Saturday, 24 March 2012


The Trayvon (where do they get those names?) Martin killing is Florida has followed the ordained script to perfection. The ‘victim’ was straight from central casting. A “beautiful, beautiful boy”, an ‘honor student’ (i.e. he hasn’t killed a teacher yet) laid low by a ‘white Hispanic’. Now what the hell is a white Hispanic? Is Obama a white blackman? But you see, such a categorisation is necessary for the designated scenario to play out.

On cue the ‘reverend’ race pimps crawled out from the lairs to explore the opportunity for yet another shake-down. ‘Blacks are under attack’ the ‘Reverend’ Jesse Jackson thundered. And for once the race-pimping horn dog wasn’t lying. Because blacks are indeed under attack……. but from their bruthas. About 90% of black murder victims get sent to the Great McDonalds in the sky by their own kind. And the inter-racial bit? Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent. And Hispanics, who commit most of the murders in this cohort, are included among the Whites. Gotta' make the figures look as good as possible.

The ‘news’ media that virtually ignored the recent Tulsa horror attack, the Derrick King and Edward Schaefer incidents, the Knoxville Horror and the young white man beaten to death by three black thugs in Philadelphia recently, well many outlets of said media went back to 1955 to resurrect, yet again, Emmet Till. “Is Trayvon the new Emmett Till?” they asked plaintively. And, in a nice touch, they published pictures of a smiling, prepubescent 13 year-old Trayvon, not the hulking 17 year-old, 6'2'' brute who, according to the only independent witness, was beating up Zimmerman when he got shot.

And of course Mein Obama jumped in feet first. “I see the son I never had when I see Trayvon’s picture’. Really? Well presumably then the picture shown here would also remind of the son he never had. Except that this guy pulled a gun and shot a cop who was about to question him. I’m not holding my breath.

There’s noting new in any of this of course. It’s the same utterly lopsided response to everything that involves blacks. But a few questions arise. Will this set them off on a renewed orgy of violence? (This seems the only response blacks are capable of to any perceived problem). Already we’ve had a spectacular chimpout by a young scholar at a Florida 'university' upset at Trayvon's demise. In the link I provide here the report says, without a trace of irony, that “a woman who has apparently had enough with senseless violence in her home state of Florida, attacks her teacher and fellow students in class.” Yes, they actually said that! Typical of the comments was “I feel for her because the young woman is upset, at least she cares about whats happening and is’nt afraid to say what she thinks”. Well, there’s no arguing that she’s not afraid to say what she thinks. If thinks isn’t too strong a word here.

So will blacks use this as the spark – literally – to effect a little urban renewal during the Summer? That’s the first question. But I also ask if there’s a major change in whites’ attitudes. I say this because my admittedly unscientific survey of comments in a whole range of media outlets shows a sea-change has taken place. Whites are speaking out very strongly on this issue and avoiding PC Speak cliches. So is there an actual change or is it just that the MSM moderators are becoming more indulgent? And if there is such a change, will this manifest itself in more overt form in due course?

I’d like to think the answers here are in the affirmative. Interested in your views.


Kiwi said...

Savant, you may be right about whites now beginning to speak out on the race issue.
Look at the many angry comments from readers on this immigration story currently running on The Telegraph site in the UK....

The Telegraph:crackdown on immigration

Anonymous said...

All I can say, Savant, is, read the books while they're still fiction .... and while one has the leisure to alter the passive mindest

The window of opportunity for such leisurely activity is soon to slam shut. I am sure that, by this summer, life in America will be full of incident ... soon to be followed by other racial hotspots.


Anonymous said...

Further to this, Zimmerman is causing lotsa problems for the left.

The missing M word in the George Zimmerman story

Lately, the press has started to wake up to the fact that the shooter in the sad Trayvon Martin case doesn't look like the image conjured up by the initial reports of him as "white." But what is he?

If you go to Google News and type in

George Zimmerman mestizo

you get exactly one hit: a blog at the leftist Catholic magazine Commonweal by Eduardo Peñalver, an American-born Cornell law professor, that makes this commonsensical point:

The Trayvon Martin case has justifiably generated an enormous volume of commentary. One of the most interesting aspects of this commentary is the difficulty people have had in grappling with how to categorize George Zimmerman, the shooter. At first, he was described merely as “white.” This allowed the case fit nicely into the paradigm of Black-White race relations. A black teenager is shot and killed by a gun-toting, white vigilante, and the white police chief leading a police force with a troubled racial past declines to recommend charges against the shooter.
Then it came out that Zimmerman’s mother is Latina (she’s Peruvian). His photo (at least to me) reveals a man who looks mestizo. And yet commentators are reluctant to give up the white label. In an article this morning, the New York Times describes him as a “white Hispanic.” James Fallows says the case “involves the shooting of a young black man by a young white man, and the failure of the white-run Southern police department to take any action against the killer.” Others emphasize Zimmerman’s white half and suggest that it’s the half that matters more. These efforts show how confusing the Latino category is to traditional American racial tropes, particularly when we are talking about a case like this one that pushes all of our pre-civil rights buttons. ...

You know what I think happened?

A conversation between the usual race-hustlers in the MSM went something like this:--

"Hmm. Zimmerman. Is he a jew?"
"Er ... no, boss."

"Great!! Run the story. The usual spin, Emile."
"Er ... Boss? We can't--"

"Not now, Emile. I gotta heavy date tonight. You handle it."
Er ... Okay, Boss."

Next time ... listen to Emile, you schmuck.


Tony in VA said...

Savant. Take it from me. Here in the US we are having it UP TO HERE with all this anti-white crap. Be assured, white people ARE taking notice. Action will follow I believe.

dave said...

Yes, I notice in The Telegraph the huge divergance between the 'reporting' and the comments. I.e. the real people.

Anonymous said...

There's a bit more about America's sweetheart here at Sarah, Maid of Albion.

This is a particularly diverse issue, discussing, not only Obama's little bumchum (with PICTURES!!), but the right-wing Nazi -- oops, sorry, deluded goatshagger in France as well as a special favourite of mine ...


And I ain't talking Cartier ... I'm talkin' Michelin.

It seems that the only trusted method of controlling (or even getting the attention of) jigaboos has made a welcome resurgence in ZA.

Three nogs reverted back to their proper link in the food chain when they were converted to Krispy Kritters in the Western Cape about three weeks ago, reviving an old, hallowed ANC tradition.

You may be interested to know that it is estimated that between 20 and 40 000 boogs received the Xhosa toast treatment since it was introduced ... and not a word from the eco-fascists about the carbon footprint.

Mandela got away with so much.


PS: While on the subject of necklaces ... a few jokes from that era.

What do you call a tractor tyre?
... a family pack.

What do you call a tricycle tyre?
... a final warning.

... and so on ...

Anonymous said...

"Great McDonalds in the sky". LOL

Anonymous said...

Savant dont be so optimistic about changes in Whites attitude, towards black on white crimes issue plz.Im Polish have lived in Ireland(Great Country) since 2006 and seen racial,ethnic and cultural shift and it has been massive(in Athlone, where i live at least 35% of main street food outlets are halal kebabs and their over spiced stuff, when i came her there was only one).17 years old toddler Trayvon Martin is being played up in Poland ( racially homogenous country) by jew owned media as well. The most popular jew owned Gazeta Wyborcza (,75248,11409542,Bezkarne_zabojstwo_chlopca_w_kapturze.html )What they say in above article is basically the same c**p as in western Main Sewage Media MSM coverage of the case.Good blacks and white fiends.Love Your blog but Whites are doomed imho.Keep it up anyway :)

Baldowl said...

If white people in America do not take this opportunity to say "Enough is FUCKING ENOUGH," we're looking at it effectively being against the law to defend oneself while white.

Bemused stare said...

I wonder if any US friends that are acquainted with the law, could tell me if it is legal to put out a $10 000 contract on someones life?

If not, where is Eric "my pipple" Holder on this one.

Anonymous said...

if i had son he would look like Heinrich Himmler

Anonymous said...

Hello Savant,

One simply doesn't know where to begin with this case...

But in answer to your question, oh yes, we're slowly but surely throwing off the shackles of intimidation in terms of how willing whites are to speak out in America today.

Would you care for some evidence? I recommend that all readers of this blog, when in a funk about how seemingly intractable white cowardice is in the face of the multi-culti onslaught, take a moment and log onto, Chicago's vilest, most despicable leftist rag. Scroll down until you the list of columnists appears on the right-hand side and click on the name 'Mary Mitchell'.

Pick an article with an appealing headline (e.g., "Metra Throws Student short 75 Cents Off Train; Was Race Involved?"), click on it and then scroll down to the comments section (another click at bottom).

I expect you'll be as surprised as I was... My family and I returned home to Chicago five years ago after ten arduous years on active duty with the Navy, and I simply couldn't believe that the Sun-Times would publish these incendiary comments. Mary Mitchell is perhaps the most notorious black apologist and race-baiter in Chicago journalism, and she is routinely handed her ass via commenters on her articles. The comments are anything but politically-correct... It's enough to make one sleep soundly at night.

The time has come; the time is now. Cook up a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show!

All the best, and your blog is only getting better Savant!

Windy City Irish Pollack

Anonymous said...

This is off-topic, but, I think, important.

Go here:-

Scroll to:-

Calling All Skypers.
You might want to uninstall that Skype software toot sweet.

I don't use it myself. The quality over my broadband connection is shite. But if I was looking for another reason to distance myself from the state, here it bloody well is.


Worried yet?

"Lawful Interception means that government agencies can, without your permission, begin tracking your Skype conversations. Calls can be covertly recorded and used against you in any circumstance. It is legal, it is frightening and it is coming to a voice over IP application near you."


"If you are feeling powerless, join the club. You could uninstall Skype, because it remains one of the best, if not the best, VOIP application. After years of use, are we now expected to sit back and relax as our privacy is invaded? India is not as impartial as I am and have warned Skype that if it does not fix its laws relating to Legal Interception then Skype will risk being blocked in India; as this is a market of 1.2-billion potential users, Microsoft will have to work hard to please the Indian telecommunication committees and remain in its good graces.

Legal Interception is not only pervasive in Skype, but will soon be in your email accounts too. The Egyptian government, famous for breaking the privacy laws of its citizens, recently ended a five-month trial of the Legal Interception application in conjunction with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and various other webmail providers. The software then has the further option of planting its own version of a Trojan horse executable which can be passed on to any computer via social sharing, or portable drives. In yet another irritating blow, Legal Interception will also allow targeted ads based on our user preferences to invade our screens."

The internet is a double-edged sword. We all know that 98% of it is pure shite. It is mostly made up of scams, trolls, advertising, viruses and cats. But that other 2% is pure gold. It's those sites that you can use to research almost anything. It's YouTube. It's Netflix. It's Film4. It's those bloggers and tweeters that open a new window for you to look through. They give us a different aspect to mull over. New ideas to consider. Mostly, they give us the news in an unsanitised, unbiased way. If they do have a political point to make, they tell us up front. Not only do they allow us to make up our own minds, they allow us a voice. If we agree, or disagree, they provide the white space for us to post our own opinions and thoughts.

Don't you find it interesting that little Billy Gates seems to have no problem sucking up to Big brother?


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love left-wing America? Everyone tries so hard to be ... fair.

Police to Ignore California Impound Law Amid Concern of Fairness to Illegal Immigrants

William Lajeunesse, Fox News, March 22, 2012

The Los Angeles Police Department will soon start ignoring California state law, which requires police to impound the vehicles of unlicensed drivers for 30 days.

The majority of unlicensed motorists in Los Angeles are immigrants who are in the country illegally and have low-income jobs. The LAPD says the state’s impound law is unfair because it limits their ability to get to their jobs and imposes a steep fine to get their car back.

As long as drivers can produce some form of I.D., proof of insurance and vehicle registration, they’ll be allowed to keep their car. Police Chief Charlie Beck insists that it’s simply leveling the playing field.

“It’s about fairness. It’s about equal application of the law,” Beck told a Los Angeles TV station earlier this month.

Opponents of Beck’s decision are furious and refer to studies showing unlicensed drivers are among the most dangerous on the road. Indeed, a 2011 AAA study titled “Unlicensed to Kill” finds they are five times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes and more likely to flee the scene of a crime.


Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley wrote Chief Beck, saying his policy would be “invalid” in light of state law, which states a vehicle “shall be impounded.” But supporters of Beck’s decision say, regardless of the law, he’s doing the right thing for illegal immigrants who cannot yet obtain driver’s licenses here.

“A low-income person doesn’t have the ability to pay the fees after 30 days to get their car back,” said Cardinal Roger Mahony, former Archbishop of Los Angeles and an immigration activist. “Basically, we’re just creating more punitive problems for them.”

Terry Pratchett phrased it beautifully in one of his books.

"Dancing in the light of their burning bridges ..."

Regarding Cardinal Roger Mahony, former Archbishop of Los Angeles and an immigration activist, I think I will revise the t-shirts I am having printed.

Immediately underneath the old quote: "I'll tell you what ... First we kill all the Lawyers."

I will append another fine old quote:- "Will no one bring me the head of this turbulent priest?"

Or maybe in a different font on the back. What do you think?


Shaunantijihad said...

Media control is simply a part of the Jewish war to annihilate the White race. It really is that simple. Marxism, multi-cultism, Communism - they are all efforts in the same direction. The destruction of Whites.

Watch Counter Currents video of the day below with Kevin MacDonald, and for those who are not already aware of it, it will help to clarify the Jewish war against us. The mass immigration of Muslims and Negroes is simply a symptom of this war. The 3rd worlders are the proxy armies that will wipe us out. Demographics is destiny.

SAVANT said...

To my Polish friend 00.53. I agree with you about Athlone. I was horrified when I visited there about a year ago. I'm also saddened but not surprised about developments in Poland. They're being subjected to the same propaganda barrage as the rest of us. The only difference is that they will, or should, be able to tell what propaganda is, having been subjected to it for two generations. They also have more experience of jewish manipulations that do the Irish.

Anyway, my only suggestion is to have plenty of children with a white girl!

Corkonian said...

Shaunantijihad: What you say here says everything in one sentence.

"The mass immigration of Muslims and Negroes is simply a symptom of this war. The 3rd worlders are the proxy armies that will wipe us out. Demographics is destiny."

In a nutshell, sir.

Anonymous said...

(where do they get those names?)

Filling in those CAPTCHA things.

Anonymous said...

Further to this, Zimmerman is causing lotsa problems for the left.

I do not see the problem. If Obama shot him he would be white.

Anonymous said...

There should be charges against the President of the United States for inciting a racial war. Listen to his speech. That speech was contrived. He didn't just speak off the cuff. He completely sided with Travian against the Zimmerman. He empathized with Travian's parents but not with the plight of Zimmerman, which means he is declaring Zimmerman guilty. He had to have been aware of the details the police had. There is no way now that Zimmerman can get a fair trial anywhere in the US, because the US President has deliberately prejudiced any jury in the country. When Zimmerman gets acquitted--and it's beginning to sound like he should--there will be a bloodbath. If he isn't acquitted, there will be rioting in the streets. Either way, there will slaughter in the streets, and Obama has his hands all over it.

Martin attacked Zimmerman : witness

Media bias?

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman should buy a one-way ticket to Peru.

MB said...

Savant, you have a good blog here. I've been reading it for a while.

I remember getting my first computer in 1999. My wife instantly recognized the ease that the net provided in areas of day to day living, but I noticed something else. I found information I hadn't heard repeated for decades. Political information.

Back then almost all comments on news articles were straight out of Orwell's 1984. Today it's drastically different.

I'll never forget telling my wife that it'd take about a decade for people to get over the net as entertainment and/or a shopping guide, that it would provide news that people haven't been exposed to.

There is indeed a sea change going on. There's also a storm brewing. You've contributed to it, God bless ya.

Postnote: By the way, are there any possibilities for employment in Eire for a retired mailman who'd like to shake off the USA?

RegThe Hedge said...

I watched that video Minority Rule.
The basic message is that Joos pushed political correctness down the throats of European peoples, wherever they may be, to facilitate the flooding of our countries with foreigners. They want our countries flooded to destroy any notion of nationhood and therefore kill off the propect of discrimination against them.
We all know this. It is nothing new.

It is a classic case of the law of unintended consequences. Their filthy manipulation of people good enough to give them a home has in itself brought about exactly what they were trying to stop.
There is a momentum building at present. It has taken off over the last six months and it is speeding up like a runaway locomotive. There is no putting a lid back on this box. I got the exact same feeling when the housing bubble in Ireland was about to burst. After all, this is a bubble too. An immigration bubble. I couldn't tell how long it would take to burst but I was 100% sure that it would burst.
When the immigration bubble bursts, things are going to become very unpleasent for non Europeans.

I know smart foreigners have a close eye on our sentiment as I would if I were living in a land that was not my own.
Think about it. You are living in some African republic or a gulf state. You would always keep a close eye on the news, however, the comments section is where you would focus to understand what your local negro or morro was up to. The second I saw comments, like the ones I can see now in any on line media, I would have a route planned and ready to execute at a moments notice. Especially if I had kids.
Because Europe is very well organised and has professional police forces comments like those wouldn't worry me too much yet. My precautions for the moment would be to be careful where I go and in particular where I allow my kids go.
It is hard to say where all this is going to lead. I will say though. Watch out for prominant Joos and lefty types getting out of dodge. I'm guessing we'll see plenty of prominent Joos repatriating themselves back to Israel.

Anonymous said...

- tuguybear, Newcastle England, 24/3/2012 9:02 "Surprise surprise, a Johnny come lately witness.HOW CONVENIENT !!!!!!!!!!>" ------------- Surprise! The witness was there from the beginning, and interviewed by police. How convenient that the media is ignoring this fact.

- Cliff Stern, Just the Other Side of Midnight, 24/3/2012 17:27

Read more: Inconvienent witness John fails to back media narrative

When the facts fail go with the legend.

SAVANT said...

Uncle Nasty. It's deeply gratifying to see the re-emergence of that unique Xosa contribution to jurisprudence. I note from your comment that some sophisticated enhancements have been added, to wit, the 'final warning' (bicycle tyre) clause.

Franz said...

The whole Trayvon-saga remindes me of the climax of the witch hunts.

In the beginning, they burned women who dabbled with herbs and potions and generally displayed what people considered "witchlike" behaviour.

As the witch-mass-psychosis evolved and progressed, accusers and judges dispensed with all pretense and killed any woman they pleased.

Red Hair? Burn her!

Likes flirting? Burn her!

Looks good and we would like to undress her for torture? Get her!

So in the year 2012 an Indian Peruvian who got his Nazi-name through adoption will be burned at the stake just because he is the closest thing the hunters for the great white racist could come up with.

The funny thing about outbreaks of mass madness is that - while they go on - scarcely anybody notices anything strange is going on.

Only later generations are left baffled and ask: How could they do such things?

P.S.: Savant, there are plenty of white hispanics in Latin America. They dominate the upper echolons of society and showbiz. Just look at any telenovela.

Anonymous said...

As an American societal “provider” (a.k.a. taxpayer), I feel threatened by the sheer ingratitude of the dark 13% of this country. Moreover, my anger towards this country’s unappreciative parasites is now white-hot. My paycheck continually gets zapped to support these oxygen thieves. It’s not enough that they contribute NOTHING to this society. On the contrary, they TAKE, TAKE, AND TAKE; their lack of gratitude is revolting. And now they’re looking for a fluke provocation to start screaming about persecution and being “under attack.” I am now COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, AND ABSOLUTELY deaf to any of this whining about racial victimization. It’s old, it’s tiring, and it’s effing bullshit.

Corkonian said...

anon 13.57 your sentiments are very clear. How common are they among your contemporaries?

justme said...

Reg, are you saying, hopefully you are, that if you were a cultural enricher or one of our own traitors you'd watch where you were going? Or were you referring to the natives?

Anonymous said...

All the usual suspects are doing all the usual things. The media yet again are not reporting all the facts.For instance, the young Mr. Martin was actually serving a 5 day suspension from school, as reported locally in Central FL, but the school system will not mention why he was being punished. Also not mentioned was that Martin was 6'2" and 140 lbs., towering over Zimmerman. While I am not ready to convict Zimmerman, I (and we) should wait until all of the information/facts are revealed. Remember Twana Brawley?

Bemused stare said...

On a tangent, does anyone else think this smells a bit fishy.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read my "Trayvon Martin FAQ". I'm not being immodest when I say it's the best discussion of what happened by far. It's very well-documented and completely blows the lid off this story.

Anonymous said...

Just caught the end of The SPORTS Reporters on the Electronic SPORTS Programming Network which is owned by Mickey Mouse and has employed Selena Roberts had a guy praise the Miami Heat for wearing hoodies. They won't end racism he said.

But surely if they told black people to be less racist black people might become less racist?

white flight said...

Ireland's future, unless Shatter is sacked and stopped in his destructive mission:

The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury

dave said...

Bemused. Smells like a rat to me.

tsnamm said...

As soon as I heard about this I knew exactly what was going to happen...the fact that Obammy basically calls Zimmerman guilty is nothing new...he put his foot in his mouth before concerning the black professor and the cops in Massachusetts...whats galling in lots of these "protests" is the extreme number of whites, all calling for "justice"...which of course means guilty. Its amazing hte number of brutal, horrific black on white violence that goes totally unreported, vs. incidents such as these which are instantly national causes, personified as "lynchings", as if it was still 1861...I'm not so sure any white folks have any balls to stand up and say anything. The MSM whether left middle or right, are totally Jew controlled and will only report one way on matters of race and ethnicity. The niggers will be sure to riot in the streets and it will be "justified". Then we (whites) will have to go to work to pay for all the repairs, and all the "studies" and all the programs, and all the "education" in order to fix "our" problems". Its interesting that every time there's a problem schwoogs always destroy shit and leave it up to us to fix it. If it hasn't dawned on "the silent majority" yet,if there is one anymore: I doubt it is ever going to.

Anonymous said...

One for the Ramzpaulistas here - does anyone else find it ironic that Tim Wise is as dumb as a sack of rocks?

Anonymous said...

who Trayvon Martin is: a 17-year-old, unarmed black teenager who was allegedly shot and killed by a man in Florida in late February,

Wait first off the parents could not be arsed to look for him for 72 hours and now it took place late last month like a whole month before the publication of the Mahon Report?

Is everyone from the media like Geraldine Kennedy and from Tipperary?

Anonymous said...

Jena 6 misinformation

If Obama had a son his victims might look like this

Yo yo yo! De blak man invents d calendar in Africa wid months n sheeit yet Tayvon gets offed in late February n all YT can do is report it when March is nearly over?

Wads up wid ure lazy cracka asses?

If Reverent Sharpton r Jackson heard about this when it happened dey would have acted immediately coz they have more fast twich muscle n sheeit.

Anonymous said...

No concern over a student murdered this month

Why you almost think the media in the US was racist wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

Hawai'ian bigot cares not a jot about Chicago muurders

Coming from rural HA American president Barck Hussein Mulato-Moron Soetero Obama does not care about 10 urban murders in Chicago but can find time for a justified self defense in a gated (read rich) community in Florida.

Anonymous said...

After Trayvon was tragically shot, he remained a John Doe in the morgue for almost three full days before his parents came looking for him.

These assholes they always get away

911 call uncut

The guy looks like he is on drugs.

Whatever could that mean about the guy who was suspended for school for five days and the parents could not be assed to go looking for him for 72 hour?

eh said...


So it's not forgotten...

The BBC had a story naming those charged with the newest underage sex abuse/grooming scandal:

Anjum Dogar, 30, and his brother Akhtar, 31, Kamar Jamil, 26, Zeshan Ahmed, 26, Mohammed Karrar, 37, and Bassan Karrar, 32

I guess that there will be an effort to downplay this disgusting and sordid story, so the nationality/ethnicity of the underage girls involved will come out later rather than sooner.

Anonymous said...

Hey Savant, congrats.
You get a mention in Unamusement Park.

A strange site that's been up for about six months now, and run by a jew.
I am still trying to assess the tone of the site. I cannot quite make out whether he is similar to Lawrence Auster of VFR

... who seems to have similar concerns about the things we do or if he is a distraction from the real problem. I recommend people spend a few weeks checking both of them out ...

Auster is often pretty insightful.


00:43 said...

I'm off topic here too, but since Barack Obama's name has come up a few times why not have a look at this Danish report on his 'rhetoric'.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures: Howler monkey scores the winner for Newcastle united.

SAVANT said...

UN. Unamusement Park blogger is part Jewish. In general I'm positive towards the site and in fact recommend it in my blog roll. I think he's stuck with the behaviour of the Jewish elite in their destruction of our societies and is trying to put some kind of perspective on it.

Anonymous said...

@ Corkian who asked "How common are (your sentiements) among your contemporaries?

Answer: They're certainly shared. People are fed up. However, these sentiments are still, for the most part, confined to discussions among "like-minded" people. No one that I know has yet expressed any plans to go to a ghetto housing project and provocate a race debate. In general, blacks and whites stay apart....two distinct cultures.

Anonymous said...

@ Savant: Once again, your sarcasm and wit have helped me cope with societal madness. Your take on the "Trayvon travesty" helps me to smugly analyze it for what it is... an excuse for blacks to scream "racism."

One relevant question that begs answering in all of this:
Why isn't there an outcry for the many, many other murders of blacks (by blacks) during the last two weeks?

Anonymous said...

"I say this because my admittedly unscientific survey of comments in a whole range of media outlets shows a sea-change has taken place."

I'm inclined to agree from my own observations and only since last year.

An "anti-racism" vs "white pride" clash occurred in Edmonton, Alberta yesterday.

The Edmonton Sun newspaper had a slew of commentators (all deleted) pointing in favour of those evil racists.

Today's Calgary Sun newspaper had not nearly the equivalent number of comments.

Censors closing ranks??

Anonymous said...

A black-on-black murder case in my local ghetto set a legal scare of epic proportions that the MSM conveniently ignored: the defense lawyer attempted to use the argument that the murderer's IQ was less than 70 and therefore he was incapable of comprehending that murder was wrong! The reason it caused such a scare is because the average IQ in the local ghetto is less than 70! What a precedent that would have created! Truth is stranger than fiction.

Oddjob said...

Savant, as a child my 80yr old grandmother advised Blacks were the smitten offspring of Cain's loins. Due to media brainwash issues, I was incredulous that she would make such a claim. I now understand her logic.

Anonymous said...

I've just had an interesting thought.

All the nogs that were flooding Europe via the Italian island of Lampedusa were using Libya as a staging point from Africa.

Now that the Libyan rebels -- who presently run the show -- are whacking out the nogs in industrial quantities and chasing the remnants south ...

Lampedusa must be really quiet, right now ... and smell a lot better.

Anyone know anything?


Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but ...

Right hand ... meet left hand.

Drug lords targeted by Fast and Furious were FBI informants

Source: Los Angeles Times

Federal agents released alleged gun trafficker Manuel Fabian Celis-Acosta to help them find two Mexican drug lords. But the two were secret FBI informants, emails show.

When the ATF made alleged gun trafficker Manuel Fabian Celis-Acosta its primary target in the ill-fated Fast and Furious investigation, it hoped he would lead the agency to two associates who were Mexican drug cartel members. The ATF even questioned and released him knowing that he was wanted by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

But those two drug lords were secretly serving as informants for the FBI along the Southwest border, newly obtained internal emails show. Had Celis-Acosta simply been held when he was arrested by theBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in May 2010, the investigation that led to the loss of hundreds of illegal guns and may have contributed to the death of a Border Patrol agent could have been closed early.

Documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times/Tribune Washington Bureau show that as far back as December 2009 — five months before Celis-Acosta was detained and released at the border in a car carrying 74 live rounds of ammunition — ATF and DEA agents learned by chance that they were separately investigating the same man in the Arizona and Mexico border region.

Don't worry, Eric. You may think you've been forgotten. But you haven't.

You haven't.


PS: Further to this, it was once estimated that up to 30% of '90's era US right wing militias were FBI plants and infitrators.

In several cases, it was stated that the feds actually outnumbered the real members.


Anonymous said...

Why are we only hearing about this close to April Fools' Day?

Cui Bono?

And I am not asking for the name of the short arse from Glasnevin!

Anonymous said...

Trayvon Martin case is such a shameless attempt at race-baiting by Obama and his handlers that even a lot of blacks aren't falling for it. It's pissing a lot of people off - and the media seems to be backing off the story as more facts emerge...if Zimmerman is tried and found innocent, he's likely to sic some big-ass lawyers on some big-ass niggers (and media scummies).


eh said...


'Hate preacher' gets a new house. Of course he's not paying for it himself; why would he want to do that?

Essex boy said...

Jesus, howler monkey is right. Bloody heck! And they say we're the same species? Check out the link folks.

Shaunantijihad said...

Here is an interesting book for you:

Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization by Theodore G. Bilbo

Anonymous said...

As someone said, Dewsbury is the canary in the Yorkshire coalmine. But nobody's listening.

Shaunantijihad said...

Here's a quote from the book I just mentioned:

"No one can deny the importance of this question. Its very essence involves the preservation of
the white race as well as the Negro race; it is a matter of blood. Compared with the interests
which we have at stake in this issue, all questions concerning education, agriculture, trade and
commerce, labor and capital, tariffs and subsidies fade into insignificance. This Nation with all
its might and glory would never have achieved its greatness without the directing hand and
creative genius of the white race, and any effort to destroy the blood of this race by
contamination with the blood of Africa is an effort to destroy the Nation and its future. To deny
these truths is to deny all history itself."

Good isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Who got gangsta stylee gold teefh? Trayvon Martin got gangsta stylee gold teefh!

Anonymous said...

Love that Howler monkey reference,perfect!.

By the way,while I don't give a shit about how many negroid slaughter each other-it should be encouraged in fact-but would anyone have any idea how many whites were murdered in the US by blacks in February?.


Anonymous said...

TheKIngIsAFink Collapse

On the same webpage there is a link to a case where two white males were allegedly shot and killed by a black youth in Florida. What do the race hate crime idiots have to say about this crime?

Silence as always I guess.

George Zimmerman not a racist

President Barack Obama said "all of us have to do some soul-searching" as a result of the tragedy.

Bravo for monkey boy coming out and telling blacks to be less racist and their children not to jump on beds as the gun between the two mattresses which the baby momma's boyfriend has to protect himself from the baby daddy might go off. Chicago's finest.

A Chicago girl was shot in the ankle after a gun hidden between two mattresses discharged as she jumped on a bed.

The five-year-old was playing on the bed at a home in South Artesian about 12:20pm on Saturday when the gun fired.

She was taken to University of Chicago Comer's Children's Hospital and was in a good condition.

Read more:
Man arrested after gun between mattress shoots four year old girl

rebel said...

"By the way,while I don't give a shit about how many negroid slaughter each other-it should be encouraged in fact-but would anyone have any idea how many whites were murdered in the US by blacks in February?."

mr. a. bang on the button. I'd arm them all to the teeth and let them blaze away at each other ad infinitum.

We wont know how many WHITES were murdered becase the MSM and the police keep it a secret.

Jerry said...

I think that this whole case is going to blow up in their faces when the facts get out. Well, IF the facts get out!

Problem for them is that they've now made it a cause celebre so it'll be hard to duck out of it.

Tony VA said...

Tim Wise isn't that dumb. If he can extract large sums of money from Whites by insulting them and wishing for their demise, then he must have some brains.

Anonymous said...

Is this what the victims of a supposed Obama's son would look like?

Anonymous said...

Was "Doctor" "Martin" Luther King too stupid to get both his trouser legs down and slipshod like Al Jackson and Jesse Sharpton are?

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman and the thug

eh said...


To paraphrase Rodney King...

Why can't we all just rave on?

I find this bullshit so tiresome.

Anonymous said...

Italy rescues hundreds of migrants off Lampedusa, five dead

The migrants, who had set sail from Libya in a seven-metre (23-foot) dinghy, were in a poor condition after days at sea and were taken to Lampedusa for urgent medical care, he said.

"They appear to be from sub-Saharan Africa. There is a health emergency. Some of the immigrants are in a serious condition and there are two pregnant women," said Giuseppe Cannarile, a lieutenant with the island's coastguard.

One of the pregnant women was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Sicily...

About 60,000 people landed in Italy in 2011, according to the UN refugee agency. Many were Africans who began fleeing for Lampedusa -- which is closer to north Africa than mainland Italy -- when the conflict in Libya began.

Authorities fear that better weather could encourage a new wave of immigrants and refugees to attempt the dangerous crossing, especially with ongoing civil unrest in several areas.

eh said...

Regarding Dewsbury:

Dewsbury man admits raping 15-year-old girl

He's Asian, and undoubtedly the 15 y/o girl who was raped/sexually abused is white. But not only will the BCC never tell you that, it would also never call this a case of racist sexual abuse, which is of course what it is, since the pattern is that English girls are deliberately targeted.

I note this because today the BBC is giving a lot of attention to a 'racist attack' where, apparently, a white man threw acid on a black woman. Which is a terrible thing of course. But from what I know, these sexual abuse cases involving Asian men and young English girls are also fundamentally racial in nature. Which as I mentioned the BBC never admits.

Bemused stare said...

A Chicago girl was shot in the ankle after a gun hidden between two mattresses discharged as she jumped on a bed.

The five-year-old was playing on the bed at a home in South Artesian about 12:20pm on Saturday when the gun fired.

She was taken to University of Chicago Comer's Children's Hospital and was in a good condition.

Read more:
Man arrested after gun between mattress shoots four year old girl

26 March 2012 12:03

Think this, with a gun under the mattress. Could only go badly.

Anonymous said...

Let the negroes and their enablers
take over the good whites, we will be watching the gruesome spectacle from heaven, with our loving heavenly father beside us.

Anonymous said...

eh. I am very familiar with the Muslim world. Gulf, Pakistan, Malaysia and I can assure you that they regard ALL KUFFAR WOMEN as fair game. This is every bit as much a racial attack as a sexual one, as you say. But will the slimeballs tell us that?

johan said...

UN - they're still arriving in Lampedusa, unfortunately. I'm so informed by my Italian friends.

rambaloosa said...

When I read "white Hispanic", I almost sprayed my screen with my morning coffee. Really funny. Have to hand it to Reuters, they must get the word "white" in there somehow and keep the whole event a race issue.

Should be interesting to see how this plays out with internet sites (including this one) providing the real story. Our ruling elite don't have as much absolute control on the propaganda as they did in the 20th century.

Anonymous said...

rambaloosa said...

When I read "white Hispanic", I almost sprayed my screen with my morning coffee. Really funny. Have to hand it to Reuters, they must get the word "white" in there somehow and keep the whole event a race issue.

Is it too ridiculous to foresee headlines saying:-

"1/32nd WHITE gangbanger slaughters INNOCENT CHURCHGOERS!!!"

An interesting story from South Africa ... Back in the eighties there was talk of making a biographical pic of Shaka -- with Cassius Clay in the title role.

The Zulus rose up as one and said they would kill any foreign movie crew who used a "coloured" to portray their king.

As far as Zulus are concerned a Mulatto is a "coloured" -- and every American nigger is coloured.

And that is that.

They are not interested in the finer historical details of the coloured population of South Africa who are mainly of Malayan; Mixed Malay/white and some Khoisan (or Bushmen) descent.


Joe said...

After flooding Ireland with useless imports from Africa Bertie Ahern finally gets his brown envelope from the Nigerian authorities for his part in enabling so many of their welfare dependents to relocate to Ireland...

Anonymous said...

A battle cry is needed ... something simple .. something the suspect legal system cant contort.
My thoughts on this ...


Anonymous said...

Hail The Amberlamps! says:
March 30, 2012 at 8:15 pm

Local NAACP tells yankee pos Sharpton of F.O., politely:

Turner Clayton, the Seminole County chapter president of the NAACP, reacted immediately to Sharpton’s warning, saying, “We hope that the citizens of Sanford will govern themselves accordingly. We are not calling for any sanctions, against any business or anyone else. And, of course, what Rev. Sharpton does, that’s strictly the [National] Action Network. We can’t condone that part of the conversation, if that’s what he said.”

Good for them. He sounds really tired of Marcuse commie rabble-rousers agitating their community, including causing economic hardship on black-run businesses.

It’s almost as if mutualism and anticipated reciprocity in capitalism reinforce polite relations. Imagine that.

Local Sanford people do not want to drive white business out of Sanford, FLA because then there will be no business there but there will be business in "show businessland" where obnoxious worthless fraud Sharpton lives unaffected by his actions.

great white said...

Black youth commit over 85% of the crime and murders in this country and all you see is the Uber-Rich Race baiting extortionists like Da Reverends Al and Jesse and the Congressional Black Idiots whining about the one case they find where someone harmed a Black Yut and then they can't even state facts, they make it all up and cry racism when the facts aren't anywhere close to the crap coming out of their mouths.

Anonymous said...

More slipshod investigation from Al and Jesse.

kudzo bob said...

"More slipshod investigation from Al and Jesse."

Agreed. But they won't be called out on it. They'll get away with it just like Duke and Tawana Bawley.

Anonymous said...

Why People need to boycott people magazine

24 years ago they were hoodwinked just like they are being (voluntarily) hoodwinked today.

Anonymous said...

Holmes and watson's take on the situation

You should post this here without creditation in memory of NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.

It is what he would have wanted.

Anonymous said...

Did they end Trayvon's name er or with the a?

A most important wuestion!

Anonymous said...

THE mum of a black teenager shot by a neighbourhood watch volunteer said yesterday her son’s death was “an accident”.

But Sybrina Fulton praised the decision to charge George Zimmerman with second-degree murder in a case which has divided America.

Zimmerman, 28, was charged and taken into custody more than six weeks after he gunned down 17-year-old Trayvon Martin — claiming self-defence.

Grieving Mrs Fulton said: “I believe it was an accident. I believe that it just got out of control and he couldn’t turn the clock back.

Read more: NO_LIMIT_NIGGA's mother said it was an accident he got shot

and she is right. The nearest 7-11 is 0.8 of a mile away but NO_LIMIT_NIGGA got lost such that NO_LIMIT_NIGGA was wandering around confused after 7:00 pm and then NO_LIMIT_NIGGA was close to the house he was staying in but accidentally got lost again and NO_LIMIT_NIGGA accidentally fell on top of george Zimmerman and NO_LIMIT_NIGGA accidentally broke his nose and gashed the back of his head on the pavement.

What a seires of accidenbts NO_LIMIT_NIGGA had that day but Sybrina Fulton says the cahnce of winning the Getto Lottery made it worthwhile.

Rastus said...

I'm amazed that his mother agrees it's an accident.

Seriously. That's going to affect the payout from the ghettoe lottery.

Anonymous said...

Was NO_LIMIT_NIGGA an iPhone user?

If so I welcome the first shots in the iPhone-Android war.

Anonymous said...

Thursday morning on the “Today” show, NO_LIMIT_NIGGA Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, made her own, surprising announcement saying unequivocably, “I believe it was an accident, I believe that it just got out of control and he [Zimmerman] couldn’t turn the clock back.”

That was a fair enough assessment.

By Thursday afternoon, Fulton had retracted her statement and declared with an equivalent lack of equivocation on MSNBC-TV that “George Zimmerman stalked my son and murdered him in cold blood.”

An “accident” is a far cry from charges of stalking and cold-blooded murder.

On a video posted here someone asked wtf language the N in TNB were speaking in when behaving in manner T N and B. Who the hell knows.

These monkeys cannot string a sentence together as shown above.

Anonymous said...

Yo! Yo! Trayvon failed in his vicious racist assault because he was undermobbed. That is he did not have enough of Obamas sons or his brothers with him when carrying out his dastardly attack.