimmerman?

Will the great unwashed even pause in their daily rounds and say: "Should I trust these arseholes? Ever again?

It's too little, too late. The only way this will resolve itself is with extreme violence.

Read the books. may as well do it now, while they're fiction.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kulak.

kulak said...

I think the white man needs religion. But it has to be a religion that makes him fight. It has to be a religion that damns him if he does not fight, that damns him if he dishonors his fathers and his Father, that damns him if he suicides, that damns him if he forsakes his posterity or, out of cowardice, does not sire one.

Thank you Kulak, which brings me back to my boyhood vision of a christian with a tabard, shield and a really nasty mother of a sword in hand.

The only real Christian.


elena said...


Most Irish people I know do not believe that.

And I'm talking from a wide variety of Irish.Some DO believe Hollywood but most know the truth.

Most know the truth.

But most are simply afraid to speak their minds because of the restraints of the insidious laws which we are are now restricted by.


Anonymous said...

A start perphas


Corkonian said...

Elena. How do you know this if people won't speak their minds?

I'm not trying to be smart when I ask this. Most people that I know at least openly seem to adhere to the gospel according to the MSM/Hollywood, at least when it comes to black people.

Anonymous said...

Now this ... is interesting.


Did Barack Obama Campaign Threaten Life of Chelsea Clinton to Keep Parents Silent on Obama’s Ineligibility?

I am not sure what to make of the story below. I think it needs corroboration. On the other hand, I wouldn't put anything past Obama and his minions. Leftists constantly tell us that "There's no such thing as right and wrong" so it should not surprise us if they act in accordance with that belief -- JR

Most people in the US, especially Democrats, believe that the Obama Birther Movement was started by Republicans and or the Tea Party. They believe it is a smear campaign aimed to tarnish the image of their hero of change. But they may be shocked to learn that the Birther Movement was actually started by former President Bill Clinton and Hillary back in 2008.

Bettina Viviano was a vice president with Amblin Enterntainment, Steven Spielberg’s company, before launching her own film production company in 1990. In 2008, Viviano was asked to produce a documentary about voter fraud within the Democratic Party. At the time, she says she was not a Democrat or a Republican and in fact had never voted in an election. She went into the project with the sole purpose of producing the best and most accurate documentary possible.

During the documentary process, Viviano says that she quickly became aware of just how dangerous and insidious the Obama campaign was. A number of the Democrats she interviewed refused to appear on camera and told her that their lives and property had been threatened by people working with the Obama campaign.

She also heard former President Bill Clinton say that Obama was not eligible to be president because of his lack of birth records. In fact, she said it was common knowledge around many top Democrats. Bill Clinton has often said that he would go public with the information when the time was right.

Before that could happen, his close friend and head of the Arkansas Democratic Party, Bill Gwatney was murdered in his office and then someone told Bill that he was next if he said anything about Obama’s eligibility. In the video below, she said that Clinton was not intimidated until someone associated with the Obama campaign told him that his daughter Chelsea would be next if he opened his mouth. From that point on, the Clintons remained silent about Obama’s birth certificate or lack thereof.

As Cowboy said in Full Metal Jacket ... "it don't surprise me, none."

Not that I don't think Hil and Bill would toss their ugly duckling to the wolves .. if there was something in it for them. They are democrats after all.

Hell, Hil alone, helped murder a whole country back in the nineties.


Don't see too much remorse there.


Anonymous said...

We move in different circles then Corkonian.Or maybe Cork IS different.

I mean what people say in private conversations.Without labouring the point when talking to people,I usually bring up the subject in a roundabout way.

I would say the response is at least 3 to 1 in favour of those whose eyes are not only open but wide open.


Kevin R. said...

UN, maybe I'm wrong here, but I sense you don't like the Clintons, do you?

Clogheen said...

mr. a. I agree with you. That's my finding as well. In fact the ratio is higher, maybe in the region of 5:1. Not as strong viewed as most of us here but the view is that blacks and moslems are a negative influence on the country.

Anonymous said...

Kevin R. said...

UN, maybe I'm wrong here, but I sense you don't like the Clintons, do you?

Hell, Kevin. Nothing wrong with the Clintons.

I look forward to the day when smiling crowds clap and cheer and hoist their children onto their shoulders to watch as the Clintons perform their last public appearance.

Rather like Nicolae and Elena.


Anonymous said...

A little something about Romania.


"In the late 1980s, the United Nations Human Development report classified Romania as having had high human development. The life expectancy was 71 years, literacy rate at 96%, and the Real GDP per capita at $3000."

Later ...

By 1985, despite Romania's huge refining capacity, petrol was strictly rationed, with supplies drastically cut, a Sunday curfew was instated, and many buses used methane propulsion (they were mockingly named "bombs"); taxis were converted to burning methanol. Electricity was rationed to divert supplies to heavy industry, with a maximum monthly allowed consumption of 20 kWh per family (everything over this limit was heavily taxed), and very frequent blackouts (generally 1–2 hours daily).[citation needed] Only one in five streetlights was to be kept on, and television was reduced to a single channel broadcasting just 2 hours each day.

Gas and heating were also turned off; people in cities had to turn to natural gas containers ("butelii"), or charcoal stoves, even though they were connected to the gas mains. According to a decree of 1988, all public spaces had to be kept to a temperature of no more than 16 degrees Celsius (about 63 degrees Fahrenheit) in winter (the only institutions exempted were kindergartens and hospitals), with some (such as factories)[citation needed] kept at no more than 14 degrees (about 59 degrees Fahrenheit).

All shops were to close no later than 5:30 pm, in order to preserve electricity. A thriving black market appeared, with Kent cigarettes becoming Romania's second currency (it was illegal and punished with up to ten years imprisonment to own or trade any foreign currency), used to purchase everything, from food to clothes or medicine. The quality of health care dropped substantially, as drugs were no longer imported.[citation needed].

That is what our esteemed leaders want for us.

A new Dark Age.


kulak said...

Not that I don't think Hil and Bill would toss their ugly duckling to the wolves .. if there was something in it for them. They are democrats after all.

Nanny McFetus

kulak said...

Only one in five streetlights was to be kept on, and television was reduced to a single channel broadcasting just 2 hours each day.

So it wasn't all bad.

kulak said...

with Kent cigarettes becoming Romania's second currency

The U.S.'s will be Newports.

Anonymous said...

kulak said...

Only one in five streetlights was to be kept on, and television was reduced to a single channel broadcasting just 2 hours each day.

So it wasn't all bad.

Got to hand it to you, kulak, to find the one little ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day ...


Krokodil said...

@ John 15:56
My previous comment has nothing whatsoever to do with promoting or defending Judaism, merely the fairly obvious fact that the early church (in Jerusalem) was clearly only Jewish for some time, before the Gentiles started to join. In other words, my comment was neither pro-Jewish nor anti, but simply a statement of fact based upon the Biblical narrative.

As for Jesus' ethnicity, I don't agree with you but won't pursue the argument, as I simply don't believe it's all that important (from a Christian perspective).

Neither was I endorsing Catholicism (I'm Protestant), but rather pointing out that basic Christianity (it's fundamentals, if you like), are to be found in most branches of the church, including Catholicism (even if there's a whole lotta other stuff I disagree with).

@ Kulak and Uncle Nasty
Christian faith is not based on what one considers to be an acceptable religion, as opposed to other religions that one might less like. Being a follower of Christ is just that - the belief that Jesus is the truth, the way and the life. It's not really a religious thing, but being made right with God through acceptance of Christ's sacrifice for mankind, and personal acceptance of this sacrifice for oneself - and then an ongoing personal relationship with God through Christ.

Sorry if I'm sounding a bit "preachy". That's not my intention, hence in my previous comment I made reference to CS Lewis' book "Mere Christianity", which is a good starting point of inquiry into Christian belief, for those who are interested. However, seeing as both of you gentlemen are obviously of an intellectual disposition, why not try reading it for yourselves? It's a short book, as memory serves, and is certainly not Bible-bashing in it's arguments. (The author was an atheist for quite some time before his conversion).

In any event, there is a major misconception that Christianity endorses multiculturalism, miscegination etc. It doesn't. The church is certainly multicultural, multi-ethnic etc., but the same could be said for most other religious persuasions, so is hardly unique. Specifically, though, the Bible is quite clear that the church and state occupy different functions, and nowhere is there an endorsement of the situation we in the West find ourselves in today. I firmly believe (based on Biblical teaching) that we live in a tribal world, and that God desires it so. Furthermore, the lies and deceit of the MSM, politicians, many a religious leader and others has nothing whatsoever to do with the God of truth.


Krokodil said...


Even in the New Testament the state is endorsed as correctly wielding the sword, which was hardly the function of the early church, nor it's mission. (I'm well aware the church did take up the sword in later centuries, often by proxy, but that was never it's purpose).

In other words, one can serve the "state", for want of a better term, and be a Christian, but not to confuse the function of one with the other.

This debate could obviously be a lengthy one, so I'll finish by simply pointing out that many a fine warrior and soldier of the past, and present, have been committed Christians or God-fearing individuals of the Christian persuasion.

America's greatest conflict was, of course, the Civil War. Lee, Jackson, Stuart (towards the end of the war) and, indeed, a hefty chunk of the Confederate army were avowedly Christian. Obviously, there would have been a good few in the Union army as well.

In the (second) Boer War, the most brilliant Boer generals - Botha, De Wet, de la Rey - would have been described as either actively Christain or God-fearing (along with much of the hardy Boer fighters themselves).

There are obviously many other examples throughout history of committed Christians who were also committed warriors or soldiers, but I simply mention the two above as a rebuttal of the notion that Christianity is inherently pacifist, or a religion for milk-sops.

A true following of the Christian faith is not for the timid or cowardly, regardless of whether one's calling is for war or peace.

Anonymous said...

Laura G. writes:

Obama’s audacity is indeed sickening, and his lies and deceptions are the direct result of his entitled awareness that he is invulnerable and has no need whatsoever to adhere to the truth or reality. There is a simple reason that he can and does act in this unprecedented and egregious manner. That reason is that he has been given a complete pass by the entire nation regarding every aspect of his basic identity and background. Early in his political career he discovered that he could get away with refusing to release any of his life’s documents, and having succeeded in suppressing the timid inquiries about such a basic issue, he now knows correctly that there is nothing whatsoever that anyone will challenge him over. He hid and was assisted in refusing to reveal his birth certificates and then released an internet file that was immediately and widely identified to be a photoshopped fraud. There was no response from anyone or any organization. His selective service records have been shown persuasively to have been manipulated, and again there has been no response whatsoever. All of his presumed school records are adamantly hidden. He appears to have been in the leadership of the Harvard Law Review, and there do not seem to have been any publications that he authored, but again there is no inquiry about that peculiarity. His passport records, his social security numbers, his mother’s passport records, his birth records, his mother’s obstetric records, all surprisingly missing and as is completely usual there is silence from the mainstream media, denial of attention from all court systems at all levels, and silence from all political candidates and all political organizations. He has succeeded in being a person whose identity and background is a complete unknown to the entire nation.
As any parent can tell you in a heartbeat, if you allow a child to indulge in aggressive, lying, wrongful behavior, always only assuring him that he is wonderful and adorable, the child’s behavior will solidify into monstrous and probably criminal proportions. All we need to do is look in the mirror if we want to know how the current inhabitant of the White House learned to dare to behave as he consistently does. His entitled actions come as no surprise whatsoever to those who have been demanding that he release to forensic evaluators all of his basic documentation. Those efforts have been met with mockery and silence, and the entire nation is now experiencing the direct result. There are no surprises here.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 05, 2012 09:35 AM

Anonymous said...

The Slimes are a bunch of idiots.

The police report does not mention that he had skittles but the race martyrs father said that he did which leads to the obvious conclusion that the po-po willfully with malice aforethought stoled the guys skittles.

What dreadfull reporting from a dreadfull newspaper.

Anonymous said...

But but but Macs don't get viruses because of Steven "iLuv Steve Jobs" Jobs.

Once upon a time Macs getting viruses were a sign that Macs had like more creative man like users man because they were man like goodier than man like PC users.

Then PCs man are like man targetted for man like viruses because man like dude their manlike dude security is manlike dude not as goody as man like mac dude.

If you want to know why the media sucks some chick got an article published that she was better than you because hubby could afford to buy her a mac to write stuff.

Then she wrote another artcile explaining why there were photos of topless ladies all over her desktop and folders.

They were there because her intuitive os which is so easy to learn confused her and she had to get her 12 year old son to do things for her.

Payment included decorating the desktop and folders.

PS Did I mention that the media sucks?

Anonymous said...

If you open Terminal and run

defaults read /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/Info LSEnvironment


defaults read ~/.MacOSX/environment DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES

and see:

The domain/default pair of [...] does not exist

for each, you are not infected. Also, if you run nearly any AV software or other tools like Little Snitch, you are not infected as it checks for these and deletes itself if found.

See? It just works! Any non-expert user would find these commands completely intuitive, and has probably run them themselves already.


Anonymous said...

Had a look around that commonpurpose.ie website and the Director General of the Department of Social Protection is on its Board of Trustees.

Very very strange.
Is that even legal ?????

Anonymous said...

Trayvon de dude wat cud save Obama

Anonymous said...

Trayvon de dude wat cud save Obama

Hat tip to Arturo.

Anonymous said...

Excellent montage on Trayvon.

Anonymous said...

Had a look around that commonpurpose.ie website and the Director General of the Department of Social Protection is on its Board of Trustees.

Goto youtube and search for Brian Gerrish and his views on these appalling people.

Anonymous said...

So on the week of the 6th April Apple admit that they have had problems with the Flashback trojan which they only got around to patching now.

You should read of the vulnerabilities that they have not being arsed to deal with something from X 10.0 was only dealt with in 10.6 and the iLuvsteve crowd have a go at Microsoft for their poor dealings with security!

Anonymous said...

Tray von Martin and George Zimnmerman

journalist unearth the following photo.

Anonymous said...

Jayson Blair. He found a home at this repuatable newspaper.

RTE were caught out bfore and lessons will be learned.

The media were sort of caught faking the Rodney King life saving incident so lessons will be learned.

RTE were caught reading out a fake tweet an investigation found the lessons that will be learned.

SarahPalin was somehow responsible for a democrat website with crosshairs on it that caused a democrat to shoot another femocrat.
(I will leave that misspellings because it might be more accurate?)

An investigatiion was undertaken and lessons will be learned.

RTE were caught faking a Prime Time Investigations programme which they had to know was false. A producer disappears off to CNN.

An investigation was undertaken and lessons will be learned.

Tray von Martin a youth who had been caught at school with stolen property and with a burglarly tool was suspended from school for 10 days for reasons the media never found but NO_LIMIT_NIGGA's twiter account revealed it was for attacking a racist bus driver in defense of Rosa Parks! who alerted a neighbourhood watch guy because of his activities which made it look like he was on drugs or something and who was ceased being followed by the neighbourhood watch guy when he was told "We don't need you to do that" then he turned and went back to his own vehicle but the youth who could have gone to the house he was staying in but instead decided to turn around and attack the other guy and he got shot.

The media went into LAX Duke University hoax mode and decided that the youth was followed for no good reason and wound upo being shot after all he did was go out to get some Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea.

An investigation was undertaken and lessons will be learnt.

Next time the media will see if there are Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea - The iced tea preferred by 17 year old burglarising youths- are mentioned as being present in the police report rather than relying on the word of Daddyobama.

Anonymous said...

The Irish Slimes had an article from The New York Slimes Maureen Dowd saying that we needed a Messiah to save us from the fictitious war on women.

I have never read such a blatantly racist piece in a newspaper and I demand that she be derbyed immediately.

Imagine calling for the cruxifiction of Barack Hussein Shabazz Obama Soetero on Easter Monday.

Not that it would be correct any other time it is just that the day that is in in it I think the rest of the media will be pre-occupied scoffing chocolate to notice what these racist newspapers and their staff did.

For shame!

To the sickos at The Irish Slimes and The New York Slimes.

F McCool said...

I'm avoiding buying the IT as much as possible. I'm after going from 6 days a week to 2 at most.

Anonymous said...

totally racist, what an unintelligent, insensitive stupid letter she has written.

- sally, leeds, 12/4/2012 21:46

Read more:Pop star wries letter to illegitimate president's wife posts on interweb rather than trust Black run Postal service to get it to its audience

I just discovered the media sucks.

what exactly does Michelle Obama do in the world that is so fantastic?

- Pedro, San Antonio, 12/4/2012 19:32

I believe she has a big arse.
That is all.

Eimear said...

"Another vapid celeb with zero brains, who has been sucked into the political propaganda machine... Very sadly, there will be lots of people stupid enough to vote for Obama again because some chick who can sing, says she likes his wife... Oh well, the people get the government they deserve I suppose..."

Anonymous said...

Eimear that post deserves a shot at the mail website.

Try posting it and take a screenshot as it might get culled later.

Anonymous said...


You cannot spell the special prostitution chick's name without using the letters Michael Nifong.

Anonymous said...

“Zimmerman apparently pursued him anyway, at some point getting out of his car and confronting the boy”

Never happened. Martin was 100 feet from home when he doubled back and assaulted George Zimmerman which is the reason Zimmerman had to shoot the violent thug who was suspended from school. Perhaps it was for being in possession of drug para-you know the word womens jewelry and burglarly tools?

Anonymous said...

Cuba's tight a lesson in AIDS control

Ms. García is alive thanks partly to lucky genes, and partly to the intensity with which Cuba has attacked its AIDS epidemic. Whatever debate may linger about the government’s harsh early tactics — until 1993, everyone who tested positive for H.I.V. was forced into quarantine — there is no question that they succeeded.

Cuba now has one of the world’s smallest epidemics, a mere 14,038 cases. Its infection rate is 0.1 percent, on par with Finland*, Singapore and Kazakhstan. That is one-sixth the rate of the United States, one-twentieth of nearby Haiti.
(Finland* has the toolsto catch up with Haiti though.)

When Cuba adopts policies that the slimes would deplore elsewhere it is good.

Is our slimes slimier than there? Or are they both of equal dismerit.

A SFA Grade One referee of incompetence if you like.