Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Shatter Watch: Treacherous nation-wrecking scumbag

I as mentioned in this post (My Transition) when I started this blog five years ago I was a convinced Judophile and supporter of Israel. I saw them as polar opposites of primitive Africans and barbaric Muslims. I still see them that way, but I've also become increasingly aware that they, or just let's say too many of them for my liking, represent an existential threat to western nations and cultures in a far more fundamental and insidious way than do Africans or Muslims. This epiphany has been lent jarring affirmation by the appointment of Alan Shatter as 'our' new Minister for Justice and Defense. Shitter is an avowed and enthusiastic supporter of Zionism - i.e. he supports ethnic purity for Israel.


No wonder the Jerusalem Post claimed that '"Shatter is considered an articulate and courageous friend of Israel." But ethnic purity stops abruptly right there. He doesn't believe in Irish ethnic purity. Not at all at all at all. He wants the world to come here (more correctly, he wants the primitive non-white world to come here), passing on their way the native Irish fleeing the country.

As I pointed out here, he has increased the numbers of 'New Irish' gaining citizenship by orders of magnitude since he took office. From a couple of hundred a year to tens of thousands. Isn't that something? Shitter would be very upset if that were happening in Israel. But he's not alone in this. His co-ethnics lead similar movements everywhere in the world. The white world, that is. Anetta Kahane in Germany, Barbara Spectre in Sweden, various in Holland, and France. Everywhere. Every white country, that is. Check it out. We even have an 'Australian' who recommends taking in Israel's unwanted black asylum seekers while extolling ethnic purity while he's in Israel (when he thought the goyim weren't listening).

Jews are also leading the attack on every last vestige of Christian symbols in Christian countries. And just as Israel becomes more of an ethno-theocracy every day. The sheer arrogance and gall literally takes the breath away. In the UK we learn that 'Christians have no right to wear the
crucifix according to Government.
' And who's leading the Government charge? One Lynne Choona Featherstone, who, we learn, 'was born and brought up in London to a British Jewish family.' Bet you're amazed at that, aren't you?

But back to Shitter. First, he's hated by everyone. Even fellow lawyers regard him as treacherous, spectacularly avaricious and deeply untrustworthy. Now for lawyers to describe you in those terms, well, you must be a special kind of asshole. He barely gets through each election, yet others get passed over while he bags two Ministries! It's also perfectly clear that Jews in the west gravitate to Ministries which enable them to control the immigration spigot. Stand up nation-wrecking traitorous scumbag Jack Straw as an example par excellence.

What I can't get my head around in the sheer gall of all of thus. They must realise that the goyim are just that: Cattle. And they've done their bit there too, taking over the media and forcing an avalanche of brain-numbing drivel on the stupefied public. They must be really, really confident. And maybe they're right to be. They're getting away with everything with hardly a whimper of protest. After all, if I'd pulled off the 9/11 attack and ended up with my enemies getting the blame, well I suppose I'd be super confident too.

But are they over-confident? Could their arrogance lead to the kind of reaction they've brought on themselves countless times throughout history? Doesn't look likely at this juncture, controlling as they do the western MSM, Hollywood and the money spigot everywhere. The legal and educational systems have been programmed to advance their agenda. Never before have they wielded such power. But I remember reading somewhere that “they will be undone by the only thing they can’t protect themselves from: their own greed”.

I'm reaching the stage, I never thought this would happen, but I'm reaching a stage whereby I believe that any Jewish person designated for a pivotal position at national level should be made undergo a loyalty test. Just to show that they're not just focused on destroying that which they claim to protect.


Anonymous said...

Difficult to attempt to fathom out their motives. I can only guess that with a history of being persecuted, they feel safer if their adopted homelands are swamped by thick, useless, violent,welfare-dependant types.Takes the spotlight off them, I suppose. Just cannot think of any other reason. Help!
Paris Claims

Clogheen said...

anon. You could be right. Problem is, they're fucking us in the process.

Bemused stare said...

I believe that any Jewish person designated for a pivotal position at national level should be made undergo a loyalty test. Just to show that they're not just focused on destroying that which they claim to protect.

Your humanity is laudable Savant. Sadly, I suspect you too know that there is ultimately only one solution to the problem.

Anonymous said...

Savant, I firmly feel that we have reached the point where the only option open is the Covington option or a variant thereof.

I used to have knock-down drag-out fights with friends who were bringing up children in the golden child-rearing era ... the seventies and eighties. These people lived under the Doctor Seuss mantra that you could reason with children -- as if they were human beings, while my opinion was that kids were to be trained ... like puppies or rats -- or politicians.

I felt that even the most feral child could be brought to heel by leaving them in a locked room with a glowing hot plate. And, telling them "Don't touch the hot plate."

Ignore the muffled shrieks, open the door an hour later, and ask them if they'll touch the hot plate ... again.

The point?

Teach these creatures that there are consequences for everything. They will get the picture.

If they don't, you simply use them as an ugly example and then deal with their successors.

The Covington option. Vastly over-simplified, but practical.


Anonymous said...

Only a matter of time before he brings in new race hate laws and affirmative action.

Cassius said...

Bemused Stare. I do not agree. It is not our way and it is not necessary. Jews can only do what they do in relatively honest host societies – that’s why they stick to us like glue despite hating us and trying to destroy us.

having the cultural confidence for pride and solidarity is another story – pick up any book from the 19th century and you can see the difference in what people say, how they behave. it’s like they are another race.

In fact they are another race.

Franz said...

Right now I am reading "200 years together" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn which I personally regard as one of the wisest men who ever drew breath.

It's a book about Jews in Russia and affirms my own observations: By far not all Jews are sociopathic scum, but their ranks contain a higher percentage of the aforementioned article than any other population.

Speaking of scum: In Ireland you have Shatter, France has Sarkozy, in Germany we have Friedman and the USA has... legions.

These termites are just as skilled in damaging their host population as in setting up their own brethren for blowback.

For the sake of the people of Europe, North America and the Jews as well, I hope that they make Israel so spectacularly successful that they eventually all emigrate there.

There they can find their own way of dealing with the termites, without engendering genocidal inclinations in generally harmless chaps such as ourselves.

P.S.: The Savant recently thought aloud about quitting his blog. Let me mention that the Savant's work directly influenced me to take a more active part as well and start my own video blog. Since August '11 I clocked 650.000 views and rising. So you are having an effect, old boy. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Madame X said...

Weren't jews prohibited from holding any type of political office in the Byzantine Empire? And didn't that aforesaid empire thrive for some 800 years?

Jean C. said...

"a history of being persecuted"...LOL

Of course, there is NEVER EVER a reason for them to have been persecuted.

To me these "people" are unbelievable. I am actually beginning to believe that they are an alien species. Not human at all.

Ever had one in the family? I have. My sibling (who I have not communicated with for years and years....my choice) married a Jewish woman who represented them and their attitudes in ONE "person". She was an immigration attorney in Salinas, California for the "poor people". Salinas, California has now turned from a nice agricultural blue collar community into a complete shit hole.

She also thought that all of MY parents' money should have been hers. She really, really did. She also, from the beginning, showed no respect to my parents who were pretty puritanical...i.e. showers together with my used to be "brother" on one of the very first "family" vacations in a cabin at Lake Tahoe which my parents had rented....of course, sleeping together, etc., and etc. and etc.

I wasn't the most moral person in the world in those days either....but I DID know how to show some respect fo my parents. She was there to show THEM who was boss.

My awakening began (or actually began again) when the furor over Mel Gibson's masterpiece "The Passion of The Christ" erupted. Then I began to read and read and read about them and haven't stopped yet.

Are you aware of the fact that some rabbi actually wanted to have Mel Gibson and everyone associated with his film arrested and prosecuted as "terrorists" because millions and millions of the poor darlings would be murdered because of it. Very hard to believe but true.

I have also read extensively about the holohoax and it's just that....a monumental hoax.

The "revisionists" are right and they are my heroes (sp?)...Ernst Zundel et al.

Teko said...

The following excerpts are from a pamphlet written by a German journalist in 1879. 100 years before most of us were born.

"But let us now look at the non plus ultra of arrogance of the Jewish victor!

While we Germans had been banned and outlawed by the press since 1848 if we considered as much as criticism of anything Jewish, Jewry now involved itself in our religious and cultural struggles with Ultramontanism and, it is hard to believe, even did
all the talking.

To comment upon their rituals is “hatred”, but if the Jew takes it upon himself to pronounce the last word in our religious and state affairs, than it is quite a
different matter.

At the beginning of the cultural struggle, I and several of my friends attempted to take part in it by expressing views from a sophisticated, historical-cultural point of view. In vain. We were only allowed to be heard, provided we renounced the use of basic statements of fact and if we were, ex abrupto, willing to be abusive of “clerics”.

Not even under letters to the
editor did we enjoy hospitality in the Jewish press, even there, where there might have been an opportunity to express opinions contrary to ours. And this is the way Jewry has --- monopolized --- free expression of opinion in the press.

We Germans have officially resigned in favor of Judaism in 1848. There is no “struggle for
existence” without Jewry collecting its commission."

Anonymous said...

When you're in trouble, who do you call? Ghostbusters?

Naah. You call your local cops and pray that the ones who turn up are not rapists, thieves, con-men, paedophiles, drug dealers or outright murderers.

Go here ...





Anonymous said...

I got onto to this one about 4 years ago, not a five minute read but woke me up, more of them need to stand up and put a gap between themselves and the bad guys. Thier self proclaimed victim status has served them well [Germany still paying]......http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=674........ the protocals off the learned elders of zion cannot be denied either, they have been at it a long time ... enjoy the site Savant dave in ozz

Anonymous said...

Read the comments, fuck the shitty jew 'article' ..this is the HuffPo. and Jew boys getting a new one ripped. Unbelievable. 3 years ago I would have been called a Nazi now they all seem to sound a lot like me. The counter-revolution has begun and it started at the HuffingtonPost the irony ..


Anonymous said...

Cassius said...

Bemused Stare. I do not agree. It is not our way and it is not necessary. Jews can only do what they do in relatively honest host societies – that’s why they stick to us like glue despite hating us and trying to destroy us.

Cannot agree, here, Cassius. It is our way. It is a way that that has served us since we wore blue paint for clothing.

It is the way that dragged us from a tribe shivering in the dark to a people that send probes into deep space.

It is the way that allowed us to evolve into creatures that can create computers, cannons and Can-Am Chevrolets.

And it is the only way we will survive ... by seizing these creatures by the throat, squeezing our wealth back out of them, and tossing them back into the pit.

The time for nice is over.


Brandon said...

Not to worry. Their day is coming, and boy will it be a doozy. They think the holohoax was a holocaust. They ain't seen nuttin yet.

Porter said...

The Irish should no more think of Shatter as a traitor than I (an American) think of Obama as one. They are both enemies. They surround themselves with traitors and are supported by dupes.

I believe that any Jewish person designated for a pivotal position at national level should be made undergo a loyalty test.

Bad idea. It would merely be an act of theater. We already know jews are unwaveringly loyal…to their own tribe. They are loyal to ours only in those rare occasions when it profits them and until only the moment when that profit is extinguished. This is, by the way, a trait to be admired and emulated…from afar.

No, we need no tests. We need separation.

cannibalrabbi said...

"In fact they are another race."

They are another species.

Anonymous said...

The end game becomes, not merely visible, but glaringly obvious.

go here:


Scroll to:-

New Jersey’s Thought Crimes—excuse me, Bias Crimes—statutes

It is not as easy as you would expect to find state penal codes online. I did finally find something on New Jersey’s law on bias crimes, not in the New Jersey Criminal Code itself, but in a document called Criminal Law Digest. It’s a reasonable start.

Section I seems to be a general provision for extending sentencing for any crime, if the purpose of the crime was to intimidate because of gender, or, contradictorily (the paragraph is poorly written), to intimidate because of race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.:



N.J.S.A. 2C:44-3 provides that the court “shall, upon application of the prosecuting attorney, sentence a person who has been convicted of a crime … if the grounds for the application is purpose to intimidate because of gender, to an extended term if it finds, by a preponderance of the evidence … ” that “[t]he defendant in committing the crime acted with a purpose to intimidate an individual or group of individuals because of race, color, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity.” …

Section II, dealing with harassment, does not just give an extended sentence if the crime was motivated by bias. It raises the level of the offense from “petty disorderly persons offense” (i.e., a misdemeanor) to a crime of the fourth degree (i.e., a felony for which the defendant can be sentenced to state prison):


N.J.S.A. 2C:33-4d elevates the petty disorderly persons offense of harassment to a crime of the fourth degree “if in committing the offense, the defendant “acted with a purpose to intimidate an individual or group of individuals because of race, color, religion, gender, handicap, sexual orientation or ethnicity.”

Section III does the same thing as section II, but with regard to assault: it elevates a mere disorderly persons offense to a felony:

This however is where things get weird.
H.A. Covington predicted this exact state of affairs about eight years ago in his books.

For those of you who have not read the books, better hurry ... before they're no longer speculative fiction, but history.


Anonymous said...

Why do you refer to Shatter as a minister?
When RTE broadcast that programme Mission To Prey he rang someone about convicting a guy based on a TV programme and Enda Kenny saw the naievety of that and asked for his resignation and Shatter being an honest man resigned so he is an ex-minister.

AnalogMan said...

Sounds like a plan, Savant. The only problem is, how do you test for loyalty? As far as these nation-wreckers are concerned, the most efficacious test might be something like the old tests for witches: If you don't drown, you're a witch. If you do, then, well, it seems you were innocent all along. Oops.

UN, I think you may be confusing Dr Seuss with Dr Spock. Who, coincidentally, was also Jewish.

eh said...

Bizarre contortions by the BBC:

The suspect is a "Frenchman", but his mother is "Algerian".

Shaunantijihad said...

Rubbish! It really all about BRAIN SLUGS! DUH!

Anonymous said...

Dear Savant,

Your error was assuming - quite
reasonably - that Jews consider themselves White.... When you observe indigenous Irish suffering, you see racial and cultural kinfolk. When a Jew sees Irish suffering, he sees "non-Jews" - there is little or no affinity that could be termed racial. While you see rank hypocrisy in the disparity between Israel as a "Jewish homeland" and Ireland as a multiracial dumping ground, the average Jew cannot fathom the reason for your anger.

Broadly speaking, with the exception of Israel, Jews see national, cultural, and racial fragmentation as the ultimate safety net.

You correctly focus on the Jews apparent antipathy to what is known as "The West" - which, of course means majority White nations, which consequently means
both the wealthiest and culturally weakest nations on the planet. The West is an unbelievable target rich opportunity for Jewish interests... Not only does The West have all the amenities that anyone could want, but it is populated by peoples whose racial awareness is virtually non-existent and whose highest moral and cultural attainment is Tolerance. Could one really ask for a more welcoming host?

Finally, while you are quite right to become more aware of Jewish machinations and lack of racial kinship with their "fellow" Irish, the real problem lies wholly within the Irish (and the British, and Danish, etc., etc...). It is the ruling Irish elites who have destroyed Ireland and, with equal
if not greater responsibilitly, the Irish themselves who are cringingly weak and pathetically unresponsive to the obvious reality that is devouring them. It is really beyond amazment and understanding how the fear of being seen as "intolerant" trumps physical survival. In that sense, the Irish in particular and The West in general is in the process of receiving what they so ardently crave: Racial, national, and cultural extinction in exchange for being liked....

Your friend,


Anonymous said...

Bob in Swansea

Sorry! We part company in our respective opinions on this one.

Does anyone REALLY think that any jew wants to replace the native population of Europe with a bunch of 3rd world people and then re-learn how to live with them?

You are focusing on various dispicable jewish individuals and in most cases I would agree with you, but these people also have their equivalent in the non-jewish world and there are far more of them in the non-jewish world.

As an example, take a look at the aims of the (so called) Scottish Nationalist Party under the leadership of Alex Salmond who is flooding his country with 3rd worlders. Ask him about his loyalty to Scotland

Another example is Simon Hughes (Liberal Democrat) take a look at him in full swing here

Or Ken Livingstone, who is both a Jew hater and a Marxist. Cuddly Ken want to make London a "BEACON CITY" for Islam. Take a look here.

The destructive waves now engulfing Europe and to a lesser extent USA are not anything to do with Zionism. True Zionists detest these spineles liberal far left jews as much as you do. If you want to see what a real Zionist is then watch this charismatic speaker:

For the record I belive that we are up against the twin evils of the Left and Islam who use eachother to achieve their own objectives. To focus on jews and Zionism is missing the mark

Great Site btw

Anonymous said...


This is what coons will do if you let them
Paris Claims

Normandy expat said...

Savant, you're right about the Jew Jack Straw being a nation wrecker.

When Labour took power in the UK in 97 Straw became Home Secretary and quickly appointed fellow Jew Barbara Roche MP(maiden name : Margolis)to be in charge of immigration. She immediately tore down any remaining barriers to third world immigration and the colonisers have been flooding in ever since (even during the ppresent Tory/LibDem gang)

Another Labour MP aiding and abetting this process of deliberate mass immigration was Margaret Hodge (Oppenheimer)a Cairo-born Jewess.

It's pretty clear this lot were in position just waiting for the opportunity to flood the country. They even set up advice centres in several African and Asian countries to assist locals in getting to Britain.

Shatter is clearly up to the same thing. The inner London boroughs as well as many parts of Birmingham are now majority black/Asian and rising fast. Dublin will go the same way within five years.

Terry said...

Apparently, this Muslim terrorist now under siege for the killings of Jews and soldiers in France is saying that he carried them out in revenge for the recent killings of Palestinian children by the Israelis in Gaza.

Baroness Ashton, who is now the target of furious Zionists, said that 27 Palestinian children have been killed just this week in Israeli attacks.

Well, I'm quite an avid reader and watcher of the news and I hadn't seen or read anything about 27 child deaths in Gaza. I suppose it tells you just what a stranglehold the Zionists now have on the Irish and British media.

BTW the BBC are clearly upset that the killer is a Muslim and not a white nationalist as they had hoped. That would have been the dream ticket for the white hating scum at the BBC.

Corkonian said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Been down the same road myself. Just like you. Only when the penny begions to drop do you see how the whole thing fits into place. Now the question is, what else have we been duped about all this time?

Shaunantijihad said...

There really is some fine writing at the Counter Currents blog, which ought to be in your blog list Savant.


Anonymous said...

Teko. Your comment fills me with hope. I never knew that Germany had been taken over the that extent. I thought we were the only victims on that scale. It gives me hope in that we have not been totally lobotomised and our critical capabilities neutered. If you tose from that then so can the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

@ Terry As you are not an Upper Class Twit like Baroness Ashton you do not know how to count properly.

Leave it to your betters to do that for you.

Anonymous said...

seeing as this is the leading Sci-fi site in the multiverse I am sure I can get this question answered here - would The Borg be able to assimilate travellers?

Paul said...

anon 8.59. Food for thought but I think you're wrong. The blacks and Muslims are the symptoms, not the cause. The whole intellectual and propaganda steamroller that's been rolling over us for 60 years has been driven by Jewish interests.

Personally I don't think they want to see evry white country taken over by moslems and blacks, but they want enough of them among us to break up the unity and solidarity of the native peoples. Easy to dominate us that way.

Anonymous said...

Mea culpa,mea culpa as much as anybody and,though I always had my doubts about the 6 million,so what?. 1 million,3 million,6 million,who was counting?.It happened.

If I wondered why almost every financial scandal and disaster was caused by jews,well,I did'nt ponder too long on the subject.

But what I could never rationalize away was 1996.This was the year when Daniel Goldhagens Hitler willige Vollstrecker (Hitlers Willing Executioners)was published.

The book was a worldwide best seller;no doubt some of you have read it.But in Germany it was far,far more than a publishing sensation,although it was that also.

The book became a social,a cultural phenomenon,as Franz will confirm.You could not open a newspaper,turn on the radio or TV,without the book being discussed and,for the overwhelming part,Germans beating themselves up about what a uniquely dreadful,indeed,inately evil people they were.

Amongst friends,at work with colleagues,I listened with bemusement as they flagellated themselves.I tried to point out that they were personally no more responsible than present day English people were for the Irish Famine.

Although I was long a German citizen by then,I never felt more foreign.I really,REALLY did'nt get it.

Then I read the book.

I would have been well informed on the subject,though my knowledge would have been conventional and mainstream.Even so Goldhagens thesis was replete with,at best, errors,at worst,blatant lies.Obvious lies which only a few brave souls were willing to point out in the media.

So now at work,I would point out that not only were they not responsible,but Goldhagen was a lying fuck.I said this so often that I was called in by my boss and told to shut up;the debate was settled,what did I know?.And anyway,I was only an Irishman whose loyalty to the company had proved suspect in the past.

So I shut up.

No heroic stand for free speech on my part.And the wife would have killed me anyway.

So I again suppressed what I instinctively knew to be the truth,even to myself.And only in the last year or so have things really clicked into place.

So keep at it Savant.I know you are a Corkman and a pessimist but I waver in both directions,as do many I suspect.


Dr. Wassell said...

The more I see the more I believe that Covington was a genius. A man before his time in many ways. Pity he set himself up as the Nazi Party. Stupid. Could have called it the America First or something like that. He was dead before he started.

Anonymous said...

Its good to see the BBC and Sky with egg on their faces. The Toulouse shooter turns out to be a fuzzybeard.They must be so disappointed.

john said...

No loyalty tests Mr Savant ; No jews in ANY position of power in government. Period.
And AMEN to UN, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone REALLY think that any jew wants to replace the native population of Europe with a bunch of 3rd world people and then re-learn how to live with them?

Of course not.

It's not replacement.

It's genocide.

And they don't have to "re-learn" anything. Look at Israel.

Genocide IS how they get along.

Porter said...

If we are to survive this onslaught, we will be compelled to yield our cherished ecumenical worldview in favor of the particularist one wielded by our Ancient Friends. Specifically, when any political or social issue is offered forth, we must always begin and end the debate with one question: Is it good for the Whites?

If the answer is no, then the issue is “immoral,” “racist,” “extreme,” and “intolerant.” If the answer is yes, then the position is just, noble, virtuous, mainstream, and good…ipso facto.

Once it is understood that the jewish position is always “What’s best for me is best,” they become no more difficult to comprehend than the Africans they are attempting to destroy us with.

Anonymous said...

So keep at it Savant.I know you are a Corkman and a pessimist but I waver in both directions,as do many I suspect.

It will be a blessing when we simply do not have the time to be pessimists.

Kevin R. said...

mr. a. I had a similar experience in Germany when at university there for a year. Germans had themselves defined as the most evil people on earth. It was quite obvious to me, living and working amongst them, that they were nothing of the sort. My belief then was that if they could have done all the terrible things attributed to them, well we all could do them. However, thanks in part to blogs like this, I'm having a total rethink on the whole subject. How kuch worse were the Germans? Were they worse at all or are we getting a total crock of shit in regards to them? I think I know the answer.

Shaunantijihad said...

This is new, and I'm sure it's thanks to blogs like this.

Daily Mail publishes article that Britain will have stoning and floggings in the future (which will play into the hands of the evil BNP, apparently, so THAT's why we must stop it, duh!) - they just had to slip in a snide little remark didn't they?

Oh well, a little is better than nothing.


Ignore this bit, just checking my html

With slash

Without slash

Anonymous said...


There may be a few unsavory Jews among us...but they are far, FAR outnumbered by the hordes of white traitors! Seriously!


Shaunantijihad said...

"Germans had themselves defined as the most evil people on earth. It was quite obvious to me, living and working amongst them, that they were nothing of the sort. My belief then was that if they could have done all the terrible things attributed to them, well we all could do them. However, thanks in part to blogs like this, I'm having a total rethink on the whole subject.."

Let me see. My town is now about 65% Muslim Pakis, who hate us, are mostly parasites, drug dealers, rapists, murderers and paedophiles.

Compared this to the other immigrants. I know a few Ukrainians & Poles (computer programmers/labourers), a couple of Germans (doctor and flight attendant), Italian (restaurant owner), Spaniards & Latin Americans (surgeon/doctors/various industry).

Whilst the Pakis unfortunately now outnumber everyone, I can safely say to our German kin that I would happily trade every single Muslim shite in the UK for every single unemployed ethnic German.

No, seriously, I would. Both culturally and financially, it would be a far, far better investment.

Essex boy said...

Shaunantijihad, where do you live? Sounds like a complete shithole. Do you really have to live among all those Paki's?

Porter said...

There may be a few unsavory Jews among us...but they are far, FAR outnumbered by the hordes of white traitors! Seriously!

In the absence of enemies, there are no traitors. Who would they betray us to?

Anonymous said...

The only jobs the pakis in England seem to do is drive taxis.Same as the blacks here in Ireland.D'ont like getting their hands dirty.Certain jobs are beneath them.

Anonymous said...

Specifically, when any political or social issue is offered forth, we must always begin and end the debate with one question: Is it good for the Whites?

Not good enough. We won't settle for that.

The foreskinners SAY they are a light to the world.

But you have to keep the AUDIENCE in mind.

WE will say the same thing.

The difference is we'll MEAN it.

Franz said...

@ mr a

I know the phenomenon you are describing. A months or so ago, I thought that the German suicide-lust deserves a proper name. So I inventend one for it: "Manische Culpathie" which would translate to manic culpathy.

The video:

I'm amazed at how people accepted the concept of manic culpathy. To date google has 19.000 search results for it and I know of two newspaper articles.

Whenever I get to it, I shall cook up an English version of the aformentioned video. I'm sure you guys'll like it.

Anonymous said...

There may be a few unsavory Jews among us...but they are far, FAR outnumbered by the hordes of white traitors! Seriously!

The more deeply one has been under the holohoax spell, the more betrayed you feel when it is dispelled.

But we haven't been betrayed.
They don't owe us loyalty. They are not like us. And we never should have expected it.

We HAVE been conned.

kulak said...

Bad idea. It would merely be an act of theater.


As good as they are at deceiving us, they are even better at deceiving themselves.

First they'll make themselves indispensible, then they'll wreck the whole thing.

On that note, I'll give a thumbs up to the flick John Carter.

Bad guy tells Carter:

1) The bad guys are "eternal." They've been doing their thing since before his race was born. They'll do it after his race is gone.

2) They don't cause the destruction. They make it worse and feed off it.

3) So it always is with the "host."

Script by Michael Chabon.

Between this and Cowboys vs. Aliens, it's almost like some of them is rootin' for us!

Still can't trust 'em though.

Rhein said...

I'm very happy that you're seeing the real problem Savant. Understanding jewry is instrumental in reclaiming what's ours. Beware the hasbarats. ;)

As far as why, i'd say jewish hegemony, or the "jew world order" if you will. Also they don't seem to like us much, it's hard to truly believe you're the chosen ones when there are Northern Europeans around...

'Anonymous said...


There may be a few unsavory Jews among us...but they are far, FAR outnumbered by the hordes of white traitors! Seriously!'

But which ideology do these people adhere to? Who invented it? And who spread its very numerous seeds across our lands?
Research into the Franfurt school and communism. Marxism and socialism more precisely.

00:43 said...

Does anybody know if Shatter has dual citizenship? If so, there must be a strong case for having him removed from office. I was speaking to a barrister recently and he told me Shatter is revield by the legal profession and that there's a lot of dirt stored on him ready for publication when he pushes things too far.

Anonymous said...

It turns out that the "Tattooed Far-rightist" who blew away a few hebes and a couple of french soldiers was a raghead.


Guess the lefty media, the BBC, the Grauniad got it all wrong.

And even worse have had to admit it. But, no problem. It'll disappear down the memory hole in no time at all.



As I thought all along, the gunman who murdered the children and adult in the Jewish school and the French army men was an islamic extremist.

How disappointing for the Left wing media, the BBC and Guardian etc to find this was the case.

All day yesterday they were saying the murders were the doing of the "extreme Right".
Vague descriptions of the murderer were given out, one that he probably had a tattoo, this obviously linking him to the "far Right", but no mention of his skin colour. That immediately made me think he was an immigrant to France as if he had been obviously white skinned it would have been mentioned immediately as it is in our country where the skin colour of a felon is only mentioned if he is white.


Shaunantijihad said...

I've given up on my crappy html until I get some help, so for now here is the address for Mike Smith's new blog:


You cannot keep a good man down. Dutch or Brit, he's a goddam star that man.

Now, off topic, today I looked at the Man City v Chelsea lineup in the pub and said there were only two Britons in the teams. A friend pointed out some Negro who was born in London and said, "He's English, he was born in London."

I think my reply was rather good, if a bit different from my usual confrontational style.

"Who are the indigenous Americans?"

Answer was American Indians (I know, I know..!)

"Was George Washington an American Indian seeing as he was born there?"


It's the old "dog born in a stable isn't a horse" just said differently I suppose. But winning those little word battles in the pub is important, I reckon, as it gives your mates psychological strength to stand up and be counted, so to speak.

I'll say only this, as I have some beer in me: If every Paki and Negro can be "British", then I am not British.

CAUCASIA. It's what America was supposed to be. It's an idea waiting to be born. Maybe an idea that's Time Has Come.

Anonymous said...

Good article at Alt Right.

Anonymous said...

Very good Franz,sharp.

I don't want to swell your head but I think "Manische Culpathie" may well enter into the mainstream in time.

You are certainly getting the hits.I'll visit much more often but by all means do an English version when you get the chance.


dave said...

Sean. I just finished watching the Chelsea MC game and I was asking myself the very same thing. Lampard and Hart the only 2 Brits as far as I could tell. And no, some coon who happened to be dropped in London is NOT a Brit.

Anonymous said...

@anon 19.31. Have been checking out whether he's got Israeli citizenship as well. Nothing that I can find out confirms. But he has made that whatever it is, every Jew must visit Israel thing.

Shaunantijihad said...

Essex Boy,

I live in Bradford. I don't have to live here but almost all my family are here. My mum has had cancer twice and she won't leave as all her family are here and she is old (well, older). But why should I leave? Why don't we make those Paki bastards leave?

BTW, if anyone says, "It will never happen." Ask if it can happen to one city then can it happen to two? If two, then three, four, five? When I was born Muslims+all other Asians made up less than 2% of Bradford! Muslims can take over. They are taking over. They have already taken over large areas.

Anonymous said...

Hitler was a foaming loony, right? A wild-eyed, hissing, tooth-gnashing psychopath, whose every second sentence was the equivalent of the Red Queen's "Off with his head!"

This is self-evident, as every portrayal of him on the big (and little) screen shows it. Hitler pounding the table. Hitler pointing the finger. Hitler incapable of speaking below a screech.
Why, if Hitler were an American, he would be portrayed as a grimy, sweat-stained sunken-chested, prison-tatted, drug-skinny, stubbled, toothless, tobacco-chawin' Okie. Pretty much the way the MSM love to portray anyone below the Mason-Dixon line.
Oh, I forgot, scratching his balls at frequent intervals, and leering at little girls.

Have I made my point? Good.

Now. Please go here, and read extracts from the recently discovered verbatim notes -- taken in shorthand -- of Hitler's table talks ...


Hitler on Christianity

From David Irving’s web page:

The Table Talks’ content [originally written in shorthand] is more important in my view than Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and possibly even more than his Zweites Buch (1928). It is unadulterated Hitler. He expatiates on virtually every subject under the sun, while his generals and private staff sit patiently and listen, or pretend to listen, to the monologues.

The first excerpt is taken from what Hitler said in a night of July of 1941 (ellipsis omitted between unquoted passages):

Hitler’s Table Talk, 1941-1944
His Private Conversations
Part I

When National Socialism has ruled long enough, it will no longer be possible to conceive of a form of life different from ours. In the long run, National Socialism and religion will no longer be able to exist together.

(On a question from C. S., whether this antagonism might mean a war, the Führer continued:)

No, it does not mean a war. The ideal solution would be to leave the religions to devour themselves, without persecutions. But in that case we must not replace the Church by something equivalent. That would be terrifying! It goes without saying that the whole thing needs a lot of thought. Everything will occur in due time. It is a simple question of honesty, that’s what it will finally boil down to.

The German people’s especial quality is patience; and it’s the only one of the peoples capable of undertaking a revolution in this sphere. It could do it, if only for the reason that only the German people have made moral law the governing principle of action.

The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity’s illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew. The deliberate lie in the matter of religion was introduced into the world by Christianity. Bolshevism practises a lie of the same nature, when it claims to bring liberty to men, whereas in reality it seeks only to enslave them. In the ancient world, the relations between men and gods were founded on an instinctive respect. It was a world enlightened by the idea of tolerance. Christianity was the first creed in the world to exterminate its adversaries in the name of love. Its key-note is intolerance.

Without Christianity, we should not have had Islam. The Roman Empire, under Germanic influence, would have developed in the direction of world-domination, and humanity would not have extinguished fifteen centuries of civilisation at a single stroke.

Let it not be said that Christianity brought man the life of the soul, for that evolution was in the natural order of things. The result of the collapse of the Roman Empire was a night that lasted for centuries.

The Romans had no dislike of the Germans. This is shown by the mere fact that blond hair was fashionable with them. Amongst the Goths there were many men with dark hair.

... and there you have it. The rantings of a loony. No?


Anonymous said...

I've asked this before but no one answered so I'll ask again-


I have voted Fine Gael #1 my whole life, in every election, and I feel completely betrayed.

Anonymous said...

Sav.Have you paid your €100 house hold charge yet?.Gotta keep those Nigerians in the style they've become accustomed to.

Corkonian said...


He has many enemies in FG and few friends. Not really known how he got the two Ministries other than that he sided with Enda during the heave.

People are out to get him but unfortunately not for the reasons that concern us here. 90% of them don't even see what he's doing in this sense.

Anonymous said...

Corkonian- Kenny and Shatter have alot to answer for.But remember the turd world invasion started under that stuttering,corrupt bastard Bertie Ahern.

Anonymous said...


What are ye thoughts about Romney as prez i/o of the mongrel clown currently holding that position? Do you think the West will be able to at least delay its demise if Romney is elected?

An American Reader

Linde said...

Why not a return to the Theodosian and Justinian codes (500 and 600 A.D.) of the Christian state. This would be the Byzantine Empire.

Jews forbidden to hold government office and engage in usury.

I mean it was punishable by death to even be a Christian for over 300 yrs in the old Roman empire.

But when the Christians came to power they removed the Jews from power positions.

Well. We will never hear the end of it. They are still caterwauling about that.

Here's Michael Hoffman on the Talmud Bavli - the most racist and hate filled book on the planet.


Linde said...

Don't tell me @anon 21:48, the Shitter has made the booty call to Israel. That is when the fix is in.

Goyim who are being groomed for shabos goy positions under Judaic admin have to go through this shtik at Yad Vashem where they give blubbering assent to Jewish winners in the eternal suffering sweepstakes.

Then they have to go bang their head on the Wall for the photo op.

Search the NET for the pix of the Shitter wearing a kippah and head banging.

Savant should add it to the files.

Gem Junior said...

They will bring down the house on themselves. They are being given plenty of rope and they will ultimately hang themselves with it. They will not only be undone by their own greed, but by their own cherished trait they call "hutzpah" and the writing is on the wall. They seem to have it all wrapped up, don't they? Well, just about every one I talk to nowadays glances around and vehemently spits when talking about them. If everyone in the world hates them, and knows you hate them too, and so does nearly everone around you, soon they will stop whispering. And soon start to say it out loud to each other. They are going to end up just like they always have: thrown out. The fuckers have nukes this time, that's the only problem.

Jean C.: God bless you, I know the type very well. She sounds like a real typical horrible self-center Jew c**t. You will probably go straight to heaven on the express just for not shoving her into the oven.

karen said...

Everything I read and see makes it clearer why Jews were flung out of every country over a period of thousands of years. I used not think that at all about them. I bought into the narrative. But they're shoving our noses so deep in the shit that even I can see it.

eh said...


Police Hold Suspected Child Prostitution Ring

Sheila Taylor, Director of the National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children & Young People (NWG) said:..."The experience of our members in the network is that both victims and offenders come from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds."

Hmm, no doubt. But I wonder why she felt compelled to say that in regard to this particular case? Which seems to involve the brutal, organized exploitation of young girls? Is it really true that people "from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds" are equally likely to engage in exactly this sort of criminality?

Regarding Savant's post...

The UK povided more than convincing evidence -- and therefore ammunition (meant figuratively of course) -- of what awaits Ireland should things go on as they are...

SAVANT said...

Thanks Thoby, Bob in Swansea, mr. a and all the rest who have urged me to continue. I will of course do so as it seems that I, and all of us, are beginning to make a difference. The walls are ever so slightly trembling. Let's give them a further push.

eh said...


Of course I also hope you will continue, despite the...dispiriting nature of many of the subjects you post about.

More humor might help...perhaps an update on Lady Savant?

Anonymous said...

I've been following the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case in Florida.It looks like the blacks are demanding their pound of flesh.I think very soon,good ol George will be taking it up the arse from Tyrone,Lashaun and all the other inmates.

Gem Junior said...

Yes Savant
"Eh" is right! LOL, The Chronicles of Lady Savant have been sorely missed. We could all really use a bit of news on what Lady Savant is up to these days. That might take us out of our present disgust (only for a moment though) with these criminals who are in the stage before the stage before the gallows....

one of the last whites in Bradford said...

The PC police are reluctant to confirm ethnicity but it's clear that yet another gang of Pakistanis have been caught abusing and prostituting very young white girls, this time in Oxford.

Along with the 47 pervs currently going through the courts in Lancashire and gangs in Telford and elsewhere, this is becoming to look like an organised conspiracy against British children by hostile aliens.

Muslim paedo-rape gang in Oxford

Denise said...

Savant - stop. There's no such thing as a "loyalty test" for ANY Jew. It's always been "What's good for the Jew" no matter where, or when. Theoughout all time. EVERYTHING every-one of them says, or does, is about gaining power for thier own Tribe.They've been breeding for this exclusively for thousands of years. It's congenital. Nothing will hange this genetic mandate.

savant - Jewshave been attacking White Civilizations for thousadns of year. They've periodically gone after other Hosts, but Whites have always provided the best standard of living for this Race of Vampires. The richest blood. Try to imagine where we'd be without them. We don't need ANY of them.

Don't fall into the "Good One" trap. Whites ALWAYS do this. It's our very worst Tragic Flaw. Whites try to be fair, to others, and judge others as indiviudals. And that's the crack in our White Door. We end with our White House burtn to the ground. We do't NEED them. The Good Ones can go off and try to improve the culture of the rest of them. We don't need them. We never did.

The WN bromide "Blacks and Browns are the symptoms. Jews are the disease" is TRUE. True, and JUST.


Anonymous said...

Why did the Toulouse shooter not surrender?Cos he's not French.

Denise said...

Savant - no way you can quit!!!!

NO. Not allowed. We fight to the end.

Our weapon, our Golden Sword and Shield, is Truth.

We have had many defeats. We will have more. But the Truth is the Truth.

It's the Essence of Being. Truth cannot be denied.Truth is all there is, in the end.

In the end - we win.

Stick around. Til the end.

Anonymous said...

Two things that you may find interesting. The first is that we seem to have a little trouble in Big China.




and secondly, de Fus' Nog has got his wish, at last. He can now kill anyone on the planet who pisses him (or Minnie the Moocher) off. Please check this out.


Obama’s Secret War-making for the U.N.

March 21, 2012 – 8:26 pm EST

By: Cliff Kincaid -- Accuracy in Media

You may not have heard of PSD-10 because it has received no significant coverage from the major media. Yet, President Obama issued “Presidential Study Directive 10” last August 4, 2011, and posted it on the White House website. It amounts to a new and potentially far-reaching exercise of American military power cloaked in humanitarian language and conducted under the auspices of the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

Under this new “Obama doctrine,” U.S. troops can be deployed to arrest or even terminate individuals wanted by the International Criminal Court, which is based on a treaty that has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate and isn’t even up for Senate consideration.

This “Presidential Study Directive on Mass Atrocities,” another name for PSD-10, declares that “Preventing mass atrocities and genocide is a core national security interest and a core moral responsibility of the United States.” This is at sharp variance with the traditional role of the U.S. military—self-defense and protection of the homeland. Toward this end, an “Interagency Atrocities Prevention Board” is being formed to develop and implement this new Obama doctrine. However, it is apparent that the doctrine is already going forward.

Members of the public haven’t heard of PSD-10, but they may have heard of a decision Obama made on October 14, 2011, when he informed Congress that he had authorized “a small number of combat equipped U.S. forces to deploy to central Africa to provide assistance to regional forces that are working toward the removal of Joseph Kony from the battlefield.”

Kony, a Ugandan warlord who runs the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), is better known than most foreigners, since he is the subject of the viral “Kony 2012” video about the more than 30,000 “invisible children” he has allegedly murdered or abducted. His whereabouts are unknown, although it is believed he is no longer in Uganda.

Despite the name of his group, Kony is not a Christian and instead receives backing from the Islamic regime in northern Sudan. Although he poses no direct threat to the United States and has not carried out terrorist attacks on the U.S. or killed any American citizens, the Department of Treasury has designated him as a “global terrorist” under Executive Order 13224, a measure signed into law by President Bush after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In odder worts, the Khoon can now kill anyone on the planet. Anyone who pisses him off ... you, me, the cat ... anyone.

Not that that makes all that much difference. The US has invaded more countries in the last century than any other country has in its whole existence.


I would be concerned about this.


Tony in VA said...

UN, under Obama's regime the whole country is coming apart like a $50 suit.

Anonymous said...

Tony in VA said...

UN, under Obama's regime the whole country is coming apart like a $50 suit.

You've just put your finger on another problem, Tony. I remember when fifty bucks would buy you the best suit in the store ... plus socks, shirts and a halfway decent pair of shoes.

Ah, golden days.


eh said...

@one of the last whites in Bradford

Interesting that the DM story on that -- I also posted a different link earlier -- at least mentions ethnicity:

Police refused to comment on the ethnicity of the children or men involved, although it is understood that it bore similarities to other cases in the country.

BBC - Arrest warrants: Police hunt more than 30,000 suspects

So the BBC actually features a story about a white woman raped by a Black in a general story about wanted criminals.

Apparently they let rapists out on bail in the UK; nothing about that place surprises me any more.

Anonymous said...

Completely stolen from Sarah, Maid of Albion.


Vanishing News

It is amazing how swiftly the events in France, which I commented on yesterday, are fading from the headlines. In this morning’s Metro, which had prominently reported on the search for the “Nazi” killers earlier in the week had consigned the story to a column and a half on page 33.

I appreciate that they had a budget to cover, but they clearly felt that stories about the Muppets being given a star on Hollywood Boulevard, a squabble between Madonna and Lady Gaga over who is copying who, and some fluff about Victoria Beckham were more important than the identification of the suspect, the hunt for whom they had considered to be one of the most important stories in the world only the day before.

On Channel four news last night the story was not reported until 27 minutes into the programme and the BBC relegated the item to the “Coming Up next” fixture in the second half of the show. This being despite the fact that at that time heavily armed suspect was still under siege in his Toulouse apartment

Make no mistake, had the killer’s profile been as the press were so enthusiastically predicting less than 48 hours ago, we would have been bombarded with every minor detail for days to come. Had the killer been who they hoped he was, anyone he had associated with would come under scrutiny, as would any organisation joined and had he, God forbid, expressed support for any writer, they would be hounded and vilified as happened to other writers after events in Norway.

Meanwhile grim and accusatory articles would be written condemning the evil and racist society which created such a monster, and encouraging us to respond to the evil act by “celebrating diversity” or some other trite and dishonest little catch phrase.

None of that will happen now, of course, the story will be swiftly buried as it is not the sort of thing the press want their readers thinking about too much.

(End of part 1)

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Vanishing News

(Beginning of Part 2)

The media now had such contempt for those who view and read it, that they no longer even make a pretense at impartiality and as for truth and honesty, they are alien concepts to most journalists, who no longer seek to report the news, they present a story loosely based on events in whatever manner best supports their political agenda. It that requires them to lie, as it usually does, then they will blatantly lie.

In America at the moment one of the main news stories is regarding the shooting of a young black male by a neighbourhood watch volunteer in Florida at the end of February.

The story presented by the media is that the black teenager was innocently taking a detour through a gated community when he was challenged by the neighbourhood watch volunteer who, despite being Hispanic, the media insist on referring to as white, and who proceeded to shoot the black youth dead.

This is presented as racial profiling, and the nightly news repeatedly played a 991 tape on which a mail voice can be heard screaming for help, the media have implied that this is the voice of the young black male pleading for his life before being shot by the evil white killer. (The tape has also been played in UK news broadcasts and a similar impression given).

However, as this earlier and conveniently forgotten news report from just after the shooting in February, suggests the voice heard crying for help was, almost certainly the neighbourhood watch volunteer whom at least one eye witness at the time states was on the ground, underneath the black youth, who was beating him with his fists.

The media has been aware of this very different version of events for at least a month, but have, for their own reasons chosen suppress it, whilst at the same time stirring up racial hatred.

They are without shame.

All I can say is ... starve the MSM out. Do not buy their shitty newspapers, magazines and tabloids.
Throw your TV set away. See which advertisers feature prominently in the MSM and boycott their products. Write and tell them why you're doing it.

It's not much, but it's a start.

Uncle Nasty

PS: Read the bloody books.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty - I have'nt bought a newspaper in five years.I get my news from Savant.By the way,whats your take on the Zimmerman case in Florida.Are the nigs getting ready for some urban barbecues.

Franz said...

@ UN

Let me tell you: The German MSM was positively salivating about the prospect of NAZI! killings in France. Since it has become apparent that the victims got got by a Frenchman 2.0, a mood of disappointment and despair in the MSM is apparent.

No more guilt-mongering for at least... a day.

PS: Isn't it sad that the culprit has published a video bragging his 3 series BMW? As a German I am personally ashamed that this car has become a fetish for mud people across the globe.

F*****g Brown Men's Wheels.

Anonymous said...

O.K. I'm reading Covington's book titled "A Distant Thunder"... HERE.

No boring reading... and written almost like a great movie script, but we know Hollywood would never consider a movie.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the raghead who blew away the French jews, we now have this hysterical little skinned prick screeching on about how it's suddenly our fault.

Go here:-


Scroll to:-

The True Perpetrators of the Antisemitic Attacks in Toulouse.
Jew-hatred is back with a vengerance -- and not only among Muslims

by Barry Rubin

What a tragic, evil joke. A drive-by shooter in the beautiful, almost magical, city of Toulouse, France, murders three Jewish children and a teacher in front of their school. Various VIPs issue statements about how terrible is this deed, how unspeakable.

And yet at that very moment, the next round of murders, the next slanderous and inciting antisemitic lies, are being perpetrated by respectable people and institutions. There is no real soul-searching, no true effort to do better, no serious examination about how the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hysteria is paving the way for murder and fueling dreams of genocide.

The street thugs, fanatics drunk on the interpretations of Islam they are being fed, and the mentally twisted may be pulling the trigger but the distinguished, the powerful, and the honored are providing the ammunition.

Here are three examples of such deeds in nominally democratic countries — not Iran, not Syria, not Pakistan, where such things are even more intense — but in supposedly rational places.

1. The Turkish Editor

,,, Tunisian Jews today are a couple of thousand terrified people who would run in the other direction if they saw a Koran in front of them lest they be accused of looking at it funny. What Zeyanlov has done is called a “blood libel,” a lie that might lead to the murder of Jews.

A Muslim taking Zeyanlov’s tweet to heart would feel justified in murdering Jews, say children standing in front of their school.

2. The Dutch Cartoonist

So we have here the stereotype of the Jewish money behind the scenes conspiring, in this case against Islam and against Holland. And of course it is also designed to discredit Wilders. As with the Turkish editor’s tweet above, this is based on a total falsehood. There is hardly any Jewish support for Wilders’ party, which is, by the way, a legitimate political force, and there has never been the slightest evidence — even rumor — of Jewish financing for him, or Israeli financing.

What is the message here? That Jews and Israel are trying to destroy Islam — as in the Turkish tweet — and are nefarious plotters attacking innocent people. Isn’t it just, therefore, to murder Jews and Israelis in self-defense?

3. Europe’s Foreign Minister

Yet Ashton does not defend Israel or its right to defend itself. She does not take sides against the terrorists. At best we get spurious neutrality that is actually anti-Israel propaganda.

Notice the sentences in bold (my emphases). Little Miss Screechy-pants (above) was happy to go with the Nazi redneck theory but is now actually whining because we are not showing enough sympathy?


Anonymous said...

"Throw your TV set away."

The first and one of the most important steps! However, riddle me this: why is the horrible, race-traitor, anti-white, multiculti BBC so virulently anti-Israel if it is indeed controlled by the JOOOOOOOOOS? Total bias bordering on hatred - equalled only by that reserved by the BBC for whites.


Jeremy said...

JP. I think the Beeb is that way because it's more of a PC multikult organisation than controlled by jews as such. And in fact it's quite trendy to be anti-Israel now. The Muslims don't like it you see.

Tommy said...

JP at 05.57

You are speaking bullshit. J(ewish) P(rick)

The BBC is overwhelmingly biased towards Israel and all things Jewish in it's news reporting.

It pays some lip service towards the Palestinian plight in Gaza but only the bare minimum. A couple of years ago the the Jew-controlled BBC even refused to support an unconroversial nationwide charity collection for Gazan children.

All the reporting is heavily slanted towards the zionist version of events (ie lies and propaganda) which is hardly surprising when you see how many Jews are in positions of power and influence at this awful organisation.

B Boru said...

UN - that disappearing story? The same everywhere. Here in Ireland it went from front page to being hidden on the inner pages once the ethnicity of the shooter was known.

Right on message.

James Lord said...

Franz. It's so sad that self-hating Germans were hoping for a Nazi villian. I was hoping that they were beginning to outgrow that by now.

Anonymous said...


The BBC only gives the impression it's anti Israel. It's not really.
If it really was, it would be doing what it did in SA, i.e showing every single incident that occurred and making stuff up to make up the shortfall in factual 'news'.

Boycott the BBC.

Anonymous said...


eh said...

How stupid and corrupted by PC are cops and the powers that be in the UK?

The officer continues to struggle against the violent dog as his colleague can do nothing but look on in terror

Some cops went to arrest someone for 'kidnapping and grevious bodily harm with intent', and that in the east of London, which is not exactly known as idyllic, and apparently none of them were armed. So when the dog attacked they could only try to escape or fight it off with their bare hands.

Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable.

And BTW I'd like to see a foto of Pierre Robinson, the guy arrested.

Kieron said...

05.57 jp

It is a myth propagated by Jews like Melanie Phillips that the BBC is anti-Israel.

The BBC is run by Jews in senior executive, news-making, and programme making positions, and is overwhelmingly pro-Israel in it's news coverage and majority of it's documentaries on the Middle East.

The BBC is the main purveyor of Cultural Marxism and political correct ideology in Britain and exports this agenda round the world.

It is a major Zionist propaganda tool though I suspect you knew this already, jp.

Anonymous said...

Kaleidescope Monarchy

It looks as it’s all a done deal, given the speakers comments finished rubbing the white working class nose in multi cult )
Now the arrogant cocky little shit feels safe enough to take the piss out of the head of state .

UK... Same old shite

What you shall sow.........................

Anonymous said...

Immigrants are given free pass to Western nations for one purpose and one purpose only: Access to Western women. This achieves two goals: 1) Increases foreign population 2) Demoralizes the Western men (IMO all men hate to see their women with men of other races, it's pure evolution and natural--those who say it doesn't bother them are lying).
Great blog, Irish!

Bemused stare said...

Immigrants are given free pass to Western nations for one purpose and one purpose only: Access to Western women. This achieves two goals: 1) Increases foreign population 2) Demoralizes the Western men (IMO all men hate to see their women with men of other races, it's pure evolution and natural--those who say it doesn't bother them are lying).
Great blog, Irish!

Bingo! Solution? Let womyn know that this is not acceptable.

Read the damn books.

truth seeker said...

Sadly it seems that Britain First, a nationalist offshoot from the BNP, who like to slag off other nationalists as 'zionists' or 'civic nationalists' have gone over to the dark side.

On the British Resistance site their leaders Jim Dowson and Andy McBride appear to see themselves as being on some sort of 'Christian Crusade' against muslims and admit that they would fight alongside 'black comrades' against a common enemy.

Perhaps Britain First will now be going recruiting in Handsworth, Birmingham and Peckham, South London. Ther's no shortage of potential black comrades round there for Jim and Andy to sidle up to.

Read the comments on here, especially from Dowson and McBride:

British Resistance

James Lord said...

A great pity about British Resistance. I found this to be an excellent site but if they think they can coalesce with 'black comrades' then quite simply they don't realise what's going on.

WOnder if they've been got at?

Anonymous said...

In the comments on that British Resistance link the Britain First leader James Dowson says "I despise most Europeans" but also praises black Christians and says he would fight alongside them.

WTF is that all about?!!

People are being seriously misled if this outfit are claiming to be white nationalists.

It's very sad what's happened to nationalism in the UK since the collapse of the BNP.

Michael Collins said...

I've read the first 200 pages of The Brigade by Harold Covington: fantastic book!! can hardly put it down for a minute.

Thanks UN and others for recommending it.

Meanwhile, in the USA, and also in Britain and Ireland, on the BBC, RTE, Sky, Ch4News etc there is hysteria about the black killed by a white (Mexican) man (called Zimmerman)

The fact is that hundreds of whites are robbed, raped, murdered, by blacks every day in the US yet hardly a mention in the media. A very rare occasion when a 'white' kills a black and it's headline news with the President shit stirring in to the bargain.

Reminds me of the Stephen Lawrence case in the UK. Black on white killings becoming increasingly common yet hardly reported on, one white on black killing (apparently) and we never hear the end of it for year after year.

The enemy within (in the media, the police, politicians) are trying to destroy us.

Time to wake up, whitey, before it's too late.

dave said...

I think Dowson is a Zio spy sent in to sow dissention in our ranks.

Bemused stare said...

Gentleman, and ladies. I have a question. Are there any amongst us, that are too FUCKING STUPID TO UNDERSTAND 14 WORDS?

Anonymous said...

Franz said...

@ UN

Let me tell you: The German MSM was positively salivating about the prospect of NAZI! killings in France. Since it has become apparent that the victims got got by a Frenchman 2.0, a mood of disappointment and despair in the MSM is apparent.

No more guilt-mongering for at least... a day.

PS: Isn't it sad that the culprit has published a video bragging his 3 series BMW? As a German I am personally ashamed that this car has become a fetish for mud people across the globe.

F*****g Brown Men's Wheels.

Funnily enough Franz, although you can fool the darkies about 99% of the time, when they get it, they really get it.

A word that was coined in (I think, Nigeria) in the eighties was the wonderful WaBenzi which described the corrupt african overlords as being of the tribe of Mercedes-Benz because of their penchant for fleets of the most expensive cars.

Almost as good was the name for Mercedes-Benz 4 X 4's. They were called "Yengeni's" after Tony Yengeni who had several of them and a name in South Africa for corruption.

And, believe me, to stand out as corrupt in ZA political circles really takes talent.


Anonymous said...

Pity Ireland is going, it could have been a useful safe haven for euros.

Anonymous said...

This may seem off-topic, but please bear with me.

Are our problem caused by jews? Yes. Are our problems caused by niggers? Most definitely. Depending on where you live, you can add arabs and wetback to that equation.

But ... and this is a big but. Which of our own people cause huge amounts of trouble. The spite-filled sacks of venom that comprise an alarming amount of whites, could be defined as parking wardens and petty bureaucrats at the bottom of the scale all the way up to politicians and judges at the top.

The wretched sacks of crap who love to have the last word. The venomous nonentities who seek power over others. Those who want to be in ... authority.

The clipboard-clutching name-takers.

Please go here:-


and read:-

Is America run by psychopaths?

The writer below used the more "correct" term "sociopath" but I prefer the older term "psychopath" because I believe that the psychopath really does have something missing in his brain. In one of my academic papers on the subject, however, I pointed out that the attribute almost certainly exists on a continuum from mildly psychopathic to criminally psychopathic and that most psychopaths ("sub-clinical" psychopaths) manage to get by without falling foul of the criminal justice or mental health systems.

Knowing psychopathy as I do, however, it seems clear to me that both Bill Clinton and Obama are sub-clinical psychopaths and other Leftist leaders are too. I look at that in detail here.

The writer below, however believes that psychopathehy is a much more dominant influence in society than that. I fear that he may be right. The way the Obama administration picks and chooses which laws (including constitutional ones) it will obey (e.g. here) is not only of concern in itsef but is also of concern in that people mostly seem to accept such behavior

In this article, I'm going to argue that the US government, in particular, is being overrun by the wrong kind of person. It's a trend that's been in motion for many years but has now reached a point of no return. In other words, a type of moral rot has become so prevalent that it's institutional in nature. There is not going to be, therefore, any serious change in the direction in which the US is headed until a genuine crisis topples the existing order. Until then, the trend will accelerate.

The reason is that a certain class of people – sociopaths – are now fully in control of major American institutions. Their beliefs and attitudes are insinuated throughout the economic, political, intellectual and psychological/spiritual fabric of the US.

I think this man gets it ... Think about it.

Who employed the perverted sacks of crap that hang around airports across the US peering into little girl's panties and prodding the adult nappies (diapers) of incontinent old age pensioners -- before they became employed by TSA?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Tommy et al,

FCO (look it up, dummies) policy has long been Arabist (since the days of T.E. Lawrence or even Burton) and BBC bias no doubt has some connection to that. There is no shortage of Israel-hating Jews on the left. Chomsky anyone? BBC pro-Palestinian/Arab/Muslim bias - to the extent of false reporting and outright lies - is well-documented. I used to follow these things closely when I was more activist. Including the BBC's hatred of all things Christian and American.

I can see that with mental heavyweights like you in the vanguard, the future of White Civilization is in safe hands! I truly weep.


Anonymous said...

The end game approacheth.

I don't know about you, but I sense that there is a urgency about the sudden acceleration of the agenda.

Could it be that an event is coming -- or predicted -- that is forcing the hand of our alien overlords?

They seem to be panicking in their obviousness of the agenda. Take this for example ...


Swedish media now openly lying about the race of black criminals.

This is what the Swedish public was shown. Does the pink blob look anything like David's actual skin tone?

(Image of mulatto rapper David Jassy who was arrested for murder in Sweden.)

In the United States numerous major media bosses have publicly admitted to aggressively censoring black crime. A new trend is to engage in intention distortions. The media will run a story about a black criminal, but show a stock photo of a white guy in handcuffs. This is to make you think they were talking about a white criminal.

The Swedish media has taken this to a new level. The media will report on a crime committed by an African immigrant. A profile of a Caucasian face or a pink pixelated blob will be shown. Instead of looking at someone who most viewers will realize is a stock photo, the viewer thinks they are looking at a representation of the actual criminal. They will also believe that representation is of a white person.

Take a look at the image of the perp, note overall tone of skin, then examine the pixelated image ...
Are they in some sort of rush? I think they're doing a tidy-up before the economy implodes -- so that they can make their getaway.


Anonymous said...

Put it on youtube

Any hate crime here?

Anonymous said...

"I think Dowson is a Zio spy sent in to sow dissension in our ranks"

Well it's certainly working so far. Look what happened to the BNP, and now at Britain First he spends most of his time attacking other nationalists like Andrew Brons.

Reading Dowson and McBrides comments though (both leaders of BF) it sounds like the God Squad run the show, though I suppose Jimbo is also cleaning up on any printing that 'needs doing'.

SAVANT said...

Tommy and JP and others. Could I make a suggestion? If we're broadly of like minds can we not dicuss things without flaming one another (I accept that Tommy was the one who first brandished that weapon). Because dissention within WN ranks is our greatest weakness by far.

Jonesy said...

JP, take your Jewish propaganda and stick it where the sun don't shine.

You're wasting your time round here boyo.

Jonesy said...

Savant, what makes you think JP is a white nationalist?

He comes across as the typical Hasbarat snake-oil salesman to me.

SAVANT said...

Re JP, what I'm suggesting is that we take each argument on its merits. What we should be about is changing minds and bringing white people to understand our position and hopefully come to support it. If we blow off anyone who disagrees in some aspect well we won't be able to do that.

Anonymous said...

Sarah maid of albion has posted some images of an older Trayvon giving gang signs.Will the lame stream media have the balls to show them.

Anonymous said...

The Million Cap March

In Oklahoma, Bob and Nancy Strait, who had been married for 65 years, had their home broken into by a black teenager unarmed except for a BB gun. The teenager beat and raped the 85 year old Nancy Strait to death. Her husband, a veteran of the 101st Airborne in WW2, is in the hospital struggling to make it.

There will be no million cap march for Bob and Nancy, two mere Americans, whose deaths cannot educate us on the evils of racism. Their killer will have pro bono lawyers and innocence projects helping him until he's finally set free again.

Certainly Obama will make no statement on how Nancy Strait could have been his grandmother or how Bob Strait could have been that uncle who "liberated Auschwitz". Mitt Romney did not pop up to call for a "thorough investigation", reminding us of why Santorum kinda had a point about him.

Why do our "leaders" insist on importing more of these sub-human savages?
Paris Claims

Tommy said...

The Jewish-controlled culturally marxist BBC finally, and most reluctantly, has to report that the organised child-rapist gang in Oxford are in fact, Pakistani Muslims, if any of us ever doubted it.

This follows on from arrests of various Muslim paedo gangs in various other parts of Britain. Note that the victims are all white as per usual.

Oxford Muslim child rapists

Anonymous said...

Three muslim scumbags were charged today with child grooming in Oxford England.More white kids sacrificed on the altar of diversity.Of course if this happens here in Ireland,you can be sure the scum bag media will turn a blind eye.

Anonymous said...

Re: UN.

24 March 2012 06:28


A while back, there was a horrific murder in my region of Umkerka where the perp was a dark pigmented hispanic.

The local fishwrap brightened up his picture to the point where the bright orange jumpsuit he was photographed wearing appeared to be baby pink.

Cassius said...

Check out this splendid example of Africoon jurisprudence


Anonymous said...


That Britain is gone now. Early teens going off on their bikes camping on their own? Elf and safety would go nuts. Anyway they might get kidnapped by a paedophile gang.

Anonymous said...

When an Australian MP of Jewish descent goes to Israel to discuss how Israel can solve it's Moslem problem by deporting all of them to Australia then you know something is awry.


Don't get me wrong. I love me some pro-white Jews. And I'd like to support them as much as any other white ethnic. But guys like this make me want to puke.

Anonymous said...

While we're at it it, here's a football that the jews can't kick around any more.

John Demjanjuk died on the 17th of March. Amazing what silence greeted this event.


But that's okay, there are a lot more where he came from ... our lords and masters will make sure of that.


pdf1 said...

Destructure........problem is, there are not too many 'pro-white jews' around that I can see.

Mick said...

Another week, another crackdown against immigration. Another con just like all the rest as the Africans and Asians continue to swamp Britain:

Telegraph-Government tells more lies about stopping immigration

Read the comments of the furious Telegraph readers. Are the blinkers dropping from people's eyes at last?

Anonymous said...

Irish Independent 26 March 2018
In a dramatic finish to the events of the last few months armed police stormed former Justice and Defence Minister Alan Shatters private jet as it stood waiting for clearance to take off en route to Tel Aviv . After months of civil and political unrest, the country appeared to take a collective breath and step back from civil war.
Following the disclosure of Israeli operation “Celtic Cuckold” which was revealed in the US Hall of Congress by Irish American Senator Thaddeus O Reilly the country has experienced a turmoil that has been likened to the events of a hundred years ago the 1916-1923 period which saw Ireland leave the UK and descend into civil war.
Operation “Celtic Cuckold” was a plan to flood Ireland with enough immigrants from the third world in an ongoing bid to destabilise the country, security experts are unsure if it was part of an overall plan to undermine the Western world or Israeli revenge for Irelands position on the Palestinian Question coupled with Ireland s behaviour in WW2, not admitting Jewish refugees and sending condolences to Hitler.
New Minister of Defence Mike Hanna said the arrest of Shatter proved that Ireland was perhaps correct in its WW2 role to turn away Jewish refugees “After all” he said earlier “if only one could do this much damage to the country imagine how much more damage so many more could have done”. Minister Hanna also promised a review into how both the Defence Ministry and Justice were merged when Mr Shatter took power, concentrating so much power into one individual’s hands. Minister Hanna also promised an enquiry into how the Irish Media never questioned the events leading up to the “Troubles”.
When asked as he was being lead away why he had joined a party that had its own “fascist” past in the form of the “Blueshirts” ,Mr Shatter smiled and replied........ “CHUTZPAH”.
Oh well a guy can dream right?


Anonymous said...

As I have said before, I do not look to the Slog for advice far beyond the economic. I think his grasp of history is flawed.

But here, even he is asking the right questions ... at last.

EXCLUSIVE: Mohammed Merah killing eye-witness describes events…and ‘convenient timing’ for Sarkozy.
Merah execution timed for maximum election effect for Sarkozy?

Mystery of ’00101′ phone calls

James McClaren lives with his part(n)er at No 4 rue Serjent Vigné. Mohammed Merah lived at No 17, about 100 to 150 metres away. The street is mainly villas and higher end small apartment blocks, typically with underground garaging. It’s not the Boule St Miche, but it’s not the archetypal banlieue either….you know, the ones that contain people Sarkozy called ‘scum’ a few years back.

At 5am on the day before Merah’s summary execution, James was awoken by the landline telephone ringing. Fearful of some bad news, he picked it up. There was no answer, but the displayed number was 00101. 001 is the Paris code in France. ’01′ is not, of course, a normal number: in the same way that very few planes have the call-sign ‘Air Force 1′. A few minutes later, the phone rang again. Same silence, same number.

Seven minutes later, the shots began. A fusillade, then single shots, then another fusillade. At 5.30 am, a telephone call from the CRS warned James and his partner Maryse to stay indoors. At 5.32 am, a final fusillade. And then a deathly hush.

For the rest of that day, movements in the street were heavily restricted. James continues the story:

“That night there were a series of much, much louder explosions which shook the windows. These carried on until about 6am and then stopped. There were then two or three muffled shots, and then nothing. During the morning the TV stations reported that he had surrendered, then was dead, and then started admitting not even the Police knew if he was still alive”

Wasn't it some scumbag US politician who said: "Never waste a good crisis?"

Re-reading that last sentence, please forgive the redundancy.


dave said...

Nothing about that rat Sarkosy would surprise me.

Heraclitus said...

Superb writing David. And eerily prescient, I fear. Don't worry about our little friend. He's be well looked after once he's completed Operation Celtic Cuckold.

Gem Junior said...

That video of Michael Hoffman on the Talmud Balvi has been censored by Jootube - for some bullshit reason or another. This happens all the time.

Jeremy said...

Gem Junior, yes, I notice that offending videos are removed all the time from Jootube. Seems there's an army dedicated to patrolling the scene and ensuring we plebs get only approved material.

Corkonian said...

@David: A likley scenario you describe. Let's just hope the bastard doesn't get away!

Anonymous said...

Those mssing videos might turn up on worldstarhiphop the CNN of the streets which is the CNN of the streets unintentionally.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of nation-wrecking scumbags ... what exactly does one call a government that is neck-deep in the financial poo-poo and not only forces India to accept financial aid that they do not want (calling it a "peanut")


... but to add insult to injury, re-furbishes and re-fits Harrier jets at a cost of 600 million quid then sells them to -- get this -- the impoverished US for 112 million. Less than one fifth of cost? Stripping themselves of effective air power into the bargain?

That's quite a discount.


Could it have been an accounting error? A lost or misplaced zero or three? A blunder?

No. It was purposeful. The british MOD specifically requested that queries into the cock-up be "stonewalled".

At what point -- and this is a serious question -- does one cry "Traitors!" and reach for the pithforks?

Secondly, and this is also a serious question. Given the inevitability of this being found out ... is the brit govt actually daring the populace to do something about this?

Some kind of demented pissing contest to see how far they can go before it all blows up in their faces?

I remember reading a few years back that the UK Labour govt was keenly anticipating a "Summer of Violence".

What could they possibly hope to get out of something like that?

How far can we push?


Anonymous said...

Another piece of yiddish mythology shot to hell ...

Albert Einstein was not a genius and plagiarised most if not all the work attributed to him.

I had actually read this about four years ago, but could not place my finger on the article again.

The MSM memory hole ... surprise, surprise, eh?

Review of Roger Schlafly’s “How Einstein Ruined Physics”

March 24, 2012 — 74 Comments
Mark Green

How Einstein Ruined Physics
Roger Schlafly
Dark Buzz, 2011

Was Albert Einstein the smartest man and the greatest scientist who ever lived? Millions believe so.

But Roger Schlafly takes a different view, downgrading the rank of the 20th- century’s most revered scientist. Why? Schlafly presents compelling evidence that other leading physicists and mathematicians before and concurrent with Einstein made equally important breakthroughs in relativity theory and related fields. Further, Schlafly suggests that Einstein may have purloined some of his most famous insights.

What made Einstein so great? The official story goes this way: Albert Einstein, a young clerk in a Swiss patent office, single-handedly transformed physics from a static, three-dimensional science to a four-dimensional, mind-blowing, time-space universe via brilliant and solitary “thought experiments” involving gravity, motion, space and time. Einstein also made unprecedented inroads into understanding the nature of light and energy and was the first to comprehend the equivalence between energy and mass. Einstein’s discoveries not only transformed modern physics but the way we view the universe.

Schlafly disagrees. “It is all a myth. Einstein did not invent relativity or most of the other things for which he is credited.”

So ... once again


Anonymous said...

I read this article and all I can say is "Hmmmm."


Jews Flee France for Safe Haven of Israel

by AWR Hawkins
2 days ago
112 post a comment
Although the recent attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, by a Muslim terrorist was a tragedy of immense proportions, it was not completely unforeseen.

Jews in France have long been facing hostilities from Arab immigrants in that country, and they have likewise long been looking for residences outside of France to which they can flee if the persecution becomes any worse.

It’s already “unbearable” on a day-to-day basis, according to one French Jew who prefers to keep her name a secret. She told Spiegel magazine that life in France has gotten rough for Jews: “Children are harassed on their way to school just because they're Jews. [And once, when] I was wearing a necklace with a Star of David attached to it, someone barged into me. I said to him: 'You ought to excuse yourself!' All he said was that he didn't apologize to Jews.”

In the midst of these rising tensions, French Jews are looking to Israel as a safe haven, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is quite pleased. He understands that “Israel was set up as a haven for Jews from just such threats.”

Netanyahu described the agony he felt in response the attack on the Jewish school in Toulouse: “I saw the depth of the grief and pain of a young mother who [was] feeding a baby, who lost her husband and two of her little children, the agony of life cut short and hope which was crushed… Those kids were our kids. They were French kids and also Israeli kids.”

Strange, isn't it, how they remind me of the hebes who left tyremarks when they scuttled out of South Africa, post 1994, to settle in Perth, New York and of course, Tel Aviv.

"Let's go, Avi. Our work here is done ..."


Anonymous said...

"I can see that with mental heavyweights like you in the vanguard, the future of White Civilization is in safe hands! I truly weep.


No need to worry about us. The blowback is near. You jews never learn do you?

Contrary to what you think, many Whites are waking up and there are over a billion of us.

World wide pogroms are on your horizon. It will happen.

Have a nice day. :)

Heraclitus said...

Uncle Nasty, the word id karma. Pity about the white French though who have to stay and face the damage their erstwhile fellow countrymen caused.

beppo said...

@ UN:
You probably read the revelations re Einstein a few years ago in the magazine Nexus, published in Australia if my memory serves.
I read the article myself and was,of course, expecting some serious confirmation or denial but...silence only.

Anonymous said...

Meyer Lanskye I believe is the guy who rigged the lottery of Tel Aviv. When the new setllers arrived new land nobody had any legal title to anything so lots were drawn to see who owned what of the former Palestinian territory.

Lanskye's friends all got the prime land in Tel Aviv through luck.

Then again you would not be surprised seeing as a magalomaniac thief got a state funeral. His name was Ludwig Hoch. Or Captain Du Marier. Or Robert Maxwell. Take your pick.

nemesis said...

anon 12.12 and just watch all the gangster oligarchs who looted Russia get the same treatment.

Anonymous said...

They want everything you own ,... and will go to any lengths to get it.

Invest in precious metals, rather than paper? Maybe not.


Monday, March 26, 2012
Tungsten Filled 1 kilo Gold Bar Discovered in UK

In the biggest news we've broke since the JP Morgan whistle-blower stepped forward,
Australian Bullion Dealer ABC Bullion has contacted SD to advise that one of its suppliers has provided them photographic evidence of a tungsten filled 1 kilo gold bar discovered this week. The bar passed a hand-held xrf scan which showed 99.98% pure AU. The tungsten was only discovered when the bar was physically cut in half.
After numerous reports of 400oz tungsten filled bars being discovered in Hong Kong, this is the first documented and verified report with photographic evidence that has been made public.

(Submitted by Australian Bullion Dealer ABC Bullion:)

Attached are photographs of a legitimate Metalor 1000gm Au bar that has been drilled out and filled with Tungsten (W).
This bar was purchased by staff of a scrap dealer in xxxxx, UK yesterday. The bar appeared to be perfect other than the fact that it was 2gms underweight. It was checked by hand-held xrf and showed 99.98% Au. Being Tungsten, it would not be ferro-magnetic. The bar was supplied with the original certificate.
The owner of the business that purchased the bar only became suspicious when he realized the weight discrepancy and had the bar cropped. He estimates between 30-40% of the weight of the bar to be Tungsten.

Brilliant scam. After all, if you've just invested a few thou (or your savings ) in real bullion, the last thing you'd do is cut it in two to verify it.

Check it out, and see why the best -- and probably the safest -- metals to invest in are brass, copper, lead and forged steel.

You can't trust anyone.



tokyo paddy said...

Uncle Nasty, that's a really frightening story about the tungsten. I'm after buying some gold and I'm off to the tool shed to get my hacksaw.

But it's no joking matter.

Anonymous said...

Almost on-topic ... I really, really recommend this site.

It goes a little further than most.


Where else would you find, say, a history of Christianity?

A final solution to the Christian problem

The following excerpts are taken from the introduction and epilogue of Joseph Hoffman’s book on Porphyry. Ellipsis omitted between unquoted passages:

Persecution is a slippery term in the annals of the early church. An older generation of church historians, using the martyrologies and writings of the church fathers as their sources, believed that the era from Nero to Constantine was one of almost unremitting slaughter of professing Christians. Their opinion was enfeebled somewhat by the certainty that the Romans could have tried a “final solution” to the Christian problem much earlier, if they had wanted, and the fact that along with boasting of their many martyrs, church writers like Origen also bragged that rich folk, high officials, elegant ladies, and illuminati were entering the church in great numbers. The pagan writers tried to counter this trend in their insistence that Christianity was really a religion for the lazy, the ignorant and superstitious, and the lowborn—“women, yokels and children,” Celsus had sneered. But the ploy was ineffective. Diocletian’s persecutions revealed that Christianity had crept into the emperor’s bedroom: his wife, his daughter, their servants, the treasury official Audactus, the eunuch Dorotheus, even the director of the purple dye factory in Tyre, were Christians or Christian sympathizers. Insulting the new converts did not stop the process of conversion. The political solution of the third century, therefore, was an attempt to scare people off—to make being a Christian an expensive proposition. Persecution was the strong-arm alternative to failed polemical tactics by the likes of Celsus, Porphyry and Hierocles.

In 250 Decius decreed simply that Christians would be required to sacrifice to the gods of Rome by offering wine and eating sacrificial meat. Those who refused would be sentenced to death. To avoid this punishment, well-to-do Christians seem to have given up this new religion in substantial numbers, becoming in the eyes of the faithful “apostates,” a new designation derived from the Greek word revolt. The apostates also numbered many bishops, including the bishop of the important region of Smyrna, as well as Jewish Christians who rejoined the synagogue, as Judaism was not encompassed in the Decian order.

Please go there and give me your opinion ...


Elaine said...

UN - this one about Romans and Christians. Not sure what point your driving at?

Anonymous said...

Elaine, I am not really trying to make a point ... or, more to the point (sorry) I guess that we mainstream people have a certain view of christianity ... the rather shallow, wet, vapid view that we have been given by the limp-wristed wastrels that pass for priests, bishops, archbishops, etc.

In the abovementioned posts we have Christianity examined by thinking people ... philosophers, historians, theologians who actually read the books and treatises -- and I for one, see something rather different to the watered down tea-and-biscuits, charity fete organising colourlessness that passes for religion, now.

These were people who examined where Christianity was ... compared to where it is and where it is going.

They took it seriously -- as it should have been taken, and as it would be taken if it had not been white-anted into uselessness by the hebes and the liberation theologists.

Who knows? Maybe if they had burned a few more people -- the right people -- at the stake, they would still be relevant.


VOMan said...

The Muslims are a nuisance and a pox on White society, to the extent Whites deal with them for “Their” oil or let them into White countries.

Jews are an existential threat to the White race per se.

Muslims will come over, f*** our women, smoke our dope, and run marginal businesses, but only because we are stupid enough to allow it. But they have no desire to cause Whites to mix racially with any and all other races whether they get to enjoy the sex or not. They really don’t particularly want Whites to become Muslims, even. They will accept converts, but even Jews will do that if one kisses their ass hard enough and agrees to have his foreskin lopped off.

Jews want to be a separate and distinct race and what is more, the ONLY separate and distinct race. What they want for themselves they specifically seek to end for everyone else, especially Whites, as Whites are by their probably correct estimation their only real existential threat as a race.

Further, as a Christian nation, Jews have a hold on us in a way that Muslims don’t. Christianity is derived from the religion of the Israelites, as is the Talmudism that calls itself modern Judaism today, but the Jews have shaped Christianity in a way they could not shape Islam. This is most especially true of the current brand of fundie-ism. The Jews were behind Darby, the Schofield Reference Bible, and the success of “Christian Zionist” c***s***ers like Falwell, Lindsay, and Hagee, and to a lesser degree almost all fundie preachers with major TV and radio followings.

The conclusion should be obvious.

Anonymous said...

Now now! There are only 1% of the population homosexual and Shatter's importation of AIDS sufferers means that with more Africans having it the lack of native numbers look even more impressive.

Anonymous said...

You've changed my life Savant, never give up. Your resilience in the face of total apocalypse is inspiring. There have been many Irish nationalist sites and blogs but your unique style and sheer honesty in the face of a torrent of bullshit never fails to inspire. I actually used to dread coming to this site because the news and articles are so brutally covered to the point without any snags of pretense or "pc"ism. There is no hiding from the horror of the truth and you certainly make sure that we don't! Thank you Savant. Despite all thrashings and personal misfortunes against the Right we are still alive to fight another day. We are growing and we'll be damned if we go out without a fight and this cinder will rage into a tower of flame! Hail the Golden Dawn!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you all, and I'm a black muslim!

Anonymous said...

Just recently returned from europe where i saw the devastation of third world immigration.Its heartbreaking to see these once clean,orderly and charming white cities turned into chaotic,filthy and completely alien shitholes.I pray to god something can be done about zionist jews before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Strange that the Irish so wanted to be Irish that they were learning Gaelic, the IRA was at war with Gaels who happen to be Protestants and now a Jew is importing Muslims. The Irish need to be informed. They might have a chance. On the other hand organized Jewry cannot allow a white country to prosper because it would be a dangerous example to other white countries that are being swamped with immigrants.

Anonymous said...

The Irish should be very wary of their treachery. Australia used to be a lovely Anglo-Celtic country which is now being run by Jews.This has meant massive immigration from India, Asia and even Africa. Us white people are now vilified in Australia. I no longer feel like I belong in Australia. Unfortunately, being fourth generation Australian I cannot return to Europe. This has all happened in the last 30 years and has coincided with the massive rise of Jewish power. This Alan Shatter and his Zionist co-conspirators represent the biggest challenge that Ireland faces. The Third Worlders that are let into our countries breed faster than us and quickly out populate us. This is another form of ethnic cleansing.