Monday, 6 February 2012

Support white defence

In the absence of any meangful support from the media or the laughable 'forces of law and order', patriots in England are beginning to fight back against the endless succession of attacks on white men, women and yes, children by 'Asian' (i.e. Muslim) and black gangs. The following are just two instances.

I urge you to please support these and any other such events as may take place in your wider vicinity


Bemused stare said...

Interestingly, the article on young Dan Stringer has been up on DM for some time and yet apparently not one person has commented, despite the comments being open.


Unbelievable! Incredible! The worm evinces a tendency to turn! Where will it all end, I ask?

Claire Maurice said...

I watched that piece about the paedophile ring being barracked by the people in Liverpool. I may be wrong here, but if the darkskinned persons across the street were the accused, then please note their attitude, which seems to me to be one of casual dismissive insolence, an attitude that comes from the certainty that no court will act against them for fear of being labeled "racist".

Anonymous said...

Here are a few bits and pieces ....

FBI Warns of Threat From Anti-Government Extremists

"Seeing as 89% of Americans see the government as the single greatest threat to their freedom…who exactly is this warning being directed to?"--Reader's comment.

Anti-government extremists opposed to taxes and regulations pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States, the FBI warned on Monday.

These extremists, sometimes known as "sovereign citizens," believe they can live outside any type of government authority, FBI agents said at a news conference.

The extremists may refuse to pay taxes, defy government environmental regulations and believe the United States went bankrupt by going off the gold standard.

Routine encounters with police can turn violent "at the drop of a hat," said Stuart McArthur, deputy assistant director in the FBI's counterterrorism division.

Get used to it, boys


Anonymous said...

Part one

Open Letter to the FBI -- Arrest the Corrupt Government Officials or Resign

Monday, 06 February 2012 19:46 William M. Windsor

There is allegedly a special FBI Taskforce in Atlanta, Georgia pursuing judicial and government corruption.

There have been no arrests and no word from the FBI. When people with proof of corruption contact the FBI, they are told that the FBI will not pursue it unless there is proof of bribery.

Well, bribery is just one part of the blatant corruption here. It's time for these actors employed by the FBI to do their jobs or retire....

As big a problem as the corruption of judges and government officials is the criminal incompetence of the so-called law enforcement authorities. The FBI is a bad joke. They refuse to go after the true criminals. They are part of the massive cover up.

Here is my latest letter to the FBI:

February 6, 2012
Mr. Brian Lamkin
Mr. Harry Hammick

FBI Atlanta
2635 Century Parkway N.E., Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30345

Fax: 404-679-6289

Dear Mr. Lamkin and Mr. Hammick:

I am very disappointed that you haven’t contacted me about the judicial corruption in Atlanta.

I have MASSIVE PROOF of corruption with the federal judges and judicial employees in Atlanta. I am beginning to identify the extent of the corruption in the Fulton County legal and judicial system. I have been in contact with hundreds of other victims.

Last fall, I presented criminal charges against several federal judges, the Fulton County District Attorney, and some others to the Fulton County Grand Jury. I spoke to the Grand Jurors for 30 minutes.

The Grand Jury asked me to return at their next session with a document succinctly expressing the charges with copies of all of the evidence, footnoted to the document. I was to give, as they called it, “a slam bam thank you ma’am” presentation.

When I returned to the courthouse with the requested evidence, I was met by the DA’s Chief Investigator, Cynthia Nwokocha, and three Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputies. They forcibly removed me from the building, and I was given a Criminal Trespass Warning that states that I will be arrested if I ever return to the third, sixth, or seventh floor public elevator lobbies in the public courthouse. I visited various Fulton County judges for help, and no one would do a thing. One judge, Judge Jerry W. Baxter, took further action to deny me any recourse. I happen to have a lot of what took place on video due to a friend who turned on the video on her cellphone. I have witnesses.

End part one.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Welcome to South Africa

Mayoman said...

From the excellent British Resistance site:

Another anti-white racist Pack Attack on our youth

Is this also the future for Ireland?

Bemused stare said...

Does any one know whether our friends in Europe have some sort of competition running to see who can import the vilest, most savage specimens in existence?

I ask this because even those of us who've experienced the joy of living in Africa with them can sit around a braai fire for hours and argue over which are the worst with little chance of a conclusion.

Hence, I wonder if you folks are running some sort of bizarre scientific experiment over there. Using young human ladies as the litmus paper as it were.

Anonymous said...

Srealing from Sarah's site but the 27 guys in that case (which the media chose to ignore) brings the percentage of muslim groomers to as close to 100#% as makes no difference.

eh said...

What I notice about the video is that despite the truly sordid, despicable crimes these foreign scum are accused of -- preying sexually on exclusively young british girls, with all the terrible consequences that can have for their later lives -- not one of the demonstrators dared rush over and get in a few blows on what I presume to be the accused, which looked to be possible, despite the police presence.

Would be going a bit too far, I suppose.

But it adds to my impression of the UK: a country of emasculated faggots. Incapable of stopping the rot. I mean, just look at what they've allowed to happen to many of their major cities.

An interesting comment on this story, which is, in its own way, equally disgusting:

Freed to sponge off the country he hates

Firstly get rid of the stupid judge,secondly hand that piece of scum over to Jordan and face the wrath of the court of human rights, At least we wold be safer from him and his fanatics.The home secretary needs to show some backbone, then the spinless Cameron needs to get us out of the EU once and for all,,then we can deport anyone without the risk of being over ruled by them and adding insult to injury by having to keep giving them benefits. A lot of us are very tired and angry with the way things are in this country.One day the lid will blow and there will be a rebelloion.

Jeremy said...

Claire Maurice said 'their attitude, which seems to me to be one of casual dismissive insolence, an attitude that comes from the certainty that no court will act against them for fear of being labeled "racist".'

Very true. But that's where the ordinary people of Liverpool come in. The sickos don't fear the courts for sure. But an aroused people? That's another matter entirely.

James Lord said...

Bemused Stare. No issue as to who are the world's worst imports. Somalis. They combine the worst of all other races and religions (they're Muslims) and add their own violent and immoral clan culture to the gruesome mix. For me it's a no-brainer.

Corkonian said...

It seems that moves are afoot to have decisions by the ECHR deemed to be recommendations only. Boy, that would be good news.

Smokin' Joe said...

Eh, your observation is sound; noone has the cojones to stick one on those trash. That would be "taking the law into one's own hands" you see. But here is a thought; in a state of nature the individual is his own lawmaker. One of the things that enabled societies to function with any cohesion was the agreement that the individual would surrender that autonomy to society in return for society guaranteeing the individual the protection of the law.
Readers, that is a CONTRACT. How can it be that one party to a contract may violate it in the most flagrant fashion, and continually, yet the other party remains bound to it regardless. This is the first time such a situation has arisen in the public domain, the second being of course the marriage contract through which the sacred cow is at liberty to drive a coach and four any time she likes. I am suggesting that he who is driven beyond endurance into taking the law into his own hands is actually taking it back to its origins, back to where it belongs. How about that then?

Heraclitus said...

Smokin' Joe - a cogently stated philosophy and one founded on strict empiricism. By definition a contract is a a two-sided instrument and this requirement has disappeared from our legal contract.

Problem is, the PTB hold all the aces and will come down mercilessly on anyone who asserts their rights.

Anonymous said...

(somewhat delayed Part 2)

So I then tried to present my charges to the federal Grand Jury – a right allegedly guaranteed by statute. Sally Quillian Yates, the U.S. Attorney, intercepted the mail that I sent to the Grand Jurors. When I showed up at the federal courthouse on the day that the Grand Jury meets, I was detained at the entrance (where my 8x10 color photograph is posted), and U.S. Marshal Tom Shell denied me access to the courthouse. I can never go anywhere in the courthouse unless one or several U.S. Marshals are there to dictate where I can and cannot go. I am banned from ever going on the 20th floor where the Grand Jury meets.

So, all of these crooks have succeeded in blocking the evidence from reaching the Grand Jury. What they did is a serious crime, but no one will do anything about it. I am asking you to take immediate action against the people who committed federal and state crimes to interfere with my presentation of evidence to the grand juries. I assure you that I will be informing the attorney general, the President, every member of Congress, and anyone else I can find about this. If you fail to pursue this blatant corruption, then I will make it a personal crusade to see the two of you indicted, arrested, convicted, imprisoned, and disgraced. Enough of this make believe investigative agency. Do your jobs, or get out.

I know that you are well aware of the corruption. If you are corrupt, you should resign. If you are honest or somewhat honest, now is the time to act.

I can meet with you anywhere anytime to present my evidence. Please call me. I carry my cell phone at all times – ###-###-####. I am also picketing and protesting every Tuesday at the Fulton County Courthouse, so please stop by.

William M. Windsor

People are getting pissed off, methinks.

Uncle Nasty

Manc1 said...

eh at 10.26

Don't just knock the English!

I haven't noticed many Irishmen standing up against the colonisation of their homeland. On the contrary some of the sheep seem to actually welcome the destruction of Irelands racial homogeneity and enjoy screaming 'racist' and 'Nazi' at anyone who dares to object to Shatter's dirty work.

Similiarly in the USA. Gangs of blacks seem to be targetting white victims with impunity and with increasing frequently. I don't hear about many white Americans fighting back.

We all need to wake up and get off our knees.

Corkonian said...

Manc1 - you are 100% correct. We Irish are if anything worse than our cousins across the sea. Anyone who speaks up would be hysterically shouted down from every side. I don't think by the way that eh was saying that we're different over here??? Maybe he was......

eh said...

Don't just knock the English!

It was a deliberately provocative comment.

But you are right: the same thing applies to virtually every white, western nation. They are all headed for the same fate, with nary a sign of anything approaching serious resistance.

Anyone who speaks up would be hysterically shouted down from every side.

It does often appear that people are more afraid of being called names -- 'racist' -- than of losing their countries to wholesale demographic change. And that despite all the obvious problems: What british person could honestly say that the presence of large numbers of Blacks has been a benefit to the country?

eh said...

..., then please note their attitude,...

A very good comment. I did notice their relative nonchalance as well. But they know they belong to a sort of protected class -- they follow the media and can see the deference paid, how problems with their 'community' are ignored or downplayed.

Anonymous said...

@Smokin' Joe:

But here is a thought; in a state of nature the individual is his own lawmaker. One of the things that enabled societies to function with any cohesion was the agreement that the individual would surrender that autonomy to society in return for society guaranteeing the individual the protection of the law.
Readers, that is a CONTRACT.

It wasn't a contract. That's egghead professor nonsense.

Humans are social animals. Anybody who seriously thinks he's just an individual and bases his ethics on that needs therapy and is not to be trusted.

(You know who you are.)

Police are party whips, keeping the house in order for the benefit of the whole house.

Trouble is, what's supposed to be the white house is now EVERYBODY's house.

If he has a family, a white policemen will eventually have to choose between his family and the anti-white state.

Anonymous said...

Emma West Mark II

Another white English-woman is targeted in the ongoing 'anti-racist' witch-hunt....

Asians provoke white English-woman

eh said...

In a previous comment I wrote

...terrible consequences that can have for their later lives...

Daily Mail: Sex abuse victim, 16, 'hanged herself after barrister’s legal blunder caused trial to collapse'

Dana Baker, who was 16 when she died, hanged herself near a busy roundabout in Kidderminster, Worcestershire last March.

She was awaiting the retrial of karate instructor Jaspal Riat, 48, who had repeatedly assaulted her since the age of 13.

Northerner said...

Film of the North West Infidels in Rochdale, greater Manchester, last Saturday, demonstrating against the muslim takeover of the town:
NWI-Rochdale Demo

Anonymous said...

The Balkanisation of Britain.

EDL v UAF Leicester 4th Feb 2012

Anonymous said...

On a short break to Dublin a couple of years back, the place was full of eastern Europeans and savages from Africa/Asia. And the prices of stuff!!! Nice looking place,enjoyed the pubs and locals but I won't be going back anytime soon.

justme said...

"The Balkanisation of Britain."

And that's what it's all about. Not civil rights or anything like that. No. A major white country rendered apart and dumbed down.

Job done.

smokin' joe said...

Anonymous; its a contract; enough now.

Iron Felix said...

Corkonian made an interesting observation---the Irish being even worse than the English. Its true; for all the wind and piss they sometimes go on with (generally only when they think it safe to do so)the Irish are quite the most spineless, craven, apathetic, feeble, characterless melange of congenital losers in all of Europe. Never mind what they say, look at what they do, or rather neglect to do. Their whole history is one of this and nothing else.

Corkonian said...

Iron Felix - I think that's overstating it a bit. In any event let's not turn on one another. That's just what THEY want.

Iron Felix said...

Corkonian, if a proper study is made of what the Irish actually are, as very much distinct from what they make themselves out to be, such will provide a salutary exegesis of how in like fashion the great and noble races of Europe are heading down the very same road. Ireland was fortunate inasmuch as its conquerors were always very high grade people, Vikings, Normans, English. We today will not be facing such, we will be looking at a tidal wave of ullullating savages conjured into existence by our own weakness.

Henry IX said...

Iron Felix. Ok, ok, ok. But look, infighting is what has us fucked here in Britain. It seems all the nationalist groups are just splinters of splinters. FFS we're all in this together and right now I'm wondering if you're just a troll trying to stir up trouble.

If you are go fuck yourself with a wheelbarrow.

Iron Felix said...

Not nice Henry, we don't need that. What we do need is study, understanding, intelligence, a thorough grasp of the realities facing us or shortly so to do. We have the muscle in abundance (does anyone think these jigaboos would last a morning in a straight scrap with white men who know their business?)but we need to know what it is precisely that we are about. How exactly does this constitute "turning on each other"? The Irish example provides a very useful case study of how things can go wrong. Any probs with any of that?(Wheelbarrow......?)

RegThe Hedge said...

Iron Felix. If you've nothing good to say .....

El Cid destroyed the Islamics by leading an army of all the Catholic kings of Spain. I had the pleasure of visiting his castle over the Christmas. There are spot lights along the battlement walls. These are all destroyed and there is arabic grafiti nearby. The dirty brown maggots know what they are doing. Unbelievable that 99% of Europeans still haven't a clue.

Victory is ALWAYS in uniting. If you dislike the man next to you then set aside your differences til the battle is fought. Arguing amoung ourselves is a gift to the enemy.

It is also difficult to see how we are going to convince people to fall in behind us. The answer to this is we should not take any notice of that.
Account for yourself. Act according to your conscience and have no expectations of anybody else.

Anonymous said...

Its a basic dividing tactic- having a go at a particular white nationality. The English get bashed a lot by trolls pretending they're not trolls on some American WN sites.
The Irish don't need to be bashed here, many of the Irish commentators here point out our real shortcomings.And when we point out the shortcomings of others like the Swedes, its more in the sense of Wake the hell up and save the beautiful country your people built rather than trying to insult the hell of them like this boychik insults the Irish talking about our whole history.

The Great Unwashed said...

Anon 17:09

What about this UAF band called Paradigm. Shouldn't their future performances be followed with rotten tomatos and eggs? Or possibly bricks?

Occidental said...

Iron Felix - I'm fine with analysis and yes I agree that man for man we're on a different planet to the jigs.

But what does insulting the Irish, or any other at risk nation for that matter, achieve? Other than - possibly - reignite ancient animosities and split our already tiny ranks? Every nation has it's grievances against its neighbors, especially in Europe.

So analyze all you want, but do try to come up with something constructive.

Iron Felix said...

Occidental tells me to come up with something constructive; I did--see my post of 18.45 above

Anonymous said...

Irish have no excuses as they have seen what decades of brownskin immigration have wrought just across the sea in Britain. And France. And Holland. For the Irish to go along with this in FULL KNOWLEDGE of what has befallen their white cousins is beyond stupid.


Anonymous said...

Start by boycotting enemy products. British? Don't buy anything from paki shops. Don't buy supermarket products from Turkey or Morocco. Buy British or, failing that, German/Dutch/French. American? Boycott anything from Mexico, including Jose the cheap cash-in-hand gardener.


Jerry said...

Correct: Don't support Paki business and also boycott companies that feature non-whites in their advertising.

Anonymous said...

Cat. Once again, meet pigeons.

Nice to see a South African boy causing a stir.

White African-American boy not 'black' enough for award

National debate sparked after Caucasian student seeking 'race-based honor' booted out of school

Published: 01/25/2004 at 3:37 PM

by Joe KovacsEmail

The Omaha suspension of a white high-school student originally from South Africa is sending shock waves across America as debate rages over who can claim rights to the term “African-American.”
South African native Trevor Richards suspended over African-American campaign

The case centers on Trevor Richards, a junior at Westside High School, who moved from Johannesburg to Nebraska six years ago.

Richards and his classmates, 16-year-old twins Paul and Scott Rambo, were booted from classes last week after distributing posters touting Trevor as a candidate for Westside High’s “Distinguished African-American Student” award on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

“The posters were intended to be satire on the term African-American,” Scott Rambo told the Omaha World-Herald.

Principal John Crook says the posters were disruptive.

Yeah, well; he would, wouldn't he?


PS: I tried to rack my brain over where I'd heard that before

"Yeah, well; he would, wouldn't he?"
Then it hit me.
Mandy Rice-Davies 1962-3

Bay Area Guy said...

Whites worldwide simply need to grow a pair.

It's as simple as that. As Machiavelli once said, being disarmed renders you contemptible, and many non-whites act accordingly.

tokyo paddy said...

UN - that Trevor Richards story is a textbook example of the hypocracy and inner-contradictions of this whole race realtions racket. Good thing is that more and more people are beginning to see it for waht it is.

Smokin' Joe said...

Bay Area guy enjoins white folk to grow a pair.Being dis(un)armed renders you contemptible. He is right, 1000%. He sums up up in a couple of deft phrases what Iron Felix said in the Irish case, and behold the discord that provoked. Guys, look; Truth; Out; Biting.

Anonymous said...

Strange that anyone would choose as a nom de plume,that of one of the greatest mass murderers of the 20th century.

"Iron Felix"Dzerzhinsky,the renegade Polish aristocrat responsible for the deaths of millions of Russians,Poles Ukranians and on and on and on.

Having said that,Iron Felix does have a certain point about the Irish,I don't think any Irish contributor here would disagree.

But negative national or ethnic stereotypes are easy to highlight.We could all do the same with any European people.Few of them would be complimentary.

But,I swear to Christ,if every dark skinned invader disappeared from the Continent in the morning,many Europeans would immediately start looking around them to see which ancient grievance they could dig up against their neighbours.

What is it about Europeans?.Europeans anywhere in the world.That we would rather be killing each other,and always by the millions?.

Personally I dislike,no,I LOATHE some European peoples.

None of which has the slightest relevance in todays life or death struggle.

I can get over it.


Iron Felix said...

Jesus, Anonymous, you still don't get it, do you? The Irish experience of the last millenium is a striking case of a people NOT standing up for themselves. As such, it virtually provides a laboratory specimen for the study and evaluation of what went wrong, why did it happen; thus, an historical lesson may be learned and some clarity gained as to whether we are not making the same sort of mistakes today. In a phrase,knowledge is power. Those ignorant of history are bound to repeat it. How much clearer can I make this?

Anonymous said...

Seeing as it is African-Amnerican History Month who is the first african-American to win the Best Actre4ss Oscar?

Anonymous said...

For all I know Iron Felix you may be Irish yourself,it does'nt really matter whether you are or not:your ignorance of Irish history is profound.

Your ability to speak in cliches while saying absolutely nothing is even more profound and a "laboratory specimen for the study and evaluation" of talking in circles.

But humour me,I don't get it.Please explain.


Anonymous said...

Iron Felix was a leading Bolshevik and associate of people like Rosa Luxemburg. He also spoke fluent Yiddish. Says everything about our poster friend.

Olda said...

Iron Felix was not a bad guy, believe it or not. He always insisted that prisoners not be mistreated. That certainly did not susrvive after his death around 1925.

Anonymous said...

Iron Felix is certainly a strange name to choose.

And you don't know as much as you think you do about Irish history either ... when did the Vikings ever conquer Ireland?

Iron Felix said...

OK; the general run of responses to my sounding the tocsin and calling for clarity in face of the danger to all of Europe, which is growing like a tumour every day, is of a piece with what meanminded little ladies or for that matter Blacks would put up as sensible argument. (Go directly to ad hominum.....). If this is all that is out there we are well and truly screwed.

Occidental said...

Iron Felix. Ok, I'm stupid. But so are a lot of others as they don't really follow your drift either.

Follow my drift?

Iron Felix said...

Fellas, in the nineteenth century the Irish went sleepwalking into the Famine; in like fashion I fear that all Europe is sleepwalking into a kindred catastrophe.Can we learn?

Anonymous said...

Ok Felix - I think we're getting there!!

Iron Felix said...

If something went catastrophically wrong before it can happen again. The only sure way to prevent this is to parse and analyse how it happened the first time; get that right and you will be well on the way to ensuring it doesn't happen again. Now whereas there has never been a famine anywhere that did not have somewhere in its preceding parameters both criminality and stupidity, the Irish one included, that is not quite the point; what is essential is to study the catastrophe in whatever was its form, the better to obviate the next impending catastrophe-whatever its form may prove to be
Hint: below the Sahara the Black population is multiplying like plague.I ask in all irony, will our welfare services be able to cope when half a billion AIDS-infected tinted chaps come pouring into our wee island demanding and getting as of right the first biggest and best slices of everything in sight? Look, I beseech ye, at what they have done to their own homelands---think ye that they will be any differant here?

Iron Felix said...

Oh! By the way, I have had quite a few comments about my name. Look, after I crossed over it was no great pleasure to see that psycho Yagoda take over (we need not even consider poor ill Menzhinsky)Don't even speak to me of Yezhov! My next incarnation was a lot of fun really--I was knocking around Hollywood a good while under the name "Lee Van Cleef" (sic);you can google me/him for yourselves and see the resemblance---but that life was essentially frivolous.
Well, I am back now, using the old family name and---always remembering that in essence I am a Polish aristocrat---I am in far from good humour at the general rabbleisation of our wonderful inheritance, Europa Nostra, to be seen proceeding apace on all sides.

Anonymous said...

"The anonymous White teacher asks his students, during one of their "Dats Racis'" snit-fits, what would happen to them if Whites disappeared. In a moment of candor, one black responded, "We SCREWED!""

You know this is a fact.

occasional said...

anon 23.35. I heard this already. Is it true (i.e. did a guy actually say this) or is it urban legend?

In any event they would be screwed without YT.

johan said...

Lee Van Cleef. Spegghetti westerns. Billiant! You have a busy existance Felix.

It's strange that Yezhov ordered his predecessor Yagoda to be tortured and beaten to death. Then his successor (Beria) ordered the exact same fate for Yezhov.


Gem Junior said...

Iron Felix
The Irish NOT standing up for themselves? You can't even COUNT the number of rebellionss launched over there by those people over the last 1000 years, and those are only the ones that were recorded, or that we even know about. What drugs are you on? Seems to be you better just stick to sucking black muslim cock in Britain and leave the thinking to somebody else....

Gem Junior said...

00:23 Occasional: you can find the comment and the article (We screwed!) on The article was entitled "what it's like to teach black students" or something of that sort. Just type it in or look in the archives. It was a fantastic article, I will say.

Iron Felix said...

Gem junior, you are right; I could not even begin to count the rebellions in Ireland, none of which ever succeeded, all of which were betrayed, sabotaged and aborted by the Irish themselves. Joyce; "...and in a spirit of Irish fun, betrayed all their leaders, one by one..." ("Gas from a burner").

Heraclitus said...

In support of Iron Felix here, his point about the rebellions being betrayed is apposite to what's happening today. Our internal enemies are betraying us with their encouragement of mass immigration.

Iron Felix said...

Heraclitus, sound man; all this Europe of ours is now, so to speak, hibernicising, if we permit of such a locution---and that will be its undoing. Nor will all the personal and unpleasant abuse directed at me personally stay this process by even a millimetre. What has an outside chance however is cerebration (where are we going wrong here? Have we been here before? What happened last time something like this occurred?) followed by INTELLIGENT action.

Gem Junior said...

If I understand you, and I'm not sure I do, we are advised to compare this situation to what happened in Irish history and avoid those pitfalls (traitors)and figure out how to NOT allow Europe to be "hiberincized" or whatever that was....
I have to point out that this particular situation has NEVER before happened in human history: where a race of people (white Europeans) all over the world have ceded their own sovereinties and societies to invasion by millions of third worlders. People incapable of building European-style, peaceful (formerly), Christian societies that are the envy of the rest of the world. Hence their desires to immigrate there en mass. What the majority of the host nations' peoples' failed to understand is that Africa IS Africa because of Africans, the Middle East is the Middle East because of the Middle Eastern character and mentality, Mexico is Mexico etc. They don't have the beliefs and characters to sustain, on the whole, these type of societies where we are subject to the rule of law that works because we obey the rule of law. In fact, there are to be no white socities left without blending in plenty of brown. The whites were subjected to at least 50 years of brainwashing, acceptance, tolerance, and then even worship of the Noble Savage. Insanity to those of us who can see through it, or who lived in the generations when whites were normal and expressed a healthy sense of racial identity. Look at today's teens - many are actively seeking black partners. Anyway, this has never happened before. The white European trait of altruism was discovered and exploited to the Nth degree - almost until the people are on their way to wholesale wipeout. I don't see the connection you intend to hibernzation or whatever but there is no connection, as there was no psy-ops via the media through the one instrument responsible on the whole for this: the TV in every white European home over the last 50 years, and the loss of true Christianity which IMO was the chaos wrought by Vatican II and the sex scandals of the priests beginning with filthy Father whats-is-name up in Ballyjamesduff: Fr. Brendan Smith set the whole place up in flames.

Anonymous said...

Okay. The dust has settled a bit.

Iron Felix's comments pissed off a lot of commenters, who, in turn, took turns pissing on Iron Felix, while trying to detect his tone ... for want of a better word.

Once you have unravelled the previous melange of pissing and turning (sounds like a sixties folk song, doesn't it? Turn, turn, turn) I think we can now get back to business ... getting back onto the same side of the fence and getting on with our new year's resolution.

My new year's resolution, anyway.

Which was first -- to fix what heads towards us at freight train speed.

It's changed a bit. The best laid plans of mice and men ...

Now, my resolution is to survive what heads for us at blah, blah, blah.

I am reminded of a wonderful film I saw back in the sixties ... probably the first movie I saw that did not involve lots of machine guns and death, but still impressed the hell out of me. It was called "I'll never forget What's Isname" ... One of Oliver Reed's first flicks and one of Orson Welles's last.

I suppose it helps that I was a fresh-faced young lad in his first job, which just happened to be advertising.

A wonderful line from the movie was delivered by Orson Welles -- as only he could:-

"A hundred years from now, the earth will be a mile deep in garbage; My job is to ensure that we are on top of it ... and not underneath."

If, of course, the opportunity arises for a bit of payback along the way, so much the better.

I don't see myself, standing heroically on top of a barricade, gesturing heroically and waving a banner, while the bullets ping and the bayonets are fixed. I am getting a bit old for that crap.

But I do see myself white-anting the system at every opportunity. Fresh chewing gum in parking meters, onions buried in corporate pot plants** and that sort of thing.

Make the bastards work, and make the bastards pay. In any way you can. It's good for the soul and keeps you sane when you can go to bed with a smile on your face -- knowing you've pissed off a bureaucrat beyond measure.


**Still researching that one.

Iron Felix said...

Gem Junior, congrats; you are finally getting on my wavelength; good to see, well, to read at any rate. Now promise you won't go abusing me again.

Hector G. said...

Uncle Nasty. I remember 'Turn Turn Turn' from the sixties. Could be wrong but I don't think it was about pissing and turning!

Gem Junior said...

LOL OK Iron Felix I won't be. It's that Irish thing you know just got my Irish up for a second ;)

Anonymous said...

This is ... interesting.

Anxiety about a Northwest White Homeland

February 9, 2012 |
Kevin MacDonald

The LATimes, always quick to pick up on new trends, published a propaganda piece by Kim Murphy which does its level best to pathologize Whites who want to live with other Whites (“White supremacists revive dream of a homeland in Northwest.”)

(Actually, the trend has also been noticed by the SPLC and vy George Soros’ Media Matters.) The LATimes article is centered around the sentencing of Kevin Harpham to a 32-year prison term for leaving a backpack containing explosives along the route for a MLK-Day parade in January, 2011. What Harpham has to do with setting up a White homeland in the Northwest is left up to the reader’s conjecture, but I guess we are supposed to think that Whites who are motivated to have a place to call their own are basically bomb throwers at heart.

But wait. It gets worse–much worse:

In 2010, residents in several parts of Idaho woke to find Easter eggs tossed on their lawns — courtesy of the not-dead-yet Aryan Nations. The eggs contained jelly beans and solicitations to “take back our country and make it great, clean, decent and beautiful once again.”

Do these people have no shame?? Easter eggs and jelly beans. The horror!

I begin to think that Covington is getting through. Plucking a nerve, there.

Read the books ... think the unthinkable . It keeps you sane.


Oh, and Gem Junior ... well put.

Magnificent Randolph said...

A stat or two for you all; South Africa; the Rainbow Nation.
Population; approx 50,000,000.
Murder rate; second in world.
Assault and rape rate; first in world.
Rate of child and infant rape; highest in world.
There are 50 murders per day, or about 18,000 per annum
There are 500,000 rapes per annum.
Now; the population of Ireland is 10% that of South Africa.
So, when our own people have been swamped out by this number of Bantu or Congolese or Somalis---a programme now running well---say 5,000,000, we may expect 1,800 murders and 50,000 rapes a year. We may also expect nightmarish rates of child rape, driving poverty, and a huge incidence of HIV/AIDS.
Ah yes, the vision of a bright new multi-cultural Ireland shines before us.

SAVANT said...

Randolp, a horror story indeed for the Rainbow Nation. And a predictable one, I might add. Yet you get many SA whites who'll support the place to the end.

Magnificent Randolph said...

Savant, white Saffers who support the state of things in S.A. are the sort of folk who will want only the best for everyone; their hopes for the place are grounded in a desperate desire for it to be the overwhelming success they want it to be. To such hopes they will cling despite all the evidence to the contrary. Their "crime" here is their overwhelming generosity of spirit, that very thing which may be the eventual undoing of us all.The figures I gave in the previous post were culled not from some obscure far right outfit but from staid old pedestrian
meat-and-potatoes Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Magnificent Randolph said...

A stat or two for you all; South Africa; the Rainbow Nation.
Population; approx 50,000,000.
Murder rate; second in world.
Assault and rape rate; first in world.
Rate of child and infant rape; highest in world.
There are 50 murders per day, or about 18,000 per annum

If I may correct one of your figures, MagRand ...

The figure of 50 homicides a day is a remnant of the last officially released figures -- back in 2003. 50 a day.

This, however, was immediately challenged by the Medical Association who, surprise, surprise, keep their own tally of deaths in South Africa ... natural, illness, unlawful, everything.

Their figure for murders in 2003 was 83 deaths per day.

The ANC and the SAPS ... their useless hit squad were shocked (-- shocked, I tell you!!) at this revelation and vowed to correct it. Not, I might add, by reducing the rate but by simply not releasing figures.

An even bigger embarrassment was when INTERPOL (a slightly more credible organization than the SAPS) released their estimates of 47 882 per year.

Or, if you prefer, 132 per day, making it, by far, the most dangerous country on the planet, statistically.

And that was in 2003. Hands up all those who think an even more lax and corrupt police and judiciary has improved matters?

Who're the nogs in the back there with their hands up?

Why it's the ANC and the SAPS who smilingly tell us that the murder rate dropped drastically in 2009/2010.

This is amazing!! How did they do it??

By fudging the figures, of course.

Official SAPS policy now is to simply ignore murders. Family slaughtered in farmlands? Reported as a murder ... notice ... A murder. Murders during a hijacking are put down as a "hijacking". Same with murders associated with any other crime. Murder in the course of a burglary becomes a "burglary", while murder in the course of a mugging is a "mugging" or "Assault".

There are lies, damned lies and statistics.
Mark Twain.

Twain obviously never met the ANC
Uncle Nasty


Anonymous said...

Further to my last on South Africa, there was a white female Minister of Transport ... a useless twat -- I forget her name, and couldn't be arsed to look it up.

Anyway this fuckweasel was informed that because of the usual nigger ineptitude, South Africa's usable rail network had shrunk to less than eighty percent of what it had been under the dreaded Apput-hate ray-jheeeem ... and how was she going to improve matters?

(Damn, I love that word ... start using it. Imagine referring to the Obama regime; the Cameron regime; The Sarkozy, The Putin, the Goldman-sachs regime ... I digress.)

Okay, back to the useless bitch in Niggafuxatia. how did she fulfil the brief? How did she increase the percentage amount of viable, usable rail?

Simples. She destroyed the rest. Under-utilised, and condemned routes were identified, cut off from the main reticulation and dug up -- isolating dozens of communities.

Problem solved. She got her bonus and all was well.

Uncle Nasty

Magnificent Randolph said...

anonymous, thank you for the update on the South African figures; not surprised, not even dismayed particularly. And you know, there are still cocksure halfwits around who say, derisively, " Aw Jayzuz, America" when the question "which country has the worlds highest murder rate?" gets asked. And should you mention that yes it is highish, but largely confined to a tinted minority of America's population, howls of "racism" stay all further discussion.
One despairs some days.