Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Is this karma or what?

Every schoolboy knows that the Marchin' Looter King memorial is embellished by an 'Eternal Flame'. It's meant to symbolise, I presume, the eternal life of the great plagiarist/whoremaster man's thoughts.

If so he's got problems. Just as the TV reporter was referring to the 'eternal' flame, the damn thing blew out!

Watch and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

A sign is a sign.

Franz said...

Great find Savant!

If this doesn't augur well, what does?

Mick McManus said...

Sorry to go ot but you must see this latest craziness from Britain, where the indigenous population (whites) are treated like shite and immigrants are treated like royalty. Thank God the Irish have Alan Shatter to look after us!

'My childhood home has been invaded by Moldovan squatters': Woman's anguish as eight Eastern Europeans (ie gypsies)break in days before she is due to sell.
Police told them they were powerless to act as it was a civil matter. (ie couldn't give a shite because the owners are white and English)


Anonymous said...

So is it still eternal lol ..is this the first time this has happened?

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note ... it looks as though the EU is taking off the kid gloves ...


Hungary faces ruin as EU loses patience

The European Commission has launched legal action against Hungary's Fidesz government for violations of European Union treaty law and erosion of democracy, marking a dramatic escalation in the war of words with the EU's enfant terrible.

Capital Economics said Hungary must repay €5.9bn (£4.9bn) in EU-IMF loans and raise external funds equal to 18pc of GDP this year, the highest in Eastern Europe. Photo: EPA

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, International business editor


Hungary's defiant premier Viktor Orbán has no hope of securing vital funding from the EU and the International Monetary Fund until the dispute is resolved, leaving him a stark choice of either bowing to EU demands or letting his country slide into bankruptcy.

Yields on Hungary's two-year debt jumped to 9.17pc on Tuesday, an unsustainable level for an economy in recession with public debt of near 80pc of GDP. Hungary's debt was cut to junk status by rating agencies last week.

Capital Economics said Hungary must repay €5.9bn (£4.9bn) in EU-IMF loans and raise external funds equal to 18pc of GDP this year, the highest in Eastern Europe. Two-thirds of household debt is in Swiss francs, leading to a lethal currency mismatch as capital flight weakens the forint.

"Hungary is playing with fire," said Lars Christensen from Danske Bank. "The EU is not bluffing. It will let Hungary go over the edge to make the point that EU countries must play by the rules. Our worry is that Hungary's government has not yet got the message."

The EU said it had sent three letters of "Formal Notice" over Hungary's assault on the independence of the judiciary, the central bank, and the data protection ombudsman – the first step in "infringement proceedings".

The dispute could ultimately lead to loss of Hungary's voting rights under Article 7 of EU treaty law.

Whattaya know. Belgium showing its stumpy little teeth. Rather like being savaged by a dead sheep.

The Belge have either forgotten that their country was treated as a two-way doormat during WW1 ... or maybe they're trying to get revenge for it.

If I were Hungary, I'd just say "Yeah, yeah, sure ..." until Europe implodes.

Shouldn't be long, now.


Anonymous said...

The Bangles said it best

Close your eyes
La la lala
(I forget the rest)

Franz said...

@ UN

The really fascinating thing about Hungary is that the currently ruling Fidesz party is actually centre-right. Everyone forgets this, pretending PM Victor Orban is the second coming of Horthy.

He isn't, not by a long shot.

But waiting in the wings and surging in the polls is the far right Jobbik party.

Apparently these guys would love to give back Hungary's membership card in the EU and all ethnic minorities along with it. Not to mention giving all foreign creditors the finger in the manner that Iceland did.

Another interesting thing about Hungary: Do a google image search for "Hungary girl". Apparently the place is endowed with great natural resources.

Henry IX said...

M. McM - the police know that if they act against these peoplt the asylum/immigration industry will skin them alive. Far easierto hand out speeding tickets to taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

The Hungarians should just tell them to fuck off.

Occidental said...

I'd love if the Hungarians did just that. Not sure of the net effect on them though. I'd say they'd be out of the EU but also cut off from IMF funding. I'd like to see it happen though.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, I know, but ...

Julia Gillard is the prime minister of Australia. Julia Gillard is an insane lefty.

Julia Gillard is a consummate politician in that she is also a fucking crook.



Julia Gillard had criminal allegations made against her in 1995 when she was accused of helping her boyfriend steal over $1,000,000 from the Australian Workers Union (AWU) and helping him spend the money on such things as her personal home renovations and dresses.

Julia Gillard has never denied helping him rip off the $1,000,000 plus dollars, what she has done is denied doing it knowingly. Her part was helping set up an account called the “AWU Members Welfare Association No 1 Account” and possibly other accounts that the money was laundered through when she was a lawyer working for Slater and Gordon who were the solicitors representing the Australian Workers Union.

The allegations against Julia Gillard were initially raised in the Victorian Parliament in 1995.
In an interview with Glenn Milne of the Sydney Sunday Telegraph in 2007 Julia Gillard said:

“These matters happened between 12 and 15 years ago,” Ms Gillard told The Sunday Telegraph. “I was young and naive.

“I was in a relationship, which I ended, and obviously it was all very distressing. I am by no means the first person to find out that someone close turns out to be different to what you had believed them to be. It’s an ordinary human error.
“I was obviously hurt when I was later falsely accused publicly of wrong-doing. I didn’t do anything wrong and to have false allegations in the media was distressing.”

The article also says “But she has strenuously denied ever knowing what the association’s bank accounts were used for.”

I will dissect Julia Gillard’s above comments later in the post because they beggar belief and raise more questions than they answer. But the part that would stand out at this point for anyone who has been following the Julian Assange and WikiLeaks matters over the past 10 months or so is the part where Julia Gillard whinges “to have false allegations in the media was distressing” which is exactly what Julia Gillard did to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange at the end of last year when she falsely said their actions were illegal.

I am reminded of the tourist who landed at Melbourne Airport and was asked by immigration if he had a criminal record.

"Holy Shit" he said. "I didn't know they were still necessary ..."

Well, that's me fucked, if ever I decide to hop across the ditch.


Anonymous said...

HISS-TER-I-CAL!!!!! Simply, hysterical. Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

It appear that de Fus' Ho' has denied that she is an "... angry, black woman."

Well, check out the images:


Angry? Check.
Black? Mos' def'.


Well, let's put it this way.

I see those muscles and the first thing that comes to mind is that she zips Obongobongo into a slinky black leather outfit on Friday nights ... and then uses the skinny little prick as a whip.

I'm definitely going to Hell.


Anonymous said...

That is sexist of you UN. Why should women lawyers be expected to know how to obey the law?

And besides if it is good enough for female lawyers like Harriet Harman , Cherie Booth-Blair and Tessa Jowell not to know how the law works in Mother England then it is all right for former foreigner Julia Gillard!

Bemused stare said...

Staying on the subject of things dark and evil. Look at this wonderful news.


“It’s not a problem,” said Mo Ibrahim, a Sudanese-born British entrepreneur. “Africa is underpopulated. We have 20% of the world’s landmass and 13% of its population. We have a bulge of young people and that brings to the marketplace a huge workforce, whereas Europe’s population is ageing. We need to focus on education and training.”

I'm sure the irony of something crapped out by a sow in Sudan, now leeching the system in Europe, telling how it's all fine because "we'll jus replace yo white azz" is not lost on you.

Standby Europe, soon you will have a billion highly qualified fitter and turners, designers, computer techs etc, to save you from your dire skills shortage.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of Hungary:


Anonymous said...

MLK! As someone remarked, history is a pack of lies agreed upon.

The flame goes out just as the camera pans to it.

I don't believe in coincidences.

Franz said...

Here is one fine, mind-boggling incident in the spirit of MLK:


Apparantly they have the show "Big Brother" in Brazil as well. And apparently the contestants are all aware that they are under constant surveilance.

Which didn't stop their resident Erectus, one Daniel Echaniz, from raping another contestant right in front of a camera.

The article states that Mr Echaniz has been arrested but does not contain any quotes from him. Still, I am sure that he will find a way to let the world know that his arrest was caused by "racism".

Even barely functional idiots like him usually know the magic word.

Shaunantijihad said...

The Hungarian Goyim will hand over their gold, silver, national assets in exchange for Euro paper bills and subject their white people to open borders to subsidised Negroes and Muslims to ensure their everlasting racial destruction.

Or else they get the Kennedy treatment. The Polish government tried resisting. They all accidentally died. On the same day. Despite national security not possibly ever allowing them all on the same flight. No world leaders went to the funeral. The media ignored it.

Don't worry, it's just a conspiracy theory. Everything's OK.

Anonymous said...

As for the climate change deniers, she reckoned that the difference between deniers and believers is certainties and probabilities. Science can prove probabilities to 80% or 90%, whereas deniers expect certainties to 100% and when they don't get this, they jump on the 80% probabilities as wrong.

Noddy the greatest president ever was in Cork for a Hector on climate change and you were given over a week's notice of the event of the year and you lead with a post on an unelected black man.

That is politicianalist, sexist, and racist!

For shame!

To those sickos at irishsavant.blogspot.com.

Artur said...

More gems from Google Books : "The American Negro" by William Hannibal Thomas (1901) :


A juicy excerpt that stings the eyeballs with its right-sounding accuracy :

"That his nature is surcharged with latent ferocity is shown by abundant evidence of atrociousness, committed on weak and defenceless objects. Indeed, there is good ground for believing that, were the negro once convincingly assured of personal security, all the malignity of his slumbering savagery would immediately find expression in the most revolting acts of physical lawlessness. His passions are easily excited, and his feelings readily inflamed to the point of reckless vindictiveness, though a natural unsteadiness of character renders him fickle and unstable in purpose."



Occidental said...

@Artur. The sophisticates of today would laugh at the ignorance and naivety of those writing 100 years ago on such things.

The irony is that these so-called sophisticates have unlearned the wisdom that was there 100 years ago.

Some job.

Gary Paul, South AFrica said...

A Sudanese entrepreneur???

An oxymoron, I'd have thought.

Anonymous said...

A Sudanese entrepreneur???

An oxymoron, I'd have thought.

Not so!

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, Savant -- not because I know not what I do -- but because I have been wanting to use this one since you posted this thread.

My karma has just run over your dogma.

You may banish me now.


Heraclitus said...

That's the philosopher's dilemma, UN!

Rob said...

@Bemused Stare
That population projection for Africa is a conservative estimate. Its inhabitants are on a demented breeding spree with no thought for the future. Ethiopia doubled its population in the 22 years after the famous famine of the mid-80s. Meanwhile, environmentalists pretend not to notice and tell us Whites we should have fewer children.
Just to make a comparison: it took France from about 1820 to 2011 to double its population.

Anonymous said...


How do you build a ghetto?

You legislate it into existence.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should look at this ... next time some dumbass goes on about slavery ...


White Cargo

... is the forgotten story of the thousands of Britons who lived and died in bondage in Britain's American colonies.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, more than 300,000 white people were shipped to America as slaves. Urchins were swept up from London's streets to labor in the tobacco fields, where life expectancy was no more than two years. Brothels were raided to provide "breeders" for Virginia. Hopeful migrants were duped into signing as indentured servants, unaware they would become personal property who could be bought, sold, and even gambled away. Transported convicts were paraded for sale like livestock.

Drawing on letters crying for help, diaries, and court and government archives, Don Jordan and Michael Walsh demonstrate that the brutalities usually associated with black slavery alone were perpetrated on whites throughout British rule. The trade ended with American independence, but the British still tried to sell convicts in their former colonies, which prompted one of the most audacious plots in Anglo-American history.

Maybe a late Christmas gift?


Anonymous said...

Or else they get the Kennedy treatment. The Polish government tried resisting. They all accidentally died. On the same day. Despite national security not possibly ever allowing them all on the same flight. No world leaders went to the funeral. The media ignored it.

Tell us more Shaun. What were the Polish government doing and what have the new government done differently?

That crash set my alarm off at the time but I never researched it and as you say it dropped off the media radar VERY quickly.

Tony in VA said...

Yeah, the CRI was a great initiative, was it not? Your tax dollars at work.

Anonymous said...

Anonny said

That crash set my alarm off at the time but I never researched it and as you say it dropped off the media radar VERY quickly.

19 January 2012 23:39

Damn right there. The whole Polish govt down the gurgler ... and no-one says a word?

I smell a big fat rat, here.



Anonymous said...

I am put in mind of a saying by Ian Fleming ... creator of James Bond, and, I might add, an ex-spook, himself.

Once is happenstance.
Twice is coincidence.
Three times is enemy action.

How many times has Hosenoseland buttscrewed America?

May as well include this, while I'm at it. As promised, the Wikipedia entry on Jonathan Pollard ... israeli superspy.



Pollard eventually cooperated with investigators in exchange for a plea agreement for leniency for himself and his wife. Israel claimed initially that Pollard worked for an unauthorized rogue operation, a position they maintained for more than ten years, and agreed to cooperate with the investigation in exchange for immunity for their people.

When asked to return the stolen material, the Israelis reportedly only turned over a few dozen low-classified documents.[34] At the time, the Americans knew that Pollard had passed tens of thousands of documents. When American investigators traveled to Israel they were treated with hostility from the moment they arrived in Israel to the moment they left.[34] The Israelis created a schedule designed to wear them down, including many hours per day of commuting in blacked out buses on rough roads, and frequent switching of buses[34] leaving them without adequate time to sleep and preventing them from sleeping on the commute.[34] The identity of Pollard's original handler, Sella, was withheld. All questions had to be translated into Hebrew and answered in Hebrew, and then translated back into English, even though all the parties spoke perfect English.[34] The Commander Jerry Agee remembers that, even as he departed the airport, airport security made a point of informing him that "you will never be coming back here again"; Agee found various items had been stolen from his luggage, upon his return to the United States.[34] The abuse came not only from the guards and officials, but also the Israeli media.[34]

Aviem Sella, Pollard's initial Israeli contact, was eventually indicted on three counts of espionage by an American court.[35] Israel refused to allow him to be interviewed unless he was granted immunity. America refused because of Israel's previous failure to cooperate as promised. Israel then refused to extradite Sella, instead giving him command of a prestigious air force base. The U.S. Congress responded by threatening to cut aid to Israel, at which point Sella stepped down.[36]

With friends like these ...

This, I hasten to add, from Wikipedia, a notoriously hebophiliac site.

There is no conspiracy. It's no longer necessary.


Anonymous said...

Regarding my previous post, America's relationship to israel is that of an abused wife ... living in eternal hope that if she gets the meal just perfect, tonight -- maybe she won't be beaten.

Stockholm syndrome at its worst.

Be careful babies ... abused wives are notorious for emptying boiling water on hubby when they do finally snap.
Very popular among Erectinas, I understand .... hence the term
"Ghetto Lobstah'"


"My very chains and I grew friends."

Victor Hugo.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of White slavery in the New World, the book "They Were White and They Were Slaves" by Michael Hoffman is an excellent expose' of this sordid practice.