Monday, 27 February 2012

A spiffing idea!

There are so many comments these days that I can't find this one. But a few posts back Gem Junior had what I thought to be a brilliant suggestion. Namely, that large numbers of persecuted Afrikaners should enter Holland and Germany on tourist visas or whatever and then squat there, demanding asylum. Squat. Just like all the other so-called asylum seekers do. As she suggests, can you imagine the awkwardness if the authorities try to arrest/deport them while both countries remain over-run with every conceivable type of non-white immigrants?

The Afrikaners can cite the jus sanguinis principle. Basically, we're the same blood as you guys, the same religion, the same kind of names. Are you going to throw us out while you allow all these others remain? Those who have no racial, religious or ethnic relationship with you? No relationship? In fact most of these immigrants are downright hostile (Muslims) and/or welfare freeloaders (Africans).

Needless to say the MSM, the Immigration Industry and all the rest of the White Haters will freak out. And may well get their way. But I believe that there spirit of Odin and the Germanic Gods is stirring. There would be a reaction from ordinary German and Dutch people. The confrontation itself would represent a wonderful opportunity for a 'learning experience'.

A most interesting concept.


Anonymous said...

How bad was apartheid was asked ---->
and the answer is that the black population went from 18 million to 30 million under this barbaric scheme which saw black people protected from the ravages of other black people.

Rusty Mason said...

OK, but the liberals who created that mess can just stay there in SA and continue enjoying all that diversified richness.

Anonymous said...

Capital idea!! How do we get this message down to our beleaguered white brethren in SA, then?

potgieter said...

Don't worry. Most of the liberals who created the mess have already fled to Perth!

Anonymous said...

If I were a white South African, you can be sure I'd be making plans to bail out ASAP. Having said that, however, I can only imagine what it must be like to have to say good-bye to aging parents and relatives. To think of such heart-breaking decisions white South Africans have to make makes me nearly weep. May God love them and protect them.

Anonymous said...

The Afrikaners might actually still have some material goods to lose by migrating, mre to lose than the bag of shit the current migrants carry along.

Rob said...

And, because the departure of evil Whitey from South Africa will solve all that country's problems, there'll be no excuse for those millions of Africans to stay squatting here in Europe - ship them all off to the earthly Paradise of SA!

Franz said...

But why would the Afrikaners want to come? I recently listened to a economist in a MSM radio station. The good man made it quite clear that South Africa is a booming workers' paradise.

The land of the future.
Next best thing to Brazil.

Why would anybody want to leave?

Gem Junior said...

Savant, I just looked up "jus sanguinis" because I'd never heard of it. Jooipedia has a list of countries that accept citizenship based on this principle, but they don't list Holland. Still, it would be worth a try because as you say the average Joe might be really disgusted with the Immigration Racket, now that the long-cherished Dutch fantasy of liberalism has lost a little of it's sparkle these days - for the regular Dutch citizen, that is. (Liberals who've been mugged) It would be great to see the MSM make a big mistake like having the police manhandling some blond Afrikaners all over the television, while they continue to allow Somali, Nigerian, and Talibans to have a free ride on the backs of hardworking citizens. Of cours all the while going along vandalizing, violating, and of course squatting in their homeland. You'd have to be retarded or mentally ill not to be affronted by that sight. Of course the treasonour, skanky MSM might be sharp enough to do a media blackout but I doubt it. The inner sense of chutzpah that is innate in the lords of that industry would compel them toward "Exposing Xenophobia" or "Exposing Bigotry," which carries a religious sense of zealotry with them. Even if a media blackout was more intelligent for their genocidal program in the long run, they'd be unable to stop themselves. And so they'd be hoist on their own petard....and giving the whole white world something to think about.
Since I read about the jus sanguinis principle being accepted by Ireland, it seems that my husband and children are all eligible for Irish citizenship. I wonder if it would be the same mess as Afrikaners trying for Holland? I'm going to see by going down to the Irish Embassy. Also now we have genetic testing. I understand the Israelis use it in many cases to prove the right of return? If the Irish gov't immigration service were to test my family they'd have to give in to jus sanguinis, because none of us has ever married out, that is anyone whose parents were not born in Ireland. So, we'd be a shoo-in as far as blood cos it's 100% in us and the kids - but that might work AGAINST us in the current Love Your Negro atmosphere, with Alan Shatter and Barbraa Spectre? (Your European Negro? Is that what's called an oxymoron?) While Loyal Jews Shatter and Spectre are busy keeping Israel "ethnically pure," of course....None of the average Irish would see anything amiss with us, until we open our mouths that is. No big deal, we can keep our pie holes shut, either that or learn Irish sign language...LOL

SAVANT said...

Franz, I know you're being sarcastic but indeed many of them might not want to come. However, given what they're being subjected to I'd say a goodly proportion would. They're the ones I (and presumably Gem) have in mind.

SAVANT said...

"How do we get this message down to our beleaguered white brethren in SA, then?"

Post this link to every SA blog and electronic newspaper.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see Afrikaners sneak across the Mexican border and take over Southern those lazy-ass SoCal liberals how to run things properly!


Franz said...

@ Savant

Yes I was being sarcastic and: Yes, I understand there is real reluctance in many people to take the drastic step of emigrating.

In my early 20s I already had a bad feeling about my countries' trajectory. At the same time I had spend part of my college time and some vacations in South America and staying there would have been clearly a good idea.

My brain told me that places like Chile, Colombia and Uruguay are welcoming of white immigration and that I would have fit in very well there.

At the same time, my heart was still in Germany and permanently severing my connection to my birthplace was nothing I was prepared to do.

So yes: Rationally it would be the proper thing for the Afrikaners to relocate to Germany und the Netherlands. But will they take the plunge and do it?

I didn't when I was young and had the chance.

Bemused stare said...

Savant, on top of all your other vast talents and utterly glorious handsomeness, I think you have just been elevated to evil mastermind status. (a good type of evil).

I look at this from the angle of what is referred to as "precedence". If our people do this in a concerted action wherein they send 3000 of our youngsters on holiday, it might breach the gates.

If that happens, you poor European folks might eventually have to put up with 2 million of us. On the plus side, we are amiable guests. We will invite you to a braai but we wont force you to eat boerewors.

SAVANT said...

@Bemused, you're obviously a shrewd judge of character. are my talents that obvious?

Seriously, the experience here of Saffers (I know I've said this before) has been highly positive. All the characteristics that built SA are clear to anyone.

BTW - there are literally HUNDREDS of IT jobs unfilled here at the moment. Please try to get this information to anyone in SA who might be interested. The companies concerned are complaining about having to go abroad for talent.

Needless to say, other parts of the economy are totally fucked....

Gem Junior said...

21:45 Anonymous
What the Afrikaner people aren enduring makes me want to weep as well. I pray for them as well and they are the most courageous people in the world to me. To be in such a constant state of danger requires the most extreme courage to even go about day to day living. I swear I can't wait for the day they get their revenge against everyone who had the means to and didn't lift a finger to help them - that day will come.

Anonymous said...

I often post to links with a comment saying this is interesting, or something like that.

Well this is not interesting ... it's vital.

Our lost nation and the end of an era

By Mike Wilson

I grieve from a distance for the death of my native country, England. The country that was at the heart of Western Europe during two thousand years of slow secure growth, resulting in a free and democratic society that was the envy of most of Europe.

The country that gave rise to democratic government that has been copied by every other civilized nation. The country that championed free speech and the freedom of the individual. The country that instilled the love of family and family values. The country that tried to educate and foster knowledge in third world bastions of indifference where speed breeding and poverty were and still are the norm. The country where the love of one’s fellow man has led to its own inescapable ruin.

The German philosopher Nietzsche had said in so many words that the Christian ethic of allowing the meek to inherit the earth would in the end undermine the very fabric of society and ultimately bring about its downfall.

We see now that he was so right yet at the time people were unable to comprehend his argument. Another person who was vilified for professing a similar argument albeit on slightly different lines was Enoch Powell and how right was he?

How have we come to this point in time where every freedom we used to take for granted is now questioned and overturned by an authority that is set to deny us that very freedom for which our fathers and forefathers fought and laid down their lives.

There are several reasons, most of them are interlinked in some way and all have been exposed over time yet none of them have been rallied against, fought against, argued against but all have simply been meekly accepted by the population with absolutely stunning apathy and everyone has been led meekly to the slaughter by the men in white coats.
What are these reasons? Well let’s list some of them:-

1. New World Order.
2. Political Correctness.
3. European Union.

Please read on ... to the end.


Anonymous said...

UN - I saw this poignant post on The British Resistance. Bloody heartbreaking.

Fiachra O' Blodbaoith said...

In our present intoxicated climate of opinion we might pose a question.At the airport we see a family of Afrikaaners who have fled here having been burned out of their home, whose property has been confiscated, who have been vilified and threatened in public, being repatriated by court order back to where they came from. That the adults among them have been doing constructive work, earning their keep and paying their way since the first morning after they arrived counts for nothing. Their plane takes off just after another plane has landed. This latter aircraft is carrying forty smirking Somalis, each with a dozen faked credit cards, a virtual roadmap of our social services and how to set about ripping these off, and each with a notifiable disease. All will be high signed through by a gurning welcome committee of shatterites, given the keys to sumptuous dwellings and lavish taxpayer funded goods and services......
Which group one asks are deemed to be the refugees, the asylum seekers, and which group are denied that status? There are no prizes, I regret to say, for getting the right answer here.

Shaunantijihad said...

This actually was a semi-secret policy of the BNP before Griffin drove us into the ground, i.e. to automatically give anyone born in Africa of Caucasian descent, principally Zimbabwe and South Africa, full citizenship to the UK and assistance in moving, housing benefit, jobseekers allowanaces etc etc.

The idea being that after we erm, encouraged our Muslim friends to fnuk off, this policy would also help avoid a housing price meltdown and a banking disaster before the banking reforms could be put in place.

This would be a lifeline to those now in starvation camps and a wake up call to the remaining deluded, liberal whites.

Thanks Griffin, you wanker.

Corkonian said...

I don't know the details of how Griffin screwed you up but I do know he was a disaster on that BBC programme. He seemed totally unprepared and surprised by the most obvious questions. Also he can't get away from his 'Nazi' past, true or not, so he's a total liability.

Anonymous said...

Emigration is never easy but easier when you are young and when it can be viewed as an adventure and temporary.

Opposite to Franz,I emigrated TO Germany when barely 18,though I did not see it as emigrating.I studied,married young,prospered,well mostly prospered.

Many years later and most reluctantly,I re-emigrated(?)back to Ireland.Something in hindsight I don't regret,despite all the current problems.

The second emigration was by far the more difficult,so I can understand the reluctance of White South Africans to move,even when t
they can.

Some,no doubt are blinding themselves to reality.Most,are probably fully aware but living in hope that things may improve or,at least,not get worse.

All are clinging to the vestiges of what once was.A paradise created from nothing by energy and effort.It is hard to blame people for this,but when the lives of your children are at stake,surely its time to cut and run,however despicable this may seem.

Anonymous said...

As Savant said there are many jobs in IT going abegging here so spread the word,jobs in other sectors too,pharmceuticals etc.

Get out now,it will surely be made illegal for Whites to leave before too long.


potgieter said...

And probably before it becomes illegal to lead it'll become increasingly difficult to get your assets out.

It's happened elsewhere.

Bemused stare said...

Thanks for the tip Sav. Duly passed on. I hope Macaw saw that as I believe that's his game.

Anonymous said...

Bring in useful people?

Who thought up this crazy idea?

beppo said...

From what I have read about those most responsible for the situation in SA they would be more at home in Tel Aviv than Perth.

Bemused stare said...

True Beppo, but once their work was done in SA, they moved on to the next target/host.

Anonymous said...

The point is well and truly made, I'm unsure as to whether it was a serious suggestion or pointing out the hypocrisy of suicidal liberals.

The Afrikaners are better off in SA, we may have proportionately less enemies in Europe, but we have also been disarmed by ZOG and its minions and looking around at the feminised hipster generation we will not be putting up much of a fight.

I really admire the self-contained militia style Afrikaners and Americans, and they may very well turn out to be the last bastions of European whites.

- Arrowhead

white rose said...

Arrowhead. How bad is it really there for Afrikaners now?

CrystalClear said...

I have taken the huge step of immigrating to the UK from South Africa and am now a tax paying hard working contributor to the UK economy, with no access to public funds - as stated on my visa. But I left behind my elderly parents and my married children who cannot get a visa to move here. It breaks my heart and I live in fear for their lives, but I justify the move by thinking that WHEN they have to flee the hellhole that is SA, they have a place to come to.
We're white ENGLISH South Africans. It's not just the Afrikaners that are in peril. And not just the white Afrikaners who cannot escape. I got an ancestry visa, but my children cannot as they are third generation. It made me ill to be one of about 10 whites out of about 200 people in the queue when I arrived at Heathrow to begin my new life.
We didn't choose to live in Africa. And now we are paying for the decisions of our forefathers.

James Lord said...

CrystalClear - I get a sense of blind fury when I read stories like yours. Some smirking thieving Somali PoS can come here and he's immediately given the full range of social services, paid for by you and me, and in the unlikley event of being rejected they'll just merge into the criminal Somali 'community'. Will we ever fight back?

Anonymous said...

Some smirking thieving Somali PoS can come here and he's immediately given the full range of social services, paid for by you and me

and free legal aid if alcohol disagrees with them such that they attack a local.

And a judge to set them free.

Anonymous said...

SIX teenage boys have been interviewed by gardai following the alleged gang rape of a 14-year-old girl.

The girl, a foreign national, is alleged to have been raped by six youths in a house and in a field.

Gardai have interviewed a number of African youths of different nationalities about the incident.

The youths were interviewed under caution, but were not arrested following an incident in a Co Kildare town last month.

A file is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

A garda spokeswoman confirmed that an investigation was under way into an allegation of sexual assault late last month.

For "teenage boys" read 3rd world savages. Why do our politicians allow these un-evolved barbarians to live amongst us?
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Further to this topic -- and no one is more surprised than me ...

Video: Stop-Boer-Genocide Protestors Attacked in Calif & Pennsylvania

“This is about the extermination of an ethnic group,” said Erick Weigel, chairman, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania Council of Conservative Citizens…

Dozens of protests took place in front of State Capitol buildings across the USA on February 28 2012 by the South Africa Project. Two of these small peaceful protest-groups were violently attacked by left-radical ‘Occupation’ groups. Thirty-five protestors of the South Africa Project in Sacramento, California were accosted by bottle-throwing ‘Occupy Oakland’ demonstrators whose aggression also injured two California Highway Patrol officers. And one South Africa Project protestor was sprayed with mace (teargas) by a left-wing protestor in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. The other dozens of protests were peaceful and conducted without any confrontations.

Also addressing the rally was Paul Fromm, a Director of the Council of Conservative Citizens, which endorsed this rally. A few of the attacks on farmers may be motivated by robbery, he said. “However, the cruel and prolonged tortures inflicted on men, women and children are motivated by hate – racial hate,” he argued. “These are hate crimes.”

The West has told Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad to stop killing his own people. “The stated reason Canada and the U.S went to war against Col. Gaddafi last year was to stop him from killing his own people,” Mr. Fromm explained. “The West must insist that the South African government crack down on the murder of Whites, especially White farmers, often by its own supporters,” Mr. Fromm insisted.

I find it interesting that Mr Fromm refers to the "stated reason" for the mid-East poodlebangs, rather than simply "the reason"

I think we have a convert here.


Anonymous said...

Here is a very interesting account on the state of tertiary education (so to speak) in South Africa.

Black Racial Privilege and White Displacement in Education in the New South Africa
February 28, 2012 — 25 Comments
John Lilburne

The old South African educational system was racist. The new system is now also racist just that now Whites are the group that are subject to racial discrimination. The new South Africa does not judge on merit, but on your race…. so the more things change, the more they stay the same.

If you wish to read a good overall view of education and race in South Africa, see the South African Institute of Race Relations.

There are multiple levels of racial bias in the educational system. Let’s begin with the one that is a hangover from the old apartheid system. Education in SA starts in the mother tongue and then before high school it switches over to English or Afrikaans. Thus native English or Afrikaans speakers have an advantage over non-English speakers. Thus to compensate , on a racial basis, even if all your education has been in English you are given a number of extra marks when you take exams.

This means that a bright Indian student can achieve or exceed 100% after the racial adjustments have been made. The adjustments can be substantial and are made on a proportional basis to your marks received. According to the newspaper reports, the adjustment is limited to about 10%, but this is substantial when competing for places.

So, as the man said: "You think you've got problems ..."


Anonymous said...

I am very curious as to how well this will be supported ... and what attempts will be made to derail it.

Think of the blackmail and threats aimed at the innocent hoteliers who were going to host the annual AMREN conference.

Far Right Unites in European Initiative

Kevin Rawlinson and Paul Cahalan, The Independent, February 27, 2012

They achieve notoriety through a mix of combustible characters and often ugly protests, yet are kept on the political margins due to infighting and ill thought-out policies. But, next month, at a meeting in Denmark, some of Europe’s most notorious right-wing groups will meet for the European Counter-Jihad Meeting.

Those attending could witness the birth of a right-wing movement, the European Defence League—and the beginning of a dangerous new phase in extremist politics.

Representatives from defence leagues in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the USA, Italy, Poland and Finland are due to attend, along with the anti-Muslim groups Stop Islamisation of Europe, Stop Islamisation of the World and the far-right European Freedom Initiative. It is feared the new umbrella organisation could co-ordinate right-wing activities across Europe while politicising and unifying disparate groups. The idea, which is being championed by the English Defence League (EDL), could be modelled on the European Union—with delegates from participating countries meeting regularly.

How can we support these people in Denmark, ferfuxache?

Dr Goodwin added that, historically, the far-right has often tried to build alliances on the Continent. “If there is anything the Breivik experience taught us, it is that the European-level movements, which share ideas and resources, are very dangerous.”

Mr Goodwin says that as though it was a bad thing. I particularly like:-

Those attending could witness the birth of a right-wing movement, the European Defence League—and the beginning of a dangerous new phase in extremist politics.

Dangerous to whom?


PS; note the use of lefty pejoratives ... "Dangerous"; "extreme"; "notorious"

Anonymous said...

Namely, that large numbers of persecuted Afrikaners should enter Holland and Germany on tourist visas or whatever...

And there's the problem.

Not that they can't get tourist visas.

But that they won't get them TOGETHER.

The same problem that caused the fall of South Africa -- the whole West really -- in the first place.

The Afrikaners might actually still have some material goods to lose by migrating...

Anonymous said...

The one possibility I see for SA is that in absolute and proportional terms the number of whites is very high compared to other African countries. There may be critical mass. You can't kill off 5 million people.

AnalogMan said...

Actually, there is an established project to petition the UN and European governments (including Neterlands) for right of return. You can see the documentation at

If you email jussanguinis (at) they will send you their briefing paper. I had an interesting correspondence with their Lara Johnstone a little over a year ago. Warning: if you should encounter this lady, you'll need either a thick skin or a sense of humour, preferably the latter.

I can't guarantee that email address is still current, but if anybody tries and fails to make contact, I'll send a copy of the briefing document to anyone who requests it from myvuisboek (at)

Anonymous said...

An appeal.......
another British school is force feeding
its pupils halal muck.

please let them know your thoughts

Paris Claims

Shaunantijihad said...

OT, but if I have little sympathy for genetically useless white women who sleep with Homo Erectus and are brutally mauled or even killed by them, I have even less for the scum of the white race who miss out even the genus Homo and descend straight the Dante's 9th level of Hell and sleep with apes.

Did she really deserve all that medical treatment, I have to ask?

Uberdude said...

If the white people of South Africa elect to move themselves en masse into a single white homeland we may be sure of one thing; it will swiftly be moved into the crosshairs and marked out, by the MSM and all liberal opinion, for destruction by any and all means possible.Bring them to Ireland, I say, and let them finally do with this asshole country what the natives still have failed to do, i.e., make it at last everything it should be.

Anonymous said...

This is'nt really related to anything above but is just an enquiry.

I seem to remember reading somewhere once that,until about 1970 or so,the two White ethnic groups with the highest birth rates anywhere in the world were Afrikaaners and Quebecois.Something like 9 or 10 children per family.

Is this correct?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The one possibility I see for SA is that in absolute and proportional terms the number of whites is very high compared to other African countries. There may be critical mass. You can't kill off 5 million people.

Oh, really?

Death toll in Bosnia - 102,000

Death Toll in Rwanda - 500,000 -- 1,000,000

Death Toll in Darfur - 400,000

Death Toll in Congo - 5,000,000

Death Toll in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and proposed war in Iran ... proposed war in Pakistan ... proposed war(s) in Africa ...?

Who knows? ... Hillary's not done yet.
The niggers could start tomorrow and not one western country would lift a finger to stop it


Shaunantijihad said...

Despite the oppressive Marxist indoctrination program of our children, Pandora's box ultimately releases the final surprise - Hope!

Take a look at what our kids think of their indoctrination!

For example:

Q. What do we call the science of classifying living things?
A. Racism

The Daily Mail thinks these answers are merely funny, rather than children showing insightful contempt for their Marxist inferiors.

Oh happy day!

SAVANT said...

UN, to weigh in on the side of the original commentator......I think the protagonists in the cases you mention were quite different. You very seldom see black Africans taking out vast numbers of whites. They might have the intention but just don't have the organisational capability and whites do.

beppo said...

@ Mr a
The birth rate in Quebec up to the seventies was the highest in Canada all right-I was there and 9 or 10 children would by no means have been unusual.
Some have pointed out that the drop in family size parallels the drop off in religious observance.

Piet said...

Afrikaner's did have a high birth rate, much higher than other whites. Especially farmers (boers). But that's gone way down I'd say.

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

UN, to weigh in on the side of the original commentator......I think the protagonists in the cases you mention were quite different. You very seldom see black Africans taking out vast numbers of whites. They might have the intention but just don't have the organisational capability and whites do.

True, Savant, but I feel that if a functioning and effective WN group started taking back and striking back, it would be a matter of minutes before Hillary is on the blower (and her knees) to her masters, and a matter of days before UN troops, led by the US, the UK, France and Norway and directed of course, by the tribe, hit the ground and start shooting, rocketing and bombing ZA whites back to the Triassic ... fuck the stone age.

They'll take a few million nogs with them, but that's okay. There's more where that came from ... in Manchester, Detroit and Notting Hill at least.

Congress, the Pentagon, the First Ape and the MSM will dub it "Operation Permanent Enduring Personal Freedom and Eternal Justice For All Forever This Time We Really Mean It." or some such shit, but at the end of it, when the whole of South Africa (and its inhabitants) are an inch-thick sheet of radioactive glass, shot through with a few interesting colours, then the carpet-baggers will move in and start prospecting for oil.

This time with no interruptions.

The last straw is that the whole truth of the matter will only be revealed on your blog when you and I are old, old men.



Anonymous said...

Behind the schaltzscreen, the liberals who engineered the Marxist revolution in SA are Jews.

The idea (as always) is to remove the Whites (whom they regard as competitors) - then the Jews rule.

But insulated from the blacks whom they call Kooshis.

The whole point of Kooshi on White crime is to make a society cushy for the Jews. This requires a major demographic shift.

SA Jews. Yes. We have got the whole passel of them here in Oz.

Gary Paul said...

It's very hard to take an benign view of what South Africa's jews did. The lot of them supported apartheid until it looked in trouble, thenthey turned on us. And when the whole went pear-shaped they upped sticks and left. To where their co-ethnics made sure the welcome mat was pushed out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks beppo and Piet.

My memory is not yet completely decrepit.


Anonymous said...

Thanks beppo and Piet.

My memory is not yet completely decrepit.


Anonymous said...

Here in Canada, we allowed 492 uninvited brown Sri Lankans to land on our western shores on board an old freighter, where we promptly laid out a very expensive "red carpet" that has cost us tens of million$$ since their unwanted arrival in 2010.

Those are small numbers compared to the OTHER 30,000 phony "refugees" who arrive EVERY YEAR by other modes, usually by expensive air travel and they never gain any media attention. The exception to the rule for the invadees by sea was because of their mass invading technique.

Hardly a peep of protest is ever mounted against these civilian occupying armies of foreigners year after year.

Yet, we had ONE(!) White South African man claiming refugee status here in Canada, and immediately all hell let loose with world-wide attention.

See this 2 min. News Video.

Something amiss here!!!

Anonymous said...

For those with any lingering doubts about the rottenness of the british justice system ... I present this to both of you:-

Thursday, March 01, 2012
One of Britain's crookedest cops walks free from three-year jail sentence after serving just 14 days behind bars

Disgraced police chief Ali Dizaei smirks after being released from prison yesterday just two weeks after receiving a three-year sentence for corruption.
The 49-year-old Scotland Yard commander was sent back to jail on February 13 after being found guilty for a second time of framing an innocent man.

But because he had already spent 15 months behind bars before winning a retrial, the £100,000-a-year officer was eligible to be released on an electronic tag.
Hours after being freed he and his third wife, Shy, could not contain their delight as they walked outside their home in Acton, West London.

Iranian-born Dizaei – who while in the police repeatedly played the race card to intimidate critics – vowed to clear his name, saying: ‘This is not the end of this case by a long way, as you will soon discover.’

The officer, dubbed a ‘criminal in uniform’ by Nick Hardwick, former head of watchdog the Independent Police Complaints Commission, added: ‘I believe I am the victim of a sophisticated witch-hunt over many years.’

Can you imagine how much dirt this character must have on every british politician? He must have shots of Tony blair blowing Harriet Harman's hamster.

Or Fergy's beaver. What has happened to the ginger strumpet these days, anyway? Staying out of prison, is she?


Anonymous said...

Back to the business at hand: Please read this and tell me that the Yewnited States is not a suburb of Tel Aviv.

Alan Dershowitz: Policing Jewish Opponents of a War with Iran

Kevin MacDonald

Jews have always policed their own—a basic element of any successful group and a central idea behind the cultural group selection model of Judaism. A good example is the drama playing out now on the attempt to police Jews who are critical of Israel’s desire for a war with Iran. Media Matters, the leftist news organization whose main goal has been to attack Fox News, has hired MJ Rosenberg, the former AIPAC operative who is now a prominent critic of Israel, to beef up its foreign policy coverage. Rosenberg commits the sin of using the phrase “Israel Firster” to refer to people like Alan Dershowitz and the Israel Lobby generally. (Rosenberg did not invent this label. As discussed here, the phrase had been used long before by Wilmot Robertson, David Duke, and the Vanguard News Network.) As Rosenberg has noted, saying that AIPAC has dual loyalty is giving them credit for one more loyalty than they actually have.

Rosenberg’s argument bears quoting:

Right now, there is only one interest group in the United States that absolutely opposes any diplomacy to avoid war with Iran and which insists that the United States expressly state (as it has) that war with Iran is definitely “on the table.”

In fact, that interest group, AIPAC, actually got Congress to pass a bill, which President Obama signed, that bans any diplomacy with Iran without express approval of four Congressional committees in advance — as if AIPAC will ever let that happen.

Here's an interesting fragment:

Rosenberg includes a passage that should evoke righteous anger in every American. Despite the decisive role of the Israel Lobby in initiating the Iraq war, the vast majority of the people he is describing are White Americans, and I rather doubt that even one of them is a Jew.

I oppose war because we lost 4,400 men and women in Iraq, a war built on lies and false premises, conveyed by many of the self-same people promoting war with Iran. I don’t think we should lose even one solider in a war against a country that does not directly threaten the American people.

A few months ago, on a beautiful Saturday, I was walking on the grounds of the Walter Reed Army Hospital here in Washington. (A friend got me in.) There were dozens of young guys being pushed around in wheel chairs by parents, wives, girlfriends, buddies, etc. They looked like injured members of the high school football team, except that so many were missing limbs.

I approached an officer and said that these boys seemed cheerful considering their situations. He said, “These soldiers are the lucky ones. They lost limbs and, worse, often testicles [from IED's]. But not their minds. In that building over there are the brain injured. Their parents visit too but you won’t see them out on the grounds like these soldiers.”

What can one say? Read the article and try to make some sense out of it.


Anonymous said...

'Please read this and tell me that the Yewnited States is not a suburb of Tel Aviv'

Most people on this and similar blogs know this. Question is, will anything change? If these people can pull off a stunt like September 11 and get away with it, well it's hard to be hopeful. Not while most American's minds are taken up with the X Factor and the Superbowl.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Savant for tolerating these slightly off-topic wanderings.

If the following dollar figure mentioned below is anywhere near the quoted number, this is one massively huge Israeli $hakedown!! (and that's not including Germany's annual "contributions")

British MP Lady Jenny Tonge is attributed to having said:

"One day, the United States of America will get sick of giving £70 BILLION a year ($112,000,000,000) to Israel to support what I call America's aircraft carrier in the Middle East – that is Israel. One day, the American people are going to say to the Israel lobby in the USA: enough is enough."

For every one of Israel's 7 million men, women and children, each receives how much from U.S. taxpayers??


Jeremy said...

ELN - that 70 billion a year figure is total lunacy, It's between 5 and 10% of that depending your definition.

I thought this lady was jewish?

Anonymous said...

UN Posted:

"Jews have always policed their own—a basic element of any successful group and a central idea behind the cultural group selection model of Judaism."

(Professor Kevin MacDonald)

Here is another issue where the tribe stood together.

A member of the tribe threatened Obama with assassination - see the story & reaction:

" Andrew Adler, publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, resigned Monday after igniting a firestorm by suggesting that the assassination of President Barack Obama would be an appropriate option for the Israeli government. "


The reaction:

dave said...

Yes, the Adler thing duly disappeared within a couple of days, never to be heard of again.

We're still hearing about Stephen Lawrence, 20 years later.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that the lady MP was being pessimistic. The figure she quoted was for total aid from the late forties till 2008.

Article here:-

However, just why israel should get get one thin dime in aid is beyond me. Covington (gotta love that boy) pointed out that the greatest supporter of Israel and the tribe in the US are the lobotomised bible thumpers in the form of the evangelical Christians.

These people (thoroughly deluded by -- and interestingly enough, vilified by -- the tribe) feel that they are spiritually linked to the biblical israelites and will be swept up in The Rapture on Judgement Day, so that they and the hebes can look down from their cloudy perch and watch the rest of us sinners plummet into the Abyss.

Between you, me and the gatepost, I'd rather spend eternity in hell than another nanosecond with those hosenosed bastards.

Covington also pointed out that the tribe have spent the last half-century driving the ragheads into a paroxysm of hatred of themselves, and that when the dam bursts, it's going to be ... biblical.

The goat-fuckers may detest us, but their collective loathing of the tribe is incandescent.

Hoo, boy.


Anonymous said...

Further to my last, those figures for US aid to the tribe were up until 2008.

The antics of Ben Bernanke (and his hanke-panke) as well as the plundering antics of Goldman-Sachs over the last three years have probably tripled that amount.

Where do you think the wealth of the world sits now? My money is on Tel Aviv.


Anonymous said...

Any comment, Savant?

Ireland Signs Controversial ‘Irish SOPA’ Into Law; Kicks Off New Censorship Regime

March 1, 2012‘Irish_SOPA’_Into_Law%3B_Kicks_Off_New_Censorship_Regime/18215/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Remember how EMI sued the Irish government for failing to pass a SOPA-like law that will force ISPs to act as copyright cops and censor and block access to websites that the entertainment industry doesn’t like? Well, apparently, the end result is that the Irish government has now signed the bill into law. This happened despite widespread protests in Ireland against the bill.

The Irish Minister for Research and Innovation, Sean Sherlock, is insisting that the final version of the bill is much more limited than earlier proposals, and that it took guidance from recent EU Court of Justice rulings that say ISPs shouldn’t have to be proactive about blocking. That still means that copyright holders can petition to force ISPs to block all access to various websites, and as we’ve seen in other countries in Europe, you can bet that the major record labels and studios will be doing just that very soon (if they haven’t already) — though their track record on properly calling out infringement isn’t very good.

Sherlock, apparently realizing just how bad this looks to the citizenry, is trying to balance this announcement out by also saying that he’s launching the “next stage” of the process to review copyright in Ireland, with the goal of “removing barriers to innovation.” This is an ongoing process that we first wrote about last year, when the country realized that existing copyright law was holding back innovation.

Of course, the end result is that the government appears to be trying to move in two different directions at once. On the one hand, it’s catering to the legacy entertainment industry interests and hindering the internet as the platform that enables new business models… while at the same time paying lip service to how it has to increase such innovation. Here’s a tip: the first thing towards increasing innovation in business models online is not putting misplaced liability on service providers, not setting up a censorship regime, and not removing the incentives for the entertainment industry to actually embrace innovative business models.


Seneca said...

UN - some theological clarification here. The odd thing is that while fundamentalist Christians support the Israelis and actively encourage Armageddon, they most certainly do not plan to share Heavenly Rapture with them.

No, the Jews who do not convert to Christianity are scheduled to join the rest of the doomed in the plunge to Hades.

SAVANT said...

@UN re SOPA. Not in the least surprised at this. Don't blame Sherlock or the Irish govt. too much. There is massive international pressure to regulate the Internet both to give Hollywood and the 'music' industry more money but also to control undesirable content. Noam mean?

I've written about it here:

Anonymous said...

Seneca said...

No, the Jews who do not convert to Christianity are scheduled to join the rest of the doomed in the plunge to Hades.


I have always felt that it is foolish to expect life to be fair. I never dreamed that death could be a bastard as well.

I think I'll convert to Hinduism.


Corkonian said...

No, Uncle Nasty, you must take Jesus into your life and then rejoice at the everlasting suffering for those who do not.

That's the trick. None of this Hindu shit.

Anonymous said...

According to latest statistics from the US Department of Homeland Security, about 129 South Africans were granted asylum between 2001 and 2010;

Immigration New Zealand's general manager for settlement, protection and attraction, Stephen Dunstan, said 48 South Africans had applied for refugee status since 2006. All were rejected;

Germany's Federal Office for Migration and Refugees received nine applications for asylum between 2009 and 2011. Source


Gary Paul said...

ELN - were these granted asylim white? If so it could set a really useful precedent.

Anonymous said...

Malfunction in Detroit

A lovely city. Until the blacks arrived.

Anonymous said...

Asylum seeker jailed in £100 000 bedsit scam

AN asylum seeker was in jail last night for a house-letting scam which made her £100,000.

Crooked Rose Chimuka took leases on family homes and then illegally sub-divided them into bedsits. She let them out to unsuspecting tenants and pocketed rent — ripping off the real landlords by giving them nothing.

Zimbabwe-born Chimuka, 32, packed up to 15 people into each house in what police called an "elaborate fraud".

They would be more welcome than the above.

What is this jail that they speak of?

Is it a special place where white benefits cheats never get sent?