Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Newt ups the pressure for Jewish support

So much so that he promises that his next wife will be Jewish.

I swear!


Anonymous said...

Luciana Berger is available now that she has split up with Chukka Umunna.

Bemused stare said...

I've come to believe the Rupug party are a worse enemy to our people than the democrats. Can you honestly tell me that out of about 250 million humans, this is the best they can field. I wouldn't let that pervert near my dog.

Anonymous said...

This may explain the slightly strained expression on the current Mrs. Gingrich ...


Scroll down (quite a way) to:

Newt Gingrich: Jew World Order Stud Puppy.

Last time I saw an expression like that, it was on an albino ferret experiencing a particularly difficult bowel movement.

Let us know when the eagle has landed, Mrs. G.


Anonymous said...

obama just appointed a radical jew to his chief of staff position.

For those who don't know, chief of staff is right up there at the top.

He litteraly sets the schedule for the president.

read here.

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of Mr.Gingrich,may I make a personal appeal to the generosity of all contributors to this blog.

Decembers credit card bill just arrived through the letterbox and,after picking myself up off the floor,I immediately thought of you noble hearted people.

So in the interest of Racial Solidarity,please send me all your money ASAP.It will pay the bill and there may even be a little left over to go towards my legal expenses after I have strangled my wife when she gets home.

Yours in anticipation,


Mick McManus said...

The real Jewish agenda:


Jerry said...

Great link Mick McM. Great song too. Where did you come across that? For sure not on MSM.

TBone said...

@anon 3.35. Here's my hope for this guy. The Tribe keep pushing so hard that the sheeple will eventually wake up and kick back. Here's hoping.

Pie-eater said...

Jerry 12.06 it's on here....


Anonymous said...

The anti-white witchhunt hysteria in Britain continues:

"Police are investigating chants aimed in the direction of Leicester City supporters by their East Midlands rivals Nottingham Forest.

They are treating the chants as a potential hate crime.

Nottinghamshire Police said it was investigating the "racist" chanting after a video-clip filmed during the club's FA Cup tie against Leicester was posted online.

The footage, thought to be from the early stages of last Saturday's 0-0 draw at The City Ground, shows Forest fans singing: "You used to be English, you're not any more."


NB for those who don't know, Leicester is now a majority non-white city.

eh said...

Marriage? That's going a bit far. Maybe he could just promise to wear a yarmulke on Saturday? Or say he'll buy some porn.

Heraclitus said...

So they're after Leicester now? This will cut one of two ways. Either they'll intimidate all 'racists' and close us down, or ordinary people will rise up against this nonsense.

I believe the 2nd will happen in due course.

Anonymous said...

Romney if he wins first state visit will be to ... ?

Kevin Rafferty said...

They were after Rangers fans too after they had a sign up saying 'Nakamura ate my dog'. This is true.

Jim said...

Excellent article on "racism" and the biased media on the British Freedom Party site:


The BFP are partners of the EDL.