Thursday, 29 December 2011

Shame has no limits

The verminous reality contortionists of the MSM continue to outdo themselves with their cunning little warnings, sly manipulations, pernicious lies, perverse elisions and misleading images. I showed here how the Chicago Tribune exemplifies this by working on the principle that most readers just skim the 'news' and are easily taken in (propagandised) by visuals. In this instance their pictorial representation of the city's top mug shots (90% black or hispanic) front-loaded all the whites onto the opening sets of images, on the assumption that most readers would not look much further.

Job done.

I learn from SBPDL of similar chicanery over at Alabama online 'news' rag "Incident at Edge 12 movie theater could bring worries over flash mobs closer to home" they warn us. As they should, given that 400 - yes, four hundred - black youth rioted and closed down a movie theatre over Christmas. Not that you'd ever know from the article that the rioters were 'people of colour'.

Au contraire. Au contraire. In fact the images they showed were of white flash mobs, but in this case college kids dancing for charity. And look at the image of that shifty guy with the phone. White, of course.
Now admittedly they did show, in small writing, that this particular mob was peaceful. But hey, you gotta work with what you have! And in this instance, working on the well-establsihed principle that a picture is worth a thousand words, they've successfully linked the 'beware of flash mobs' warning with the images of white 'mobs'.
Nice work, huh?
I tell you, Pravda under Stalin would have been embarrassed to publish such grotesque misrepresentations.


Franz said...

Funny the Savant mentions Stalin's Pravda. I was thinking along those very lines today.

Apparently the chi-chi ting for Stalinists was not to print misleading pictures but to blot out offending persons and then publish the altered images.

While the commies were pretty bad at retouching photos, these days persons, their words, their deeds vanish virtually without a trace.

When was the last time you heard of the suicided David Kelly, a major Iraq-war whistle blower?

When was the last time you heard about the potential witness in the News of the world scandal conveniently offing himself?

Or - to disgress into ancient but nonetheless relevant history - before the Savant brought the subject up, when was the last time George Washington's exhortations against foreign entanglements was quoted in the MSM?

In all three cases, the persons, their words, their deeds, their ideas have been made to disappear.

As a young man I often asked myself: "How do the people in East Germany endure in such a madhouse of lies and omissions?"

Now that the West in many ways has become the East, I know how people cope: Scarcely anybody notices.

What to an outsider seems to be the most ludicrous hipocrisy, is just the New Normal to those within.

Anonymous said...

On SBPDL it was only 200 of the worthless oxygen thieving fuckers.

Gonville said...

Franz - another explanation. Under Communist regimes the people knew they were being presented with altered reality. Problm is, in the west too many people think they're getting the full truth.

Anonymous said...

Woman sues bar because she crashed when not wearing a seat belt

More important though is what gang sign is she giving?

Anonymous said...

The word "black" is being morphed
(by the media) to be synonymous with white.

It will not exist in the future.

When I read about "juvenile mob" in my mind it depicts "black mob".

Reading between the lines in the aricle proves me right.

Personally, I am fedup with this country (USA). It has become a latrine.

I hate to be anonymous but had my blogs censored. Hope you survive.

Anonymous said...

YRS BACK THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE UNDER COL. McCormick was just a little to the right of Attila the Hun.If a newsboy was robbed and a copper caught the offender the cop was sure to be made a detective, thats how much power and clout the Trib had, but recently it has gone the way sad to say of the MSM.the good Col. must be rolling over in his grave,

brian boru said...

Even when white people become aware of the bias against them in the MSM they don't do anything. The kikes know this and have no motivation to change their ways, as they might if they started to get some hot lead through their filthy hebe skulls. Whites need social approval from other whites or 'the authority' before they will act for their own interests. The white man who is willing to be a lone wolf and act against our destroyers has become a rare individual indeed.
Communism, an entirely jew creation, has always been notorious for its ability and willingness to lie and distort. Orwell described this jew mentality well in '1984'. No doubt he had the kikes in mind when he wrote it too. They are still working towards such a world and if they achieve it then our future will truly be hopeless, as is the grim future of the world described in '1984'.

northern athiest said...

Take some consolation. More and more ppl, at least in the US, are starting to see the light. Just look at the comments on pieces such as this.

hoosier said...

brian boru - I agree up to a point. But I think Savant is right when he frequently claims that 'worse is better'. If white peopple see how they've been fucked and lied to they'll react.

Anonymous said...

Savant and commenters...

Link to Age of Treason:


Find the Post styled:

Phillip Roth...What's Good for the Jews.

Dated Dec 29, 2011, at 03:11:00 AM.

Check out the comments also.

This should go under your George Washington post but I mention it here as some may not check back to the final comments under G. Washington.

I will never 'hear' Easter Parade and White Christmas the same way I did ever again.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Britain (get this) has the cheek to call Somalia a "Failed state" ... just like Libya a few months ago.

And we all know what that means.

Pot ... meet kettle.

Somalia appears to be UK’s next target for Libya-style intervention
December 27, 2011
Print Version

By Madison Ruppert
End The Lie

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has declared that Somalia is a so-called “failed state” and thus a threat to British interests, signaling what might be the next target in the global imperialistic crusade carried out under the guise of humanitarianism.
Since the British government – as absurd as it may seem – actually considers the NATO mission in Libya a success, it is now searching for the next target.

I have been speculating for some time that it would be Syria, but thanks to strong opposition in the United Nations Security Council from China and Russia, it appears that foreign intervention for supposed humanitarian ends has been averted, at least for the time being.

Iran also seemed like a logical target for the globalist war machine, but due to their relatively strong military and strategic ties, it appears that it is a somewhat contentious issue.

However, Somalia is a much easier target seeing that it does not have the massive military infrastructure nor numerous alliances which would help deter a foreign assault.

Not to mention the fact that Somalia has been wracked by civil wars, famine, natural disasters and other significant problems which make it a relatively weak target.
Most importantly, as Jeremy Corbin, a Labor MP and United Kingdom “Stop the War” coalition activist pointed out to RT, Somalia is quite a resource rich nation.

“You usually find when the military strategists are planning a long-term intervention somewhere, they are looking at geological maps first and looking at political maps second,” Corbin said.

“And the oil, the gas is one of the biggest issues,” Corbin added.

The Pakistan Observer also rightly points to their stores of other important and highly valuable natural resources like uranium, iron, and zinc.

Welcome to the next exciting installment of "Invade the world ... Invite the world."
I can almost feel sorry for the Somalis.



Heraclitus said...

Good link to AoT. What I always notice when jews refer to the troubles they've had down the centuries with whites/Christians, is that they never - ever - even consider that they themselves might have contributed, by way of their behaviour, to said problems.

RegThe Hedge said...

Check out the "journalist" getting savaged by commenters.

James Lord said...

Thanks for that link Re. I've taken the liberty of selecting one of the responses you refer to and hopefully Mr. Savant will indulge me by publishing it.

Whilst reluctant to compare Emma West with Rosa Parks, I think she showed more ‘balls’ than the rest of the neutered cowards in Westminster combined! Yes, she could have used a little less profanity, and no, she shouldn’t have done it with her child on her lap, but I would venture that she spoke for millions of People in England today… she certainly spoke for me.

And how do you know she was drunk? Were you privy to any blood tests taken or other evidence obtained? Maybe she had just reached the end of her tether, maybe she had been on the receiving end of too many racial slurs herself from our culturally enriching colonizers. Maybe she finally boiled over at one too many coughing hacking TB infected ‘asylum seeker’ leaving his phlegm on the carriage floor, because all of these are everyday occurrences in today’s multicultural England!

Maybe her less than eloquent delivery was the result of a third world education in England’s crumbling and racially fragmented education system, where multicultural studies and global warming are given a higher priority than math and English.

Maybe she’s forced to live among people who despise her, despise her culture, but who enjoy preferential treatment in housing and benefits all in the name of diversity.

Or just maybe like the rest of us, she’s just grown utterly sick of the cultural vandalism inflicted on this country and endorsed by journalistic hacks like you Mr. Chivers

Anonymous said...

Somalia??? Jesus - good luck with that!

RegThe Hedge said...

Wow, it turns out the nice lady who brought that fiend Emma West to our attention (via youtube) lives at 20 Sisulu place, Stockwell, SW9 7NX. Her name is Kelly Hollingsworth.

There is a lovely picture of her here

Send her a letter of thanks if you want.

Dan Dare said...

Off topic but: For centuries we follow our fate - we search for explanation and for beauty. We define it and as he most successful people in history the future is in outer space. This world holds few limits

Then, in the sixties an evil and malevolent force emerges to send us back to the savagery of the primitive.

I cannot understand the voluntary genocide of the future of humans & humanity.

Essex boy said...

Doesn't matter if that sow Kelly Hollingsworth has taken the video down - it's gone viral. And note it's address - Sisulu place. FFS!

Salford said...

It's great to see Telegraph journo, Tom Chivers, getting ripped a new arsehole by many of the commenters after his pathetic, NUJ-approved, attack on Emma West.

Pampered, liberal/multi-culti anti-white tossers like him need reminding of what life's like for the indigenous population who don't live in his ivory tower. There's more and more people who now seem prepared to stand up to these cultural marxist scum and their PC propaganda.

Anglo-Irish said...

Instead of attacking Somalia we should repatriate the hundreds of thousand of Somalis who are now claiming £millions in benefits, while massively increasing the crime figures across Britain (and soon in Ireland)

Over 20,000 Somalis in Bristol alone, 4,000 in Milton Keynes!!

What the hell are they doing here? Why were they allowed in and given houses, benefits, advisers, translators etc?

Why have they been allowed to annex whole areas of many towns and cities? Why is Cameron's government continuing to let in thousands more every week along with thousands from Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Congo etc?

The government policy is to spread them all over the country. Africans are everywhere. Even the smallest town has them in growing numbers.

Britain is undergoing rapid Africanisation much to the fury of increasing numbers of whites.

Ireland is next, particularly with Alan Shatter at the Justice ministry.

Gary Paul, South AFrica said...

Sweet Jesus - Over 20,000 Somalis in Bristol!!

Christ that used to be a lovely city.

Somali's are the worst of the worst of the worst!

Anonymous said...

Jameela Barnette, 53, was indicted earlier this year for her supposed involvement in the sending of malicious packages to two New York lawmakers.

Barnette was accused of mailing a pig's foot to the office of Rep. Peter King (R) in April. A note included in the package read "Kiss my black Muslim ass," and referred to King as a "Jew," even though he is Catholic. The incident came in the wake of King's hearings on Muslim "radicalization."

Its a frame up by the cops!

No way would a Muslim send an unclean pigs foot to a congressperson.

Anonymous said...


I have high regard and respect for your insight. Therefore, in a sincere attempt to gain a basic understanding of contemporary society, I am asking you, point-blank, the following question:

"Why does the MSM so shamelessly continue to "prop up" and disguise the very people (blacks) which destroy the tenets of Western society?"
One of Your Yank Readers

SAVANT said...

Yankee Reader. I'd say the MSM does the things you mention primarily because they've swallowed the Cultural Marxist KoolAid by the gallon. The 'architecture' for this undermining was set up over the last few generations, with malevolance in many cases, and I've written about it here.

Anonymous said...

Essex boy said...

Doesn't matter if that sow Kelly Hollingsworth has taken the video down - it's gone viral. And note it's address - Sisulu place. FFS!

Yup. Saw that. I have to wonder how many shitty little suburbs and new so-called "Estates" in England have their "Sisulu Crescents, Winnie Mandela Closes, Slovo Avenues, Biko Roads" and all the other shitbag "Thed Weld Straaagle heeeros".

One consolation is that they can name a thousand streets after that cunt Ruth First ... and no-one will get the significance.

Whenever I read about some coal-burning receptacle murdered by her third-world sperm donor, my sympathy is tempered by the probability that her parents met at a seventies anti-apartheid sit-in.

Reality can be such a bitch.

By the way, Happy New Year to you, Savant, and all the humans on the Newsgroup.


Anonymous said...

a question to Franz,in germany there is a home improvement store named Hornbachs i understand,is this comp, in any way owned by Home depot here in the states, i hear that they have the same logo colors, cream and orange and are laid out exactly like our stores here. thanks

Anonymous said...


Chick who arranged for her bank to be robbed to pay for a boob job is facing 15 years in jail.

Oh Mandy you texted
I arrived I left with the money
And now they are taking you away
Oh Mandy!

Artur said...

Hey Savage ! :

" verminous reality contortionists "

That's my line !

(Do a google search of those words and it takes you to

I feel honored!

Actually, yesterday was the first time I re-discovered this blog. Either you had been removed or because I cleared my browser data I wasn't getting re-directed, and I thought you'd been taken down.

It was good to find you again!


- Arturo de Gheaube

Anonymous said...

Celebrating shameful stuff

In your local cinema soon.