Thursday, 15 December 2011

Scandalous! Outrageous!

It seems like they've made major progress at the CERN Laboratories towards discovering whether the Higgs Boson actually exists. This is about as advanced as science gets, the cutting edge of the cutting edge.

The attached photo shows the team that achieved this breakthrough. Or at least part of the team. Because it's very clear that key members have been airbrushed out with a ruthlessness that would have done credit to Stalin.

I ask:

Where are the 'people of colour'?

Where are the females?

I know there are lots of them there because every time I turn on the TV all the cleverest scientists are always black and/or female. So what happened to them? And surely the Father Of The Internet himself should be in there?

But they're not. I don't know why. But I think we should be told.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Savant! This clearly racist operation needs to be reported to the diversity police forthwith.


Simon Q said...

The truth is this:

Educated white men who wear black shoes advance civilization and our understanding of the universe.

Blacks are merely violent and stupid consumers.

There! I've said it.

Gotta run - Thought police coming up the drive.

Franz said...

Didn't you see the "Terminator" Savant? Black outliers on the right side of the bell curve can't be bothered to help out the rustics in Cern.

Miles Dyson has all thos outliers organized into an ebony science brigade and as we speak they are advancing skynet to the point where it will become self-aware.

Anonymous said...

Vint Cerf is only called The Father of the Internet by those bigots at the deaf website who have never heard of Philip Emeagawli Ph. D. one of the Fathers of the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Obese loud mouth woman banned from the Mall

JOSE put down the leaf blower and read a book!
The traffic lights that YOU use were invented by a BLACK man (Garret Morgan),
indoor heaters that heat YOUR home was invented by a BLACK woman (Alice Parker),
the first successful open heart surgery was performed by a BLACK man (Daniel Hale Williams),
you are now currently fighting for the BLACK man (Barack Obama);

Twit taken in by PC-Americancentric nonsense.

He has never heard of one of the Nigerian Fathers of the Interent?

I bet he has heard of Al Gore.

waterboy said...

Wait for Black History Month. You get to see that 'one of the team' was a 'person of color'. He only made the coffee but hey, never let facts get in the way of a good story.

Anonymous said...

Philip Emeagawli Ph. D. one of the Fathers of the Internet.

one of the Baby Daddies of the Internet.

Anonymous said...

They're not just white. They're gray.

Forget about further advances. Civilization is going to be lucky to hold together at all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

(also see: "Black Africans Built and Ruled Ancient Kemet (Egypt)")

Despite all of this, Black people continue to excel and contribute to world development and the future of human beings. For those who may not know, Ancient Kemet (Egypt) was designed and built by ancient Black Africans and today, Black people continue their traditions, traditions as old as humanity itself in creating wonders for all to see and rejoice and celebrate, all for the purpose of being happy.

Black engineering since Kemet

Black people don't have to prove anything to anyone but themselves and this video clearly isn't trying to prove anything to Whites. What this video does is target Black children who are constantly under the attack of racism and psychological warfare as a result of racism, showing Black children that they can excel by being smart, well educated and working hard and training to reach whatever goals they want. It teaches Black children that they can be high achievers of society despite racism.

Then our children is NOT learning!

Bemused stare said...

Don't worry Sav, when the movie comes out they'll all be played by Morgan Freeman.

northern athiest said...

The problem with all this self-esteem for blacks and the BS about building the pyramids etc. only gives them inflated and fully unrealizable ideas of what they can achieve.

When they inevitably fail.... dat be racism. The people who come up with this stuff are doing blacks a great dis-service.

Anonymous said...

Last issue of Amren, 1/12.

Ruh Roh.

Buckwheat said...

Deys too busy dussin hanrail an moppin de floo to be in dis picture...Don't fret yo brow, they will get the credit dey deserve someday...

Anonymous said...


Rapper Kwawduh (ya heard a 50 Cent? ya heard a Dolla? Where, heah beez KWAWHUH! An' hiz homie Dime-boy...) has composed a rap in homage to the CERN scientists!

"Yo, dem ole white boyz
Honky-assed cracka mutha-fukkazz
Dey'z beez sayin dey discuvvad
Higgs Boson, fukiin muthadd
But we no dat dey stole it from da Blak Man
We no deyz be steelin from
Da Afrikan
Y'all done be tinkin
Dat Kwawduh n Dime-boy beez sinkin
Into dat Babylon -YO! - of whiteman thinkin."

The pure poetry of it! Shakespeare would commit hari-kari were he alive, to see his best sonnets trounced by this nuanced primal squeal! O Glory Be, Diversidee!


Anonymous said...

You can take the man out of Africa, but you can't take Africa out of the man.
It's black on black at Manchester City:

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is all quite easily resolved, Savant.

Look at the picture. You see those doors on the left that lead out into the hallway? The blacks of this team are all out there - in the hall.

What we cannot see from our POV on the surface of the doors that face the hallway are signs that say "Whites Only".

The black team members are outside because of white racism. It's always the fault of the white man!

kulak said...

I always thought the Higgs had to exist because "massless boson" sounds like an insult.

The related Niggs boson just has a fat ass and helps explains MTV.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a disgrace? But you forget the modesty of these people. As you rightly say, the inventor of the internet was a very modest man who never vaunted his achievments. His qualifications and prizes would not doubt make him the top prize to be in the CERN team. He's there don't doubt that, it will come out in the MSM about his great scientific mind but he's to modest to claim the glory.
I don't know if you have heard about this but it's also true of the BBC program University Challenge. People of colour are to modest to appear and show their astonishing knowledge. They hide under the desks and whisper the answers to white representatives. It is also done the same way on the Only Connect show.

Bay Area Guy said...

Ah yes, those wonderful black invention myths .

Anonymous said...

Black invention myths inspired the great question if the Reverend Junius Octavian Rameses Oscar Enlightenment Brown X Ph. D. invented the horshoe in 1892 why were there africanamericansmiths before this date when there was no need for them as what they smithed wasn't invented yet?

RegThe Hedge said...

Jesus H Savant I can see a woman in the photo and I can see men who, depending on the photo exposure, may not be white.
Are we supposed to pretend?
Come on big guy, you are way smarter than this. Have you joined the left?

Anonymous said...

The related Niggs boson just has a fat ass and helps explains MTV.


Anonymous said...

RegThe Hedge said...

Jesus H Savant I can see a woman in the photo and I can see men who, depending on the photo exposure, may not be white.
Are we supposed to pretend?
Come on big guy, you are way smarter than this. Have you joined the left?

A little harsh there, Reg. Even with amazing Japanese advances in robotics, someone has to make the tea, distribute the snacks and wash up afterwards.


S. Brady said...

Hardly surprising. How many of those guy in the picture have greater than 2 kids? I'd say most of the engineers and scientists orchestrated the moon landing had relatively large families compared to now. Not many I'd say. If we are to advocate the interests of the white race, we must ensure that its quality is not being reduced by dysgenics.

George said...

I see that much misconception resides in the Emerald Isle. The inventor of the internet is, of course, Al Gore. He has often made this claim without any repercussion from the MSM.

hoosier said...

S. Brady of course dysgenics are in play. As you say these guys will have 1 or 2 kids while blacks and feral whites will have breeding sows in double figures.

Anonymous said...

We have a link somewhere around here to Julee Angel Adams who has 15.

Just goes to show hat happens when you try to introduce Europe to them.

The African-African population of South africa went from something like 12 million 1900 to 35 million today after the"suffering" through apartheid.

Anonymous said...

They are probably all in medical school or working in irish hospitals like this guy in todays paper...

I think you could do a whole post on these guys savant....of course the MSM wont connect all these cases to decipher the bigger picture......

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah, Brothers (and Sisters ... sorry about that) Uncle Nasty posts on topic.

This is from Fred on Everything ... who is always good for a read.

Justice at Last

November 29, 2011

The Look Like America bill, originally H.R. 1533, seemed a perfectly ordinary piece of feel-good legislation when proposed by Barack Osama Obama. “Our diversity is our strength,” he said. “We must increase the representation of minorites in our institutions to reflect our diverse population and ensure the fairness for which America stands.” Congress passed the bill without reading it. It was the sort of thing one passed.

Besides, there was no money involved, and the bill was not obviously anti-Semitic.

Not obviously. But then one of the obscure policy shops that abound in Washington, the Committee for Ethnic Piety, filed suit against Harvard for noncompiance. The proximate cause was an article in the Harvard Crimson, the school newspaper, about a course called Math 55, the hardest math course at the university and thus, Harvard liked to think, in America. The students in Math 55, reported the Crimson, were 45 percent Jewish, 18 percent Asian, and 100 percent male. The class didn't, said the Committee for Ethnic Piety, look like America.

It certainly didn't.

Harvard, ever sensitive to questions of justice, which it conflated with federal funding, agreed to make the class Look Like America. The administration asserted that only through inadvertence had it failed to notice the clear racism, sexism, and continent-ism occurring under its nose. It established a committee of reform, which set to work.

Please read on ... it'll brighten your day.


Kevin Rafferty said...

Yes, that Harvard dilemma is delightful. As Fred says, they've already fired one President for saying that women were nor good at maths.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of 22:59 above.

In the immortal words of Achmed the Dead Terrorist ... Holy Crap.


Anonymous said...

Harvard had already established that there was no difference in mathematical ability by firing a president who thought there might be.

Lawrence Summers and the "lack of" reason that he was fired.

Financial derivatives perhaps the real reason he left ?

Harvard loses AAAbenefit. Slips to AA?

Anonymous said...

Cannot enter due to having a tree up the tuchus? Oh! vey!

Anonymous said...

All right! All right! Calm down!

Robbie G=Fowler campaigns for Morgan Freeman to play him in Robbie Fowler How I won the World Cup and was the first British Astronaut on the Moon.

Anonymous said...

An former uachatarain Bean Maire nic Robin was in Ollscoil Corcaigh telling us about global climate change warming and warning us about change deniers.

Deniers r bad mkay?global change climate warming is real mkay?

She is a woman and a climate scientist so obviously she has been Stalinistically written out of the photograph! And Stalin was a man.

Also when SOP A was being discussed Sir Tim Berners-Lee was stated to have founded the Internet! He only did the Web but no persontion was made of Philip Emeagawli Ph. D which is racist and nerdist!

For shame!

To you sickos at wherever this photgraph was taken.

And to those who used Photoshop to global warm the photograph to remove all the African-Americans. And Women. And African-American Women.

SAVANT said...

Anon 23.59 - it's a disgrace. And poor Dr. Phil must be so disappointed.