Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Applied Anthropology seminar at Dekaney High

Down Texas way they say that Dekaney High School is an educational disaster zone. After all it's 62% black, 31% Hispanic and only 3% white. But I don't know. Recent events there indicate to me that they have, perhaps unwittingly, pioneered a new approach to the subject of Applied Anthropology - which is the practical hands-on study of the development of human societies, cultures and the behaviour of man.

Check out this link and see if you agree with me.


Rob said...

It's just work experience, Savant. They're pracitising for the prison riots most of them will be involved in within a few years of graduating.

rebel said...

Heading straight for Nigger University.

Anonymous said...

We here in America are truly blessed to have so many young African-American scholars. The article's anthropological video sufficiently demonstrates that our burgeoning Negro student population unfailingly and consistently makes immense academic and literary contributions to our society.
In fact, I am going to write my Congressman to request that my taxes be increased to provide even more welfare benefits to these future physicists and philosophers.

Anonymous said...

This cracked me up....

Anonymous said...

I doubt many of those yard apes and wetbacks will be graduating. LOL

Rastus said...

Did you see in the report that one of the 'mothers' said that the school should be 'closed down'.

Great idea. Then build a new one and send the same savages to it. Should work a treat.

Rastus said...

Clarification: Nigger University = Jail!

Bemused stare said...

On a similar note. Apparently there are now new requirements for being a nasty racist.

Yep, having freshly learned how to bend over and keep lube handy for the occasion, it turns out that doing that "beez rayciss."

Anonymous said...

Comments are fuckin' hilarious! What most Americans are thinking.


Shaunantijihad said...

Their solution is always to move to a White area, or a White country. They can't help turning where they go into Africa. But we can help it. Only physical separation works. The more distance the better. In Dutch I believe the word is Apartheid.

OT, but please take the time to go through yet more new information on 911 here:

The Real Truth Behind The Greatest Illusion Of All Time- 9/11

Clogheen said...

JP - good point. I always look at the comments to see what real people are thinking.

eh said...

Dekaney High School cracks down on tardy students after brawl

Actually, given what happens there I'd think they'd want to encourage tardiness, even absenteeism.

Anonymous said...

Amen Anon 23:40 We hear you!

There was a post in December about some science meeting and was there a black face among them? NO!

Yet why does Morgan Freeman play scientists if they did not exist in real life?

Just wait Mars will be colonised by the inventions of these folk.

Anonymous said...

If they cannot eat it, drink it, or f88k it they destroy it.

LB Johnson or someone amending his quote.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't they be in school learning about Black inventors seeing as it is black History Month?

TBone said...

"Shouldn't they be in school learning about Black inventors seeing as it is black History Month?"

Not much use. They'd learn all about that in 30 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Be fair. The blacks did invent necklacing.

Anonymous said...

Here we have a microcosm of the America of tomorrow. Considering the America of yesteryear it makes me want to weep.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Be fair. The blacks did invent necklacing.

Oddly enough, I heard a rumour that it was first suggested by the east Germans. The same guys who tutored the IRA in bomb-making. Can't vouch for it, though.


Geli Merkel's old STASI buddies were very active in Africa. More than most people think.

Anonymous said...

Just saw on the news tonight a citizenship ceremony .It was depressing beyond belief.
The sight of my identity being destroyed by third worlders is horrible.
When and where did the Irish people consent to this ? They did nt.This is racial fascism.

As far a I am concerned they are not Irish and never will be.

I hope to God we get a far right dicatatorship here soon and Shatter and the rest of his buddies engaged in Lebensraum against the Irish people are executed en masse for their racial hate crimes against the Irish people.

Anonymous said...

While we're on the subject of liberation and demockassee and all that.

How's that "Arab Spring" working out?

Terrified Football Fans Fled Carrying Dead Bodies into Team’s Dressing Room After ‘Covert Attack by Egyptian Security Forces’ Left 74 Dead and 1,000 Injured

Lee Moran, Daily Mail (London), February 2, 2012

Security forces loyal to ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak have been blamed for sparking the football riot which killed 74 people and left more than 1,000 injured.

Violence flared in the Mediterranean city of Port Said last night after local team Al-Masry beat Cairo’s Al-Ahly—the country’s most successful club—3-1.

The final whistle prompted more than 13,000 home fans, armed with knives, iron bars and machetes, to storm the pitch and attack rival players and their 1,200 supporters.

Police and stadium security staff looked nonchalantly on as rioters fired flares into the stands and fans were flung off their seats onto the pitch.

One officer was filmed as people poured onto the field, talking on a mobile phone. Stones, fireworks and bottles were thrown—sparking a devastating stampede where many were crushed to death.

Some fans were cornered in the stadium as parts of it were set on fire—others joined Al-Ahly players in fleeing to their dressing room where they locked themselves in for safety.

Egyptian soldiers were later airlifted in by helicopter to rescue stranded players who became trapped in the changing rooms. As the trouble unfolded in Port Said, a stadium in Cairo was also set on fire by fans after a referee cancelled a match.

Al-Ahly goalkeeper Sharif Ikrami, who was injured in the clashes and said the entire team had now quit football, said dead bodies were carried past him in the changing room.

He said: ‘There were people dying in front of us. It’s over.

‘We’ve all made a decision that we won’t play soccer any more. We can’t think about it.’

Pure hooliganism, and a bitter long-standing rivalry of clashes between the two sets of fans, was initially blamed for the worst football riot in Egyptian history.

But speculation is now mounting that the riot was orchestrated by pro-Mubarak forces in revenge against Al Ahly’s ultra fans.

Football partisanship is all very fine, but ...

This, like pretty much everything orchestrated by the tribe, will not end well.

Uncle Nasty

Corkonian said...

Have you noticed how many new 'citizens' have been granted since Shatter took power?

All the pieces clicking into place.

Anonymous said...

They are working less, paying less tax, and getting money from whites but never paying any back.
So who is smarter. I'll answer that for the slower ones. Blacks are smarter than whites. A lot smarter.
The behaviour of most whites is pathological. The pathologies are too numerous to list, but zenophillia and maladaptive altruism come to mind. We are an evolutionary dead end.

white flight said...

Indeed! Shatter is doing in Ireland what his fellow tribesmen, Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw, Barbara Roche, and Margaret Hodge, did in Britain after Labour came to power in 1997.

Open the floodgates to the third world and start the wholesale race-replacement of the indigenous population.

Many Irish people are still babbling their PC, multi-culti platitudes. They don't have a fecking clue of what's about to hit them.

beppo said...

It is surprising that some are surprised at the multiculturising activities of the gent Shatter since he has had no qualms about telegraphing his punches in the past.

Some years ago a sizeable contingent of enrichers were moved into a town here in Ireland. Eventually complaints were made by elders and parents in the community about their unacceptable behaviour whereupon Shatter excoriated the citizens for their zenophobia and racism.

I was, at the time, a bit surprised at this behaviour from an Irish politician towards the electorate and his fellow-Irishmen; later, as I learnt more,the situation became clearer.

However, since he has progressed well in his career to a position of influence and perhaps some power in the intervening years, I can only give him credit for so accurately estimating the prevailing zeitgeist.

Anonymous said...

The same guys who tutored the IRA in bomb-making.

Irish invented the car bomb.

Corkonian said...

beppo. you seem to be forgetting shatter's tribal agenda in all of this.

Bemused stare said...

From Bemused stare's "holy crap files".

THREE JUVENILES accused of assaulting a cabdriver and his passenger in Center City Saturday night while shouting racial slurs will not be charged with a hate crime, the District Attorney's Office said yesterday.

The teens, who are black, were not charged with hate crimes because there was no evidence that the assault had been motivated by the race of the victims, who are white, said Tasha Jamerson, D.A. spokeswoman. Just shouting racial epithets during the commission of a crime doesn't rise to the level of ethnic intimidation, she said.

Take special note of the passenger, bear in mind he didn't even come forward until the cops found him.

Anonymous said...

I think beppo,with admirable Irish understatement,understands only too well Corkonian.

If its been pissing rain for a week,some Irishman will say "Its been a bit damp alright".

As with self-deprecation,the Irish could give the English,supposedly the masters of this art,lessons.

Beppo understands perfectly.

Unfortunately,the time for understatement has long since passed.


Anonymous said...

The behaviour of most whites is pathological. The pathologies are too numerous to list, but zenophillia and maladaptive altruism come to mind. We are an evolutionary dead end.

Sadly, true. But these pathologies have been given to us. They are not inherent. Look at the behaviour or whites up until one and a half centuries ago.

We basically killed everything and everyone who looked at us sideways.

We have to take that back. De-feminise the race, remove the influence of women and soft men.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that is not unusual.

One year before Rodney King was rodneykinged a man was stabbed multiple times while his assailants shouted "Kill the white motherfucker!"

Did not make the media unlike serial criminal Rodney King.

And was not a hate crime as white motherfucker was used. If it were black motherfucker that would be a hate crime. Or white manfucker. That would also be a hate crime.

beppo said...

Corconian: His status as a member of the jewish community is exactly what I was refering to.

rebel said...

@anon 20.01. Bare in mind that it was white journalists and editors that made the decision to keep that attack out of the media.

Anonymous said...

Race privilege explained
do do do do the do

nice tune too!

Who is going to print up the posters

"Reality is hard to see when you are a cultural marxist"?

Anonymous said...

Listening to RTE radio 1 on my way to work this morning, one of the interviewees explained that the recent citizenship ceremony was nothing less than a joyous rest bite from Irelands economic woes. I had to restrain myself from ripping the radio from the dash board.

These people are clearly the same ideologically driven swiveled eyed psychopaths that made the Nazis and Communist nightmares possible.

Now the new ideology seems to be Racial & Cultural communism in the guise of something called multiculturalism, which incendently both Merkel & Sarkozy declared an outright failure on account of the various groups polarizing themselves instead of breeding with the host populations as planned. Now Merkel demands integration, apparently she wants the German nation to kill itself by cross breeding itself out of existence.

Does Merkel despise her own kin that much that she truly believes that the world would be a much better place without the white race and her German kin in particular. or does she believe that only they, the radical students of the sixties were truly the enlightened ones. They were going to change the world after all.

Of course our always so obedient brain dead country men & women can't eradicate there own racial / ethnic group fast enough. All they need is a banner to follow and a mantra to chant, " Diversity is our greatest strength. Racism is second only to murder.

I really feel like an outsider at the moment, the only sane person at the asylum.


Jeremy said...

Gerry, you ask Does Merkel despise her own kin that much that she truly believes that the world would be a much better place without the white race and her German kin in particular?

The answer is yes, she, and the rest of our western 'leaders' do just that.

Mick said...

Meanwhile, in England, the witch-hunt against white "racists" continues:

The comments show that, at least some, people are wise to what's going on.

Corkonian said...

Mick - dont forget that comments are heavily censored by biased moderators. I know that I've had numerous comments rejected and none of them contained any 'objectionable' material. The only objectionable thing was the message.

Anonymous said...

Damn you you maniacs!
You blew it up!
Damn you all to hell!

beppo said...

@ 12:11

Sock it to them Homer!

Denise said...

Bemused Stare,

You mean weaselly passenger Brian GOLDMAN? The Self Chosen that ran away, when the cabbie got out and tried to help him? GOLDMAN has "written" a PATHETIC apolgiaski, explainng the that the attacks are "society's fault".

Fyi - the attacks were right in Center City. The heart of Killadelphia's business district. There have ben numeorus attacks, even in the cold weather! Mayor Nutbag is making noise, about doing soemthing (nothing will be done)cause if that White money bails - dey gonna beez da next DEEtroit!

Enjoy the Comments.

Clogheen said...

Denise - thanks for that link. Well that Goldman shike has some nerve, hasn't he? Blaming everyone except himself and the thugs. I'd like to quote one of the comments you referred to, by someone with the good Irish name of Ciaran.

"Goldman – why can’t you tell the truth? You and the poor cabby were attacked by feral racist BLACKS. Blacks have been attacking Whites all over the country, simply to attack Whites. It’s RACIAL attacks. They get away with it because they know it’s Open Season on Whites, with Obama and Holder in office. It’s it’s “society’s fault” – it’s because Blacks have been to grow increasingly hostile, violent, and demanding – and Whites have been too conned and cowed into caving and grovelling before any Non-white, because they’ve been systematically demonized with the slur “racist”. So let’s discuss how this all happened, and start talking about the consitent, and outrageous levels of Black crime rates. Shall we? Mayor Nutter has – although it’s all lip service. Come on Goldman – let’s get REAL"

Anonymous said...

NU also known as African American Adult Day Care Center.

Presumably die to more demand they will be known as an African European Adult Day Care Centre over here?

kualk said...

So there was a live Mariachi band at the grocery store today.


It's a got a fiddle.

A gee-tar.

A horn.

A man singing a melody.

Good lord but it sure beats the hell out of nigger "music."

If I try really hard, I can almost pretend it's polka.

kulak said...

"weaselly passenger Brian GOLDMAN?"

Why Denise, I was about to say regarding the cabbie that "no good deed goes unpunished."

That was a close one.

m said...

kulak, as a discerning musician I regard it as a close call between Mariachi and n*gger. Why is it that Mexican banks are alwsays out of tune? Even the brass elements are off key. How do they manage that?

nemesis said...

What a despicable shit that Goldman is.

Anonymous said...


Re your post on Brian GOLDMAN of The Daily Pennsylvanian.

I’ve just posted my comment. I wonder if they’ll publish it?

Goldman: “These mobs, call them whatever you may — flash mobs, violent teen mobs or just unruly mobs...”

I just call them NIGGERS!

And it’s about time you and your ilk were on the receiving end for once – seeing as it’s your TRIBE that are the cause of every fucking problem in the United States and Western Europe.

Frank Galton

Denise said...


Glad you liked that article, or rather, the Comnents. There are lots of good comments on that post. People are definitely starting to "get it". The real reason I posted the article is to show the picture of the oily Goldman. His scuminess, and true identity, is emblazoned all over his repulsive face. He FLED the cabbie who tried to defend him - never called for help himself, but whines about the bystanders - and went right on his date. If this one little story doesn't illustrate the ENTIRE history of the relationship The Self Chosen, and their Christian Goy dupes - I don't know what does.

Denise said...

Frank Galton,

I'm checking to see now if your comment is published. I doubt it though, if you deploy the Nigger bomb.

Motoboy said...

anon 17.02. No sign of a 'niggers' comment in that thread.

Eimear said...

I looked at the linked video. I believe that I'm a kind hearted person and have never knowingly hurt or insulted anyone.

But I find myself increasingly of the view that blacks really are a different species. My mother would die if she knew I said that!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Damn you you maniacs!
You blew it up!
Damn you all to hell!

4 February 2012 12:11

Planet of the Apes?