Friday, 9 December 2011

A moving experience

It takes a lot to make get me emotional these days. But I’ll confess that a lump formed in my throat and my eyes moistened as I watched the first two citizenship ceremonies ever to take place in Cork. It was emotional for the new ‘citizens’ as well. In the top picture here you can see them celebrate in the vibrant cultural tradition that’s going to so enrich our lives, and those of our descendants (assuming they’re still in Ireland).

And who could not be moved by the sight of Mohammed Kano from Nigeria, surrounded by his five wives and forty three children, as he pledged undying fealty to ‘the laws and customs of Ireland’. Indeed, his gratitude was so great that he offered all present the opportunity to make gains of 1000% percent in return for just a brief and modest lodgement to his bank account. He’s the kind of citizen that we want.


The discovery that all present had had their pockets picked by some of the new Romanian gypsy citizens undoubtedly put a bit of a damper on proceedings. But not for long. This was all forgotten as the ‘New Irish’ jumped on the bandwagon (second picture down)and headed over to the Social Welfare office to collect their very first welfare cheque as Irish citizens.

What a proud moment for all.

And interestingly, and by strange coincidence, they passed on their way the latest cohort of young Irish graduates (bottom picture) fleeing the country before it collapses into economic ruin, shouting ‘last one out turn off the lights’.

Isn’t that amazing?


northern athiest said...

I tell you Savant, you're Jonathan Swift re-incarnated!

Anonymous said...

Do NOT create black ghettoes.

Speaking about the town's housing policies, Mr Neylon said putting too many black families together risked alienating them from the community.

He said: 'You wouldn't like to see too many black families in one area and neither would they.

'Six families in one small area is enough,' he said, point out that six houses allocated by Ennis Town Council recently in one estate in the Cloughleigh area all went to black families.

Soon Ennis will be like Limerick. Like.

Anonymous said...

Well if three quarters of this entire planet is made up of people of colour then I suppose according to Mr Neylon we all are part of a ghetto. What an utterly riddiculous and offensive statement to make. I certainly won't be making a trip to Ireland if he is representative of their views!!!

- Neme, Uckfield, East Sussex,, 10/9/2009 14:00

Buiochas le!

Anonymous said...

It was thoroughly depressing watching those black savages raping our national identity on the news tonight.
They are not fellow citizens of mine.

Bemused stare said...

Does anyone know what is with this preoccupation these thing have with arses? Specifically these nauseating lumps of bear liver they sport.

Clogheen said...

" I certainly won't be making a trip to Ireland if he is representative of their views!!!

- Neme, Uckfield, East Sussex,, 10/9/2009 14:00"

To which I'd respond, who gives a fuck?

Anonymous said...

Nobody has said it so let me. This surge in immigrants is a direct result of Alan Shatter's direction. He's the same guy who supported the Nigerian serial liar Pamela something or other until she was proved to be a total fraud.

He's also a Jew.

Anonymous said...

Shatter also backed the Mission to Prey crockumentary and proved himself not up to the job by being taken in by a badly made TV programme.

Just like he was taken in by Pamela I.

What a naieve guy he is!

Anonymous said...

Aren't Irish people forbidden to drop their trousers like that?

Hector G. said...

Shatter naive? That's just about the last word I'd use to describe him. He knows what he's doing, which is to mongrelise this country the way America and Britain has been. We're much more easily controlled that way.

Isle of Dogs said...

From today's Telegraph: white, middle-class, leftie/liberal journalist joins thousands of other white-flighters fleeing Hackney in multi-culti enriched London.

He hints at, but does not name the appalling Africanisation all around him, but does manage a snide, hypocritical pop at the white 'tram lady' who, unlike him lacks the financial resources to escape this crime-ridden, multi-cultural shithole.

Anonymous said...

Alan Shatter in Ireland is treading a well-worn path. It was his fellow tribesmen, Barbara Roache MP, Jack Straw, MP, and Margaret Hodge MP who were the chief architects of open-door immigration from the third-world which the Labour government brought in soon after winning the election of 1997.

The same process is underway down under, across Europe, and, of course, the USA. In fact, in all white countries.

Have a look at Culture of Critique by Prof. Kevin MacDonald Summary

Anonymous said...

What a fucking hypoctite that Graeme Archer!!! Typical middle class liberal hypocrite. Years of waxing lyrically about the joys of multiculturalism only to flee when the full horror of their machinations becomes apparent.

Never mind the poor sods left behind who lack the resources to escape your sociological sandpit. Another part of England laid waste by the English-hating elite.

B Boru said...

A funny post Savant. But I'm not laughing.

Anonymous said...

Having read the Archer article, please allow me to add the ninth deadly sin ... hypocrisy.

Archer, like all slimy lefties, uses the common as his own personal toilet all his life, then gets huffy and moves when the wind changes -- but uses the excuse that he prefers the view ... upwind.

how can anyone abide such smarmy, self-righteous little pricks?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Ireland!! Very soon you'll be a diversity cesspool just like my ancestral homeland of England. HOORAY!!!! HOORAY!!!!!

Signed, A Very Saddened Yank

Anonymous said...

Whie reading the Archer article something else caught my eye ...

It appears that the cops attending football matches (to keep the peace, one imagines) are no longer happy with the snatched hot dog and cup of black coffee ... traditional flatfoot fare since the dawn of time.

No. A -- wait for it -- 45 page tender document has been circulated specifying what the bluecoats may munch while protecting the average football hooligan.

Police force invites tenders for £70,000 of sandwiches

Lothian and Borders Police invited tenders for a £70,000 contract to provide sandwiches for the force, giving details of the length and flavours they were willing to accept.

By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter

7:00AM GMT 08 Dec 2011

It can be described in just three words: sandwich, crisps, drink. Or to put it even more succinctly, a packed lunch.

But with the addition of a heavy helping of red tape, a police force managed to stretch the description to 45 pages in a 10,000-word tendering document for catering firms supplying snacks to beat officers.

Business leaders described the bureaucracy involved in procuring the packed lunches as “bonkers”.

Lothian and Borders Police in Scotland published the “invitation to tender” in October, setting out the precise requirements for sandwiches, crisps and bottles of water in lunchboxes for officers on duty at football matches in Edinburgh.

The force, which has up to £70,000 to spend on just 7,500 packed lunches per year, specifies that officers will require a baguette measuring 11 inches long, and containing one of 17 different fillings set out in a separate spreadsheet, which include brie and cranberry, smoked salmon and cream cheese and prawn mayonnaise.

It adds that 75 per cent of the baguettes must be made from white bread and 25 per cent from brown, and filled to “the standard size and weight stipulated by the British Sandwich Association”.

Crisps must be Walker’s, Mackie’s or “equivalent” and each packet must contain “no less than 34.5 grammes of product within the bag”.

As for the water bottles, they must contain “no less than 500ml of still or carbonated spring water” which must be “supplied from Scottish wells and springs and have been bottled in Scotland”.

One has to assume that the budget includes scantily-clad nubiles employed to peel the Bordeaux grapes and cut the Brie.

And they say a policeman's lot is not a happy one ...


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Off topic.This is for Uncle N and his ex -Irish girlfriend.

No this for all Europeans and Americans.

Anonymous said...

@Isle Of Dogs,

I read that Telegraph article you posted up, I also went through all the comments, something I'd recommend all Irish people to do. It sounds like a hopeless situation over there in London. Sorry for your troubles.

Anonymous said...



ex-Kilburn said...

There are some very revealing comments on that Telegraph article. London today, Dublin, Cork, Galway, tomorrow, the way things are going.

All Irish people should read those comments for a glimpse of their country's future unless Shatter and his crew are kicked out soon.

Read this for instance:

Congratulations! You've managed to flee with your PC credentials in tact. Nice reference to the Malaysian student victim and the racist White woman.

Shame you couldn't mention the white bloke who was stripped nearly naked by the black thug who was robbing him, or the 4 Somalis who kicked the s**t out of a White woman while racially abusing her.

So you can salve your conscience with your reasons for leaving. Just one question you should ask yourself though...When the demographics kick in and there are no more White flight areas left, where will your children and grandchildren flee to?

Croesus said...

Those civil servants who produced that massive RfP for the sandwiches would be categorised as being 'highly productive' for drawing up such a large document. That's the core problem.

Heraclitus said...

Savant - what a shame your coruscating with and biting satire cannot reach a wider audience. Were it to do so I truly believe it has the punch to awaken the sleeping herd.

Anonymous said...

I'm like that guy up there. The post is real funny but I don't feel like laughing.

Shaunantijihad said...

Nothing will change unless White folk get the courage to ditch the brainwashing since WW2 and say, "It's the fucking Jews that are doing this to us, and their fellow travellers, their "useful idiots" the Marxists and Communists."

That is all it takes. Then we can move on to the necessary action required to reverse this. Any longer and we become Zimbabwe and Pakistan.

PS - UN, that's £9.33 per lunch for plod!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the first picture, you misunderstand their culture. They're a little short on cash and just advertising the merchandise. Apparently, they're having a sale and the women's trousers are 50% off.

Archway Taverner said...

Here's another tale of multi-culti enrichment from dear old London. It seems that even employees of the Royal Family aren't safe from the Afro-Caribbean terror.

Coming soon to Dublin, Cork, and Dalkey.

Bemused stare said...

Heraclitus said...

Savant - what a shame your coruscating with and biting satire cannot reach a wider audience. Were it to do so I truly believe it has the punch to awaken the sleeping herd.

Indeed, the blog seriously needs a shipload of advertising.

Anonymous said...

Did they forget the No Poek stipulation?
Their Dutch colleagues did not.

Essex boy said...

@Archway; I see the usual Mail diversion "Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons"

yeah, right.

Corkonian said...

The mayor of Ennis spoke of potential black ghettoes. Well there's one coming along nicely in Cork, just off the Commons Rd.

Anonymous said...

Yup. I'm off as soon as I can find a place that will take me. I'm not gonna be an illegal immigrant, but I know when I'm not wanted in Ireland.

God, I hope they enjoy trying to fund a welfare state with this lot.

awakened said...

'God, I hope they enjoy trying to fund a welfare state with this lot.'

That's the point. The more of these parasites they bring in the more the productive element will have to pay out to support them. Then you get what they have in California, and gradual but growing exodus of the productive ones.

Anton said...

I read your post with a bit of a smile and a deep sadness within me. There is nowhere on earth that the addition of blacks, or their placement in positions of authority, have uplifted, improved, secured or otherwise added value to ANY community, race or economy. I say this without racist intent, but just as sure as 1 + 1 = 2, this is also a cold fact. To allow these proto humans into your close environment is akin to planning your own painfull suicide...nuts!The libbies will be quick to point out that there are great black men and women in history, and this I grant is correct, but as a collective, blacks have a negative effect on the standards of living of the habitat of those living there previously. I say previously, because a mass influx of blacks tends to effect a mass exodus of of non blacks, and a resultant degredation quickly takes effect. Democracy, like kindness, humanity, fairness and generosity are foreign concepts to the African negro, and regarded as a weakness. This is what they have brought to your Emerald Isle, and thus my smile is not one of happiness, but rather a sad recognition that your country, like my South Africa, is going down the shitter.

Anonymous said...

Ireland's Black leaders something something racism.

Immigrants in Ireland are under siege. There is a widespread regime of verbal, physical and psychological attacks on immigrants and Black Africans in particular.

In Cork last September, a Black woman on her way to pick her children from school was attacked and beaten to a pulp. A Black Taxi driver, an Irish citizen of Nigerian origin died from his injuries on Wednesday 23 November after being attacked on Monday morning. We allege that this is racial murder.

Such incidents of racial violence – including the gang raping of a 16-year-old black girl in Athlone on 15 November and a black security guard from Dundalk left for dead in Coolock after being smashed over the head with bricks in September – provides evidence of the growing boldness bigots will use to act out racial prejudice.

So where will the newbies be besieged?

Bemused stare said...

'Six families in one small area is enough,' he said, point out that six houses allocated by Ennis Town Council recently in one estate in the Cloughleigh area all went to black families.

What most fail to understand is that rape-apes, by simple virtue of their existence, create ghettos.

Take any decent small town/neighborhood anywhere. Throw in six families of enrichers, within a year, at least six human families have fled. Within three years max, you have Mogadishu.
Things like "section 8" in the US and its counterparts in Europe are nothing more than an ethnic cleansing program.

Mick McManus said...

Alex Kurtagic (from The Occidental Observer) writing about Emma West, the persecuted 'tram lady'......

Anonymous said...

Talking of Alex Kurtagic; his dystopian novel, "Mister", set in a leftist dominated,multi-culti nightmare Europe, is well worth reading for a further bitter taste of what the near future holds.

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever see a film called "Mimic"?.

Its about giant mutant cockroaches who,from a distance,look like human beings.(I know,I know but I have a weakness for this kind of film and you can't watch Fellini or Truffaut or Bergman etc ALL the time).

So,as Savants writing so eloquently tells us,these creatures,able to mimic true human behaviour,at least part of the time,will always revert to their true nature.(Is the top photo genuine Savant?)

By the way,be warned.Mimic,the film, contains a noble self-sacrificing black cop and a female heroine.


Anonymous said...

If one believes everything one reads in the MSM -- sorry, perhaps that should read "anything one reads ..." it appears that Russia is having a bit of civil strife.

Thousands of Russians protest against Putin

Reuters) - Tens of thousands of people in Moscow and thousands more in cities across Russia demanded an end to Vladimir Putin's rule and a rerun of a parliamentary election on Saturday in the biggest opposition protests since he rose to power 12 years ago.

Potesters waved banners such as "The rats should go!" and "Swindlers and thieves - give us our elections back!" in cities from the Pacific port of Vladivostok in the east to Kaliningrad in the west, nearly 7,400 km (4,600 miles) away.

But the biggest protest by far was in Moscow, where riot police were out in force but just watched as protesters waving flags and shouting "Putin is a thief!" staged the opposition's biggest protest rally since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.

The protests showed a groundswell of anger over the December 4 election, which the opposition says was rigged to favor Putin's United Russia, and discontent with the prime minister three months before he tries to reclaim the presidency at the polls.

"Today 60,000, maybe 100,000 people, have come to this rally," former prime minister Mikhail Kasyanov said in a speech to a huge crowd packed into Bolotnaya Square across the Moscow River from the Kremlin."

Having posted all that, I have several questions for the group.

1. What makes the Russians think that any new party is going to to be less corrupt and more open than Putin?

2. Obviously Russia (or, more to the point, Putin) has pissed off the joo-owned MSM and powers that be. Anyone know why ... or is it merely business as usual?

3. Will NATO -- backed by the UK and France and funded by the US -- bomb Moscow, fund dissident groups (Soviet Spring, anyone?) and assassinate Putin?

4. And, finally, will we be greeted by the unedifying sight of Minnie the Moocher, Obongobongo and Hillary Clinton whooping, laughing and high-fiving each other as video of Putin being sodomised by the canine unit of Seal Team 6 and DSK is shown as a loop in Times Square?**

Watch your arse, Vladimir.

Uncle Nasty

PS: **Regarding that last, six months ago, I would not even have conceived writing that in satire.

Now? Not impossible or even improbable.

PPS: I don't wish to sound cynical, here.


aceshigh said...

@Destructure, the cud offer 100% discount and I'd still run a mile.

Setanta said...

I was going to buy Mister, but did you see the size of it? About 1000 pages!!

Anonymous said...

By the way,be warned.Mimic,the film, contains a noble self-sacrificing black cop and a female heroine.


Could be worse. Could feature a noble self-sacrificing female black cop and heroin, e. a.

Anonymous said...


Kurtagic's book Mister is about 500 pages long, not 1,000. It's also unputdownable when you start reading it. You'll get through it in a few hours and be hungry for more. The sad thing is, it seems to be accurately predicting the nightmare we are getting ourselves into.

BTW It's great to see the multi-cultists pin-up boy, Amir Khan, beaten last night. The BBC must be in mourning today.

Anonymous said...

Agreed last Anon about Khan.

I keep myself in beer money mostly betting on boxing.But I did'nt bet on last nights fight.The odds on Khan were prohibitive and to be honest,I did'nt think Peterson had a chance.

Fear not!.A rematch will be quickly arranged at an appropriate venue and with a more amenable referee and judges.

I had no idea that Kurtagic was also a novelist.I'll try Mister after I have finished Covington.

The man can write.As UncleN said,he could have made a lot of money as a mainstream novelist.


Anonymous said...

Atlas Shrugged is also a long book that is well worth reading.
Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance 403 pages 199x 453 later editions is not.

It is all down to the quality of the author.

Heart of Darkness comes to London said...

Another black riot in London last night. A large Congolese mob attacked whites, fought with police and smashed cars and property. 143 arrests.

Shaunantijihad said...

There is a great photo of a Homo Erectus female here. A particularly ugly specimen, to be sure, but just look at that forehead ridge!:

Sigh, as Hispanola went from a Spanish paradise to the Erectus hellhole of Haiti today, so too will be the British Isles, unless our armed men feckin DO SOMETHING!!!

Anonymous said...

The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail, about an Asian invasion of Europe, is another prophetic book well worth reading.

rebel said...

Holy shit Shaun. This is evidence AGAINST evolution. She's still with the apes.

Setanta said...

To be fair Savant, a lot of the new citizens are not Africans and/or Muslims. Many from Russia, and other parts of Easter Europe.

Bemused stare said...

Setanta said...

To be fair Savant, a lot of the new citizens are not Africans and/or Muslims. Many from Russia, and other parts of Easter Europe.

You do notice that they are slightly different in nature I hope.

Californian said...

Where did you get these photos? From the old South Africa Sucks website?

(Nice satire, by the way. Or is it?)

Anonymous said...

In Orwells 1984, Winston is asked by O'Brien 'How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?
And if the party says that it is not four but five-then how many?

Tonight the BBC transmited a program called " The Party's over: How the west went bust"

During the program a scene showing a classroom filled with Negro and Arab faces is voiced over by the narrator, he states that unless "Our" children are educated in manufacturing based subjects such as engineering the ecomony will struggle to recover.

Obviously these Negro and Asian children can not possibly be ours. yet here we have this narrator telling us that they are precisely that.


Anonymous said...

In Soviet Russia Television indoctrinates you!

Wait .... .

race realist said...

It's Ireland for the Irish as far as I'm concerned. But, if I was forced to choose, then, Ireland has always been a white European country, and I would take a few white East European Slavs any day over thousands of violent, mouthy, freeloading Africans and Asians, who are continuing to flood in by the boatload.

Perhaps you would beg to differ?

Packington said...

Britain First is calling for another show of support for the wrongfully imprisoned Tram Lady, Emma West, on Saturday the 17th of December outside HMP Bronzefield at 1300 hours.

B Boru said...

anon 11.22 - I'll let Setanta speak for himself but while I agree with Ireland for the Irish we must recognise that we Irish are dispersed far and wide. English, Australians and Americans could respond similarly to us.

So I'm ok with those culturally attuned to us, and the slavs are pretty much up the line in tha, though obviously not as much as in the Anglosphere.

race realist said...

B Boru, there are millions in the Irish diaspora and they are generally acknowledged to have made a positive contribution to the countries they have settled in and are well integrated, so I would rule out any danger of them being threatened with eviction.

Contrast that with the milllions of third-worlders flooding into white countries, from Europe to the US. Freeloaders, conmen, violent criminals etc etc responsible for rape epidemics in Norway and Sweden, mass benefit fraud in the UK and ethnic cleansing of native whites from their own towns and cities.

It is now as clear as day that Africans and Asians are incompatible with white European society, where our traditional tolerance, universal welfare benefits and health system, and low-key policing, is all being taken advantage of and tested to destruction.

Franz said...

Totally unrelated, but maybe amusing to you all:

On my youtube channel, I made many no-holds-barred posts on gay politicians, overweight politicians, thieving politicians and so forth.

Never had a problem with censorship. But yesterday I referred to the European Central Bank as "Goldman am Main" and ridiculed their letest video.

Lo and behold, not only was that video detected during the small hours of the morning, but was already removed for "hate speech" when I looked at the computer.

Must have touched a nerve there...

Anonymous said...

"Well if three quarters (75%) of this entire planet is made up of people of colour then I suppose according to Mr Neylon we all are part of a ghetto."

From the estimated 7,000,000,000 people on this planet, it's actually an astounding 92% are of NON-white heritage.

Small populated White enclaves such as Ireland, unfortunately, don't stand a chance against the total envelopment by hordes of Black invaders descending on the country.

Remember, this is no accident!

It's planned to be this way. Just ask Barbara Spectre and her tribe what they've got planned for you. ( > Barbara Spectre+Sweden)

Anonymous said...

Picture this school setting in "New Ireland" in the year 2111.

Students are huddled around an old 1970s school year-book that was smuggled into their "Irish" classroom under threat of expulsion, if caught.

The pictures display class after class photos of *aghast* only WHITE kids!

To their amazement, they silently manage an incredulous, jaw-dropping stare that says, "How can this be"?

"Ireland has always been a Black country, and this has always been a Black school with nary a ghetto white minority having ever set foot on our school grounds", says one student after recovering from the initial shock.

"The book is a fake!" claims another student, and seconded by, yet, another Black Irish who then tosses the book into the nearest trash can, thus ending any further questioning of such a ridiculous notion of having illiterate ghetto whites in any New Ireland school.

...and that is your future Ireland, if you don't begin shouting from the rooftops that this stealthy immigrant invasion MUST stop now!

Anonymous said...

Fight fire with fire
Ending is near
Fight fire with fire
Bursting with fear

Close enough but not too far, Maybe you know where you are
Fightin' fire with fire

If it is good enough for EMI and all those types to get stuff removed just find something by Shanquaille Kill Alll Whiteys Shaka-zulu and complain about that videos hate speech.

This blog has a warniung because of certain types.

Humourless cretins who do not laugh at a good chimpout like the folks at worldstarhiphop do do.

Racists as they are better known.

Setanta said...

@race realist. I don't think we're necessarily in disagreement. I agree totally that Africans and Muslims make no contribution and generally have a very negative impact on society. However, if we claimed that Ireland only for the Irish then we'd logically have to accept that other countries can say the same for themselves, e.g. England for the English.

Anonymous said...

"Reverend" Al Sharpton Race Hustler deep in the red.

The Rev. Al Sharpton’s nonprofit paid him nearly $242,000 — even as it carried $1.6 million in debt, according to documents obtained by The Post.

In all, the controversial activist and his empire, including the National Action Network and two for-profit companies, were $5.3 million in the red, public records show.

Most of NAN’s money woes stemmed from more than $880,000 in unpaid federal payroll taxes, interest and penalties. It also paid more than $100,000 to settle two lawsuits, byproducts of the unpaid bills.

And it still owed $206,252 in loans to Sharpton’s for-profit Bo-Spanky Consulting Inc. and Sharpton Media LLC, the records show.

$241 000 a year? Because I am worth it.

Sing hallejuyaw sheeple.

Though he has inconvienently not paid much of his Federal or State taxes owed.

But he will make it back when he gets 25% of the exiled King of Zamunda's bank account because whitey installed a puppet ruler in place of da blak man.

Hopefully this lot will be better than those across the pond.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Savant.Was the first photo taken in Ireland?

Anonymous said...

@ Race Realist.

Make no bones about it. Perserving ones ethno-nation has always been a selfish business. If this makes us hypocrites I don't care. What is paramount is the survival of the indigenous Irish people, all other considerations are secondary.

Isreal is just about to deport 50 thousand Africans,they don't give a shit if some immigrant groups & lefty loons call them hypocrites or racists.


SAVANT said...

@anon 21.19. None of them were, just a bit of artistic license. Give it another few years though.....

Mancunian said...

setanta.....make no mistake, if we English ever get off our knees and demand 'England for the English' then it won't be Irish people we'll be kicking out of our country.

nemesis said...

Geryy - that's right. Israel doesn't give a shit about world opinion. They don't have to. But doesn't it stick in your throat the way Jews everywhere else are ramming the joys of diversity down our throats day and night!

TBone said...

So Sharpton's racket really is 'non-profit'. Love it!

Setanta said...

Thanks Mancunian. Ifeel the same about the Brits here. We're joined at the hip and there are no problems between us as individuals.

Anonymous said...

Even ardent Guardian reader are left scraching their heads over this article by the Guardians in house Youth, Garry Younge.

"The Guardian: Indifferent elites, poverty and police brutality - all reasons to riot in the UK"


Anonymous said...

I see no mention of the 140+ niggers busted for rioting in London because of a bad electoral result in ... wait for it ... The ironically named Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Help me out here. We have a a few hundred erectuses** chimping out in -- and trashing -- London because elections turned to shit in the DRC.

Am I asking the obvious dumb question? If they're so concerned about their third-world outhouse, why are they not back there, fixing it and making it better?

Oh. Wait. There's no dole back in the DRC ... only more niggers.

Incidentally they 'booned out and attacked a group of ... wait for it ... Carol singers.

Ennyvay ...

This is for you:-

A Congolese Carol (to the Tune of 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen')

God rest ye merry gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
For Congolese have gathered
For riot and affray
In Trafalgar Square they punched the air
Then sundry passers-by
And there is no point in asking why, asking why
And there is no point in asking why.

In London, in England
‘Diversity’ was born
And with this word upon their lips
It was no lie they swore
But they would take advantage
Of us for evermore
And there is no point in asking why, asking why
And there is no point in asking why ...

Please go there. This will go viral. Email it to your friends for Christmas.


PS: **Erecti?


Anonymous said...

Story Image Judge's Gavel

THE dogma of political correctness is dangerously weakening Britain’s traditional concept of justice.

Our ruling elite are so deluded by the ideology of cultural diversity that they have lost the ability to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

That is the only conclusion to be drawn from the outrageous leniency shown by a court this week towards a gang of Somalian Muslim women who savagely beat up a white woman in Leicster city centre. In a brutal, unprovoked assault, the thugs knocked Rhea Page to the ground, then repeatedly kicked in the head while calling her a “white bitch” and “white slag”.

Jeremy said...

@anon 1.02 - this is so true. Justice has been turned on its head. I wonder how those people sleep at night. If justice is undermined it then infects the whole of society. Which we can now see as well.

Anonymous said...

Bristol used to be a nice west country city.
Then it got the gift of Somalians and parts of it could be twinned with parts of Minneapolis. Or Toronto. Or both.

James Lord said...

I lived in Bath for a few years and always found Bristol a lovely place. Now it's declined catastrophically. God, what have we done to ourselves?

SkotGerman said...

In the first picture, a couple of the "ladies" seem to be readying themselves to fertilize the sidewalk.

rebel said...

fertilize the sidewalk????

Kill every plant within a mile more like it!

Anonymous said...

The Ugandan-born vicar also admitted pocketing over £8,000 that was given to his church in fees or donations from genuine weddings and funerals.

Investigators from the UK Border Agency were tipped off earlier this year that Magumba, who covered three churches in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was helping illegal immigrants take part in bogus weddings.

Equipped with marriage certificates, immigrants were then able to obtain a visa allowing them leave to stay in Britain with full access to education, healthcare and welfare benefits.

Read more: At least they are honest unlike this guys?

I doubt there was much Uganda discussions between the betrothed.

Anonymous said...

Finnish MP James Hirvisaari has been fined €1,425 for issuing this warning in a blog post:

Unfortunately, with rampant Muslim immigration to Finland, there will also be an increase in genuine real racism, which will target especially the Jews, but also the native population and other ethnic groups. And on top of that, discrimination, unbearable arrogance and rude behavior, anger, women’s oppression, child mutilation, sexual misconduct, persecution of minorities, rioting, flag burning, disturbances, drugs, looting, rape crimes, pedophilia, polygamy, child marriages, shame violence, ritual slaughter, whippings, stoning and other heinous crimes and completely screwed traditions and other phenomena. Eventually, even suicide bombings and terrorism. That is, if we do not dance exactly according to their tune.

Best €1 425 spent on elctioneering?

Andreas said...

Finnish MP James Hirvisaari - everything he said was true.

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Anonymous said...

Finnish MP James Hirvisaari has been fined €1,425 for issuing this warning in a blog post:

Unfortunately, with rampant Muslim immigration to Finland, there will also be an increase in genuine real racism ...

Best €1 425 spent on elctioneering?

A very pertinant question. If Mr. Hirvisaari is running for election, he has hit on the very best value-for-money White Nationalist campaign.

Insult or denigrate the sand-niggers or third-world enrichers in general, then sit back and watch your election manifesto go national, if not international ... courtesy of the MSM.

Left wing own goal. I love it. Think about it. Your average left-winger comes complete with a set of large, easily-pressed buttons and an operating manual.

Press the buttons, watch their blood pressure go through the roof, and enjoy yourself immensely into the bargain.

The truly wonderful thing? They cannot help themselves. It's hard-wired.


Anonymous said...

We all know that it's going to end.
We have a pretty good idea of how it's going to end.

All we need now is a notion of when it's going to end. Tomorrow? 2012 like everyone says? 2020?

This girl is twenty. She gets it.

My Time at Walmart: Why We Need Serious Welfare Reform

What has become of us?

During the 2010 and 2011 summers, I was a cashier at Wal-Mart #1788 in Scarborough, Maine. I spent hours upon hours toiling away at a register, scanning, bagging, and dealing with questionable clientele. These were all expected parts of the job, and I was okay with it. What I didn’t expect to be part of my job at Wal-Mart was to witness massive amounts of welfare fraud and abuse.

I understand that sometimes, people are destitute. They need help, and they accept help from the state in order to feed their families. This is fine. It happens. I’m not against temporary aid helping those who truly need it. What I saw at Wal-Mart, however, was not temporary aid. I witnessed generations of families all relying on the state to buy food and other items. I literally witnessed small children asking their mothers if they could borrow their EBT cards.

I once had a man show me his welfare card for an ID to buy alcohol. The man was from Massachusetts. Governor Michael Dukakis’ signature was on his welfare card. Dukakis’ last gubernatorial term ended in January of 1991. I was born in June of 1991. The man had been on welfare my entire life. That’s not how welfare was intended, but sadly, it is what it has become ...



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An asylum seeker who raped a woman and dumped her on a rubbish tip when he was 'finished' has been freed despite Home Office attempts to deport him.

Alphonse Semo, 54, was jailed for eight years for the rape and at the end of his term was due to be sent back to the Congo.

However two hours before his flight he was given permission to marry his girlfriend and stay in the country.

Now a judge has allowed the father-of-five to be released from an immigration detention centre.

Read more: The guy has so much to offer the UK.

“Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo
The python picked the passion fruit, the marmoset the mandarin The parrot painted packets, that the whole caboodle landed in
So when it comes to sun and fun and goodness in the jungle
They all prefer the sunny funny one they call Um Bongo!”

Once upon a time good decent people complained about this disgraceful ad.
Where are they now?

Anonymous said...

ano 16:11 I believe one of the human rights agencies estimated that duing the war in the Congo somthing like 70% of the female population in the Congo were raped, some of the accounts are so horrifically sickening they are basically beyond comprehension.
As in South Africa the pregnacies resulting from these rapes were carried full term. And there lies the horrible question. Is the tendacy to rape women hereditary? Because if it is, then the implication are profound.

In South Africa, incredibility 25% of its female population has reported to having been raped & a quarter of S.A men admit rape.

These are two questions that need answering.

1)If the tendacy to rape is not hereditary then how do we explain SA.

2) Are our politician knowingly importing the Congonese & S.A rape epidemics. the tendency to rape hereditary&f=false


Canuck said...

Geryy - the propensity to rape must derive in large part from a combination of powerful sexual drive and low self-control. Blacks are dispropoptionally afflicted with both. So I dont believe it's the tendency to rape as such that is inherited, rather the characteristics that make a person more likley to become a rapist.

Anonymous said...

Canuck & Gerry

This question has been asked on th'interweb before and some sort of evolutionary biologist came up with rape being a dreadful crime in a rustic farming community that cultivates its food whereas in Africa, where everyone is a great warrior we are are told by warrior worshippers, it was the ebst way of finding a mate.

Anonymous said...

here's an interesting one.

High school English teacher stabbed 16 times by fellow high school English teacher with a screwdriver

Please go here, where you will see images of both high school teachers -- stabber and stabbee. Equal in every way:

Your comments are welcome.

Mine would probably be not so welcome but here's a point.

I first read the Covington books about four or five years ago, and at one or two passages, I thought:- "Hmmm ... that's a bit radical."

You would be amazed at how the radical ... diminishes ... with every passing day.

Get the books. Read the books.

Azania delenda est.


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Undocumented migrants and their families and supporters will be holding a candle-lit march from Grafton Street to the Dáil this afternoon.

The march is to make visible the plight of the estimated 30,000 undocumented migrants in Ireland, who - similar to the Irish undocumented in the United States - are living in limbo and are effectively cut off from visiting their families.

Migrants host caNDLE lit march on Grafton Street

Archie Lochus · 40 minutes ago
Ship them all back to where they came from - we don't want them here.

Archie Lochus has the right idea.

Clementina Olumnda and a compatriot were traficked here against their will with no passport or documentation and forced to work as prostitutes.

Wouldn't it be great if the GNIB were to come across them so that they could be returned to their families.

For Christmas!

Clogheen said...

Re that 'undocumented' march, should be a great opportunity to identify all the illegals in one go. Of course they won't do that, too busy entrapping horny old men looking for whores.

Anonymous said...

Well done Michael McDowell!

He wanted to build a new prison and with the UK housing Nigerians at a rate that would see the need for 650 000 places if the native population was jailed at the same rate.

Anonymous said...

A Merry Christmas to Savant and all your readers.

And a Miserable winterval to the scum who force multi-culturalism on us.