Thursday, 15 March 2012

Oslo: Nirvana to den of crime in one generation

This from an Oslo reader. Some context. Oslo now is nearly 25% ‘visible minority’, mostly Somalis, Pakistanis and Nigerians. What a selection!. Twenty years ago this percentage was virtually zero. No breakdown by age cohort is available, but given that those latter ‘cultural’ groups seem to have about 10 children per female, while Norwegians have about two, you don’t have to be Einstein to see what’s going to happen.

Anyway, this is his/her comment.

As a denizen of Oslo, there are parts of the city I just don't go anymore.Norwegians tend to be extremely naive, and Norway is taking about four times as many asylum seekers and refugees as Britain, and ten times as many as the United States. We are in fact, by far, #1 per capita.

Add generous welfare systems, the lowest police coverage in the world (not to mention inept, and impotent) and luxury prisons, with the world's lowest sentences, and you have a potent mix for disaster and a "nirvana" as someone described it, turned into a lawless den of crime in less than a generation. Personally I never go into the center of the city unarmed anymore.

And yes, carrying weapons is against the law. But so what? If only criminals carry arms, and even the police don't, who's going to protect me? Plus if I get caught, I'll get a slap on the wrist. Which is far preferable to getting stabbed by some psychotic ex-somali child soldier or balkan mobster.

Makes you feel good, doesn't it?


Bemused stare said...

You can write the whole of Scandinavia off. It's as good as finished.

Franz said...

Funny that the Scandinavians gave a Nobel prize to Milton Friedman but never bothered to listen to what the man had to say:

"It's just obvious that you can't have free immigration and a welfare state."

By the way: As soon as the welfare checks start to bounce, that Somalian presence in Scandinavia is bound to hurt shipping in the North Sea and the Baltic.

Entry barries to the buccaneering business are low. The only requirements are a dinghy, a couple of antique eastern bloc RPGs and a mouthful of Khat to keep up courage.

Pity that Jonny Depp isn't melanin enriched to star in "Pirates of the Skagerak".

Anonymous said...

You get what you vote for. Anyone not voting nationalist is voting for this crap.The sheeple have been fooled for 50 years now, its about time they woke up
Paris Claims.

Anonymous said...

I was in Oslo only once and that was more than 20 years ago.

It was far from a Nirvana or even a Valhalla(more appropriate).A populace,conditioned to accept anything their irreligious though culturally puritanical overlords decreed,were easy game for mass replacement.

If you had told me then what would happen then I would not have been in the least surprised.

Mind you,that does'nt explain why the rest of us non puritans are going down exactly the same road.

If anybody does know then tell me because I'm fucked if I know.


Heraclitus said...

Franz. You may speak in jest but I fear your words could be prophetic. The Somalis everywhere turn to crime and the pitiful law enforcement capabilities in Scandinavia could make piracy a profitable and risk-free enterprise.

Anonymous said...

Oslo soon to be twinned with Detoilet.

Oddjob said...

I blame the news outlets for their agenda reporting. As a resident of the USA old South, I have witnessed the 'advance' from segregation to integration in schools, the workplace and society in general. Honest reporting would expose the ignorance and mayhem increase resulting from this experiment. Sadly the press keeps extoling their non existant virtues.

The treatment negros experienced before 1960 was required to keep their impulsive nature in check. Now their free range exploits are dragging society down to the dumper. We cannot continue to survive in this mode. I am hopeful reality will sink in and the tide will turn...

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the Vikings?


Linde said...

If you are a New World Orderly or a Change Widget contemplating a White population anywhere in the world, then you have a mandate to break up that demographic.

I live in a shire that represents an offensive demographic of about 98% Australian of English,Scotish, Irish and Welsh heritage.

It is a shire of small farms and two villages, a pub, a football club and some stone churches, small businesses and some professional services.

This is why we have been targeted for cultural enrichment.

This is why plans are afoot to build a mosque. Come again? There isn't a Muslim within coo-ee of here.

People scratch their heads and ask the typical sheeple question: why build a mosque for a non-existant Muslim population in this corner of the state?

Can't figure it out. There isn't a Muslim within coo-ee of here.

But to our passel of local politutes, it is the non-existance of a vibrant Muslim population in our shire that constitutes the problem.

The real Kosher question is: how quickly can the present racist and outrageous shire be reworked according to the non-white or latte demographic model?

And what would be the most effective means?

Short answer is Halal: a mosque with prayer sirens going off 7 times a day.

So we are going to be mosqued.

Shaunantijihad said...

We are all Norwegians now.

Norway has always been a nation of immigrants.

Immigrants do the work Norwegians won't.

Immigrants will pay for our pensions.

Whose country is it anyway?

Racist Norwegians have "white privilege".

White privilege must be countered by Affirmative Action.

Allah Akbar. Slavery is Freedom.

Sounds like a plan

Anonymous said...

A useful new resource.

00:43 said...

anon 00:47, you mean it's a busted flush?

Anonymous said...

14 days until Detroit goes bust?
Who would have thought that Rangers would beat them.

dave said...

Oddjob said the treatment negros experienced before 1960 was required to keep their impulsive nature in check.

It's taken me decades to realise the truth of this. Blacks simply cannot/will not behave in a civilised manner under normal advanced western legal systems.

Sad but true,

Jeremy said...

Linde. Tragic, what you say. But it also makes clear to me that there is an overall co-ordinated plan for white extinction. Such developments as you mention do not just occur. And we see them all over the world. Correction, all over the white world.

beppo said...


Out of the question I suppose to take the same action that the people would take in a Muslim society if a Christian church were being constructed amongst them?
Oh...ok. Sorry,silly of me.

Anonymous said...

D'ont forget Sav.Tomorrow we celebrate happy multiculti day a.k.a St Patricks day.

brian boru said...

It would be interesting to see the names of the people behind the scenes who were actually responsible for the insane immigration laws in Norway. Our race is doomed to learn the hard way and there is no guarantee that we will survive the lesson.

Dr. Wassell said...

Brian boru, you want to know the people behind Norway's decline.

Be sure it's someone like this

Anonymous said...

The Scandinavians were always snakes - however charming they may appear. The Vikings were basically slave-traders shilling for the Arabs. Raiding villages all over Europe to steal people and sell them as slaves to muslims.

It's sad, but still amusing to see them reap what they sowed.


hoosier said...

That's very unfair on the Vikings and the Scandinavians. Whatever you say about the Vikings they were incredible warriors. Not like now.

Anonymous said...

Rhein said...

The more they're getting displaced the more they'll awaken. We can see this in White lands that are more advanced in term of immigration.

They're not going to be able to reduce us in a minority before we stand up. Each action carries an equal and opposite amount of reaction. Sometimes it take a while to show but if you look carefully at the mood in most White land, you'll see what i'm talking about.

I'd say we're making good time, just a few years ago comments against mass immigration were thumbed down in mainstream online newspapers but now comments about stopping all immigration get thumbed up thousands of time. Very telling.

Are you celebrating tomorrow Savant?

Happy St-Patrick's day everyone!

eleos said...

Rhein, what you say may be true in some countries, but as the man says demographics are destiny.

Significantly differential levels in birth rates can drastically change a population profile in a frighteningly short period of time.

Do the math - it's scary.

Anonymous said...

No the Vikings were not mighty warriors,at least not until a group of them became Normans.

Vikings could be,and nearly always were,defeated in a set battle.


Anonymous said...

Are some of the Irish finally waking up to the race replacement that is being foisted on us? This story in today's Irish Independent about illegal immigrants has dozens of best rated comments attacking immigration and calling for deportation.

First time I've seen this in the comments in the Independent which is usually full of leftist, multi-culti gobshites.

barry said...

Great story about the Independent. It seems that over 90% of the comments are anti-illegal immigrants. In fact they are against the population replacement that's now going on.

Things are changing. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

And I'll share a sad story about another societal change that has occured in one generation...

When I was growing up in the American South, the teaching of Southern history was de rigueur. Every Southern school child knew about the South's historical figures,and their holidays were even observed (Jefferson Davis's birthday, for example.) Book reports, research papers, etc. often dealt with these topics and figures.

Fast forward to 2012...I teach public high school in Georgia, and am currently grading research papers. My school is 80% white. Yet, not ONE of my students' papers deal with whites, let alone Southerners. The array of black "heroes" and "historical" figures the students have chosen to write about makes me weep. This just shows the effect of 30 years of politically-correct brainwashing on society.

Anonymous said...

How many times did the Vikings beat the Gaels in battle when the numbers were anywhere close to even?

Bemused stare said...

barry said...

Great story about the Independent. It seems that over 90% of the comments are anti-illegal immigrants. In fact they are against the population replacement that's now going on.

Things are changing. Thank God.

No, they aren't. Just getting more complicated. The games are getting smarter.

I told you before, stop bitching, stop hacking at each other and focus. even the dumbest can remember 14 words.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm extremely surprised by the comments allowed through in the Indo.

I have tried to comment on similar topics before,mild,watered down comments and none were ever published.

And,as I've said before here,the the Independent is'nt the worst.


Anonymous said...

One fine day down at de Welfare Office ...

A woman walks into the downtown welfare office, trailed by 15 kids.

"WOW," the social worker exclaims, "are they all yours?"

"Yep, dey's all mine," the flustered momma sighs, having heard that question a thousand times before.

She bellows, ‘Sit down Leroy.’ All the children rush to find seats.

Well,’ says the social worker, ‘then you must be here to sign up. I’ll need all your childrens names.’

”Well, to keep it simple, de boys is all named Leroy and de girls is all named Leighroy.”

In disbelief, the case worker says, ‘Are you serious? They’re ALL named Leroy?’

Their momma replied, "Well, yeah - it makes it easier.
When it’s time to get 'em out of bed and ready for school, I yell, ‘Leroy!’ An’ when it’s time for dinner, I just yell ‘Leroy!’ An dey all comes a runnin'. An’ if I need to stop the kid whut’s running into the street, I just yell Leroy’ and dey all of dem stops daid. It’s de smartes' idea ah evah haid, namin’ 'em all Leroy."

The social worker thinks this over for a bit, then wrinkles her forehead and says tentatively:-

"But what if you just want ONE kid to come, and not the whole bunch?"

"Den I calls 'em by dere las' names."

I've booked my seat in hell, already.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear that high-pitched aqueaky little noise?

That was Barbara Lerner Specter's arsehole closing up.

Latvians honor Waffen SS fighters

RIGA -- Hundreds of Latvians gathered in Riga on Friday to pay tribute to soldiers who fought on the side of Nazi Germany in Waffen SS detachments in World War II.

The so-called Legionnaires’ Day is marked on March 16. It is not an official holiday but a parade honoring 140,000 SS fighters who fought in the Latvian Legion is held every year.

The annual church service and flower-laying ceremony in Riga's downtown area evokes bitter memories and catalyzes ethnic difference in Latvian society, where about one-third of the population is Russian, AP reports.

The Russian segment considers the event blasphemous and organized a counter-protest just yards away from the procession.

Officials say over a thousand police have been mobilized to ensure order and prevent a possible clash between the two sides.

A very great deal of the RSPs that flooded into South Africa in the thirties were from Latvia and Lithuania.

The Peruvians.


Franz said...

Utterly unrelated, but you guys will LOVE this video:

A turkish immigrant in Austria racks up a lot of debt and claims he is unable to pay up. He then proceeds to rent a lavish resort and invite 2000 guests to his wedding.

He should have kept it hush-hush, for the bailiff saw a chance to recover some of the outstanding monies and gatecrashed the wedding with the aid of 30 head of Austrian police.

The looks on some of the faces are priceless!

dave said...

Franz, this makes me feel so good.

Anonymous said...

Jill was the perpretrator of a racist attack.

Three travellers set upon her.

Some guys beat the living daylights out of them.

Newspaperreports of a beating of three travellers but not of a white woman.

For shame!

To those sexist racists at The Irish Times.

Anonymous said...


Word has it, no idea if it's true, that his attraction for her is not unrelated to his ready access to a certain white powder to which she has taken a liking.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.10-Would that white powder be Johnsons baby powder.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:10

Where did you hear that?

Corkonian said...

Story of Jill and the travellers.

Par for the course for the Irish Slimes

sk said...

How about the 222 words? Make them answer.

Essex boy said...

Maybe it's a powder that washes 'whiter than white'.

Anonymous said...

Detroit inspires the word detroitment

You take this to the Boston University korrection kommunity kommittee and you tell them that Paul Kersey stole that from here and that his Ph. D. should be withdrawn as it has as much credibilty as an Al Gore mockumentary but slightly moore than a Wic-ael Whoore one.%

Anonymous said...

Jacob Zuma singsa kill the boer

Ronald or Frank? Frank I can understand but Ronald is just outrageous.

SAVANT said...

anon 15.44. I've already posted on SBPDL that the 'detroited' word was coined here. He printed the comment but no acknowledgement.

Anonymous said...

Rule #1 Do not annoy the Raiders fans.

Er. That is it really as PK would understand ;) ;)

Jeremy said...

My view, the Waffen SS commemoration is more to do with giving the Russians the finger than celebrating the SS as such.

Anonymous said...

The US Founders never would have imagined an American elite so corrupt that they would dissolve the people and import a new one. But how about the WHITES? There future?

How is this not genocide:
White countries are being flooded by non-whites. We are told to be

TOLERANT. We are forced to integrate. With assimilation we see the

extinction of one race only, the white race.

Its not funny, not comedy, its white genocide.

Motoboy said...

anon 18.34. It IS white genocide, but ultimately we have only ourselves to blame.

eh said...


Here's what an "English midfielder" looks like.

Of course I hope he's alright.

But he isn't English.

Essex boy said...

Pity the poor medicos who had to give him mouth to mouth!!!

Linde said...

I think the US founders could imagine an elite so corrupt that they would dissolve the America of its founding European stock and import a new people.

Benjamin Franklin and Washington both warned against the Jews and what would happen if the Jews became the elite.

The political elite that strut and fret their hour upon the stage are only ziobots and sock puppets of the Jews. They represent only Jewish interests.

Anonymous said...

mike smiths blog has been removed

beppo said...

Hope our reporter from Oslo isn't being too optimistic in anticipating that if the authorities find him,a white law-abiding citizen, carrying a weapon to defend himself from violent immigrants if necessary they will give him a slap on the wrist.
Going by what is the norm these days the book will be thrown at him and any slaps on the wrist will be reserved for the criminals.

Anonymous said...

Emma Waldron story?? Have no authentication at all other than what this guy who's in the 'entertainment industry' told me. Maybe true, maybe without foundation.

Anonymous said...

A little St. Patrick's day reading:-

The Limerick “pogrom”: Creating Jewish victimhood

March 17, 2012
Andrew Joyce

A very curious article has appeared in the March 14th edition of the UK Daily Mail (“Goldman Sachs’ touch of darkness“), a comment on Greg Smith’s recent indictment of the Goldman Sachs’ culture of greed and client exploitation. The article in question was written by one Alex Brummer, a journalist who writes for both the Daily Mail and the London-based Jewish Chronicle. Brummer’s specialty, it seems, is economic matters and he has a number of strange points to make in relation to the recent revelations that Goldman Sachs has been referring to its clients as “muppets” for some time. The article begins by stating that the bank has been “sapped of its confidence” following a series of scandals “during and after the great financial panic,” under the chairmanship of Lloyd Blankfein.

So, whats the point of this post, you may ask?

Keep reading. It becomes very interesting ... and very relevant to our Oirish Readers about one-quarter of the way down.



Brendan said...

Very sad to see the St Patricks Day parade in Dublin turned in to a multi-culti African love-fest today.

Irish taxpayers money is being used to fund this anti-white /anti-Irish propaganda but those who voiced objections were shouted down as racists and threatened with arrest by the guards.

What hope is there for this country while the enemy within hold sway?

At least some of the Irish are waking up to their race replacement being engineered by Shatter and his crew.

Tommy Atkins said...

Who are the CXF?

They are the Combined eX-Forces, a fast growing group of British ex-servicemenn who have had enough of the leftist and immigrant shit that is being forced on their country and are getting organised to fight back....

Anonymous said...

Mike Smith's Political Commentary
The New (improved) South African rainbow miracle - Girl’s intestines ripped out through vagina in crazed exorcism
14 hours ago
Blog not available and the mspolitical commentary name is not availabvle from evil name provider google.

Come on google don't be evil.

Anonymous said...

eh 19:00

no need at all. use your brain.

anon 21:54

yea maybe it's true but I'm sure there's a long line of white scumbags who'd happily supply her to get their legs over (if it's true).

johan said...

Good to hear, Tommy Atkins. Interesting to see how the MSM will demonize them if they start to make waves.

Clogheen said...

UN I haven't yet read that article in the mail. But for Christ's sake, they're not still on about the Limerick 'pogrom' are they?

In this 'pogrom' (118 years ago!!) the extent of the attack was that some jews were pelted with stones and some wondows were broken. Then there was a boycott of supposedly usorious jews, after which most of them left the city.

Now for the love of God, are they still kvetching about this well over a century later?

For fuck sake, have these people no shame or sense of proportion?

Anonymous said...

It is not as if they have forgotten about the pogroms in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and perhaps in London itself 64 years ago?

Anonymous said...

Oops! I forgot to mention that Limerick at the time was as much a British city as Mnachester, Liverpool, Leeds and perhaps London itself when the pogroms happened there but was not when the pogroms happened in the UK a mere 3 years after the end of the World War II.

rambaloosa said...

' maybe it's true but I'm sure there's a long line of white scumbags who'd happily supply her to get their legs over'

Count me as one of them. She's quite a hottie.

Then again, she's had this ape beavering away at her private parts for the last year. No. Offer withdrawn.

Anonymous said...

Google is at it again - I see Mike Smith's blog got chopped.

Anonymous said...

Brendan- I predicted this would happen a few days ago.Our culture and identity are being erased.Who knows,next year it will be discovered that St Patrick was really black.

Anonymous said...

Rambaloosa she probaly has that four lettered word.Its starts with A and ends with S.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Franklin and Washington both warned against the Jews and what would happen if the Jews became the elite.

Ol' George ended up in the magazine rack right next to the pic of Whitney Houston's corpse.

Anonymous said...

All the comments on that Independent article have disappeared.

Like they never even existed.


Anonymous said...

Mike smiths blog was available yesterday.

One of his last posts was truly truly revolting.

Brace yourself.

A black maid,HIV positive,was found feeding her menstrual blood to a White baby in her charge.


Anonymous said...

Clogheen said...

>In this 'pogrom' (118 years ago!!) the extent of the attack was that some jews were pelted with stones and some wondows were broken. Then there was a boycott of supposedly usorious jews, after which most of them left the city.

Now for the love of God, are they still kvetching about this well over a century later?

For fuck sake, have these people no shame or sense of proportion?

Short answer? No.


Anonymous said...

Further to my last, we have the anniversary of Leo Frank's suspended sentence coming up in 3 years.

We won't hear the end of that either.


Cliff of Mayo said...

Here's the link to that Limerick pogrom story in the Occidental Observer:

Well worth reading!

Anonymous said...

Cliff of Mayo is quite right it is well worth a read.

Nobody remembers the 1911 pogrom in South Wales is that because it involved British foreigners?

Corkonian said...

The comments on the Independent article about the 30,000 have all been zapped! Thought Police 1, bloggers 0.

Anonymous said...

O' Green explained

Bet that wouldn't happen on Cinco de Mayo!

Anonymous said...

Useful to understand why we are not equipped to deal with outsiders. This audio with MacDonald is the best explanation:

Anonymous said...

Alan Shatter - Jewish Nation-Wrecker

Anonymous said...

This ad for Planet of the Apes does not work

Can anyone see why?

johan said...

What I take from that Rotterdam bar incident is the strength that still resides among whites and the useless cowardly scum that most blacks are.

nemesis said...

Thanks for that link to Tom Sunic interview. You can tell he hits a nerve by the amount of flak he receives.

Anonymous said...

St. Paddy's Day fun for the "black" Irish in downtown Indianapolis.
St. Paddy's Day in my city.
...and our local media does it's best to seek out white violence. I could not find anything that whites went berzerk here. Funny how that happens? :)

This is the disgraceful behavior that Kevin Myers made reference to yesterday. See how kkorekt he is!

Anonymous said...

This is very much off topic, Savant, but I feel that it is worth publishing.

I have often heard rumours that oil is a self-renewing resource. These guys seem to think so.

Any comments from readers?

What If Oil and Natural Gas Are Renewable Resources?

By Greg Lewis

President Barack Obama and his green energy confederates are determined to scare the public about a declining supply of "fossil fuels." If we accept the idea that oil is produced by the conversion of organic matter -- from plants to dinosaurs -- under extreme pressure, we must also accept the idea that there is a limited supply of oil and that we've got to do everything we can to find a replacement for fossil fuels before we run out.

The evidence is mounting that not only do we have more than a century's worth of recoverable oil in the United States alone (even if there is a limit to the earth's oil supply), but that we also actually have a limitless supply of Texas tea because oil is in fact a renewable resource that is being constantly created deep under the earth's surface and which rises upward, where microscopic organisms that thrive in the intense pressure and heat miles below us interact with and alter it.

In other words, we have an unending supply of oil, some of which is constantly migrating upward from the depths at which it is created to refill existing oil deposits, and much more of which remains far below the surface. This oil can be recovered using existing technology.

Scientist Thomas Gold presents the decades-old theory of "abiotic" oil-creation, which supports these facts, in his book, The Deep Hot Biosphere. In it he explains that the idea of the "biotic" creation of "fossil fuels" -- that decaying organic matter is compressed into oil -- is incorrect. In fact, the earth is constantly producing new oil very deep below its surface, and in some cases the oil flows up to replenish existing oil fields thought to be exhausted. In simple terms, the microscopic organisms mentioned above interact with the hydrocarbons, altering them and leaving their footprint, thus disproving the notion that oil is a "fossil fuel."


Anonymous said...

Hi savant

can you ask your Norwegian friend if the Brevik incident last year had any effect, increase or decrease on immigration?


Digby said...

UN: Oil is indeed a renewable. Problem is it happens very very slowly. Too slowly for any oil company to take a real interest. They're doing something with algae now to speed it up but I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

The mother of a teenager who killed a pensioner with a single punch during the London riots destroyed his clothes to cover his tracks, a court heard today.

Lavinia Desuze, 31, is accused of cutting up the distinctive items her son Darrell was wearing after police appealed for help catching Richard Mannington Bowes’ killer in Ealing, west London.

Read more: Mother destroys evidence of killer son

One believes they are the Desuzes of Gloucestershire. Ghastly oiks. Not the DE Suzes of Sussex.

Anonymous said...

Meleanin Enriched Morons Everywhere.

has-been said...

She's 31 (30 at the time of the incident) and she has a son capable of killing a man with one punch??? What age does this species start breeding?

eh said...

Savant and Franz get a mention here.

Anonymous said...

Comedian insults mexicans

“Do you remember when white people used to say, ‘Go back to Africa,’ and we had to tell them we don’t want to?” Katt yelled as the audience whooped its approval. “So if you love Mexico, bitch, get the f*** over there!”
“Comedians used to make jokes. Now they make amends.”

Comedians used to make people laugh then along came Jeananne Garofalo, Jo Brand, Gina Yashere, Marcus Bridstoke, All those Oxbridge types on Radio 4 programmes.

Please share this article by using the link above. When you cut and paste an article, Taki's Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don't get paid for their work.

Anonymous said...


" Anonymous has-been said...

She's 31 (30 at the time of the incident) and she has a son capable of killing a man with one punch??? What age does this species start breeding?

19 March 2012 19:11 "



Anonymous said...

Monkey spankin' in de lieberry

"Just when you think niggers can't sink any lower, they manage to drain just a little more from the cesspool"

Anonymous said...

Cheshire twinned with Tottenham innit?

Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons.
What is the betting that they are "youths" and not youths?

white rose said...

A cancer specialist killed by 'youths'. What an exchange we got.

Anonymous said...

I find that this site is not diverse enough and you do not have the message that the sun shines out of the arses of our cultural enrichers.

Get it sorted. The PC Police.

Anonymous said...

The sun shines out of the arses of our cultural enrichers.

There. The site is now on message.

Anonymous said...

Black girl expresses her doubts about evolution and racist ignerant haters do not listen to the voice of reason

The interprative danse is in Norwegian so it night be hard to understand.

Do not be evil goolge owners of youtube are pulling it because to pull it is a choice made by fire chiefs on the ground.

This professor of linguistics and interprative dance understands some of it

Anonymous said...

German occupation was the best thing that ever happened to them, and the fools still resent it. So let the Niggers consume the fools.

Anonymous said...

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