Saturday, 21 January 2012

Undying love


Anonymous said...

Savant, you may be interested in this news, since it's something you have commented on in the past.

Shaunantijihad said...

In an endearing moment of anti-Big Brother indoctrination, my daughter related a school playground joke to me (with many Muslims I sadly relate):

A boat with a Jew, a Muslim and an Englishman is sinking.

The Jew says, "I'll throw all my gold overboard, as we have too much of it."

The Muslim says, "I'll throw my bombs overboard, as we have to many of them."

The Englishman pauses, then throws the Muslim and the Jew overboard. "There."

Bemused stare said...

Shaun, give her a great big hug for making some old bugger on the other side of the planet's day.

SAVANT said...

Anon thansk for that link about Seal. Yes, I shall doa gloating 'I told you so' follow up piece. Problem is her Germanic bloodline has been polluted permanently.

James Lord said...

Shaun - you're rearing a worthy child. There may be hope for us all yet.

Rob said...

It seems Scotland has its own Lawrence case.

Franz said...

@ Anon 09:10

The Klum is probably with child from a Chinese venture capitalist already.

She always knew which new markets to tap.

If there was a percentage in maintaining "whiteness" she'd be in Folsom sucking Aryan-Brotherhodd-cock right now.

rebel said...

I'll bet the goat was happy though.

Anonymous said...

As savant said, the problem is not Klum and Sears having a relationship or even a marriage, the problem is the kids.
They will never fit any world of identity, therefore these kids are, already, advancing the agenda of the NWO for globalism, consumerism, materialism, abscence of identity and submission to the oligarchy. They have no other choice by Nature.

eh said...

I can smell a fatwa coming your way Savant.

Re Klum and and Seal: my personal opinion of miscegenation is that I don't like seeing it. But I don't see why my personal opinion should matter to any two people involved in such a relationship.

That said, I always found Klum and Seal to be an absolutely disgusting pairing -- hated seeing fotos of them together. The way the PC media seemed to celebrate those two turned my stomach.

But Klum is not top heavy to be sure -- she seems a bit on the dumb side. And she has certainly shown extremely poor judgement in her relationships.

Agree about the kids -- just weird looking. Feel sorry for them.

And I absolutely do not feel any sympathy whatsoever for women like this.

Henry IX said...

eh - I have no sympathy for mudsharks. No matter what happens to them.

Anonymous said...

Heidi can count herself fortunate. She got out of a coal-burning relationship with something very few white women retain.

Her life.

God, I can't believe I used the word "relationship".

Less welcome, even in this PC insane world, are the three or four mixed race boat anchors she's now stuck with.

At least, until one or all of them are murdered by her next dark-complected sperm donor.

It is a characteristic of predators to kill all offspring of a previous rival ... a survival imperative to keep the genes of the dominant male, dominant.

Seriously, look it up. Lions do it when they take over the pride of a deceased or conquered competitor


Anonymous said...

Henry IX said...

eh - I have no sympathy for mudsharks. No matter what happens to them.

Have to agree. They have climbed voluntarily out of the gene pool, as does any creature that practices intra-species sex.

You may think I am joking when I say that white/negroid sex is bestiality.

But I'm not.


Anonymous said...

UN There was a Dublin "Professional""Lady" who was conned by a Nigerian who told her he was a male model and a successful property developer in the UK. She now has his child and he has a reason to stay in Europe despite originally arriving in Ireland with a passport "stolen" in Austria and not wanting to have anything to do with the mother of his child nor his child.

And no she was not that type of professional.

Tigris celtica seems to have removed common snese from many people.

Anonymous said...

My gift to the group. Some will say its over the top.

But it ain't. This is how to future-proof yourself and your loved ones.

A few Quotes:-

Advice For European American Racial Activists

You are the enemy and they’ll destroy you if they can; it is about power, not morality.

by Robert Griffin

What follows are some suggestions to white people whose racial identity and interests might bring them under attack. I’m speaking to racially conscious white people of whatever stripe: white analysts, white advocates, white activists, white separatists, and "white supremacists." (italics added--Ed.) I want to underscore that what I offer could be off the mark. Take this as simply my side in a conversation. With that disclaimer on the record, here’s my advice to those who care about white people and their future in a culture that is committed to shutting them down hard and making them pay.

Protect Yourself. They’ll do anything to you they can, and it makes no difference whether you are right and what they are doing is unfair. Justice has nothing to do with it: you are the enemy and they’ll destroy you if they can; it is about power, not morality.

Assume that you are all alone, that there is nobody covering your back. Someone might bleat on an Internet discussion list that you got screwed, but that’s about as far as it will go, or at least you better not count on any more support than that. You have a career going and bills to pay and perhaps a wife or husband and children to guide and support and parents to care for, and as far as I’m concerned, those are your first obligations.

Please read, copy, print, laminate in plastic and stick on the back of the toilet door for those contemplative moments ...

I particularly like:-

Don’t assume that explaining and placating will do you any good. When they come after you, there is always the tendency to try to talk your way out of it. “See, I’m not really a racist [or anti-Semite, whatever they are alleging], and actually, some of my best friends . . .” It is tempting when they get on your case, or as a way to prevent them from giving you trouble, to suck up, placate, soften your edges, smile, come off as a nice guy, a benign guy, a no-threat-to-anybody guy, an I’m-really-on-your-side guy. I suppose those kinds of things can work, but you have to assume that reason and logic and whether you are a good person doesn’t cut it for anything; no matter what you say, no matter how much tail you kiss, as soon as they can, they’ll slit your throat.

This is for the infrequent posters who only contribute when offended ... in fact their only raison d' etre is to be offended.
I am not looking at any of the girls in particular.

Sorry. Did I just say "Girls"?
Slip of the tongue. Chauvinist bastard, me.


Anonymous said...

Eighty odd years ago ... do you think it will come to this again?

I do.

An interesting read about a very fateful, but little-known event ...


AnalogMan said...

UN: "Lions do it when they take over the pride of a deceased or conquered competitor"

Polar bears do it, too, but then it's published in newspapers as proof that global warming is forcing them to eat their young to survive because there's no fish any more. Or something.

Not just predators, either - zebras, for instance, do it, too. It forces the females to go on heat.

Anonymous said...

LGBT teens are revealing some of their most painful experiences -- from being subjected to schoolyard bullying to being forced to use opposite-sex locker rooms -- as part of a new British advocacy video.

"When I was in P.E., I couldn’t get changed in the girls' toilets or the locker room or anything, so I had to get changed with the lads," one girl says. “My P.E. teacher said, 'You're not attracted to lads, so you have to go and get changed there,'"

WTF type of sickos allows ladies to get out of their burqas to take part in sports?

That is why the Burqb was never invented.