Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Another DWL bites the dust

As they sow, so shall they reap.

Michael Schein has an intelligent, highly motivated, talented daughter who loves to teach. So much so that she gave months even years of her time on a pro bono basis. She eventually got a temporary position which eventually became permanent. That's where the problems started.

Over to Michael.......

'The one thing my daughter had no control over – the color of her skin – determined that no matter what she had done or what she could do in the future, she would not be re-hired.Did I mention that she is Caucasian? The school calls it diversity. I would call it racism. I do not make that charge lightly. I am a liberal; I understand that affirmative action was a reasonable remedy for past wrongs.'

Well Mike (may I call you Mike?) I'd like to put a little nuance on where you say 'I understand that affirmative action was a reasonable remedy for past wrongs. What you really mean Mike is that AA was fine as long as it didn't affect you. Deep down, Mike, that's what you felt.

Mike, I know a lot of people like you. I have friends in academia, dyed-in-the-wool liberals, who became, well, no longer dyed-in-the-wool liberals when they were blatantly passed over because they were White. And you see Mike, as the productive White population gets smaller and smaller (an event much celebrated by people like yourself) more and more people like you will get Affirmative Actioned. And if you believe that 'people of colour' will reciprocate when you're in need of a bit of AA, well, ok Mike. And by the way, don’t forget to clean up after your unicorn as you're at it.

A hard lesson, Mike, for both you and your daughter. Both you and she have been trained in the delicate art of not seeing what's in front of your nose. I hope you'll see this as 'a learning experience' (see, I'm speaking your language now!) and join us in the reality-based universe.


Bemused stare said...

Awww, shame. She lost her job.

Would you like me to send you a bunch of lovely pics of my people who have lost their lives, so he could live his cute and fuzzy wuzzy dream?

**If I do send the pics don't for Christ sake look at them, just forward them to him.

Anonymous said...

I loved this bit-

"Did I mention that she is Caucasian? The school calls it diversity. I would call it racism. And I don't say that lightly."

I can just picture him saying that in hushed tones, looking at you intently like he was telling you some great secret. The great secret that non-Caucasians can actually be racist.

Wow ... who could have guessed?

Anonymous said...

Hi Savant,

Great post all the way around. I despise liberals, but I absolutely LOVE them when they are "mugged by reality" and experience what amounts to an epiphany. I've seen this phenomenon transpire many times over the years, and it's always a net loss for the leftists and a net gain for our side. Our good friend Mike may yet prove to be a very compelling and eloquent apologist for white prerogatives. Time will tell, but I'll take 'em where I can find 'em.

All the best, and I've recommended your blog to all of my friends -

Windy City Irish Pollack

Bemused stare said...

Notice how fast he went to moderation on his posts? Guess he doesn't want an open discussion.

Denise said...

Here is what I wrote to Schein. Let's see if my post is published:

"Mr Schein,

Sadly, you are a deluded fool. Fortunatley, now that the practical realities of the insanitioes "Liberalism" have touched you, and yours in a real-world negative way, you are innately healthy honest, and sensible enough to admit basic survival instincts are kicking in, and you are protesting the injuries and injustice being committed against your child. Fortunately, yoo useem to be wising up a bit. Allow me to help you along. Too bad you, and millions of others, didn't understand the evil real-world effects of "Liberalism" decades ago.

Classical Liberalism was born of the Enlightenment era. FYI - it was created BY Europeans FOR Europeans.THAt means WHITE People/ Yes - this is TRUE. You will NOT find any philosophies akin to "Liberalism/Enlightenment Idealism" in other racial groups. Whites, and Whites alone, exibit a proclivity for the celebration of Individualism. (and you go ahead and try to counter my position with REAL WORLD DATA - you can't do it - but that NEVER stopped "Liberals" from defending their delusions to the death of some-one else). "Liberalism" worked reasonably well among assorted White populations, but Whites made the tragic and DISASTROUS mistake of believing in, and acting on the collasal FRAUD that "We are all alike underneath". This is NOT true. Rwace is REAL, racial differences are PROFOUND, and non-Whites are NOT White. They ARE what they ARE. Other ethnies are collectivist, and heirarchical. Again - you do all you can to ty to disprove my FACTS - the entire history of global human civilization is my "source". Other ethnies are intested in aquiring POWER. Whites are as well - but Western Civilization - Whitey world - has always been motivated by ideas. The GREAT Quest for Western Man has been the search for truth, and knowledge.


Denise said...

Western Civilization, alas, is in utter collapse, and Whites are being systematically genocided, by the influx of racial, thus cultural aliens. "Diversity" IS a Marxist scam to destroy Western civilization, and the Whites Race. YES it is; you go research the members of and goals of the demons of the Frankfurt School, Marxists who set OUT to destroy Western societies, in order to achieve absolute power. They made the implementation of "Race Crimes" theiur Number tactic, in order to destroy social cohesion. The "ideal' of Racial Egalitarianism (which was NEVER originally a part OF classical Liberalism) appeals to fai-minded, decent, ordinary White folks - especially in live and let live America. Whites, overall, have had it pretty good, in the USA, for generations. No natural predators, for decades, have made Whites soft, and oblivious to natural, basic self-preservation instincts. Whites, and Whites ALONE, have been HAMMERED, bombarded practically 24/7, that the WORST sin in the world is being a "racist". Nothing else is worse. All other Races are encourgaed and rewarded for having pride in, and supporting member of their own race, but Whites are NOT allowed to celebrate or participate in their own unique cultures, and congregate with other Whites, and form organizations exclusively be and for Whites. Doing so can result in social condemnation, ostracism, loss of employment, jail time in Canada, and Western Europe, and threats of assault ,and death. You look it up,.if you think I am being outrageous.

Denise said...

Tragically, most Whitee go along with their own extermination, but will fight like holy warriors to protect and preserve the "rights" and lives of members of other Races, who DO NOT RETURN THE FAVOR - and excoriate and reject ANY White who dares to speak the truth, and identifies AS White.

A few practical issues - Michael King did NOT want to judge people by the content of their character. Those pretty owrds were palgiarized by King's chief Commie handler, Stanley Levison, who plagairized most of King's speeches. The speeches, and King's persona, were CREATED to appeal TO mainstream Whites. To accept "integration", in order to DESTROY White society. King, like Rosa Parks, was a trained COMMUNIST. He wanted special PRIVILEGES for Blacks, and he WANTED sex with White women. His Commie handlers fed him an endless supply of White women. Why do you think al the FBI recordings have been seald for 50 years? A moral icon does NOT need to have his FBI tapes sealed up for decades. His image will be shattered, if those tapes are EVER released. Apparently King was very vulgar, and foul-mouthed, off script. Also - there are apparently ENDLESS recordings of King banging White females. screaming, "I am NOT a Black Man tonight!!!" - as well as post-coital beating of his alabaster paramours.

Secondly - there is a 200 year, 100% consistent history of WHAT HAPPENS when Negroes are allowed IN to White societies. Whites begin to "feel sorry for the Good Ones" - they grant rights, and citizenship, Blacks accumulate power, KILL OFF the Whites, and destroy EVERYTHING. Haiti, South Africa, Rhodesia - these nations were funded BY Whitres, and the stroy is the same. Now America IS rapidly turnign into South Africa. Your daughter's predicament is the beginning stages of this process. Blacks do NOT care about being "fair" - they want POWER, and THINGS. They want what Whitey creates. They cannot create what Whitey creates. Never have, never will - due to innate and INTRACTABLE racial differences. They DO NOT WANT WHITEY.

Do not continue to delude yourself. If you do NOT know about that which I am writing about - get up to speed FAST. You and your family had bloody well better learn EXACTLY what I mean when I tell you that the USA is turning into South Africa. You own family will suffer horrors is you dismiss my words. You will live to see the monstrous consequences of your "Liberal" vanities.

No you have been warned. Let's see if you publish this post - and if you heed your warning. "

Anonymous said...

Couldn't happen to a more deserving family.

Link to a classic news item:

Robert in Arabia

Anonymous said...

LOL !!

Welcome to the real world, Mike.

BTW: this fool looks like a hebe, if he is, I LOL even harder. :)

Norton Witney on the Marsh said...

Here in this pretty Oxfordshire town on the edge of the "quintessentially English" Cotswolds, there are many white Guardian-reading liberals who like to extol the virtues of "diversity" and "multi-cultural enrichment".

However, this only seems to apply when said enrichment is a long way elsewhere, like London or Birmingham.

Now that the diversity is arriving on their doorstep, in the form of demanding, freeloading, and unpleasantly lairy African immigrants, these liberals are undergoing an attack of cognitive dissonance, and are clearly far from happy, though they won't articulate exactly why. Some are even threatening to move further west, though they claim it's for any reason other than the fact that this town is becoming duskier by the day.

It seems that, for most liberal lefties, enrichment is only a good thing when it's happening to someone else.

Anonymous said...

Nothing puts a smile on my face more than seeing retarded liberals bitching about the effects of AA on their good 'ol selves. This is usually followed by a non liberal outburst as reality hits home and then their privileges are removed.

Poetic justice.

You reap what you sow. Ha Ha.

eh said...

He writes:

I understand that affirmative action was a reasonable remedy for past wrongs.

So AA was ganz OK with him as long as it was other Whites who were losing their jobs, or losing out on opportunities.

So in my book he's JAFC = Just Another Fucking Cretin. Not worth the attention.

His daughter is no doubt a nice person. But it also sounds like she's one of those deluded believers in the 'Nice White Lady' theory: if only enough 'nice white ladies' would go teach the 'underprivileged', things would turn out a lot better for them.

Setanta said...

Yes, I sent a comment to his site linking to this post. Did not get published. So fuck him then.

eh said...


I learned a new word.

Toured the Cotswolds for a few days back in 2009. Nice area. Not sure I'd want to live there.

navan man said...

Denise - some great writing there. IT should be emblazoned over the door of every classroom and office.

Some chance!

Interesting to see if our victim publishes. Up to now he hasn't. Says to me that he retains liberal delusions or at least finds the awakening too much to take.

Well, tough luck. It took many millions of similar sons and daughters to suffer before it was brought home to him.

SAVANT said...

Come on, eh. The Cotswolds are the loveliest place on earth. Slow down, man, and enjoy!

Smokin' Joe said...

Re that chap and his bleating about how unfair it all is when it comes knocking on his own door, well, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for he who is now forced to take a gander. Tough shit on him; tough shit on the daughter but for opposite reasons.

Anonymous said...

After reading Michael's poetry, I think his delusional system is complete.

His unicorn is rainbow inclusive and it only produces deposits of environmentally and culturally positive beatiturd.

eh said...

The Cotswolds are the loveliest place on earth.

One problem is it's in England, and so you have English weather.

soon to be expat said...

Our quiet little market town in Wiltshire has been getting quite a few of these African fellows move here over the past few months. It was all white before this, apart from a few Asians/Chinese at the local takeaways.

Unfortunately there have been a few rather unfortunate misunderstandings so far. Last week I was at the local GP surgery and found the lady receptionists very upset. It appeared that one of the new African patients had taken a dump in one of the urinals in the gents. Some poor old pensioner had seen him in the act and almost had a heart attack.

They tried to point out to the African that he should not have done this and should clean up the mess but he just went off on one, screaming about human rights and racists and, fearing he was going to turn violent, they left it and let him go straight in to see a GP even though, like all of them, he had failed to make an appointment.

Oh dear. I hear there's a lot more of them on the way.

rambaloosa said...

I posted a similat comment to this guy and he didn't post it. So fuck him.

rambaloosa said...

Denise - you write a great truth. Pity this Michael guy hasn't the sense to accept it.

Anonymous said...

Did I mention that she is Caucasian? The school calls it diversity. I would call it racism. And I don't say that lightly."

Wait. affirmative action is racist?

The Great Unwashed said...

I very much enjoyed reading this article.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Dutch have stil got some balls

Corkonian said...

soon to be expat. THis is unimaginably sad that you must leave Wiltshire.

I saw a sheboon at the passport office in Cork kick and scream and stamp her hoofs on the floor simply because she had to join a queue.

Denise said...

To Anonymous at 8:47 - I think Schein's a Hebe, too.

rambaloosa - thanks!

Denise said...

The toad did not publish my epic, albeit badly-spelled post.

Here I what I just wrote to him:

"Ahhh - you didn't publish my fact-laden post. FYI - sorry about all the typos - it was very late by the time I sat down to read and write.

FYI - you are a fucking coward. All your "Liberal" bullshit is now going to bite off your flabby ass. The Nigger takeover is going to take you and yours down. Think of me when one of your family members is murdered by your Pet Orcs. Ta!"

Tony VA said...

Denise - I can't imagine why he didn't publish that! (LoL).

PS - I loved it.

Ilkley no-Moor said...

Here's a great new white nationalist video showing the Islamic colonisation and takeover of Bradford, once a great English city, now a third-world shithole full of no-go areas for whites:

The traitor is the plague.

The same thing is happening in many many other British towns and cities and will be happening in Ireland before too long.

Anonymous said...

Look at this guy, ofcourse he won't publish your comments. He's a dirty Khazar gypsie and is slowly finding out that the big jew doesn't even give two sheckles about the little jew.

It does give me hope that liberals are slowly realising what life as a white, enlightened minority might be like under ZOG in full swing.

- Arrowhead

Calculus said...

Good post savant! can't say better.

From a single edition of the Dallas Morning News, ed Feb. 22nd, 2012.

About a case of claimed abuses in a Dallas ISD school:
"All of this (note: these abuses) happened under the watch of principal KAMALIA COTTON, who appears not to have suffered any consequences to date. She was transfered to another school when the controversy erupted, at her own request, and she has already been tapped to be principal next year at Martin Weiss Elementary. HER PROGRESS FEEDS THE CORROSIVE PERCEPTION AMONG LATINOS THAT THE SCHOOL BUREAUCRACY, DOMINATED BY AFRICAN-AMERICANS, ALWAYS MOVES TO PROTECT ITS OWN..."

Ms Fisher (note: a white girl) is sueing University of Texas at Austin because she was refused the entry based on Affirmative Action. The policy is to admit ALL the top 10% performers, regardless of race. Ms Fisher, who was just short of the top 10% best student, is sueing because "she was denied admittance to UT even though her academic credentials exceeded those of some of the admitted minority students.(...) Fitzpatrick (note: a law professor)said: "But the vast majority of schools that are selective are using affirmative action, though they don't like to advertise it for fear of being sued". The case is Fisher vs the University of Texas at Austin, 11-345.

This case heads for Supreme Court with Justice Ms(Mr?) Kagan waiting...ahem who wanna bet?

And finally, since all is circular, an article about money 'superdonors' to the presidential pretendands.
'Superdonors' pour money into race
" In June, Dallas billionaire HAROLD SIMMONS sent a $100,000 check to (...) Rick Perry (note: republican candidate, he redrew since). In December, SIMMONS wrote another check for $500,000 to (...) Newt Gingrich. (note: Simmons totalizes $14 million to republican candidates) (...) some of the superdonors attend the exclusive, secretive, gatherings of wealthy conservative donnors hosted twice a year by the billionaire KOCH brothers. Many move in the same social or political circles: Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire casino executive (note: !) who is close to Gingrich, serves on the board of the Republican Jewish Coalition with Paul Singer, the edge fund executive and a top contributor to Restore our Future."

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Here is an absolutely ESSENTIAL site for anyone following the upcoming US elections (and I do believe this guy has an actual insider at the White House):

Anonymous said...

Is Cameron Jewish??

Franz said...

It's only reverse racism if whites with an income greater than $35.000 are affected.

If some Nascar lovin' J6P looses a his job to a minority it is called "intergenerational socio-ethnic justice".

Anonymous said...

Calculus......there's something all of those big Republican donors seem to have in common.

(Places thinking cap on head.)

Anonymous said...

anon 18.32

Cameron has recently boasted about having Jewish ancestry.

Anonymous said...

Such poetic justice for a Liberal.

Denise said...

Anon - do you mean David Cameron? Yes. He is Hebe. Rothschild's Hebe. A Mischling Rothschild's Hebe.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit why do these artsy fartsy libs have to use black-reverse fonts..killing my eyes, and even Readability app won't work.

Idiot. In every way.

wild chicken said...

One problem is it's in England, and so you have English weather.

The one time I went, it was lovely.

How are the demographics holding up there?

Dr. Wassell said...

I thought Cameron's mother was decended from some king or other? Is he really one of the Tribe?

Calculus said...

Anon, 18:39

Yes. A long time ago, I had this tought, how come leftist liberals and their ideology became so powerfull on their own, if they are, as we claim here, not so bright?
That's based on my sister, leftist liberal forever and no matter what, but who is not the re-incarnation of Hypatia of Alexandria.
In fact, do I know a single leftist, trostkist, whatever you see what i mean, who is 1) goy and 2) able to counter the arguments which are expressed here and on many other blogs, with logic and without resorting to violence, verbal or physical?
No. My sister never argues but she calls me a fascist after 30 seconds. So, Darwinism would suggest that, this population of good willing people but nonetheless not so bright, should have never risen to power on its own.
Can't explain that to my sister....

Denise said...

Dr. Wassell - Cameron is a Mischlng. The "English" upper classes are hopelessly Jewed up.

From Jewipedia:

"David Cameron's great-great grandfather Emile Levita, a German-Jewish financier (and descendant of Renaissance scholar Elia Levita) who obtained British citizenship in 1871, was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China which became Standard Chartered Bank in 1969.His wife, Cameron's great-great grandmother, was a descendant of the wealthy Danish Jewish Rée family on her father's side.One of Emile's sons, Arthur Francis Levita (died 1910, brother of Sir Cecil Levita) of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers, together with great-great-grandfather Sir Ewen Cameron, London head of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, played key roles in arranging loans supplied by the Rothschilds to the Japanese Central Banker (later Prime Minister) Takahashi Korekiyo for the financing of the Japanese Government in the Russo-Japanese war"

Always look for the Kosher blood, when wondering at some screwy arrangement or policy of some head of state, etc. Seek and ye shall find.

Eric said...

What are all these British white-flighters going to do when they reach Lands End and the blacks are still right behind them?

Swim for it?

Anonymous said...

There are reports of anti-muslim disturbances tonight in Rochdale, Manchester. It seems to be a white backlash against the widespread muslim grooming of young white girls.

Dr. Wassell said...

Denise - well fuck me gently! I though Dave was as far from being Jewish as, well, I guess I don't know. Is anywhere safe?

And your opposition leader is of The Tribe too, ain't he?


dave said...

wild chicken... How are the demographics holding up there?

Have you been living in a cave or soemthing for the last 20 years?

The demographics here are FUCKING BEYOND DIRE!#

Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

Race riot going on right now in Heywood, north Manchester....

White backlash in Rochdale

Krokodil said...

Anon 00:42 said:

I can just picture him saying that in hushed tones, looking at you intently like he was telling you some great secret. The great secret that non-Caucasians can actually be racist.

Heh, heh, yes I can picture the look of this silly tool as he thought he was saying something both shocking and profound.

Of course, he doesn't live in the real world, so he would think his crappy views are some startling new revelation.

As for call-me-Dave, does it matter whether he's slightly Jewish (great great grandfathers are heading back a bit) or not? He's just a Tony Blair wannabe trying to outlib the libs. A truly dreadful Prime Minister - not as bad as TB, admittedly, but then that would really take some doing.

Anonymous said...

Excellent read. Thanks, C.

Bemused stare said...

Now this over here is a major part of the problem.

Johannesburg - A white Afrikaner family is seeking refugee status in the United States, claiming they will be victims of racism if they return to South Africa, The Times newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Their lawyer is trying to get academics in the US to give credence to their claim, according to the newspaper.

They did not want to speak to the newspaper "because of privacy and safety concerns", said their lawyer Rehim Babaoglu.

A University of Memphis scholar has rejected requests by the "white Afrikaner farmers" to help them in their court application.

"I am not interested in assisting Afrikaners claiming discrimination in a non-racial, democratic, post-apartheid South Africa," said Professor Mark Behr, who is also a white Afrikaner.

"In my scholarly opinion, there is absolutely no basis for their allegation, whatever evidence they may present."

Read about our Prof on wiki.

Undergoing a process of political radicalization himself, he later turned double agent and spied on the South African government on behalf of the African National Congress, one of the major anti-apartheid organizations (and, since the 1994 elections, the governing party of the new multiracial democracy). Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in English and Politics. Behr proceeded to read for an Honors degree in Politics. After a year with IDASA (the Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa) Behr became a Research Fellow and lecturer at the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo, Norway, and began to travel between Europe, South Africa, and the United States. He enrolled at the University of Notre Dame in the United States where he studied with Joseph Buttigieg, the translator of Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks. Behr graduated from Notre Dame with Master’s degrees in International Peace Studies in 1993, Fiction Writing in 1998, and English Literature in 2000.

So, basically this piece of shit lives in the US, while occasionally spending some time in Cape Town (the only part of the country not fucked because it is ruled by whites), and denies that there is any reason why our people should be afraid, when they are being murdered at a rate that literally equates to genocide.

Folks, the niggers are not what we need to fear, the traitors are.

SAVANT said...

Thanks for the posts on Rochdale. Note that both ended up in the Google spam filter.

Bemused stare said...

Folks, story on Yahoo. Took a few snaps, check out the first page of comments.

What do you think? Seems to me a few folks are getting it and are pissed off.

SAVANT said...

@krokodil - 'fraid so. And I posed about a year ago that 25% of all births are to non-Irish nationals. So yes, the demographic writing is on the wall. And 'our' Justice Minister Alan Shatter is in overdrive awarding Irish citizenship to every dog in the road.

johan said...

Bemused and others. These developments in Rochdale are heart-warming. And as you show, the comments to the reports show a dramatic rise in white ethnic solidarity. Thanks to all of you for bringing these heartening tidings to my attention. It gives me so much comfort to believe that we - I include whites everywhere - may not go down without a fight after all.

rebel said...

Great to see you guys over there starting to fight back. Kick them bastards back to Arabia.

Anonymous said...

We live in an ever-increasingly topsy-turvy world. Who would have predicted this?

Europe Is Now China’s Sweatshop As Great Wall Starts Building Cars In Bulgaria

February 23, 2012

Source: Zero Hedge

When it comes to labor-wage parity, nowhere has this topic been more debated than in the context of China and the US.

Specifically, with US wages declining consistently for the past 3 years despite commodity price inflation spiking with a 2-3 month lag following every coordinated central bank printing episode (such as the one we are experiencing now), many have proffered their predictions as to when Chinese secular inflation would make wage pay equivalent on both sides of the Pacific, and stop the exporting of jobs from the US to China (a good discussion on the topic can be found in “With China Forecast To Reach Wage Parity With The US In Five Years, Is A New Manufacturing Golden Age Coming To The US?”).

And while labor equivalency between China and the US likely still has a ways to go, we have now crossed a critical Rubicon, as Chinese and European wages, at least in one part of European Union, have caught up. Net result, as Spiegel reports, carmaker “Great Wall this week became the first Chinese automobile manufacturer to open an automobile assembly plant inside the European Union in the latest move suggesting the country’s carmakers are seeking to establish a beachhead into the European market.”

Yes, that’s right: it is now cheaper for China to make cars in the European Union: “It used to be that European carmakers opened plants to assemble their cars in China. Now the Chinese have turned the tables with the opening of their first factory in Bulgaria, an EU country with low labor costs and taxes.
Increasingly, Chinese carmakers are setting their sights on the European and American automobile markets.” The ramifications of this landmark development are massive for virtually every aspect of the economy: for domestic labor migration, for inflation, for the trade balance, and certainly for US workers.


Anonymous said...

Looking at an old episode of Fawlty Towers. The Major was smack on the money. Watch from 5minutes and 30 seconds. Wonderfully un-PC.It cracks me up.

Crossley said...

The BBC report on last nights riots in Rochdale but, of course, refuse to admit that it was a protest against the muslim take-away owners who had been sexually abusing young white girls....

Breton said...

It looks like last nights heartening events in north Manchester were organised by the Infidels of Britain, and specifically the North West Infidels, a hard-line, white nationalist breakaway group from the EDL.

The Infidels seem to be spreading fast with groups springing up all over Britain.

Interesting developments. Are we in for another long hot summer?

Anonymous said...

Pakis, reds and Jew they have a lot common and they ALWAYS goto far.I think they've finally wakened the sleeping giant. And the papers allowing the comments which is a MASSIVE shift.

As to 'we're soft now' I've seen weedy kids go through basic , go to Afghan and fight like lions.. we still have it in us..Happy days are here again.

Let see if the mainly white police and army will back their Norman/Jew masters and the foreign hoards of scum or their own Kin..My moneys on us, eventually. This time no mercy and no survivors.

Anonymous said...

Bemused stare said...

Folks, story on Yahoo. Took a few snaps, check out the first page of comments.

Most intriguing here.

Been scouring the NZ news internet feeds. There is not word one about the slightest friction, unrest ... nothing happening in the UK.

I guess this falls under the "All the news that's fit for us to let you see" category. I will be emailing a few friends in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Found a few ... interesting links:-

IN which he says:-

First thing this morning I saw the reports of a riot in Rochdale last night and knew straight away it had something to do with the racially-motivated paedophilia, prostitution and rape trial currently taking place in Liverpool. At least the BBC have got the common sense not to try and hide the real reason.

Rochdale takeaway attacked as youths clash with police

Police said they had managed to disperse the gangs that caused the disturbances Gangs of youths have clashed with police after targeting a takeaway business in Greater Manchester.

Police were pelted with bricks and other missiles in Heywood, Rochdale, on Thursday evening as a takeaway was attacked and four vehicles damaged. Eyewitnesses said about 200 youths were in Bridge Street and Market Street, prompting nearby businesses to shut.

A Greater Manchester Police officer suffered bruising to his arms and legs. A man and a teenager were arrested. The man, aged 35, was held on suspicion of a public order offence and police assault and a 14-year-old boy was arrested for causing danger to a public highway.

A takeaway business had its windows smashed while three police cars and a fourth car were damaged. 'Difficult time' Police, who sent a number of vans and dog units to the scene, said they had since dispersed the groups and had stepped up patrols in the area.

The disturbances coincide with the trial of 11 men from Rochdale accused of having sex with girls under the age of 16. They all deny the charges.

The Daily Mirror carries some photos this morning but deceives its readership entirely by implying that the disturbances were in some way spontaneous.

Regarding the Major in Fawlty Towers I recall the episode I am sure:

Major's girlfriend: My God ... there are niggers on the pitch ...

Major: No, no, my dear. Those are not niggers. Those are west Indians. Those are wogs.

Aah. Golden days ... and they will return.

BTW. Another free chunk of Covington's "A Mighty Fortress" at
the site.

and this:-

and finally this ... it's long, but proves that there is no hope at the end of the road currently travelled.

Have a wonderful weekend.


James Lord said...

Jesus - I'm hopeful! Am I imagining it or are changes happening all around me? People are fighting back, getting bolder and comments being allowed in the MSM?

Am I wong, deluded or is there a real reaction about to take place?

Anonymous said...

Did a quick Altavista search for "riots in Rochdale"

188 000 hits

Must be something there.


Anonymous said...

Breton said...

Interesting developments. Are we in for another long hot summer?

I remember when Gordon Broooon, the one-eyed wrecker was running the show, there were several reports that the police were anticipating ... one could actually say "eagerly hoping for ..." a long hot summer.

Why they should do, or even say, that is utterly beyond me.


Boycott them said...

Last night's white fightback in Heywood is in the Daily Mail now.....

Daily Mail

Anonymous said...

Infidels of Britain:

North West Infidels:

Anonymous said...

Yup, it's getting attention all right..

Rob said...

@Uncle Nasty 11:33

That Fawlty Towers reference brought back memories for me. Here it is:

Anonymous said...

Useful inforation:
American women have nothing to offer a real man; and wouldn’t offer anything even if they could. They think that men are their inferiors, totally expendable, and worthless for anything other than sperm donors and bill-payers. They pride themselves on their ‘independence’ and lack of need for a man. They are selfish to the point of amorality; and wholly ruthless in their treatment of others. They have no capacity for giving or receiving love, empathy, affection, or intimacy. They are incapable of emotionally bonding with others. Their obvious character defects render them unfit as either wives or mothers.

American women lead cultural demographics, world-wide, in obesity, consumption of prescription psychiatric drugs, substance abuse, voluntary abortions, and divorces; and are among the world leaders in illegitimate births, incarceration rates, functional illiteracy, and preventable medical conditions.

One out of every four rape accusations is proven false; and other elastic gender-baiting laws like ‘harassment’; ‘inappropriate touching’; various so-called ‘statutory offences’; none of which can be, on any concept of REAL jurisprudence, even be considered an actual ‘crime’. Men are defenceless in any of these cases, as they are in divorce courts. Any man who gets entangled in a relationship with an Amerobitch is risking any of these outcomes.

American women should be avoided by men—unless and until they prove themselves willing to effect some kind of meaningful social change among themselves. I don’t see anything like that happening; and don’t expect that it will, either. So, it’s up to men to take action—in justifable self-defence—and get as far away from relationships with these women as possible.- Eric February 23, 2012

The Philippines is the only country on earth where divorce is not legal. Your wife can not kick you out. She can not take your children from you. You can get a civil separation, but neither of you can remarry. You do not lose custody of your children.
[Since] I am married to a Filipina I can get a 13A immigrant visa, which is a permanent residency, and I can own any thing I wish, and can afford, in my own name; businesses, real estate, homes, etc. I can later become a Filipino citizen if I choose, and vote and have all other rights of citizenship.[If I were single and over fifty], I could obtain a retirement visa and own a home and a reasonable amount of land it sits on in my own name. When I die I could not leave it to a non-native born Filipino, but it can be sold, and the money given to whomever I declare.
If you stay in the US, and your marriage is registered in the Philippines, then your wife can not divorce you. She can get a divorce in the US, with all the divorce theft available in the west, but the records in the Philippines will show her as still married to you. However, you can divorce her and it will be accepted in the Philippines. This is the reason that even in the US men that marry Filipinas have a dovorce rate of less than 20%, compared to the 60%+ rate in American men marrying American women. - MikeDiver February 23, 2012

Shaunantijihad said...

It is the same area in Rochdale that Gordon Brown referred to an old lady Labour supporter as a "Bigot".

I will also accept a tiny bit of credit for the youtube video the traitor is the plague.

Anonymous said...

He's a Jew fuck him they deserve it after what they've done to our nations and our race. I replied to the kike as well asking him to see sense ..what a waste of time that was

Anonymous said...

Robert in Arabia - a bit of a sweeping statement but it's essentially true. As an American living in Ireland I can tell you that Anyone would be mad, as I was, to marry an American woman. IT's almost a no-win situation.

Sadly it's becoming the same over here on this side of the pond. The change between generations has been dramatic. No wonder men are reluctant to marry.

Anonymous said...

I have only dealt with American women by way of work,but would agree in general with the above comments.

What I learned was that these American women(all white)were,and presumably still are,every bit as incompetent as every nigger I have ever encountered.

They do however share the same inflated sense of self worth,they cannot be told anything,even when patently wrong.Fortunately,as a foreigner,I was able to say things that any American male would have been crucified for.

My criticism applies only to career American women.The traditional wives of my Carolina friends are among the most splendid women I have ever met.


Gem Junior said...

Hey you all ranting about American Women - I consider it offensive. I'm offended. Really fucking OFFENDED.
LOL. Just joking, you're 100% correct. When these fat ugly bitches aren't in a psychiatrists office thinking about THEMSELVES they are at the gym thinking about THEMSELVES or at a plastic surgeon thinking, again, about themselves, or shopping in a mall for themselves, and it's gross. I was raised both here in the US and in Ireland and I can tell you the way women act is very different. Especially mothers - those of us who were stay at home mothers were looked down on as lazy and under the thumb of our husbands. Once they pop out a baby they think that's it to motherhood. And they think they're God's gift to men, and don't appreciate their husbands or let them feel like they are the head of the household for breaking their backs earning, or deserving of respect because it's "patriarchy". It's all about THEM. Being raised by two Irish parents in any part of the world keeps you Irish, trust me. I see that in my friends who were raised by Irish immigrant parents. BTW Navan man my dad is from Boharmeen! and his mother had a sweetshop newsagent on the main road many years ago. But they couldn't see a future for themselves (the boys) so they emigrated and then moved back to Ireland, my father and us moved back to the US eventually. Now look how many Irish have left Ireland over the years for want of jobs and now Ireland has the red carpet out for every African south of the Sahara - good God. There is a push on for return of the diaspora who WORK and some of us are taking note. My husband inherited a house and a few small acres deep in the west, we're moving to a tiny area deep in the bog in Roscommon, not a fancy area, no views, only nobody will find our house. Isn't that irony though really - that generations of Irish had to leave so they could be supplanted by thick, dark, criminal savages alien to anything Irish - blood, culture, ethic or faith? Makes one sick.
And regarding the Cotswolds - that is simply sad, that whites will still sit and watch something like that be taken over. I believe that something has got to give.
An African dropping a deuce in a urinal will be the least of their problems, as they feel nothing is wrong with running through town with machetes for an evening's amusement. When they're garbage piles up in the streets of the Cotswolds it will be a shocking sight. And they use the streets as toilets even though it's only 10 feet to a toilet. But I believe matters must come to a head at some point and that time looms closer and closer. The more brazen these multiculturalist diversity fascists become, the more whites are waking up daily to the ruin of their own homes and lives. Look, even this stupid liberal is astounded when his fucking chickens come home to roost. I only hope for more and more of them to be screwed - traitors. And South African Memphis Dickhead Behr should be the first one to face the rope.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of DWL's pooing in their little combinations, I see that useless sack of excrement, Nelson Mandela, has once again, gone into hospital for a procedure.

I personally think he's gone in for a service ... a top-up of embalming fluid and to have his joints oiled.

It is very much worthwhile for his so-called extremely extended family to keep up the illusion that he lives, as the reduction in their income stream would be horrendous.

Wasn't one of Dante's circles of Hell specially reserved for lying hypocrites?

If so, I can see them building high-rises there.

Oh, and something from the That-was-quick department: ...

A Tee-shirt emblazoned with the slogan: "Whitney Houston beats Bobby Brown to Death"

Have a good one.

Piet said...

Gem Junior, you say 'now look how many Irish have left Ireland over the years for want of jobs and now Ireland has the red carpet out for every African south of the Sahara'

Correction: Every black or brown African. Just see what happens if a South African white tries to get asylum or citizenship.

Gem Junior said...

Piet, you're right. I've never thought of Afrikaners as Africans though they are, when I refer to a white man from Africa I usually specify that he's an Afrikaner.
It's shocking what is happening that they can be refused citizenship. Well, the other option is just "visit" a country and overstay your visas - if enough people do it such a movement would gather attention and God knows whites are fed up all over the world and it just might be enough to spark some communities because Afrikaners are immigrants that would actually be WELCOMED, and that's why the sick governments we have aren't making it easy for them. Because they won't run amok and destroy society. But I can't help starting to think that a future is getting closer and closer to the point when white Euro-descended people from all over the world will have to congregate in Europe in order to defend that territory, which is ultimately where we all sprung from and to which we owe primary allegiance. In other words, it should be protected most of all above even the colonial outposts no matter how much they have been home to many of us. Europe cannot and must not be destroyed and if all the whites started coming home perhaps it would be harder to send all the aliens. I would hope and pray that they start feeling unwelcome and go home. I support the Afrikaner refugee movement as much as possible and hope and pray for your people's safety. Become an illegal alien and refuse deportation, get lawyers and get on the news. Is that possible to do? White people must be reaching the point where we will move on helping each other and ultimately ourselves.

ben tillman said...

So AA was ganz OK with him as long as it was other Whites who were losing their jobs, or losing out on opportunities.

Right, it was fine as long his special little tribe wasn't feeling the effects.

ben tillman said...

American women have nothing to offer a real man; and wouldn’t offer anything even if they could. They think that men are their inferiors, totally expendable, and worthless for anything other than sperm donors and bill-payers. They pride themselves on their ‘independence’ and lack of need for a man.

That's a ridiculous generalization. Your description might fit 10% of women in the US. Moreover, it's counterproductive. "Divide and conquer" is our enemies' strategy, and you're helping them out.

SAVANT said...

Gem Junior and Piet. One of the tragedies is that in my experience as a senior executive in a major technology company, SA whites were absolutely superb. As a group I found them and the Israelis to be the most capable and hard-working of any. Such a tragedy that they're not welcomed with open arms in the West.

Gem Junior said...

Savant the Afrikaners are a tough people to beat. Even though so many of them are being sacrificed to what I believe is ultimately a satanic agenda, they are already showing they will not be beaten easily out of the land - by establishing Orania. It may or may not work, I advocate they leave en-masse to the Netherlands and squat there, make a huge stink with the media by whatever means they can - and SHOW the braindead masses of whites what is happening. Even if they're portrayed negatively at first by the MSM - "Just look at the NERVE of these people wanting to come here while we are busy being servants to Muslims and Africans with no ties to us" - many people may feel a DING and a lightbulb go off. Imagine a group of people that were able to do what they did in Africa, and for centuries. Never before has a small group of whites been able to hold off such hordes for so long, and establish a first world civilization.

SAVANT said...

Gem Junior. Your most recent comment = a brilliant suggestion. Must do a post on that soon.

Boris O'Caine said...

Gem junior, perhaps a variant on your proposal, if I may. Holland being extremely crowded, could we induce the two/three million Afrikaaners to migrate to Ireland? I feel that the place might be thus transformed into the dynamic progressive modern European nation it has consistently and conspicuously failed to be for at least a millenium, arising solely from the sodden apathy of its idle worthless indigenes.

electric eddie said...

Savant, a little off topic perhaps, but think about this; Fascism, far from being a term of mindless abuse, is actually a straightforward theory of governance. It can be implemented by any people sufficiently far up the ethical totem pole for it, and by virtue of its accent on social cohesiveness is well above communism/socialism/marxism, which is endemically fissiparous and divisive.It becomes a realistic option once a people begin to hold a reasonable level of self esteem.
Have you noticed that the Irish have never risen to this ethical level? They have not simply because they do not sufficiently value themselves. That failure is the reason why Afrikaaners fleeing for their lives will be turned down flat, their refugee status denied, whilst plane loads of smirking Somalis will be waved through by the likes of Shatter and his pals.
Just incidentally, there are some 30,000 illegal immigrants in Israel, mostly black Africans---the Israeli state is currently preparing to turf the lot out as being "incompatible" with the ethos of the Jewish state.(They may well turn up here in due course, by the way).
And that is why we here will deny ourselves this resource of good blood and good brain, Boris, and continue down the road of converting our whole population into wiggers, de jure as well as de facto.

Corkonian said...

electric eddie, I agree, sadly, with everything you say. I must say it really pisses me off that there's nothing said about the Israelis turfing out all their Africans while their various 'dual citizens' around the world harangue the rest of us into 'doing our duty' by taking in vast numbers of them. Just look at Shatter as he quadruples the annual number of new 'citizens' to Ireland.

Anonymous said...

I think some may be underestimating the number of Afrikaaners already in this country.

Certainly around me,in North Kildare there are a noticable number.Some are married couples with children but most are,or at least were,single men who have hooked up with local girls and are busy expanding the gene pool judging by the number of children these girls are pumping out.


Smokin' Joe said...

mr. a----Afrikaaners turning up in Kildare!!! Is there any chance that this trickle could become a flood? We are driving out so many of our energetic,skilled and industrious people that were we at war there would be talk of a "lost generation"; well, all the better if we can replenish our losses with first class immigration of this sort.

Kevin R. said...

I agree totally. More Afrikaaner's the better. There's hardly any of them down this neck of the woods.