Monday, 9 January 2012

Britain's Obama?

He’s been described as the British Obama by all and sundry (just Google it!). Not that he encourages the comparison, mind you. Apparently the first thing he says on being introduced goes along the lines of ‘everyone is comparing me to Barak Obama, but in fact I’m my own man’. Very modest of him. Who is he? Ladies and gentlemen I give you Chuka Umunna, Britain’s Shadow Business Secretary, who has actually been described by the New Statesman as one of Ten People Who Could Change The World.

Isn't that something?

While some begrudgers might quibble, I say he has all the Obama qualifications. Let me explain:

() He had an African father who knocked up a wealthy white woman

() He’s got a daft unpronounceable name

() He cannot be mentioned in the MSM without multiple references to his ‘brilliance’ and ‘eloquence’. In fact the Independent pointed out that it's nigh-on impossible to find anybody who has a bad word to say about him (and who isn't a right-wing blogger). Presumably they don’t see the irony of the last bit.

() Zoomed to the top despite negligible accomplishments. Failed to get into Oxford. Being black, wearing a suit and not having stabbed anyone he should have been a shoo-in. Scraped a 2.1 in Law and French at Manchester University and then worked as a junior solicitor for a few years before becoming an MP in a safe Labour constituency. Just eighteen months ago! Whereupon he was promoted to the post of Shadow Business Secretary – one of the biggest jobs on the opposition front bench.

() Did a stint as a ‘community organiser', presumably using his labour law specialty to extract AA compensation for Leshawn and Rohandra from their unfortunate white employers

() Developed a God Syndrome after a short time in office. His fellow Labour MPs have accused him of running a ‘presidential-style’ Commons office with no fewer that eleven personal assistants. (Most have only one or two).

() Manifests gargantuan hypocrisy: Like Obama, this horny handed son of the soil has used offshore tax avoidance schemes to help fund his luxurious lifestyle while railing against banking ‘fat cats’ who live by different rules to ‘ordinary taxpayers’. His £1 million house was financed by what the Daily Mail coyly referred to as “the house’s complicated ownership structure.” Funded by a Jersey-based Trust which helps ‘high net worth’ individuals to ‘plan for and mitigate tax liabilities’. Indeed.

() He's a lightweight in a smart suit whose entire political output seems to be about race

() He wants to, and believes he can, ‘change the world’

() He has an uncanny ability to read from an autocue

Yes, this guy has everything it takes. We read of his ‘impish sense of humour’, his ‘charming laugh’, his ‘firm commitment to equality’, his ‘ability to listen’ (especially if they’re comparing him to Obama), his ‘humility, despite being super-smart, extremely talented or drop-dead gorgeous’. I kid you not.

And what about Daddy? Apparently his father was a self-made man, who arrived from Nigeria in the 1960s and started out washing cars, going on to establish his own import-export business. Taking time out to, like Rageh Omar (see my post here) to send another renowned ancestral line down the plughole (his wife is the daughter of the legendary Sir Helenus Patrick Joseph Milmo ). Now I know what some of you racist, white-supremacist bigots are thinking. A Nigerian running a used car Import-export business…... Well I can assure you that there wasn’t a single instance of dealing in crashed or stolen cars or ones with clocked mileage. In fact I'm reliably informed that, remarkably, most had been driven by just one careful lady owner. What’s more, I believe that every penny of VAT, income tax and excise duty was paid at all times. Every penny, I tell you.

In conclusion I leave you with this Limerick:

There once was an MP called Chuka
With left wing credentials not Pukka
Privileged and greedy
With tax planning seedy
Lets hope he ends up in the gutter


Henry IX said...

You've summed him up 100%. This smug smarmy bastard things he's entitled. Despite, as you accurately pointed out, having achieved SFA to date.

Anonymous said...


Everyone knows Obamastodon struggles to read from the whiteman invented teleprompter.

Baldowl said...

Oh, wow! Congratulations to my friends across the Atlantic! You've got racial unrest, a deteriorating economy, and now your very own savior, too!

Rob said...

The only thing missing is an infuriatingly elusive birth certificate.

J Bull said...

What a smug looking bastard. He reeks self-entitlement. And why not? He's seen what achieving nothing can get you across the pond.


Anonymous said...

Back in the good ol' RSA we referred to particularly egregious arseholes as "a shameful waste of a white skin."

Equality finally reigns.

We now have another shameful waste of a black one.


Anonymous said...

Excellent and humorous insight, Savant. Yes, from over here on the western side of the Atlantic, it appears that this arrogant mulatto Umunnna is nothing more that a politically correct "prop up," and accordingly, is destined for high and mighty things because of his Negro ethnicity. Shame on my mother country, England, for resorting to such shameless self-destruction.

Anonymous said...

Two questions to Savant:

Question #1: Why, why, why,does Western society now place such a premium on most anything "Negro?"

I'll never forget my last trip to Europe when then-president-elect Obama was being hailed as a Second Messiah. I think he was (is?) much more adulated in Europe than here in the States. SO,

Question # 2: Do you think that's a fairly accurate observation, Savant, and if so, WHY the European Obama worship?????

Anonymous said...


Didn't you have the son of some "British" guy over there who felt entitled to the home help or something even if the home help that entitlement did not exist?

Odd job said...

Another media promoted jigaboon hoax. I hope England can turn this one out before he becomes PM and crashes the country into a cliff...

Odd job said...

Another media promoted jigaboon hoax. I hope England can turn this one out before he becomes PM and crashes the country into a cliff...

Obadiah 1:18 said...

We're not doing quite so badly in Australia, since we have a white Commie lesbo as our Prime Minister. Then again...

Anonymous said...

Lesbain man hater would like this guy for some reason.

SerpentSlayer said...

Heenus Milmo prosecuted at Nuremburg. There is a such a thing as cosmic justice :D

Anonymous said...


Re Chuka "spear" Umunna.

I’ve just read that this nigger is half-Irish:

“His mother is of a prominent Anglo-Irish family from Sligo, the daughter of Sir Helenus Milmo, high court judge and interrogator of the Cambridge spies.”

SAVANT said...

@anon 00.47. No great mystery here. We've bought into the whole programme that's been designed for us, all targetted at ensuring we'll let our countries be overwhelmed by blacks and muslims. For this to happen we have to be shown what great people they are. And of course ladles of guilt for white crimes etc.

Even Jess Jackson was hailed over here in great style. As a 'freedom fighter' rather than a race huckster.

eh said...

Failed to get into Oxford.

At least he wasn't trampled to death. That's kind of an accomplishment.

Cliff of Moher said...

The tribe and their useful idiots in the LibLabCon are filling Britain (and soon Ireland) with Africans and Asians in a determined effort to race-replace the native (ie white) population.

It stands to reason, therefore, that they want to provide the invaders with their own leaders: blatant white-haters like Diane Abbott and Anjem Choudary, and more subtle types like this Chuka Umunna fellow, a wolf in sheeps clothing if ever there was one.

It's tragic that white people continue to vote in their thousands for these aliens, despite the fact that it is becoming increasingly obvious that they are here to colonise and 'ethnically-cleanse' us.

Anonymous said...

Excellent writing Savant,superb.As so often before you manage to say in a few paragraphs that which takes lesser bloggers entire essays to express.

One more comparison to Obama may be relevant.While watching a recent interview with Umunna,a grotesque creature,a caricature of a human being to be sure,I was in the company of two females.Both ladies immediately and simultaneously proclaimed that he was homosexual.Women are quick at picking up on these things.

Maybe Peter Mandelson has been mentoring young Chuka in more ways than one.

I weep for Keir Hardy.


rambaloosa said...

mr. a - maybe Chukka was working "under" Mandelson for a while??

Franz said...

Funny article about the Chukk's predecessor as Labour's golden boy: Tony Blair.

The Guardian is "baffled" by the exploding profits generated by a series of shell companies owned by Tony Blair in 2011.

Apparently the bulk of the earning, roughly 10 million punds, come from unspecified "management services".

"These accounts make remarkably little sense", they quote an accountant.

Nice detail: While ostensibly acting as a peace envoy in the middle east, Mr Blair busied himself with helping to "persuade Israel to open up radio frequencies so a telecoms company, Wataniya Mobile, could operate in the West Bank. He also championed the development of a gas field off the coast of Gaza, operated by British Gas."

During the time of the "bloody code" in England grand larceny was defined as the theft of items greater in value than 12 pence. The punishment: Death by hanging.

These days however, crooks like Blair are perfectly free to play "Grand Theft AuTony" in real life, free of any consequence, whatsoever.

The western world has come a long way indeed.

kulak said...

eleven personal assistants

He needs 'em!

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Rambaloosa that would explain his "promotion"!

Anonymous said...

RaceCard Collections Dept.
Birmingham, Alabama.

Dear Mr. KeyShawn,

Please be advised that the balance on your RaceCard is due immediately. The former payor on this account, John Whitey, has declared bankruptcy and has no further interest or ability to pay. Miguel Hernandez and Ching Chong likewise will not pay, and in any case possess limited RaceCards of their own (although Ching Chong has expressed a willingness to settle the balance in return for 50 years' hard labor iat his Zimbabwean mining project).
We welcome installment plans, but regret that we no longer accept EBT payments.


N.B. Forrest
Kollekkktions Enforcer

Anonymous said...

Aren't these media creations strange?

Jo Moore was gushed over in the press and eventually got some post somewhere until she talked herself out of it.

Peter Mandelson,friend of Murdoch filles, too was fawned over in the media and it was a disgrace, a disgrace, when it was confirmed what everyone. He went on to be kicked out of cabinet twice one time for doing what would put an ordinary member of Joe Public doing porridge.

Now we have the marvellous Chukka who speared the Jewish bird MP from Liverpool who is also from London after she left the Brummie but unfortunately the busy hectic life of an MP saw that end as well.

occasional said...

anon - what's this business about the Jewish bird MP from Liverpool ?

Robert the Biker said...

Yep, loud mouthed talentless nigger in a cheap suit, YoMama to a tee.

Anonymous said...

The only consolation is that this mongrel is slightly better spoken than that other obnoxious quadroon who "advised" the egregious self loathing white commie shit head Ken Livingstone... Lee Jasper

Manc1 said...

Luton, England: muslims are using violence and intimidation to ethnically cleanse parts of Luton of non-muslims.

Anonymous said...

"what's this business about the Jewish bird MP from Liverpool ?"

I hope he's not talking about that raddled old zionist witch Louise Ellman MP LOL
Dried up evil old bag!

I think he must be rerring to Luciana Berger another Jewish Israel-Firster, Liverpool MP but far less gruesome than Ellman.

rebel said...

NB Forrest, you be my kinda guy. Noam mean?

aceshigh said...

Muslims ethnic cleansing?? Shurely Shome Mishtake??

Rob said...

When you see some idiot MSM journalist wetting themselves over some new name in politics like this, you know it's got to be some non-White and/or female sock-puppet who's proved presentable and plausible enough to fool the sheeple for as long as is politically necessary.

The fact is that there's no longer any place in politics for a truly gifted person. Any politician who's smart enough to see what's really wrong with Britain and figure out what needs to be done about it had better keep his thoughts to himself. Revealing them would mean not only political failure but probably arrest and imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

Lucianna Berger needed promoting so it was discovered that she was Chukka's girlfriend which got her into the paper's in a professional wominner and not as photogenic window-dressing.

Anonymous said...

Lucianna Berger would make a similar wife for Chukka the Fuckka like Liam Fox's or Gordon Brown's.

Anonymous said...

sure looks like a uppity nigger to me,

barncat said...

What exactly did he do to date to earn the accolade of one of the Ten People Who Could Change The World?

Been a solicitor for afew years.

Been elected from a safe seat.

That's about it, hmmmm?

How exactly is he going to change the world?

Anonymous said...

Utah's Obama won't attract media luvvies

I guess that they be raycist?

Anonymous said...

Surely this dipshit must realise that being compared to Obongobongo is hardly a compliment?

Obviously not.


Essex boy said...

Rob - too true. Question is, will there be a revolt. And if so, when?

Anonymous said...

Utah's Obama has a white husband. Yugh. Why do they need a jig to represent them?

Anonymous said...

Savant, how is the Irish beauty queen and her nigger hubbie boyfriend making out, your the only one who clueed us in.

kerplunk said...

I predict this bozo will crash and burn.

SAVANT said...

Re the Irish Beauty queen, have heard nothing recently but did see a comment which said 'beauty queen mating with strange ape-like creature'


Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

Re the Irish Beauty queen, have heard nothing recently but did see a comment which said 'beauty queen mating with strange ape-like creature'


You rang, sir?

Seriously though, bestiality can be such a bitch.

This is weird. Only upon re-reading the above did I realise that I have made a pun. Really.


Baloo said...

Lovely! Linked HERE by EX-ARMY.

justme said...

Clever UN, very clever.

Anonymous said...

here's an interesting one:-

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

British cop forced to say sorry for church leader’s wrongful arrest from pulpit during service

A policeman was forced to apologise from a church pulpit after a woman was wrongfully arrested for assault. Detective Sergeant Nick Westwood publicly said sorry to church leader Alison Richardson after a court made the Metropolitan Police pay her compensation.

Mrs Richardson, 43, was arrested at her home in Croydon, South London, in February 2008 after calling the police to stop bailiffs clamping the family car in a dispute over a fine.

But she was arrested after an officer claimed to have been punched in the face. She was convicted and given a community service order.

However, she was exonerated on appeal by a judge who queried the police’s evidence.

Mrs Richardson sued the Met, highlighting how she had to step down from her church role after losing her criminal records bureau accreditation.

Why the grovelling? Easy. Go here and check out the image:

Aah, Croydon. The jewel of the south, or so I am told. Was Ms Richardson white? You be de judge.

Coming soon ... a good grovel and arse-kiss for all nogs arrested in 2011. Sort of a bulk discount.

Detective Sergeant Nick Westwood is going to be a very, very busy little lad for pretty much the rest of his shitty little life.

Suck it up, Nick. I hear Tesco has a huge special on mouthwash, right now.
Buy in bulk and get the taste of black arse out of your mouth.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Baloo.

Lovely quote on that site:

"If you do not change direction,
you may end up where you are

Lao Tzu


Anonymous said...

10 people inspired by MLK I guess.

Chukka takes a place on the UK version.

Dianne Abbot

Bea Campbell's lover/former lover/current lover, so to be ex lover/future lover

Anonymous said...

If he did not shave would he, like Sion Simon, have a beard?

Mary said...

Excellent writing Savant,superb.As so often before you manage to say in a few paragraphs that which takes lesser bloggers entire essays to express.

Yeah, I second that. Great write up on the nauseating nignog :)

Anonymous said...

This Chukka is a 3rd wold piece of human garbage. If you let this scum rise to power he will drill holes in the bottom of the boat. Never let low life scum like this or the violent satanic muslims get more power - they have way too much already and are debasing the world.