Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Barry's birth certificate

If you were to believe the MSM (ok, ok, ok......) you'd imagine the issue of Barak Obama's birth certificate to be a matter of peripheral interest, of concern only to anoraks. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Because if what the truthers say is correct America does not have a legal President and has not had one for the last three years. The Constitutional implications of this are staggering, not least by the fact that every law he signed while in office has no legal validity. We're not talking about vague abstractions here.

I had this in mind when I visited a friend of long standing a few nights ago. His father was, apparently, an excellent typewriter mechanic, and he happened to be there the same night. Although now nearly eighty, he's still sprightly and reads without glasses. So I took the opportunity to download the long form birth certificate and asked him whether it had been drawn up on the same typewriter. He examined for no more than a few seconds before confidently stating 'no, no, at least three machines in use here'. Now you must understand that he had virtually no knowledge of the significance of what I was driving at. He saw it just as a document which clearly had been drawn up on a number of machines.

'Why would they want to do that?' he asked me.

Why indeed.


Rhein said...

Hello Savant. ^ ^

Obama's "coming" seems to have been planned for a while now.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is becoming very vocal on this issue and who know what on the Breitbart tapes...
The next weeks could be very interesting regarding this issue.

On a different note i don't know if you've listened to this podcast by Carolyn Yeager and Tanstaafl, i found it very constructive.

Keep up the good (and funny) work and again, thanks for everything you do Savant, no one does it quite like you.

SAVANT said...

Hi Rhein, good to have you back commenting..

brian boru said...

As I stated before, the kikes put this chocolate fairy in the White House as a slap in the face to the white Americans; to show how powerful they are and to have a compliant traitor who will start
WW3 for them. It adds a little spice that the ape is actually not legally eligible for the position. The system is terminally corrupt and only violent revolution is now available to those who hope to change it.

Madame X said...


There is also a curious anamoly in regard to Comrade Zero's selective service form. Apparently according to law the US post office uses a four digit date when mail is cancelled(stamped) and Barry's is two digit ie 80 instead of 1980..

great white said...

Brian Boru. Would I be correct in assuming that you're not going to vote for him next time around?

Bemused stare said...

If you don't mind me stealing from Uncle Nasty. Read the damn books.

kulak said...


Obama's not a legitimate president because he's not white.

The birth certificate thing is probably a distraction. They could probably produce a convincing fake if they wanted to. So why don't they?

We're not going to lawyer our way out of white genocide. The enemy may be happy to let us try.

But as long as we're going to play at being legal eagles, the better legal argument against Obama's legitimacy is that his father was a foreign subject at the time of his birth.

The framers included an exception to the clause that disqualifies Obama, an exception specifically for themselves and their generation.

kulak said...



Anonymous said...

Savant, regarding the Certificate it was pointed out by another observer that if the Khaki Kholoured khunt had been born in 1961, the column stating "race" would have stated "negro" or even "negro/white" as no-one was particularly shy about telling the truth back then.

An interesting thought to bear in mind struck me a day or two back when this whole thing re-emerged.

The dumbing down of most of the populace will result in the extreme dumbing down of the US govt in general as almost all US govt hires are AA hires. Now, one may say that this is not important as long as the bosses have a few scraps of grey matter. Not so. Being surrounded by idiots and retards makes you dumber.

One can expect publically released slips and screwups like the birth certificate to become commonplace ... especially when the general populace becomes too thick to spot them.

After all, how about chairman Zero using a fake social security number?

"This being the case, I asked Daniels to guide me through the data mine field and help me ascertain what we know for sure about the world’s best-known social security number--042-68-4425.

“All I can say,” says Daniels of 042-68-4425, “is that it’s phony and [Obama] has been using it, with it first appearing on his selective service document in 1980.”

Daniels sent me a copy of the hand-written application of the individual who held the number immediately before Obama’s, 042-68-4424. The applicant, Thomas Wood, died at age nineteen which is why his information is available."

Not to mention a never-before-seen Selective Service number (the number which every US teen is given in case of military draft or call-up)

"Daniels also sent me a copy of Obama’s Selective Service data. Obama appears to have registered on September 4, 1980, a month after his nineteenth birthday. The form lists the telling last four digits of his “042” number, “4425.”

This is the first use of the “042” number that Daniels could find. She is just not sure it is legitimate. Some have credibly argued that the Selective Service information was forged and backdated once Obama became a presidential candidate.

“They were stupid to use the CT number on the [Selective Service] card,” Daniels adds, “because now there is no way for [Obama] to back out of that number.”

Other than the 1980 Selective Service registration, the first time Daniels could find Obama using the “042” number was in 1986 in Chicago."

Covington often makes mention of the lowering of Gov't. capacity -- in all things.


Henry IX said...

Check out the comments on the Guardian. Are these people getting worried? Because there's virtually no rebuttal, just hysterical insults for Arpaio and enless encomiums for the President's 'brilliance'. Most interesting!

Anonymous said...

brian boru -

he has stood up to Israel more than one of the Christian zionists would have.

That's not saying much but it's saying something.

white rose said...

I think we all accept that he was elected as a malleable patsy. But why did they take such a risk given the possible exposure on the birth certificate? Arrogance or what?

Anonymous said...

white rose said...

I think we all accept that he was elected as a malleable patsy. But why did they take such a risk given the possible exposure on the birth certificate? Arrogance or what?

What indeed? Someone (I forget who) pointed out that a particularly jewish phenomenon was that it is not enough that you win handsomely .... everyone else must lose in devastating fashion. This somehow makes the victory so much sweeter.
This philosophy -- if one may dignify it with such a word -- has become current in all walks of business throughout America.

Is it too much to suppose that crowing over the vanquished enemy, has become irresistible in the American psyche as well?

Even to the point where it is dangerous? Never forget that there is a certain immaturity that is displayed by the left at all times. As an example, I give you the surprisingly vile comments from the left when an "enemy" like Breitbart dies.

A collective madness seems to come over the left, where the concept of deeds having consequences flies out the window.

They are not that smart.


barry said...

The whole “birther” issue is part of a long series of Obama hiding every vestige of his past. Obama has only now had his hand forced and had to throw something out. He ran on a promise of having the most “open” administration in history and then his first act as President was to lock up his past via executive order:

barry said...

The whole “birther” issue is part of a long series of Obama hiding every vestige of his past. Obama has only now had his hand forced and had to throw something out. He ran on a promise of having the most “open” administration in history and then his first act as President was to lock up his past via executive order:

Anonymous said...

As already mentioned... the race of his father is written as "African"? That's more of a continental description, much like European or Asian.

Negro was the accepted term of the day, and that is the proper term that should have been written in place of "African", if that sloppy unknown had read a history book.

Now, Obama's maternal grandmother could have provided clarity on this whole birthplace business, but she somehow managed to die ONE day before his swearing-in as U.S. President.

Hmmm... convenient, yes?

Anonymous said...

The whole political class in Washington is rotten. Doesn't anyone remember the sheer awfulness of Bush and Clinton? Illegal war in Iraq? Patriot ACT, TSA, TARP? Enron? Waco Massacre? Lewinsky blow-jobs in the Oval Office? Obama may be a dodgy Chicago jig but he still has a way to go to measure down to his immediate predecessors...
...and just look at the "alternatives", Santorum and Romney (groan!). Maybe we could stage a coup and put someone like Eli Manning in there - someone competent the American public could agree on.


Smokin' Joe said...

Long ago I was in conversation with B.U.F people in their office at Horseferry Road and one of them said to me---speaking of Weimar Germany---that a Rabbi there had admonished his flock, thus; "You" he said of his fellow jews in the Germany of that time"are digging your own graves here in this country", and the B.U.F. guy actually said the rabbi's name which now, for the life of me, I cannot remember.
That rabbinical warning was spoken in the '20's; what makes it doubly relevant is that there is that in the breeze today, those little stirrings which may herald a recrudescence of this, a new abrechnung, (a "reckoning") in our time. Are Jews beginning to dig their own graves again today? We shall see, won't we.

Anonymous said...

This following story is typical of what's happening in London right now. White, middle-class families fleeing London to get away from the escalating black violence on their doorsteps (even though the woman is too indoctrinated/intimidated to mention colour):

Daily Mail: White flight

Best rated comment: "The "whities" are slowly being intimidated out."

John Fitzgerald said...

I would have voted for him - and I never vote!
His mum and dad were probably CIA assets.
There's a vid showing how the certificate is layered - released the same day the certificate was.
Bush tried to get the original Kenyan one but it had already been grabbed.
The whole thing doesn't matter as he'll be pres as long as he's useful to the shadow government, so complaining is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Obama hiding every vestige of his past.

Klownish Kalamity Kharlie is a fan of the Khicago Melanin-Challenged Sox who won the whole enchilada a few years back and ALL the names of the players escaped the memory of the guy who not only cannot throw a baseball but has the media cover up this fact for him.

Shaunantijihad said...

On my email page a banner advert came up. It said I might qualify for a US Green Card DIVERSITY Visa!

Diversity Visa. So that's what Traitor Obama calls colonisation by the 3rd world these days.

SAVANT said...

kulak - I'm also intrigued as to why they left themselves exposed like this. It isn't as if there aren't lots more patsies who they could have installed instead.

Need to be a bit careful about not lawyering our way out of it. The alternative could be risky.

eh said...

The next weeks could be very interesting regarding this issue.

I doubt it. The MSM has successfully scuttled this issue, and now regards and portrays holdouts as conspiracy nutcases. Too few people have the guts to buck the ridicule long enough to to look into it.

Anonymous said...

The US court system is just as corrupt as the US political system. There is no recourse.

justme said...

I agree with eh. There won't be any repercussions. Already Fox are talking about a 'version' of the Breitbart video. Enough said.

Rhein said...

@Eh & Justme

It's very possible this thing just dies out but Arpaio is quite the bulldog and is very respected by the population and law enforcement. Who knows the extend he's willing to go.

Gotta admit the first tape was disappointing, apparently there are others but i doubt they'll be better than the first. We'll see i guess.

Anonymous said...

Joe Apario a true patrot of the old school.the libs are all over him for going after border jumpers but the locals love him. If it proves that old Barry was born outside USA this has huge explosive reprecussions.anything this man signed as far as american policy is concerned will be null and void and legally he would be held responible in a court of law, but lest we forget Clinton was getting his pipe cleaned by Monica Jew girl while he was dispatching troops to Bosnia and MSM never said shit,so this will be a wait and see, John old rtd chicago copper.

Rhein said...

Savant, what are your thoughts on the KONY 2012 movement currently forming?

rebel said...

I understand they doing everything in their power to did up any dirt they can on Joe.

Anonymous said...

This following story is typical of what's happening in London right now. White, middle-class families fleeing London to get away from the escalating black violence on their doorsteps (even though the woman is too indoctrinated/intimidated to mention colour)"

Yes, they are fleeing the jigaboo croo...but the old-style White Cockneys in places like Millwall and Bermondsey have a siege mentality. They're not leaving, but they are surrounded by a rising tide of color. Most other working-class families have left for places like Basildon: but even the Home Counties are becoming infested with Third Worlders.


Essex boy said...

JP - I cannot agree that the old-style cockneys are not leaving. Have you been to Bermondsey recently? Enrichers everywhere. Sadly.

kulak said...


Make up your mind. Are you a pessimist or an optimist? :)

What makes me feel pessimistic is talking about f'ing birth certificates.

What does it concede to anti-whites?

Real nations don't need identity documents.

Eyes and ears suffice.

Obama in office got whites talking about his birth certificate.

Therefore, whites need MORE Obama.

SAVANT said...

kulak - I'm a pessimist, let's be clear on that.

Anonymous said...

That cannot be the Obamanation's birth certificate because it says his mother is Caucasian whereas the attendee of "Rev" Wright's lists himnself as black on his census return ignoring the more naturalhalf-caste which would be appropriate if he had any white blood.

Iron Felix said...

obama's birth. The Americonstitution stipulates that the President must be a native born American. Now, consider the Presidency of Ireland. We had recently a lady incumbent who, from the start, made it clear that she regarded it in the same light as a summer job at McDonald's---ok until the moment something better comes along. And it came to pass. Noone to my knowledge in Ireland ever took serious issue with this cavalier treatment of the highest office in the "nation" and she remains to this day a secular saint with the MSM.(Contrast this, I invite you, with the vicious treatment meted out to Cearbhall O'Dalaigh for acting to safeguard the integrity and dignity of the office....).
However, the Irish having no values or integrity themselves, this hardly matters in the greater scheme of things. BUT, and BUT again; if America has degraded itself--hibernicised itself, if you will-- so far as to no longer value the highest office in the land then things have come to a very critical juncture, indeed to a tipping point in the evolution of the greatest nation of the last millenium.

Anonymous said...

Felix, the Irish don't give a shit about the "highest office in the land" because they are, by and large, not stupid enough to trust politicians.

Are you?

Anonymous said...

Once again Pravda is doing the job the American Presstitutes will not do:

Anonymous said...

While we're on the subject of rot in government ...

"Dirty Rotter and The Labour Bung" by JK Rowling

One Million Cash to the Labour Party

Oh how the one hand washes the other in the corrupt world of those who make up The Establishment.

Some of you might remember, that back in September of last year, how multi-millionaire Harry Potter author, JK Rowling gave £1 million pounds in cash to the Labour Party. You can find the details of her donation here but I have pasted the relevant portion at the top for you.

The cash came at fortuitous time for the Labour Party crooks, as the party was and still is, really strapped for cash, with £7 out of every £8 received now coming from the trade unions who are getting fed up with bailing them out and getting nothing back in return.

Now at the time, I just thought "Stupid Woman". But it is her money so she can do what she pleases with it. At the end of the day the books and film were quite entertaining - in my opinion. Many would disagree.

But now some information has come to my attention that makes me see this donation in a different light. By all accounts, J Rowling (who added the K for effect) is one sharp cookie and I am wondering now if it was part of an astute business loan.

Because if you look at page 6 of the GCE AS and A Level specification for English Language and Literature B for the exams to be held between 2009 and 2012 you will see that Harry Potter and the Philospoher's Stone as been tagged onto the end of the lists of books to be studied.

As our friend informs us.
This means that until the year 2012, potentially hundreds of thousands of A Level English students will be required to purchase a copy of this book.
This seems to me at least, to be a clear case of the Government interfering in educational curriculum to ensure that one of their "in crowd friends" gets a nice little return on her investment.

We await with eagerness all the play on words that is sure to follow. Harry Potter, Dirty Rotter, Brownie Gotter, etc, etc, etc.

I have always had my suspicions about JK Rowling and whether or not she actually wrote all the Potter Books.

Rather like my suspicions about whether the sudden resurgence in popularity of Michael Jackson before he snuffed it, was because he was hugely in debt and was being promoted beyond his abilities (by the tribe, of course) to pay back that stunning debt.

Rowling, I feel, was nothing more than a PR exercise to promote a medium-calibre writer to writerly sainthood with the whole PR shebang of the MSM.

Earning themselves a little rent all the while.


saighdur said...

UN - goinbg back a lot further the RipChandler novers were written by a team of authors and always sold under the one name.

Anonymous said...

Rowling gets it at that site for her poor single mother schtick.

Hey she walked out on her husband to avail of the benfits of being a single mother which "allowed" her to work on her books.

Anonymous said...

Mommy mommy how come I aM black and you are white? the son asked.

From what I remember of the party be thankful that you don't bark Barack.

One of Bill Maher's finest.

Iron Felix said...

anon 23.43, yes the Irish are smart indeed, smart enough as you say to not trust politicians, smart enough to have no respect for their own institutions.They are, indeed so smart that they are not in any way fooled by the dictum that one gets the politicians one deserves. In fact, they are so damned clever that they are willing to stand idly by as all the best, brightest, most prudent, most ethical, most creative, most entrepreneurial of the "nations" sons and daughters are coerced into exile by tens if not hundreds of thousands, and so clever that they look on hypnotically as whole armies of trash come flooding in to take immediately to the two things mud people excel at, namely welfare and crime. They are so damned clever that they see nothing amiss in the creation by means of that abiding abomination of our times, out-of-control welfare they have already created out of the country's native indigent the largest leisure class that Ireland has ever seen, and the first one with zero sense of noblesse oblige. An intrinsic policy of all kakistocracies, such as prevails in Ireland, is that if one robs Peter to pay Paul, one will have the enduring support of Paul. They are so clever these Iris, anon. that they acquiesce in their own ongoing displacement and destruction and eventual extinction. Well that trying dame Nature has her own priorities, one of which is the wiping out of the inadequates, the fucked up, the incompetent, the craven, the parasitic----the Irish, as an example. Its happening right now---see Savants latest posting---but they are so damned clever as to be oblivious. Anon, what you no longer value you will inevitably and deservedly lose.

Anonymous said...

keep the home fires burning ...

A coverup to make Nixon seem like a piker

Media bans more Evidence that Obama Holds U.S. Presidency unlawfully

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio , a five-time elected Sheriff, and former federal narcotics agent who served in several foreign countries hit the front pages in Europe with evidence that may fatally wound the political career of the current incumbent of America's highest public office.

However, the most likely "killer evidence" against the president comes not from Arpaio but from a 19th Century U.S. Supreme Court ruling that makes the issue of the alleged forgeries almost superfluous. But that clear cut federal court decision is being systematically "disappeared" from mainstream archives.

Critics ask why would this be if the Obama conspiracy theories were just that - theories without substance. Legal analysts hold that this particular federal ruling confirms that Obama is not eligible for the highest public office because, even if he was born in Honolulu as he claims, he cannot have the status of "natural born citizen."

This legal hurdle is not widely understood because "natural born citizen" is defined under law as someone with BOTH parents born in the United States. Obama's father is from Kenya.

Under law there is only one test of what constitues a 'natural born citizen' and it is enshrined in the crucial judgment of the U.S. Supreme Court in Minor V. Happersett (88 U.S. 162) of 1875. The 'Minor-v-Happersett' case clearly defines Natural Born Citizen as someone who can show that both of their parents were born in the United States, which obviously excludes Obama on his father's side.

Minor V. Happersett has been cited and held true in dozens of cases over the last 138 years. However, despite it's importance, this landmark judgment is strangely being expunged from Internet archives by supporters of Obama. Critics say this apparent fascist revisionism of American legal history seems to have begun in earnest after Obama's rousing 2004 speech at the Democrat National Convention when he first was hotly tipped for the presidency.

The very fact that Obama's father was not born in the United States means that under the law, as enshrined within Minor V. Happersett , Barack Obama can never lawfully hold the Office of President of the United States of America. But mainstream outlet won't reveal this case when addressing "conspiracy theories" over this matter. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, forbids inclusion of the Minor-v-Happersett ruling in it's entry about the Obama "conspiracy theory." Yet Wikipedia does have a separate entry for the case (but no mention of Obama).

Oh, what a tangled web we weave ...


Anonymous said...

Getting back onto the subject of Barry's bullshit birth certificate, it appears that Joe Arpaio's investigation reveals more hanky-panky.

The Washington Post’s David Maraniss has a book coming out in June with the intriguing title, “Barack Obama: The Story.” The word “story” suggests a variation from “the truth.”

In the meantime, the findings of the Sheriff Arpaio posse have opened new cracks in that story. Those of us who explore this topic are routinely reminded by our media betters that Obama’s life story has already been “vetted.” In fact, the right word here is not “vetted,” but “laundered.”

The media, including the various Obama biographers, have laboriously scrubbed the record of any evidence that the story Obama first told about himself in “Dreams from My Father” is false, but new evidence keeps popping up.

The Arpaio report, for instance, noted that “the INS records for foreign flights arriving in Hawaii during the week of Obama’s birth were missing, not only on the microfilm reels examined, but also in the primary database itself.”

The unique absence of these records from the file strengthens the argument that Obama was born somewhere other than Hawaii and perhaps some time other than Aug. 4, 1961.

The finding that the birth certificate was likely forged, as was Obama’s selective service card, further erodes the objective observer’s confidence in Obama’s account of his own origins.

Obama’s story

President Obama claims, of course, a Hawaiian birth and a brief family life in Hawaii with Obama Sr. and his mother, Ann Dunham. As recently as Father’s Day 2011, he said, “I grew up without my father around. He left when I was 2 years old.”

I have always been amazed by the naiveté displayed by so-called researchers pinning their hopes on so-called "Freedom of Information" requests for dodgy documents.

Do these sad creatures, after being lied to for generations, actually believe that their elders and betters will now release damning evidence, like in those corny British post-war detective novels and movies?

"You got me, Guv ... it's a fair cop. I admit everything."

Yeah, sure.


Anonymous said...

That document reminds me of the 911 tape that NBC played of Saint Skittles.

Skittles were not in the original report by the Police as Sting is a racist!

I kid I kid.

If Trayvon, who had been suspended from school for dealing, had gone out to buy Skittles and Iced Tea but never bothered to go to the shop to "buy" the items where was he?

Anonymous said...

Dohbama was a Fulbright scholar which are only available to foreigners so he might have been a legit US citizen but he avoided paying for tuition through lying so either way he is not fir to be president.