Saturday, 31 December 2011

Smells like bulldog spirit

Several comments have come in regarding a recent article on the Daily Telegraph, part of which laid in to tram lady Emma West. The ‘journalist’ Tom Chivers, a rubber-spined, foot-dragging quisling supped deeply from the trough of PC multiculti fantasy before putting pen to paper. Regurgitated all the designated PC orthodoxies on cue.

But wait! The comments moderator must have fallen asleep at the wheel, because ordinary readers were allowed full freedom to respond. For once. And boy, did they respond! They ripped the arse out of this limp-wristed, uni-testicled, white suburbia-dwelling hypocrite with vim and vigour. If you follow the threads you’ll see that he initially tried to respond, usually by way of facetious one-liners, but after a short while he shriveled like a scrotum in a snow-storm.

Is the legendary British bulldog spirit at last beginning to reassert itself? Well, check out the full thing here, or else sit back and enjoy my selection below.

"I notice that the YouTube footage of the Somali girl thugs, who violently attacked a white woman isn't on this list. Of course the footage of a white woman on a drunken rant is far more shocking.It says a lot about this country that a white woman is currently behind bars for using words, while the black girls, who used both words and physical violence, are excused and set free."

"Maybe her less than eloquent delivery was the result of a third world education in England’s crumbling and racially fragmented education system, where multicultural studies and global warming are given a higher priority than math and English.Maybe she’s forced to live among people who despise her, despise her culture, but who enjoy preferential treatment in housing and benefits all in the name of diversity.Or just maybe like the rest of us, she’s just grown utterly sick of the cultural vandalism inflicted on this country and endorsed by journalistic hacks like you Mr. Chivers."

"I would be interested to see how many villages in leafy Surrey would be happy to wake up and find that they were now 90% non white and Islamic, and women were liable to be spat at for not dressing correctly? "

"So come on, tell us why YOU think it's OK for the Somali 'white bitch' attackers to get off, while Emma West gets put away for WORDS. Come on, tell us also which multi-culti nirvana you live in"

"I have seen black street gangs proliferate, with a corresponding rise in gun and knife crime, I have seen the growth of islamic enclaves that are largely no-go areas for whites. Try walking through one one night with only your NUJ membership card for protection, it would be 'an enriching experience.'"

"The sad spectacle of this young woman, apparently drunk, with her son on her knee, berating the “f------ black people” and “f------ Polish” around her showed a side of Britain that we hoped had disappeared"Don't worry Tom, it'll disappear for good once native English people are finally eradicated from their homeland within about the next hundred years, so you can be a happy little bunny after all, just thinking what a splendid place England will be for your children and grandchildren. Pop over to Croydon sometime to get a taster."we"...? you prats in the media speak for no one."


Keir said...

Hear Hear. It might not take as long as is suggested. My wife's watching 'Merlin' which is set in Camelot way back in Britannia's ancient past (at least the time when the Romans gave up on her) which, as it's a BBC production, seems to require the inclusion of visible minorities to account for 5% of the cast. Even England's past doesn't belong to her it seems.

Anonymous said...

There is a spelling mistake there savant you have written uni-testicled for un-testicled.

PreatorianXVI said...

Worse is really better, it will get the average person waiting to see what happens into real action mode

Anonymous said...

@ the pathetic Mr. Chivers:

1)Sprout a pair of testicles and take pride in your race.

2)I delight in what your sincere reaction will be when a dear family youngster of yours (child, niece, etc.)interbreeds and produces a nappy-haired, half-Negro mulatto.

Rob said...

I notice a lot of MSM papers and websites are sneaking in forbidden opinions via the Comments sections.

J Bull said...

One thing the comments kept coming back to was that Chivers didn't live in an 'enriched' area. Notice how the little shite never responded to that.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 21:12: You said:
"...interbreeds and produces a nappy-haired, half-Negro mulatto."

Where I live in the States, such an offspring is called "n-gger in the woodpile," which is almost always the result of some bottom-feeding white-trash girl with no self-respect. The chld, inevitably, adopts a racial identity of "black." You have suggested a very fitting and appropriate consequence for this PC shithead Chivers who comdemms "racism" from his secure little lily-white enclave.

Anonymous said...

This guy got a bull dog AND Great Dane spirit

but is not as worthwhile as the aforementioned canines.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm..... takes an awful lot to get the British riled up and throwing over bins etc. I'm afraid we've a long long way to go.

Anonymous said...

A two-year-old has died after being shot in the mouth by his mother’s boyfriend in what police have called a 'senseless crime'.

Wakir Bryant, 27, was arrested after allegedly shooting toddler Mikhy Robinson at his mother’s Newark, New Jersey apartment.

Mikhy's mother woke on Friday morning to see her boyfriend holding the bleeding child and saying repeatedly: 'I'm so sorry.'

Read more: Baby shoota to be the word of 2012

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This guy got a bull dog AND Great Dane spirit

but is not as worthwhile as the aforementioned canines.

31 December 2011 23:19

Check out the post. This wog has screwed not only the Poms, but the Danes as well.

Strolling to the bank from his taxpayer-funded home, the 'disabled' father who has claimed nearly £300,000 in benefits from Britain AND Denmark

Gotta admire such cheek ... he could be an honorary jew.


Balti-no-more said...

Well said Savant. That arrogant turd, Chivers, is typical of the two-faced, leftist/liberal traitorous scumbags who sell their arses to the multi-culti, Cultural Marxist dictats of the National Union of Journalists.

He lambasts a white English woman, living in the multi-racial hellhole that is Croydon, who dares to speak out against the utter ruination of her country through deliberately engineered mass third-world immigration while personally avoiding the 'benefits' of this 'enrichment' himself.

The verbal kicking he has had from the majority of Telegraph readers may teach him that his pathetic recitation of PC insults has no currency anymore. Being called 'racist', 'Nazi', fascist' etc holds no weight. If some flabby turd like Chivers calls us racist then so fucking what! If it is racist to object to the deliberate destruction of our race and nation then so be it.

We don't care anymore what the Marxists, blacks, Asians, leftists, Liberals, Common Purpose, etc call us. We've heard enough from these scumbags.

Fuck them.

Rastus said...

The baby shoota? One less mugger and jail bait to bother us.

Anonymous said...

January 3 is the day of the Show Trial.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood gives history another racial make-over.

Thomas Bruso became an internet hero due to a video of him humiliating an attacker on a public bus. He is white and the attacker is black. Two black females scream anti-white racial slurs and egg the attacker on in the video. Hollywood transformed him into a Mexican who is attacked by two white "skinheads."

A new movie called “Bad Ass” is inspired by the famous “Epic Beard Man” video that became an internet sensation. The video shows an older white man being harassed by a younger black thug. Two black women yell racial slurs and egg the man on. The white victim moves to the front of the bus and the black thug follows him and attacks. The attack ends with the thug getting beat up by his intended victim.

Notice how Hollywood twists the real event. In their version, a Mexican man is harassed and attacked by two white “skinheads” on a bus.

Artistic license**, I think it's called.
Here is a chance to do some good by fucking up the Hollywood jews.

For those of you who have read the Covington novels, I refer you to the chapter in The Brigade called "Taking Down Tinsel Town"

For those of you who haven't ... when the film shows in your area, please ask the local press, the local film critics -- anyone -- why the race change? And demand an answer.
Then boycott the shit out of it.


PS: **That reminds me, I must renew mine.

Anonymous said...

I have a dream ...

The dream is that in a future incarnation, I turn on the TV set to watch Classic Hollywood of the Nineties and 2000's ... and my tiny blonde granddaughter says:

"Granddad ... why are those people so ... black?"

"Those are what we used to call niggers, my baby. There were lots of them, then."

"What happened to them all?"

"We got rid of them, Sweetie. They weren't much good to anyone."

Looong pause, then:

"Will they ever come back?"

"Nope. All gone."

Be patient. It'll happen. One way or the other.

Uncle Nasty

Krokodil said...

Wow! People are angry.

But with good reason, methinks.

The Torygraph (kinda the rag for nu-labour lite - aka the supposed Conservative party) is supposed to be a conservative MSM paper - yet any dissent from the pc acceptable norm is obviously not OK, it would appear.

The left despise freedom of speech - and Blair and his criminal queer cohorts were the thin end of the wedge for the dismantling of it in Britain. The start of the slippery slope started with them and of course continues - the modern Tories are mostly nu-labour whores.

Anonymous said...

" The baby shoota? One less mugger and jail bait to bother us."

Correction; two less ferel niggers left to rob and rape.

Anonymous said...

Is Chivers Jewish? Seems like a pretty standard PC-lefty Anglo-Saxon race-traitor to me. WHITE TRIBES, LOOK AT THE TRAITORS AMONG YOUR OWN!


Anonymous said...

UN -you have a wonderful mind. (LOL).

Anonymous said...

Seems like a pretty standard PC-lefty Anglo-Saxon race-traitor to me.

The brainwashing insidious. There was a film once White Guys Have a Genetic Disposition of Being Unable to Play Basketball and This Is A Scientific Fact Because A JewISH Dude Wrote a Book What Said So which was taken as fact by people who don't follow sports and they repeat this "fact" ad nauseum (used here to mean ad nauseum) and Woody Boyd from Cheers got his part on the basis of his having played collegiate basketball whereas as his co-star natural basketball playa despite never having played the game did not need to audition did he what with the scientific facts and all.

Bemused stare said...

Don't worry JP, we are noting them and if all works well they will decorate the same chimney as your gramps and six grandma's.

Anonymous said...

Jews frothing at the mouth at ex-Tory minister's plea to drop 'holocaust teaching' in British schools:

Anonymous said...

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish demonstrators caused outrage today by dressing children as Holocaust victims to protest against what they see as persecution of devout Jews seeking gender separation in Israel.

A boy wearing a cloth cap and the sidecurls of an Orthodox Jew was the centrepiece of the Jerusalem protest late on New Year's Eve.

His hands were raised in surrender and a yellow Star of David inscribed with 'Jude', Jew, in German, was sewn on his jacket. The image mimicked a memorable photo of a terrified Jewish boy during a round-up in the Nazi-occupied Warsaw Ghetto in World War Two.

'Nazis, Nazis,' some of the protesters shouted at police.

Read more: Fury over Jewish Ultras

Oy VEY!The people who gav euse Larry David, ex-Mrs. Larry David, Sacha Baren-Cohen, Sarah Silverman, Jackie Mason, Adam Sandler and Joan Rivers brings New Years Cheer!

AnalogMan said...

What's going on here? No content warning! Have you been rehabilitated, Savant? Say it isn't so!

Anonymous said...

IMO they deny racial differences for the purposes of flooding all White countries and only White countries with non-Whites.

There are no "anti-racists" in oil rich countries in the Middle East, or in the rich countries in Asia saying, "We are all from Africa and since We are all from Africa, we must have massive foreign immigration."

The reason for that is they are not White.

So certainly these "anti-racists" have decided White people must go.

Franz said...

Of all MSM outlets I know The Telegraph has clearly the best business model for turbulent times.

While they have creatures like Mr Chivers on staff, they allow their readers to vent without too many purges of thoughtcrime-comments.

Further, they got supremely non-pc writers like James Dellingpole and some of his lesser imitators on board.

It seems to me that this mixture has enlargened their readership beyond what rags like The Guardian can hope to reach.

Kudos to them. I bet they'll be one of the few old MSM brands still standing ten years from now.

northern athiest said...

The Telegraph may be, probably is, the best. But jesus, it's the best of a bad lot.

It does seem though as if their comments moderator has forgotten to take his - make that her -PC sensitivity pills.

Let's see what 2012 brings.

barry said...

I often wondered in the beginning, when Labour started flooding this country with immigrants, what were they up too? Immigration has certainly not helped this country, it served only to alienate the young men of this country by pushing down their wages, pitting them against those who have no legitimate claim to be here, people who can earn average wages over here yet buy houses back home for a fraction of what we have to put up with in the UK. Our indigenous young do not have a level playing field. Many are extremely angry at what has happened to their country and their futures.

It would not suprise me at all if there was a big swing to the right and a movement not unlike the Nationalism of the 30's. Add to this the obscenity of the banker's bonus', the utter greed of the rich, the ineptitude of our politicians and a justice and taxation system that pounds the honest working man into the ground while it feathers the beds of the feckless and downright criminal

Anonymous said...

Diversity will 'enrich' the likes of Chivers, it will just take longer and come as more of a surprise to him. Something like a violent car-jacking or home invasion, which are very much in the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

Imported muslims vote 100% Labour. Which is why feminists like Harriet Harman love them.

Anonymous said...

A swing to nationalism needs at least one ingredient: a LEADER. Today's Britoon shows no signs of producing one. Where's the British Ron Paul? There's not even a whiff of a Tea Party. And a British Christian Strache or Avigdor Lieberman? Dream on!


J Bull said...

barry - most people didn't see anything wrong with it initially, I think. I know I didn't. I just didn't think about it, just a few blacks and muslims here and there, and I had no interaction with them. It's really only when I saw the numbers growing fast that I started to think about and then realised the disaster we had on our hands.

I suggest many many more people would have been the same.

Jerry said...

If a real leader does arise you can be assured that he'll be demonised as the New Hitler the minute he puts his head above the parapet. He'll need to be very shrewd indeed to avoid this.

Anonymous said...

I think this is on topic ...

American Psychosis: What happens to a society that cannot distinguish between reality and illusion?…

One of the more relevant quotes:-

“The fantasy of celebrity culture is not designed simply to entertain. It is designed to keep us from fighting back.” We need not stretch ourselves, I imagine. The hero of The Matrix will stretch for us. So will Plastic Man or Batman or Superman. In our culture of distractions and manipulations, Aldous Huxley “feared that what we love will ruin us.” Citing Neil Postman, he reproduces a dialectic between the authors of 1984 and Brave New World:

What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared that the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance.

Why do I even mention this?

The reason is a lot of our articles link to the "Daily Mail" ... all well and good.

But I became fascinated by the "Bread and circuses" sidebars of that publication ... where we learn (ad nauseum) that Fred X is banging Melissa Y and that Katy Z is losing weight.

Or that Justin B is gay and his sister Josie Q is screwing some nigger footballer and oh, don't they make a beautiful couple with their little noglets in designer sunglasses ...

The thought popped into my head: Who reads this mindless fucking drivel? And the answer is, sadly, pretty much everyone.
I guess Huxley's more on the money than Orwell.

The good news, however, is that when everything goes tits-up, these people then become the fog through which we walk.

We can then get on with our lives.


Anonymous said...

Leo McKinstry writting in todays Daily Express.

As the cheering crowds flock to jubilee parties or local celebrations for the arrival of the oylmpic tourch on the route to london there will be a tremendous outpouring of national solidarity. The Union Jack will be seen everwhere, an inspirational emblem of unity and mutual belonging.

This reinvigorated sense of nationhood will horrify a metropolitian elite which loaths British patriotism and regards the Union flag as a symbol of extreemism. For to long the politically correct brigade has inflicted its instinct for self-loathing, dressed up as tolerance, on our civic life.

These treacherous elites have sought to weaken our national idenity through the destructive ideology of multiculturalism. aiming to turn Britain into nothing more than a landmass inhabited by competing ethnic groups. Indeed, the offical commission on the future of multi-ethnic Britain set up in 2000 by Labour declared that Britain should be regared not as a nation but merely "a community of communities". It also said the very idea of Britishness was a "racist" concept.

No journalist would of even dreamt of writing anything like this even a few years ago.

2012 could be that year, That is.. it is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. or somthing like that.

Happy new year everyone.


Krokodil said...

If a real leader does arise you can be assured that he'll be demonised as the New Hitler the minute he puts his head above the parapet. He'll need to be very shrewd indeed to avoid this.

Said leader would have to have a clean and uncontroversial past - and be more than able to hold his/her own in a debate. Such as question time, for example, no matter how stacked the deck is against them.

Not easy, but some people can do it. Very few, though.

Henry IX said...

gerry - great news about that Express article. I have a feeling in my waters that things are starting to move.

Anonymous said...

Such as question time, for example, no matter how stacked the deck is against them.

THe programme Harriet Hateman can tap David Quimbely on the arm when she wants him to stop someone talking?

James Lord said...

Nick Griffin made a complete horlicks of his opportunity on QT. The basic rule about going on any live debate is that you anticipate every possible question and have a prepared response . Griffin seemed to be totally surprised by what were in fact totally predictable questions.

kulak said...

Chivers has just seen too many broadway shows.

kulak said...

barry said:

I often wondered in the beginning, when Labour started flooding this country with immigrants, what were they up too?

Answer: Genocide.

Anonymous said...


problem is, re: Daily Mail sidebar - the Hidden Masters know how hard it is for even the most abstinent and Galahadic Aryan to resist a peek at a prime pair of bronzed titties.


Anonymous said...

Quote of the Year:

Ben N Indiana said...

What we DON'T see is black flight escaping White racism. There is no underground railroad terminating in Zimbabwe.

January 2, 2012 9:32 PM

Anonymous said...

The mafia reputedly wanted to assasinate RFK because of his clampdown of their activities when he was Attorney General.
They reasoned this would enrage his brother ,the President, resulting in a ferocious crackdown.
By assasinating JFK instead,his brother would then be out of a job as he was hated by the vice President LBJ.

The lesson is to cut off the head of the snake.

This means voting and supporting any new political party that will legislate for treason and backdate its remit.
So all those lawyers,members of immigration quangos and politicians who supported the third world invasion,actively or passively can be executed en masse.

Their children and grandchildren should be stripped of citizenship and made work for the rest of their lives to repay what their antecedents have done.
Just as now there should be no sense of restorative justice for these people.
The emphasis must be on punishment and judicial revenge.

If the euro collapses this will make this course of action much easier to achieve.

More than likely the vast majority of people would vote for such courses of action by electing those who would enact such legislation.
There should be no mercy for these PC Fascists.

Anonymous said...

A woman charged over an alleged racist rant on a tram that was captured on video and seen online 11 million times is set to face trial at a Crown Court.

Emma West, 34, of New Addington, has been charged with two racially aggravated public order offences, one with intent to cause fear.

She gave Croydon Magistrates' Court no indication of her plea and said she wanted to face a Crown Court trial.

Ms West was given bail and will appear at Croydon Crown Court on 17 February.

Magistrate Ian Hornby granted Ms West bail on the condition that she does not travel on a tram within Croydon and Sutton, lives and sleeps at her home address and does not comment on the case.

Ms West was arrested after footage, filmed on a Croydon-to-Wimbledon tram, allegedly showing her racially abusing fellow passengers was posted on YouTube.

She was charged with intent to cause fear or provocation of violence after a passenger, Ena-May Eubanks, said she hit her left shoulder with a "closed fist".

A new charge turns up for the show trial.

Yet the police could not establish whether the muslim man on the video of him beating up someone else used a closed fist.

Will the Crown Court deliver?

Heraclitus said...

@anon 'There should be no mercy for these PC Fascists.'

I totally agree. But they deaf and blind must be first awakened.

awakened said...

Will the Crown Court deliver?

Of course they'll deliver. Just done it for the two in the never-to-be-forgotten Stephen Laurence case.

Anonymous said...

With just seconds separating the U.S. women's team from elimination from the 2011 World Cup, Megan Rapinoe sent a beautiful left foot to Abby Wambach in the box, who headed home the tying score against Brazil. In a game filled with controversial calls, the U.S. staved off Marta and the Brazilians 5-3 in penalty kicks to advance to the semifinals, where they would beat France 3-1.

Read more:

Smells like that writing.

Tony in VA said...

I remember that match against Brazil. Superb. But what point are you making????

Anonymous said...

sent a beautiful left foot

In a soccer game I would guess a cross?
The point being does anyone read the stuff before it goes out?

That was negatively guardianesque in the lack of scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

TV presenter in love split

Famous woman splits from less famous former partner.

Daily Mail employs starstruck reporters?

Anonymous said...

Daily Mail employs PC reporters anyway.

Anonymous said...

'Then I was handed a load of crack. Barry was very frightened — that kind of messed everything up a bit really.' Run, Barry, run!!

Read more: Sinead O Connor mariage back on!

Twitter for when the whole world positively have to know that you are a complete waste of space.

You go Rasta-girl don't ;et whitey keep you down!

pi31416 said...

Krokodil: "The left despise freedom of speech."

Wrong. It does not despise it, far from it. It's scared of it. Shit-scared.

Anonymous said...

Iowa is the only non-coastal state to have legalised "Gay" marriage according to a letter in The Irish Times today.
Doesn't that make Andrea Mitchell an out of touch waste of space?

Anonymous said...

Guardian reports news shocker!

Boy 'tortured and drowned' over witchcraft claims

Kristy Bamu, 15, was murdered by his sister and her partner because they believed he was practising sorcery, court told

Perhaps it would be more guardian-like if they said that it was perfectly acceptable in their culcha to do so?

Anonymous said...

Marxist brainwashing in Hackney

Children being brainwashed to admire Dianne Abbott who convienently sent her offspring to an expensive paid for school because Jamaican wimmins go to da wall for their chilluns.

Anonymous said...

This week I wrote an article for the Jewish Week in which I attempted to explore the phenomenon of Denver quarterback Tim Tebow to make broad points about society and extremism. I now realize that some of my statements had the reverse effect of what I had intended and for this I deeply and sincerely apologize.

As many of you know, I have spent my entire career engaged in dialogue with people of all faiths while speaking out passionately against all forms of bigotry. I have the deepest respect for those who are committed to their faith, including Mr. Tebow. I realize the way in which I attempted to make my points was clumsy and inappropriate, inadvertently suggesting the kind of intolerance and extremism my article was intended to disparage. I sincerely apologize to Mr. Tebow, his family, the Broncos and Patriots and all those whom I may have offended.

Does this mean that if the Broncos win the Superbowl you will not be able to join me in burning down mosques?

mischling said...

anon 20.36. Who wrote that?

Anonymous said...

This guy.

rambaloosa said...

Thanks for that link. I've checked up on the eaction and this rabbi really bit off more than he can chew. Or is it that Chistians have decided to stop being shat on at last?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This guy.

Said it before ... I'll say it again. these guys will not learn. They always overplay their hand.

It reminds of the milipoofs ... the militant faggots and feminists who keep bleating that all they want is equality, when what they really want is untouchability.

Someone recently commented (brilliantly, I might add) on how the "love that dare not speak it's name" ... in the words of Oscar Wilde, has become the love that will not shut the fuck up.

Keep it up, lads. Names are being taken.


Anonymous said...

rambaloosa said...

Thanks for that link. I've checked up on the eaction and this rabbi really bit off more than he can chew. Or is it that Chistians have decided to stop being shat on at last?

The greatest defenders of the israelites are the five Kilowatt radio preachers and the hundreds of thousands of fundamentalist Christians across America ... who, sadly, feel that when the Rapture comes they alone ... along with the Cheeeeldren of israel, of course, will be swept up into the fields of the Lord.
These are the gung-ho imbeciles who honestly support what they see as just and Holy war against the infidel.

Boy, are they in for a revelation.

Couldn't resist, sorry.

Seriously, the RSPs are just arrogant enough and cocky enough to piss off the hallelujah chorus just for laughs, and if they should do so ...

Ooooofark. They'll have no friends at all.


Anonymous said...

A taxi driver featured in RTÉ's 'Primetime Investigates' programme intends to sue the national broadcaster for defamation following his successful legal challenge against a decision by the National Transport Authority to suspended his PSV licences.

For several years, Oluwaseyi Okerayi operated a business by hiring out both taxi plates and cars to others.

Last May the NTA suspended" with immediate effect" the 25 public service licenses he held after the 'Primetime' programme, which alleged he rented out cars that were unroadworthy to individuals who did not have licences, was aired.

Mr Okerayi, of Fitzherbert Court, Slane Road, Navan, Co Meath, who denied any wrongdoing alleged in the programme, brought a High Court action aimed at quashing the NTA's decision to suspend his licences.

Read more:
Taxi "driver" begins defamation case against RTE

If RTE win it what is the betting that it will be quietly forgetten about because just like their defeats RTE also does not dwell on their victories?

Anonymous said...

As a matter of interest, in a previous post I referred to "hundreds of thousands" of fundamentalist US Godbotherers who feel that they have a season ticket through the pearly gates.

Synchronicity at work again.

It appears that there are between 60 and 70 million of them.

Go to:- Retarded American Praying – For War

January 6, 2012 by hoff2

One in five americans really believe in this jewish bullshit. They call themself for Evangelicals, some 60-70 million americans follow the retard John Hagee and his gang of village idiots.

“John Hagee with Benny Hinn: Praying For War in the Name of Jesus”

Yea, verily and forsooth, one wonders if an express-train depression will be sufficient to add some chlorine to the US gene pool.


Anonymous said...

@bimadew Ethnic communities that show more public solidarity & unity than black people do much better #dontwashdirtylineninpublic

Dianne Abbott does not egt the Bulldog spirit?

Anonymous said...

Oh vey!

Poor oppressed Victoria Derbyshire cannot present from the BBC Salford studio because the north is too grim for this princess who got her start on her local station BBC Manchester.

I cannot think why people regard media types as being stupid idiots.

Anonymous said...

I did not read about the Georgia riots where 300 "youths" rioted because someone dissed someone else and a 14 year old decided to attack a police officer.

I guess this would be because of my inability to navigate a newspaper's website.

Anonymous said...

Kristy McNichol comes out

Oh It is all right for whitey like her and Jodie Foster and a Belos to come out but should a sista' want to whitey media does not want to know.

White people just love dividng people as Dianne Abbott told us.

Anonymous said...

Lousie Mensch MP in row about something or other

She should just get her arse into the kitchen and make her husband a sandwich and not be complaining about not being taken seriously because she is a glamourpuss.

Harriet Harman MP QC has had to put up with it for longer for the sexist male chauvinist press and do not forget Dianne Abbott MP whose looks let her detractors lessen the impact of her words.

Anonymous said...

He is no Paul Krugman

The failure starts early: in America, the holes in the social safety net mean that both low-income mothers and their children are all too likely to suffer from poor nutrition ...

Think about it: someone who really wanted equal opportunity would be very concerned about the inequality of our current system. He would support more nutritional aid for low-income mothers-to-be and young children. ...

And the Congressional wing of his party seems determined to make upward mobility even harder. For example, Republicans have tried to slash funds for the Women, Infants and Children program, which helps provide adequate nutrition to low-income mothers and their children

hoosier said...

He's no Paul Krugman. and that's a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

Prosecutor Kristin Rusdel said: "He admits he saw it over the internet. She says he instructed her to do it, whereas he says they more or less figured it out together."

Skype baby death suspects revealed

Anonymous said...

Brave Gabby Giffords leads Pledge of Allegiance as she makes emotional appearance at Tucson memorial to honour victims of shootings one year ago today

Read more: You go Cactus Wren

Don't let the libtards take away the pledge of allegiance!

Anonymous said...

<a href="'>Don't fuck with me or my husband</a>

What do her neighbours and middle class former neighbours who work in the media see in this example of the bullshit spirit yet they do not like the bulldog spirit of working class Londoner Emma West?

A Pulitizer or Nobel Prize for the poster who can work it out!

Anonymous said...

Sinead O'Connor spicy offerings may be tempting but they are just empty flavours. Say NO! people before you get addicted

I realised that Sloth Park warned us that these tempting morsels that the media offer us are just addictive stuff that we should be able to rise above and we should learn something from it. Okay I did not watch the episode that carefully but it had something to do with rejecting spicy savoury dtuff for better stuff.

Heraclitus said...

'What do her neighbours and middle class former neighbours who work in the media see in this example of the bullshit spirit yet they do not like the bulldog spirit of working class Londoner Emma West?'

Good point. Reason is they've all done their 'jornalism' training in the same Cultural Marxist environement.

Anonymous said...

Khloe Kardashian hit every branch on the ugly tree. Why?

Now there is a queation everyone wants answered!

Anonymous said...

First craigger president

A list of achievments by the first craigger president but you won't find them mentioned in the media.

Anonymous said...


Revenue £60.93 billion (2010/11)[1]
Operating income £3.81 billion (2010/11)[1]
Net income £2.67 billion (2010/11)[1]
Employees 472,000 (2010)[2]

Yet for some reason Tesco joins the Jobs for Benefit Claimers which is a scheme to get the unemployed to do unpaid work for a company so that the company might employ themat the end of six months.

What happens is that "non" employee is let go for another trainee making an ass of the scheme.

The media won't cover this as their versions do not know a good story because they have not the necessary experience?

In New Jersey a Wal-Mart store had someone goto the unattneded customer announcement deesk and ask that all black customers leave the store immediately.

30 detectives were assigned to find out who did it.

In Detroit a guy is threatened with a $500 fine for calling 911 twice to his mother's apartment on the same night once on his way over and again after waiting for a unit to be dispatched. Seems he does not understand the new modern and liberal diverse paradise that
Detroit is.
As there was only one attempted burglary two calls is too much and a fine was issued.

rebel said...

anon 20.56 - it's a mad mad mad mad world.

Anonymous said...

Hartlepool school builds unisex toilet

A Maine High School is told it was wrong to have segregated toilets and a Hartlepool school has taken the lead.

No more will Harriet Harman be discriminated against because she is not allowed to use the same toilets as Chukka Umunna or Peter Mandleson.

What a great viclabour for hupersonkind!

Jerry said...

Yeah. Let's hope when Harriet Hormone goes into the uni-jacks she'll find a big turn left by Chuka the fucka.

Anonymous said...

Dwarf blames Mike Tindall for inspiring attack
A dwarf actor has accused Mike Tindall of inspiring a thug to toss him on to the ground outside a pub, leaving him partly paralysed.

Mr Henderson, 37, believes his attacker, who has not been tracked down by police, may have got the idea from Tindall.

“An incident like this was just waiting to happen,” he said. “People see stars like Tindall doing it and they think that it is acceptable.

Tindall was at an organised dwarf tossing contest so he would have made organised dwarf tossing acceptable not randomly attacking someone.

OOOH! An assault story not featuring an ahem!

Essex boy said...

OOOH! An assault story not featuring an ahem!

True. But what amazes me is that this guy is trying to tie in Mike Tindall as responsible.

Blows your mind.

Anonymous said...

Ed Miliband faced new calls to rebuke Labour frontbencher Diane Abbott last night after she told a young, Tory-voting black graduate who asked her for work that she wasn’t doing the ‘black thing’ and should ‘go and work for a white Conservative’ instead.

The new race row involving Ms Abbott comes two weeks after she was forced to apologise for saying ‘white people love to divide and rule’ following the trial of the killers of black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

Politics graduate Jade Knight, 25, told yesterday how she approached Ms Abbott about the chances of work after recognising her at a branch of Boots in London’s Piccadilly.

Read more on parliaments and the BBC's biggest mistake: Racist bigot is as racist bigot does

Anonymous said...

OOOH! An assault story not featuring an ahem!

True. But what amazes me is that this guy is trying to tie in Mike Tindall as responsible.

Blows your mind.

At 4' 2" would he be tall enough top blow the mind of the guy from NAMDL?

Anonymous said...

Cork whinge from 2012 was 2011 in the real world where real people live like that journalist pictured. And the Mailette with the half-caste daughter whose column that appeared before the Emma West incident complaining about just a sort of incident that would occur in the Emma West incident

Owing to Cork orthodoxy it still uses the Julian calendar and so this story that appears in Cork January 2 2012 was in the real world newspapers on December 31 2011 or earlier so my question is - is the journalist in question so thick that it took her three days to MLK it?

Notice too that the Panda is described as being a Polar bear.

Anonymous said...

Aw the poor dear.

and a panda is monochrome?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Aw the poor dear.

and a panda is monochrome?

18 January 2012 18:40

Cannot tell as wikipedia is not back yet :(

Anonymous said...

If it were not for the 'feminist' debate, we would never get to hear Ivana Bacik, roll her out every time with her spurious nonsense, a national figure who can persuade 3000 Dublin South people to vote for her in a general election, when unknowns like Stephen Donnelly can actually get elected in Wicklow with no profile or senate launchpad.

Sophisticated Dubliners let us down again!

Damn their worthless jackeen hides!

Anonymous said...

Mr Hillier, a paramedic for 20 years, told the hearing in Cardiff that the woman had 'lunged ferociously' at him and punched him in the eye.

The hearing was told that as he was examining the woman in a bedroom of the house he upset her and she told him she didn’t want to speak to him.

Mr Hillier said: 'She realised I had sussed her out about whether she was pretending to be unconscious. I felt she was exaggerating.

'She was shouting f*** off and shouting a string of expletives. She was screaming into my ear and I defended myself by pushing her face away.

'I did not slap her- I pushed her away in a defensive move.I used my right hand to ward her off.'

Read more: Paramedic defends himself from woman feigning injursy. Sacked

When all the competent people are kicked out of these services who will replace them?

Anonymous said...

They left out Somali!

Anonymous said...

I never realised Luke was really a girl: Lucky escape of sex trickster's friend

Read more:Close friend of a girl who dressed as a boy

Maybe if they read page 3 of the Sun they would expect to know what a girl looked like?

Anonymous said...

Too fat to be a flight risk': Megaupload boss appears in court over $175m piracy ring (and is denied bail despite weighing 20st)

Denied bail because of access to funds and authorities believe he has multiple IDs
Defence lawyer says at 6ft 6in and 20stone Kim Dotcom couldn’t run without being spotted
Lawyer added Dotcom 'collected' credit cards after 45 seized in mansion raid
FBI estimates Dotcom personally made around $115,000 a day during 2010 from his empire

Read more: Too big to be a flight risk

At 6' 6" and 20 stone he is a foot and a half taller than Dwan French was when she was 20 stone does that make him less heroic?

Anonymous said...

A mother-of-two who was once a petite size 8 has become so addicted to bodybuilding she says she won't stop until she hits 20 stone.

Rene Campbell, a British national champion who currently weighs 13.st5lb, works out for two hours a day, five times a week.

The 35-year-old self-confessed 'Bigorexic' also consumes 4,200 calories a day in the form of chicken, rice and vegetables and even carries a pair of scales with her so she can weigh her food in restaurants.

Read more: 2 and a half stone lighter than Dawn French

Did Dawn French receive the same scrutiny from Mail readers when she weighed 20 stone which this woman hopes to achieve?

Anonymous said...

Some chick who starred in Channel 4's My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding which cost £150 000 has walked out on the marriage to her part time labourer husband.

Had he been a full time labourer he might have been able to afford the £300 000 wedding she deserved.

I am so heart broken I shan't be able to post for the rest of black History month.

Anonymous said...

Marrying a guy she did not want to to get publicity who the hell does she think she is?

The extremely talented Kim Lardarsehian?

Apoloiges I forgot this comment above but I have been so heartbroken.

If you have any boxes of tissues that you do not need to help stem the flow of my tears over this sad sad event please send them to anonymous@theinternet, the world.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I was going to write the telegraph sucks and then I did because they went withs soem bizarre internet to monitor stories and the Mail did the same but with better analysis and the Mail found that they could get to be the biggest newspaper on the internet, bigger than the NYT or guardian depending on whose claims you believed was the biggest, by giving people true stories of horrific acts done by the sun people whose natural extroversion brings peace and joy to all the world.

Anonymous said...

June 11 is the new date.

James Lord said...

anon Feb. 13. Good point about the Mail. It's become HUGE on the net. Didn't make the association between displaying the truth about PC/diversity. Could be a big factor.

James Lord said...

June 11 is the new datye for what?

Anonymous said...

June 11 is the date of the Emma West show trial.

Anonymous said...

Secretary told she faces jail after admitting champagne-fuelled racist rant on train that was filmed on YouTube

* Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, abused passengers on the Central Line train
* Film uploaded to YouTube has been watched 200,000 times
* 'I used to live in England and now I live in the United Nations,' she said
* Sikh man on his way back from funeral who filmed it, said he put it on YouTube to ensure speedy justice

Read more: A Sikh dude can get justice by placing video on youtube but the police cannot use youtube video of one of their own surveillance cameras to convict a Rhea Page style assault on the underground. What the fuck is happening people?

There was a pitiful excuse giving that as Dianne Abbott is the British Osama Barack if you will that one of her putative sons could not be prosecuted with youtube video but YT can. Isn't that racist?

Rhea Page was attacked in Leicester and as it was the attackers first offence they got a six month suspended sentence because they were not used to alcohol because they came from a country where alcohol was not available but this secretary ebcause she comes from a country of breweries, bakeries, butchers can find time to spend time in jail for a non violent attack and she was charged with a method that cannot be used in evidence.

So sikhs non usuable evidence is greater than police usable evidence?

Anonymous said...

"A Facebook campaign run by Leicestershire County Council, UK and designed to recruit British foster families for asylum seekers had shut down after campaigners received abusive, anti-immigrant comments online."

One of prime jobs of power is to suppress people's nature (including what they naturally see), wherever it is an obstacle to the aims of power.

This is why enforcement, compulsion, propaganda, are needed.

You may dream of seeing the current overlords overturn, but keep in mind the next overlords would use no different systems.
It's humanity baby. Roles are swapped time by time, but the nature doesn't change. They are power-seeking machines, the dominant, and the others are born-to-serve, adaptive machines.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in the span ofa quarter minutes both IS and France ask an "emergency reunion" at the UN for the situation in Aleppo :)))....

Every time the "rebels" are being crushed this happens.