Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Too late. Much, much too late

In the sixties and seventies Sweden averaged between 90 and 100 murders per year for the whole country. The equivalent of about 1 per 100,000. One of the best, if not the best, in the world. But then Sweden became multi-cultural - as, apparently, it has to (at least according to this lady). Didn't do much for the murder rate, especially in the most culturally enriched locations.

Malmo is probably the most culturally enriched of any town or city in Sweden. Malmo is now averaging one murder per week, the equivalent of about 28 per 100,000. That's some change, isn't it? From 1 to 28. Cultural enrichment at its finest.

The citizens of Malmo (those still alive) are marching against the killing and violence. Too late, much, much too late, citizens. You've filled your city with Arabs, Afghans, Pakistanis, Albanians and Africans from the length and breadth of that benighted continent. These people will behave the way Arabs, Afghans, Pakistanis, Albanians and Africans always behave. In fact they'll behave worse because the Swedish police are pathetic and even in the unlikely event of getting a conviction the perp will be sentenced to a year or two in a luxury prison/hotel rather than suffer a gruesome death at the hands of the 'authorities'.

So put away those silly signs, citizens of Malmo. Extinguish these useless candles. Instead take several lengths of long rope and head for where your politicians plan their evil work. Then, with torches ablaze hoist as many as possible onto the nearby lamp-posts.

Now that will make a difference.


rightwinggunnut said...

rightwinggunnut said;
again I ask, where is Ingmar the Skullsplitter when he is needed? Where are the berserkers who alone can bring sanity back to that benighted country.

fiachra O@blodbaoith said...

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said;
the day the people of Sweden stop addressing these problems with pretty little pavement lights and start to address them with field guns, flamethrowers, and the best stuff Heckler u.Koch have to offer, then on that day the people of Sweden will have rendered all the western world a most signal service

Holy Foley said...

Holy Foley said;
this thing in Malmo brings sharply into focus something we have all being denying. We, the civilised and cultured Western world, are facing a stark choice, and if we do not see it today well we will see it all too clearly tomorrow. It is this; either they will annihilate us, or we take such steps as may be necessary to prevent them so doing. In other words we will be faced with a race war on a continental scale and moreover a war of annihilation in which no quarter will be given. The sooner we realise this and get it over with, with the victory on our side, the better for everybody.

johan said...

...the minority population of any country wants their own version of normalcy- their native culture and unfortunately for the normal Muslims they have the lion's share of knuckle-heads, murders and terrorists...face facts they come to places like the US and Sweden due to the permissive environment (live and let live). They take advantage and their true nature bubble up to the suraface and have something like this murders happen.

Anonymous said...

Malmo is beginning to make the Wild Wild West look like an old folkies afternoon tea party by comparison.

Rob said...

If you're a career criminal in a Third World country and intend to continue being one, do you

a)stay at home and risk execution, lynching or a sentence in a hell-hole prison that you're unlikely to survive, or

b)go and claim asylum in a place like Sweden or England, where you'll have racked up a hefty record of theft, fraud, assault, etc. before you even see the inside of a prison?

a swedish friend of this blog said...

We Swedes have sat back for too long. But people are afraid to talk about it only in there own house! This shows how bad it is.

Anonymous said...

Christ the chutzpah of that bitch is beyond belief!!! She does aliya in Israel, works at keeping everyone but the Tribe out, and then tells Europeans that we MUST, get that, fucking MUST, become multi-cultural and that old races and nationalities must go.

I'm literally breathless with rage. Fuck her and all of the other nation-wreacking jew bastards.

nemesis said...

Watching this Specter woman makes me realize that there's no point trying to support anti-Islamic pro-Israeli elements like Wilders and the True Finns. I've come to the slow conclusion that these people are the enemies of white civilization. They'd destroy themselves if it meant destroying us.

Anonymous said...

"So put away those silly signs, citizens of Malmo. Instead take several lengths of long rope and head for where your politicians plan their evil work. Then, with torches ablaze hoist as many as possible onto the nearby lamp-posts.

Now that will make a difference."


Thor said...

anon 23.27. AGREED!

Anonymous said...

Barbara Spectre?

Wasn't Spectre James Bond enemy?

Anonymous said...

For those who have not read this essay (the first of several potential future histories), please do yourself a favour and read it.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Danish Civil War

It is my pleasure to introduce a new Gates of Vienna correspondent, a Briton who prefers to go by the name of “El Inglés”.

The speculative future scenario El Inglés lays out below is one of his own devising, yet it agrees with many of my own intuitions about the process now unfolding in Europe. The congruity with my own views is further emphasized by the location in the story where the European resistance begins: Denmark.

Concerning the availability of firearms in Denmark: one of my Danish contacts lives in a rural area, and he most of his neighbors own guns. He had assumed that these were all legal hunting firearms, registered with the police. He found out that this was not true, and also that the local police were well aware of all the unregistered guns, but were not concerned about it.

This made me feel even more optimistic about Denmark.

Now I’ll let El Inglés take over. This account is a long one, but bear with it; it’s well worth reading all the way through.

Yes it's old (2007) but I find it most intriguing that it takes place in the most (may I say ... pussy-whipped? Naah ...) correct of the Scandinavian states.

Not, oddly, the home of Andreas Breivik.

Okay ... It is a long read, but fascinating. The comments section is very long as well, and some very pertinent points are made.

I should point out although the author uses the Muzzies as an example, any Third Worlder fills the bill.

Why do I recommend it so strongly? Because it allows alternate thoughts to be thunk ... rather like the Covington books -- and is available at the click of the above link.

I ask you ... can I make it any easier?


Anonymous said...

For those who do not know of Specter, here is the original YouTube video of this smarmy little shitweasel.


Know this face. This is the enemy.

And here we can watch David Duke tear her (and israel) a third one.



Anonymous said...

Here is the jewess spectre on camera bragging about jews being the ones responsible for third world immigration in Europe.

If you don't like it Too Fucking bad!!
The jews will tell you what to do and they want Europe to be multi-cultural and fuck what you think!!!


Anonymous said...

Dare I say that the US has been phuqued by the left?

Yes. I dare. Visit the following link ranting about the demise of that most American art form ... the comic.


And note that none ... none of the commenters dare tread on the third rail. Amazing how people will bind themselves with chains that no-one else can see.

Their enthrallment is complete.

I never want to ever hear again from some whiney-arsed little snot about supposed Germany in the thirties saying "Why didn't somebody say something? Why didn't somebody do something."

Notice how few talk about Russia in the twenties ... or the US or UK ... now.


Anonymous said...

Watch this!



Hector said...

UN, about the comics. I'm not arguing with you here. But many of us, and I think you included, feel the exact opposite, at least sometimes.

We feel that more and more ppl are starting to see who the real authors of our problems are.

So my question, do you feel it's getting worse or better?

Educated Edsel; said...

Educated Edsel said;
Pater joined me for brekkie (ok, kedgeree, kippers with sour cream and chives; on his terrace in Lecce---you are dying to know, I can tell)Subdued, concerned was he. Just picked up on the Malmo piece, you see. He had some figures, and good readers you should hear them and dwell thereupon. In 1960, the combined population of Kenya, Uganda and German East Africa, as he thinks of it, was some 24,000,000. Well, today it has surged past 120,000,000! In the Congo the figures are (1960) 16,000,000. Today, pushing 70,000,000. Moreover, it seems that half of these are fifteen years old or less. What will the figures be when they all reach inseminatory age? Well, they will have destroyed their own countries, and will have learned of a continent to the North where a fool called Whitey is giving everything away free. What happens when the whole hundred million or two hundred million stampede northward.
We are facing a catastrophe here to rival the Biblical Deluge---and says Pater, nowhere do I see anyone building an Ark.
Well, we can stop them at Malmo, perhaps; but if not the dyke will finally burst soon after.Yes, I can see why he would be concerned, but is anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Hector said...

UN, about the comics. I'm not arguing with you here. But many of us, and I think you included, feel the exact opposite, at least sometimes.

So my question, do you feel it's getting worse or better?

11 January 2012 12:09

Hector, I feel that among us and the people who think like us, things are becoming clearer ... a more complete picture begins to emerge as the fog is waved away.

I worry, however, about the hordes who like to think comfortable thoughts and dream little comfortable pink dreams. It's hard to tell if they seek oblivion -- or are simply oblivious.

I swing from optimist to pessimist. I think most of us do.

The good news is that many are waking up to the damage caused by the tribe. The worrying thing is that many more detest the tribe (the New Anti-semitism) simply because it's fashionable.

I do not believe that my enemy's enemy is my friend. I simply feel that they are my enemy's enemy ... and that's it.

That being said, however, the mindless, tooth-gnashing, foamimg-at-the-mouth, generations-old hatred of the ragheads for the heebs can be used. By us.

I use the RSP tactic but I change it to read "Is it bad for the jews? because by definition it must be good for us -- if we acquire the cold-blooded cynicism needed to exploit it.

Fight them the way they fight us. I used this with some effect in South Africa.

The ANC -- many people outside of Africa don't know this -- are almost exclusively of the Xhosa tribe. There are eleven (at Least) different tribes in South Africa.

Whenever I encountered a jungle bunny who moaned about the lack of action by the ANC to alleviate the general black plight, I would simply say "Yup. The Xhosas have really fucked you, haven't they."

It was most rewarding to see that little light go on.

I made a point if it. The ANC keeps preaching Black! Black! Black!

But in reality it's Xhosa, Xhosa, Xhosa,

I regard the Xhosa as the jews of SA. Funnily enough they have the RSP hooter as well. Check out profile images of Winnie Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

Tell me that way, way back, there wasn't a DSK in the woodpile.



Jerry said...

"inseminatory age" LMFAO!!

Love it, Edsel.

eh said...

Yeah, I mean you really have to ask: Given what's happened to Sweden demographically over the last couple of generations (Malmo in particular), what kind of total idiot would stand in the cold holding a sign while watching candles burn because people are being murdered?

I used to cringe a bit when I heard people use the term 'Dhimmitude' pejoratively. But what else can you say about these people? And the men...I could use a very bad word for them. But I do so want my comment to be approved.

Educated Edsel said...

Educated Edsel said; appreciated, Jerry, but what does LMFAO mean, svp?
Neither I nor aged parent are all that up to the mark with this stuff. Indeed Pater wishes to see the return of the goose quill and the discipline
it requires.

Anonymous said...

Edsel - you musn't be that educated if you don't know the meaning of LMFAO!!!

It means laugh my f...ing ass off.

eleos said...

Uncle Nasty, reading of your work for race relations in SA I say again that you're truly evil.

But I like you!

Xavi said...

I vary from optimism to pessimism as well. More pessimistic tho. 99% of my acquaintences are clueless.

Anonymous said...

eleos said...

Uncle Nasty, reading of your work for race relations in SA I say again that you're truly evil.

Oh .... you're just saying that. (blush)

This is amazing. Savant virtually receives a proposal ... People tell me I'm evil ...

This NG is turning into a lonely hearts club.



Anonymous said...

Screwed up in my last post on the Danish Civil War.

The civil war was a single essay. The series alluded to was this:



and ...


Please enjoy. I did.


kulak said...


Watching this Specter woman...

100% Correct.

Islam is not the problem.

If you're not a racist, you're anti-white.

Anonymous said...

"I'm literally breathless with rage. Fuck her and all of the other nation-wrecking jew bastards." since becoming Jew aware I am brimming with rage. The more I look into it and them the more I realise is us or them and as for the eternal effing victims ..like you say the chutzpa. The thing is these kikes think they're smarter than.. well everyone, but they behave like this which to me seems like great arrogance rather than a great intelligence.In short; I have learned to hate.

kulak said...

Pessimism and optimism have meaning only with respect to a subject/issue/contingency, and a value.

An anti-white might be pessimistic about Obama's odds for re-election.

(Though he oughtn't be.)

Our issue is white survival.

Anything we might like about the current order, anything for which we might hold a little nostalgic loyalty, is subordinate.

By definition.

To be optimistic is to have right values. To be optimistic is to know what's worth fighting for -- and fighting for it.

Herod said...

UncleNasty - you surprise me. The GoV is very pro-Israeli/Jewish.

Anonymous said...

To back up our Uncle Nasty ..read the Covington books.

Anonymous said...

From the GoV comments:

At 2% to 3% of the population of a non-Islamic nation, Muslims begin to agitate for special privileges and immunities under the law, often with violence. In no case known to history where the Muslim fraction of a non-Islamic nation has reached 5% have relations between Muslims and non-Muslims remained peaceful.

In short, we speak here of a people to whom the norms and requirements of liberal Western society are too chafing to be borne.

Islam is Judaism's thuggish little brother.

kulak said...

‘Honour’ violence was the target of a particularly concerted crackdown. The police’s newly robust stance on the unacceptability of violence towards women in immigrant communities was the first prong of the new initiatives here.

LOL! That sure ain't a white man's proper job or concern.

GoV is silly.

Anonymous said...

saw a video of je$$e jackson in Sweden surrounded by smiling Swedes
when he was talking about Sweden becoming multicultural so I thought everything was ok

Anonymous said...

Herod said...

UncleNasty - you surprise me. The GoV is very pro-Israeli/Jewish.

Herod ... this may come as a surprise, but I feel that a valid or interesting observation should be given airtime ... regardless of whence it comes.

Hell, if Chairman Zero or Winnie Mandela made a valid point, I would endorse it ... and them.

But, please note, I'm not holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

A lawyer for the Maine Human Rights Commission told members of the state board the other day that requiring all students to use "biology-based" restrooms and locker rooms in the state's schools is illegal and cannot be allowed to continue.
He must have watched Starship Troopers.

Anonymous said...

Now in Madrid, the whitest city I have lived in since Stockholm in 1966. Imagine reiding a metro for 2 days and never sharing a compartment with an Africa!

Robert in Arabia

Digby said...

@Robert. I can hardly believe what yoy say about Madrid. I felt that Spain was one of the worst cases. My god that's reassuring.

Dan Dares said...

A little light reading before bedtime. Gives an historical background you won't get from Hollyweird.


Anonymous said...

They were warned!

A warning from the 1940s.

Uberdude said...

Uberdude said; dear "Swedish friend of this blog", reflect---once upon a time your ancestors gave all of Russia its aristocracy, made that sprawling empire whatever of merit that it was, until a cry went forth in that fateful year of 1917. That cry was "the dark people are loose on the streets", and a genocidal covert war took place (the Terror; the Purges) wherein a gang of Oriental adventurers cleansed Russia of its Nordic upper class that they themselves might take power; well, the dark people are loose on the streets ---of Malmo, Lille, Frankfurt, Munich, Mullingar, Marseilles, you name it---and we stare hypnotically at them again; and do nothing. NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Bit of a kerfuffle about Bord na Mona using gays in an advert.
What harm?
What are faggots for if not for burning?

Thor said...

Uberdude. So true. Every word.

They exterminated the elite. And by the way they did it inPoland as well.

And yes, the dark people are loose on the street. And we let it happen.

Anonymous said...

I have been told that there is an African section of the city. The very few blacks I have encountered have been very helpful to me. I have not yet seen a group blacks larger than two people. Husbands and wives.
I saw only one black person at the airport.
Paris, on the other hand, is an African town. There are no areas in the city where you do not encounter black people.
The people are mellow in madrid and the food is always better than in Paris.
In Paris, a 6 euros breakfast includes one coffee, one piece of bread, a -plain vroissant and orange juice. In Madrid, I got scrambled eggs, ham, salad, 2 gourmet toasts with neat stuff, and coffee for 4 euros.
I went to my neighboorhood restaurant and got a three course dinner to kill for 11 euros and change.

Robert in Arabia

nemesis said...

Robert. Maybe things are so good and blacks so well behaved is that very reason: Because there are so few of them.

Just a thought.

Uberdude said...

Uberdude observed; I have perused the 47 comments on this subject--Malmo--and I find just one that really should make us sit up. Penned by someone called Educated Edsel,it presents figures of nightmarish proportions concerning the vast population explosion across Black Africa and its potentially lethal consequences for our side of the Mediterranean. What this man says should have us all acquiring heavy weaponry forthwith; yet what do we see in response? This guy Edsel, a man well capable of carrying off "Greats" at Oxford, gets a single response in which he is jeered at as being "not very educated" because the meaning of some bit of internet slang escapes him. And that is it.He warns of a tsunami and is told to stop messing! Well, as should now be clear we are soon to divest ourselves of the whole independence nonsense (this project is obviously a total failure in every one of its stated aims)and burying once and for all the legacy of that most hated man in all Irish history, Pearse, by rejoining the UK, probably around the 100th anniversary of the Rising.We have wiped out Catholicism as an obvious obstacle to this, fucked out of our Constitution anything that could impede it, and a new Act of Union is now in the offing.
What this means is that we will have surrendered whatever discretion we ever had as regards immigration to the race traitors in London, at just about the time that the whole 200,000,000 strong nightmare herd of jigaboos are hove to at the end of our street. Well, my mordant colleague Walter once said "remember, Ireland is a country that went sleepwalking into the Famine; keep this in mind and you will be ok, but forget it and you will be lost" and I know what he means because we are seeing the selfsame thing unfold before us right now.

Heraclitus said...

uberdud, I'd like to apologise on behalf on the myself and the others regarding Educated Edsel.

On reflection I agree that the figures he outlines are so important that everything else fades into insignificance.

Regarding your mordant comments on the irish, I'm afraid there's alot of truth in them.

My my my.

educated edsel said...

Educated Edsel said; Aged parent on phone to me just now (he is in Malta sorting out some fiscal mess or other for the natives)to say thanks for the gracious apology penned by Heraclitus, though neither Pop nor I took the original jibe seriously. Also, much appreciation to Uberdude (though he has greater confidence in my academic potential than ever did Pater himself, be it said......) who articulated matters very well indeed, and also he mentions an early commentator, one Holy Foley (sic) as having the right perspective on the matter. The important thing is that we must needs wake up to the peril facing us. He sends kind regards to all, in closing.

tokyo paddy said...

Edsel - may i endorse the comment by Heraclitus. Demography is destiny. And that means we're screwed.

kulak said...

Edsel asks:

What happens when the whole hundred million or two hundred million stampede northward.

The same thing that sometimes happens at Wal-Mart come Christmas sales.

kraken said...

This violence is imported from a Middle East/Balkan's mentality.

There is notthing racist about this = it's just a rather unpleasant but undeniably true fact.

Sweden has been changed but not for the better - multiculturalism just doesn't work/.

But Sweden just hasn't got the guts to admit it's a crushing failure

Anonymous said...

I see that they have an online petition to stop the violence in Malmo with 6,500 signatures.
Great. Problem solved

Anonymous said...

kulak - you always have a great set of one-liners. Even if the last is technically two lines!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

They were warned!

A warning from the 1940s.

12 January 2012 00:07

The link:-


Brilliant and highly recommended!!


smokin' joe said...

smokin' joe said; I have followed this item and find that a clear and certain warning has been sounded as to what awaits us in the near future.The truly terrifying figures cited by that bloke Edsel (some kind of motorcar, was it?) and the warning he gives, supported by Uberdude, are only one half of the equation. We are well aware by now that vast numbers of Africans have come to know that north of the med there is a land of immense riches, populated by total fools, and its all there to be demanded as of right. This is the carrot side of things, which will likely see millions of ullullating, panga-wielding kaffirs pouring down our streets one fine day. But there is a stick side to it also---China. Unlike us, these gamboge lads are entirely devoid of sentiment here. As far as they are concerned Africans are worthless parasites. So when, as is their intent, they take over all of subsaharan Africa and transfer several hundred million people there, the natives will simply be annihilated. I mean just that; exterminated.When it has come clear to our black chaps that the Chinese will not for one moment tolerate the sort of shit we take every day, they will have been furnished with a very powerful incentive to get to Europe asap---where of course they will be warmly greeted as "refugees"! There as said is the stick. (I expect the Chinese to have many a chuckle as they watch the great civilisations of the West being swamped by Hutus who in due course will treat the whites as though they were Tutsis...). So;carrot and stick alike, on a global scale. Do we have any chance at all, one may wonder?

SAVANT said...

@Smokin' Joe. Great post. You're 100% correct regarding the Chinese. I think it was UN recently who pointed out how things were going between them and the natives in Zim.

But that again is where I (and many more, I know) say that 'worse is better'. If the economy really crashes in Europe enough people will, I hope, say something to the effect - fuck this, my few shillings are no longer going to feed those parasites'.


smokin' joe said...

smokin' joe said; Savant, and all who think thus; in our "Dies Irae", when and if it dawns, resides our only hope. Once roused to berserker levels of rage at what has been done to us, once attuned to a vernichtungskrieg - a war of annihilation, for those of you without a fainne--only then will we be sure that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train coming the other way.

Henry IX said...

@smoking joe. The only problem I have with that scenario is look at what happened to us here in Briatin. Country totall changed and fucked in 2 generations. Yet there's been NO reaction. In fact it gets worse every day.

Thor said...

Another murder in malmö today. Should we take bets as to how many shootings in this year? but remember, sweden wants to bring in 1900 africans this year to meet UN quotas, so they are more then replenishing the supply!