Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A belated response

Over at the recommended Jew Among You blog I was gently taken to task some time ago and I'm only now responding. He correctly states that blacks see whites as controlling everything, ipso facto, they're responsible for the manifold failings of blacks. Which is convenient nonsense on their part of course. When I impute responsibility to Jews for the things that are destroying the west (mass immigration, AA, desegregation, neocon wars, 'hate' legislation etc. etc.) he believes that I'm falling into the same trap.

It is true that 'whites control everything' compared to blacks. But.......whites have used that power to favour blacks, to a preposterous degree, and invariably at the expense of white society and individuals. However, and it's a big however, the hochjuden or Super-Jews who control America and most of the west most certainly do not favour Gentile whites. And that's putting it mildly! It seems, at least possible, that they instead harbour a deep animosity towards traditional white society in all its forms.

And as I've pointed out on many occasions, if and when the proverbial shit hits the fan, ordinary Jews could get swept away in the deluge. That being the case I'll repeat the suggestions I made in a recent post

Establish organisations such as:

() Jews against foreign wars

() Jews against Affirmative Action and denigration of the white race

() Jews against mass immigration

() Jews for 911 Truth


Anonymous said...

A question for the well read among you -

Do you know of any Chinese or Japanese research (in English) on Jewish survival tactics in majority populations?

kulak said...


Has he ever said to someone or heard said "You oughtta know better than that."

Or, fool me twice, shame on ME?

JAY is confusing two things.

Probably can't help himself.

Regarding blacks, at least in the United States, their increasing pathology absolutely IS, to a large extent, the fault of whites, and absolutely IS, to a large extent, the consequence of our OWN pathology.

During Jim Crow, blacks had many more legitimate small businesses of their own, higher rates of marriage, lower illegitimacy, and so on...

Jim Crow was eugenic.

The Great Society is very dysgenic.

Some help.

Anonymous said...

The question I always ask is a simple one.

There are dozens of white ethnic groups. Some of them have rivalries and grudges going back hundreds of years. Only 70 years ago the Germans and Russians were raping and killing each other en masse. And, yet, they’ve all managed to find a place among WN except Jews. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Hey Savant ... I think it's on topic.


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu: Illegal Immigration 'a National Calamity'

Published December 11, 2011

Feb 10: Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech about Israel's economy in Tel Aviv, Israel. Netanyahu emphasized the Israel-Egypt peace treaty signed in 1979.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the infiltration of the migrants into Israel is a "national calamity in all fields -- the economy, state security," Israel Radio reports.

Saying that Israel has no obligation to advance illegal immigration into its borders, he explained that "if we do not act to stop the flood, we'll be washed away with it."

Netanyahu announced on Sunday that he will travel to Africa in an attempt to coordinate with state leaders the return of illegal African immigrants in Israel to their native countries.

Netanyahu’s trip comes as his Cabinet approves a $160 million program designed to stanch the flow of illegal African migrants into Israel.

The plan calls for speeding up construction to complete within the coming year a border fence with Egypt. The fence is also meant to keep out Islamist militants.

The new program allows for a monetary fine for the employing of illegal immigrants and, in some cases, the closing of offending businesses.

The program also involves the construction and expansion of detention facilities to hold the illegal migrants.

Israel says that since 2006, more than 40,000 migrants from Sudan, Eritrea, and other African nations have sneaked into the south of the country through the porous border with Egypt.

Sauce. Goose. Gander.

Put the words together.

Thing that amazes me is the nogs trying get in actually think they're going to squeeze some form of welfare out of the Red Sea Pedestrians.

These are jews, nigger. You think you're going to get something out of them for free?

Oh, it is to laugh.

Uncle Nasty

dave said...

Africoons swarming into Israel. So there is karma afer all.

the wandering who? said...

You couldn't make it up!

It appears that militant Jews have even taken control of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and are busy expelling individuals and branches "guilty of anti-semitism".


white second-class citizen said...

In Britain the Frankfurt School lunatics have certainly taken over the asylum.

The Crown Prosecution Service have just announced that England captain, John Terry will be charged with racist abuse against a black QPR player.

Watch out whitey! They're coming for you next.


Essex boy said...

It's bad enough about John Terry, but now Luiz Suarez has been fined £45,000 and banned for 8 weeks because he called a negro a negro. Total loss will be close to £1 MILLION!!!! And Evra had called him a dago but nothing hapened to him.

Fucking scandalous.

kulak said...


As I said many moons ago...

Two words:

Beta Israel

Anonymous said...

And Rio "Mensa member" Ferdinand's brother referred to himself as a "Black cunt" in the John Terry incident and will any action be taken over this?

joelgp said...

@wander who? Why would Sarah Colborne do that? It's not at all clear that 'militant jews' have taken over PSC. There's got to be a simpler explanation.

joelgp said...

SuperJews "harbour a deep animosity towards traditional white society in all its forms."

Simply not true. I imagine that such people are unenthusiastic towards many of the elements of traditional Christianity and flag-waving nationalism. But this is no different to the way the vast majority of liberals throughout the west also feel.

Anonymous said...

'When it comes to multiculturalism, most British people have been brainwashed so completely that they make Pavlovian dogs appear independent thinkers by comparison.'

I spoke to woman on the train who worked as a diversity officer. I asked what the benefits of diversity were, She couldn't give me an answer but still insisted that diversity was 'good'.

How important is cultural diversity at your school?

The Great Unwashed said...


In the words of Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan.."You have been massaged." Jewamongyou has messaged into thinking only a handful of Jews are complicit in the NWO. BULLSHIT! You have been duped. Stop feeling guilty and get back on track.

nemesis said...

America won't last another 40 years. Jews have totally destroyed it, and they will be consumed in the bonfire. That's the one silver lining in this cloud.

Dr. Wassell said...

Tim ('tick tock') Wise is a good example of the Jew who wants to do us down. http://www.timwise.org/2010/11/an-open-letter-to-the-white-right-on-the-occasion-of-your-recent-successful-temper-tantrum/

A pushy big mouth neurotic who is filled with envy and jealousy for the accomplishments and culture of White European Christians. His radical jewish pals who share Wise's hatred of goyim have promoted Wise as some sort of "expert" on racial matters. No self respecting White Christian individual should ever patronize this creep.

kulak said...

joel writes:

But this is no different to the way the vast majority of liberals throughout the west also feel.


A liberal white is a judaized white.

Shitter Shatter said...

Savant and others, you should read Kevin MacDonald's book The Culture of Critique if you want to really understand whet the tribe are up to.


Anonymous said...

Susan Sontag, who said that “white people are the cancer of history"

Shaunantijihad said...

Did no-one tell Luiz Suarez that he was entering a racial, communist insane asylum when coming to the UK?

In South America Whites are called "Mono/a" (not monkey, btw, but sort of "blondie", even if you have black hair), the typical olive coloured skins are called "Canello/a" (cinnamon), those with some Negro in them are called "Moreno/a", and Negroes are called, shock-horror, "Negro/a".

It is perfectly normal in S America to call, say, a Negro waitress, "Negra!" Fucking scandalous. Will it be war? Or just a continuation of the war on reality?

Come on Cameron, is it to war on S. America you fucking spineless Kike!

Bemused stare said...

joelgp said...
SuperJews "harbour a deep animosity towards traditional white society in all its forms."

Simply not true. I imagine that such people are unenthusiastic towards many of the elements of traditional Christianity and flag-waving nationalism. But this is no different to the way the vast majority of liberals throughout the west also feel.

It finally happened, you turned the corner and encountered your own arsehole. Look Scooter, sit back and let's analyze that statement together.

The essence of that, as translated from newspeak, is that you have a problem with the right of people to their own nation and all that ought to go with that. You have a problem with the right of others to hold to their religious belief as opposed to yours.

You would have us believe that, having brainwashed a large number of our people successfully to follow your thinking, you are clearly right.

Realize that, those whom you have not succeeded in brainwashing or beating down with the insidious laws you push, have a very serious problem with you.

Consider this, the absolute extreme, in terms of a lack of integrity, is when you bullshit yourself.

Let me know how the organization "Jews for the protection of Christmas tradition" is going will you.

Anonymous said...

Savant - listen up buddy. Jews hate us more than they love themselves. Hence the futility of ever trying to cut a deal or arrive at a modus vivendi with them.

Anonymous said...

Why have sympathy with Terry?.He has always been the worst kind of whigger trash.

Maybe this will wake him up a bit,though I doubt it.


kulak said...


Is that the cleaned-up version he wrote or the original version, where he gloatingly anticipates the day our hearts stop beating?

Anyway, MacDonald has well-argued how the virulently anti-white Hochjuden pull the rest of the herd along.


Relax. We neither need them nor need to kill them.

The thing you are forgetting about the organizations you propose is that they will require money.

This moment in history brought to you by Jack Benny.

Anonymous said...

jewamongyou would spend his time far better speaking out against his fellow jews than saying savant is making a mistake.
The evidence against jewish animosity and destruction of white society is overwhelming.

Why does jewamongyou choose to ignore this ?

Anonymous said...

Oh! Vey!

Kurt Angle makes the Sports Illustrated Rosh Hashanah list of most prominent Jewish athletes and Ryan Sandberg is omitted and you want Jews to be againsy affirmative action and other things?

This is worse than the holocaust!

Anonymous said...

'The evidence against jewish animosity and destruction of white society is overwhelming.Why does jewamongyou choose to ignore this ?'

I imagine his view is that jewish people holding these views are a minority??

Anonymous said...

White people control everything? True in WHITE countries. Why is that a problem? Not that it matters because it's being given away to non-whites and will soon turn to shit. The most powerful man in the world is black so how does the white thing work out?
Suaraz is banned for eight games for racial abuse. The evidence? None except for a black mans word. Watch out because whites will be sentenced to terms of imprisonment next! No evidence needed just a black man to say you did it. I fully expect John Terry to get life. Not even in my nighmares did I believe that things would come to this. I really fear for us in the near future. Did the great Prophet (peace be upon him) not say that the black man would hold the whip hand over the white man? Rivers foaming with blood cannot be far off.

Bay Area Guy said...

My views on Jews are mixed. I don't hate them or wish harm to them. I also deeply admire their great educational and cultural achievements.

At the same time, I do not trust them as far as I can throw them. I know my history, and I am fully aware of the role that the organized Jewish community has played in undermining the white race. I've read my Kevin MacDonald.

And yet again, something tells me that the JQ (Jewish Question) will become less of an issue in the future. With Jews marrying outside of the tribe/race at such a high rate, with all these old leftist 60s veteran Jews dying off, etc, they'll be less of a thorn in our side in the future.

In fact, I think a growing number of the Jewish masses (who should be distinguished from the organized Jewish community) are beginning to question the beliefs held by their parents. Whether they like it or not, they're white, and they're seen as such by the growing non-white population.

Bay Area Guy said...

On another note, while it's easy to denounce and criticize Jews, I think we all ought to carefully study what Jews actually DO within their own households.

How do they raise their kids? How exactly do they approach education? How do they ethnically network?

These are all questions we should be finding answers to. We should discover the secrets of Jewish success, and implement them ourselves.

Think about it. Despite being less than 0.25% of the world's population (which makes Ashkenazi Jews even less, and Ashkenazi Jews are the ones we're talking about when we say "Jews"), Jews have amassed an incredible amount of wealth, power, influence, prestige, etc.

And not just in relative/proportional terms, but in absolute terms as well.

When you look at all those noble prizes, Hollywood and media bigshots, the most efficient and intimidating lobbies on the planet, 30% of the Ivy Leagues, etc, you look at all the success obtained by such a tiny minority and the only thing you can say to yourself is, "they're obviously doing something right."

Well, what exactly are they doing? And how can we replicate such success? If Jews can be so successful despite being such a tiny fraction of the population, then we white gentiles could do so much more.

mischling said...

"Not even in my nighmares did I believe that things would come to this"

Anon - 'worse is better'!!

mk said...

I must say, I fully agree with bay area guy on the jewish question. I'd like to add to this, apartheid South Africa's staunchest ally was the State of Israel, and before anyone questions their motives, there was little in it for them. We helped each other develop nuclear weapons, submarine tech etc. On top of this, i am rather fond of Israelis, normal western jews however are rather irritating. Remember to make the distinction between them and Israelis because they are definitely a different breed.

Anonymous said...

how about
4. Jews for leaving white people alone and going back to Israel

Anonymous said...

The Old South Africa was allied to Israel while the jew Oppenheimer was "the engine behind the ANC" paying for the terrorist killing of all South Africans.

The Jews inside SA were allowed to send loads of money to Israel and support that country while the vast majority of them did all they could to fuck the Boers again as they did in 1900 from withinside SA.

Seems if it wasnt for Jews SA would not need allies anyway.
If you cant see how eternally fucked up the Jews are you are just not paying attention.

The distinction between Israelis and jews serve only the jews

Bay Area Guy said...

@ MK

Good point.

Israelis, in fact, are very much pro-white.

(at least Ashkenazi Jews, don't know about the non-white Mizrahim)

Throughout its history, Israel has always considered itself a part of Western civilization, and while it's not in Europe, it's of Europe.

Blonde hair is likewise considered beautiful in Israel. Two of Israel's biggest models, Bar Refaeli and Esti Ginzburg would be indistinguishable from an ethnically pure Swede.

From what I've read, Israeli Jews look down on diaspora Jews with contempt.

Funny. When Jews live as diasporas among the white goyim, they're anti-Western civilization, but when they're among Arabs, they become pro-white and pro-Western.

Herod said...

Going 'back' to Israel? Most of them didn't even originate there. (Khazars). This is as realistic as saying Afrikaaners should go back to Holland.

Bemused stare said...

Bay area guy said...
How do they raise their kids? How exactly do they approach education? How do they ethnically network?

These are all questions we should be finding answers to. We should discover the secrets of Jewish success, and implement them ourselves.

Think, the Soprano's with different cutlery drawers and a belief system that holds that they are the only ones who have a right to anything and there you pretty much have the essence of it.

If you think they got nothing out of us, then you have slept for quite a few decades. Just for a start, look at a map and find a good spot to work the "Jericho program" in their neighborhood.

MK said...

@Bemused stare, I'm not a few decades old (just 2), so.... I'm just putting my p.o.v across, I have been to Israel and I know a good few Israelis, good people with a strong work ethic and a 'screw you world' attitude. I live in Europe now and I see the way the media lambastes Israel and that immediately makes me suspicious, plus I naturally respect intelligence and innovation, and say what you will, but the Jews certainly have the lion-share. I see nothing wrong with them wanting to live with and amongst their own kind and I most certainly won't respond to that the way the kaffirs do to places like Orania, I'm not a mindless savage. Of course there is no denying the shit that many have caused in the Anglosphere with their control of the media, but I can guarantee you that there are far more liberal whites who do way more damage than the Jews do. You think the Occupy movement for e.g. is Jew run? Israel helped us pre-1994 more than any other country, but yes there were Jews that were against us too, but I'll bet you that there were more of our own people, more Afrikaners, against us and there still are today, everyone from Mandela's PR bitch to the editors in the pay of Naspers. One of our biggest cultural ambassadors is a Russian Jew living in Israel, Avigdor Eskin. I refuse to buy into the conspiracy that the boogey-jew is out to get us, I am sure that if anyone is, at that table sit a majority of Nick Clegg minded whites, especially of the Anglo-persuasion.

Anonymous said...

You obviously teach tehm that when they go on a play date to take back toilet paper from the friends house. To save the environment.

Larry David will never invent a character as vapid and self absorbed as this!

This is the woman who flew in on a Gulfstream G5 to protest at Haethrow being scheduled to have anothe r runway added.

Cannot have the plebs being able to travel can we darling?

The Great Unwashed said...

Bay area guy is probably a goyim dentist. Being that, he most certainly uses his mouth to create a partial vacuum on the swantz of his jewish overlords. Actualy He's a JEW posing as a goy.

Anonymous said...

@Unwashed. Why do you, kulak and a few more here ALWAYS denigrate and calumniate ANYONE who disagrees with you in ANY WAY?

Really, why can't you guys have an honest debate on the issues. Why can't you contemplate that others might have a genuine and honest point of view that differs to yours.

You have a lot to learn.

kulak said...

@Bay Area Guy

Where to begin?

The Jewish strategy is all about how to fart in somebody ELSE's house and get away with it. Not about running your OWN house.

(BTW, Bar Refaeli is the model who famously asked "Why die for your country when you can live like a king in NYC?")

If you want to try live like a Jew in a West turned turd world Babylon, then by all means, study the Jews.

But if you know who you are and like who you are, why would you want to?

For a time after I became aware of the JQ, I read everything I could find on this forbidden subject. What is their big secret?

Their big secret is they're here among us.

And that's all.

All anybody REALLY needs to know about 'em boils down to common sense.

kulak said...

@Unwashed. Why do you, kulak and a few more here ALWAYS denigrate and calumniate ANYONE who disagrees with you in ANY WAY?

But that's not true.

Some people I disagree with just THINK they're everyone.

Esther said...

I think that the powers that be use fear and confusion to control people. They paint Jews as victims constantly as far as the holocaust goes, and a lot of Jews are suckered into this religious upbringing and feel like victims and outsiders and wonder what they did to make people want to victimize them.

In the meantime, the powers that be use that as an excuse to let real Jews or fake Jews or whatever the hell they are control various important positions of government and cry anti-semitism if you protest.

In a sense the world is engineered.

Be careful please.

whitevanman said...

MK - I find it hard to believe that the Israeli's had no vested interest when they helped pre-apartheid SA. Then again, who does?

Bay Area Guy said...

@ The Great Unwashed

Wow, so if I don't follow the textbook line on the JQ, then I must be a secret Jew? LOL, please. Oh, and way to make white critics of Jews look like paranoid psychos.

@ Kulak

Yeah, I once heard a joke about Israeli politicians who were discussing a hypothetical proposal to make Israel the 51st state of the U.S. One of them then asked, "why have just one state and two senators when we already have 50 states and one hundred senators?"

But still, my point stands. They obviously are doing something right. If their success just stems from them living here among us, then why aren't we white gentiles in charge of Hollywood, most of the media, dominating the Ivy Leagues, controlling foreign policy in the Middle East, etc?

What are they doing that we're not? And how did we allow them to seize so much power and influence from us?

We should learn from them, and use their own strategies against them. A kind of Jew-Jitsu, LOL.

Bemused stare said...


I don't recall saying they have no right to their own nation. I specifically said that the problem I have with them is that they feel that no one else has such a right.

I pointed out that the previous ties with them were by no means lacking in self interest on their part(hardly unreasonable. The extent of plunder that took place however, I doubt any of us will ever know.

As for pointing out the likes of Naspers, you are hardly giving an old toppie enlightenment here. If things were set right, we would have a line of posts with traitors swinging from them, stretching from Capetown to Joburg. At two meter intervals.

Now believe me, I wont deny your right to a point of view, after all, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and that is a good thing. Do however catch me in thirty years or so and tell me if you still think that way.

Dave C said...

I can never understand Jewish attachment with the Israel despising left.

Canuck said...

Bay area Guy - I'm with you. But it's not that simple. Jews are highly intelligent and work real hard. But more to the point they're a small minority, and they feel victimized. So they're very cohesive and look out for one another ('is it good for the Jews?'). That's not possible to foester when you're a large majority as in our case.

Bay Area Guy said...

@ Canuck

You raise a good point.

Minority groups tend to be far more cohesive than majority groups. Whites throughout the world, whether they're in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia, etc, tend to be highly diverse.

You have educated whites, uneducated redneck whites, elite whites, etc. You also have left wingers, right wingers, etc.

Minority groups, generally, are far more homogenous and hive minded.

Chinese Americans in the U.S., for example, are a very homogenous group of high achievers, who either come from or are descended from a mostly selected, educated/professional immigrant middle class.

In China itself, however, you have a very wide variety of Chinese people. Educated people, poor uneducated rural types, elite bigshots, etc.

Whites in majority white countries would do well to be more cohesive and organized just like minority groups.

kulak said...

@Bay Area Guy

If their success just stems from them living here among us, then why aren't we white gentiles in charge of Hollywood, most of the media, dominating the Ivy Leagues, controlling foreign policy in the Middle East, etc?



Mary said...

ah, another segment of blessed synchronicity Savant! I come here to check if you have written about the John Terry outrage, and here you are wrangling with "pro-White" (LOL---as if!)Jews.
But here is the good part--the great Tanstaafl of AGE OF TREASON has just been wrangling with such a creature , ending with results I think you will find verrrrrrrry interesting ;) Take a look:


Oddjob said...

How Jews, liberals, or anyone for that matter, can align themselves with ignorance on this level is beyond me...see this link...


Anonymous said...

The jewish question is age old. A clip from the Covington novels.

"When they were five feet behind the two expensively dressed people, some sound or
sense made the Goldmans both turn. They stared at two men coming out of the darkness just
beyond the pool of friendly light and laughter, masked so that only the black of their eyes could
be seen, and leveling revolvers at them. The two gunmen said nothing, but Jacob Goldman
gasped out in a strangled cry, “You!”
All four of them understood what Jacob Goldman had said. He did not know or recognize
the men who were about to put him to death. They had always been far beneath him, part of the
scenery he saw from the window of his luxury car or a plush office suite, animals who through
some accident of nature resembled God’s Chosen People in outward form, but whom the sages
of Torah assured him were beasts without souls. Yet he knew who they were, and why they were
here. Four thousand years of racial instinct crackled in a moment of cosmic, hideous recognition
and knowledge. A timeless drama was once again about to be played out, an ancient debt was
once more to be paid, and blood was about to be spilled once more in humanity’s longest war.
The men before Jacob Goldman could have been wearing Roman armor, or Crusaders’ chain
mail, or Cossack leather and furs, or the black tunic of the SS.
Now they wore denim jeans and
ski masks, but oh, yes, he knew them. Now he was going to die, because they knew him as well,
knew him for what he was

A jew is a jew. They never change, they change those around them for short periods in time until the jig is up.
Over and over and over, this is their history.
Never trust or coddle a jew.

Anonymous said...

jewamongyou would be a liar if he said jews holding such a view is a minority.
Jews discuss these things especially at synagogue.

Marriage to a gentile is worse than eating pork has been heard often enough.
The view that Jews are superior to all is known to all Jews if they say otherwisw they are liars.

People like jewamongyou see the awakening and know what lies ahead.
The eternal jewish victim card is finished

James Lord said...

I'm kind of agnostic on all the good jew/bad jew thing. But it seems very clear to me that they always overplay their hand, most notably now. The War on Christmas is a simple example. This achieves very little in practical terms but, in conjunction with so many other related things is capable of turning ordinary citizens against them.

Anonymous said...

Wites even when they're a minority also tend to be not very cohesive.

Anonymous said...

How many of these organisations have whites established?

() Whites against foreign wars

() Whites against Affirmative Action and denigration of the white race

() Whites against mass immigration

() Whites for 911 Truth

We can't possibly expect others to do for us what we won't do for ourselves.


john said...

Hafta disagree Mr Savant. If you will really read the statements of the jew organisations claiming to be more on the 'right' , you will see that the ultimate goal is STILL preservation of the jew and his position. The one I have the most knowledge of is the 'jews for preservation of firearms ownership' . On the surface, this sounds good ; sounds real proAmerican and dare I say it, might near 'right wing'. But once you look at it, it's all about protecting the jew in America and the preservation of "israel". Period. There's a great little treatise taken from an interview with the jpfo's president called "The Inadvertent Confession of a jew" , by Peter J Peters. REALLY worth a look/listen. [sfawbn.com should have a link]
The jew is just genetically predisposed to hatred of the white man - been that way since Jacob and esau.

Anonymous said...

I notice Alan Hansen's had to grovel and pay penance at the altar of diversity for calling a spade a spade.

Jack Straw certainly got it right when he said the British weren't worth saving. Even if he is an ugly **d c**t.

Anonymous said...


Gary Paul, South AFrica said...

gerry - that's a fair question, but the point your missing is that such organizations already exist and are populated 95% by whites. They just don't call themselves 'whites for...'

Anonymous said...

john of 22 December 2011 15:56

... Has it absolutely right I'm afraid.

A right wing reactionary jew is one who wants to bomb the living fuck out of everyone who is not a jew ... as long as it preserves Israel, Zionism and the jews.

A left wing liberal jew is one who writes for -- and reads the New York Times and wants everyone to embrace untrammeled immigration of every third world garden slug into the west ... as long as it preserves Israel, Zionism and the jews.

A centrist jew gets on with pretty much everyone and would like everyone to get along with everyone ... as long as it preserves Israel, Zionism and the jews.


I begin to discern a pattern here ...

Uncle Nasty

Kevin R. said...

Savant (and others) I think I can answer the question for you. I got drunk with a jewish colleague last night after work and I made it my business to raise the issue of attitudes to goyim.

Yes, he admitted, after some encouragement, that jews absorb a hatred and fear of white CHristianity with their mother's milk. He said their fear/animpsoty was much stronger towards catholics than protestants.

He said that he had learned what the Poles had done to jews down the centuries, that they, and Christians generally, were liable to ryrn on the jews without warning at any time.

So there you are. From the horse's mouth, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

How many of these organisations have whites established?

() Whites against foreign wars

() Whites against Affirmative Action and denigration of the white race ...

Nice one, gerry.

I can see the acronyms now ...

WAFW; WAAADWR; WAMI is particularly nice and I like WF911T ... although, at first glance it does resemble the ID badge on a Porsche.

They recall a revival of the old lapels badges of the seventies and 80's.

The only way it's going to work, of course, is if you have a really nice big fluorescent orange one underneath saying:


Fuck You If You Don't Like It.

... and stick to it.

We need a rallying cry like "Don't tread on me ..." or "Liberty or Death!"

Something catchy. I thought of one for the Occupy frauds all over the world, should they realise the truth of it ...Arbeit Macht Frei

Far truer than one first thinks ... but sadly, it's fallen into disrepute.

A small prize of absolutely no discernible value will be given to the winner.

Whattaya say?


Anonymous said...

Bay Area Guy said...

We should learn from them, and use their own strategies against them. A kind of Jew-Jitsu, LOL.

Ohhhh ... nice one.


Anonymous said...

john -- 22 December 2011 15:56

Found your link re: JPFO.


You're welcome :o)


Anonymous said...

Folks, I caught t a newsflash that stated that (get this) Bill Clinton called Obongobongo the "Worst president in Living history ..."

Apparently Chairman Zero responded in the time-honoured Eric Holder fashion by calling Slick Willie a "Racisss"

It would also appear that a US congressman said that Moochelle Obongobongo has a (and I quote) "big butt."

Needless to say he has issued a groveling apology ... but that's his career down the gurgler, regardless ...

Just for once, I would like an American commentator to say:-

"Big butt? Big butt? No .. I didn't say she has a big butt.
I said she had an arse that would stun a Clydesdale stallion.
The fucking woman has a caboose that would house a pakistani family for a week ... and feed a Biafran village for a month.
That's what I said!
And fuck you if you don't like it!!!"

Okay his career would evaporate ... but it will anyway.
May as well go out in style.

America needs another George Carlin. A racist George Carlin.

If I find details on the Clinton/Zero slanging match, I will post them.


kulak said...

You know it's very, very hard to dislike Jackie Mason.

But I'll try almost anything once every hundred years!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that, UN. All I see on WN sites is bickering and civil keyboard-war. Easy to make the Jew the scapegoat for your own decadence and lack of character. Get real! I look at the whites around me and despair. They aren't fit to lick the arses of their forefathers - or the arses of niggers, even. There needs to be some kind of moral uplift, such as that experienced by Britain which led to the glorious Victorian Empire.


11th hour said...

They hate us and are busy trying to destroy us.

Jewish politicians, lawyers, financiers etc are responsible for flooding the civilised West with this lot:


Corkonian said...

That Jacky Mason monologue was brilliant. Say it like it is, baby!

Anonymous said...


the tribe have flooded the West with this lot....


Anonymous said...

A Mexican guy called Perez voted in a Mexican election and was told he could not be a citizen of both Mexico and the US under US law.

Jonathan Pollard could be a dual citizen because the US Supreme Court said that part of the law did not apply to him.

kulak said...

This is exactly the kind of thing Jewish businessmen used to do in the United States, a long long time ago.

White Rabbit Lady said...

Too much ado about Jew.

eleos said...

Since Ancient Egypt Jews have considered themselves to be unfairly persecuted. Since WWII great efforts have made to ensure that this does not happen again in Europe. If these efforts ultimately fail it may well be because they are trying to deny something which is evident to very many people. Perhaps a better solution would come from openly and honestly discussing why it is that in diverse lands and cultures over centuries, wherever Jews have settled, eventually a significant minority or even a majority of the host population has come to resent their presence.

Anonymous said...

kulak 19.21. What's your point???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

kulak 19.21. What's your point???

I think the point is glaringly obvious. The average American beer-sucking, chip-scoffing couch potato is so ... how shall I put it? Thick? ... that if Pol Pot, Mao and uncle Joe Stalin had the patience (or, more accurately) the longevity, they could walk over America right now, without a shot being fired.

All that is necessary is to finance a local high school football team and pose for sound bites.

Here's an interesting piece of history.

When the US was negotiating a "Peace Without Dishonour" in their withdrawal from Vietnam, an NVA general was asked his opinion, by a French observer, on how the negotiating process was going.

His response: (I can't quote it verbatim ... it was a while ago) was that the American generals and general staff were like big, soft overgrown children ... all you had to do was give them handfuls of Cuban cigars (still banned in the US, I think) ... top up their whiskey glasses with quality hooch and keep telling them what nice guys they were ... and they would concede anything.

Anything at all.

Sic transit gloria.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

"Easy to make the Jew the scapegoat for your own decadence and lack of character. Get real! I look at the whites around me and despair. They aren't fit to lick the arses of their forefathers - or the arses of niggers,

Well, JP. I would say most of the Whites here see right thru you. That's how it always begins, but you know this.
You can kiss my White ass, jew boy.
Times are a changin', once again.

Beware of Saxon when he begins to hate.

kulak said...


I mean that -- and that I don't totally discount the possibility of an alliance with Islam. Not in this country.

Another Vietnam quote

What we still don't understand is why you Americans stopped the bombing of Hanoi. You had us on the ropes. If you had pressed us a little harder, just for another day or two, we were ready to surrender! It was the same at the battles of TET. You defeated us! We knew it, and we thought you knew it.

-- General Võ Nguyên Giáp

@anon 24 Dec 9:15

JP is half right.


White rabbit lady is right.

The big secret is they are here among us.

And that is all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 09.15

You are clearly too stupid, and miss the point. Too many stupid whites like you fucking up the future. Whites need to stop blaming the Jews and get their/our own shit together. Start by turning off the TV. What is being taught to your kids? What are you spending your money/time/effort on? The football Premiership/down the pub? Take your future back! It's down to us.


mischling said...

anon 00.28 - 'Do you know of any Chinese or Japanese research (in English) on Jewish survival tactics in majority populations?'

I don't know of any. But IMHO there wouldn't be a need for survival tactics if they weren't trying to fuck the rest of us up all the time.

Anonymous said...

Able to turn anything into being insulted as an ethnic slur at twenty paces.
Regards Palestinians as lice
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?

No it is Superjew!

Anonymous said...


Iron Dome Defense Missiles Seized by Finland, Labeled “Fireworks”

69 Newest Patriot Missiles Bound For Reds


Finnish authorities have confirmed the seizure of 69 Patriot missiles manufactured by Raytheon Corporation today.

During a routine search of the MS Thor Liberty, a ship flagged by the Isle of Man, at the Finnish port of Kotka, authorities found 69 Patriot missiles of a type capable of intercepting ICBMs, the most modern available and America’s most sensitive military technology.

Update: Germany officials have offered to take responsibility for the shipment to China though there is no record of Germany ever having received the missiles in the first place. There had been a shipment of PAC 2 missiles, 64, several months ago, which had been completed. No further shipment had been scheduled. Germany is responding to a request from Netanyahu to Merkel to save Israel from a potential spy scandal.

Similarly, a South Korean paper has published a story about the missiles but at no time has the South Korean embassy in Helsinki, made a statement or made contact with authorities as would be expected. This one gets more interesting every day.

Germany has a long history of working with Israel, call it “war guilt” or profiteering. The centrifuges used to develop nuclear weapons that were distributed by Israel, first to South Africa then by Israeli Johann Meyer to Libya were of Germany origin. Saddam Hussein received his biological and chemical warfare equipment from Germany, but through Bush family sources, not Israel.

End Part 1

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

69 Newest Patriot Missiles Bound For Reds

Part 2.

Here's where things get really interesting.

Cont'd: We are told the missiles heading to China were to be “cloned” for sale along with radar and launch units, already there. They would be sold worldwide under Israeli branding in competition with the US. Israel is free to sell to clients the US would be likely to refuse. The JA 20 Stealth fighter, built from plans stolen by Bush era White House Israeli “dual-citizens” is only one of dozens of defense projects stolen by Israeli spies and sent to China. China has every current nuclear weapons design and plans to upgrade its submarine fleet and will be building aircraft carriers eventually. All will be done with American technology.

Attempts to represent this as a sale of “second hand” PAC 2 missiles, stories filling the blogosphere, fail to address that these are PAC 3 advanced missiles and labeled for shipment to China, not Korea.

The joos have this undeserved reputation for subversion and treachery ... I wonder why.

Uncle Nasty

Here's another odd thing ... why 69? 69 is an odd number -- a prime number -- not a result of any calculation. Why not 70, which makes sense and could be seven crates of ten? or 72 -- twelve crates of six or 24 crates of 3.

I think, even with the discovery, one or two missiles may have gone walkies.

If so ... who's got them?**


PS: **Am I the only person who thinks this way?

Further to this, Am I the only person who suspects that Israel, having white-anted the guts out of America andseeing the economic and societal demise of the US, may be buying its way into the good graces of communist China?
Israel's next protective big brother best buddy for life everlasting?

Would Israel sell America down the river?

Never. After all, look at their history. Honest as the day is long ... and it's merely coincidence that the 23rd of December is the shortest day in the north.

I think our slanty-eyed friends had better watch their little yellow arses.

-- and perhaps read this ....



Anonymous said...

Anonymous 09.15 says,

It's a good thing for you we discuss this over a keyboard.
If you called me stupid to my face, well, your jew head would be a mess.

JP, if I were you, perhaps the over-confident attitude of your tribe should be re-evaluted.
Maybe a look thru history, perhaps.

Times are a changin'.

Anonymous said...

It's gone haywire, your tribe is being rapidly exposed.
Every non-White nation is on to your tribe.
When the Saxons begin to hate, it all over.
Best to contact your local jewish pressure group to increase the anti-White propoganda. You will need all the lying and subversion you can get.
Your tribe depends on it and you do too.

Dr. Wassell said...

UN - throughout the 70's and 80's Israel was selling American advanced weaponry to the USSR. The Americans knew it but nothing was ever done. No wonder they're so confident. They'll continue to get away with it.

Anonymous said...

The blonde, blue-eyed child told Israel's most popular weekend news show that she was spat on and verbally abused by ultra-Orthodox men who thought she was immodestly dressed.

They wanted her 'to dress like a Haredi', she explained - the Hebrew term for strict, black-coated Jews who are in 'awe' of God.

'I'm afraid I might get hurt or something,' she added.

Read more: <a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2078771/Israel-braced-protests-treatment-women-girl-8-spat-Jewish-extremists.html#ixzz1hiDgRq00'>Jews for mass immigration looks like they have caused a holy row in the Middle East's only functioning democracy</a>

Any chance the slut walkers of Israel can slut march for her right to dress pro-something without the burqa or haredi as it is in Hebrew?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wassell said...

No wonder they're so confident. They'll continue to get away with it.

One has to assume, Dr Wassell, that Jonathan Pollard did something spectacularly stupid to even land up in court ... let alone actually be found guilty and incarcerated for going on 25 years, now.


A quote from Wikipedia:

While transferring to his new job at the NIS, Pollard again initiated a meeting with someone far up the chain of command, this time with Admiral Sumner Shapiro, about an idea he had for TF-168 and South Africa. (The TF-168 group had passed on his ideas). After the meeting, Shapiro immediately ordered that Pollard's security clearances be revoked and that he be reassigned to a non-sensitive position. According to The Washington Post, Shapiro dismissed Pollard as a "kook", saying later, "I wish the hell I'd fired him."[16]

Because of the job transfer, Shapiro's order to remove Pollard's security clearances slipped through the cracks. However, Shapiro's office followed up with a request to the TF-168 that Pollard's trustworthiness be investigated by the CIA. The CIA found Pollard to be a risk and recommended that he not be used in any intelligence collection operation. A subsequent polygraph test was inconclusive, although it did prompt Pollard to admit to making false statements to his superiors, prior drug use, and having unauthorized contacts with representatives of foreign governments.

Read that last paragraph again, and tell me once more about the "intelligence" in the intelligence community or, more likely, just how heavily infiltrated is US intel -- by Mossad. And how far up the chain?

It's noteworthy that the israelis keep nagging the US to release Pollard. As if his continuing incarceration is somehow unjust and spiteful.

Go to THE INVESTIGATION in wikipedia and read how the jews put every conceivable obstacle in the way of US investigators including demanding hebrew/english interpreters even though everyone spoke perfect English.

If it were up to me, I would have shot the little dicksmoker and dumped his worthless carcass on the embassy steps.

Anyone ... anyone who deludes themselves into thinking Israel is an ally of the US should simply read the wikipedia history of Pollard.

And wikipedia is heebophiliac to the very core. I don't know how this article stays up there.

On second thoughts I do know why the article remains.

It's israel's way of saying to the US: "Fuck you, America. We think you're a collection of dimwit arseholes. What are you going to do about it? Huh? Huh?"

But ... Ve're soch nize guyz. Vhy don't you love us?

Vhy, indeed.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 09.15

"When the Saxons begin to hate?"
What were the Saxons doing during the recent jigaboo riots in London, while their capital city was in flames? What were YOU doing? Probably cowering like the rest of the hobbits, expecting PC (very PC) Plod to protect you from the marauding simians. Saxons need to lobby for the Right to Bear Arms - at least, those still living in Britain. Remember Alfred, First and Greatest King. Sold out by your own elites - your own blood - since WW2, deaf to Enoch's prescient warnings.

Now fuck off, you stupid little cunt.


Anonymous said...

Admiral "Shapiro" ?????

Anonymous said...

Pollard will be quietly released one of these days and retire in comfort to Israel.

Californian said...

How many of these organisations have whites established?

() Whites against foreign wars

() Whites against Affirmative Action and denigration of the white race

() Whites against mass immigration

() Whites for 911 Truth

We can't possibly expect others to do for us what we won't do for ourselves.


Sometimes I think that the WN attacks on Jews are simply envy of their success. The question is, why is there all this energy among WNs available for attacking Jews, but just about none for setting up organizations which might promote white interests?

For example, why have WN failed to establish a legal organization, say modeled on the ACLU or NAACP, which would fight against affirmative action, et alia? It might take some effort, but nothing is going to happen without work.

Similarly, what efforts have WN made in the direction of getting into the media, perhaps by attending film school or raising the capital to make movies? This is not too difficult these days, given the technology available and the opening of direct to video and online streaming markets.

I'd venture to say that the folks who organized Youth for Western Civilization have done more for the interests of this country than have all the rantings about "The Jews." What kind of support are they getting from WN?

Let me note that one of the first political demonstrations I attended was a protest against forced busing. This protest was organized by a Jew. Where are the WN today organizing protests against AA or illegal immigration?

Tony in VA said...

Califirnian, the problem is that whites have been brainwashed from birth to see the wrong answers and the wrong problems. Getting them to think is the first big job. And it ain't easy.

Anonymous said...

In right field, Tarasco, going back to the track, to the wall...(Maier steals ball, Bob Uecker: "Oh!") AND WHAT HAPPENS HERE? HE CONTENDS THAT A FAN REACHES UP AND TOUCHES IT! BUT RICHIE GARCIA SAYS NO...It's a home run! Here comes Davey Johnson, out to argue as Jeter comes across to tie the game.
—Bob Costas on NBC television, calling the controversial Jeter home run in Game 1.

There's a high fly ball to right, deep...Going back is Tarasco, to the warning track, to the wall, he's under it now...AND IT'S TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM BY A FAN, AND THEY'RE GONNA CALL IT...A HOME RUN! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Richie Garcia is calling it a home run, and Tarasco is out to argue! A terrible call by Richie Garcia! IT'S ALL TIED UP!
—Jon Miller, calling the same play on Orioles radio.

Meanwhile, in New York, Maier became a minor celebrity. The New York Daily News allowed him to sit behind the Yankee dugout later in the postseason. The boy appeared on national talk shows, including The Late Show with David Letterman, and was even awarded the key to New York City by mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The lying bastard got off school because he had to go to a Bar Mitvah.

This led people to conclude something about him.

And the fact that he did not get treated like Steve Bartman

kerplunk said...

@anon 19.31. One rule for them, another set for us.

Anonymous said...

Just briefly read about the Bartman and Maier incidents.

Bartman was a home fan that possibly cost the home team the game.

Maier was a home fan that possibly saved the game for the home team.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

CHICAGO — A father and son contend they were provoked before bursting onto the field at a baseball game and attacking the first base coach of the Kansas City Royals. Coach Tom Gamboa, however, maintains he had no exchanges with the two before they slammed him to the ground and started punching and kicking him during Thursday night's game against the Chicago White Sox.

In 1995, Cubs reliever Randy Myers was on the mound when he was rushed by a fan, whom he knocked down with his forearm. In 1999, a fan attacked Houston right fielder Bill Spiers in Milwaukee, leaving him with a welt under his left eye, a bloody nose and whiplash.

The day was May 16, 2000 when the Dodgers traveled to Wrigley to take on the Cubs.

As a Cub fan walked by the bullpen area he decided to pick up a free souvenir as he punched Dodgers' catcher Chad Kreuter in the back of the head and stole the hat off his head.

Kreuter responded by jumping into the stands in pursuit of the fan, and his teammates followed suit.

Several minutes and a handful of punches later, the fans and players were finally separated.

Make no mistake: When Chad Kreuter flipped his lid over the loss of the one he was wearing, it probably cost the Dodgers considerably more than the $12 that major league clubs pay when buying caps in large quantities.

A division title?

A wild card?

Well, if the sweeping and stunning penalties issued by discipline czar Frank Robinson Wednesday as a result of the May 16 incident in which Kreuter and teammates went into the stands at Wrigley Field cost the Dodgers even one game, hasn't that, at times, been the difference in a pennant race of the type the Dodgers are now engaged?

Breaking the disciplinary record he established in the aftermath of a recent brawl between the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers, Robinson fined 16 Dodger players and three coaches a total of $72,000 and suspended them for 84 games--the players being suspended for 60. The Dodgers have appealed to Paul Beeston, baseball's chief operating officer, but know this: The appeal process occasionally results in a shortened suspension but seldom are sanctions completely overturned.

And the Dodgers players were managed by Davey Johnson who was the Orioles skipper when they were ripped off.

Anyways the point of the stories is that good ole corrupt Chicago home of Barack Osama Chicago White Sox fan who cannot name one of their players becuase it was not written on his teleprompter, Hillary Rodham Clinton who was a Cubs fan before she discovered her life long love for the Yankees (As distinct from the cretinous Southerner) when she moved to Gotham to be Senator for Israel, George Homer Ryan, Sr., Rod Blagojevich, Otto Kerner, Daniel Walker, Ted Isaacs and Jack Ryan some of whom have gone to jail for their crimes unlike the Chicogoans who have attacked opposing players and coaches yet Bartman gets demonised and for that reason Chicago sucks.

Come on Barry you got the launch codes. Nuke the dump!

Anonymous said...

JP (Johnaton Pollard??),

You hate White people don't you??

Most kikes do...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

A question for the well read among you -

Do you know of any Chinese or Japanese research (in English) on Jewish survival tactics in majority populations?

21 December 2011 00:28

Every time I look at this particular thread, I see this request, above, and do not know how to respond.

I think I see the point. I assume that the poster wants an unbiased and neutral assessment of the impact of the circumcised on the nations they infest -- from a society that has never been infested.

Needless to say, the assumption here, is that there is no undue tribal influence on China or Japan.

I do not believe that that is the case. American political influence on Japan goes back sixty-plus years ... which means joo influence on Japan goes back sixty-plus years.

As for China ... do you believe that a tribe that has wormed its way into every nation on the planet has ignored the biggest one?

Nor do I.

They just keep very quiet about it. It's their last bolt-hole ... and the little yellow ones will be their last unknowing cannon-fodder -- just like the pavement apes are now.

Does anyone think I have it wrong?


mischling said...

I think you're wrong UN. Jews can't merge in to Chinese and particularly Japanese society the way they can in the west. They'd stand out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous said...

mischling said...

I think you're wrong UN. Jews can't merge in to Chinese and particularly Japanese society the way they can in the west. They'd stand out like a sore thumb.

True, Mischling ... but they don't have to merge -- simply control.

Secondly, the RSPs stood out like a sore thumb in the west -- a hundred years ago.
People knew what the jew was, then.
If you grow up in a neighborhood where plate-sized tarantulas abound, you stop seeing them. They become like cats; part of the scenery.

I would give anything to find out the percentage of Japanese and Chinese companies and mega-corporations part-owned or majority owned by the tribe.

Maybe not that many in japan ... but I'll bet a lot in China and other Asian countries. The Chinese are essentially corrupt at the core. They worship money above all else.

Just like the tribe.


Anonymous said...

Jews against bad films?

This was as bad as the one of Waco which did not show the FBI shooting the ATF to show the need for the storming of the compound.