Friday, 17 February 2012

Sweden celebrates more diversteeee

Sweden prizes diversity. We know this because we've been told it time and again by the MSM. And boy, are they getting it. Over the last few months alone we've had a 10 year old girl stabbed in the neck, a 'mother' drowning her 2 sons in a lake, an old man attacked with an axe in the streets, a burglar eating the householder's pet birds, while a cannibal-man and vampire-woman want to marry in their psychiatric facility. Meanwhile Malmo makes Kabul look like an Amish community.

Now we have further developments from that embodiment of core Swedish value, Rinkeby in Stockholm. Two "experienced" police officers had put a 13-year old criminal in a squad car when without warning his 12-year-old brother attacks one of the officers with a knife, prompting several other bystanders to join the melee. As one does. In Rinkeby anyway. "The 12-year-old younger brother who attacked police was interviewed by police before being handed over to social services." Wow, just like what would have happened to him had he been back in Mogadishu or Kabul.

I had the pleasure of visiting Rinkeby once. You can read all about it and see some fascinating photos here.


Thor said...

Yup, Rinkeby sure is diverse. The only thing not there is Swedes.

Anonymous said...

Oops! There goes the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in following events in Sweden, an excellent anti pc Swedish site called Avpixlat is a must. The aforementioned site climbed as hight as No 63 in the most popular internet sites in Sweden recently.

The text is in Swedish so Google translate could come in handy.


Anonymous said...

Please excuse the O/T post Savant, but I think you'll like this. I sure did.

£9million down the drain as airports SCRAP iris passport scanners which were meant to speed up queues... because they are SLOWER than manual checks

Iris scanners cost £9million when they were launched in 2004
Machines were already out of date when they were launched
Manchester and Birmingham airports quietly scrapping the machines
Heathrow and Gatwick to halt scheme for new passengers

By James Tozer

Costly eye scanners that were meant to slash queues at airport passport control are being quietly scrapped, it emerged yesterday.

Labour ministers brought in iris recognition checks at an estimated cost of £9million, claiming they were capable of processing travellers in as little as 12 seconds.

But after 385,000 passengers submitted their details, the scanners have been ditched at Birmingham and Manchester airports, and they are expected to vanish from Heathrow and Gatwick after the Olympics.

Critics said it was another expensive Government software failure, saying the system had ended up taking longer than traditional manual checks.

Some irate travellers even ended up getting trapped inside the scanning booths when they malfunctioned.

When the then immigration minister, Des Browne, unveiled the Iris Recognition Immigration System, known as Iris, in 2004, he claimed it would provide a ‘watertight’ check of identities as well as cutting queues. It was targeted at foreign passport holders resident in the UK or who regularly travel here and wanted to avoid lengthy queues. They had to undergo a free 15-minute registration to record the unique pattern of their iris every two years.

Well, whattaya know? Big Brother bangs the poodle once more.


Franz said...

Just saying:

Here in Germany most Asylum seekers who claim to be 12 years old are in fact 25 year olds who destroyed their passports before crossing the border. Gives them a couple of ears of immunity in which they can murder, rape and pillage to their heart's content.

So a minor attacking an officer with a knife is not much of a novelty for the modern urban law enforcement community.

P.S.: Invaders who have entered midlife before crossing the border typically claim to be much older. Gives them a chance to enjoy premature retirement benefits. A guy I know had a nagger colleague who couldn't have been a day above 50, but had papers purpoting him to be 65 and thus eligible for a public pension.

Bemused stare said...

It's their punishment for Abba.

Clogheen said...

Franz - we have the same problem with 'mature' Africoons here in Ireland. In my town there are many of them (surprised?) and they frequently attract admiration because of their size, build and, yes, intelligence. After all, this guy is only 15 years old! we're told.

In fact any fool can see that the 15 year-old is closer to 20. It's very easy to impress as a 20 year old when your peer group is 15.

Of course as the years went by (we're still in the process) their superior abilities completely disappeared. Now almost all of them are useless losers and no better athletically than their peers.

Strangely, nobody remarks on this.

Anonymous said...

MLB had a case where a guy was not who he said he was nor was he the age he said he was.

These were not the Dominicans I was thinking of. Either under their real or assumed names

Anonymous said...

Interesting post clogheen but it should be noted that africans mature faster than whites. This puts them at a distinct advantage in underage sports.

I think some French football people commented on this awhile ago and of course they were denounced as racist and the issue was flushed down the ****memory hole****

Anonymous said...

This, however, is interesting ...

Neo-Fascist Political Movement To Run Northern Italian School Council

Once known for it’s left-leaning politics, the region of Emilia Romagna has recently witnessed a high school council taken over by a far-right group. As much as ideology, the election victory is another sign that traditional politics has lost legitimacy among Italian youth.

PARMA - In the traditionally left-wing northern Italian region of Emilia Romagna, the recent triumph of a neo-fascist student movement in school elections is the latest sign of radical responses to social problems and further evidence that traditional political parties are losing their grip on the democratic process.

More than 600 students at Galilei high school, in the town of San Secondo Parmense, elected members of the radical right group Blocco Studentesco (Students’ Block) as their four student body representatives. The students’ movement is connected with Casa Pound, a neo-fascist movement which recently became notorious when one of its sympathisers, Gianluca Casseri, shot and killed two Senegalese men in Florence.

The representatives of Students’ Block reject the accusation of xenophobia and point out that their spokesperson is black. But they do add that immigration should be stopped.

“Our politics are about real problems at school, and people appreciate us for that,” says Students’ Block representative Riccardo Rigoni. “We’ll keep organizing lectures, debates, sports activities, and entertainment to involve students and make them aware of their future,” he adds.

This is the first time that a radical right-wing group has had such a clear victory in the once Communist region of Emilia Romagna.

Synchronicity again ... Casa Pound featured in an earlier post.

I think Casa Pound might just feature a little more in the news ... Not the MSM, I might add.

The news.


rebel said...

Savant - there seem to be some fascinating people there in Rinkeby! If I didn't know you better I'd say the fot's aren't from there at all!


Anonymous said...

anon 22:38

Yes this is true that niggers mature at a yoounger age. Studies have shown their IQ peaks at age eight.

However, studies also show as they age they become more stupid and their IQ levels actually drop.

By the time they reach mid life they are just plain useless. My personal theory is that they simply were not designed to live that long. Nigger left on their own just don't live very long.

The populations in Africa are sky rocketing now, due primarily to aid from western nations.

Without this aid, I believe the population of nogs would plummet in just a generation. So, cut off the aid and you would see Africa go back to a normal amount of jigs. Not the huge population of now.

They will self de-populate rapidly without handouts. Which is a good thing!!

Two good books to read on this topic; The Bell Curve and my favorite Erectus Walks Among Us.

Both have good scientific research on niggers.

Bemused stare said...

Consider this, we fought amongst ourselves for scarce resources. We became the most powerful creatures on the planet. Now, we hand it over and are weak.

Time to bring back the Totenkopf.

A sign to show lesser the door.

Anonymous said...

Erectus Walks Among Us can be downloaded free from the web.

Uberdude said...

Anonymous 22;38 has hit on a significant point here. Whereas in the remotest past humankind may have evolved in Africa, nevertheless that rather scattershot mechanism does proceed on a trial and error basis and there is much of this involved. Momma Nature, that trying dame, discards everything not workable along the way as she continually tries to improve whatever she is working with. A striking case would seem to be the way in which Cro-Magnon is thought to have displaced Neanderthal, but the process is ubiquitous and is even intuitively understood in the animal world, as evidenced by those organisms which are unsuccessful and failing opting as survival for the option of parasitism. It was certainly well understood down all the millenia of human existence to the present day.
Now democracy--at its most morbid--has raised its matted head and we must all worship, thus blinding ourselves to so many things, including as a for instance the obvious truth that if white people had never discovered black Africa the Blacks therein would by now have probably become extinct. But no; along comes whitey with his magnanimity, his generosity of spirit, his millionfold skills and techniques and his overwhelming urge to help his fellow man. This in a single century--well, about 150 years--the population of Southern Rhodesia goes from a falling 100,000 or so to the 15,000,000 or so we have today, and all of this all across black Africa is due entirely to Whitey's good willed yet fatally misguided concern for what he sees as his fellowman. We ourselves (which just by the way is the correct translation of the words Sinn Fein....) are the creators of the disaster looming on our horizon right now, with our schools and our clean water and our sanitation and our inoculation and our pest control and the myriad other ways in which we have in our innocent way interfered in Natures business. The road to hell, it has been said so truly, is paved with good intentions

Anonymous said...

This article appeared in a German newspaper called Suddeutsche.

By Thorsten Schmitz.

In the Berlin district of wedding a leftist housing project of a Turkish origin has been attacked. The anti-facist's do not know how to respond: "They are neither Nazis nor cops, so the usual activist methods are not applicable; The worldview of the Left staggers.

The young artist has just moved to Wedding, as the rent in Berlin Central (Mitte) had become unaffordable. Now she is nostalgic for the perfect world at Hackescher Markt. She gets on her bike, visits an exhibition opening in Mitte. She says: ‘This place is ruled by the Turkish and the Arab mafia.’…

What is new is that that Berlin anti-fascists fear the street gangs, for example the residents of the Leftist residential project in Schererstraße 8. Located directly across from the Street Fighters headquarters.

Last weekend they were attacked, as about thirty members of the Street Fighters entered the building. The police reported that the Street Fighters smashed windows with baseball bats and destroyed furniture in the anti-fascists’ pub and information shop. A day later, two musicians who were to give a concert in the Leftist housing project, were attacked and injured…
A police officer, whose name can not be mentioned here because he is not authorized to speak to the press, comments on the attack on the Leftist housing project:

‘If it had been the Nazis, they would have told the public.’…

The lack of reaction from the anti-fascists to the violent and predominantly Turkish criminals has an apparently absurd reason. On the Internet this request from the anti-fascists circulates:

‘They are neither Nazis nor cops, so the usual activist methods are not applicable. When we know what to do, we will ask you for assistance.’

A social worker knows some people in the housing project. He says: ‘They are confused that they are not being attacked by Nazis, but by immigrants.
It does not fit into their world view.’ It is said that the Street Fighters had extorted protection money from the anti-fascists, but this has not been confirmed by the police.

Protection money! LOL.


Anonymous said...

Often when I watch nature programs on the great Apes I marvel at how co operative and peaceful Gorillas are compared to the banana munchers from nigeria.
When the cameras zoom in on a Gorillas eyes you can see they are intelligent and capable of abstract concepts which are greater than any of the nigerian savages in Ireland.
I can honestly say I would feel much safer being 20 feet away from a large Silverback Gorilla than being in any proximate range of a nigerian.
As to comments re the rise of the far right in places in Europe.This is most welcome news.Colonisation can be reversed.
China is now the rising superpower.They have no time for these savages.The notion that the 'human rights industry' will be able to hold back the far right and make it accountable is laughable.They will receive no backing from the new power bloc in the East.
The activists in the immigration industry will also likely be held to account for their treachery.It is highly probable their will be mass executions of these traitors when the new politics assumes power.

Seneca said...

Uberdude - you are so right. The multiple facets of the tragedy hardly bear considering. The cost to white society is literally incalculable but black society will also suffer in my view because the present model is unsustainable.

TBone said...

anon 13.53 - I'd love to share your optimism, but you must realize that 95% of the general population are clueless and will not react as long as they have football, beer and the X Factor. Meanwhile the savages are breeding like rats and their sprogs if not themselves will have citizenship in our country's. Going to be a long hard road and I don't see any solution, to be honest with you.

Anonymous said...

Jewess Barbara Spectre must be squirming in her chair with orgasmic delight in seeing how she's helping to destroy a first-world country that took a thousand years to develop into what it WAS... until only 20 years ago... when every backward nation was invited to send their "weeds" to contaminate this once-beautiful garden.

Anonymous said...

So who exactly are these "Irish" politicians that have been liberalizing Irish immigration laws?

Here's one: Alan Shatter, the only Jewish member of Ireland's parliament

Here's what he's been up to:

"Shatter introduces visa waiver scheme"

"MINISTER FOR Justice Alan Shatter has introduced a visa waiver scheme where visitors with a valid permit for the UK will not need a separate visa for Ireland.

“This is a major change in public policy,” Mr Shatter said. “It is the first time that Ireland has contemplated such a programme and as such it is proposed that it be pilot tested from July of this year to October 12th.”"

So Shatter is a SPECTER agent!

Anonymous said...

Heilige fick. Was ist heißt das?

I am appalled at the lack of burqa wearers in that video are they regarded as second class citizens?


People say there is a RACE problem. People say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY and ONLY into White countries.

People say the only solution to the RACE problem is if ALL and ONLY White countries “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionje­ws.

Anti-racist is a code word for ANTI-WHITE!

kontejners 2 weeks ago 24

Anonymous said...

uberdude 11:47

Good comment.
It is all too easy to blame the jews or some other sinister plot but perhaps it is more complicated than that.

Didn't some philosopher muse that it is unlikely we will ever be visited by aliens because any species that had the potential to develop such high technology would probably destroy themselves before they ever travelled to another sun?

Gem Junior said...

anonymous 03:14
"ERECTUS WALKS AMONG US" is the book that first opened up my mind to white racial consciousness. Before reading it I was just another mouthbreather without any particular opinion. I came across it once on the internet and the photo on the front absolutely drew me because of its closeness to reality. I started to read the pdf book - and at first I thought it was a joke written by a first-class "racist" when I subsequently started to notice the scientific notations and realities that no one could dismiss. What an amazing, amazing book. I'd love to be rich enough to be able to publish and hand out copies because it shows the truth about the evolutionary departures of the different races. God - it's totally subverted - you CANNOT get it in a US library they "just don't carry it!" surprise..... Good job getting it out there. After reading it I was somehow directed to Amren and then found Savant! Back when he had the picture of himself typing on his computer naked... and of course the photos of Lady Savant LOL! I knew then that these were my people and I wasn't alone in multicultural wipe out whites hell any more!

Kevin R. said...

Gem Junior "the photo on the front of "ERECTUS WALKS AMONG US" absolutely drew me because of its closeness to reality."

Does it not remind you of a young Robert Mugabe?

SAVANT said...

Gem Junior.... since then I've become a svelte 22 stoner. Lady S. remains her well-endowed self.

The Mad Celtic Magus said...

If the "Man" or ruling entity is not jewish, then certainly these people have a certain propensity for role play in proportion way in excess of their numbers.

Think Global Zionist Kapocracy.
Or rule by Kapos. If you're a mental escapologist attempting to discover what's going on then the prime crime is disbelief of the holocaust numerology, which is certainly a magikal number.

nemesis said...

Holocaust numbers were all retrofitted to align with esoteric predictions. Most notable is the 6 million - been around for centuries.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the Springfieldites look down on Shelbyvillians!

Obviously the USA are gonna make the same fatal mistake that my country (Germany) has already done. It´s called massive muslim immigration. Approximately 0,5% of all US citizens are muslims. In Germany 5% of the whole population is muslim. Muslims only make problems. High unemployment rate, very little education, very high delinquency (especially violent crime), discriminating the indigenous people and high birthrate. And we all are tolerating them because we are so TOLERANT.


You sound like you might like Horus the Avengers' Follow the White Rabbit. This podcast is awesome and it is helping us fight the cultural marxists and Islamic colonizers of Europe by spreading a consistent message. Go check it out and if you like it, get back to me!


There are 80,000 Muslims, constituting 13% of the population in Rotterdam.

Anonymous said...

nemesis said...

Holocaust numbers were all retrofitted to align with esoteric predictions. Most notable is the 6 million - been around for centuries.

18 February 2012 22:14

How ... odd, that you should say that, Nemesis.

Check it out ... they are all verified, I am told.


Anonymous said...

My apologies ... the source for the previous.


Anonymous said...

It's enough to make the hard men of the Sweeney choke on their cigars and double whiskies.

Scotland Yard officers have been asked to enter a poetry competition on the theme of ‘gender equality’.

The prize is a chance to have ‘elevenses’ with the Met’s head of diversity Denise Milani, who is renowned in Britain’s biggest police force for her touchy-feely initiatives.

Read more: Postpone pilfering with PC poetry!

Anonymous said...

There are people who have this quaint notion that the powers that be, assisted by their very own hit-squad ... The UN., prefer the nogs to the hoomin beans. After all, look how they behaved in Sarajevo.

Not true. They treat everyone and everything as their personal property to do with as they please.

Please go here:

... and watch the real story of Hotel Rwanda.

Black History Month 2012: Review: Shake Hands With The Devil

Posted on February 18, 2012 by Hunter Wallace

Note: Shake Hands With The Devil is a 2004 documentary about the Rwandan genocide. It is based on the book Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda by Canadian Lieutenant General Roméo Dallaire.

Nick Nolte plays “Colonel Oliver” in Hotel Rwanda. Oliver’s character is based on Dallaire who led the powerless UN mission in Rwanda during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. 800,000 Tutsi were massacred by Hutu Power militants with machetes.

When the RPF rebels took over Rwanda, 2 million Hutu genocidaires then fled to neighboring countries, especially to North and South Kivu in the Eastern Congo. The refugee crisis sparked the Congo Wars (1996 to 2003) in which 5.4 million would die. It also led to the “rape crisis” in Congo.

This, BTW, is not the theatrical movie ... it's the real thing.
It is two videos totalling about 90 minutes and well worth the watch.


Anonymous said...

Annonny (Gerry 18 February 2012 12:11) said

‘They are confused that they are not being attacked by Nazis, but by immigrants.
It does not fit into their world view.’

Amazing ... utterly paralysed by paradox -- and people say we do not have survival skills ...

Y'know, when things do go titties-up, we are going to witness some pretty epic reality fails on the left. I rub my hands in keen antici ........ pation.


Anonymous said...

Events in Hungary grow more and more interesting every day ...

A quote:-

Paul Gottfried on Viktor Orban and Hungarian Nationalism
Edmund Connelly on February 17, 2012

Did readers see the stunning admissions made by Jewish professor Paul Gottfried in a recent VDARE essay? Weekly Counter-Currents writer Andrew Hamilton kindly drew my attention to it this week.

Gottfried is of Hungarian Jewish origin and speaks quite candidly about events there past and present. His article, Viktor Orban And The National Question In Hungary, tells a familiar story. Viktor Orban is the current prime minister of Hungary, and like many other citizens of formerly Communist countries in Eastern Europe, he does not buy into the guilt-inducing stories about World War II, nor does he accept the kind of multiculturalism now ravaging Western Europe and the Anglosphere.

Because he is a nationalist, and because Hungarians are White, this has excited the usual suspects — and Gottfried names them:

"... Hungarian artists and writers, and most notably Jewish ones, easily made their peace with the Soviets and their agents. It is not surprising that a very intelligent Hungarian Jewish Marxist of my acquaintance, Agnes Heller, has been livid with rage against the “Victator,” as Orban is now contemptuously called by his opponents."

One Green member of the European Parliament in particular, the famous lifetime leftist Daniel Cohn-Bendit, flies into rage when Orban’s name is mentioned. Describing the Hungarian head of state as an “authoritarian lunatic” may be the nicest thing that Cohn-Bendit has said about him.

Cohn-Bendit’s anger is spreading. As the Austrian member of the European Parliament Andreas Mölzer notes in Junge Freiheit, every day the European Union is looking for new measures by which to “quarantine” what it regards as the incipiently fascist regime in Budapest.

The edifice crumbles ...


Gem Junior said...

18:59 Kevin R
Yes he does actually look like Mugabe! Funny you noticed it. Especially his jaw and mouth. He's an animal. It's so crazy that SA rule was handed to a people who have shown themselves over and over to be completely incapable of self-government in any form. No matter where in the world, no matter what time zone, be it 1800s Haiti or 1994 SA, all the areas that become black invariably decay. There is not one single place on earth that is a "black paradise". Wherever we go they follow us. We will never get away from them. They hate and despise us to the point that they wish for our collective death, our genocide, and yet wherever we go to escape them they are right behind us. Insanity. It's because they cannot fend for themselves and we must feed, clothe and house them. And for our trouble they cry out as they strike us (learned it from the Jews) and so here we are, the most hated race on earth, so talented that the envy has made us the target of all others. Great. Bring it on.

SAVANT said...

@Gem: "Wherever we go they follow us. We will never get away from them. They hate and despise us to the point that they wish for our collective death, our genocide, and yet wherever we go to escape them they are right behind us. "

Exactly. And that's why I think a white homeland in the West will never work. For the very reason you mention.

Andreas said...

Yes, I read the article by Prof. Gottfried. Not sure about edifice crumbling but the NWO maters definitely worried. Problem is: They finish Orban and/or Hungary off before they surrender on this. In a very strong position to do this, unfortunately.

Bemused stare said...

When they come after your kids, it's time for war.

Heraclitus said...

About the immigrants attacking and not the Nazis. Nothing gives me a better chuckle than seeing libtards have their precious illusions shattered. I bet they're in there now trying to explain it in Hegelian/Marxist terms.

Ho ho ho!

RegThe Hedge said...

Bemused, that daily mail article literally makes me feel ill. I don't know whether the child being pulled up on this, or the fact that you actually get people to give the charge any weight at all, is worse.

This shit has to stop. It is like I am living out the life of Winston from George Orwell's 1984.

Don't the thought police and their minions know that they can only push people so far. I suppose they don't and that is why this fascism always ends the same way.

Anonymous said...

How your cat is making you crazy.

Nature has already produced the pathogen to cull man.

It makes man like niggers.

Occidental said...

Reg and Bemused. The alternative view of the DM piece is that the more of this that happens the more likley it is that the general public will react in outrage. At least that's what I hope.

Shaunantijihad said...

I think I must be losing it. We know the enemedia use white models for "enrichment" crimes, but what is with this picture?

Look at the left and right hands. Is it me or are they a white and a black hand representing serial rapist DR Navin Zala (a Briton from Kent, apparently). WTF??

eh said...

When they come after your kids, it's time for war.

Actually, the UK is more like this these days:

Thank you sir! May I have another?

Franz said...

Can't make this shit up: A German broadcaster has declared today to be "tolerance day". To mark the occasion, they produced a show in which a middle aged, slightly overweight nudist tries to coax out "intolerant" reactions from passers-by.

They haven't yet shown masturbating naggers in a kindergarten, but I'm sure in 24 hours of "tolerance" they'll squeeze some of the good racial stuff in.

Russia Today and Prawda seem like more reliable sources of information each day!

Anonymous said...

The story of the Daily Mail story is that black children are being taught that they can dish it out a la Prevaricate and Dianne Abbott and when anyone reacts they can go "Dats raycist!" and get someone Emmawested.

RegThe Hedge said...

A Muslim from (I think) Iraq with his familly had been living up the road from us for two years. He doesn't work and his wife didn't normally leave the house. She is covered from head to toe when she did go out, she looked out of a letter box hole at her eyes. They have 5 children ranging from eleven to 3 or 4. On top of this she was very obviously pregnant.

Of course no need to say they had a 5 year old saloon car, a luxury home, 52" flat screen with 5.1 suround sound (their kids explained all the details to my kids.). A woman who must work for the council brings their kids to school and collects them every day while the buck and slave sit around. On the odd occasion the talliban mother would accompany their skivvy. It is not an exaggeration to say they are treated like a duke and duchess of some European province. Honestly, how can a rational human being look at that undeserved pampering and not feel angry enough to blow your top?

Anyway, on numerous occasions local lads have gathered outside their house, shouted abuse, kicked the door and threw various objects at them. Generally activity increased around the twelfth. I'm not sure what happened but the lads stopped coming.

About two weeks back they left. Their unrully and violent kids (only to smaller kids) left their school. I was delighted and three or four people on the road who were willing to express an opinion were equally delighted. We figured they had returned to Iraq or they could have been moved to a bigger house due to their determination to colonise our country via the womb.
I am an optimist and I choose to believe they had returned to Iraq.
Imagine my dispair when I saw the gang of them today in the local Tesco screaming and shouting along with the newly bearded buck pushing the trolly.

"We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre."

Why is it that every person I talk to desperately wants this shit to stop, yet on it goes. I used to be a very relaxed happy go lucky type of person. These days I just fucking hate. The disgusting, badhearted unfairness of it all. I know I'm not the only one, how long can it be before all hell breaks loose?

RegThe Hedge said...

I was pondering some ideas on how to advance our cause. We have a very serious and unique problem. We cannot set up recruitment drives where our leaders arrange talks in various venues across the country. Should we do that we would have unthinking narrow minded idiots following us and doing all they could to scare off supporters. The prospect of getting fence sitters to come along and persuading them to our cause is all but impossible due to our oppressors.

To combat this facism we cannot follow the paths taken in a democracy. We need to follow the paths taken by dissdents in places like Iran or Belarus.

I believe a majority of people would be open to our message right now (in Ireland anyway). I don't believe they would ever stand up and say it though. So what to do?

Some people would have to stand up and face the electorate. These would be cushioned from the threat of loosing their employment by being employed by the party. Supporters could vote for us and say they vote for Shatter.

Anyway, how to start? The biggest problem is to meet people who are willing to work for our cause. I'm sure we all know people who are supporters but are unwilling or unable to get involved. You can't organise campaigns, so what else?
I think a site that links people up in their own area. Meetings in peoples homes in groups of three or four. Feeling people out and then if things work there would be regular meetings. That is the start. Over time you'd invite a new person along and grow from there. A website would have to set up to bring people together. Also there would have to be an element of security involved. I have ideas on that too.
Any comments?

Heraclitus said...

Reg. I have pondered the same issue. I am at an an age where things will not affect me directly but most certainly will affect my children.

I can see a whole lot of problems with any approach, most notably, as that mayor in Kildare found, that you can literally lose your livelihood if you make waves.

Meeting in small groups as you suggest could be a great way but the big danger is agents provocateur. All it takes is for one troll/spy to infiltrate and we'd be finished.

My own belief is that we require an inspirational leader. Which begs the question, how do we help one to arise? That in turn leads to my personal 'solution' that I apply at present. Viz. conduct low key propaganda among your acquaintences. I know for a fact that I have helped change the views of several. Not totally dramatically admittedly, but to the extent where they can now see that blacks and Muslims are largely negative influences on our societies.

Maybe from the ranks of such a leader or leaderine may emerge.

eh said...

I am an optimist and I choose to believe they had returned to Iraq.

IMO it would have to be voluntarily then; and that I seriously doubt. No way the government would be able to force them to go back. In general, that's the way it is with refugees and asylees: once there here they ain't going anywhere.

Franz said...

@ Reg

Just an idea, but seeing that you're all ready to do some organizing, may I suggest you put together a weekend class for oratory?

I know it sounds absurd, but one of the weaknesses of the right wing in many countries is that its exponents come across as muttering, stuttering buffoons.

Where they have leaders able to string words together in a sensible fashion (Finland, Austria) right wing parties have made great inroads into the ranks of the fencesitters.

Now, why start with oratory-instruction? Assuming there are a few like-minded people around you, this would be a chance to find out who is suited for a making public pronouncements. Spot the talent, so to speak.

Also, by exposing all participants to some rethorical practice, you would ensure that all members of your groups would be able to project a civilized public image.

Public speaking is certainly no rocket science (I myself attended a class once and profited greatly from it) and there are plenty good books out there on the subject.

Just an idea.

Henry IX said...

Shaun - seems to me that both hands are white. This goes on all the time. Read about a white robber breaking into a black household. How mad can it get!

Anonymous said...

Reg says: "Why is it that every person I talk to desperately wants this shit to stop, yet on it goes".

Here's more of the same. Click the first two embedded links in the for Australia, and the other for England.

"I used to be a very relaxed happy go lucky type of person. These days I just fucking hate".

Righteous anger, but don't get yourself tied up in knots over this issue... not worth debasing your good health. Instead, just keep spreading the word, one mind at at time.

Anonymous said...

Recent posts are most interesting.

I think what seperates the invaders and their supporters in the Immigration Industrial Complex from the rest of us is the expected payoffs from their actions.

This is a concept from game theory where actions are predicated on whether the expected payoffs are positive or negative and or maximised or minimised.
In the case of anyone who stands up against multicultural tyrrany the payoff is massively negative and disproportionate.
Those such as the Mayor of Naas will lose their jobs ,be investigated and prosecuted,be ostracised publicly,humiliated by the media and suffer death threats.

Contrast that with any illegal nigerian immigrant.even after years of court cases ,lies and millions of taxpayers euros squandered the absolute worst that can possibly happen is to be flown back to lagos(payed for by taxpayers).
The expected payofff is always positive and the distribution of payoffs is heavily skewed towards a high positive value for the invaders.
There is no sanction whatsoever for those who work in the immigration industry even when they support illegal rapists ,fraudsters and murderers.
Just one taunt of racism is enough to silence about 99% of people.

Therefore the solution is to reverse those payoffs and to devise some new mechanism to ensure success.

Anonymous said...

Programme on left-wing sacred cows travellers called Knuckle will be on RTE later.

A codumenatry I believe?

Anonymous said...

Franz says: "Where they have leaders able to string words together in a sensible fashion (Finland, Austria) right wing parties have made great inroads into the ranks of the fence-sitters".

This is an excellent website for history buffs who may learn something from the past. It's segmented into sections for easy referral, and with free reading up to 1939.

The period from 1921 to 1939 may be relevant to what is being discussed here.


Corkonian said...

anon 20.12. An excellent point. Reverse the respective paoyoffs. As you suggest, at present this is massively weighted against us. But tough economic times mean that change is in the air. Free legal aid has been cut and will be cut further. Welfare won't be the just ask and you'll get it - the money won't be there. So, maybe for the wrong motives, but the payoffs are being, at least partially, reversed.

northern athiest said...

Pravda and RT are quite literally more reliable sources of information - about the west, not Russia than any of the western MSM.

euroserf said...

Reg, I can sympathise with your transition from happy go lucky to hater. Welcome to my gang!

But I know this. We only do ourselves damage by becoming haters. We, you, me, the rest of us in this position, need to channel our emotions into productive form.

Not easy, I know, but there have been some suggestions on this thread so far.

SAVANT said...

Just been emailed by a Swedish reader who tells me that Malmo iskeeping up it's one murder per week target. Now a Swedish woman married to a Bosnian (i.e. Muslim) immigrant has been stabbed to death on the street in front of their two children.

The culprit had just been released from prison after serving a sentence for assault on his wife. The judge, in the wisdom we've come to expect from the Swedish judiciary, assured everyone that the perp 'would not offend again'.

Nice one, judge!

Incidentally the wife was afforded 'police protection'. as the saying goes, when seconds count the police are just minutes away.

Bemused stare said...

On the UK front, can our cousins in London expect another round of "protests against the nasty racist police"?

Anonymous said...

anon 19 February 2012 00:00

The blog that that story talks about is an interesting one. Gives an insight into what real english coppers are thinking.

Anonymous said...

Bemused stare said...

On the UK front, can our cousins in London expect another round of "protests against the nasty racist police"?

No one is more aware than we that the policeman's lot is not a happy one ...

Unfortunately however they have been press-ganged into becoming the hit squads for the hierarchy.

As was pointed out in an Australian post of a few weeks ago when the Oz PM, Pink Julia Gillard was fwightened almost shoeless by the big, bad Abo's, she sought the protecting arms of a hard, tough cop ... until she was safe at home again.

At the moment -- in Britain, anyway -- the sheepdogs are set to guard the jackals in charge ... and flayed if they dare offend the feral street dogs.

The unnnaturalness of this situation will become apparent, I am sure.


AnalogMan said...

anon @23:24 - I know that blog, I visited it last August to get the police angle on the riots. Posted a comment and was banned. They're utterly clueless. People believe that the police were just itching to impose order, but were prevented by the politicians. Not so. They really are that useless.

eh said...

The Swedish fire service is looking to hire more personnel with a foreign background in order to increase safety for fire fighters in big city areas.

You could not make this stuff up.

F McCool said...

All - I'm after checking out that UK police blog. See the huge number of comments. It's fair to say that this is probably what most police there think. Maybe there is hope yet.

navan man said...

eh - yes, be a struggle to make this stuff up. But what, I wonder, does the average Swede think about it in the privacy of his own home?

Anonymous said...

"The ethnicity of the firefighters won't matter. The riff-raff throwing stones will hardly stop to ponder whether assaulting a person of a similar background is really not on. The firefighters should have some kind of security escort or be given permission to turn their hoses on the ar*eholes throwing projectiles. "

Comment on the local. Many Met police are ethnics and that did not stop "the oppressed minority" from protesting the slaying of a drug dealer the only way they knew!

Peter A. said...

The Local is another one of those electronic media that seems to have semi-capitulated to open comments. All along only totally PC-compliant comments were shown, now almost everything.

Anonymous said...

Isn't any tampon in the universe can stem the flow of outrage from people that can see. Only the guardian NYT and a few othe rplaces caN remain pure of realism.

Jerry said...

Peter A. I think you're correct. But how many others have they binned? We still don't know the full scale of the censorship.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if HAK's request that gang-bangers stop gang-banging for Whitney Houston's funeral was adhered to?

rambaloosa said...

Dont know about gang bangers at Whitney Houston's funeral but Bobby Brown thinks hhe was dissed at it.

Anonymous said...


But I know this. We only do ourselves damage by becoming haters. We, you, me, the rest of us in this position, need to channel our emotions into productive form.

Hate is better than despair.

Hate and righteous indignation are the same thing.

The important thing is to hate those who deserve it.

THEY know who they are.

hoosier said...

I suppose hate is better than despair, at least you might do something.

Anonymous said...

Not only is Sweden getting detroited but it is getting detroitedier as judges have ruled invalid a law which would ask those kindly Somalians and others if it would not be too much trouble to have valid documents when going to the country.

Anonymous said...

In the latest available year foreign nationals constituted 6% of the Swedish population and 29% of the prison population. Foreigners are thus 6.2 times as likely to be incarcerated than Swedes, or 520% higher incarceration rate.

The over-representation is even higher for middle eastern citizens, who are 6.6 as likely as Swedish citizens to be in prison.

Lastly African citizens are 10.9 times as likely as Swedish citizens to be in prison.

Swedish citizens have an incarceration rate of 45 per 100.000.

African citizens in Sweden in contrast have an incarceration rate of 490 per 100.000.

These people live under the Swedish welfare system. If the welfare system was the reason Swedes commit so little crime, it should have affected the immigrants similarly. Clearly it has not. My conclusion is that demography is as important or even more important than policy in explaining Swedish crime rates.

In tribute to MLK I done MLKed this for you. Only 1000Kr for you.

Anonymous said...

Listening to Malcolm X on The Ballot or the Bullet and a few minutes in he says that once the black man moves into a white neighborhood it ceases to be a white neighborhood. And then white people flee. He wants every neighborhood to be black.

Detroit is the proof on the stupidity of this idea.

Anonymous said...

Cry For You

Girls with nice arses could destroy the state of the thought police. No wonder they are importing somalis!

Anonymous said...

Where are the people of color in this September clip? I'm going to complain.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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