Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Guess what this is...

Gaze on this picture and ask yourself what it is.

A beehive?

A tent with a vent?

Or a brother of Obi Wan Kenobi?

If you chose any of the above, well shame on you. It should be perfectly obvious that you’re looking at Sweden’s latest PC Plod, your friendly local officerette on the beat. Donna Eljammal, for it is she, informs us that her appointment “is a reflection of the multicultural Sweden we live in today”

Well, it certainly is that. It certainly is.

PC Aljammal, who ‘always wanted to be in the police’ also believes that “it shows the public another side of women choosing to wear the veil, that we are not oppressed but can be strong and independent women.”

Well,I’m not so sure about that, Officer.

But she’s on the mark again here. ”The veil shows clearly that I have first hand knowledge of different aspects of Swedish society.” Very true. Let me guess what these might be. Planting bombs on trains, honour killings, stoning adulterers, killing converts to Christianity, burning Jews out of their houses……..

Why, the way Sweden is going PC Eljammal could turn out to be a right mine of information after all. But………. would she pass it on to her fellow officers? Ah, that’s the rub, isnt it? She wouldn’t be like the Ft. Hood shooter, would she? Or would she be like this guy? He dressed up in a burka and has been merrily robbing travel agents (why just travel agents? Only he and Allah (Peace Be Upon The Fucker) know that).

Wouldn’t it be a sight to see her in all her regalia going after him, and they duelling out on the high street? CSI meets Afghanistan.

But burkas do have their uses

For example Lady Savant told me about a Muslim woman who was lingering around the ladies showers at the pool, refusing to undress or remove her veil."She was just staring at the other women through her veil making everyone feel really uncomfortable. I think we should ban the burka."

I disagreed. I’ve grown to love my old burka disguise.


Anonymous said...

More swedish women want to be cops

Diverse background yada yada.

Story underneath as of today is of the Swedish suicide bomber.

When you take your culture down to the third worlders level to improve them they beat you on experience.

Franz said...

A distinctive trai of Northern Europe has always been that policework was never seen as an entrepreneurial activity.

But introduce enough burqa wearing muslims into the profession and that will surely change. Oh the marvels of globalization!

SAVANT said...

Confession: I, ahem, exaggerated a little with the photo. But all in a good cause, you understand. But she does wear a veil.

Digby said...

Franz, not only that, but she'll have the Stockholm police force like Heathrow - all her brothers, cousins, near relatives from Pakistan etc. will be all over the place in no time.

Anonymous said...

Is this even a serious article? Is that really a Swedish constable? If so, it confirms in my mind that Western man has an inherent self-hating, self-destructive flaw which will result in his own (deserved) demise.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is a serious article. A velied Muslim policwoman has in fact been appointed in Sweden. It seems though that our Savant has taken a few liberties with the pic.

Bay Area Guy said...

”The veil shows clearly that I have first hand knowledge of different aspects of Swedish society.”

I think they ought to put "Swedish society" in quotes when speaking of "different aspects," because people like her can never truly be Swedish.

Just like all those Nigerians I saw in Dublin can never be Irish.

It angers me that all this U.S. "creedal/propositional nation" crap is being imposed on native Europeans.

Bemused stare said...

Can't help wondering how much effort she will put into investigating this sort of thing.

kulak said...

"Is blue a good color for me?"

"Why yes! Just be sure your shoes match."

Anonymous said...

LOL! That's not a bad use for the veil Savant. Using it to spy on the ladies might have even been the original intention for all we know.

Scouser said...

She says "We're living in a modern and multi-cultural society ..."

OK. So she goes around wearing a sack that was in fashion 1200 years ago?

Anonymous said...

Wait.. I thought if we bring them here they will adopt Swedish morals and customs? Isn't that what the liberals say?

Quote from local se story.

Wait..I thought if we bring them in they will adopt local European morals and customs? Isn't that what the liberals say?

Questions from France, The Netherlands,Belguim, Ireland,Norway etc.

And especially the UK after yesterday and the four somali thugs getting a suspended sentence.

Anonymous said...

Is this an example of a veiled threat?

Anonymous said...

Loitering within tent?


Anonymous said...

Didn't Australian police assault (strip naked) a young redhead girl for also wearing a tent?

Digby said...

Can you just imagine going up to her to report an honor killing?

Bemused stare said...

Loitering within tent?


My keyboard, DAMMIT!
Between you and the previous anon, I could see some brilliant material for meme's.

Anonymous said...

This is the mosts amazing thing I have ever seen! Immigration laws that make sense ...

This is real.

*There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.

*All ballots will be in this nation's language.

*All government business will be conducted in our language.

*Non-citizens will never be able to hold political office.

*Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.

and so on ...

Who is this paragon of a country?



Anonymous said...

Something rather interesting.

Emma West, as we all know, the mouthy chick on the train was detained for her own protection, because of death threats to her and her family.

Actually, as it turns out ... no.

Emma West: An eyewitness account from Carlos Cortiglia

On Tuesday the 6th of December, in Croydon, the Crown Prosecution Service was caught red-handed. The excuse given not to grant Emma West bail on the grounds that Emma and her family were in danger was highly questionable.

I was there and can provide a full account of what happened in Courtroom 6 at the Croydon Magistrates Court.

Relatives of Emma West, listening to the shameful fabrications of the Crown Prosecution Service, shaking their heads saying ‘it is not true, it is not true, we were never threatened, the family has received no threats whatsoever and we have not been attacked’.

A news blackout followed. Neither the BBC nor Sky Television, nor many others who were there, informed the public what happened today at the Croydon Magistrates Court.

During an improvised news conference in front of the entrance to the Court, I condemned this woeful episode as a manifestation of what happens in totalitarian regimes.

During the same day, we witnessed the case of a man who masturbated himself in plain view and in front of schoolchildren. The said paedophile was granted bail and charged £85 for costs.

Poor Britain! You cannot trust the Political system; you cannot trust the Justice system; you cannot trust the Police force; you cannot trust the Mass Media. These are supposed to be last bastion against intolerance and corruption because they are themselves both intolerant and corrupt.

Now, seriously ... who's astonished?

Uncle Nasty

kudzo bob said...

UN - I knew that was Mexico. They're laws on immigrants are incredibly strict. yet they are NEVER called out on it. Never. Why is that?

Anonymous said...


Mexico eh?

A county in Nebraska will make them feel right at home as they will not be issuing spanish language ballot papers despite CNN wanting them to.

Anonymous said...

Okay ... not really on topic, but still ...

Did Roosevelt force japan into war? Sure looks like it. Papers have been discovered proving that the FDR administration actively planned the US's entry into WWII.

What Commie, pinko, leftist fag would make such accusations, you may ask?

How about ex-president Herbert Hoover?

Did FDR Provoke Pearl Harbor?

It's always been pretty obvious that the Democrat hero forced Japan into war with the USA by cutting off their oil but now we have extensive documentation of FDR's scheming -- JR

Pat Buchanan

On Dec. 8, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt took the rostrum before a joint session of Congress to ask for a declaration of war on Japan. A day earlier, at dawn, carrier-based Japanese aircraft had launched a sneak attack devastating the U.S. battle fleet at Pearl Harbor. Said ex-President Herbert Hoover, Republican statesman of the day, “We have only one job to do now, and that is to defeat Japan.”

But to friends, “the Chief” sent another message: “You and I know that this continuous putting pins in rattlesnakes finally got this country bit.”

Today, 70 years after Pearl Harbor, a remarkable secret history, written from 1943 to 1963, has come to light. It is Hoover’s explanation of what happened before, during and after the world war that may prove yet the death knell of the West.

Edited by historian George Nash, “Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover’s History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath” is a searing indictment of FDR and the men around him as politicians who lied prodigiously about their desire to keep America out of war, even as they took one deliberate step after another to take us into war.

Yet the book is no polemic. The 50-page run-up to the war in the Pacific uses memoirs and documents from all sides to prove Hoover’s indictment. And perhaps the best way to show the power of this book is the way Hoover does it -- chronologically, painstakingly, week by week.

America really begins to worry me.


Anonymous said...

A Brazilian man Charles de Sena Silva(no idea of his colour),married to an Irish woman,was yesterday given a 3 year SUSPENDED sentence after pleading guilty to three counts of sexually assaulting a 6 year old boy.

He was also found with material on his computer showing children under 12 performing sex acts with adults.

The defendant claimed to have been sexually abused himself as a child.The presiding Judge,Martin Nolan took into account that this childhood abuse perverted the defendants sexuality.

The Judge noted that the defendant posed "a moderate risk to society",but was getting counselling to address his problem.

I don't believe any further comment is necessary.


Bemused stare said...

Uncle Nasty, if you look it up you will find that the Pacific fleet even had its air defense intentionally depleted in strength in the run up to the attack. As a matter of fact if I recall correctly, the two admirals who ate shit for the attack had repeatedly complained about this before the attack happened.

Pearl Harbour was just a remake of the Lusitania.

There is a long and rich history of America's government setting its own people up to get wasted in order to have an excuse for war, not to mention doing the job themselves when no-one among their planned enemies would step up to the plate.

Anonymous said...

Bigamist fake bride spared jail after third offence

I suppose it is better that veil woman is going the law abiding route than the law unabiding route?

PS Would I be able to get off a murder charge if I claimed to be murdered as a child?

Anonymous said...

If hse were giving chase to a criminal would she have to stop the chase to pray and resume it afterwards?

Anonymous said...

I for one welcome our blog overlord!

What is Texas Law on the transgendered as compared to Maryland?

sharonski said...

'If hse were giving chase to a criminal would she have to stop the chase to pray and resume it afterwards?'

A very good question. Will the police ask it though?

Anonymous said...

How kum day fired her? She be black.

Anonymous said...

Well, that didn't take long ...

It appears that the US and NATO want to redeploy missiles around Russia, and surprise, surprise, the Russians are not too happy about it.


Just like old times.

Click on CC to get subtitles.


Anonymous said...

The War Party really misses the old Soviet Union. All those great enemies that they could be building up weapons for.

Anonymous said...

I guess in the victomhood stakes black is less than transgendered.

Brandon said...

UN @ 2215 : I as well as many other americans have known about roosevelts shenanigans for years. It's called "seeking an occasion" and goes back for centuries.

Anonymous said...

Brandon said...

UN @ 2215 : I as well as many other americans have known about roosevelts shenanigans for years. It's called "seeking an occasion" and goes back for centuries.

What an outstanding article. It clarifies the feminine nature of leftists and jews and their propensity for the eighth deadly sin ... spite.

Spite, by the way, I regard as a particularly feminine attribute and feminism -- as well as liberal vengeance (witness the Emma West saga) is merely spite taken to deadly extremes.

Neat article.


Anonymous said...

Many people are worried about defending themselves against US-operated drone aircraft.

Don't be ...

UD Drone Downed by Iran Cyber Attack.

The Israeli intelligence news outlet Debka report confirms that Iran has downed a US drone ”undamaged”. “Its almost perfect condition confirmed Tehran’s claim that the UAV was downed by a cyber attack”.
The drone was not shot down, as previously reported. It was brought down through an Iranian cyber attack which disabled its communications system.

Debka states in this regard that both US and Israeli intelligence are “shocked” by these developments, suggesting possible Command and Control weakenesses. ”The state of the lost UAV refutes the US militarycontention that the Sentinel’s systems malfunctioned. If this had happened, it would have crashed and either been wrecked or damaged.”

“Iran exhibited the top-secret US stealth drone RQ-170 Sentinel captured on Sunday, Dec. 4. Its almost perfect condition confirmed Tehran’s claim that the UAV was downed by a cyber attack, meaning it was not shot down but brought in undamaged by an electronic warfare ambush. This is a major debacle for the stealthtechnology the US uses in its warplanes and the drone technology developed by the US and Israel.”

The condition of the RQ-170 intact obliges the US and Israel to make major changes in plans for a potential strike against Iran’s nuclear program.

The Obama administration’s decision after internal debate not to send US commando or air units into Iran to retrieve or destroy the secret RQ-170 stealth drone which fell into Iranian hands has strengthened the hands of the Israeli faction which argues the case for striking Iran’s nuclear installations without waiting for the Americans to make their move.

I've seen images of the downed drone.
It's in better condition than my Toyota ... and I imagine has had Russian and Chinese techies all over it like a cheap suit ...

It is probably travelling, as we speak, in ten different directions.



Anonymous said...

I promised this ...

Israel Behind Much Of Militarized Brutality Of US Police. By Muriel Kane

The extreme militarization of American police forces has been brought to public attention by the tactics employed against Occupy protesters, which often appear more appropriate to counter-terrorism operations than to the control of non-violent protest.

According to investigative journalist Max Blumenthal, however, the proper term for this ruthless suppression of dissent should be "Israelification."

In an article which begins with examples of American police training alongside Israeli security forces, Blumenthal writes, "Having been schooled in Israeli tactics perfected during a 63 year experience of controlling, dispossessing, and occupying an indigenous population, local police forces have adapted them to monitor Muslim and immigrant neighborhoods in US cities.

Meanwhile, former Israeli military officers have been hired to spearhead security operations at American airports and suburban shopping malls, leading to a wave of disturbing incidents of racial profiling, intimidation, and FBI interrogations of innocent, unsuspecting people.

The New York Police Department's disclosure that it deployed 'counter-terror' measures against Occupy protesters encamped in downtown Manhattan's Zuccotti Park is just the latest example of the so-called War on Terror creeping into every day life. Revelations like these have raised serious questions about the extent to which Israeli-inspired tactics are being used to suppress the Occupy movement."

According to Blumenthal, the transformation began after September 11, when the Israel Lobby "provided" thousands of top cops with all-expenses paid trips to Israel and stateside training sessions with Israeli military and intelligence officials."

Many of these trips and training sessions were arranged by JINSA, the stridently pro-Israel organization whose advisors have included such prominent Neocons as Douglas Feith and Richard Perle.

The Anti-Defamation League has also provided Israeli-run training sessions to over 700 police officers through its course on Extremist and Terroist Threats and claims to have provided a background in Israeli perspectives to another 45,000 through its Law Enforcement and Society program, which is required training for all new FBI agents.

I think the occupiers are slugs, personally. They remind me of the very worst American elements.
Draft dodgers "doin' Yurrup" in the seventies.

We had a saying about US tourists in Europe in 1970 ... You heard them at 100 yards, saw them at fifty and smelled them at ten. They also stole everything that was not red-hot or nailed down.
I have fond memories of helping to kick seven shades of shit out of one who stole a girl's Nikon. Golden days.

I digress, however. Occupiers today ... your children tomorrow. Bet on it.
ZOG does it again. Land of the brave; Home of the free.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling I did not include a link in my last post.


Anonymous said...

A government big enough to give you everything that you want, is big enough to take away everything that you have -Thomas Jefferson

Florida teen detained by TSA for design on her purse

The TSA agents decided it was a replica weapon as banned under law.

Ya wha'?

rebel said...

It seems the TSA is going out of it's way to make itself unpopular. Big mistake. They should try to creep in until they're unremovable, but maybe the bastards have shot themselves in the foot now.

Anonymous said...

Dubai water park bit.

Ed Byrne.
Photo as featured.
Except all black.
And a rubber ring.

Bemused stare said...

If you have a few hours, or maybe days, to kill, google "TSA stupidity." If after that you believe they are there to ensure security, see your doctor urgently as you may be suffering from brain stem death.

tokyo paddy said...

yeah, I saw such creatures in Dubai and many other water parks. Comical isn't the word...

Anonymous said...

Transsexual pushed fellow (sic) cross dresser under train

Over time, his? victim told friends and family that he? thought Kanagasingham was becoming 'psychotic' and she did not know how to make him (sic) leave her (sic)(?)flat.

The court heard that on the day of her death, the lawyer had agreed to take Kanagasingham to a GP appointment near his home in Cricklewood, north London.

Shortly before midday, she was seen dressed as 'David' leaving Leicester Square Tube station before returning later in the afternoon as Sonia.

"Killers" of transgendered people to get longer sentences

Ministers say an amendment will be added to the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill.

The Ministry of Justice later confirmed that the 30-year minimum would also apply for murders motivated by hatred towards a disabled person. Or one legged black kleptomaniac lesbian muslim
wimmin as Harriet Harman insists that the moral arbiters of society are known.

In short keep your burqa. PC liberals insist.

Anonymous said...

That's me fucked. I hate disabled people....

Anonymous said...

Con Ed wants to evict "Ground Zero" Mosque over unpaud bill of $1.7 million

Con Edison wants a judge to give it the green light to evict the would-be developer of a controversial community center and mosque near Ground Zero, arguing he doesn't have a prayer of paying the $1.7 million he owes in back rent.

At a hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court today , Con Ed lawyer Scott Mollen portrayed Sharif el-Gamal as a deadbeat slumlord who's far too cash-strapped to pay back all the money he owes the utility.

"They're $1.7 million in arrears, and they have not come close to demonstrating they have the ability" to pay up on the rent at 51 Park Place, Mollen told Justice Richard Braun. Mollen was trying to convince the judge to lift a restraining order barring Con Ed from giving Gamal the boot from the site.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:14

Get yourself a burqa, some alcohol and hire Cherie Booth QC to point out to the judge that you are a Somali woman who is not used to alcohol and is coming to terms with being transgendered and your human rights were violated and a hadith says as follows: "Verily the creation of every one of you is brought together in the mother's womb as a drop of semen for forty days, then it becomes a clot for the same period, then it becomes a blob of flesh for the same period. Then the angel will be sent unto it to blow into it a SPIRIT, and the angel is ordered (to carry out) with four instructions, to write down its livelihood, the span of life, its deeds, and whether it is wretched or fortunate."

As the disabled was murdered then you could prove that this vicious anti-transgendered racist islamophobe was just living upto expectations and that you should be freed for the Manolo Blahnik sales.

Cherie Might even accompany you to pick up a Jane Birkin Hermes bag.


Anonymous said...

Anonny said:-

The Ministry of Justice later confirmed that the 30-year minimum would also apply for murders motivated by hatred towards a disabled person.

I went there, looked, looked again, rubbed my eyes, and concluded that April 1 had sneaked up on me.

On Thursday the Home Office launched the first ever national strategy to promote transgender equality.

"Equality", hey?

If this is genuine -- and in England, I see no reason to not believe it -- then all is, indeed, lost.

The Orwellian circle is almost complete. All that is needed now (unnecessary, I know) is legislation declaring who is fair game ... unpersons, if you wish, who may be murdered without consequence.

In a book "Guns and Violence; The English Experience" the author claims that -- in spite of 100 plus years of firearms confiscation -- there are probably still several million unregistered (and therefore illegal) firearms scattered around England.

Maybe you guys should look for them.

Uncle Nasty

PS: the last time I looked, the lamp-posts were not festooned with judges and politicians, so you get no sympathy from me.


rambaloosa said...

He woes ConEd nearly $2 million and he's still there?? He'd be out if he wasn't a Religon of Peacenik.

Anonymous said...

Great post, anon 21.29!

Anonymous said...

declaring who is fair game ... unpersons/

Rhea Page
Emma West

Anonymous said...

One is a white Jewish American woman aged 38. The other is a black Christian Jamaican man aged 23. They are married, but can't be together.

Jenny Messam, of Los Angeles, California, met Jason in July 2009 while on holiday in his native Jamaica and they married soon after in January 2010.

But U.S. Embassy officials in Jamaica believe their marriage was a fraud and denied Mr Messam a visa that would allow him to move to the U.S.

Read more: Jamaican man 23 cannot join Jewish wife 38 in US

Yippie kay ai!

Sadness: Jenny Messam's child Asher Ronen Messam is now aged six months and is yet to meet his father, who is still back in Jamaica

Anchor baby cast adrift.

She remembered an immigration official asking her: ‘What could you a member of God's chosen people who can bilk money from the general public and nobody sees anything possibly have in common with someone 15 years younger than you?’

Then her Beverly Hills congressman a good mentsch Henry Waxman found out from an immigration officer that officials believed ‘the claimed relationship is questionable’.

Anonymous said...

Canada bans burqa citizenship swearing in eh!

Mumbles mumbles etc. etc. etc..

See and hear how much clearer speech is without the face covering

I swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen eh.

Anonymous said...

A 32-year-old mother from France is set to become the first woman ever to be sent to prison for wearing an Islamic veil.

Hind Ahmas refuses to accept the legitimacy of a Paris court which has ordered her to spend 15 days learning her civic duties.

She was sentenced by magistrates in Meaux, a Paris suburb, yesterday - after being arrested wearing an outlawed veil outside the Elysee Palace in the French capital on April 11.

Read more: French crackdown on French lawbreakers

Dit non a la burqa!

Anonymous said...

Is it a veil?
Is it a tent?

No it is Swedish police woman.

Anonymous said...

Protests in Manama

Is that a burqa or a hijab?

Us non-Fashionistas do not know the difference.

Anonymous said...

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced today that the Department of Defense will begin allowing Muslim and Sikh students who wear an Islamic head scarf (hijab) or a turban to participate in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC).

“We welcome the fact that Muslim and Sikh students nationwide will now be able to participate fully in JROTC leadership activities while maintaining their religious beliefs and practices,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad.

In October, the Washington-based Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization wrote to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta after a 14-year-old Muslim student at Ravenwood High School in Brentwood, Tenn., was forced to transfer out of a JROTC class when her commanding officers told her she could not wear hijab while marching in the September homecoming parade.

US DoD allows hijab

Anything you can we can do
No you can't
Anything you can do
We can do worse than you under the great leadership of Brack Hussein Osama!

rebel said...

Just another nail in the coffin of the US military.

Anonymous said...

Sweden cannot afford to lose clever immigrants

Malmo (that is o umlaut) police learn Arabic to help immigrants

Does she have an adavantage in helping dealing with immigrants?

If you go to Sweden you would think that you would learn mock-Japanese to help you communicate with the chefs right?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that he chose not to complain to the Police in France or the UK, not the LSE but the LSE Jewish Society who released a statement whilst the LSE are still investigating the incident. - Arminius, Edinburgh, Scotlan -

Read more: Mayve too many goyim in the English police?

Anonymous said...

Just days after International Women’s Day a new pronoun, hen (pronounced like the bird in English), was added to the online version of the country’s National Encyclopedia. The entry defines hen as a “proposed gender-neutral personal pronoun instead of he [han in Swedish] and she [hon].”The National Encyclopedia announcement came amid a heated debate about gender neutrality that has been raging in Swedish newspaper columns and TV studios and on parenting blogs and feminist websites. It was sparked by the publication of Sweden’s first ever gender-neutral children’s book, Kivi och Monsterhund (Kivi and Monsterdog). It tells the story of Kivi, who wants a dog for “hen’s” birthday. The male author, Jesper Lundqvist, introduces several gender-neutral words in the book. For instance the words mammor and pappor (moms and dads) are replaced with mappor and pammor.

Sweden is fucked beyond fucked.