Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Allstate Insurance: A great company - to boycott

Thankfully, blacks make up only 13% of the US population. But you'd never think so looking at the MSM where they're shoved in your face at every opportunity. Apart from of course when day be misbehavin'. Then they get transformed into faceless, deracinated 'youth' or 'suspects'.

So what gives with Allstate Insurance? Presumably blacks, being blacks, aren't big into this insurance thing, forward or contingency planning not exactly being one of their notable characteristics. So why have them dominate in their advertising? This Dennis Haysbert guy seems to be on everything (like this and this) but there are lots more. For example when they need to demonstrate a caring family-oriented married couple they fabricate this.

Seriously, what gives? I know I've mentioned this point before, but why would a presumably ruthless sales-oriented enterprise focus a huge proportion of their advertising budget on a demographic that just won't buy their stuff? Who makes the decisions to employ black actors and models and thereby pass over their white alternatives. The agency or Allstate marketing folk? Or both?

Either way I suggest to our American friends that the next time Allstate come calling, or when you get a renewal notice from them, hit them where it hurts. And let them know why.


HC said...

It's mostly the NYC Jewish/leftist/gay ad pukes, but it also gives Allstate and other such companies a little extra protection from the race racket. If they put them in the ads they don't have to have them in the boardroom. You see the same thing on television shows that want to remain basically white shows and appeal to a white audience - they make the President, or Police Chief, or Judge black so they can get on with the white storyline without being accused of racism. See "Midsomer Murders" for more info.

Franz said...

"...why would a presumably ruthless sales-oriented enterprise focus a huge proportion of their advertising budget on a demographic that just won't buy their stuff?"

Maybe because their CEO Thomas J. Wilson is an idiot who helped to "manage" former retail giant Sears, Roebuck and Company into a shadow of its former self and then failed himself to the top at Allstate?

Maybe Mr Wilson is not an idiot but merely oblivious to his company's success, secure in the knowledge that he can always backdate those options?

When he left the negotiations for the constitution, Benjamin Franklin SHOULD have replied: "A meritocracy, mam, if you can keep it."


sharonski said...

HC - not too sure. Seems like a sledgehammer/nut issue. Advertising is vital for an insurance company - I know, worked in one for several years. You are VERY careful about who you target for business. You don't want criminally-inclined, workshy or irresponsible as your customers.

Noam sayn'?

Yet, as Savant says, they seem to set out to do exactly that.

Anonymous said...

sharonski said...

HC - not too sure. Seems like a sledgehammer/nut issue. Advertising is vital for an insurance company - I know, worked in one for several years. You are VERY careful about who you target for business. You don't want criminally-inclined, workshy or irresponsible as your customers.

Noam sayn'?

Yet, as Savant says, they seem to set out to do exactly that.

I, too, was in the ad game in South Africa, and we were (up to the late seventies, when I got out) very aware of demographics.

But sensibly.

You did not target Houghton and Bryanston jewesses for maize meal, hair-straightening products or subscriptions to "The Sowetan" ... and you sure as hell didn't run Ambre Solaire or Coppertone ads in BONA and ZONK**.

But, even then, the zottification had begun. The token boog (and boogette) started popping up in previously white only ads. First, as always with the yid agenda, now and then ... one or two ... testing the water.

Until finally, La Deluge that we see now.

In essence -- HC and Franz. What they said.

Read the books ... or at least read the free chapter, Freedom's Sons - Section I, Chapter 1 ... and finally (regarding advertising and the visual message) note the symbolism of the wonderful 1941 poster on HAC's site.

If I could get the original, I'd frame it and hang it in pride of place.



PS: **Seriously, ZONK? Yup.

Anonymous said...

Maybe these ads are targeted at the growing "wigger" generation of degenerate American youth. Just sayin'.


TBone said...

UN - I don't really think you've answered the question that Savant and sharovski raised. An enterprise hell bent on gaining new and profitable business and has a limited advertising budget. Sales and profit targets are set. Bonuses and even careers depend on it being successful. And then you use people in the ads that you don't want to sell to and who are likley to turn off those you DO want to sell to. Don't make sense to me. If I was the sales manager or whatever I'd wipe the floor with the morons who cooked up these campaigns.

Anonymous said...

I saw an ad in the paper the other day for Easyjet, a budget airline in the UK, that gratuitously featured a black man with a white woman.
The only rational explanation that occurred to me was that people are going to choose Easyjet only for its cheapness, and the people in the ad are really irrelevent. So Easyjet can acquire status amongst companies that preen themselves on their PC credentials with no cost in terms of loss of customers.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who speaks up and points out the obvious fact that these ads aren't good for business will be fired.


Anonymous said...


I am so glad you have addressed this conundrum. I'm a (Southern) Yank, and I have recently ditched my TV, in large part, because of the advertsing ubiquity of black faces that were shoved in my own face. Especially galling were the close-up shots of blacks wrapping their large lips around burgers and other foodstuffs, all the while idiotically smiling and laughing.

I'm with you, Savant ...what the "eff" gives here? Why all of the black faces to pitch to such a limited and cretinous market??? I'd really like to hear some insightful responses to the legitimate question you've raised in this blog. Good job, Savant.

northern athiest said...

'Anybody who speaks up and points out the obvious fact that these ads aren't good for business will be fired.'

Agreed, were it to be along the lines of 'what are all these jigs doing in our ads?'

But surely if it were along the lines of 'is this ad focused on our targetted cutomer profile? I don't think so'.

Who could be fired for that?

SAVANT said...

Thanks anon 00.00 and the others. I too really am fascinated by this. I did an audit of an advertising agency once (back about 1980 admittedly) and was impressed by the vast effort and analysis that went into the demographics, in fact everything, about the target audience.

Profiling was a science and huge amounts of time and money went into it. Once the profile was determined and agreed major work started going into the advertising theme. What message would sell? How should we sell it? WHO should appear on the ads/ Men, women, both, young, old, rich, poor???

I have seen and audited the financial figures. serious money went into the whole thing. Then there were concept ads, vetted by various experts and focus groups. Test ads, response analysis, refining the message - sometimes a complete revamp. All at a huge cost in terms of time, money and effort.

SOOOOOO. How in the name of Jesus Christ after all that do they come up with a totally unbelievable black 'family' as a means of sellin a domestic insurance policy?

They have a black guy, who the average potential buyer would cross the street to avoid, they have HIM reassuring the potential buyer that Allstate are best!!!

There is a MASSIVE disconnect. I don't care about PC and diversity and all the presuures that come with them. Given how I described the process above there's something beyond bizarre that it could result in the output we've seen.

I might add that I know of savage knock-down fights that have taken place following an unsuccessful campaign. Blood on the floor.

So go figure.......

Uncle Nasty must have some additional input.

hoosier said...

Same thought crossed my mind many times. Remember in part a series for a hotel group. Family of yard apes chimping about in the hotel room. Made a mental note to avoid that chain like the plague.

Brings me back to what Savant is saying. Surely the hotel must have realized that 90% of poeple would be turned off by such a spectacle. I too would love to know what's going on.

Anonymous said...


So go figure.......

Uncle Nasty must have some additional input.

Believe me Savant, I have thought long and hard and can only come to one conclusion; the core of this ongoing propagandisation is to:-

1. Get us used to the sight of negroid faces in every -- and I mean every facet, nook and cranny of our existence. The message that is relentlessly ground in to our upturned faces, is that the future -- our future -- is black or third world. Get fucking used to it.

That is the message.

2. You will also note that the pavement apes used in the commercials are always (at best) octoroon mulattos with extremely European features (a la the female creature in the post ... or the blacker but still -- and this is very important -- non-negroid ... or barely negroid male model (as above).

I invite you to examine both of these examples carefully.

The woman in particular could be (and probably is) a white woman darkened and tinted in Photoshop with peppercorn(ish) negroid hair overlaid on a second layer.

A few bad examples by a very mediocre Photoshop artist:-


... but you get what I mean. Give me a medium to high res shot of the female 'groid in the Allstate ad for an afternoon, and I'll hand you a Nordic beauty by tonight.

Oddly enough i have been trying to track down examples of commercials and ads where attractive Europeans have been negrified, and you have spurred me on to it.

An interesting oddity ... not unrelated ...


And a few better ones ... better executed anyway:


The question, of course is asked: "Why would a company, nay, a corporation, wilfully lose money and sales in their marketing strategy?

And my answer for years, is:- It's not about the money or the sales or success! We, who struggle for money, think it's important. It's not. What is important is power and influence ... with those two things, money comes.

This the jews know in their very bones.

Money is not important. With power comes everything including money. Which is why they have made money a renewable resource.

When you create and control money, everything ... everything comes.

It's very simple. Money is not wealth. It is a symbol of wealth.


PS: Please forgive the emphases, but I think you know why I do it. I feel that this is the key

Continued in next post.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, I had allstate ins.. I wouldn't want it for free. I think they are appealing to the minorities (I shouldn't say that because the Whites are now the Minority) because now they are the majority.
Nothing suttle about who allstate is pandering too.

Anonymous said...

How many commercials have a white, or blond peson in them. Not anymore. It's the beginning of the end for Whites. CNN is mainly
non-White. BBC news got rid of there White Anchors.

Tape your favorite shows that have
white people because they will be collectors items in the near future.

Anonymous said...


Continuing on about apes in advertising.

We are bombarded with shaven apes ... sanitised apes. Cleaned-up, deodorised apes.

The Mariah Careys, the female Huxtables of the Cosby Show, the Halle Berry's ... even in her earlier days, the recently self-imploded racist slut ... What's-her-Name.
Going back earlier, the Dorothy Dandridges, the Lena Hornes. The Sidney Poitiers, the Cleavon Littles and Jim Browns.

Look 'em all up on Wikipedia.

They are not negroid. They were chosen because they were europeanised ... to make them acceptable. The thin end of the wedge.

Whites with a suntan. The poster boys of the Hippy-dippy sixties.

How many would have made it if they looked like real niggers?

Like this:-


Interestingly, I was about to link to Iamanenglishman ... the Brit equivalent of thugreport, but it's been taken down.

Surprise, surprise.

How far would the hollyweird hebes gotten in 1946 if they'd presented this bladder of lard as a black heroine next to Lena Horne in "Till the Clouds Roll By"?



Gem Junior said...

I agree it's weird. Especially since they are only 13% of the population, although you'd never know that from watching the TV - you'd think they were more like 75%. This particular boon on the allstate commercials is popular since he's recognizable as one of the Numinous Negro types, like Morgan Freeman and Danny Glover, who usually portray cops and good guys. Ugh, sometimes it's just disgusting. It used to be laughable years ago, but now it's no longer funny. I won't ever be buying allstate and I'm glad I don't have it. But honestly with most Americans it could be an ape and they'd still be saying "I SIMPLY MUST HAVE ONE!" so IMO nothing will change in the US till the supermarket shelves are showing a problem. I've become utterly convinced that is what it will take and then we will see some reality.

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple. Television sets trends.
It matters not what or who is shown in these advertising ventures.
The masses are so dumbed down they will follow what ever is shown on the TV in lock step.
It is hip to act like a nigger in the US now. All the music ect. is focused around blacks. Therefore useing them in advertisments works.
Keep in mind, the majority of the consumership is not as racially aware as we are.
To them, niggers on TV is being ahead of the curve, it is the cool thing.
This should come as no surprise to anyone, the average White guy/woman now a days is completely lost and will swallow this lunacy and requst seconds.
This is why we have obama as POTUS, I might add, his largest voting block was,... you guessed it, White women!!
So, in so far as a secutiry company, (which the target demographic would be female, White females, as they can afford to purchase such a service) a strong deep voiced black is the obvious choice!!
Of course this is all backwards (White women are at extreme danger around blacks), but in a time when up is down and right is left, this makes perfect sence!!
Never underestimate the power of subversion in the media.

Anonymous said...

You've hit upon one of my pet peeves with this topic.

Here in Canada we have a (fast diminishing) White population of about 84% and Blacks are 2% of our population with one-half being foreign-born. (2011 demographics not yet available)

Yet, these "two percenters" get more air time on Canadian television than all other racial minorities combined.

In fact, almost every tv commercial must have a Black face stuck in the scene which is the reason I stopped watching most Canadian produced drama shows, simply to save the tv screen from my thrown shoe.

The once token, but now obligatory "racial minority" must always be placed within a group of White Canadians, otherwise "multiculturalism" is not working, as seen from a leftist mind. Build them up and tear us down, seems to be the genre of today's television.

After recently turning on the CBC news to catch a brief glimpse of what's happening around the world... displayed before me, was a racial minority presenting the national news, the reporter on the street was a racial minority, a racial minority woman gave an another account of some international story, then the token White woman gave her report. After several minutes of watching this bilge, I was so disgusted with this excessive in-your-face ANTI-white display, I turned the damn thing off in mid-sentence.

Anyhow, back to your area of the world... I came across this video featuring Ireland's problems with 3rd world invaders.

Anonymous said...

Buy advertised goods and pay for the advertising.

SAVANT said...

anon 5.52. You may have hit on the explanation. Very perceptive.

SAVANT said...

UN - your explanation makes sense from a kind of geostrategic perspective. Most of us on this blog know what's going on and what's planned for us.

But I'm talking about a hungry, greedy and worried sales executive at Allstate. He wants to hold on to his job or get that huge bonus. Even if he's Jewish - hey, ESPECIALLY if he's Jewish! - he won't give a shite about geostrategic considerations. He has more immediate issues.

Thisd is where anon 5.52 and to a lesser degree Gem Junior seem to hit the target. That viewers have been so indoctrinated that they actually do believe that that tall deep-voiced negro in the expensive suit represents security.

He's also - according to FBI statistics - 110 times more likely than a white man to rape her but such inconvenient truths will have been kept far from her impressionable mind by our masters.

This in turn assumes that the ad makers know what's going on.....

Anonymous said...

Dennis did not get the Smokey the Bear good neighbour ad. But someone who you would not expect to be a good neighbour did.

Anonymous said...

I have two wonderful children who are, at the ages of 10 and 8, race realists. I think it has much to do with the way they are bought up, and that includes the fact very that the 8 year old has never watched TV, and the 10 year old only watched TV until he was 2 years old.

I banned the TV because of psy-ops soapies, where:

1.happy families have to include a black step-parent or a homosexual parent OR be an all-black well rounded family (barf)
2.two parent households are dysfunctional and both (or more likely the white male parent) is a certifyable idiot
3.children rule the roost and run circles around their parents with the only consequence being that the parent apologises to the child about the error of his/her ways.

I also banned the TV because my 2 year old affected the black African "English" accent he heard on Takalani Sesame (the SA version of Sesame Street) - I just couldn't stomach that!

Last week my 8 year old told her class teacher that she won't sit next to the "brown boy" because he distracts her too much. She confided to me that the sight of him makes her ill, and she much prefers stitting next to the white boys, who don't smell, but distract her more.

I look forward to loving white grandchildren. My children know that mulattos will not be loved in this family, and they agree.

The media wants us all to believe that black is BETTER than white.

That is why blacks are cast as high profile succesful characters and all the dangerous crimials are white. Once the masses get used to seeing this "truth", they don't even notice that inferior blacks are cast to sell them imporant stuff like life insurance.

Makes me sick.

Call me Kchick.

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 5:52 hits it with "Television sets trends". In fact this has been very carefully planned for a long time. I remember a report of an interview with some former head of the BBC, whose name I don't recall. He cheerfully admitted that the BBC considers propaganda to be part of its mission, and described a practice from the 1960s that he referred to as "blonking". That stood for "blacks on camera"; blacks were inserted into every scene, in the background, in crowd scenes etc. The idea was to get people used to the sight of them; leading gradually and inexorably to a street scene in modern Hackney.

Regarding advertising tactics, I once attended a lecture in South Africa by an industrial psychologist who had made a special study of the the Babuntu. He said that advertising aimed at the black market had to show White models, because if the target demographic got the idea that the product was meant for them, they would (quite reasonably) assume that it was an inferior product. They wanted the good stuff, that the White people used.

He made a lot of interesting points, one of which stands out in my memory. Apparently, the Babuntu's visual perception differs from humans', and advertising posters aimed at them have to take that into account. In particular, lines of perspective, which suggest depth to us, mean nothing to them. Instead, you have to use other cues, like texture (coarse gravel in the foreground, finer in BG).

Anonymous said...

Bob in Swansea

What I would like to know is why White youth is totally focused on the worst Negro Culture and Music....while orientals are focused on the best music that Western Culture ever produced.

Take a look at these 2 musical genius examples below


ANd now compare Brit Pop

Makes me sort of warm and fuzzy inside NOT

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

But I'm talking about a hungry, greedy and worried sales executive at Allstate. He wants to hold on to his job or get that huge bonus. Even if he's Jewish - hey, ESPECIALLY if he's Jewish!

Indeed, Savant. But look at it this way. In this unbelievable society, the only ones who matter in the corporation are the shareholders, the CEO and chairman and maybe the next tier down.

That's it.

All below that level are cannon fodder and can take their chances on the street or just starve. You think management cares?

Keep the company alive? Why bother? Companies are a dime a dozen. Above a certain level, you make sure you play the corporate game and keep singing from the same hymn book. They'll give you another company.

This is why the blithering incompetents can flitter from one lordly position to the next -- turning viable corporations into rubble on the way.

Same with the psychopaths in the top levels of the military ... or politicians regarding the great unwashed.

Everyone below a certain level is materiel**. Like ammunition, their only ultimate purpose is to be used and expended.

Do you think the machine gunner whispers a soft apology to every round fired? Does the farmer apologize to the sheep when he turns it into a Sunday roast?

Generals are measured by the men they throw into the grinder. Not their victories.

Look at the performances of Haig, French, Kitchener and Joffre or Winston Churchill's performance regarding the Dardanelles campaign.
They should all have been shot.

But, back to corporates and corporations. I am convinced that for the last fifty to seventy years, they are as expendable as toilet paper.

A means to an end, and no more.


** No, it's not a mis-spelling.

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

This in turn assumes that the ad makers know what's going on...

Been there Savant. The account exec come back from the presentation and says "Client wants some niggers -- there, there and ... there. Oh, and that guy must wear a pink sombrero.

The agency wants to keep the client? They put the niggers -- there, there and ... there. And the guy gets his sombrero. You fight to make it a less embarassing red, but what the fuck ...

After a while you either get ground down or you leave and become a freelancer. No sane person retires in advertising.


awakened said...

@Call me Kchick.

Congrats. But are you not taking a risk with the PC Gestapo? Depends on where you live I suppose.

But be careful.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Haysbert is one of nine chillins.
He said that he paved the way for Barry Soetero to become US president by him playing the US president in the very popular "24" TV series.
I admit I watch a lot of TV. I use a jew owned means of watching TV and I watch a lot of jew owned channels and jew produced TV shows. Jews own and create the product and also own the means of obtaining the product. The only way to get around that is simply throw away your TV and cancel your cable and internet. I am not willing to do that.
What I do is when watching TV I have my remote at hand. Each time the four and one half minutes commericals come on I mute the TV, bring up the TV program screen, note the time on the cable box and at about 4 1/2 minutes I unmute and take down the program screen. Not that much trouble at all.
That is the most I am willing to do and it's no trouble at all. After all we live in a jew jew world whether we like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Vanishing American blog also had something to say about this subject last May.

She, and her commentators also hit many of the similar, and relevant points brought to this table. Here's a sampling of what she wrote:

"Then it finally dawned on me. The commercials with all the sage and savvy and hip and well-dressed and dominant black people were not meant for black audiences at all: they were aimed at those 'typical White people' out there, White folks with lots of troubling attitudes, White people who had still not been effectively 'politically corrected.'

The idea is not to sell products to black people, the idea is to sell multiculturalism, diversity, and minority dominance to recalcitrant White people.

So I realized I am the target audience for these things; they want to transform my 'sad' attitudes, my 'troubling' preference and affinity for people who are like me and my family.
" ...more HERE.

Anonymous said...

Its happening here in Ireland too.
Theres an ape advertising some car on tv now.The Chimp is dressed in all white clothing.The first time I saw it I thought it was a skit .
I laughed when I realised the ad was for real.Thats one product I will never buy.
The series Law and Order is another good example.The banana munchers are invariably lawyers and the defendents white.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's very hard to totally give up on the TV. There would be mutiny in my house (wife+kids) if I tried it.

Denise said...

The Obamacare anti-health legislation essentially put Da Gubmint in control of insurance.

Clogheen said...

Yeah, who IS that guy on the Citroen ads? Whatever angle I was watching the TV one day it seemed like he no head, just this white suit.

Anonymous said...

Yep that Auris ad is not only sickening but its a bad ad,full stop.

By the way,can anybody give me a reason why I should dump Zurich Insurance?.

Apart from them being Swiss and speaking awful German I mean.


tsnamm said...

Gem Junior said...

I agree it's weird. Especially since they are only 13% of the population, although you'd never know that from watching the TV - you'd think they were more like 75%.

Bingo...what's even more ridiculous is that blacks STILL complain that they are unequally represented on TV and in the movies. Frankly you can't get away from the goddam schwoogs, they are completely overrepresented on TV,movies and advertising. Plus the newest trend you've discussed here Savant, the handsome,smart black guy saves the idiot maladjusted white guy, and runs off with the impressed hot white chick; either in TV,movies or advertising. And music? forget it. "Hiphop & R&B" has taken over white suburban youth, they now talk black, act black,and worse yet have black (read urban) values. The best part that these "wiggers" have yet to realize is that blacks will never accept them and don't like them just because they act black. Only the stupid white chicks; that the black men want to fuck, get pregnant and stick them with their little niglet babies. The media and education system has been brainwashing whites for 50 years to the "new order". The questions are "who wakes up?", and "what happens when they do?" If they don't there will be little to salvage of "Western Civilization"

RegThe Hedge said...

In the mind of the liberal the black has not reached his potential. He has not reached his potential because he has no inheritance. In our societies most are born into poor families with little or no education.
We probably can all agree the route out of poverty for poor people is education. So ideally in the liberal view blacks should embrace education. As we all know blacks have not done this, the opposite in fact. The liberal has perused this awkward fact and discovered black culture gives no value to education.
The big question is why do they not value education. If you are on here then you likely think Blacks shun education for the same reason women shun university engineering courses, because they are no good at it. For liberals this conflicts with their idealogy and they naturally look for other reasons. As with any person or group who refuse to face reality they have nowhere to go. They have to bite the bullet. Before they do though, they will try every hokey scheme to see if it improves the problem. Many schemes have been tried unsuccessfully and many more will be tried in the future (until people like us stop it).
The current scheme is role models. The liberal has decided blacks don't go for education because there are no educated black role models. They have massive amounts of money, taken from us, to invest in PR campaigns. These campaigns will make smart blacks ubiquitous. Bill boards, tv advertisements, protagonists in TV series, films etc etc etc. In the US companies get grants and/or tax breaks if they provide black role models that are acceptable to whites. The idea here is to encourage blacks to embrace education and more importantly, it is to give blacks the impression that they are in fact smart enough to lead companies, work as university professors, engineers, doctors etc. These liberals want to change blacks from disfunctional citizens to, well eh, white people.
Now if you are not a bigot then you will probably think this is a good idea. However, if you are broad minded and an independent thinker you will probably be sceptial.
I need to finish up however... Our problems are not necessarily being imposed on us by maleviolent cretins. The liberals want to stop the vicious circle of black poverty. There is a problem here. In order to give blacks the money they need, the opportunities they need and the breaks they need, they have to take these off us.
A final thing...this business of the media hiding black crimes stems from an agreement between the media (can't remember the name of it) where they would not publish articles that would insite hatred against "newcomers". The idea here was to deprive the far right of oxygen. This oxygen would be flowing the minute they open the doors to primitive foreigners because at the end of the day people don't want vast numbers of immigrants coming into their country. The number people are willing to tolerate is directly related to the immigrants racial and cultural similarity to the host nation. Of course with most things political they are half baked. This half baked media agreement never considered the possibility of immigrants being so adept at murdering our kids and raping our women. So. The media arseholes are looking around now at the mayhem and wondering if they need to tell the truth. There is a problem though. Who speaks first? "If I speak first will I be supported or castigated" The agreement is faltering, we see it in the comments they permit. You can be sure the various media is feeling the pressure. Their readers/listeners are deserting them en-mass. Further, many people are aware important facts are being held back and they are going to other resources to discover the truth. Anyway, out of time.

RegThe Hedge said...

By the way, Uncle Nasty, I'm 80% convinced your are Harold Covington.

Digby said...

' I'm 80% convinced your are Harold Covington.'

Reg, that thought crossed my mind too. Seriously.

SAVANT said...

Reg, I've written about the MSM's formal strategy to lie to us about our lesser brethren here http://irishsavant.blogspot.com/2008/03/sweden-denmark-colour-of-crime-2.html

ANd yes, I too note that the comments allowed in the MSM have become increasingly naughty. Does this reflect weakening resolve of the MSM or that readers are themselves becoming more anti-PC? Or a bit of both?

Calculus said...

You're all wrong, this company anticipates the market, that's all.
FACT: affirmative action is promoting a rising black middle class and a racially blind white female working class, while downgrading the white male middle class.
Also, the market for insurances is probably already saturated for whites, so if it hurts them, who cares? Really, with more and more racially blind white women rising in the employment market and who provide for themselves, this ad might no be as stupid as it seems. Notice the black women is pregnant. So the female segment is targeted.
Women have already outgrowed men in employment numbers in the US.
So i would say this ad anticipates a real trend.

Laguna Beach Fascist said...

I've seen it, too.

Sometimes when I'm at the gym, I notice that all 7 or 8 monitors in front of me simultaneously feature some sort of black person, either in a tv commercial, negro-ball game, news channel, or talk show.

It's pretty outrageous, but comical at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Folks, getting rid of the TV is the first step. If you can't do that, then you are truly fucked.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I love this NG. One gets real cast iron, well thought out, brain-sweat type responses here.

Plus of course the occasional under-bridge dweller, but what the hey ...

Kchick sez:

Last week my 8 year old told her class teacher that she won't sit next to the "brown boy" because he distracts her too much. She confided to me that the sight of him makes her ill, and she much prefers stitting next to the white boys, who don't smell, but distract her more.

Excellent stuff. The only way we will make it is if we teach our children positive and intelligent subversion.

Covington made an interesting point in one his novels. A character found that one of the greatest personal benefits of living in the "republic" was being able to say "nigger" without looking over his shoulder. Till then, however ...

Your children (with a child's instinct) are learning that they can play with leopard cubs while eschewing jackal pups.

AnalogMan said...

... described a practice from the 1960s that he referred to as "blonking". That stood for "blacks on camera";

I remember that ... as well as the report that said that blacks have ZERO depth perception. They simply cannot process it.

It's a black thang. You wouldn't unnerstan' ...

REG at 18:45 gets it 97% right -- except for the fact that I ain't Covington.

Truly ... I'm not. The NZ address surprised me too. I can only assume that up until the time the fat Russian was busted for the MegaUpload thing, NZ was regarded as a sort of low-key bastion of freedom of speech.
And they're proving it now. A lot of people are asking the NZ govt.

"Just who the fuck is running the show here, Mate? You or the FBI? If it's the FBI, why are we voting for you?"

I like it here.


Tony in VA said...

Laguna Beach - you migt think that it's 'comical at the same time', but remember it's all part of the plan to blend out the white race.

Anonymous said...

Calculus said...

You're all wrong, this company anticipates the market, that's all.
FACT: affirmative action is promoting a rising black middle class and a racially blind white female working class, while downgrading the white male middle class.

... and with all due respect, I'd say you have it totally wrong.

Firstly there is no "rising black middle-class". This is a comfortable myth. The existing middle-class ... black, white, candy-striped -- is being displaced or destroyed.

Blacks do not buy insurance. Not in meaningful quantities.

Insurance purchase is forward planning and jungle bunnies do not, not, not do forward planning. The closest a wog gets to forward planning is "Where can I steal supper?" Extreme long-range planning is "... where do I sleep tonight?"

As a friend of mine said ... and he was quite sympathetic -- "Every day, they are surprised by the sunrise. Every night, they die when they fall asleep, and in the morning they awake reborn ..."

Quite poetic that.

Nogs do not buy insurance.


Anonymous said...

There is very little comical about niggers, aside from their outward appearance.
They are souless animals void of any conscience.

Anonymous said...

Some good comments on this thread, especially from UN.

When hyperinflation hit the Weimar Republic do you know what many germans called their now worthless paper money?

"jew confetti"

That about sums it up. Fiat money is a means to an end.

nemesis said...

UN - there is a black middle class actually. But it is totally a gubmint/AA creation. They are not in real jobs. When the SHTF this class will disappear like jew boys at a flag day. In fact it's happening already.

Franz said...

@ Anon 23:17

On my channel I have taken to referring to the Euro as "Goldman confetti", which I think is only fitting as one of their pods heads the European Central Bank.

The viewers - even the economically illiterate - seem to like it.

The only good thing about the Euro is that it contains so much valuable copper, especially the 50 and 20 Cent coins.

Once the clever guys start enforcing Gresham's law on those coins and withdraw them from circulation, you'll know that the proverbial excrement is about to hit the you know what in a fairly drastic manner.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Germans called their worthless currency, judenfetz, Jewish confetti.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of judenfetz, a good piece here on financial usuary.


SAVANT said...

Franz, I know it's a huge topic. But how in your view does someone like Draghi or our own Peter Sutherland co-exist in an almost wholly Jewsih company such as GS?

Are there two parallel 'universes' there? How does the issue of jewish dominance there get treated (a) among non-jews and (b) between jews and non-jews?

Are the former seen and treated as shabbas goys? A kind of AA apointment used largely for window dressing?

Maybe nobody not an alumnus knows, but I often wondered....

Anonymous said...

Covington, Covington, Covington. He pops up everywhere.


Another Northwest chunk. I sometimes wonder if we will end up reading the whole NorthWest Quartet in bits and pieces and out of sequence.

Quite the opposite of ol' flabbermouth Stephen Hawking's load of impenetrable shit ... which I think is the most-bought and least-read book of the 21st century.

This, by the way, is a really, really good site.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of judenfetz, a good piece here on financial usuary.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

How the economy works in six (maybe seven) short pages. The one thing that got my attention, like a chinese firecracker up the left nostril was:-

Did You Know ... Jews MAY NOT Charge Interest From Other Jews in Israel. It is against the law.

The Torah states that it is forbidden for Jews to charge interest from fellow Jews

(Leviticus 25:37).

if that's true, then it's rope time.


Denise said...


Nogs do buy insurance. They buy life insurance, for their relatives.

Gem Junior said...

Anonymous 11:14 (call me Kchick?) Your story is much the same as mine regarding your children, although mine are 15 and 11. When my daughter was about 3 she came home from school and told me about this boy in her class she wouldn't play with because she "didn't like his hair or his nose or big lips" - I am not a private investigator I swear, but I immediately surmised the young man was black, and I had never purposely indoctrinated this, nor did I think she had ever noticed them much since we live in a very white neighborhood outside NYC. I was actually pleased to hear her say it because it proved yet again that children feel more kinship towards those who look similar to them - a theory proved every damn day in barnyards across Planet Earth but still Libs must challenge nature in pursuit of higher truths known only to themselves. I told her not to advertise her feelings because I just didn't want any nosy assholes from the school knocking on my door looking for trouble. (That was 8 years ago; now my attitude is that if anyone cares to come to the door they can take whatever they get and it won't be pretty. I don't care if they call CBS news to camp outside this "vile racist"'s door - I'm fed up enough to be really straightforward about this even if it hurts my children's job prospects. Sanity has to start somewhere, and they will have to navigate their way around the vicious KGB PRAVDA scum who now inhabit this gov't and braindead people. It is not going to change without some provocation and if it's me that has to be sacrificed well that sucks but it must be God's will so hey,"be it done unto me according to Thy Will!" as a much better Lady than me once said...... I've had enough! My son and daughter are routinely deprogrammed with very simple, straightforward, factual, non-hating material. This is Black History Month, tons of nonsense, made up, hyped up, trumped up, etc. My son is learning about Ancient Greece. I simply pointed out what the ancient Greeks were doing long before Christ and the Romans, engineering tunnels through mountains, making Parthenons, then the Romans. Amazing lifestyle rivalling our own (and probably surrounded by less sexual filth and debauchery; and that's saying SOMETHING, isn't it?) engineering skills that are imitated even today. Then I direct them to ponder Africa, where there was never even a written language, a domesticated beast, a calendar, or a WHEEL. So in the same couple of millenia while everyone else is building colluseums and cathedrals, illuminating manuscripts, etc., these ones are building huts from dung without inventing the stairway, putting plates in their lips and eating each other as well as raping and selling each other. No ships or boats, no industry, no NOTHING. The light that dawns in the children's eyes is downright astonishing. Without one "racist" word, without one sarcastic slur. Just simple comparison. People can not sleepwalk forever, IMHO. No army on the march, no matter how huge, can stop an idea whose time has come. And that is what I think is on the horizon.

Gem Junior said...

Reg the Hedge 18:45
That was a good post that was food for thought. I think the half-baked assholes in the Irish Gov't and all European Gov't's would be a little more forgivable if that were the case - but I tend to see everything these days as a Jew conspiracy. Because I remember when "one world gov't, ZOG, Jew-dominated media" were all things that only really really crazy people talked about 15 years ago. Well, here they are, talked about openly, even NWO is even said out loud in Washington, when years ago saying it got you laughed out of the room. I guess the Jews allow it now because it's too late to do anything about it - it's set in stone, or plaster anyway. Similarly, "9/11 Truthers, Agenda 21, 7/7 London, false flags" are all laughed at now by the mainstream as crazy talk and we all know that in 15 years it will probably be acceptable discourse. So everyone will have to forgive me if I see Jews behind curtains pulling marionette strings..... One interesting thing that you wrote about the black role models is that the educated, successful negro is ubiquitous on TV. The thing is that this shit even fools THEM. The only thing unfortunately they are taking away from these ads and commercials is a sense of grievance (surprise...) that with all the successful bruthus on TV, the man must surely be keeping HIM down since he's not in any of those positions. Blacks always think that stuff just magically happens. You wake up one morning with a college degree if you are white and someone comes and rings your fuckin doorbell and hands you wads of cash. Some think that the bank is a money store and they just give money to some people and not to others (black). You drive up and if you are in the club or show some special card you get money, buy a house and car and live happily ever after. The concept that you are taking out your own money THAT YOU ALREADY PUT IN often elicits questions like "why would you put your money in there just to have to go and take it out? Why not just leave it home where you can just pick it up?" and other crazy shit. Almost makes you wonder if they've even been living in the same country as you, let alone the next town over. Very literal. White man go bank, someone give money you. Ugga bugga. So, all that these happy negros in white TV land teaches these fuckers is that they are being left out, bereft, and SOMEONE ELSE IS AT FAULT, namely the white oppressor (because that's all they learn from movies, school [ha ha ha no I'm not making a joke! school, ya must be joshin' me], and popular antiwhite culture)In other words if all these happy rich black people, judges, lawyers, doctors, rich CEOs, are doing well on TV and that is reality, why ain't this nigga? It's the man, keepin' a brotha down. I don't know if I'm describing it well but they believe the jew media hype and they are MADE to believe they're more capable than they are, and that's part of the tragedy. RACISM it's everywhere.
As for Ireland, my parents left there in the '50s 'cos dey ain't had sheeeit. Dey came here, made some phat green, had all us bitches and hoes and moved back. We came BACK HERE AGAIN ! LOL in 1975 because they couldn't get jobs and the phat money be runnin' out. OK enough sorry I got carried away with ebonics. My point is that my parents(and later us!) were chucked out of OUR own native country basically for want of a future, so that Ireland would open it's doors to all kinds of genetically foreign, completely unrelated, totally and utterly NOT ethnic kin in any way shape or form black and brown people with no interest in behaving according to traditional native Irish behavior, at all. It can only be the diabolical plan of evil geniuses - hence, the J's.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this, Savant?
Judge Napolitano fired from Fox.


Anonymous said...

Savant,you are omniscient-I have just been thinking in the last few days about how many negroids are in commercials here in the U.S-it seems like they are in 75% of the commercials even thought they make up only about 15% of the population here.On another note,while channel surfing tonight,I came across a movie in which the son of a black baseball player was kidnapped by a white(played by Robert De Nero)I didn't stop long enough to catch the name of the movie-what a false concept I thought upon seeing it.)Here in the U.S. it would make more sense to have Asians(specifically Chinese) in the commercials.Although perhaps not in car insurance commercials-they are notoriously bad drivers here in the States

gallowglass said...

Gem Junior. You hit on a concept that I often thought about. That all this shite on TV/movies about black doctors, judges, scinetists etc. must have a very unsettling effect on your avterage dumb semi-literate blacks out there.

This segues nicely into AA. It justifies AA but the same problems happens when it's time to take the exams or whatever. Blacks can't cut it so what they see on TV/movies and the 'self-esteem' that's been drummed into them means that The Man must be out to get them.

All in all a counter-productive strategy for the supposed objective i.e. to help blacks. However it's a great strategy if the puppet masters really just want to cause trouble for whitiey.

gallowglass said...

Reg the Hedge. There are multiple reasons blacks shun education. One is that they are constitutionally unsuited for it due to their impulsive nature (hard to concentrate) and low IQ. Also by definition gaining an education is a long-term multi-year project. Blacks don't do long-term multi-year projects.

And also, as you say, their 'role models' hardly ever went to the trouble of getting an education.

Anonymous said...

Denise said...


Nogs do buy insurance. They buy life insurance, for their relatives.

Denise ... you speak with great authority, which leads me to believe that you are in insurance and therefore better informed than I.

Fair enough, I concede ... but I still cling to my observations of future-blindness among the benighted buggers.


Anonymous said...

gallowglass said...

Reg the Hedge. There are multiple reasons blacks shun education. One is that they are constitutionally unsuited for it due to their impulsive nature (hard to concentrate) and low IQ.

Interestingly enough, gallowglass (and you cannot imagine how much it costs me to say this) blacks in South Africa -- back in the bad ol' apartheid days -- moved heaven and earth to give their kids an education. But that was then ... when an education was a real education.

Probably one of the bigger mistakes that the whites made.


Franz said...

@ Savant

I think organizations quite often draw on outsiders to do their dirty work. These outsiders often tend to overcompensate, become "110 percenters" in order to have a sense of belonging.

Two of the most well known examples:

Anybody vaguely familiar with revolutionary Russia knows that the Bolshevik leadership was by and large (80 to 90 percent) a jewish terror organization. Yet their most ruthless thug in the early days was Felix Dzerzhinsky, an ethnic Pole.

Conversely, Reinhard Heydrich believed himself to be (and perhaps was) a Jew. Overcompensating for his lack of aryan-ness he became the fiercest Jew killer in the third Reich.

Fast forward to our day and age. Apparently 70% percent of management on Wall Street is jewish. Who are their overcompensating, 110% thugs? Hank Paulson who extorted congress for $700 billion and Mario Draghi who has taken it upon himself to conduct the bustout of a whole continent.

Outsiders and misfits can do great and terrible things if properly handled. Goldman seems to have that science down to a T.

Denise said...


You are still correct regarding your premise that Negroes do't buy insurance due to their inability to "future think". Medical insurance is something Da Gubmint provides. Home owner's insurance? What's that? Auto inruance is mandated...but...there's wiggle room. Life insurance, for the relatives? Well the relative may get whacked at any moment, and why not get a nice payout? It's all about immediate gratification.

Calculus said...

@ UN, there is a black middle class, subsidized by AA directly or indirectly, like teachers, federal employees etc. Anyway, Middle Class means now: you have a job, any job. You said even so Blacks make money, they have no taste for insurances. Sure, but a TV ad is not about your needs or natural tendancies, they'll go after their money by all means, in this case here by making Blacks feel smarter or whiter.
Plus, i mentioned this ad includes a black pregnant woman and is therefore ALSO targeting women, including white women since most of them are color blind. The White woman gut's feeling is to the very pregnant belly, she might not even notice this belly is black.
Ask Sandra Bullock or read:

By the way, I noticed several ads who clearly put women in a dominant, borderline abusive, position over their man, like this ad for a cell phone provider (I don't remember which one... point in case, I am not the target of this repulsive ad). The US workfore is increasingly female and the market knows it.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, gallowglass (and you cannot imagine how much it costs me to say this) blacks in South Africa -- back in the bad ol' apartheid days -- moved heaven and earth to give their kids an education. But that was then ... when an education was a real education.

IIRC didn't the ANC types go around proclaiming that educayshen be bad while sending their offspring off to places so that they could be educated enough to run the country.

I remember a guy being ignored by leftie liberal types because he came from the wrong tribe.

Probably one of the bigger mistakes that the whites made.

RegThe Hedge said...

Franz, I work in investment banking and have gone through some of the biggest institutions in that arena. I'd put Joos at 10% or less of upper management. Of course I never worked for Goldmans.

If you are looking for evil Joos I'd focus on owners not workers. Soros is probably the king of Marxism/Frankfurt school, white genocide ferver. Rothschilds, hollywood moguls, and media owners. Ordinary Joos aren't automatically evil, I'm with Savant on that one. I do believe they have a higher propensity to do bad things to us as they are outsiders and don't hold our genes dear. That, of course applies to all outsiders.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure African Americans don't buy auto insurance. The police ask to see proof of this every time they pull some one over, so people are afraid not to have it.

But, also, the typical white American really wants blacks to succeed and is happy to see examples of successful blacks in commercials. They aren't "turned off" by these commercials.

The latest trend I've noticed in commercials, just in the last year, is black men with white wives or girl friends, sometimes with kissing or hugging.

Anonymous said...

Try taking a look at childrens television programs. There, three out of every four presenters are either black Africans or other none Europeans.

I would guess that they were trying to portray their new reengineered multi-racial / ethnic nations as natural and normal to our impressionable children.

Andrew Marr
United Kingdom
BBC Journalist
Describing racial conflict:
“What then can be done? (Apart, of course, from widespread and vigorous miscegenation, which is the best answer, but perhaps tricky to arrange as public policy.) “
“And the final answer, frankly, is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress. It may be my Presbyterian background, but I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilizing instrument for good. Stamp hard on certain ‘natural’ beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off. The police are first in line to be burdened further, but a new Race Relations Act will impose the will of the state on millions of other lives too. “
Andrew Marr, “Poor? Stupid? Racist? Then don’t listen to a pampered White liberal like me,” Observer, February 28, 1999, p. 26.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen
Anthropologist at the University of Oslo, Norway
“The most important blank spot exists now in deconstructing the majority so thoroughly that it can never be called the majority again.” to follow up on some of Marianne Gullestad’s research from the last ten years. Something like this could contribute to both understanding and liberation. And to see the global in the local, that we once and for all really learn that social scientific analyses must not take the nation-state as the a priori point of departure, but that connections and mobility are just as essential as integration and society.



Franz said...

@ Reg

Just looked at Goldman's website and there are not a few Cohens and Weinbergs. Looks like a pretty Hebrew organization to me.

Shame that I can't remember the source for the 70% figure I quoted. I think it came from a book about Bear Stearns.

Nevertheless, 10% in upper management seems to me like a rather lowball figure.

Before Bear's and Lehman's demise, they were both headed by Jews. Goldman and Morgan Stanley still are.

Assuming these guys weren't parachuted in but were a product their respective corporate culture, this seems to suggest a heavy jewish involvement in the fortunes of Wall Street.

Not to forget: The largest hedgefunds Blackstone, Carlyle Group and KKR were founded by Jews.

RegThe Hedge said...

Savant if you are looking for perfect material for your blog then download and watch the Channel 4 series Misfits. You will vomit and be entertained at the same time. One of the characters is very very funny. It is Frankfort school in it's purest form.
You will not be disappointed.
Written and produced by a Joo.
To the Joos that come onto this blog I am sorry but holy shit where ever you find anything that is trying to destroy our society from the inside out you will find a Joo. This CANNOT be a coincident.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read through all the comments on this thread. There's a whopping 72 of them! But I suspect there may be more to this than simply pushing a racial agenda. After all, advertising is BIG business. There's lots of marketing, polls, surveys, focus groups, etc that go into it. If they're pushing blacks or whatnot then I doubt it is because they just love blacks. At some point someone probably did a study showing that using blacks and/or mixed couples in ads actually gets the attention of people in general (or whites in particular) more than simply using whites. After all, people tend to notice the exception and remember it longer. Not that the ad guys aren't a bunch of wankers with an agenda. But I doubt someone in their line of work would sacrifice profits to be PC.

Anonymous said...

Denise said...

... Life insurance, for the relatives? Well the relative may get whacked at any moment, and why not get a nice payout? It's all about immediate gratification.

Of course.

And the penny drops with a huge clang. How to sell life insurance to nogs?

Easy. Just tell Sipho or Precious that they give you money, say twenty a month, and when one of their brood snuffs it, they get three grand.

Even a nog can get its alleged mind around that.

I am not that wrong after all. I can breathe again.

A memory bubbles to the surface. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I do remember that, in South Africa, you could not insure the life of a minor or a child.

Don't remember which.


Anonymous said...

“Houston, We Have a Problem”

While we're on the image of blacks as role models, you're no doubt overdosed on the heavily retouched (sometimes completely re-drawn) images of the drowned racist junkie.

"... and as part of my acceptance speech, I would like to thank Thomas Knoll and all the developers of Adobe Photoshop, without whom ..."

I guess it wouldn't do much for the vulture music industry ... the re-mixes, the covers, the retrospectives, "Tributes to Whitney", memorial TV shows, "Life of Whitney" pictorials, "Snooki and Whitney were Secret Lovers" exposès and all the shit that an increasingly depraved money-mad media foists upon us if more of the ... shall we say, less approved? ... images gained common currency.

How many "Whitney Houston Country and Western Jamboree" albums do you think these would sell ...?




and my all-time favourite ...


I'd pin that on my toilet door, any day.**


**On the outside.


Anonymous said...

viewers have been so indoctrinated that they actually do believe that that tall deep-voiced negro in the expensive suit represents security.

Protected class. Immune from the PC police. AA recipient. Ersatz nobility.

Anti-whites want to be black.

Rastus said...

'The latest trend I've noticed in commercials, just in the last year, is black men with white wives or girl friends, sometimes with kissing or hugging.'

In the last year????

Have you been in a coma for the previous 10 years or what?

This stuff has been going on for as long as I can remember, FFS!

justme said...

I'm not sure anti-whites want to be black. They just want to be anti-white.

Rob said...

@Franz 19:49
Isn't it true that Morgan Stanley didn't have any Jews until the late 80s or 90s because of all the business they did with the Saudis and other Gulf states?

Anonymous said...

Dennis Haysbert is on because white women do buy insurance. And, some of them keep a vibrator tucked between the sofa cushions for use when he come on.

Piet said...

Well if white women are getting off on this porch monkey it's becuase they been brainwashed into it. So f*cking sad.

Anonymous said...

anon 00:31

some jews post here but at least they're smart.
Please just go away.

Herod said...

This site has degenerated into a run of the mill jew-bashing slugfest. At least in the comments.

And no, all you knee-jerkers, I am not Jewish.

Anonymous said...

The two top people in Goldman Sachs are jewish:
Chairman - Blankfein
President - Cohn

If we assume that 2% of Americans are jewish, then if we picked two americans at random the chance of picking two jews would be (1/50)*(1/50) = 1/2500

or 0.04%

Imagine any other ethnic group was so prominent in banking right now.
Do you think they'd be getting such an easy ride in the media?

Anonymous said...

Savant, a slightly bemused comment, if I may.

I don't think I a m being particularly inattentive in reading posts, but something seems to have gone a bit odd in the comments section.

I am seeing posts referring to other posts that are not there and responses to what seem to be nonexistent questions.

Have I got it wrong?


Oddjob said...

Rear-ended waiting to turn left at a traffic light. The inebriated gent had Allstate insurance. I was contacted by a jig 'investigator' to check out my case. After some nonsense questions he advised the gent admitted fault and Allstate would cover our repairs. Two months later I have yet to hear from the good hands folks. Like most of the coons down South they seem to disappear when 'de owes you money'. So that guy is a fitting image for Allstate after all.

Anonymous said...

Regarding a previous post ... not all boogs are fans of education.


Paying black children to go to school?

All across America white tax dollars are being diverted outside of the white community and funneled into majority black schools. Numerous studies show that majority black public schools are getting more money per pupil than majority white public schools.

In Cincinnati, Ohio it is about to get worse. The Ohio Department of Education is going to divert an extra $40,000 to a nearly all black High School in Cincinnati to pay students to go to class.

Despite already spending $9,300 per student per year in taxpayer dollars, a whooping 14% of Seniors graduated last year.

Education officials cite “poverty” as the reason the students are so pathetic. However, only 48% of students are classified as “Economically disadvantaged.” Statewide, 36% of all Ohio public school children are classified as “economically disadvantaged.”

Lets examine the facts. Ohio is full of poor white communities. Lancaster High is 97% white and 30% of students are classified as economically disadvantaged. Lancaster High gets $7,400 per student per year.

Let’s review.

Dohn Community High
Almost 100% Black
48% Economically disadvantage
$9,300 per student
Last year graduation rate 14%
State is now diverting an extra $40k to pay students to attend class

Lancaster High
Almost 100% White
30% Economically disadvantaged
$7,400 per student
Last years graduation rate 88% (three year average 91%)

Lancaster High had a graduation rate 628% higher than Dohn for 20% less money.

It’s not poverty. It’s not a lack of funds. Let’s tell the truth.

I begin to see why US schools are regarded as no more than day-care centres for feral niggers.
Actual learning seems to be optional ...


One wonders what the teachers would pay for them to rather stay home ... rather like US govt. departments famously paying farmers to not grow certain crops.

Anonymous said...

Herod said...

This site has degenerated into a run of the mill jew-bashing slugfest. At least in the comments.

Herod ... to be extremely polite, they are uninvited guests. To define them as intruders or invaders, I think, is far closer to the truth.

If they, as the old saying goes: "Packed their tents, like the arabs, and silently stole away ...", then people like myself would leave them alone.

The problem is they don't steal away. They steal everything that is not red-hot or nailed down.

They denigrate our race.

What they do not steal, they piss on, like curs marking their territory.

They subvert everything we hold dear. They hold us in complete contempt and on top of it all, they spend every waking moment trying to guilt us into thinking that we are responsible for their fictitious shoah.

We are subjected to jewish cunts like Susan Sontag who famously stated that: "The white race is the cancer of human history." **

The jews have been expelled (often with violence) from every western country on the planet for the last two and a half thousand years .. and not one of the fuckers has ever said to themself:- "Perhaps the fault lies with me ...?"

France and French provinces and principalities have booted them out -- not once, but many times.

How else can one describe a people that cannot live by themselves without a host to feed off ... without the term "parasite" springing to mind?

They blackmailed, perverted, suborned and subverted a whole world to get their own shitty little nation -- and succeeded fifty four years ago.

On top of this they own the UK, Canada, the United States and, yes, France (persistence certainly pays).

They are currently white-anting their way through all of Scandinavia and Australia and are sucking up to China ... just in case the US implodes before it's quite done.

Once again, the old Polish proverb springs to mind ...

The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you ...

And the final straw is some Shabbas Goy popping up and saying:-

This site has degenerated into a run of the mill jew-bashing slugfest. At least in the comments.

Yeah. Right. Whatever.

Someone once said: "I am that most vicious and unpredictable of beasts ... I retaliate when attacked."

It must be a bastard when you run into more and more of them ... every day.


** Sontag, born Susan Rosenblatt, was born in New York City to Jack Rosenblatt and Mildred Jacobsen, both jewish Americans.


Anonymous said...

Hey Herod. While we're at it ...

The Jew … is not content merely to destroy Christianity, but he preaches the gospel of Judaism; he not only assails the Catholic or the Protestant faith, but he incites to the unbelief, and then imposes on those whose faith he has undermined his own conception of the world, of morality and of life. He is engaged in his historic mission, the annihilation of the religion of Christ.

Bernard Lazare, Antisemitism: Its History and Causes, Translated by Britons Publishing Co., London (1967), p. 158;


Bernard Lazare (15 June 1865 — 1 September 1903) was a French Jewish literary critic, political journalist, polemicist, and anarchist. He was also among the first Dreyfusards ...

Over to you, Buddy.


SAVANT said...

UN - not sure about what comments you're referring to. Blogger does strange this. You have no idea how many comments get dumped into the Spam filter, ones I subsequently have to rescue. By the way said filter has been configured by some very PC-aware people.

Another explanation is that people think they're referring to the current post but in fact to a different one. I've often seen that on this blog.

If you want to be more specific I'll see what I can do.

Heraclitus said...

Franz - that's a most interesting perspective. I too had frequently pondered on the internal dynamics of majorities working as minorities within an otherwise cohesive ethnic entity such as GS. Like Savant I often wondered how discourse took place, what subjects were deemed appropriate for discussion, when views would merit immediate expulsion etc.

You have gone some way towards clarifying the situation.

Anonymous said...

A book worth reading,or re-reading as I am doing at the moment,is Barbarians At The Gate-the best seller from the 80's about the battle to take over RJR Reynolds(Camel cigarettes)by Nabisco and the involvement of Wall street in this madness.

Wall to Wall(sic)Jews plus one idiotic Canadian and,I swear to God,first time round I never noticed.


Elaine said...

UN, you will no doubt dismiss me as another shabbos goy or whatever you call it. And I do concede that I've learned a lot from this site and have modified my views somewhat.

My big disagreement with you and many of the others is that your depiction of Jews and Jewesses does not reflect my own experience. I do not find that they steal, for example. I would acknowledge that there is a tendency towards excess avariciousness, but apart from that they're ok.

I get no sense that they are all out to do the rest of us down.

Anyway, that's my tuppence worth.

Mal Vinos said...

AntiRacist Chief Trevor Philips gets a good kicking on most of the comments thread on The Telegraph....


Franz said...

Here is a great example for a wholesome commercial!


@ Rob

I can't say I know anything about the particulars of Morgan Stanley.

It is fair to say however that prior to the postwar period, Wall Street was a fairly segregationist bunch.

It used to be that "repectable" banking houses such as Morgan and Brown Bros kept their distance from what they perceived to be jewish bucket shop operations.

@ Elaine

I think it is fair to say that an above-average percentage of Jews have a tendency for political scheming and financial engineering, just like it is fair to say that an above-average percentage of Germans lack a sense of humor.

Does this apply to everbody within a given population? Of course not, but populations generally are defined by the actions of their most visible members.

I would argue that the current setup of the financial world is enabling a very visible minority of Jews to put their worst qualities on display for all the world to see.

This hurts gentiles because we become collateral damage in Goldman's bustout of Europe, but the blowback will ultimatly hurt Jews as well (and probably those who did nothing to deserve it).

Calculus said...

About the original topic, i saw yesterday an advertissment page in a magazine about the Porshe sport car. Maybe the 911 (funny as this number is everywhere). Anyway, the driver was ouside the Porshe, he was Black and was holding 2 pizzas to his black daughter on the other side of the car.
What can you make of all of this?
There must be a black middle class that has been untapered, until now.

Anonymous said...

Remember that white-hating Jews like Tim Wise, Noam Chomsky and Noel Ignatiev are also Israel-haters. Talk to the average sabra and they greatly dislike the privileged, PC Obama-loving Jews in US/UK/France etc. Totally different mentality. Israelis are on the front line daily (for the West as a whole, not just the Jews), and they have shall we say a certain REALISM about the Mohammedan hordes which is distinctly lacking among other Jews and Western whites.


Franz said...

Here is something utterly unrelated, but brilliant nonetheless:

Ben Bernanke has competition, reports Bloomberg:

"Italian anti-mafia prosecutors said they seized a record $6 trillion of allegedly fake U.S. Treasury bonds, an amount that’s almost half of the U.S.’s public debt.


Phony U.S. securities have been seized in Italy before and there were at least three cases in 2009. Italian police seized phony U.S. Treasury bonds with a face value of $116 billion in August of 2009 and $134 billion of similar securities in June of that year."


The funny thing is that Timmy Geithner is issuing bonds which are paid for with "money" that The Bernank has only conjured into being minutes before on his trusty Compaq keyboard.

And they have the nerve to call their Italian competition fake?!

Anonymous said...

Floella Benjamin was a childrens TV presenter and was a minoratah elevated to the House of Lords. She went aSa Libdem so was lambasted for being an Uncle Tom.

Now I have no problems with black sportscasters provided they are good and give the result of the game being the same as when I watched it not giving the score from before the end because racist Ted Turner III could not be bothered to find good ones when rejecting white people.

Also ESPN sacked a competent black dude to make a place for Selena Manhatinglesbian Roberts who was central to the Duke Lacrosse scandal and anyone would have sacked. If they had a brain.

Gem Junior said...

Well the Jews as a whole historical entity is what's being referred to in these posts. I'm sure many of us have a friend here or there who happens to be a Jew who we wouldn't hurt for world. However we can't ignore the zillions of times that they were thrownout of Europe for their act, which is now and was then sickening to the host. They are nation-wreckers. I can't remember who said it once but it was a Jew who claimed blaming Jews for their forced exoduses (with a kick in the pants usually and a "don't let the door hit you on the way out")was akin to blaming a rape victim for being raped. Well I almost died. I told him that when someone is raped once no one blames them, but if the same lady goes out every day and is raped 1000 times maybe she might ask herself if she should put on a longer skirt or some decent clothes. Jews are always succeeding as the king of the pity party precisely because they cry out in pain as they strike you. NOBODY knows it better than the Polish. So the Jews I say are hurting their own people worse than other because antisemitism is the blowback here - and since average people can't scalp Goldman and Rothchild they go for the average Jew who might not even have any idea what his big brothers are doing. But Jews DO hate and fear Christians. When I was a young nurse in a Catholic hospital one old Jewish lady told me to take the crucifix off the wall because it was offensive. I thought for a moment - if she said it scared her I would have removed it. But her choice of words was wrong - it OFFENDED her. Another religion offended her and she proceeded to try and suppress the first amendment. Typical. So I told her the crucifix STAYS and if she doesn't like it to go another 50 miles to Long Island Jewish and get a Jewish nurse if she could find one.... they don't stoop to the humane, mercy requiring traits that make it possible to pick up a total strangers doody and wipe their stinky, wrinkled baggy old buts. I must admit call me xenophobic, but I'd much rather clean up a soiled, smelly old Irish or Irish descent 90 year old poor scuttery old thing than a nasty obnoxious thankless Jew 90 year old lady who is busy telling me to hurry up cos her son is coming or her program is coming on. See the difference? The old IRISH lady is THANKFUL with GRACE and the old JEWISH lady is UTTERLY THANKLESS and wants to spit on me AS I TRY AND HELP HER. Hmmmmmm sorry if that story is just a little anecdotal but I've been in the business for about 25 years.....

Gem Junior said...

Elaine I totally understand what you mean, Jewish friends and colleagues would never steal from me either and are often very likeable and good people. What's meant here is the population's qualities as opposed to the individual. Try some books you would be really captivated by: 1. Separation and it's discontents, 2. a people that shall dwell alone, and 3. Jewish group evolutionary strategy all three by Kevin McDonald, a pHd in evolutionary psychology at cal state univ in long beach - very well known and has been studying them for decades in a scientific way, not for antisemitism's sake. Amazing stuff.

Essex boy said...

Jesus that Trevor Phillips TOTALLY PISSES ME OFF!

Essex boy said...

Calculus. What country did you see that ad for the Porche in?

Eimear said...

Gem Junior. I've had somewhat similar experiences. I've found jews always always always looking for more. About 10 years ago did holiday work at a hotel in Long Island. Manager was Italian/American. He cursed and swore that 'all the funcking jews' were coming down for some weekend or other. He said they'd make everyone's life a misery, looking for free this, free that, always complaining, wanting better rooms, not paying for meals becuase of some failing or other. I laughed it off. But you know what? He was dead right! That's RXACTLY what happened. Worst weekend of the whole summer for all of us. I'm not saying you can extrapolate this to others, but it's meaningful all the same I think.

ironman said...

Franz, dont know whether Germans do actually on average lack humor. If so you are a notable and welcome exception.

Calculus said...

@ Essex Boy,

US. The front page of the magazine was missing but it was a magazine about political views.

Anonymous said...

I cannot remember where it was posted. A jewish professor at the private Boston College, owned by a Catholic institution, demanded, note bene not asked oh vey! DEPERDAUGHTERED, that all crucifixes be taken down because he did not want one in his classroom.

He really should leave the comedy to Sarah Silvermann or Larry David shouldn't he?

Anonymous said...

Elaine, I was going to reply to you, probably in a long rambling screed, but Franz, Gem junior and Eimar ...

Well ... what they said.

However I think I should clarify something. I am not a mindless, gormless, toothless, drug-raddled, drooling anti-semite ... not the type that is stereotypically portrayed on jew television, film and media, anyway.

I feel that I am a thinking anti-semite. If you take note, you will find that almost every derogatory quote that I, in turn, quote -- is taken from the source ... the jews themselves. I'll make an exception for really good ones, of course.

Now ... here's the fun thing. I am a surly and pessimistic bastard and regard myself as an equal-opportunity offender.

Yes, I delight in flaying jews and niggers when they piss me off -- which is most of the time, but have also taken delight in slagging off Ozzies, Yanks, Kiwis, Ragheads, Rockspiders, Whenwes Currymunchers, Slopes, Chinks, Souties, Krauts, Frogs, Dagoes, Wetbacks, Wops, Spics, and Zipperheads.

Now here is the really odd thing. Over the course of my miss-spent life, I have accumulated a double handful of, not acquaintances, but real lifelong friends. That is, about a dozen genuine friends** ...

Five of them are jews.

Truly a strange and contradictory people, rather like me.


PS: **I define a friend as someone who will help you hide.
A real friend is someone who will help you hide the body.
After being woken at 3:00 AM Wednesday.

PPS: The only derogatory term for a Kiwi that I have discovered so far is JAFA ... Just Another Fucking Aucklander. But that doesn't really count.
Sheepshagger is quite popular ... but not exclusive enough for me. I have heard it applied to Ozzies as well as Welshmen.


mischling said...

UN - given your track record (not complainin') I find it fascinating that you have 5 close jewish friends. Are they aware of your views? You've said some really harsh things about their kin.

SAVANT said...

UN - I'd also be fascinated by some more details on your extraordinary friendships. I'm in a similar position but far less 'advanced' down the road as you.

Anonymous said...

mischling said...

... You've said some really harsh things about their kin.

Mischling, my friends have said some pretty harsh things about their kin.

One of them referred to a fellow tribalist as a "Fucking peruvian Yid fuck bastard cunt fuck!!"
He was a bit peeved.

That one burned itself into my brain, forever.
His kids, I might add, were goggle-eyed. They'd never heard their dad lose it like that before.

This may need some explication.

Apparently in the thirties, when the tribe was diasporing like crazy across the planet, the ones that diaspored into South Africa were the Mitteleuropeans from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, etc. Most of them arrived on a boat -- more a scow, really -- named the Peru.

These people were truly the dregs of the shtetls and were regarded with horror by even the local tribe.

This was told me by my goaded-beyond-all-control friend who pointed out that (since then) the jew who was regarded as beyond the pale was forever tagged a "Peruvian" ... after the ship.

In fact, looking back, all my jewish friends were on the absolute fringe of jewish society. My one female jewish friend is quite estranged from her family ... who had, one by one, emigrated to the US (New York, natch.)

Not being wealthy herself, her family has pleaded with her, over the years, to join them ... offering all financial assistance, airfare, accommodation, introduction to a nice jewish boy, everything ... which she has steadfastly refused.

Why? "They are simply not my kind of people." she says.

If I won the Lotto tomorrow, I would be on the phone to her offering airfare, accommodation, everything for her and her pard (an excellent fellow) if they would just consider settling here ... away from the feral nogs.

I hope that is some small explanation.


Anonymous said...

And after all that, my weekend gift to you.

Go here,


scroll down to George Carlin telling us what, basically, we all know.

oh, and on the way learn how America deals with those intransigent fuckers who want to get out from under ...


beppo said...

@ Anonymous 17 Feb 21:13,

You will find this on RAMZPAUL.com.

Anonymous said...

Here is something i discovered, Savant ... when I open your page, what address do you think I get?


Now, either you have re-located to New Zealand ... which I doubt as I am sure we would have bumped into each other ... or all blog addresses are somehow re-allocated according to one's own PC location ...

Could one of the more tech-savvy posters have an explanation for this?


john said...

Rob - in re morgan-Stanley... as I understand it "morgan" was originally 'morganthal' ; a jew. They sure ACT jewish even if theyre not edomites by blood.
And if the jews dont charge interest to each other, it is SOLELY because it works amongst kinsmen as the Bible instruct US - the jew is NOT a Biblical Israelite or Hebrew. They pay NO attention to the Bible other than to misconstrue it to the dumb goy and use it to their advantage.

Essex boy said...

So they're paying black chirruns to go to school? Else they end up ignorant and unemployed and selling drugs.

Memo to CSS - that'll happen if they go to school or not.

F*cking plonkers.

Croesus said...

RE George Carlin, I believe that the attacks on Iraq, Libya, Venezuela and now Iran are largely driven by the desire to protect the dollar's artificial status. It might end up having the opposite effect though.

What I cannot understand is why so many European countries support the US in such misadventures. Seems to be against their interests. Nice to have oil traded in Euros I'd have thoughty.

occasional said...

Gem Junior. Your post on how you educated your kids on the respective achievements of black and Greek/Roman civilization is a brilliant ploy. You can pass it off as value-free information. No racis' talk one way or the other. Let them arrive at their own conclusions. It's the way to do it. We should all do that with our kids and indeed our friends as well.

'Who me? Racist? Just telling you what happened man.'

Who could object to that???

Anonymous said...

occasional said...

'Who me? Racist? Just telling you what happened man.'

Who could object to that???

You and I would say who indeed? But the loony left see offense wherever they look .. giving new meaning to the old saw: "Seek and ye shall find."

The only way the tide will turn is when the eternally-offended are taught -- the hard, hard way, if necessary -- that their actions have consequences.

I am convinced that that time will come ... but only when things go really bad.


Anonymous said...

Hey Occasional ...

Further to my last. As the man said, we are in the hands of maniacs..


Boy, 7, Branded a Racist For Asking Schoolmate If He Was From Africa

‘It seems the matter has been taken out of all proportion and common sense seems to have gone completely out of the window.’

The mother of a seven-year-old boy was told to sign a school form admitting he was racist after he asked another pupil about the colour of his skin. Elliott Dearlove had asked a five-year-old boy in the playground whether he was ‘brown because he was from Africa’.

Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

Re my last post ...

And even further, I am sure the boy and his mother have learned a valuable lesson.

I certainly have. But, I suspect, not the lesson that was desired.


ben tillman said...

Franz, I work in investment banking and have gone through some of the biggest institutions in that arena. I'd put Joos at 10% or less of upper management. Of course I never worked for Goldmans.

Wow -- that is ridiculous. Upper management is well over 50% Jewish. I'd say about 80%.

Denise said...

To Herod and Elaine - if this gets through moderation - DO piss off. Go sell your organs to some rabbi. How DARE you beeyich about easily verified commentary, re: Die Juden, when we are sufferng the wreckage wreaked by the Nation Wreckers? Screw you both.